Awakening awareness of Vita Futura

Presented by: Sara Bergström School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science, Hospitality, Grythytte Academy, Örebro University, Sweden Contacts: Mobile: +46761484296

Steps to be taken     Before arrival at property Initial arrival at property LongLong-term measures My role as a Vita Futura trainee .

Contact the vast network of Vita Futura Alumni and leaders. there. then one cannot share with the other co-workers coits importance. totally ignorant of what Vita Futura is. Research and determine what Vita Futura means to me and to Starwood.Steps to take before arriving at the property    Research in steps taken at other properties when Vita Futura was introduced there. If one is Starwood. leaders. . importance.

. abilities. Welcoming questions about the program and answering to the best of my abilities. During my introduction to the different departments introducing myself as a Vita Futura trainee.Initial steps upon arrival at the property     Have a discussion with my handler at the property . well. It is important to explain the importance of Vita Futura and its benefit to not just Starwood as a whole but that particular property as well.

.Long term measures that can be developed and put into place  Working together with the HRHRdepartment on a presentation of Vita Futura that can be incorporated into the training and orientation programs for new employees. employees.

solving. . To have a greater understanding of the interdependancy of departments.My role as a Vita Futura Trainee     To learn about managing from the many departments and perspectives within hotels. hotels. Starwood. To provide a new perspective on problem solving. departments. To become a future leader within Starwood.

Futura.Conclusion     Communication is key. Keep an open attitude and share with all my coworkers the opportunities provided by Vita Futura. me. . Absorb all knowledge I can from those around me. Encouraging those who show interest or who are potential candidates to apply. apply.

Thank You .

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