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220-701 Q&A

220-701 Q&A

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CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701 1.

A technician is setting up a lab with fourteen wired PCs and one switch in a physical star network configuration. Which of the following should the technician keep in mind when setting up the lab? A. Cable management to avoid trip hazards B. Electrical safety with the extra network cables C. Location of the PCs with respect to each other D. Number of fans located in the room so system does not overheat Answer: A

2. Which of the following I/O ports has the SLOWEST transfer rate? A. S/PDIF B. USB 1.1 C. IEEE 1394 D. USB 2.0 Answer: B

3. Which of the following media types has the largest capacity? A. DVD-RW+ B. DVD-RWC. Blu-Ray D. Dual-sided DVD Answer: C

4. Aero is a feature of which operating system? A. Windows Vista Basic B. Windows XP Home

C. Windows XP Media Center D. Windows Vista Ultimate Answer: D

5. Which of the following BEST summarizes computer intrusion detection? A. An alert at logon when an unknown user has tried to logon B. An alert when the computer case has been opened C. A set of firewalls and anti-virus programs protecting the computer D. A motion sensitive web cam recording the room Answer: B

6. Which of the following is created when setting up MAC filtering? A. WPA B. WEP C. SSID D. ACL Answer: D

7. Which of the following Windows XP Control Panel applets could a technician use to change a local workstation password? (Select TWO). A. System B. User Accounts C. Administrative Tools D. Security Center E. Accessibility Options Answer: BC

8. Which of the following Windows XP system files would a technician edit to change which operating system loads by default when multiple operating systems are installed? A. Ntbtlog.txt B. Sysprep.inf C. Bootsect.dos D. Boot.ini Answer: D

9. In which of the following locations can a browser pull files in order to avoid pulling them from the Internet? A. Temporary Internet Files B. Browser Plug-Ins C. Downloaded Program Files D. Windows Temporary Files Answer: A

10. Which of the following BEST describes what a VPN is? A. A testing protocol to verify the strength of a security infrastructure using mock intrusion attacks. B. A private network between two computers using wireless cards without using a wireless access point between them. C. A secured line of communication between two points through a public network. D. A networking protocol used for the propagation of virus data to ensure anti-virus is up to date. Answer: C

Remove the CMOS battery. Laser printer Answer: A 14. Which of the following cable types has an RJ-45 connector? A. Which of the following would the technician use? A. Impact printer B. Wait until the main battery is exhausted and then remove. Disconnect all external devices.0 D.0. Inkjet printer D. C.0. Thermal printer C.0 C.0 Answer: C 13. D.0. Remove the internal main battery. 255. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT? A. 255. A user reports that their laptop has frozen up and will not shut down or log off. B. 255.0. Answer: C 12. The technician removed the external power adapter and held the power button down for ten seconds but the problem still exists.0. A technician needs to assign a default subnet mask for a class B network to a network device that was just installed.1 B.255. Which of the following printers would be the BEST choice for printing on multi-part forms? A. 224.255. Twisted-pair copper wire B.255.11. Fiber optic .

B. B. Coaxial Answer: A 15. Event Viewer Answer: D . Which of the following should the technician do NEXT? A. call the second customer and explain you are running late. Make the first appointment and then. A customer reports that every time Windows loads a message that one or more services failed to start is displayed. and reschedule. apologize. Document their findings and the actions taken. Call their manager and report the status of the issue. Run a full system backup. Answer: B 17. C. IEEE 1394 D. Answer: B 16. Which of the following should be used to troubleshoot this error? A. Device Manager B. D. Which of the following would be the BEST way to handle the situation? A. C. after completion. Call the second customer. A technician has just replaced a users defective CD-ROM drive and tested that everything is working properly.C. Dxdiag C. A technician scheduled two customer service appointments at the same time without realizing. D. Try to hurry at the first appointment to make it to the second appointment in a timely manner. Further troubleshoot the defective drive to determine if the problem is covered by the warranty. Go to the second appointment because it is listed as priority and then reschedule the first. Telnet D.

