Sanjana Canumalla Mrs.

Mirecka, English 9, P1 September 9, 2010 All Summer in a Day [Summary Draft 2] The short story ³All Summer in a Day,´ by Ray Bradbury, takes place on the planet Venus, where there has been nonstop rain for the past seven years. On this particular day, scientists have predicted that the sun will come out for a couple of hours once again. The children in one of the classrooms are waiting expectantly for the sun, especially a frail, quiet girl named Margot. Margot is the only while in the class who actually remembers what the sun was like, and misses it immensely. Not accepted by the other children, Margot is taunted and teased about making up the fact that she remembers the sun. As the class waits for the sun, one boy, William, is especially mean to her and, in the absence of the teacher, makes the other children trick Margot, and tell her that it was all a big joke ± that the sun is not going to show today. Cruelly, they lock Margot in a closet, in a tunnel, smiling as they turn their backs on her and walk away. Then, the teacher arrives, and lets the children out as the sun has come out. William and the other children forget all about Margot, amazed by the dazzling sunshine, as well as the sun itself. They start to race around outside, like animals escaping from their cages. Screaming, they play tag around the jungles, enjoying the natural heat from the sun. After about an hour of playing outside, one of the children feels a drop of water on her hand and realizes that the rains are starting again. Disheartened, but left with no choice, they all return to the underground house. Once they are inside, one of the little girls in the class becomes conscious of the fact that Margot is still locked in the closet, and that she has missed the sun. The girl tells the rest of the children. Feeling bad and rather ashamed of themselves, the children make their way down to the closet where they have locked Margot. They let her out, knowing that they have taken away her one chance in seven years to see the sun again.

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