Research Series: 2



March 2003


 Research Degrees Awarded


 Ph.D. Titles


 M.Phil. Titles


NAME OF UNIVERSITY MALE ALAGAPPA BHARATHIAR BHARATHIDASAN MADURAI KAMARAJ MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR PERIYAR MADRAS TOTAL 25 56 74 87 14 6 262 M.Phil FEMALE 22 71 40 64 32 7 236 TOTAL MALE 47 127 114 151 46 13 498 5 9 18 35 5 12 84 Ph.D FEMALE 5 5 3 10 7 30 TOTAL 5 14 23 38 15 19 114



RESEARCH IN COMMERCE IN TAMILNADU UNIVERSITIES DURING 1996-2001 Ph.D DEGREES AWARDED(Year wise) UNIVERSITY 1996 1 1 3 4 5 1 1997 2 5 11 5 1 1998 5 2 6 1 2 1999 5 2 6 2 4 2000 1 5 8 2 3 2001 2 2 6 3 4 4 TOTAL 5 14 23 38 19 15 ALAGAPPA BHARATHIAR BHARATHIDASAN MADURAI KAMARAJ MADRAS PERIYAR TOTAL 15 24 16 19 19 21 114 .

R.NATARAJAN Dr.Arulanandam 2001 A Study on Project Financing by Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.Arulanandam 1997 T.VANNIARAJAN Dr. Attitude of Budget Managers towards Budgeting: A Study with special reference to BHEL. The Impact of Bonus and Rights. Corporate Profitability in India.S. Approaches to Capital Structure: A Comparative Study of South and North Indian Enterprises.M.A. and Its contribution to Industrial Development in Tamilnadu.ELANGO Dr. T.Manickam 1999 1998 . Trichy.M.Chidambaram 2001 1997 Trade Union Movement in India: A Study with special reference to Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh.M. V.Ganesan 1996 BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY.Selvam R.R.M.GANESAN Dr.Manickam 2001 Performance of Mutual Funds in India – A Study of Selected Mutual Fund Schemes.Manickam G. Coimbatore P.Ph.D THESIS Candidate Supervisor Year Title ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY P. Issues on Stock Returns in India.SHAKUNTHALAMANI Dr. Stock Market Anomalies in India.M.SRIVIDHYA Dr.R.GURUMOORTHY Dr.PAULRAJ Dr.M.A. R.M.



Stock Issues, Earnings, Dividends, Stock Scam & Equity Price BehaviourAn Empirical Analysis.

GOPI ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE, Gobichettipalayam
P.PARTHIPAN Dr.K.P.Kandasami 1999 Performance Evaluation of Integrated Rural Development programme – A study with Special Reference to Bharanisagar Block.

Candidate Supervisor K.S.ESWARI Dr.K.P.Kandasami




Entrepreneurial Behaviour of farmers – A Study in Erode District Tamilnadu.

P.MARUTHUPANDIAN Dr.S.Benjamin Christopher 2001 A Study on Equity Investor Awareness.

V.K.SOMASUNDARAM Dr.M.Arumugham 1999 A Study on the savings and investment pattern of salaried class in Coimbatore District. A Study on Methodology and construction of internal audit in banks with twin grading system of evaluation. Impact of Bank Finance on the Weaker sections with reference to integrated rural development programme (IRDP) in Pullamkadi block of Lalgudi Taluk.

D.S.UMA Dr.M.Arumugham


G.JAYABAL Dr.M.Arumugham


K.RAMAKRISHNAN Dr.T.Srinivasan S.MYTHILI Dr.S.Arunachalam 2000 Fund Management of Urban Cooperative Banks in Thanjavur Districts. Women Entrepreneurship in Nagai District.




A Study of the operational Efficiency and Financial Performance of the Dheeran Chinnamalai Transport Corporation Ltd., Tiruchy. An Evaluation of the operations of the Tamilnadu Small Industries Corporation Limited.

K.ELUMALAI Dr.T.Srinivasan


Candidate Supervisor



GNANA SABABATHY Dr.N.Shaik Mohamed 2000 A Study on Personnel Management in Corporate sector in Tiruchy and Perambalur Districts. A Study on New Issue Management services by Merchant Bankers in India.



M.MOHAMED SIDDIQUE Dr.K.Ganesan 2001 A Study on Entrepreneurial Development W.S.R. to small and Cottage Industries in Thanjavur District. A Study on the marketing of New Banking Services in Nagapattinam District. A Study on the marketing of Drug Industry in Tamil Nadu. A Study on the marketing of Professional services W.S.R to Hospitals in Madras.






ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE, Tiruchirapalli
T.JOSEPH REX Dr. Nakhiran S.JOSEPH XAVIER 2001 A Study of Effectiveness on Advertisement on select Industries A Study on the contribution of


Dr.M.Victor Louis Anthuvan

commercial Banker to the development of Small Scale Industries in Tiruchirapalli District. 1999 A Study on the model preferences of Rail Road passengers

G.JOHN Dr.Srinivasagam

Candidate Supervisor I.FRANCIS GNANASEKAR Dr.M.Victor Louis Anthuvan




A Study of Brand Positioning of detergent soaps and powders in Tiruchirapalli. An Inquiry into the Organisational Climate Vis-à-vis the labour management relation prevailing in private Industrial Units in Tiruchirapalli District.



A.JERSY MARY Dr.S.Suryamurthi 2001 Status of Women Employees in organised sector with ref. to Women Teachers in Collegiate service in Tiruchy District. Production and Marketing of PaddyRice in Tiruchirapalli District. A Study on Small Scale Industries in Tiruchirappalli District.

S.M.PUSHPA RANI Dr.S.Suryamurthi S.RAMACHANDRAN Dr.S.Suryamurthi



M.MURUGESAN Dr.N.Subramani


A Study of the performance of employees Co-operative stores in Tiruchirapalli Districts. Marketing of Fertilisers in Tamil Nadu with special reference in Thanjavur District. A Study on the operational efficiency of Tiruchirapalli District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.



K.B.SUMATHI Dr.N.Subramani


Performance Evaluation of the Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. D. Tiruchy.N. A study on Industrial relation in Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.S.KANTHAKRISHNAN Dr. S. New Delhi.S.Suryamurthi 1997 Institutional Assistance for the Development of Small Scale Industries in Tiruchy District. Dalmiapuram.M.Thanulingom 2000 . Training methods in Private and Public Sector units in Tiruchirappalli District.N.Alagappan 2000 G. A study of job stress among public sector commercial bank managers in Madurai Region.CHRISTY SELVARANI Dr. Lending performance of Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Limited.S.V.S. R. Tamil Nadu. S.GANESHAN Dr.Suryamurthi 1996 MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY T.PREMKUMAR Dr.RAJENDRAN Dr.Alagappan 2001 N.S.SUMATHI Dr.V. A Study on the Operational efficiency Urban Co-operative Banks in Tiruchirappalli Town.N.GNONARAJ Dr.DASARADHAN of Dr.Thanulingom 2001 A study of Telecom reforms in India with special reference to the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.MOSES JEBARAJ Dr.RAJASEKAR Dr.S.Suryamurthi Year Title 1997 A study on Handloom Weaver’s Cooperatives in Rasipuram Salem Dt.Suryamurthi 1996 D.Suryamurthi 1996 A Study on Child Labour in Match Industry in Kamarajar District in Tamil Nadu.Suryamurthi 1997 Candidate Supervisor K.

MATHANA GOPAL Dr.N.Thanulingom 1999 Production and Marketing of Onion in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu.Ramamoorthy Y.N.PRAKASAM ANTONY Dr. Production & marketing of vegetables in Kodaikanal Taluk.S.PONNURAJ Dr.V.JABARULLAHAN Dr.S.R.Rangaswamy T. Marketing in financial performance of Co-operative Study. 2000 Candidate Supervisor B.CHELLAM Dr.Chidambaram & Dr.N.K.R. 1999 S.K.Haridoss 1999 V.Alagappan & Dr.GURUVA REDDI in Dr.JEYABALAN Dr. Tamil Nadu – A Study with special reference to essential commodities. A Study of Government schemes implemented for the Socio Economic development of SC & ST and their impact on those people in Ramanathapuram District. Trends in Corporate Financing in India.Thanulingom 2000 Omni Bus services in TamilNadu – The case study of Madurai District. A Study of Entrepreneurship and Growth Small Scale Units in the industrial estates in south Tamil Nadu.CHANDRASEKAR Dr. A Study of operational efficiency of TamilNadu electricity board.V. 1999 1998 .Thanulingom S.Chidambaram Year Title 2000 The Role of district Industries Centres the promotion of SSI – A Study with special reference to Virudhunagar District.N.V.V.Alagappan 1999 S.K.YOOSEF KHAN Dr. Working of Public Distribution system in Thirunelveli District.BALA KRISHNAN Dr. S.Alagappan 2000 A study of Timber industry in Kanyakumari District.Thanulingom 1999 K.MANICKAM Dr.Haridoss J.S.

Alagappan L.Chidambaram K.Alagappan SURASKDI TRUGSAMATZ Dr.Ramamoorthy A. A Study of women entrepreneurship in Coimbatore District. New issue Market in India – A Study of its problem and prospects.K. Job Satisfaction of Bank employees – A Study with Special reference to Kamarajar District. A Study of the shift in the composition and direction of India’s Export.V.K.V. Human resources management in State Road Transport Undertakings in TamilNadu .Rengaswamy 1997 1997 M.V.Alagappan N.SUNDARARAJ Dr. Economics of Production and Marketing of Cotton in Kamarajar District – Tamil Nadu. A Study of financial management in the Co-operative Sugarmills of Tamilnadu.N.THEMOZHI Dr. 1998 Candidate Supervisor P.K.Alagappan 1998 1997 1997 K. Impact of operating efficiency of financial performance of Cement Industry in Tailand.RANGARAJAN Dr. V. Dindigul.MARKKANDEYAN Dr.A Case study of RMTC Ltd.MURUGESAN Dr.Alagappan Year Title 1998 A Study of Small Scale Industries in Madurai District – Tamil Nadu.ALAGAR Dr.PONMURUGAN 1997 .V.RAMA Dr.K.Thanulingom 1998 Marketing of chillies in chidamparanar District – Tamil Nadu.V.Rangaswamy S.ANDIVELU Dr. Economics of egg production and marketing in Salem District – Tamil Nadu.V.BANUMATHY Dr. Industrial Estates in Thirunelveli Region 1998 G.MURUGESAN Dr.Chidambaram 1997 1997 R.

