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JUDGE' G~J(CIVIIL C'OVERSI'''; J!;'f. • .. " . ,

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Sall'ldman irabie 'Ternlrilil~, lLC

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. Gottlieb" R:aekman & IRieiSirna,Pl. P"C." 270 Ma.dfisot1i Ave.,c Nie'W Y~rk, NeW' York 1U1J1& (212)684-3900

CAU.sE~Of"AiGTlON (Clfi; TtilE u.s, CWIl_ SiATu'iE !.iN~EH \"11101'1 YQII.J A~e!LI\I![l, "'!IoID.w~rl';; A BRlgF S'TIITEME.N.T ,0:1" 'CAUS1O:) tOO NOli cna JURISID!GTIPl'IA.b 5·1'A·fIj,ES. U NI.GI!j,5 0 li~~ c-s In)

ThiS .is :an amiori For u:!:u:1em18sit ·lrifring~.niiei1!tai1tf I,Jilnl;lir competition ;;l.l"li$irng und:er the Lan ham Act, 15 U ,SiC. § '1051 lei! 5<19


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i J ,;140 'IIOIifIS1'Our>'ll ! !~45 TORT'MOOOcr U','EI!LrrY

I J .290 Al.!.. aT~I~ !ilEAL "~OP~RTY

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l..me_AJiON 1 1,6",1 1JiI,s.:~"'IR:D:IPA"HY

~Mi>L:Fllii'IiNC 2~ USC 1'"9


.\oI'!l!~~'I\I~ O~.i'Q$tI~ 1) .. 1);,$ . .'

'D!1_1J$ r:et. ... ~~ ~1ii1ZU.FI.';;1:1~ PRCIP.~

,:!;1 u:sD;91!01 ~IOOdR.LA~ fl~.&muGl!( AIRU""~ REGS (,lOOJP"IiIQWo.L -SN'!HYi'I'!!o:AU~ o'T~

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11400. ~~~ER'~Df

f N90 G!'lIllE/i5Ara~lre 1IV r l ~;o SERVICIE' II aim llEC~llimSJ'

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[HW ~t.O'" I"EE C~r.;tIfATliOt.I UNIilEft EQiJ'Ai. MCIESS. 1'0 JUSllICE.

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~PL:O'tERS" ~W3HLllI1'

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I :l4~ MAIIIN':E PI'!OEllJ'eT' WJU!l.m

11350. MOl:ORl,iEiI-lIM



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j;,~I!..ITY f 640


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I 1~·1 VOTiii«;; I 'S1~' MOTIO~ TO

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M::COMMOOAliloNS, I I ~~ ~s CORPlJS f 14&i NA:l1.!R!'.uZ.ooI.TlQ)'oI

11~44 waFJoRE· I I ~~ i\iEAT~ f'er:uil,,'iI" i<PI'LlcA1l0N

11~45 ... tI"~IC_ld\IS 'fo'I11H' I i ~4i) MA.t.,"O.~!lJ$,t Q ~ I l.il3 1 _"1&iEJoS~PU~.

t!is,.>i[i!iU'tlI;;S'· '1 , 5:5~ CIIo'IL,RI@tffi> N.;f~_NI ~,oii!~E

~IP.WYr...;:r.rr i i !iSS, ~l'liqN COI'iIIlI"ijON I 101&:5 OlHaR ~l'IA'I'ION

~ D ~4~ ~=:~~~ ":"~~~R ~TjDt.l!l

~ ! ~qO OTHIm C_IW.. j;lIGHYS

D0YOU CLAIM fIHISt:AsE IS ~ElJI.TEDrO Ii<. CIVIl. CASE NOW' PENDU-iGIiN S,D_N_V.? .IF SO, STAtE: . .. .. . --. ~ - ."

'[JCIHEOK ~F llHdS t~ A CLASS AC1·r.O.N UN,QE'R F.R,C_P. 23

DEIMAff,lD $,' OTHER JUDGE [lOCKET NlfMBER.._· _-- _



Indi~.hlJdli.L&1des .• Inc., d/b/a Escalade Sports, aad S:op Setvtoos~ Ine., .

