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2a Intro_to_Trance_Summary

2a Intro_to_Trance_Summary

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Published by: psimon5000 on Jan 20, 2011
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Introduction to Trance and Levels of Awareness Most people are going through life in a trance.

What we mean by a trance is a habitual way of focusing on and filtering information and reacting accordingly. Your trance is: • A result of genetic predisposition, early childhood environment, self-talk. • It sets up Core Beliefs and a habitual focus of attention. • This results in a filter through which you view the world. • You act in ways congruent with your beliefs, others respond to you accordingly, and an endless feedback loop results. The human brain operates mostly in delta and theta EEG frequencies for the first 6 years of life. • This low level of brain activity is referred to as the hypnotic state. • Children develop core beliefs easily due to this. Your way of seeing the world, your filter, has been going on a very long time. • It is tied to emotional responses such as fear, anger, frustration, longing, and impatience. • The result is that you behave in habitual, unconscious ways that are in accordance with your beliefs – which are also mostly unconscious. • You are on autopilot but you think you’re flying the plane. This course is designed to take you from Trance to Transformation. • To assist you we have developed a model of what we call the Levels of Awareness (see below). • Our goal is to take you from Struggle (Victim Level) at the bottom to the Flow Level at the top.

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