Thyroid Gland

Hypertrophy or Hyperplasia of the Thyroid Gland

↑ T3 and T4 production

↑ amount of thyroid hormone in tissue

↑metabolic rate ↑ vascularity & blood flow hyperactivity of sympathetic nervous system

↑ neuromuscular activity

excessive heat production


↑ cardiac activity

nervousness or restlessness

heat intolerance ↑

peristalsis Increased appetite in bowel habits

↓ blinking response tachycardia ↓attention span fine tremors of hands profuse perspiration Change difficulty in concentrating trembling hands moist and warm flushed skin, hands may be soft, frequent stool/ diarrhe

↑ WBC (lymphocytes) in eyes Palpitation


swelling & inflammation Cardiac Heart Failure mood changes (irritable, argumentative, anxious) shaky handwriting

protrusion of eyeballs from eye sockets/orbits (exophthalmos) Characteristic stare (endocrine ophthalmopathy) .

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