Notify all users before unplugging the printer. Format the drive. D. resulting in the need for continuity chips in otherwise unused slots? A. Worms D. Remove the control circuit board from the drive. Save all print jobs. B. D. A technician must replace a network printer. replace the printer and then print everything that was saved. Unplug the network printer and then replace with a new printer. Physically destroy the disk platters. Adware B. B.18. Store the drive next to a magnet for one hour. When disposing of old hard drives. Which of the following is a type of malware that tracks a users habits and displays targeted advertising or messages? A. DDR3 . Delete all print jobs before replacing the printer. Answer: B 21. C. Answer: A 19. Phishing Answer: A 20. Which of the following RAM types requires that all available memory slots be filled. Ad-hoc C. which of the following MOST reliably prevents all data from being stolen? A. Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should take? A. C.

Remote Desktop D. Basic Disk Partitions C. DRAM D. Virus B. Answer: A 24. Use a multi-pass third party formatting utility. D. Joining a domain Answer: D 23. Worm C. RDRAM C. B. Use Windows built-in Disk Management utility and format the disk.B. Which of the following methods would be the BEST way to effectively destroy highly sensitive data from a hard disk? A. Run a high powered magnet over the drive several times. Adware D. C. SRAM Answer: B 22. Which of the following malware is MOST likely to result in identity theft? A. Simple File Sharing B. Reformat the hard drive. Which of the following features is only available with the Windows XP Professional version as compared to the Windows XP Home version? A. using at least five passes. Spyware .

Port 110 Answer: B 26. Which of the following ports is used for telnet. Port 25 D. Suspend Answer: A 28. CRTs are being replaced by LCDs. Which of the following should the technician do? A. Put on an ESD strap and inspect the internal components. Dispose through proper channels or send it to be repaired. Which of the following power saving modes should a technician choose? A. The laptop also needs to be able to resume quickly from this mode. C. Throw it in the trash. Hibernate D. Port 21 B. Answer: D 27. Stand by B.Answer: D 25. Which of the following is the BEST response when interacting with a customer? . D. It needs to write current work to memory and enter a low power state after fifteen minutes of no activity. A CRT has stopped working. Port 23 C. by default? A. Check that the tube and capacitors are intact. Shut down C. A technician wants to configure a Windows XP Pro laptop. B.

C. Blu-Ray disk Answer: C 30. Floppy disk C. Fuser D. Answer: C 31. Duplexer E. A. B. Only ask the customer closed-ended questions. Which of the following media types has a capacity of 4. C. Which of the following components are included in a typical laser printer maintenance kit? (Select THREE). Replace the side panels with mesh wires. Which of the following would be the BEST way to improve airflow inside a computer? A. Inform the customer of the expense that is being incurred. Be sensitive to the customer's culture. Image drum B. Paper pickup rollers C. Toner . Answer: D 29. B. Single-layer DVD D. Remove unneeded fans. Install a liquid cooling solution. Install round IDE cabling. D. Dual-layer DVD B.A.7GB? A. Use technical acronyms to show your technical expertise. D.

Degauss the display and drives. the memory is defective. Clean out the dirt with a damp rag. The MOST likely cause of the overheating is that: (Select TWO). there are not enough fans. B. D. D. IP_ip_address E. USB 001 B. Answer: B . A. Clean out the dust with compressed air. one or more fans are inoperable. Answer: AD 34. IEEE 1394 Answer: BD 33. the case is too small. A computer is overheating but the fans are not obstructed and there is no dust on the components or heatsinks. Which of the following are valid ports for printing over a network? (Select TWO). \\computername\sharename C. Defragment the hard drive weekly. it is BEST to perform which of the following actions on a routine basis? A. C. Transfer roller Answer: BCF 32. To lengthen the life of computer hardware. C. E. B. SNMP D. the processor is too fast.F. A.

C. The technician has the correct. C. Stop the device. . Which of the following registry keys store data about all accounts on the machine? A. Which of the following is the BEST way to remove a USB device on a laptop computer? A. D. Printer firmware needs to be updated. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? A. The paper needs to be replenished. Answer: B 36. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG D. The printer does not recognize the font type. B. Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause of the problem? A. and then turn off the device. The high encryption package is not installed. A user has asked for a technician to update the device drivers for their modem on a Windows XP system.35. Turn off the laptop. Answer: B 38. Remove hardware in Control Panel. HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE Answer: B 37. HKEY_USERS C. updated drivers. a balloon in the system tray indicates a print job has failed to print. but is unable to successfully install the drivers. D. Remove the driver from Device Manager. When trying to print. and then remove from laptop. HKEY_ CURRENT_USER B. The computer needs to upload the print job. B.