) ) ) ) ), ) ) ) ). ). -} );

'7~ 'f)



ECF Case.




... ~~ .. iJ

~~., :...r:::J

SOP Services ~d .~ts ·exc]usiv·e liCr;:'H:see· Indian. fudustfiei:i. Iwc .. dlb!a' Esca) SPOMS,

. .

conneotion wjthcable~em:tisequip:nleDt:M1dpr-Qdw:cs +. De;,. SflridmaI1 T-able Tennis Ll"C (!!s.a;u&-wanl.'),!athed ~calade Sports. iii July 20009 to negotiate a ]kemedo< use (he P[NOPONG®: trademark for an event to· be known as'thetradematk W.ORLD CHAl\1PIO'Nsmp CiF

O~~oheF 20U9. Slightly morethan one ye_arJatar: e • Sandman pl~.bHtfy :atMq~l~ood that it planned '~:Q hosta WORLD C~SIONSfDp.-QF I;IJNO.f!ONGoou.mam.en:t on. February ?~gj 2011" This



I, [ndi"o Industries, Inc. d/b/a Escalade. Sp(,lfrs C"·[ade Sports") is, an lndiana -corpcratien \'!iIith.8 business, address at 817 MaxvveH Avenue, P .00, Bo:x93'9, Evansville, Indiana 4770.6-0:88.9 ..

2. S;OP S~rY'ioes • .Inc, is a. Nevada corporarion haviega]lal place. 0,fbu.$i~ss at '2215 .. He·~ssange Drive! Las: Vegas; Nevada 89119 ..

3. Saadman "Ta:bh~, Tennis LLC is a Delaware corporation with a business address .at 12 East 52nd Stree~,; 4th Floor, New Yor~ New York 10022 ..

4~ Upon information and belief; Sandman can be prQpedy served via Jeffrey B .. Bogatin, M,gr .. , at 12 East 5'2nd Street; 4~pf]om~ New York .• New York ]00:22 .•.


S. This .Co·p:rt has ongmal Jurisdiction of this ·action. under 15 _U .S.C.'~ 1121. [] 25

and 28 U.S.C. ~ l33L·and through the Court's supplemental jurisdiction under 28 U"S.C. ,§B67 ..

6. Venue is proper in this district under 28 U.S.C. §§ B91.

7. DefendM~ is subject. to the peisO'naljl1risdiction of this .Court, Defe;ndtailt is committing@cts. that. will cause tortuous inJury in th~s Judici~l Dis,trict.

:8-. .Defend.aim. is has a prineipal place of business In this Judicia] District,


PIN~PON6® Thud;e:rna;rk

9.. The PING-PONG@ trademark has been used. by Eseslade S'porl:~. and its predecessors for at A¢',ast 1.00 years tore:~et to 'table tennis e-quipment


'10,+ Es>caladt Sports, IS. the. owner of four incontestable United States Tr;ademaiik Registratious for the trademark PING~P:ONG® for table te, equipm,ent such as tables, J',ackets ood hollewballs, Copies of'these reg[;Sh:au.ol~s.:att ,anaohe-<I a's EXhlhi~ A.

I. l. The ,PING=:PONG®, trademark is recognized end respectedby the fntemadona1 Tsble Tennis Federation, tbe SA Table Tennis Association, the International O-lymp,ic Committee, manufacturers-and diS,tributo.r,:; ,~fta:.blt: tennisequipment and others .. For examp]e.PINGPONG®.i;s definedls WebiS~ert.s dictionary as. "kadem:ark.-usedfor table tennis," Exbih~.t R "Ta,b,le termis" is the designerion for the;, tab~e~k!p',.game involved ]11. this case, 'and in f'~.c1 ~"mb.]e tennis" is a portion.of'defendant'sname.and is u~ed in defendant's literature .. Exhibit C.

12 .. The PING-PONG®'{nldremark is famo~s.

i:t Escalade 'Sports sells irs PiNGyPONG® brand-equipment through its exclusive distributor Sports. Au.tb.1lci'ty •. ~n.c,.