An Analysis of Lead Bank Scheme – A Study with reference to Kamarajar District. R.RAJA Dr. 1997 Effectiveness of audit in Central Cooperative Banks – A study with reference to TamilNadu.SANKARA SUBRAMANIAM Dr. Impact of integrated rural development Programme in Ambasamuthram Taluk.Neelamegam 1996 A Study on the Problems of Production in Cottage Match Industrial Units in Kamarajar District.Thanulingom 1997 Candidate Supervisor K. Sivakasi V.Dr.Rengaswamy Year Title 1997 A Study of Sickness among industrial co-operatives in Kanyakumari District.S.Rengaswamy M.N. Factoring Services in India M.Ashokkumar 2001 Credit Deposit Imbalance of Commercial Banks in Kanyakumari District.N.N.Thanulingom 1996 An Evaluation of workers education scheme in Tamilnadu.SELWYN THAMBIRAJ Dr.Chidambaram S.Ashokkumar 2000 .N.SUBBIAH Dr. A Study of Utilisation of LIC of India by policy holders in Madurai devision. AYYA NADAR JANAKI AMMAL COLLEGE.V.Thanulingom 1996 1996 S.Thanulingom – An Empirical study of their impact on a growth of SSI Units.MUTHUPANDI Dr.SUDALAIMUTHU PILLAI Dr. VIRUDHUNAGAR HINDU NADARS’ SENTHIKUMARA NADAR COLLEGE.R.MADASAMY Dr.N. 1997 V.N. Virudhunagar S.K.Thanulingom A.MANI Dr.N. Marketing of Banking services – An Empirical study in Madurai region.MURUGESAN Dr.V.MURUGESAN Dr.

S.S. Salem S. A Study of Profitability of Primary Agricultural Producers Co-operative Marketing Societies in Tamil Nadu.CHARUMATHI Dr. PERIYAR UNIVERSITY.CHANDRASEKARAN Dr.Shanmugasundaram 2001 A Study of Advertising Agencies in Tamil Nadu: Evaluation by the Clients.N. A Study of financing of select small scale Industries by commercial Banks in Tamil Nadu. A comparative study of Human Resource Development in select public and private sector banks in Tamil Nadu.SUNDARAPANDIAN Dr. Collection of Loans by Primary Agricultural Co-operative Banks and Repayment performance of member Borrowers in Salem District.Shanmugasundaram Year Title 2001 A Study of Satisfaction of Customers with the service and job satisfaction of Employees of computerized branches of the Public sector banks in Chennai city.DHAKSHYANI Dr.P. A Study on utilization of Life Insurance by Policy holders in Tamil Nadu.Vinayagam 2000 2000 G.Shanmugasundaram 1999 C.PREMAKUMARI Dr.S.DANASEKARAN Dr. S.S.Shanmugasundaram M. A study on utilization by Members.Shanmugasundaram K.Shanmugasundaram 1999 N.NATARAJAN Dr. A Study of Export Financing by Select Commercial banks in Tamil Nadu. Employees co-operative Stores in Salem district.Shanmugasundaram 1999 V.MURTHI Dr.Shanmugasundaram B.S.S.S. A Study of Merchant Banking by Select Commercial banks in Tamil Nadu. Candidate Supervisor L.THILAKAM Dr.Shanmugasundaram 1999 1998 1998 .Mancikavel 2000 The Impact of Telecommunication in Business.S.S.REVATHY Dr.S.LAKSHMI Dr.

LAKSHMI Dr.Rengasamy Year Title 2001 A Study of Advertising Agencies in Tamil Nadu Evaluation by the Clients A Study on utilisation of life insurance policies by policy holders in Tamilnadu.N. Manifestations of Personality in Managerial Work. Women Entrepreneurs and Executives – A Comparative Study.V.D.SRI SARADA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.RAJESWARI Dr.Ranganatham 2001 Corporate Entrepreneurship in India ( A Study Based on the Perceptions of Executive of Selected Organisation).HARIPRASAD REDDY Dr.REVATHY Dr.Ranganatham 2001 R.Shanmugasundaram S. Employment of Minor Workers ( A Study Based on Attitudes and Practices in Selected Trades in Chennai). Performance Evaluation of Joint Sector Enterprises in Tamil Nadu. Employee Training Programmes in Business: Perspectives of Trainers.N. 2000 1997 1996 UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS Y.YUVARAJ Dr.Shanmugasundaram 2001 A Study of Satisfaction of customers with the services and Job satisfaction of employees of computerised branches of public sector banks in Chennai City.V.P.SEENIVASAGALU Dr.Amarchand S.ARULALAN Dr.Vinayakam A.Srinivasan S.D. Salem L.Shanmugasundaram R. An Analysis of Lead Bank Scheme A study with Reference to Kamarajar District. Disclosure of Information and M.S.S.SUBBIAH Dr.BHOOMA Dr.S.M.Amarchand M.SATHYA 2001 2001 2000 2000 . Candidate Supervisor S.DHAKSHAYANI Dr.M.

S. (A Study with reference to Madras Stock Exchange). Law and Practices).NISHAR AHMED Dr. Corporate Disclosure Practices in India.Ranganatham 1997 N.Ranganatham 1998 1997 Information Efficiency of the Stock Market.Ranganatham 1996 .P. ( A Study with Reference to Selected Two-Wheeler Users in NorthArcot Ambedkar District).N.N.Dr.RAMESH KUMAR Dr.RAJAN BABU Dr.N.D. Consumer Protection in Tamilnadu.N. 1999 Inventory Control in Triplicane Cooperative Society and its self service shop with special reference to Kamadhenu Super Market.Amarchand Perception of Risk by Investors with reference to Public issue of Company Shares. Perceived Product and Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction.Srinivasan 1997 S. A.SUGANDHA Dr.SELVA NAYAKAM Dr. SHRIMATHY RAMALINGAM Dr.M. I.NANDA KUMAR Dr.Srinivasan Candidate Supervisor D.BABURATHINAM Dr. ( A Study with Reference to Selected Consumers Durables in Chennai City) Factors Determining Purchase and Post Purchase Behaviour of Two Wheeler Users.P.P.Srinivasan R. ( A Study Based on Selected Annual Reports and Stakeholders View).GEETHA Dr.M. C.M.N. Hire Purchase Financing in India.P.Srinivasan Year Title 1999 The Influences of the Socio-Cultural Factors on the Christian Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu at the time of starting the enterprises.Srinivasan S.D.Amarchand 1997 1997 Industrial Pollution Control in Tamilnadu ( A Study of Certain Aspects of Managerial Perception.P.

D. V. 1996 .M.D.SEKAR Dr.Amarchand 1996 Candidate Supervisor V.RAJARAJAN Dr. Consumer Values in Product Consumption Patterns.Amarchand S.V.VIJAYALAKSHMI Dr.Ranganatham 1996 Influence of Life Styles and Risk Bearing Capacity on the Investment Pattern ( A Study Based on Selected Individual Investors in Madras) Consumer Life Styles and Perception of Quality: A Study Based on Selected Consumers in the Coimbatore Region.D.Amarchand Year Title 1996 Integration of Cultures: A Study Based on Selected Acquisitions.SHANTHA Dr.

RESEARCH IN COMMERCE IN TAMILNADU UNIVERSITIES DURING 1996-2001 M.Phil DEGREES AWARDED(Year wise) UNIVERSITY 1996 12 8 8 12 3 - 1997 4 19 17 24 4 1 1998 6 21 11 17 2 1 1999 8 19 22 33 3 4 2000 11 14 25 29 16 3 2001 6 46 31 36 18 4 TOTAL 47 127 114 151 46 13 ALAGAPPA BHARATHIAR BHARATHIDASAN MADURAI KAMARAJ MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR PERIYAR TOTAL 43 69 58 89 98 141 498 .

Gurumoorthy OTISO ONGERI Thiru.RAJKUMAR Thiru. 2000 Economics of Private Computer Education.S.Gurumoorthy BENEDICT SEWE ODHIAMBO Dr.Natarajan 2001 2001 A Study on Management of working capital in Kaleeswarar Mills ‘B’ Unit.R. 2000 Functioning of Self Help Groups 2000 Exchange offer as a promotional tool.A. S.MURUGESAN Dr.R. Trends in India’s Foreign Trade.Phil Thesis Candidate Supervisor Year Title ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY V.P. Coimbatore.ANITA Dr.ALAGARSAMY 2001 2001 2001 Foreign Exchange Reserves in India.JAGADEESAN Dr.M.. Performance of Mutual Funds in India.T.R.Sathiyamoorthy R. Kamudakudi.THIRUMAL Dr.Muthusamy 2001 A Study on working capital management in Pioneer Spinning Mills Ltd. Salesmanship: Qualities. K.M.P.T. Kalayarkoil.P.Natarajan U. A Study on ‘Financial performance of Rajanarayan Textiles Ltd.T.Natarajan K.Gurumoorthy J.AMARAVATHI Dr. Approaches & 2000 .Selvam PL.AROCKIA ANISIA Dr.

2000 2000 2000 2000 1999 1999 1999 Logistics practices and post performance.S.S. A Study on Marketing of Fertilisers in Peravurani Block.Sathiyamoorthy 2000 Performance.Natarajan A. Paddy Marketing and Monopoly procurement in Tiruvarur District. Recent Trend in Primary Capital Market in India.KARTHIKEYAN Thiru. Export performance of Marine products.ARUL JEYARAJ Thiru.SIBI CHAKRAVARTHI Dr. C.R.Natarajan K.S.R.SYED RUKKUNA BEEVI Dr.Selvam R.M.An opinion survey.Gurumoorthy 2000 Candidate Supervisor Year Title E.Upalthus Selvaraj A.Chidambaram G.Gurumoorthy M.SELVAKUMAR Dr.Sathiyamoorthy R.M. Auctioning.Selvam S.THIRUGNANASAMBANDAM Thiru. A Study on Production and Marketing of Coconut Fibre/Coir units in Ramnad District.M.T.S.ABDULLA Dr. Role of Tea in Export Promotion. Devakottai Branch. A study of Deposit Mobilisation by the State Bank of India.Chidambaram 2000 Study in Brand preferences with respect to Personal Hygiene Products.KUMAR Dr.JAYAKUMAR Thiru.M. Customer Services in Banks. 1999 1999 1999 . Financial performance of Tamilnadu Khadi and Village Industries.P.Dr.T.P. General Insurance Service Marketing in Karaikudi. Price Determination and Export of Tea.SELVAGANESAN Dr.P.Selvam A.RAJESWARI Dr.ROSY JEBA MARY Thiru.Selvam S.KAVITHA Dr.Natarajan K.