While working inside of a desktop computer. SPUNINST. The modem is not functioning properly.EXE C. Which of the following is a hazard associated with improper disposal of a CRT? A. Duct tape D. a technician finds a wire with insulation damage from rubbing up against a cooling fan. Mercury C. High vacuum Answer: B 40. Which of the following command lines should a technician use to uninstall the Windows XP Service Pack 2? A.B. C. Masking tape C. Electrical tape B. Answer: C 39. PROGMAN. Wire nut Answer: A 41. The account does not have permission to install drivers. TASKMAN. The modem is not recognized in Device Manager. Which of the following should be used to repair the wire? A.EXE D. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) B. D.EXE .EXE B. Lithium D. CONVERT.

LCD C. Help limit radio frequency interference (RFI) inside the case. POST C. User Accounts Answer: C . Which of the following BEST describes why the covers for these card slots should be reinstalled? A. Before shipping a laptop. BIOS D. a technician notices that several unused expansion card slots have open ports. LDAP B. Backlight Answer: A 44. PC card adapters B. which of the following should be removed to avoid damage during transit? A. While performing a preventative maintenance check on a personal computer. DVD-ROM drive D.Answer: C 42. Help ensure proper air flow through the case. Which of the following would a technician go to setup a password that would be required prior to booting into the operating system? A. B. Help limit electrostatic discharge (ESD) inside the case. C. Help prevent moisture buildup in the case. Answer: B 43. D.

45. A customer brings a PC for a technician to repair. C. B. Periodically clean the vents using a small vacuum cleaner. Cable D. Begin running diagnostic software and confirm findings with another technician. Ask open-ended questions to gather the symptoms. Which of the following is the BEST preventive maintenance procedure that the technician should perform? A. DSL C. D. Answer: B 47. Answer: D 46. and then confirm the findings with the customer. DSL . Use a moist rag to clean the vents monthly. Ask close-ended questions so that the customer does not get overwhelmed with industry jargon. Satellite Answer: D 48. Install ceiling fans in the room. B. Which of the following can the technician do to better understand the customers issue? A. D. Get the customer contact information. run diagnostic tests. C. Fiber B. Which of the following has the HIGHEST cost of implementation in a small office home office (SOHO) environment? A. A technician determines that a laptop is not properly cooling due to excessive dust in the vents. Directly spray the vents with compressed air. Which of the following usually has the HIGHEST latency? A.

D. WEP C. which of the following is broadcasted by default and should be disabled? A. Which of the following is the purpose of the voltage selector switch? A. Broadband C. RADIUS Answer: C 50. . Converts AC power to DC power that a computer can use to operate and charge its battery. The power brick or external power supply serves which of the following functions for a portable computer? A. To change the output voltage to meet the needs of the motherboard Answer: A 51. Allows for a portable computer to be easily moved without being plugged into an outlet. To change the voltage coming from the wall C. To allow alternating current to be used instead of direct current D. WPA B. Fiber Answer: D 49.B. When setting up a WAP. Filters incoming voltage spikes and surges. Satellite D. SSID D. Changes DC power to AC power to charge the battery and enhances portability. C. B. To allow the power supply to operate at different voltages B.

Which of the following printer types stamps the ink onto the paper? A. Inkjet Answer: D 55. Impact B. DIMM C. DDR B. Which of the following printer types shoots the ink onto the paper? A. Which of the following has the speed of PC2700? A. Which of the following memory modules has 168 pins? A. DDR3 D.Answer: D 52. RIMM Answer: B 53. SODIMM B. Thermal B. SDRAM C. DDR2 Answer: A 54. Dot Matrix C. Laser D. SIMM D. Laser .

FTP D. Which of the following expansion slots would be needed in a laptop for a technician to install a cellular modem card? A. WAN Answer: B 58. Impact Answer: D 56. VPN C. AGP 4X C. HTTPS D. Inkjet D.C. PCMCIA D. PCIe X16 Answer: C . Which of the following allows a secure connection between two points? A. SMTP B. Which of the following protocols uses port 80? A. ISA B. FTP Answer: B 57. HTTP C. HTTP B.