H:isto''Y .Between .E5_f.Vlla!le Sports and' SandIN'an

14. En Jul~' 2:009 Escalade Sports wasapproached bySandmanTabte'Tennis LLC with.a r,e-questto use the PING-PONG®. trademark ~n the Dame ofan upcoming.table l,ennisiQurnament tube kliiOwn~ as the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Of PING PONG~ the WORLD SERlli$'O,F P:~NG PONG or as a 'variant thereof.

],5. From Jl!IIY~Q October 2009, neien,dant and Escalade SIJortsworked ~o negotiate .an agreement between. the parties concerning Defendanls' proposed use of the PING-PONO® trademark;

16 .. N egotiations between Uefcn.d,!U1I~Md Escalade Sports ended .in October 20i09:

17. On Of artHm.d NovemJher30. 2,0,[0, Sandmsn announced a-table ~f,:lm]5 event called the World Champkmsbip of.pFng, Pd~g (ben~after "WCPP,I').



] 8. Th.e. WCPP 'event has a: website using' the wcrldehampionshippowerpong .. com.

domain name,

\'vww. wod.dcb.ampionshippowtlqlong"com.

anached heretoas Exhibit C.

2]. The P'ING-YONO® matkis incorporat.ed in its.eatirety within 1h.e WCpp mark.

22. According to the wtibsfte,.tfle·WCPP schedaled to' take place em february 7,.

Zl. The WCPP website also indicates mat \\rcP'p equipment win he availl:liMe: for sale 'via

the website and \\IiH be a vailable for use in tbe event:

WORLD CHM1PlONSHJ:P OF ·PING PONG ,(Serial Nos. 85131537 and 85131543).

boards" tables and "re.~ated accessories fer-table tennis",

hooded sweat shirts sweat pants, hoeds, jackets, Jerseys, long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, sweat.

. . .

shirts; T",shirts" foorwear; scarves, hats" gloves and caps" as the associated goods.

'}.1. The U.S .. P:a"l:,ent and Trademark OfflOO hasrejectedthe WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Sports' four JI'IN G-PON G® trademark registrations.


28. After becoming aware ofthe announced WCPP event. Mound November 30; 2OW"

tIse .. the' ~m~G~PONG® . mark.

29. Escalade Sport's left, several m.ess~ges over. athree week period with-Sandman. 30.Sandiman did not.respond to Escalade Sports" phone IC~US,.

Jl. Bscalade Sports then sent Sandman a; cease and <!-estst letter on December 2;2, 2010.,

3-3. Sandman's use of the P1NO":PONG® mark is without permission, consent. or

authority of Escalade Sports,

34" SaIl.dma:n's. activities are Willful,. deliberate and intentional.

35. s.andman's activities are .done with the intent to trade rIpon the. goodwill of Escalade

38 .. Sandman bas acted and. continues to act without regard to Escalade Sports' property

i'i,ghtsMd goedwill,

. .

exclusive "lnd.k:l@J. of odg~.n of Escalade SPOl'itst.Vl'odu'cts thl10l!'~.O'ut me UniLted States; and (,e) has lessenedthe c~pa'Cjty of' E~K:a:htde S~O.rESI PIN G-,PON(j®, markro indicate ~hat tt~produri1ls "are

injury tn Escalade Sports and [,0 '~he public .. fOI which ' is no adequate remedy. at law,


confusion'or mistake' or todiet:ei,,'e cons:p,mi~rs Into .be].i~;y]ng·ihat ;S:~D'dma[]~~ WCpp e:VJ~nK~nd unauthorized pwdut.iS ad V[ed.iSflCJl, promoted, end offered ]'[uder the WCpp· markare- sponsored, F]:censedQr-"aiJ,~bo~~ed hy-,.. Qf affili"led. ccnnected or ijt]}t)fwis.eM$Qc;La~4 -witb Es~iilad.e Sports.

