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Date: 1 2 3 4 5 (highest)

Quality of presentation

Lecturing clarity

-Speaker's understanding
of the topic

Answering audience

Overall presentation

A. Objective
B. Introduction
C. Analysis
D. Conclusions
E. Audience

Grading Formula: 60% Teacher's evaluation + 30% Students' evaluation + 10%

Questions asked during the seminars (1% per question)

Name of speaker:

Title of the Seminar:


Student ID:

Name of the judge:

Questions asked by the judge:


Explanation of evaluation form-Tips for a good scientific presentation.

1. Clarity of speech: The presenter should speak slowly and clearly. A well-prepared
speaker that has practiced his/her presentation several times is expected to be fluent.

2. Quality of presentation: That includes the quality of the slides prepared by the
speaker; were they easy to read by the audience or the fond was too small. Always use
fond 16 (times) or higher. Any other cartoons, sketches, tables and graphs included to
offer to the audience better understanding of the subject?

3. Preparation-Speakers' understanding: To your opinion, was the speaker well prepared?
Did he dedicate enough time to put his presentation in order, to analyze the subject
properly, study and comprehend the subject?

4. Answering questions: Was the response of the presenter to audience questions

satisfactory? Was she/he aggravated to any of the questions and impolite to the audience?
Was she/he patient enough to understand the question before he responded to it?

5. Overall presentation: Was there an outline of what she/he was going to talk about?
Was the objective of the study clear? Did the presenter make a nice, brief and concise
prologue of the subject? Did she/he analyze the nature of the problem and relevant
experiments and methods correctly? Did the presenter define-explain all the technical
terms, abbreviation she/he used? Did she/he write down the right conclusions i.e.
conclusions that stem out of the experiments? Were any of the cartoons, tables, graphs etc
unnecessary and confusing? Was the lecture comprehensible to you; did you gain a lot?

6. Questions: If you feel that the presenter didn't clarify a point that is very important
and is going to make a difference to your understanding-differentiation of the problem,
please interrupt the speaker and ask your question. Do not wait until the end.