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‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيم‬

Day Care Center Facilities

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Collected By: Arch. Manar Mohamed Hassan

Hollis Avenue Day Care Center
Queens, N.Y. James Harb Architects, Andrew Bartle Architects & Jonathan
Kirschenfeld Architects
Whimsical Design Creates Inviting
Neighborhood Amenity

The Hollis Avenue Child Care Center is a new,

glazed-brick cavity wall and steel-framed
building that provides a much-needed range of
preschool, after-school, and summer programs
for 115 neighborhood children.

The playful brick textile pattern wraps,

envelops, and shields the activities of the
children from the very noisy avenue and cold
north winds. Six classrooms are oriented towards
the south-facing playground in the courtyard
with the balance of the program filling out the
urban edge.

The rear wall of the building is made of light

aluminum sections, which begin as an elliptical
frame for the rooftop playground and garden and
then drape down the south wall almost reaching
the ground. Landscape elements invade all four
of the surfaces that form the cubic rear court.
While the scale of the project is large and bold
on the avenue, it then fragments into smaller
elements on the side street that blend with the
landscape and the modest frame houses of the
neighborhood. The curious "sentry box" entry
sits along this edge and welcomes the childen
and staff to a double-height, light-filled vestibule
that serves as a connection to the court area.
Birkdale Childcare Centre Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Teeple Architects

A modestly scaled facility shows

appreciation for its natural context
This childcare centre is situated
along a ravine, in a park of suburban
Toronto. The building is oriented to
the ravine edge to take advantage of
light and views, mimicking its
natural contours. The centre is seen
as a conceptual extension of the site
itself—a topography for play.
Designed to produce minimum
impact on its surroundings and to
make visiting like going to the park,
this childcare centre provides a
pleasurable experience in a young
child’s life.

Long, low roofs of glu-lam beams fan from a post and beam screen wall to a stone and stucco wall opposite the
ravine. These roofs extend the form of the ravine into the structure of the building. The idea of the building as a part
of nature is expressed in the twin "tree" columns, which carry the roof over the main playroom. As an entry to the
Birkdale Ravine, the building provides an ideal vantage point for children to explore and learn to appreciate nature.
Bay windows allow toddlers to enjoy views of the park and playground. The exposed wood structure provides a rich
textural backdrop to all the playrooms.
Fawood Children’s Centre Alsop Architects London, UK
The new Fawood Children’s Centre
provides, under one roof, a nursery for 3-5
year olds, nursery facilities for autistic and
special needs children, and a Children’s
Centre with adult learning services.
The primary structure is a trapezoid shed
enclosure, which takes the form of a steel
portal frame structure with a deep
overhanging roof, formed of a mix of opal
polycarbonate roof cladding and bright
pink powder-coated profiled steel cladding,
on galvanised steel purlins and portal
Mothers' Club Family Learning Center
The mission of the center is to help
Pasadena, California, UNITED STATES prepare families living in isolation and
poverty to succeed in school and in
life through two-generation learning.
Through the dedication and innovation
of the project team this mission was
fully supported and enhanced through
its new LEED Gold facility.
Satuvakka daycare centre
Robert Gordon University nursery
Halliday Fraser Munroe
Scotland (Aberdeen)
Munich nursery school
Ottman Architects
First National Child Development Center
Joseph Lang ,Jeffrey Dolezal ,Robert Krupa ,Crystal Kelly ,Steve Selting
The building's scale is visually
broken down through a series of
changes in horizontal/vertical
The rear playground is bounded by the building and the interstate.
The soaring roof forms become exterior play
canopies as they cantilever outside.
Curved playground gates gives visual
way to atrium space beyond.

Large atrium with full glazing wall

allows natural light to enter into the
interior space.
Sunshine Kindergarten Zhongshan, CHINA
Entrance bridge
Nussackerweg kindergarten Bernd Zimmermann
Bubbletecture Maihara Kindegarten
Winner of the competition
Shuhei Endo

RozO Architecture Landscape Environment
France/Reunion Island
Tetra Pak Nursery
D'Hondt - Heyninck - Parein Architecten
Daycare Centre
Spruce Street Nursery School Boston, Massachusetts , United states

3,700 sf space in a downtown hi-rise for a new

location of an existing nursery school program.
The design’s open floor plan and use of color and
light support the school’s mission of educating
toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Bolles Wilson-Frankfurt 1989

A Kindergarten school has been designed with an attempt to form it as an educational tool with emphasis
more on visual education, which keeps them learning by analyzing and observation, a process where they
learn with fun.
The classrooms area not closed rooms but having big windows overlooking the corridor and the exterior
spaces which form a visual link between two spaces where children from different class and parents can have
view of classroom activities, expanding the volume of teaching areas.
Kindergarten #911, Moreno Argentina 2006

It is proposed that children learn

playing with and in the places, the
building forms in its interior and
exterior and with the building
itself, that they discover different
textures, corners, etc., all the time.
That the building be at children
scale, that it be fun and colorful, of
story-book quality.
The school is designed by curved
forms to contain the children.
Those curves form different
corners in all space.
A small amphitheater is used at
story-telling time.
The ceiling here is lower and it is
used for hanging mobiles and toys.
There are windows in the ceiling
like a direct lighting fixture over
the column (science tree).
Bottles and jars with lids are
embedded in the walls so that the
sun reflects through the glass with
different lights. Things like toys,
treasures ….
Site plan
Roof plan
Entrance portal
Rooms Amphitheatre
Playground entrance
Sjolander da Cruz Architects
England (Birmingham)
Architectural record magazene Design share (designing for the future of learning)
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