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SAP Certification Exam Full Material

SAP Certification Exam Full Material

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Published by: jitenrasahu on Jan 20, 2011
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When end user created a new sales order with VA01, default First Date wasn't

today, why?


1. Before today, default First Date was always today.

2. Nobody change system configuration.

Although you mention that nobody change the system configuration, it is very

unlikely that the system will mis-behaved after one day.

Usually, after checking, you will find that someone have actually change the

configuration as it could not be a software bug since you have been using it for quite

sometime without any problems.

The date is control by each Sales Order Type for each Sales Document type whether

is it a

- OR - Standard Order,

- RE - Returns etc.

Verify the Sales order type configuration with the following path:

IMG: Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Sales Docs --> Sales Doc Hdr --> Define

Sales Doc Types (transaction vov8) will let you control this by sales document type.

There is one field (Lead time in days) which "specify the number of days after the

current date that the proposal for the requested delivery date in the sales document

should be".

This should be blank if you want the system to propose current day for delivery date.

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