BALASUBRAMANIAN Thiru. A Study on Credit rating series of Investment information and Credit rating agency of India Ltd.S. 1998 1998 M.M. Marketing of hospital services in Ramnad – A Case study.M.ABDULLA Dr.A.Arulanandam 1999 A Study of Production and Marketing of Handloom Weavers Co.MARIA JEYAPAUL BEMILA Dr. 1998 Recent Trend in Primary Capital Market in India.M.KRISHNAVENI Dr.M.Gurumoorthy B.K.Natarajan M.C.T.Chidambaram 1997 1997 1997 1997 .Arulanandam M.Selvam S.RUKKUMANI Dr.Gurumoorthy 1999 Candidate Supervisor PL. Marketing of Computer Education Services.R.R. M. Branch.I to Entrepreneurship development.M.Selvam S.E. A Study of Marketing of New Life Insurance policies in Svg. A Study on cost of capital and Debt – Equity in selected companies. (ICRA) Corporate Taxation in India recent Changes.JAYASRI Dr.ABBAS MALIK Thiru.Chidambaram L.T.R.Chidambaram G.S.VALLIKANNU Dr.MANJULA Thiru. The contribution of C.P.MUMTHAJ BEEVI Dr.op Society in Paramakudi.S.A.S.Sathiyamoorthy M.Selvam Year Title 1998 Gold Silver Price movements in Pre and Post Liberalisation periods.BOORNIMA Dr. Consumer Rights and Awareness 1998 1998 Role of Export-Import Bank of India.SUDHA Dr.

Selvam R.S. A. Marketing problems of Sunflower Edible Oil Industry.M. An Analysis of Stock Market performance of Sensex Shares.VENUGOPAL Dr.A.RAMASUBRAMANIAN Thiru.Natarajan 1996 1996 1996 K.SUGUNA Dr. (TAICO) Bank in promoting Industrial Co-operatives. A Study of Marketing of Life Insurance policies in Karaikudi.R.R.Natarajan R.Arulanandam 1996 A Study of the problems of Medical Representatives in promoting pharmaceutical products with medical practitioners.M.Gurumoorthy 1996 1996 Deposit mobilisation by commercial Banks.P.PANDIAN Thiru.Selvam K. Coimbatore .Gurumoorthy K.BHUVANESWARI Dr.TAMILSELVI Thiru.T.M.M. (MMTC) Foreign Institutional Investment in India – An Analysis Investors’ behaviour and attitude towards New issues.MANJULA Dr.M. Role of Tamilnadu Industrial Co-op.I.P.P.SELVI Dr.GANESAN Dr.Arulanandam 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY.Arulanandam R.M.Selvam C. Candidate Supervisor S.T.SARAVANAN Dr.C D.A.UMA Thiru.A.Sathiyamoorthy R.S.MARIAPPAN Dr. Claim settlement by L.Sathiyamoorthy Year Title 1996 Trade performance of Minerals and Metals trading corporation of India Ltd. Impact of Advertising on Consumer behaviour Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India.

Thirumalvalavan 1997 T.Baluswamy C. 1997 .P.Thirumalvalavan J. Distribution Network Analysis of Cement in Ernakulam District. Electrical Equipments and Cable Industry in India.PARVATHI DEVI Dr. 1997 1997 M.M. Leverage Analysis of Electronics. A Comparative Study.Shanmugham 1997 Working Capital Management in Paper Industry.VASANTHI Thiru.N. Behaviour of Stock Returns – A Study of Business Line 250 Industry-Wise Index.N.A Comparative Study.ANURADHA Dr. R.Manickam 1998 1997 N.REVATHI Thiru.MOHANASUNDARI Dr. Kerala State. A Study of Profitability and Working Capital Management Performance of the Indian Corporate Sector. Dividends. T.Baluswamy 1997 A Study on the cost of capital of Pharmaceutical Industry in India. Liquidity and Asset Utilisation – An Analysis of Selected Companies.Manickam 2001 Analysis of Working Capital Management in Selected Manufacturing Companies.R.M. Financial Performance of Urban Cooperative Banks.M.RAVI Thiru.NIRMALA Thiru.M.Manickam S.GEORGE Dr.Shanmugham R.R.R.U.P. Retained Earnings & Equity Prices – An Analysis of Selected Companies.THAVAMANI Thiru. Financial Performance of Co-operative and Private Sugar Mills.DHANALAKSHMI Thiru.KAMBAGIRISWAMY Dr.M.Manickam 2001 Candidate Supervisor GOPA.Manickam Year Title 1998 Earnings.

RAJAM Dr.MATHESWARAN Thiru.Vijayakumar 1997 S.Balachandran S.A.Palaniswamy K. Erode S. Marketing of Milk through Cooperatives in Periyar District.K.A. A Study on consumer preference for Grinder in Erode. A Study on consumer preference for Shampoo in Erode.P.A.VIVEKANANDHAN Dr.Vijayakumar Erode 2001 A Study on consumer brand preference for bread with special reference to Taluk of Erode District.E.SELVARAJ Dr. Chithode.Sivasubramanian 1997 1997 1997 1997 1996 .Balachandran P. Analysis of working capital Management of Sakthi sugars Ltd.LOGAMBAL Thiru.KADIRVEL Thiru. ERODE ARTS COLLEGE.Balachandran K.R. Candidate Supervisor M.Palaniswamy S.RAJENDRAN Thiru. A Study on Marketing of turmeric with special reference to Erode regulated 1999 1998 A.RAVI Thiru.Vijayakumar Year Title 2000 A Study on consumer preference on Sakthi Masala products. Operational and Financial performance of Erode District Co-operative Milk producers Union Ltd.M.Vijayakumar 1997 R.A.A.Palaniswamy A.RUKMANI Thiru. Management of commercial Banks (with special reference to bank of Baroda). A Study of Factors Affecting Employees Job satisfaction.A.M.P.A.LAKSHMI Thiru.Shanmugham 1996 Structure and Utilisation of Working Capital in General Engineering Industry.NACHIMUTHU Thiru. Performance appraisal of paper Industry in Tamilnadu (with special reference to TNPL & SPB Ltd).V.M.SUNDARAJAN Dr.

market.K. Working Capital Management.KANAGARATHINAM 1999 . Gobichettipalayam K. Mutual funds: A study on the perception of investors towards UTI. GOPI ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE.V.GOMATHI Thiru.Rayappan N. Erode District.K.Natarajan 2001 N.Rayappan 2001 S. A study on Brand preference of Toilet Soap consumers with special reference to Gobi Taluk.Natarajan 2001 A study on satisfaction of members Regarding the services of the Sathyamanagalam Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.K.SUDHA Dr. Erode District.Natarajan Year Title 2001 A study on Incomes.K.Natarajan 2001 K. A study on consumers Brand perception and preference towards soft drinks in Gobichettipalayam taluk of Erode District. Investments & Tax – Rebate investments of the salaried employees in Gobi Taluk of Erode District.KALAIVANI Thiru.SARAVANAMBIGADEVI Dr.E. No. Gobichettipalayam Branch. A study on Cotton Textile Mills in Coimbatore District.MOORTHY Thiru. A study of Textile Mill Workers in Gobichettipalayam taluk of Erode District – with special Reference to women workers. Erode District.E.Selvaraj 2001 2001 N..S.KALAIMANI Thiru.A.1932 Sathyamanagalam.K.Palaniswamy 2001 K.K. A study on viewership of advertisement BARSHED AHMED Thiru.KODHAINAYAKI Thiru.T.K. A study on satisfaction of policyholders regarding the services of the Life Insurance Corporation. Candidate Supervisor K.

Maruthu Pandian V.S. NALLAMUTHU GOUNDER MAHALINGAM COLLEGE. A Study on Marketing of Vegetables in Pollachi Uzhavar Shandy – A Study on Cost and Return. A Study on Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Pollachi.MANIKANDAN Dr.VINOTHINI Dr.VIJAYALAKSHMI Dr.BAGYALAKSHMI Dr.P.K. Extended Business Hours and Customer Satisfaction in Nationalised Banks – With Special Reference to Pollachi.Benjamin Christopher N.S.KARPAKAVALLI Thiru.Sirajuddin 2001 A Study on Kisan Credit Card of Canara Bank – With special reference to CBE(Dt). Cost Benefit Analysis of Ground – nut Cultivation.MUTHUSAMY Thiru.S. A Study on the Financial Performance of the Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.Mohan R.Mohan T.S.Natarajan films in Coimbatore City. 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 P.MUTHUSAMY Thiru.Benjamin Christopher 2001 Candidate Supervisor R.S.K.Palaniappan 2001 .P. A Study on Corporate Retained Earnings in India.S.SATHYA BAMA Thiru.GOBI Dr.S.Mohan Year Title 2001 A Study on Corporate Dividend Behaviour of Indian Chemical Industry.Benjamin Christopher N. J.Maruthu Pandian M.Benjamin Christopher R. Investor Behaviour and Attitude – With Special reference to Pollachi Taluk.S.LATHA Dr.P.SUGANTHI Dr.Maruthu Pandian S.Thiru. Pollachi R. A Study on the Financial Performance of the IT Industry. A Study on Handloom Saree Merchants of Coimbatore.NIRMALA Thiru. Determinants of Corporate Leverage in India.

