Renault Technologie Roumanie about BEST

The Cooperation between Renault Technologie Roumanie and the student organisation BEST started in 2009 and it's one ofthe most important projects with the academic environment that we are developing. This is because it allows us to strengthen the relations with the universities and maintain a good communication with the students.

In the Human Resources Policy of Renault Technologie Roumanie, we give great attention to the relationship between the company and universities. Therefore the most interesting projects that we have attended are the national career event JohShop" and BEST Engineering Competition.

We are confident about the fact that the development of our cooperation with the POLITEHNICA University has a bright future ahead and we will be able to implement new and exciting projects for the students.

BEST about Renault Technologie Roumanie

The BEST thing about our collaboration with Renault Technologie Roumanie is the friendship that started growing between us and the company representatives of RTR.

We are all very enthusiastic when there is a meeting at Renault, because we know that we go to visit friends who are interested in all the projects that BEST developes, whether they are directly involved in the projects or not. They support our ideas and offer us valuable feedback for our events.

And when it comes to having them guests at our events, we deal with really good professionals, always on time, no mistakes and no communication problems.

We hope to maintain the partnership between BEST and Renault Technologie Roumanie and improve each time, in order for the triangle we facilitate between Companies, University and Students to be as widened and as successful as can be.


BEST, Board of European Students ofTechnology, is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, cooperation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.

86 Local BEST Groups (LBGs) in 30 countries are creating a growing, well organised, powerful, young and innovative student network.

BEST strives to help european students of technology to become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of european cultures and developing capacities to work on an international basis. Therefore we create opportunities for the students to meet and learn from one another through our academic and non-academic events and educational symposia. "Learning makes the master", but the final goal is a good working place, therefore we offer services like an international career centre to broaden the horizons for the choice on the job market.

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the "student - company - university" triangle closer.





BEST Bucharest was founded in September 1995 and, after only two years, in April 1997, it became a full member of the BEST family. Ever since the beginning, students from the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest have enjoyed BEST services consisting of complementary career support and educational involvement. Each year Local BEST Group Bucharest has provided them with professionalism, passion and true fellowship.

As time went by, the new generation learnt from the older members and thus, the BEST spirit has been preserved as the unique essence that blinds us all. Hence, the Alumni Meetings bring together not "babies" and "oldies", but friends who deeply feel the union that only BEST can build. Events such as the Summer Course, BEST Engineering Competition, Jobshop, BEST Symposium and BEST Academics and Companies define us as a team of energetic and fully dedicated friends.

Together, we are constantly growing, evolving not only as individuals but, also, as team players. Together we establish our goals. Together we fulfill our dreams. Together we fight. Together we win. And it is together that we will remember BEST times ...


Why do people join BEST? There are many reasons.

Some are curious, some want to explore different cultures, many want to make friends and gain new skills. But this is not so important. Important is why do people remain in BEST, what makes them stay?

Again, there are many answers to this question, but it is certain that whatever are the reasons, all stay because they become better. BEST gives you the chance to experience incredible moments that few have the opportunity to live. In BEST you have plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Weather you hold presentations for up to 250 people, weather you have the responsibility to manage the event that will be visited by more that 5000 students or that you can come up and perform interviews for future event coordinators. And the list can continue ...

How do people reach these numbers? How can a young student improve in certain areas and with little knowledge achieve these performance? One of BEST's values is "Learning". For 12 years we have created in BEST an unique training system that supports the needs of our up to 2500 members from across Europe.

The core of our training system is our trainers. The community of trainers and it's activity is managed by the training committee in BEST or TiGro how we like to call it. TiGro's statement of purpose is to provide adequate training to BEST members in order to ensure they contribute to the association in an effective way, and for the development of useful skills in their future profession.

In order to achieve it's goals TiGro takes care of the organization during the year of several Trainshops (intensive training events with BEST members from al over Europe), trainers' meetings (events that gather trainers in order to work on new training topics), local trainings for every BEST group and, of course, Trainers Forum. Trainers Forum is the event that gathers about 100 trainers from more than 15 youth international NGOs and gives them the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in an open environment. These are the little things that creates a strong training system.

