SOFT OFFER 19 January 2011 We, (Company Name) with the full legal and corporate responsibility as the Sellers

, are ready, willing and able to sell and deliver the commodity herein offered under the following terms and conditions: Commodity: Description: Aluminum Extrusions Scrap Aluminum Extrusions Scrap which shell consist of clean aluminum profile extrusions painted / unpainted including widows, door frames, aluminum products, aluminum castings and should be free of iron inserts, screws, plastic, rubber, any metallic and non-metallic attachments, paper, cardboard, thermobreak, mud, dirt, oil and grease or any other foreign materials and containments. AL 6063 According to ISRI scrap specification codes: TATA, TOTO, TUTU, THROB, TREAD. 1-2 % Maximum West Africa 120 MT (Monthly capacity) South Africa / Cameroon German sea ports 17-23 Days Short pressed bales 250 or 500 Kg each on Euro pallets (800 x 1200 mm) 40” Containers CIF German sea ports Euro 000 / MT

Quality: Grading: Impurities: Origin: Quantity: Loading: Discharge: Delivery: Packing: Shipments: Terms of delivery: Price:

Sincerely. Certificate of origin. Packing list. B/L. Documentary Letter of Credit and should be released immediately to sellers upon presentation of original shipping documents upon delivery of goods at discharge sea port. Documents: Looking forward to cooperate. Transferable. Quantity and Quality inspection certificates. (Name) (Designation) (Company Name) Cell: E-Mail: . Fumigation Certificate. Confirmed. Revolving. Chemical composition / analysis report of goods by laboratory (if required should be on buyers account). Radioactivity inspection certificate. Commercial invoice.Payment terms: 100% Irrevocable.

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