R. A Study on Child Labour in Hotel Industry in Pollachi.KABOOR Dr.P.Subramanian Year Title 1999 Financial Performance of Cooperative Urban Bank – With Special reference to Udumalpet.Manickam A.S. Membership Participation in Union Actiivites – A Comparative Study of Blue Collar and White Collar Women Workers in Pollachi. A Study on Investor Knowledge – With Special reference to Udumalpet.SIRANGI Dr.M.PRIYA Thiru.P. Operational Efficiency of Public Sector Road Passengers Units in Tamil Nadu.VIJAYAKUMAR Dr. A Study on Profitability of Nationalised Transport Corporation.MUTHULAKSHMI Dr.S.Prasad Kumar S. Marketing of Cotton – With Special reference to Tirupur.DHANABAGKIYAM Thiru.Prasad Kumar R.M.P.GUNASEKARAN Thiru. Customer Satisfaction in Cheran Transport Corporation.Prasad Kumar A.SHANTHINI Thiru.Maruthu Pandian 1998 . CBE.Mohan H.Subramaniam K.P.Benjamin Christopher 2001 Evaluation of Credit Worthiness of Customer of Commercial Banks. Working Capital Management of LM Ltd.VIJAYAKUMAR Thiru.S.SIVANESAN Thiru.N.Prasad Kumar M.M.MEERA Thiru.SUNDARAM Thiru. A Study on NILGIRI Co-operative Bank.Mohan P. A Study on Primary Cooperative Society.S. 2000 2000 Candidate Supervisor V.Benjamin Christopher 1999 1999 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 S.M.

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A Study on Cable TV Operators in Coimbatore.Anusuya 1999 G.P.Baba Gnanakumar 1999 P.PONGIANNAN Thiru.LATHA Thiru.PONNAIYAN Thiru. Marketing of Power Loom Fabrics – A Study on both Private and Co-operative Sector.G.Rajesekaran V. A Study on Readers attitude and their reactions towards Advertisements in News Papers.P.SRIPRIYA Thiru.Kirubashini 1999 1999 SRI LAKSHMI PASUPATHI Thiru.Chinnadurai K.GEETHA 1998 . A Study on the Housing Finance Industry in Madurai.R.D.VIDYA Thiru. V.SAMUVEL Thiru. A Study on Marketing strategies of Tea Manufacturing Units in the Nilgiris District.P.Baba Gnanakumar 1999 A Study on Brand preference EXL 100cc to 150cc Motor Cycles with special preference to College students in Coimbatore City.G.SUMATHI Thiru.SATHYAMOORTHY Thiru.P.B. A Study on Sales Promotion aspects – K. Consumer preference for Transport Services A Study with reference to passenger preference for Mini Bus.M.M.Tamizhselvan 1999 1998 S.BINDU Thiru. Computer Hardware Marketing – A Study on Dealers in Coimbatore District.M.Tamizhselvan 1998 M.Chinnadurai Year Title 1999 Customer satisfaction for Mobile Phones – A Study with reference to BPL & Aircell Mobile Phone Service. Consumer preference for Household appliances by Rural Household – A Study with special reference to Pollachi Taluk.Chinnadurai 1999 Candidate Supervisor K.

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A Study on the benefits reaped by the farmers and the consumers through the Erode Uzhavar sandai – A case study.VANITHA Dr.Ramanujam 2001 N. A study on lending to private sector by selected banks in Erode District.P.P.DHANASEKARAN Thiru. Erode S.RAJKUMAR Thiru.Sundaram K.M.Jeyaram REENA RAJ Thiru.Rachel Nancy Philip Year Title 2001 A study on postal services scheme with special reference to WC A study on deposit Mobilisation & lending operations of Coimbatore district Central Co-operative Bank.Radhakarishnan 2001 .N.DURAI Thiru.S.RATHNAVEL SUBRAMANIAM COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE. A study on customer satisfaction of services rendered by commercial Bank in Coimbatore city.Rachel Nancy Philip R.R. Coimbatore THENMOZHI Thiru.Thamaraikannan 2001 A study on consumer preference on soft drinks with special reference to cococola at Erode. A study on teleshopping with regard to JSN products 2001 G.AMUDHA Thiru.UMA Thiru.SANTHAMANI Dr.N.Rachel Nancy Philip 1998 1996 SRI VASAVI COLLEGE. P.Jeyaraman 2001 Candidate Supervisor POONGODI Dr. Operating Efficiency and financial performance of ECGC 2000 R.P. A study on consumer preference for Detergents in Coimbatore city.Rachel Nancy Philip 2001 A study on Marketing of Washing Machine in Coimbatore District.

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Marketing of Cardamom in Theni District.. Performance Evaluation of Trichy District Central Co-operative bank Ltd.SURPUDEEN Thiru. Panan – guedi.MOYDEENSHA Dr.A.Mohamed Sindhasha Y.R.M.KANAGARAJU Dr. Functioning of Amaravathi Cooperative Super Market – A Case Study.M. Thuraiyur Branch.SENTHIL KUMAR 2000 . A Study of Xerox Business in Trichy Town.Abdul Subhankhan 2000 2000 A. Marketing of Chetinad Cement 2000 2000 2000 L. Working Capital management in Bharat heavy Electricals Limited.Sheik Mohamed 2000 K.Sheik Mohamed Year Title 2001 A Study on Financial Management of Perambalur sugar Mills Ltd.Khader Mohideen S. S. Trichy – A Case Study. A Study on Working Capital Management of Tiruchirappalli District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. Tiruchirappalli. Eraiyur.Abdul Khader M..Abdul Khader 2001 A Study on Working Capital Management of Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.ABDUL KAREEM Thiru. Kattur. K.A. Nagapattinam.Abdul Khader S.N.ANWAR AHAMED Dr.N.KARTHIK Thiru.Tiruchirappalli – 621 651.M.Abdul Subhankhan 2001 Candidate Supervisor K.MARIYAPPAN Thiru.A.N.A.N.SADIK BASHA Dr. A Study of Working Capital management in Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.Mohamed Sindhasah 2001 P.NARIAEVAN Thiru. Financial Management of old Motor Spareparts Business Units in Tiruchirappalli City.THIYAGARAJAN Thiru.

SIDDIK AHAMED Dr.Meera Mohideen 2000 Candidate Supervisor B. The Role of LIC Agents in Marketing and Servicing of Policies.P.GUNASEKARAN Dr.R.Mubarak Ali 2000 S.N. Personnel Management Practices in Tiruchirappalli District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.Sheik Mohamed 1999 POOMPUHAR COLLEGE.M.MOHAMED RAFFICK Dr.HELEN SELVAKUMARI 2001 A Study on the Deposits. Melaiyur A.Abdul Khader 1999 M. BALASUBRAMANIAN Thiru. A Study of the Functions of M/s Grace Tiles – Trichur.A. Training & Development Programme in Zonal Training Center (Southern Railway) Tiruchirappalli. B.BALACHANDRAN Dr.Shaik Mohaideen M.BALU Thiru.Shaik Mohiadeen Corporation Ltd.Abdul Aubhankhan HAMID SALIK HAMID Dr. Tiruchirappalli.Shaik Mohamed Year Title 1999 A Study on Medi-claim Insurance Policy with Particular Reference to National Insurance Company Ltd.Thiru.A.SYED ABUBAKKAR SITHIK Dr. A Study on Industrial Relations in BHEL..M. Loans and . A Study on Consumer’s Preference for House-hold Appliances in Theni District.N. A Study on Personnel Management Practices in Trichy Steel Rolling Mills Ltd. Puliyur – Karur District.A.ABDUL HAKKEEM Dr. Study on the labour Welfare Measures in Dalmia Cement (BHARAT) Ltd.Meera Mohiadeen M.P.M.Sheik Mohamed 2000 Y. 2000 Functioning of Trichirappalli Regulated Market Committees.K.Mubarak Ali 1999 1999 1999 A.SEKAR Dr. Tiruchirappalli.

R.Sakkaravel Year Title 2001 A Study on member Awareness of Coop Societies in Karaikal.MURUGADOS Dr.Rajendran C.Ramu NAJIMUDEEN Dr. Sirkali. A Study on the working of Kumbakonam Rural Electric Cooperative Society Ltd. A Study on the working of LIC Branch at Sirkali.G. A Study on the Primary Co-op Bank at Akkur Nagapattinam District.A.Panneerselvam 2001 BALASUBRAMANIAN Dr.ANNAMALAI Dr. A Study on the working of Small Scale Industries in Mayiladuthurai Taluk Nagapattinam District. A Study on the working of Primary Agricultural Co-op.S. Bank at Koothur with Special reference to overdues. A Study on the working of Sirkali Coop Urban Bank Ltd.G. Tiruchirapalli.Sakkaravel S. A Study on marketing of News papers in Nagapattinam District. Tiruvengadu.IDHAYAJOTHI Dr.A.THENNARASAN Dr. V.G. A Study on the working of SBI.Panneerselvam K.KIRUBAHARAN Dr..BHUVANESWARI Dr. A Study on the working of Seahorse Hospitals Ltd.Sakkaravel 2001 2000 2000 1999 1999 T.G.Dr.K.G.PRINCE Dr.K.Ramu 2001 2001 Candidate Supervisor R. A Study on the working of Indian Overseas bank branch at Kaveripoompattinam.Ganesan S.A.Ganesan 1999 .Panneerselvam R.Rajendran R.A.MUTHURAJA Dr.A.Palanivel 2001 Advances of Indian Bank at Tranquebar.SENTHILKUMAR Dr. A Study on the capital market with ref to Bombay stock exchange.R.SRINIVASAN Dr.A. Kumbakonam. 2001 R.