Being a trainer in BEST gives you great satisfaction. Preparing a training session takes time and research and when you think that all the work is going to materialize into approximately 4 hours your motivation of doing it right rises. In the end, all the work pays all the efforts. You stand in the room, at the end of the training and watch in every person's eye the confirmation that they are leaving home with something new, you get to see them involve in projects with more motivation and high determination. Apart from the positive energy you get from your trainees, being a trainer gives you the great advantage that you gain a big amount of knowledge for your future while studying for the delivering sessions.

For about a couple of years, there is a new trend in BEST, that trainers get to also deliver training sessions for students outside the organization, during events organized in the universities. Till now there have been recorded in BEST events with more than 150 participants, but as the potential of these events is enormous, the future reserves big surprises.


VI ad Stanescu President of BEST Bucharest 2007-2008

I first got in touch with BEST in 2005 when I took part in a Summer Course in Torino, where I met 30 students from every corner of Europe, with whom I spent two amazing weeks. It was the moment when I realized that studying, working and having fun in an international, diverse and multicultural environment is an experience that none of the students should miss.

Right after the Summer Course Ijoined BEST Bucharest and began my journey into the world of vol unteers, where I discovered how my ideas can easily become plans, how team-work and enthusiasm transform those plans into projects and then into events for students.

In these 5 years I spent in BEST I learned that, after hours of planning and preparing, brainstorming and debates, hard work and sleepless nights, there is nothing more rewarding than a congratulation from the participants to our events, either it is Summer Course, Jobshop, BEST Engineering Competition or a BEST internal meeting. This is why every event that BEST Bucharest organized was a challenge which finally became a success story.

I will never forget the BEST experience and I will always keep in my heart the BEST spirit: friendship, learning, fun, flexibility and improvement.


BEST Courses




What is a BEST event for students? Throughout the year BEST organises different activities where students from technical universities get the opportunity to increase their international experience, establish contacts, improve their English and have fun. Each BEST Course is attended by 20-30 engineering students, who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience. Beside the theoretical part of lectures, it's also the experience, different from day-to-day school-life! BEST organizes different types of activities and BEST Courses are one ofthem. During the courses students can visit companies, industrial plants and research centres, take part in case studies, follow interesting lectures covering many different technology fields, economics, marketing and management, receive ECTS credits in recognised courses.

The academical programme is brought by experts in their fields. All lectures are held in English and all teaching and material costs are covered by the organising Local BEST Group. Furthermore BEST provides the participants with appropriate written material related to the content of the course. At the end of the event and after passing the exam successfully, the students receive a BEST Certificate that they attended the event, and also a Course Information Form.

This way students develop soft skills while learning and working in a multicultural environment at almost no cost. They also have the chance to visit other universities and face new and innovating teaching methods and cultures and that is what makes the actuall difference.

Not only they will be able to visit the local monuments, museums and places of importance of the city but more.

A backpack, your knowledge and a friendly attitude are all that you need to bring with you. We will take care of the rest!

You will have the chance to see things in practical level, by attending laboratories or company presentations related to the topic.

Learning through classes and studying is important, but the lessons you gain from travelling are nowhere to be compared with. And by visiting a city with the guidance of the local BEST members, you get the opportunity to discover the social and cultural habits.


""I would like to express al/ my gratitude for those that participated even with smallest finger nail in organizing this summer course. The academic part was much more interesting than I've imagined. After several days I might get involved in some music stuff. Nevertheless, I realized that the person's soul is a little bit poorer without the touch of music. "

Lina MorkeviciOts- Kaunas, Lituania

This summer was all about music, so 21 students from all over Europe gathered in Bucharest between the 17th and the 28th of July at the course about audio engineering "Rock my summer! Tune into the secrets of audio engineering" eager to learn secrets from the backstage of the music industry. In ten days they had time to get familiar with general aspects about acoustics, recording and processing or musical instruments.

All the theoretical and practical activities were covered in labs and workshops acomplished with the support of the Radio House, famous musicians and POLITEHNICA University that offered support with lectures and logistics.

