PROSPECTIVE GOALS:  To inform a broader audience of youth and adults about the purpose and key strategies of the Food and Fitness Initiative  To promote a deeper understanding of key elements of youth engagement, its importance in the Food and Fitness Initiative, and what contributes to the success of youth engagement.  To learn about best or promising youth engagement examples under consideration at other sites or in other (Non-FAF) communities  To provide opportunities for each site to review, revise or append (add) to youth engagement elements of their sites Food and Fitness Community Action Plan (proposal) before it is finalized.  To build relationships, encourage commitments and form action plans that accelerate implementation of early youth engagement priorities at each site.  To provide each site with “customized” training or workshop responding to a particular need or interest SAMPLE AGENDA MORNING REFRESHMENT  Dot Activity, Videos and Information Booths for early arrivals WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS ACTIVE ICE-BREAKER  Human Bingo or Other FOOD AND FITNESS INTRODUCTION  Example - FAF Go-Round from Tucson  Example - Circle Activity from Detroit YOUTH ENGAGEMENT 101  Use Survey and Discussion Guide FAF SITE STATUS REPORT (Overall and Youth Engagement) LUNCH AND VISIONING ACTIVITY FOOD AND FITNESS ROUND ROBIN (Key Topics and Youth Action Options)  Built Environment  Safe Play  Food Systems  Social Capital and Cultural Competency  Systems and Policy Change YOUTH ENGAGEMENT PLANNING WORKSHOPS (Breakouts)  Top Priority Examples Established, Planned or Under Consideration  Use Worksheet as Guide YOUTH ENGAGEMENT PLANNING REPORTS NEXT STEPS CLOSING CEREMONY DINNER (OPTIONAL) NEXT DAY OPTIONS  Site Visits  Promulgation and Presentations for Additional Audiences  Customized Workshop or Training

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