Neiveli. J.PANNEERSELVAM Dr.Sekar 2001 . A Study on the FCI with Spl. Ref to FCI MRM at Sembanorkoil.RAMESH Dr.THIRIPURASUNDARI Dr.R. A Study of Consumer Behaviour on Two Wheelers with special reference to TVS Products.Sooriyamoorthi 1998 A Study on the Motivation Technique adopted in Sri Umaparameshwari Mills. A Study on PIPDIC and its Role with reference to M/s. A Study on the Financial Analysis of Neiveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.Ramu T.A.G.JACQULIN Dr. Mayiladuthurai. Tiruchirappalli R.IRUDAYARAJ Prof. Tiruchy – 14.Karaikal Fishnet manufacturing company at Karaikal. Tiruchirapalli JULIUS CEASAR Dr.S.MANJULA Dr. Tiruchirapalli. Tiruchy.S.Rajendran K. A Study on Deposit Mobilisation by BHE Employees Co-operative Bank Ltd. Poompuhar Branch. A Study on the performance of Land Development Bank in Tiruchirapalli District. 1998 1997 1996 G.G.Panneerselvam N. Thiruthuvadas 1997 URUMU DHANALAKSHMI COLLEGE.ANBALAGAN Dr..Rangasamy 1996 Candidate Supervisor Year Title ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE.M.Sakkaravel 1998 A Study on the working of IOB.Sekar 2001 A Study on Consumer Preference with Special reference to Tooth Paste in Perambalur Town.SINGARAM Dr.JAMUNA Dr. A Study on the settlement of Claims by LIC. S.S.S.Sekar 2001 S.

N.SUBATHIRA Dr.S.RADHAKRISHNAN Dr. 2001 P.S.BALARAJAM Dr.Krishnan 2001 R.S. A Study on the Financial Statement Analysius of Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. A Study on the performance appraisal of Tiruchirappalli Regulated Market.Krishnan 2001 V. Tiruchirapalli.VANI Dr. A Study on Procurement and Marketing Activities of Mannargudi Milk Producer Co-operative Society Ltd. A Study on the Marketing of Milk Cooperative Union in Tiruchirappalli Town.JAYACHITRA Dr. A Study on the Consumer preference of News Papers and magazines in Thanjavur Town.Jamaluddin 2001 S.RENUKA Dr.Subramani 2001 Candidate Supervisor M.Suriyamurthy 2001 A Study on Consumer preferences of Milk in Tiruchy Town.. A Study on the Consumer preference of Toilet Soaps in Thanjavur District.S. A Study of Consumer Behaviour with A.ALAGUDURAI Thiru.D. Thiruvarur District..ABDUL BAREE 2000 .G. A Study on Labour Welfare measures in Tamil Nadu Cement Corporation Limited (TANCEM) Ariyalur.THOMAS ALWA EDISON Thiru.N.Suriyamurthy R.Suriyamurthy 2001 2001 A.N.KARPAGAM Dr.Christy Selvarani 2001 G. A Study of deposit mobilisation in Trichirappalli city Co-operative Bank Ltd.S.S.S.Suriyamurthy 2000 A.SASIKALA Dr. Adi craft.Subramani Year Title 2001 A Study on Financial Statement Analysis of Trichy District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.LAKSHMI KANTHAN Thiru. A Case Study of Khadi and Village Industries with Special reference to Khadi craft. Tiruchirappalli.Sekar G.

A study on the performance of Trichy District Amaravathi consumer Cooperative wholesale store limited.RANI Dr. A Study on the Consumer preference of Toilet Soap in Tiruchy District.N. A survey of consumer preference of paints used for houses.Jamaluddin VALLALAR Dr. Housing Market with special reference to plag in Tiruchirappalli.S.Subramani 2000 2000 2000 2000 1999 .Subramani S.N.N.Suriyamurthy 2000 Candidate Supervisor A.K.N. A study on consumer preference with special reference to Tooth Paste in Trichy Town.Krishnan 2000 R. Perambalur.FLORENCE LARK Dr.D. Tiruchy District.Dr.D.N.RAMACHANDRAN Thiru.Subramani 2000 2000 V.Christy Selvarani K.SELVARAJ Thiru.Krishnan R.S.UMAMAHESWARI Dr.SIVASANKARAN Thiru. 2000 Financial Ratio of Tamil Nadu News Print and Papers Ltd.Sekar P.Sekar special reference to Electronics in Tiruchy City.VIDYA Dr.S.Jamaluddin Year Title 2000 A Study on Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank Shobamapuram TY6521 Turaiyur.S. S. Pugalur – A Study. Profit Analysis of Chinthamani Super Market in Tiruchirappalli. M.DEEPA PACKIAM Dr. A Study of Production and marketing of Bakery products in Thuraiyur Town Tiruchy District.Christy Selvarani M. A study on the Quality of work life of workers in TSRM Ltd Trichy.GAYATHIRI Thiru. A Study on Agricultural Credit granted by State Bank of India.S.P.BALASUBRAMANIAN Dr.

Sekar 1999 1999 M.Christy Selvarani 1999 .S.Suriyamurthy T.Suriyamurthy Year Title 1999 Marketing of Consumer Durables by Sri Lakshmi Corporation.S.KSRTHIYAYINI Dr.D. A Study of Re financing by NABARD with Special reference to Tiruchirappalli District. A Market Study on Consumer preference for various brands of bath soaps in Tiruchy Town.CHANDRASEKARAN Dr.Christy Selvarani 1999 1999 G. An Analysis of Marketing aspect of Yamaha in Tiruchirappalli Town.LATHA Dr.SARAVANAN Dr.Christy Selvarani R. Tiruchy – A case Study. A Study on the Financial performance of Tiruchirapalli District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.SUDHA Thiru.Krishnan 1999 S.N. A Study of Consumer satisfaction and Reader view about English News Papers in and around Tiruchirapalli.Jamaluddin 1999 A. The Profit Analysis of Chinthamani Super Market in Tiruchirappalli Town. Economics of Child Labout in Cattering Establishments in Trichy Town.S. A Study on Xerox Business in Tiruchy Town. In Trichy.P.D.K.THERESITA Thiru. M.S. A Study on the role of Co-operative Societies with special reference to Housing Finance in Tiruchirapalli Town. R.N.N.Subramani 1999 Financial Statement analysis of Bharat Heavy Electrical Employees Cooperative Bank Ltd.D.THOMAS ALBERT Dr.ANITHA SANTHANA MARY Dr.Suriyamurthy 1999 1999 Candidate Supervisor S.DEVI Dr.S.Subramani R.SUNDIRA DEVI Dr.CHITHRA Dr.

M.SHAFEE Dr.Suriyamurthy A. TR(H) 41 Thanjavur – A Case Study.Suriyamurthy 1998 1997 1997 . M.J. R.RAGHAVAN Dr.Sekar 1998 R. A Study on the performance of the Central Co-operative Bank of Pudukkottai District in implementing IRDP Schemes and its impact (1993-98) – A Case Study. A Study on the Functioning of ZC 59 Edamalaiyur Milk Producers Cooperative Society Ltd.S.RAJENDRAN Dr.HEMAMALINI Dr.ELANGOVAN Dr.D.Subramani 1998 Candidate Supervisor Y.P.S.Murugesan 1999 A Study on Consumer preference with special reference to Tooth Paste in Tiruchirapalli Town. A Study on the working of Mannargudi Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd.Christy Selvarani 1998 1998 D.S. Madras.Subramani Year Title 1998 A study on Consumer’s Attitude Towards Foreign Goods in Tiruchirapalli Town.HARIKRISHNAN Dr.PUTHUMALARCHELVI Dr. (Thanjavur Union) in Thiruvarur District.M.VIDYA Dr.Jamaluddin V.Suriyamurthy 1998 1998 S.Murugesan KAVITHA ARJUNAN Dr.MURUGESAN Thiru. Agmark Grading at Karur – A Case Study.N.S. A Study of Chinthamani Co-operative Super Market Tiruchirapalli with special reference to its Retailing efficiency. A Study of Inventory management in Balmer Lawerie Co-Ltd.N.Sekar M. A Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Tiruchirapalli Town.S.N.BALASKRISHNAN Dr. The Thanjavur Silk Handloom Weavers Co-operative production and Sales Society Ltd.K. A Study on the Marketing of Television sets in Tiruchirappalli Town.

N.N.Suriyamurthy 1997 V. A Study on absenteeism in BHEL. Financial Statement Analysis in Thanjavur Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.Subramani 1997 J.VALASUBRAMANIAN Dr.Subramani Tiruchirapalli 1997 JAYALAKSHMI BATTA Dr. A Study of Amaravathy Co-operative Super Market. Tiruchy District.Jamaluddin K.RAJAMOHAMAD Thiru.D.DHANAPAL Thiru.PUGAZHENDRAN Thiru.S. Woraiyur.N.Christy Selvarani 1997 1997 1997 .Christy Selvarani S. A Study on Consumer behaviour towards Toilet Soaps in Tiruchy Town.S.Krishnan S. A Study of Consumer’s Preference for House Hold Appliances in Town. A Study of Wage structure of Dheeran Chinnamalai Transport Corporation Ltd. KANCHANA SARAVANAN Dr. A Study on Devanga Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society.N.S.S.BHUVANESWARI Dr.Subramani 1997 A Study on Industrial Relations in BHEL Tiruchy. 1997 1997 M.Jamaluddin R.PRABA Dr.ARUMUGAM Thiru. A Study on Flower marketing with Special Reference to Srirangam.Krishnan Year Title 1997 Consumer preference of Paints used for Houses A Study in Tiruchirapalli Town.SUMATHI Dr.D. Tiruchirappalli with Special reference to its Retailing efficiency. Tiruchy. Candidate Supervisor A.S.N.LATHA MAHESWARI Dr.Suriyamurthy 1997 A Study on the Marketing of Thanjavur Consumers Co-operative Wholesales Stores Limited.

An analysis of Marketing aspect of Hero Honda in Tiruchirapalli Town.EDWARD Dr.Rengaswamy B.N.DURAIRAJAN Dr.JAYARAM Dr.Murugesan 1997 A Study on Human Resources Management – Dheeran Chinnamalai Transport Corporation Limited.RENUKA Dr.R.Subramani MISS BEENA SUSAN Dr. Tiruchirapalli.M. 1996 MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY T.Suriyamurthy 1996 1996 1996 V. Marketing of Consumer Durable goods with special reference to RMS Corporation. Consumer behaviour in Soft Drinks – a Study with reference to Madurai City.Subramani Year Title 1996 Marketing of Television Sets in Tiruchy Town. A Study on the marketing of Milk producers Co-operative Society in Pallampadi.V.Murugesan 1997 G.MARAGATHAM Dr.MOHAMED AFZAL Dr. A Study on Marketing of Khadi and village Industries in Tiruchy District.S.V.Rengaswamy 2001 2001 .S.SUKUMARAN Dr. G. A. A Study on the production and Marketing of Synthetic Gems in Tiruchy Town.Suriyamurthy B.S.Suriyamurthy 1996 Candidate Supervisor A. A Study on Consumer preference for Toilet Soap in Tiruchy Town.M.VANAM Dr.SELVARANI Dr.M.S. Marketing of bananas – A study with reference to Uthamapalayam Taluk.N.DAMUDAR RAO Dr.Punithavathypandian 2001 Risk and Return Analysis – A study of selected Pharmaceutical Companies stocks.Suriyamurthy K.