Mani Gutau (Urma), Sorin Pupe, Adrian Ciuplea (Vita de Vie) and Nicu Patoi (Platonic Band) were invited to share their vision about their field of activity, as professional musicians. So it was a time to share stories about cables, guitars, amplifiers, drums, multitracks, sound processors and mixers that amazed the participants and made them more aware concerning the audio engineering industry.

"Rock my summer! Tune into the secrets of audio engineering" was for everybody all about good music and audio engineering, hard work, incredible memories, having a friend in each corner of Europe and the most important thing- feeling the great BEST spirit brought by the enthusiastic organizers from BEST Bucharest.

Adriana Epure Coordinator of Summer Course of 2010.


Job Shop"

3 event partners 4 days

17 companies 40 organisers 5000 students

JobShop ® is a career national event that simultaneously addresses students, universities and companies. The event is organized each year in the largest cities in the country: Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj, lasi. The aim of the event is to provide career development opportunities for students and competitive young recruits for companies.

This year the Company Fair took place on the 18th of March and, despite the economic crisis, it has brought together 14 multinational companies from various fields especially technical. Students open to career development opportunities came in large number to have direct contact with employers. Companies' offers of employment were diverse (part-time or full-time programs): internship programs or practical trainings during the summer holidays.

This year, the 15th edition of JohShop" was held from 15th to the 19th of March and like every year, it offered students a full week of trainings, workshops and company presentations to help their personal development and to prepare them for their future careers. Each year, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest and Counseling and Career Guidance Center supports our event by providing valuable logistics and help with the media promotion.

But JobShop ® 2010 was more than that. This year a new concept was added to the Job Shop" brandJohShcp" Cafe. Students had direct contact with employers concerning the opportunities they offer, in a more personal and relaxed environment.

Roxana Vladau JobShop ® 20 10 Coordinator


BEST Engineering Competition 9

Testimonials from the students:

"What did the competition mean emotions, joy, moments where I felt the

need to give up. More than that it meant a team offriends."

"Team's success. A team that we believed in. We put passion in this project, we played to win."

Tiberiu Grigore - Echipa TurboFun

"It was my first experience in BEe, but it made me want to participate next year. Trials were very good from all points of view, we felt very good and, overall, it was a revealing experience, which gave us the opportunity to learn more, work in teams, be creative, and perhaps most important have fun while we did that. "

Dumitru Alexandru - tot TurboFun

Madalina Preda BEC 9 Coordinator

BEST Engineering Competition is probably one of the most anticipated events of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. With two types of trials, Team Design and Case Study, BEC is a competition that tests your technical skills, ability to solve problems, creativity, ingenuity, team spirit and especially lust offun.

This year, between 4th and 7th May, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest hosted the 9th edition of the BEST Engineering Competition. Over 120 students were engaged in an engineering competition simply "different."

The Team Design chalanges were offered by Critical Software, Renault Technologies Roumanie, SaintGobain and Gameloft where students tested their creativity and ability to bring technical solutions to real problems in IT, mechanics, gaming and habitat design.

The Case Study trials, conducted by CCOC (Counseling and Career Guidance Center) and Diverta placed students into a real-world current issues, asking them for a thorough analysis of the situation and expecting them to propose the most ingenious solutions for the given situation. The whole event was supported by AVL Graz and Schneider Electric


Training New Talents

~ ~~

... "A/trough on the first edition, the event had a big media impact, as we had 7 media partners and numerous online articles were written on the topic of TNT! "


In 2010, BEST Bucharest organized the first edition of TNT! Training New Talents. It is an event addressed to the students from all the Universities in Bucharest, whose main goal is to bring something new and educating into the lives of the students. Most of the soft-skills required for building a successful career are not being properly developed during the normal University education cycle. That is why this event is meant to help students by offering them free access to trainings and workshops held by specialists and trainers from important companies or NGOs.

During a week (10-14 May), we organized a number of 8 trainings and workshops on multiple soft-skills topics, in order to help students develop their personal skills and to aid them in finding the most successful career. All the trainings had a duration which varied between 1.5 hours and 4 hours and covered the most important aspects which should be known by the students.

The participants were 200 students (out of more than 400 applicants) from some of the most well-known Bucharest Universities: POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.


