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Voki Lesson Plan

Class Title: Reading

Lesson Title: Hygiene
Grade Level: First Grade
Author: Stephanie Bushman
Students will
1. Learn the importance of oral hygiene
2. Examine their own eating habits
3. Practice reading and comprehension skills
1. Smartboard
2. (
3. Story
Class Duration: 1 Day
1. Pull the story up on the Smartboard.
2. Read the story with the students.
3. Ask the students, “who here has a tooth brush?” “What color is it?”
4. Ask the students how many times a day they brush their teeth. Tell the students they should
brush their teeth three times a day with toothpaste.
5. Ask the students when Henry brushed his teeth:
a. Was it before his mother asked?
b. Was it after his mother asked?
6. Ask the students to describe what kinds of food are bad for their teeth
a. Was it the pasta? No.
b. Was it the chicken? No.
c. Was it the chocolate? Yes!
d. Why? Because it is sugary.
7. Ask the students what kinds of foods they like to eat.
8. Students will create a Voki of themselves to tell the class what kinds of foods they like to eat.
9. After each student shares, ask them if their food is a sugary food.

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