K.N.V. A Study of Job Satisfaction of Employees in Madura Coats Textile at Ambasamudram.SURESH Dr.Punithasvathy Pandian A.Thanulingom T.SORUBA RANI Dr.Thanulingom Year Title 2000 A study on Debt Marketing in India 2000 A study on Mutual funds 2000 Impact of Land development Bank on farmers Socio-economic conditions in Tirumangalam Taluk.UMA Dr.V.V. 2001 Candidate Supervisor R. 2001 2001 G.V.Rengaswamy A. Brand preference of cosmetic products – A study with reference to Madurai city.K.V.Ramamoorthy 2001 K.SREEDEVI Dr.KALAIAMUTHAN Dr.PARVATHAM Dr. Michael’s Girls Higher Secondary Schools Tenkasi.Alagappan 2000 2000 2000 .Chidambaram T.KARTHIKEYAN Dr. Role of Liner Agents in containerized Cargo Movement.SIVAKUMAR Dr. Production and Marketing of Panchamirtham in Palani. Buyer behavioural study towards readymade jewels through newly emerging retail outlets – The case of Madurai.Ramamoorthy S.SHANMUGA PRIYA Dr.Thanulingom 2001 A Study on Tourism Development: The case Rameswaram A study of impact of unremunerative prices on farmers – An Empirical study in Uthamapalayam Taluk.Alagappan 2001 A Study on organizational climate in St.K.N.Alagappan Ltd.V.Alagappan G.MURUGAN Dr.N. A study of Ulavar sandhai in Madurai City. P. K.GUNASEKARAN Dr.STELLA BEATRICE NIRMALA Dr.

Marketing of Biscuits – A study with special reference to Perry’s Biscuits.RICHARD PAUL Dr.MALAISELVAM Dr. An Analysis of the problems of the Women Entrepreneurs in Tenkasi Taluk.K.MARY SWARNA PRIYA Dr.V.V.SURESH BABU Dr.Chinnaiah N. A study on the cycle rickshaw as an Intermediary transport in Ramnad Town.Thanulingom V.Thanulingom Year Title 1999 Investment Profile of House Holds in Financial Assets – An Empirical Study Tirunelveli City.ANATHARAJ Dr.N.K.Chinnaiah P.N.Alagappan 1999 Courier Industry in Madurai City – A case Study. Cost of Tea Cultivation and production in Eravancore Estate – A case study.Ramamoorthy 1999 1999 1999 A study of Foreign Investment in India.SELVAKUMAR Dr. .Chidambaram S. A study on Coimbatore Stock G. Dr.Punithavathypandian N.SANGLIKARUPAN Dr. A study on the present status of the Mango Cultivation in Alanganalur Region of Madurai District.V.V.ANGAYARKANNI Dr.S.V.Rengaswamy P.Punithavathypandian V.V.Alagappan 1999 1999 Candidate Supervisor J.DIASY VIMALA RANI Dr.Chinnaiah 1999 C. 1998 Performance Evaluation of the Shareholders Land Development Bank Ltd. A Study of Brand preference for passenger cars in Madurai City.THILAK Dr.BENITA Exchange. Performance Evaluation of selected Indian Software Companies. 1999 1999 1999 P.PADMA Dr.

Passengers attitude towards the city Bus Services by the TamilNadu State Transport Corporation – The case of Division 1 Madurai City.KRISHNAN Dr. P.Ramamoorthy 1998 A.Chidambaram A. Attitude of Telephone Subscribers towards Government Telephone Services – An Empirical Study in Mahamalai Telephone Electronic Exchange. T.SREEDEVI LAKSHMI Dr. Financial Assistance to small Scale sector in Rajapalayam Taluk ( A study of SBI Branch Raja Palayam) A study of Beauty Parlour Services in Madurai City.RAMACHANDRAYAR Dr.V.KANAPIRAN Dr.UBAKARASELVAM Dr.Punithavathypandian 1998 Performance Evaluation of the Salichandai Primary Agricultural Co-operative Bank Ltd.V.Ramamoorthy 1998 1998 1997 .SOUNDRAVALLI Dr.K. M. Financial Performance of Rajapalayam Mills Ltd.Chidambaram G.K.Thanulingom 1998 Candidate Supervisor P.V.Punithavathypandian 1998 N.RAJESWARI Dr.K.Rengaswamy 1998 E.N. Performance Evaluation of the Madura Coats Workers’ Co-operatives Stores Ltd.Chinniah 1998 P.D.Alagappan 1998 Attitude of Life Insurance Policy Holders towards various schemes of LIC of India.V.SURENDRAN Dr.SYLVIA PUTHINAM Dr.VALARMATHI Dr. Madurai.SHEELADEVI Dr. An Evaluation of Financial Performance of Indian Public Oil Company.Chinnaiah Year Title 1998 Am Evaluation of Service offered by Virupatchi Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society in Dindigul District. Marketing of Selected cosmetics in Nilakottai Taluk.K.

K.GANESAN Dr.V.K. Financial Performance of the Urban Cooperative bank Ltd.MUTHUVEL Dr.MURUGAN Dr. Financial Performance of Allinagaram Primary Agricultural Co-operative Bank. Risk analysis on Selected Companies Shares.Alagappan MAHESWARAN Dr.V. A Study on the impact of National S.KUMAR Dr. A Study on Dividend policy of Indian Cement Companies.Alagappan 1997 1997 Candidate Supervisor P.Chidambaram 1997 A study on Sivaganga Municipality.PRABHA Dr. Kathirnarasingapuram Branch Theni District.Chinnaiah G.Punithavathipandian I.CHELLASWAMY Dr.Ramamoorthy S.A.Chidambaram V.PADMA Dr.ANTONY DAVAMONI 1997 1997 1997 . A study of Public Distribution system in Dindigul Town.N.MUTHULAKSHMI Dr. Labour Welfare measures in Sri Renga Textile Mills Private Ltd.NIRMAL KUMAR Dr. 1997 A study on the Movements of Stocks in Premier Stock Exchange in India.K. 1997 1997 1997 T. A study of Materials Management in TamilNadu Electricity Board – An Empirical study in Arasarady Substation.Thanulingom 1997 N.VAlagappan P. Dindigul.Punithavathypandian S. Marketing of Photo Films in Madurai City.SEVUGAN Dr.Rengaswamy Year Title 1997 Performance Evaluation : The Karur Vysys Bank Ltd.V.V.K.

Melur.Alagappan Year Title 1996 Tax Planning by Salaried Employees – A study with reference of Madurai city.Chidambaram P. A study on impact of banking mobilisation in state bank of India at Salem District. Lending Performance of Periyakulam Primary Co-operative Land Development Bank. Performance Evaluation of Shenkotai Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.FLORANCE MAGDALENE KAMALAM 1996 Dr.GOVINDARAJAN Dr.Rengaswamy 1996 M. 1996 A.V. at Thulukkapatti.V.Ramamoorthy S.K.V.Dr. 1997 Industrial Relations in Madurai District Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd.Chinnaiah 1997 1996 K. A Study on the Lending operations of the Pandian Grama bank in Tamil Nadu.V.K.KARUPPASAMY Dr. A study on working capital management in Madras Cements Ltd.Thanulingom .Rengaswamy A. A Study of Palmyrah workers’ development Society and its impact on socio-economic conditions of women workers.MAHALAKSHMI Dr.V.Chidambaram 1996 1996 U.MURUGAN Dr.JAYARANI Dr.Punithavathypandian S.Thanulingom Small Industries co-operation on the promotion of small Scale Industrial Units in Dindigul District.BALASUBRAMANIAN Dr.K.MARY OLIVIA Dr. P.SYAMALA DEVI Dr.Ramamoorthy 1996 1996 Candidate Supervisor E.Rengaswamy A.ANNALAKSHMI Dr.N.N. An Analysis of financial performance of Alanganallur Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd.ASHA DEVI Dr. Performance Evaluation of the Ilayankudi Primary Co-operative Land Development Bank Ltd. A Study on Prawn Culture in Ramanathapuram District.K.

SUMUTHRA Thiru. A Study on workings of Handloom D.R.E.SUJA Thiru.Manohar T.E. A Study on Job Satisfaction of the workers in the Cem Industry in Rajapalayam taluk A Study on Management of Computer Centers in Tenkasi A Study on workings and living conditions of women workers in Match industry in Sattur Taluk Performance Evaluation of Primary Land Development Bank in Ambasamudram Taluk A Study on Deposit Mobilization of SBI.Arasu rubber Corporation Ltd.BHUVANESHWARI Dr.Jayaram B.SIVAKUMAR Thiru. Sattur Branch The Role of DIC in the Promotion of SSI in Virudhunagar District 2001 S.V.Natesan S.Natesan 2001 2001 Candidate Supervisor P.KADARKARAI Thiru.P.AYYA NADAR JANAKI AMMAL COLLEGE.P.VENKATALAKSHMI Thiru.V.S.MARIA ANTONY RAJ Thiru.Mariappan 2001 2001 M.Gordon G.R.Natesan Year Title 2001 Service Marketing – A Study with Special Reference to Government Hospitals in Virudhunagar District Production and Marketing of Paints in Virudhunagar District Production and Marketing of Cotton in Virudhunagar District A Study on the Marketing Strategy of Rubber adopted by M/s. Sivakasi M.Madasamy N.Madasamy 2000 2000 2000 K.P.RADHAKRISHNAN Thiru.Madasamy 2001 A Study of Passengers’ Attitude towards the Mofussil Bus services in Sivakasi.SARAVANAKAILAS 2000 .Gordon 2001 G.SHAFFEEN ROSHAN Thiru.V.MAGESWARAN Dr.SEKAR Dr.