The companies that helped us organize this event were: BRD, Diverta, Henkel, Human Invest, P&G and Saint-Gobain. Altough on the first edition, the event also had a big media impact, as we had 7 media partners and as numerous online articles were written on the topic ofT NT! Training New Talents.


In the future editions, our goal is to create an even larger event, with many more students and trainers participating. Our goal is to cover more topics and even touch some more specific domains, like techtrainings or in-depth economical trainings.

Cosmin Stefan-Dobrin, TNT 2010 Coordinator

1 1

Time flies when you're having fun.

And so it is, when you are doing your BEST to be the recognized lider of the most joyful group of tehnical students that POLITEHNICA University could ever have had. Simply surprising by their overall insight concerning on how students should spend better their spare time, by their eagerness to improve, by taking new challenges or by their conviction that every day brings something new and interesting to be learned. How exciting the beginning, when you have to decide the annual agenda or when you have to start the recruitment process. How sorrowful the end of the year, when you have just to look back at each project and event you have organized along with your friends.

Friends. Maybe that's the most important word that comes up when we're thinking about BEST. You win friends for a lifetime! You get to know people from allover Europe: not only students, but also teachers and company representative.

It may sound awkward to make friends with a very important HR in a big company, while you're still in university ... but BEST makes it happen. Not to mention all the help we get from the university in order to have wonderful events. We truly believe that it is our most common pleasure to connect students with universities and companies. Whenever we do that, we all together gain friends, experience, awareness and a good time.

When we set up for the experience of being the Board of Local BEST Group Bucharest, we surely knew it was not going to be easy. It wasn't, but it was the BEST year of our students' life. And we would do it allover again.

Board XVI of BEST Bucharest aka "The Smurfs"

Mihai Stroe - President Alexandru Nitulete - Treasurer

Roxana Vladau & Alisa Fleancu - Vice-Presidents for Company Relations Elena Ciobanu - Vice-President for Human Resources

Magda Nastase - Vice-President for Public Relations


It has been two months since our election and so much has changed. At first there were the enthusiasm, the new, the feeling that great things will happen, but all that has changed. Now the responsibility feels usual and we have all got used to the idea that some very busy months are ahead of us.

Communication is getting better and better inside the board and with the members, in spite of the fact that meeting face-to-face has been hard during the summer. Bless the internet! It now seems like we cannot go to bed without reading our mails and replying to them.

Now that we have established our annual agenda, what will happen during the rest of our mandate is a bit clearer, but quite frightening if we consider the whole picture. So we plan to take it one step at atime.

First, the NBEC/RBEC Training Event will give us the opportunity to get to know members from all over Europe who will organize this year's national and regional engineering competitions. Then, our very own local engineering competitition will challenge students from our university to work in a different environment than they're used to in order to give a solution to a problem they probably never thought of.

The second part of our mandate will be something of a revolution, because many new things will be happening. While giving up our traditional career event, JolrShop", we came up with a completely different concept, something more appealing to companies, students and the university. Another new thing for our local group is the 24 hours competition, which will drain every bit of energy from the participants as they race to complete their tasks without leaving the premesis for a whole day.

Finally, we will finish in the same way the previous year did: the training week, when students have the chance to improve their skills in the company of great trainers and the summer course, with a new subject, new participants and new activities.

Writing this article has made us even more aware of the hard work that awaits us, but our optimism and motivation have not left us one bit. We will take on any challenge thrown at us, give our BEST for every task and event and continue learning. In the end, when drawing the line, we expect to see our hard work reflected in our events, our members, our local and international image and even inside ourselves.

Board XVII of BEST Bucharest aka "Bordenzollern"

Horia Andrei - President Dilet Ibram - Treasurer

Stefan Vintila - Vice-Presidents for Company Relations Cristina lordachi - Vice-President for Human Resources Simina Niculae- Vice-President for Public Relations


Annual Agenda


How do we get from 2010 to 2011? Just have a look.

