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Class Title: Reading

Lesson Title: The Story “Henny Penny”

Grade Level: First Grade
Author: Unknown
Students will
1. Students will identify the beginning, middle, and end of the story
2. Students will explain the story structure, including the characters, setting, problem, and
events to solve the problem
3. Students will demonstrate their ability to read with feeling and pause at punctuation
through a play/round robin.
4. Students will identify characters using Voki

1. The Harcourt Brace reading book, Full Sails- the story “Henny Penny”
2. Name/character cards for the Round Robin/Play
3. Worksheets about their character
4. (

Class Duration: 45 Minutes

Introduction/Prior Knowledge:
1. Ask students who remembers the story we read yesterday
2. Then, ask them what happened in the story (the beginning, middle, and end)
Read as Whole Group:
3. Read book together as a whole group
a. At their seats, have them read along with me
b. Remind them that we are going to read with feeling and ask them where we
should pause when we read (at the punctuation- periods, commas, exclamation
points, and question marks).
Read as a Play/Round Robin:
4. Explain how we are going to read next, have them listen to the directions

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a. We are going to read as a whole group in a Round Robin (a play)
b. I am going to hand out name cards and on this card, it will say which character
you will read and the other students who will also read that part
c. You are only going to read the parts that your character says (your character’s
name will be in bold)
d. Assign characters to certain people- high and low readers together
e. There are 7 characters- about 3 people per character
5. Give them each name cards that says which character they are
6. Now call each group one by one and have them sit in a group on the mat/floor
7. Read the story as a play
8. Ask them if they enjoyed reading it as a play and each being a character
9. Then, ask them what their favorite part of the story is. Call on a few students
Voki Activity:
10. Test the student’s memory for each character
a. Who says this?
11. Assign each voki a different character and line
Assessment/Evaluation of Lesson:
I will be able to evaluate the lesson by listening to them read, hearing their responses to my
questions, and when they summarize what the story is about.

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