4S. Esc;~daOO Sports mcorporate'S; by !ldere:nce pl\eCecli:fig paragraphs 1 ~ ·44~

46, Upon information and. belle:t.Dei'enda]]i!s actions dilute the '1UlousrlNG~


48. ,Es9a,]~de :$'ports FlJICo,rpO:I'ates by t~:fefenc,e prec,eCl.ii1:g: paragraphs .~- 47.

49. :UPIfol~: iof'bm1ation and 'belief Defenrlamt\s aClio]1s.1:lJJtenfio:n.aUy :mi·s:represent and d~p.a!rag,e tbe. Mture,- eharacteristies <~d quaUltiesQif the pmG~ PON:G®~rad.emaJ.rk •.. and

f\,. An ord:e·:j:· pr¢'lllnil1iari~y. and ~~nnane;t1iIUY. lenj o.inli1g·". hs office;rs!~ sgents,

em:l~loyee~/a:Lfld aUome~s? Mel th.ose.··inacti1le coneert or ]Ji~1tidpation with th.emftQ.01 USIng the


"p.rnoP(')NG111 mMk"ltncJuding alluse ofdle 1'pfNG: .PON'(fJ ula,rk ON ~he intemet..

C; Anoorder that $a~dnl~n 'reeall all advert,isJ'ng rind promotioual ma(erlals~'la&x~~"

sighs, prints, p~c;kage:s. mel'c~1.a])4ise ht\Mirig·lh.e; rlPINO 'ONG~!l1flar:k~ me,ssage',ahd/or design. in";l uding 'a, recall ofal[ materials msU:ibuted.-and. om. the possesslorr of these t' affiliated. with 'lilil,e.\V'CPP event,

D. An crder tbci~an ad.vetl~stn~'·,:it)jd. ptmn,~)ti!0naUnateria~B,. labels, sig]};s,p"r'j:nt:s~·

packag,eSp adven~:sements., sad t'!fne.r means af maki~g the same bem~ng. i!!P[NG PON G" mark, m.e:ssage andlor desigaor orherwise vt,Ci.~~tiliga!n;y IQfEscalade Sports' tigbts· l]:ereilIDder be deJive2ieti up to Escalade ·SportS.·PE·the CourfID'o.r destruetien, jncliuwng ~tb.out HlnmraUO:n_~U .~~ shi.m,.·puhUcaHons. tin)cl1t1r~. lei;ter!hc:acl~ fly¢r~, and .other :p1(;tter~als bearing the P.IKNG-:~ONG h'ad.emarK,s aO!dJor ,atly ,d.esig;n. CQ!I':I.rn'Singly similar: llhe'l1e,to.

E. Es'~ruade· SPOl'itS{ damages.

F, Bscalade Spo.rts' atton;l.ey~',s.ex,pe.l1lses~ood·· costs 34lsQ~iate.d wj'Ui this ~t~'il1l,

o. An ~ward to Escalade 8pol1s -,Jfallo:tlret altd fu:rther ~l~ef:a~rthe Court may deem

j ust .;Slndproper under the cbt-:um.:stru:rH::eB.



Dak:d: JanruaJ)i 19,20] I

New York~ New 'Yo.r.k

. b~OIf:g;e Gottlleb (GO $7(1)1 ggottlle~@gr[ .cnm

MaIleP. Mlsth~ ,(MM 66$16) .mn1!1sthaJ@gn;:com

·GOrfUEB RA;GKM/\N &; ][{E1SMA_N~ P.C.

210 Madl$QD, A:v~uue: . .'

New YOirt, NY 1JJOr6~O(iOl (212)6g,4~ 390'0 (Phon.e)

(2:12) 6&4~39:99 (Fax)

Charles J, Mey.e,p

ci~leyeI@USpi3!teni.C'0rr_a:.. .


·Mc:NRrr, & HENRY .LLP 11[·1 Mmlijment Cirde •. Suite 1700 Indi~.napQ~i~,.lN 46204-5] 37

{3 h 7) lj·~14":34i'i6 (¥honVe) (317}·637~7561 (Fax)