D. Run a large magnet over the top of the hard drive several times. SR1234ct B.1/2. CompTIA558475 C. Make sure the OS has the latest video drivers installed. Reformat the hard drive to a clean state using the format command. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to resolve this issue? A. ct23&P#h~ Answer: D 61. Which of the following technologies can support the longest cable length between devices? A. Make sure the laptop display is enabled. Remove the memory and destroy it. Which of the following will BEST ensure data is removed before recycling a PC? A.0 .59. IEEE 1394 B. B. When the technician plugs in an external monitor the display shows on the monitor but still not on the laptop display. A technician is examining a laptop that is booting up but not showing the laptop display. B. Answer: C 60. Which of the following would be the MOST secure password? A. USB 1. C. D. Answer: C 62. Replace the LCD inverter. C. Remove the hard drive and destroy it. Replace the video card inside the laptop. rw2%HN D.

B. DDR333 C. Serial Answer: D 63. SATA D. A technician can find the Administrative Tools folder in which of the following locations after the initial installation of Windows XP? A. Provides addressing of memory beyond 4GB.C. PC2100 B. D. Which of the following memory modules has the HIGHEST transfer rate? A. Provides access to larger hard drive partitions. DDR400 D. Program Files B. C. PC2700 Answer: C 64. Answer: C . Start Menu D. My Computer Answer: B 65. Control Panel C. Which of the following advantages does a 64-bit processor have over a 32-bit processor? A. Provides use of PCIe X16 expansion slots. Provides use of more powerful video graphics accelerators.

Wake on LAN describes the PCs ability to: A. D. Which of the following BEST describes virtual memory? A. D. Set the refresh rate to the lowest the monitor can display. Which of the following is a characteristic of solid state drives? A.66. Data written to a disk located in a paging file that would not fit into the systems RAM. Which of the following should be done after installing a touch screen monitor to ensure that the display functions optimally? A. Answer: B 67. C. The maximum amount of memory a given system can potentially have. D. send broadcast packets over the LAN to all computers simultaneously. B. collect all packets that are sent to any device on the LAN. Set the resolution to the highest the monitor can display. A portion of physical RAM that is mirrored to the hard drive for redundancy. Off). B. Answer: D 69. Calibrate the monitor. Larger capacity than traditional magnetic drives . resume from a low power state when it receives a network packet telling it to do so. send packets to other network devices on the LAN instructing then to enter a low power state (e. B. Hibernate. Built-in encryption standards B. Flash memory used to hold temporary files before deletion. Degauss the monitor. Answer: B 68.g. C. C.

Are you sure you were using that program? Answer: B 72. Which of the following questions should a technician ask to help determine what occurred? A. A. Answer: D 71. Lack of drive heads and platters D. Were there any new software updates done? Answer: BE . A user states a computer will not completely boot. Is the power cable on the monitor loose? D. A user states that a program is missing from the computer and it had just been used yesterday. Higher data integrity Answer: C 70. Identify the problem. Establish a theory of probable cause.C. Has the monitor been replaced recently? E. D. Verify full system functionality. B. Was any hardware installed since it last worked? C. actions. Are you sure the power button is not stuck? B. Did you check the Recycle Bin to see if the shortcut was accidentally deleted? C. C. it just keeps rebooting. and outcomes. Was there a power outage since yesterday? B. Document findings. Which of the following is the FIRST step when troubleshooting an issue? A. Which of the following questions might a technician ask to try and determine the cause? (Select TWO). Are you sure you ran a find on the system and the program is just not misfiled? D.

model. B. D.73. RAID 1 C. RAID 6 Answer: A 75. Set up a local print queue. Allows the operating system to be backed up with immunity to virus activity . Which of the following is the quickest way to accomplish this? A. Which of the following definitions below BEST describes System Restore? A. C. D. RAID 4 D. Assign an appropriate priority for the issue. When a technician receives a call for assistance from a customer. Purchase an external Ethernet print card. Move the computer and attach to the printer. A technician wants to install a RAID array that has two hard drives and the best performance. Answer: D 76. RAID 0 B. C. Answer: B 74. Which of the following RAID levels should be implemented? A. and serial number. which of the following should the technician do FIRST? A. Share out the printer from the attached computer. Identify the user and associated problem. Identify the hardware make. B. Two users want to print to a USB printer connected locally. Elevate the call to a higher level of support.