Madasamy weavers’ Co-operative Society in Srivilliputtur 2000 Marketing of Banking Services in Theni R.Nagendran 2000 2000 1999 S.Nagendran 2000 A.V.N.SARAVANAN Thiru. A Study on Labour Turnover and Absenteeism in SSI Units in Sivakasi Workings of Non-Banking Financial Companies in VNR District Regulated Market in Virudhunagar District R.Natesan 1999 Candidate Supervisor S.Gordon R.Jayaram S.ASHOK KUMAR Thiru.P.Natesan Year Title 1999 A Study on Financial Performance evaluation of TIIC with reference to Transport Scheme in Virudhunagar District.KALA Dr.Madasamy 1999 1999 1999 .V.R.JOSEPH XAVIER Thiru.Nagendran R.P.LAKSHMI Thiru.JAYAKUMAR Thiru.MOORTHY Dr.P.Dr.N.S.MARIAPPAN Dr.Natesan 2000 Buyer Behaviour – A Study with reference to consumers’ Co-operatives in Sivakasi taluk The Workings and Evaluation of New India Assurance Company Ltd.VASUKI Dr.RAMJI Thiru.KARUPPASAMY Thiru. in Sivakasi Division Production and Marketing of Sarvodaya products in Virudhunagar District A Study on Postal Life Insurance in Virudhunagar District A Study on Job Satisfaction of the Women workers in the Match Industry in Elayirampannai Priority Sector Lending by Commercial Banks with special reference to SBI S.N.E.E.Gordon P.Mariappan G.

GOKULARAMANAN Thiru.P.Madasamy R.Madasamy A.SIVANANTHAM Mr.RAJADURAI Dr.V.Mariappan 1998 1998 1998 1998 A Study on the Performance Evaluation of LIC Schemes in Sankarankovil A Study on Problems of Palmirah tappers in Srivilliputtur Production and Marketing of Neem Products in Virudhunagar District 1998 1998 Candidate Supervisor S.Gordon 1997 1997 A Study on the Problems of Treadle Printers in Sivakasi A Study on workings of Land Development Bank in Srivilliputtur 1997 .RAJAMANI Dr.Nagendran Year Title 1997 A Study on Job Satisfaction of Women workers of Match Industries in Aruppukottai Marketing of Mango in Rajapalayam S.V.MUNEESWARAN Thiru.M.Nagendran P.SINGARAJ Dr.Vinayagasundaram M.MURUGAN Thiru.SRAVANAKUMARAN Thiru..N.UMARANI Thiru.Nagendran S.Natesan K.JAYASANKAR Dr.N.R.MUTHUKRISHNAN Dr.E.Nagendran ALUSODAI Dr.N.N.C.Vinayagasundaram 1999 Impact of advertisement on Consumer Behaviour – with reference to toilet 1999 A Study on Deposit Mobilisation of Cooperative Urban Bank in Virudhunagar District Production and Marketing of Cocunuts in Rajapalayam A Study on Investment pattern in Mutual Fund in Sivakasi Taluk Fires Insurance in Sivakasi S.S.Jayaram soap M.

N.RAMASAMY NAIDU MEMORIAL COLLEGE.S.TAMILSELVI Dr. G.P.V.S. SRI S.Nagendran 1996 1996 1996 N.KARTHISWARAN Dr.S. Madurai B.PONRAJ Dr.V.N COLLEGE.Nagendran 1997 Performance Evaluation of Primary Agricultural Co-operative Bank Q. A Study on Attitude of the Investors the Post office Savings Scheme in Virudhunagar District.Ramamoorthy S.RAJMOHAN Dr.872. An Appraisal of Consumers Protection measures in Tamilnadu.JABARULLAHAN Dr.Manickavel 2001 . 1999 Candidate Supervisor J.KANAGARAJ Dr.K. Sattur S. Virudhunagar K. Tiruthangal A Study on the Problems of Chlorate Manufacturers in Sivakasi Safety Measures in Telecommunication Service Entrepreneurial Development in Export Oriented Match Units in Sivakasi S.N.Sivaprakasam 2000 Omni Bus services in Tamil Nadu – The Case of Madurai City.C.JAYALAKSHMI Dr.Rengasamy Year Title 1999 Marketing and financial performance of Co-optex – A case study.G.JAGADEESWARI Dr.Sundarapandian 2001 A Study on the welfare of the Employees of KRLF Ltd.N.NAVANEETHA KRISHNAN Dr.Nagendran M.Vinayagasundaram M. VIRUDHUNAGAR HINDU NADARS’ SENTHIKUMARA NADAR COLLEGE.P.Venkatachalam 1997 Handloom Exports by Co-Optex a Case study.LATHA Thiru. Gangaikondan.M.A.

PAPPATHI Dr.GANESAN Dr.M. A Study on Working Women in Virudhunagar. 2001 2001 2001 S.R.MAHESHWARI Dr.Vairamuthuvel A.N.VASANTHI Dr.A.N.DHILEEP Dr. A study on Production and Marketing of Sugarcane in Srivilliputtur Taluk E-Commerce K.Ashokkumar 2001 2001 2001 Candidate Supervisor S.SETHURAMALINGAM Dr.Vairamuthuvel K.Magesan S.Murugesan 2001 Attitude of Housing Loan Beneficiaries.S. A Study on Computer Education Centre in Aruppkottai.BALASUBRAMANIAN Dr.SELVARANI Dr.P.R.SIDHARTHUL MUNTHAGA Dr.PRIYA Dr.A.A.SHANMUGAM Dr.Magesan J.A.M.N.Nagarajan Year Title 2000 A Study on the Performance of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation – with Special Reference to Virudhunagar.P.Rajendran J. A Study on the Marketing of Fertilizers in Virudhunagar Taluk. 2001 Financial Performance Evaluation of Kerala Automobilies Ltd.A.Sakthivel C. A Study on Computer Users in Virudhunagar.R.N.Ashok kumar M. Problems and Prospects of the Uzhavarsandai. A Study of Employee Morale in Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation in Aruppukottai – Virudhunagar District.AMIRTHASELVI Dr.Sakthivel 2000 2000 2000 . A Study of Consumers’ Attitude towards Television sets in Sivakasi.Magesan Y.A.

V.N.N.THILLAIKUMARAN Dr.R.R.N.Sakthivel 2000 G.A. Vacuum Cleaner.SUBHA Dr.JAMUNA Dr. Sales Promotion and Advertising by Soft Drink Majors ( A Study with K.Vairamuthuvel 1999 1999 1999 .LAKSHMI BHARATHI Dr.SUDHAGARAN Dr. Virudhunagar. A Study on US -64 Scheme in Virudhunagar A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Home appliances (A Study with Special Reference to Washing Machine.Nagarajan Year Title 1999 A Study on the Commercial Perspective & Problems of Gunny Bag Traders in Virudhunagar A Study of Cable Television Operators at Aruppukottai A Study on Beauty Parlours in Virudhunagar District.SASIKALA Dr.USHA ESWARI Dr. A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Detergent Product.R.LAKSHMI Dr.R.P.AMIRTHARANI Dr. A Study on the Functioning of Employees State Insurance Scheme in Virudhunagar.Rajendran 2000 2000 T.Vairamuthuvel P.P.Manickavel 2000 A Study on Q-133 Virudhunagar Cooperative Milk Supply Society Ltd.P. Pressure Cooker) Problems and Prospects of Weavers and Weavers Co-operative Societies at Aruppukottai. A Study on the problems and Perspectives of Life Insurance Agents in Virudhunagar Branch.A.Sundarapandian 2000 C.S.NANDHINI Dr.RAJAMANNAR Dr.Ashok Kumar P.R.Magesan P.M.Rajendran 2000 Candidate Supervisor B. K.Nagarajan 2000 C.

Manickavel 1999 Candidate Supervisor T.N.Rajendran J.Magesan Year Title 1999 Consumer Behaviour Towards Cosmetic Products in Virudhunagar.SASIKALADEVI Dr.PRASANNA VANITHA Dr.HEMALATHA Dr.SAKTHIKUMARAN Dr. A Study on the Performance of Cooperative Housing Societies at Kovilpatti Taluk.reference to consumers of Virudhunagar) J.S.Ashok Kumar 1999 N.A. Ayyampalayam.N.Ashokkumar 1999 A Study on Child Labour in Match Industry in Virudhunagar Performance Evaluation of the Ayyampalayam Farmers’ Service Cooperative Society.P.AMUTHAVALLI Dr.P.S. Hotel Accommodation in Madurai.G. A Study of Women Employees Working in Handloom Weaving Units in Srivilliputtur.N.RAJATHILAGAM Dr.Murugesan 1999 A.Rajendran G. 1997 R.MURUGALAKSHMI Dr.MOHAMED ALI 1997 1997 Grape Industry in Uthamapalayam .JANSI RANI Dr. A Study on Behaviour of Co-operative Housing Society Loan Borrowers (with special reference to SP.S.SPL 120 Aruppukottai Co-operative Housing Society) A Study on Valliyur Tiles and Brick workers’ Industrial Co-operative Society. Valliyur.Murugesan 1999 D.VENUGOPAL Dr.KANNAN Dr. Behaviour of LPG users with reference to Householders in Sivakasi 1999 D. A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Buying of Refrigerator in and around Sivakasi.Manickavel 1999 K.N.A.Manickavel M.

