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Voki Lesson Plan

Class Title: Reading

Lesson Title: Prince Charming on
Grade Level: Second or Third Grade
Author: Stephanie Bushman
Students will
1. Understand character development
2. Understand good and bad character traits
3. Increase reading skills
1. Internet access (if there are not enough computers for each student, there should be printed
copies for each individual student)
2. MeeGenius version of Prince Charming (free)
3. Pencils and one sheet of paper per group
4. (
Class Duration: 1 day
1. Break students into groups (strong readers with slow readers, etc)
2. On the smart board or on students’ computers, upload the Prince Charming on
3. Have students follow along with yellow highlighted words-read together until the prince
arrives at the castle
4. When the prince arrives at the castle, the students read alone.
5. When the group has finished reading, they should work together to list the positive character
traits of Prince charming
6. Find textual support for these traits: “Where in the book does it say these traits? How do you
know”? etc
7. Once each group has listed these positive character traits, student groups work together to
create a character on At the end of the lesson, each group should have answered
these questions:
a. What are the positive character traits the prince shows? (Bravery, Kindness, and
b. Where does he show these traits? What acts does he do to show these traits?

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c. Who is your character?
d. What trait does your character have?
e. How does he or she show this positive character trait?
8. This character should represent someone in history or in their lives that possesses these
positive traits
9. Using text-to-speech, each character should say something that represents this character trait
(bravery: I was not afraid when the house was on fire. I still helped my friends).
10. Students will present their character to the class or teacher, and turn in their group paper.

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