Allows the operating system to assigns dates so that user data files are backed up C. A. C. Which of the following display connections are the MOST commonly used to connect an LCD monitor to a desktop? (Select TWO). DVI . Use restore point to roll back the computer to a previous date. Longer chip life Answer: CE 79. Increased network speed E. Increase system security B. Utilize less memory C. Which of the following are benefits from an active cooling system? (Select TWO). Use the defragment utility. A.B. A user reports that a computer is running very slow and also states that the machine has been rebooted several times with the same result. Use the drive compression utility. The hard drive light is constantly on. Empty the recycle bin and deleted email items. Answer: AC 78. Allows the operating system to be rolled back to a previous point in time D. A. D. B. Which of the following can be performed on the hard drive to improve performance? (Select TWO). Allows all data on the hard drive to be rolled back to a previous point in time Answer: C 77. Increased performance D. Use the checkdisk utility. E. USB B.

A. A user is running a program that is not successfully connecting to the network after upgrading the wireless network router. S-Video Answer: BD 80. Check the Hardware Compatibility List to see if the program is not compatible with the OS. The technician will get back to them as soon as possible. Add an exception to the firewall for the program. CGA D. VGA E. C.C. A customer brings a PC in for repair. Run the program as a local administrator. Answer: A 81. D. Which of the following methods is commonly used for Biometric authentication? (Select TWO). B. Which of the following solutions will MOST likely to resolve the issue with the program? A. Ask the customer when they would like to have the work completed. RFID smartcards . and asks when it will be done. Encrypted passwords C. D. Give the customer an estimated time for repair based on the technicians assessment. Ask the customer to check daily to see when it is completed. Check for any updates to the program. Logical token B. Inform the customer that others are waiting. B. Answer: A 82. C. The user states that they do have Internet connectivity. Which of the following is the BEST response for the technician to give? A.

A job in error status is at the top of the print queue. Which of the following cable types is LEAST affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI)? A. Coaxial B. C. A. UTP C. The printer needs to have a cartridge replaced.D. Disabling the SSID from broadcasting on a wireless access point (WAP) provides which of the following benefits? A. Plenum D. . Fingerprint reader E. A technician has verified the printer is online and prints a configuration page from the printer. Fiber Answer: D 85. QoS for printing is not functioning over the LAN. Users are reporting that print jobs being sent to a shared printer are not printing. E. Encrypts data traveling across the wireless network D. D. New drivers have been released and need to be installed. The printer's IP address has changed. Prevents users from seeing the wireless network Answer: D 84. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue? (Select TWO). Ensures all users physically login to the wired network B. Retinal scan Answer: DE 83. B. Ensures that only certain devices can access the network C.

Roaming profile Answer: B . Safe mode B. Hardware profile C. Which of the following would be the FIRST step in resolving this issue? A. When the laptop is removed from the docking station. Disable the device in Device Manager. and after restarting their PC the display is no longer appearing. Safe mode with command prompt D. C. B. Try installing the device to a different port or slot. After installing a new piece of hardware with the hardware CD. Contact the vendor for an RMA.Answer: CD 86. the user would like the laptop to automatically switch to the wireless connection. Driver signing B. Answer: C 87. Wireless Zero Configuration D. Which of the following boot options would be MOST effective in troubleshooting this issue? A. D. Which of the following Windows features BEST accomplishes this? A. a user is reporting system crashes and performance loss. Download and install updated drivers for the device. A laptop with a docking station is normally wired into a local network. Boot to the recovery console C. Boot with repair disk Answer: A 88. A user has recently installed a new graphics driver.

