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my friends

my friends


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A prayer may be as simple an act as picking up a piece of litter on the street.
A prayer may be as simple an act as picking up a piece of litter on the street.

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Published by: Marie- Joseph-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on Aug 13, 2008
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My friends..

I say this in my head and then as I type it, and yet once again as I scroll down the 500 odd individuals who have either asked to be or answered my invitation to be, my friend. I look at their pictures and think... wow---” there really are a lot of attractive readers on scribd, beautiful women, cool suave men, a gnome, a fairy, a cartoon pig, several Hannah Montanas, Satan, Jesus, Che Guivera, many drop dead geougous women, archaelogists, poets, writers, realtors, healers, mothers, grand mothers, fathers, grand fathers, models, teachers, clothed, semi-nude, black, white, brown, yellow, red and blue... it seems like an endless variety of individuals and they all are my friends” This is incredible, awesome, cool, and unbelievable. I always thought that in life friends and family are whats really important. My friends... Thank you for being... My friends... Peace and kindness John

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