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CvSU – Naic TEACHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bachelor of Elementary Education II COURSE SYLLABUS First Semester, School Year 2010-2011 Instructor : JELITA F. RIDAO Office Location : ASD Office Phone Number : 8560401 – 12:00 W

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MAPEH 50 Foundation of MAPEH Deals with the education foundation of Physical Education, Art and Music Education respectively. It covers the historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological theories and principles necessary to understanding the bases for the various activities involved. The course shall interrelate the different subject into common understanding of its important in the MAPEH and in the life of a human being.

Credit Unit Credit Hours Lecture Prerequisite

3 3 hours None

Course Objectives At the end of the semester with 70% proficiency, the students are expected to: 1. discuss the current development of Music Arts and Physical Education and their relevance to other subjects;

8 8 The History of Physical Education The Scope of the Physical Education The Purpose of Physical Education The Objectives of Physical Education The Physical Education Teacher Teacher’s Preparatory Program The different Areas in Physical Education Program Historical. The Physical Education Program 2. 5.2 Mission/Vision 1.3 2. sportsmanship and charity inside the school and in the community Core Values TRUTH is demonstrated by the students’ self confidence. cooperation. SERVICE is manifested by the students’ respect. gain deeper insights on the different techniques and methods in teaching MAPEH.4 2.2. justice. strength students interest and appreciation in uplifting and developing the different aspects of their own culture heritage and the arts. 3.3 CvSu Hymn/ CvSU March II. diligence and commitment in the assigned tasks.7 6 2. EXCELLENCE is exhibited by the students’ punctuality.2 2.5 2. General Orientation 1.1 School Policies Based on University Code/ Grading System 1. Psychological Theories 2 6 4 . 4. Philosophical. socialized and psychological theories and principles necessary to understand basic content for the various activities involved. foster in the students the values and friendship. objectivity and honesty during class activities and examination. camaraderie. self-discipline.1 2. of Hours) I. rapport and fairness and in dealing with their peers and instructors.6 2. philosophical. class performance and the kind of outputs they submitted. Course Content Calendar Course (No. explain the historical. freedom.

& Principles of Physical Education 2.1 4. Key Signature (Flat & Sharp Key) c.2 4.2 The Scope Sequence of Music 3.1 The Philosophy & Objectives of Music Education 3. Organization and management of physical education and sport Baustista. C.3 4.7 Rudiments of Music 8 a. Properties of Tone ( Combination of Voices) e. T.6 4. Villalon and Del Rosario. T.8 4.9 The Changing Concepts & Arts The Objectives of Art Education The Value of Arts Historical Background of Arts The Teaching of Art Education Planning Techniques & Procedures Arts & Its Classification The Principles of Design Lesson Planning Final Exam _________ Total References: 2 3 4 4 4 2 2 54 Books: Andin. Andin. Teaching Music 3. Notes. Foundation of physical education.4 4. The Staff. Rests b.5 4. Filipino Composers f. Music in the Different Occasion Second Long Exam IV.3 Characteristic of a Good Music Teacher 3. Teaching Arts in the Elementary Schools 4.5 Brief History of Music 3. C. An introduction to music . folk Songs g.7 4.6 Methods and Strategies in Music 3 Midterm Exam 3. Dynamics/Musical Symbols which are commonly used d.9 Planning Lesson in Physical Education First Long Exam III.4 Salient Features of a Good Music Program 3.

20% . Written Reports (HPWR) Total 100% .20% . Attendance (ROA) • Homework. Oral Reports.Rivadelo. F.10% – 20% .20% . Music Fundamentals of Music Education Material and Method Supplementary Materials • Handouts • Illustration/Drawing Teaching Methods/Learning Activities • Lecture-Discussion • Demonstration • Workshop • Multimedia Presentation • Group Dynamics • Fieldtrips • Game-based Activity • Facilitation • Individual Project • Brainstorming • Group Project • Video Viewing Instructional Materials • Visual Aids • OHP • Chalkboard/White Board • Cassette • Hands out • VCD Course Requirements • Group Project • Portfolio • Major Exams • Attendance • Class Participation • Oral presentation Evaluation of Student Performance/Grading Lecture Part • • • • • Mid Term Examination Final Examination Long Examination(2) Quizzes Recitation.10% . Project. R.

Examination permits examinations.  personal illness (must present medical certificate). As student who is caught cheating will be given score of zero for first offense. . B. Decorum Students are required to: • wear their identification cards an observe proper dress code at all times. Attendance Students are not allowed to have 20% or more absences of the total class hours otherwise. and  death or serious illness in the immediate family (must present death or medical certificate).Class Policies A. • during class hours. are required during midterm and final • • Student who missed exams laboratory exercises of quizzes may only excuse for any of the following reasons:  participation in a university/college approved fieldtrip or activity(must declared one week in advance). Examination Evaluation • • • Quizzes may be announced or unannounced Long examination are always announced Cheating is strictly prohibited. For the second offense he/she will automatically fail the subject. the will be graded as follows: Dropped (if majority of the excessive absences are an excuse) Failed (if majority of the excessive absences are an excuse) B. • all times and • turn off or put in silent mode their cellular phones maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the room at come to class on time.

Lapitan.Prepared by: _________________ Jelita F. Ph. Jr. Director for . Ridao Antiojo. Campus Dean Reviewed by: ____________________ Elvira V.D Instructor/Professor Curriculum & Instruction Approved: _____________________ Lorenzo C. Belleza Chairman-ASD Approved by: __________________ Ligaya P.

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