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U.S.–U.K. Cooking Vocabulary

U.S.–U.K. Cooking Vocabulary

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Cooking Vocabulary

A Aging (meat) Hanging. All-Purpose Flour Plain flour. Arugula Rocket. Atholl Brose Scottish combination of oatmeal, honey, and whisky. Eaten for breakfast or used as a pastry filling.

B Bake Includes oven cooking with steam. Beef Tenderloin Fillet of beef. Belgian Endive Chicory. Beurre Manié Kneaded butter. Boston Lettuce Round or cabbage lettuce. Braid Plait. Brassicas Vegetables of the cabbage family (includes broccoli and cauliflower). Brine A preserving solution of water, salt, saltpeter, and aromatics, used for soaking meats such as tongue and brisket. Broil Grill.

Celery Root Celeriac. skinless. Cornstarch Cornflour. Cookies Biscuits. Channel Knife Canelle knife. . Casserole Earthenware or cast-iron dish with one or two handles and a lid. Clotted Cream The resulting thick layer formed by heating heavy cream and then leaving it to cool. Chicken Breasts (boneless. skinless) Suprêmes: boneless.Brown Sugar (soft) Muscovado sugar. Brown Sugar (unrefined) Demerara sugar. Clarification Refers to the process of clearing stocks or to the mixture (raft). Cheesecloth Muslin. Confectioners¶ or Powdered Sugar Icing sugar. C Canning Jars Kilner jars. chicken breasts. Cilantro Coriander. Chickpea Flour Gram flour.

. F Filet Mignon Fillet steak. Hard Fruits Apples. may be toasted. I Italian Parsley Flat-leaf or continental parsley. pears. Heavy Cream Double cream. J Jelly Roll Pan Swiss roll tin.Croutes Small slices of bread. D Daikon Radish Mooli. H Hard Flour (high gluten) Strong flour. Fish Poacher Fish kettle. E Eggplant Aubergine. Food Mill Mouli. Doneness Degree of cooking. Hotel Rack Best end of neck of lamb. Dessert Pudding.

Light Cream Single cream. M Malt Syrup Maltose. P Pastry Dough Paste.Joint (1) A piece of meat used for roasting. L Legumes (dried) Pulses. Molasses Black treacle. Simple Gravy Roast gravy. Porcini Ceps. O Offset Spatula Angled spatula. malt. step palette knife. (2) To cut up (as in poultry or meat). Jus. Liaison Thickener. with or without the bone. mixture to thicken sauces. Meat Grinder Mincer. Pit To stone. . Peanut Oil Groundnut Oil.

Season (condition a pan) Prove. S Salmon Roe Keta. . Strainer Sieve. V Van Dyking English technique for serving fish whole. Puff Pastry Puff. Sanding Sugar Nibbed sugar. Scallion Green onion. T Tomato Paste Tomato purée. with the tail cut in the form of a V. Rutabaga Swede. Sheet Pan Swiss roll tin. Snow Peas Mangetout.Prosciutto Ham Parma ham. R Romaine Lettuce Cos lettuce.

. Zucchini Courgette.Very Fine Granulated Sugar Castor sugar. Whole Wheat Flour Whole meal flour. Z Zucchini (large) Marrow. W Weak Flour Soft flour.

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