The grateful Dead is a time tunnel, a mirror to the dimension in which they, along with all their familiar

rituals were born. With a gesture of putting on a show at a venue, then following it up by actually coming to the place and playing it, they are externalizing a by product that defines their whole outsider nature. Pursuit of musical enlightenment has with it many implications that can clue the outsider of this cult as to where in the phenomenon of counter-culture one's subconscious fits into. It is when we look at this being in progress that we think, "Here is progress! Where do i fit in to it? How do i get my head out the window, or my foot in the door?" Sometimes the recognition of this barrier between the individual and the protoindividuals leads to revelations that may be both shocking and horrifying, but usually gives way to the more visually induced psychedelia comedy, and allows for a superhuman balance between the mortal synaesthetic and existential crisises that evolve from the mere observation of the progressive being in it's environment. Tom Wolfe and his Hysterical Realism, Gonzo Journalism by Hunter S. Thompson, these literary prose forms found their way to the front lines of the media that reconstructed the illusory trivial bipolarity that was central to great writing that forced the reader to look upon the gaping forms that progressively shifted between the real, and the hyper real, always at the authors personal, sometimes emotional individualistic perspective points. How does the picture reflect and inform the political environment of the American bourgeoise? 1960s - Revolutionary 1970s - Raunchy 1980s - Sentimental 1990s - Rude 2000s - Archetypical 2010s - Grateful Reconstructing american democracy and freedom in the 5th decade of the Ameican age of technology and information. Facebook, iPhones, internet Archiving. Digital media and technology have evolved each other in this critical period for the purposes that were in style for the bohemian generations that were easy to target demographics of hip and adaptable resourceful bourgeoise outsiders. Simplicity and social practicality is the nature of the form. Ocean of Money. The most abundant resource in this para-society.

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