Mischievous Mysteries As night fades and day breaks, While we lay huddled together – Clinging to the last moments

Of our private time together… Remembrance of times gone by, Proof of all the reasons why – Unable to argue the instant truth, Forgiving volcanic emotions’ abuse… Secretive in our meetings; Yet unlimited in our release, We bond to one another here And blend into everyday life. Flabbergasted as two hearts flutter, Surrender to words afraid to utter! Allowing the moment to stay, Facing the world: Ready to play! Unaware of the dangers we face As we consume this little space But little habits and games we play Gives us our motives to betray! Reaching far beyond what the world can see: Here we are who we truly want to be! Letting go of all that seems social norm, Since we are all that truly belong!

Xplained & Phishy
20 January 2011 02h33

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