Answer: B 92. Contains numbers and letters E. Which of the following Windows features should be disabled to ensure that malware and viruses are completely removed during the disinfection process? A. Hardware Profile Answer: B 90. Install the Microsoft Malicious Software removal tool. Contained in a text file C. Disable antivirus protection notification within Security Center. Security Center B. System Restore C. B. Machine Debug Manager D. Contains special characters Answer: DE 91.89. Contains AES encryption D. D. Obscure word in a dictionary B. After successfully installing a free antivirus solution. A. Update the Antivirus definitions. C. Which of the following solutions would resolve this issue? A. Disable the antivirus logging in the Event Viewer. Which of the following are characteristics of a secure password? (Select TWO). Which of the following is a class A IP address? . Windows reports that no antivirus software is currently protecting the system.

1 Answer: C 93. Answer: B 95.0. 192. D. The Windows Experience Index is used to determine: A.1 B.1. the reliability and speed of search indexing. 4.0.0. 25GB. Answer: C . Blu-Ray disks have a storage capacity of: A.A. B.168. B. Which of the following network ports is normally associated with unencrypted web traffic? A. 224. D. 650MB. 443 Answer: B 94. 9GB.7GB.1 C. C. 10. a performance value of system components. 110 D. the speed and available bandwidth of Internet connections. 172.1.1 D.0.16. 80 C. 53 B. C. remaining hard disk storage space.

B. Document findings. T-Connector . REGEDIT C. a technician has determined what has caused the problem. can be used to modify desktop preferences. Establish a plan of action and implement the solution. opens a text based word processor. D. Event Viewer Answer: C 99.96. Verify full system functionality. C. Which of the following should be the technicians NEXT troubleshooting step? A. Ask the user opened ended questions to see if they agree with the cause. C. A user running Windows XP is experiencing degraded system performance while a particular application is running. While troubleshooting a computer problem. changes the boot sequence order. Which of the following connector types is used with twisted pair cable? A. B. Task Manager D. Answer: D 97. makes changes to the registry. D. Answer: C 98. Computer Management B. The edit command line tool: A. Which of the following interfaces should the technician use to manage current application processes on the users computer? A. actions and outcomes.

Right-click My Computer then select Manage C. BNC C.B. Which of the following can be used to print a test page? A. B. Answer: B 101. Start > Control Panel > System B. Which of the following are forms of biometric authentication? (Select THREE) A. C. LC Answer: C 100. check the HCL. Right-click on the printers icon and select Properties . D. As a best practice. Smart card B. before performing hardware upgrades a technician should: A. archive old drivers. Optical recognition F. RJ-45 D. Fingerprint reader E. Secure ID Token Answer: CDE 102. Barcode scanner C. perform a disk defrag. Voice recognition D. clean each component with an approved cleaning solution.

Which of the following utilities can be used to change a FAT file system into an NTFS file system without data loss? A. Power cord is loose. B. Start > Control Panel > Printer icon Answer: C 103. Answer: B . C. convert B. The hard drive is in standby mode. FilterKeys B. Encryption Keys D. Mouse and keyboard need to be cleaned.D. ToggleKeys C. format C. StickyKeys Answer: D 104. Hard disk failure or operating system needs to be reloaded. fdisk Answer: A 105. A user reports that after coming back from lunch their PC will no longer turn on. Which of the following must the technician enable for this user to press Ctrl-Alt-Del or other multi-key combinations? A. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem? A. A technician must configure a computer for a special needs user who can only press one key at a time. D. diskpart D.

Which of the following draws too much power and should never be plugged into a UPS? A. 2100 .106. Server Answer: A 107. Bluetooth headset B. Laser printer B. Assuming the necessary slots are available. Large screen television C. CHKDSK D. Which of the following utilities can help prevent viruses and other malware? (Select TWO). LCD monitor D. FilterKeys E. which of the following will be the overall speed of the new RAM? A. Windows Event Viewer B. AM/FM radio D. Laptop computer C. Data Execution Prevention Answer: BE 109. A technician is installing a RAM upgrade into a PC. The PC is currently holding two sticks of 512MB PC2700. and the technician would like to install an additional two sticks of 512MB PC3200. Which of the following is MOST likely to be the source of wireless network interference? A. A. Cordless telephone Answer: D 108. Windows Defender C.

NAT routing Answer: A . Which of the following wireless network security methods controls who can connect to the network based on the hardware they are using? A. 5300 Answer: B 110. WEP encryption C. 2700 C. MAC filtering B.B. WPA encryption D. 3200 D.

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