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SAP Certification Exam Full Material

SAP Certification Exam Full Material

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Published by: jitenrasahu on Jan 20, 2011
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On batch determination, the whole process, how it is determined automatically in

the order.

A1) Normaly we use batch determination at delivery level, because at the time of

order material may or may not be created.for this material should be configured with

batch and batch determination should be checked in sales views of material.

A2) Batch Determination during order Creation.

For this you need to maintain a Classes d for you Material. Depending on the

Manufacturing process you can define the characteristics for your material.

Ex: Purity for Medicines, Resistance for Electric Items.

You need to create a class (You might have to create a new class type) which

incorporates the characteristic.

First Create the Characteristic Using Ct04 and then using Cl02 create the Class

including this characteristic.

Then in your material master Classification View Enter this class.

Then Create a Batch for the particular plant and Stor Loc using MSC1N.Give the

value of the characteristics in this batch.

Then go to SPRO ->Logistics General ->Batch Management and maintain the

Condition Technique (Procedure, Strategy Types and assignment to sales docs etc).

Then Create the Batch Determination Record using VCH1.

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