Recruitments: 1-24 October

Nec/Rec Training Event: 11-14 October

Motivational Weeknd: 29-31 October

BEST Engineering Competition: 8-12 November Anniversary: 20-21 November

New Year's Eve: 31 December-l January

BEST 3600 Career Event: 7-18 March

Motivational Weekend & Alumni Meeting: 26-27 March

BEST Engineering Competion 24h: 14-15 April

Training New Talents: 9-13 May

Summer Course: half of July


Event Description

Local BEST Engineering Competition.

One of the projects that showed a real success among students is BEC - BEST Engineering Competition. The aim of this event is to emphasize the importance of creativity, talent and vision in the life of an engineer.

The competition lasts for five days, each day consisting in two or three different competitions on various fields of engineering education such as: Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Energetic Engineering and Transport. Also in parallel with these, companies can chose from Marketing and Management oriented CaseStudies where students demonstrate their business ethics, presentation skills and analytical thinking.

TNT- Training New Talents.

This event is focused on developing the complementary education of students. Most of the students in romanian universities don't have access to courses on communication, presentation skills, creativity, change management or other soft skills. Through this event we plan to help students get in contact with trainers from important companies that deliver these trainings so useful for a future career. Also, in parallel, for 3 days a selected group of students will attend workshop and training held by representatives of a company on a particular technical subject.

24h Engineering Competition.

The students appeared to be very open to events based on competitions. This project is a great opportunity for them to practice their technical skills at the Team Design Challenge and their management skills at Case Study. The high point of this event is the fact that the competition lasts for 24 hours. It will be a challenge for everybody to handle the stress of such a long competition and the winners will prove that they are the BEST.

We hope that this event will be a great asset of this year's Agenda and that both participants and company representatives will have fun and accomplish useful and productive outcomes.

BEST Summer Course.

BEST Courses are an important point in the agenda of any local BEST group. Through this courses, each year, we invite students from technical universities from around Europe to attend a summer school on subjects concerning engineering fields.

This kind of courses help students learn interesting subjects in a different environment than every day universities, to make friends from different countries and to improve their English and culture about European countries.


It is our beliefthat companies, students and universities can interact with each other successfully, if given the proper setting. This is how the idea of a 360° career event spurred to mind. From concept to reality, the path was natural. We used what we have learned over the past 16 years of experience in organizing career events and set out with a key element in mind: flexibility. We believe that each company is unique and thus has to be given the perfect opportunity, setting and timing to interact with the students, based on its specific needs and ideology.

Why 360°1 Because recruitment is like a map. And on this map the companies occupy different coordinates. But the road to success always leads to the middle. We offer the possibility to cut unnecessary detours, and provide the shortest route: the straight one.

How do we provide this? By offering a two weeks span multiple choices of interacting with future employees, such as:


The workshop consists of a competition proposed by the company. A number of 25-30 participants, divided into separate teams, will have to solve a hypothetical situation that covers both the technical domain and the economics one.

Company Presentation

The company has the opportunity to present to a group of 30-50 students, the values and brand they represent.


The difference between a seminar and a company presentation is that the former is more specific. It addresses to a group of 25-30 students that already have some basic knowledge about the company and are keen on finding out more.

Employers' Cafe

This is a concept that was introduced last year and managed to exceed even our most optimistic expectations. Having in mind its enormous potential, we decided to implement it once again. A small number of companies will have the possibility to discuss at ease with carefully selected students. The company representative has the possibility to choose these students based on several criteria, such as: profile, (V, master/bachelor, year of study, etc.

Company Day

It is a revolutionary concept that manages to combine the benefits of a jobfair, the evaluation possibilities of a workshop or case-study and the enthusiasm of interacting directly with the employer.


Confusion is no longer an option





Media Partners

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Partea frumoasa alum i dln juru tau Portalul studentssc Nr. lin Romania

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Horia Andrei

President +40 735 176 959

Dilet Ibram Treasurer +40 727 356 659

Stefan Vintila Vice-President of Corporate Relations Stefan. Vi

+40 766 255 241

Cristina lordachi Vice-President of Human Resources +40 741 199 587


Simina Niculae Vice-President of Public Relations I u I ia.S im ina. N icu +40 733 065 447





Splaiullndependentei 313 Politehnica University of Bucharest

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