Group Insurance Schemes Available in Life Insurance Corporation of India with Reference Division.Raja T.Dr.C.Manickavel Taluk.Sendhilvelan P. – A case Study of Melakottai Samathuvapuram.THIRUMOORTHY Dr.SIVALINGAM Dr.PANNEERSELVAM Dr. M. A Study of the Viability of Mango Cultivation Project in Periyakulam District. Consumer Behaviour Towards Buying of Milk – A Study in Madurai City.Vanniarajan D.Raja 2001 A Study on the Functioning of Ilayangudi Taluk Co-operative Housing Society Limited. Behavioural Analysis of Staff and Students of Vivekananda College.M. Socio-Economic status of Samathuvapuram Residents in Madurai Dist.Sendhilvelan 2001 V. 2001 N.MURUGAN Dr.S.Lakshmanan 2000 .SELVAM Dr.S. Tiruvedakam West.S.R. Ilayangudi.Vanniarajan 2001 2001 Candidate Supervisor R.Raja M.M.Lakshmanan Year Title 2001 Consumer Image of Indian Railways – A Study in Madurai Railway Station.GOMATHISANKAR Dr. VIVEKANANDA COLLEGE.Sendhilvelan 2001 2001 2001 KR.M.R. Tiruvedakam West M. Comparative performance Evaluation of MDCC Bank Elumalai and Soolappuram Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank Ltd.S. Minibus Passenger Services – A Study in Dindigul Region. A Study on the Self Help Groups of Vadipatti Taluk.MUBARAK Dr.MANIKANDAN Dr.MURUGESAN Dr.C.JAYAKUMAR Dr.

Production and Marketing of Banana in Kanyakumari District.M. Impact of Staff Welfare Measures of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) Madurai Division (III). D.JENEETA Thiru. A Comparative Study of Coconut Industry in Kanyakumari District and Thiruvananthapuram District. MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY SCOTT CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.Jezer Jebanesan 2001 2001 2001 2001 Candidate Supervisor C.R.M.JEBA SUDHA Thiru.VENKIDASAMY Dr.Wilson N.L.E.ETHEN MALAR Thiru. A Descriptive Study of Fishnet Industry in Kanyakumari District.Raja Justus 2001 2001 .Jezer Jebanesan S. Banking Services Infra-structure in Kanyakumari District.Anthony Thanaraj 2001 A Study of Khadi & Village Industries with Special Reference to the Financial Performance of Marthandam BeeKeepers Co-operative Society Ltd.Vanniarajan 2000 Evaluation of “UZHAVAR SANDHAIS” of Madurai & Theni.JOSEPHIN STELLA Thiru.X.X.M.M.A.Raja Justus C. Management of Specialised Hospital in Kanyakumari District.Edwin Gnanadhas Year Title 2001 Investment Profile of College Teachers on Financial Assets with Special Reference to Nagercoil Town. D.RUBINI Thiru.K.M.FENCY HEALTH REENA Thiru. Nagercoil J.K.KINSLIN Thiru.BIJI CHARLES Thiru. A Study of the Attitude of Uzhavars and Consumers towards Uzhavar Santhai with Special Reference to Kanyakumari District.KAYATHRI DEVI Thiru.E.Jezer Jebanesan T.Anthony Thanaraj 2001 S.

.Selwyn Thambiraj Year Title 2001 A Study of Production and Marketing of Kanya Milk with Special Reference to Kanya Milk Producers Union Ltd.K.A Study on Comorin Latex Product – Gloves Division of Kurian Abraham Ltd.PRABAVATHI Thiru. The Financial Performance of Kanyakumari District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. Kanyakumari District.JABA SUDHA Thiru.R. Management of Specialised Hospital in Kanyakumari District.Edwin Gnanadhas 2001 Candidate Supervisor C.M.Raja Justus 2001 .K. LIC and its Housing Loan Schemes – Attitudes of College Teachers towards it in Nagercoil Town.Wilson 2001 N.L.NIRMALA Thiru. An Analytical Study of the Attitude of College Teachers towards it in Nagercoil Town. C.Wilson 2001 R.E.E. Financial Performance Analysis of Gloves Manufacturing Industry in Kanyakumari District .KAYATHRI DEVI Thiru.X.AHILA Thiru. A Study of the Performance of Tirunelveli District Co-operative Milk Producer’s Union Ltd. A Study of Production and Marketing of Coir in Kanyakumari District with Special Preference to Agasteeswaram Taluk. G.Edwin Gnanadhas 2001 HDFC and its House Loan Schemes.REMA MARY Thiru.E. Impact of Staff Welfare Measures of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) Madurai Division (III).Raja Justus 2001 H.Antony Thanaraj 2001 2001 S.JERLIN VIOLA PET Thiru.M.M.EVALIN LATHA Thiru.M.CHRISTAL PAPPA Thiru.Raja Justus E.

An Analytical Study on the Credit Management of Integrated Rural Development Programme in Thovalai Block of Kanyakumari District.M.NALEERA BANU Thiru.Selwyn Thambiraj 2000 Candidate Supervisor S.CARMEL Thiru.K. Commercial Analysis of Tamarind 2000 T. Commercial Analysis of Tamarind in Kanyakumari District.RAJARAM Thiru.RAJA SURESH Thiru.E.E.Jezer Jebanesan T.K. A Case Study of People Association for Social Action (PASA).Antony Thanaraj T. Nagercoil.K.RAJA SURESH Thiru.Jezer Jebanesan V. Ranithottam.M.X. Marketing of Rice in Kanyakumari District.E. A Study of Terminal Packaging Practices in Kanyakumari District.Raja Justus 2000 2000 Commercialisation of Participatory Community Development Micro Enterprises (PCDME) in Kanyakumari District. Nagercoil.A. Ranithottam.M.P. A Study of Women Consumer Cooperatives in Kanyakumari District.SHARMI Thiru.Jezer Jebanesan B.Raja Justus M.E.Raja Justus Year Title 2000 Factors that Determine the Income of Fishermen. T.MARY LEENA Thiru. 2000 2000 .MAHIBA Thiru.ANBARASI Thiru. A Study on Labour Absenteeism in Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) Madurai Division (III) Ltd..Raja Justus 2000 Nagercoil Municipality : A Financial Analysis.Selwyn Thambiraj T.Selwyn Thambiraj 2000 2000 2000 H.ARUL Thiru.PERCY BOSE Thiru.. Material Management Practices in Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) Madurai Division (III) Ltd.

X.RADHA Thiru.Wilson 1997 S. Industrical Backwardness in Kanyakumari District – An Exploratory Study.L.X.Antony Thanaraj E.Edwin Gnanadhas 2000 Tourism and the Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Kanyakumari District. Lace and Embroidery Industry in Kanyakumari District. K.R.M. A Study about Flower Marketing in Kanyakumari District.I.Wilson 1998 Candidate Supervisor G.M. A Study of Financial Performance of Sarvodaya Sangh at Nagercoil.MABEL LATHA RANI Dr. A Study about Consumers Satisfaction with regard to Nesamony Transport Corporation Limited.LAKSHMANAN Thiru.MEMUKHAN GNANAMONI Thiru.Wilson K.Antony Thanaraj S.M.Selwyn Thambi Raj 1999 1999 S.K.C. M.Antony Thana Raj Year Title 1998 A Study on Consumer’s Preference for Two-Wheelers in Kanyakumari District.RAJESWARI Thiru. An Analytical Study of Production and Marketing of C.S. Production and Marketing of Paddy.THIRUVARANGANATHAN Thiru.Thanulingam 2000 2000 2000 1999 M.N.KAVITHA Thiru.SHALINI 1997 .Edwin Gnanadhas JEMINA FERNANDO Thiru.MELBA JASMINE Thiru.M.A.M.Edwin Gnanadhas 2000 T. A Study about the Performance of Share Traders in Kanyakumari District.ARUMUGASWAMY Thiru.X. A Study of Financing of Fisheries in Agasteeswaram Taluk.M. Socio Economic Conditions of Tourist Guides in Kanyakumari Town. A Study on the Consumer Attitude towards Fair Price Shops in Agasteeswaram Taluk.MINI Thiru.

2001 G.Thiru.M. A Study about the Cost of Maintaining Two – Wheeled Vehicles in Kanyakumari District.ROBERT RAJA SINGH Thiru.Shanmugasundaram 2000 . Candidate Supervisor C.Wilson 1996 A. 2001 A Study of working and progress of Aavin Dairy in Salem District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited.K.Selwyn Thambiraj Empirical Study in Kanyakumari District.S.K.Selwyn Thambi Raj 1996 P.Shanmugasundaram E.Edwin Gnanadhas 1997 R.ELUMALAI Dr.KAVITHA Dr. 1997 Consumer behaviour Towards Cosmetic with Special Reference.Shanmugasundaram Year Title 2001 Role of Post Office in Salem District Relating to Saving Bonds.M.Antony Thanaraj S.Shanmugasundaram 2001 Role of E-Marketing in Indian Trade.S.Edwin Gnanadhas 1996 PERIYAR UNIVERSITY. Aralvaimozhi.S.M.S.FRANCIS Thiru.Shanmugasundaram P. A Study of the Attitude of Workers Towards Trade Union in Kanyakumari District Co-operative Milk Products.PRIYASAGAR Thiru. Performance of Regional Rural Banks A case study of Adhiyaman Grama Bank.SARGUNAM Dr.S.SHANBAGAVALLI Dr.S.DEEPA Dr.SUJON Thiru.X.REVATHY Thiru. Performance Evaluation of Co-operative Spinning Mills in Kanyakumari District – A Case Study of Kanyaspin. An Economic Survey of Selected Sick Units in Thiruvananthapuram District. Salem S. N. Financial Management of District Central Co-operative Banks – A case study in Salem District Central Cooperative Bank Limited.

SADASIVAM Dr.DEVARAJAN Dr.GEETHA Dr.SAKUNTHALA Dr.SENTHIL KUMAR Dr.S.Shanmugasundaram 1999 T.D.Shanmugasundaram 1999 1999 K.Shanmugasundaram 2000 A Study of Salem Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.S.Shanmugasundaram R.DURAI Dr.S. R. member satisfaction and Knowledge of member. Private and Co-operative sectors. A Study of Productivity and Profitability of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Salem Division.DHANALAKSHMI Dr.Shanmugasundaram 1998 1997 .S.N. Salem. The working and progress of the Selected consumers Co-operative Stores A Study of working progress and trend analysis of the Salem District Central Co-operative Bank Limited.Shanmugasundaram 1999 M. An Emperical study of Bank Finance to Silver – ware Industry in Salem. With special reference to member Identification.GEETHA Dr.S.S. Lending Performance of Commercial Banks in Salem District – A comparative study of Public.Dharmapuri. A Study of the working of South Arcot District Central Co-operative Bank Limited.S.S.Shanmugasundaram 2000 M. A study of General Insurance Corporation in Salem with special reference to National Insurance Company Ltd. V.Shanmugasundaram S.