Founded in 2005, Seattle-based Mozy is the world s most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses. Following initial success in the US market, Mozy has expanded its global footprint to include China, France, Canada and the UK. Using Mozy, more than 1 million consumers and 60,000 business customers now back up 50 petabytes of information to multiple data centres around the globe. The Reptile Group provides integrated offline, online and social media PR services for Mozy.

To grow its business further, Mozy needed to raise awareness of the dangers of failing to back up data held on PCs and Macs, particularly amongst a core target group of males aged 25-54. As one of the components of a campaign designed to do just that and to maximise the impact and reach of the overall Mozy PR campaign, The Reptile Group created and seeded a social media viral video `The Mozy Back Up Smash Up Challenge`.

To maximise the impact of the campaign and get the message across successfully The Reptile Group used both shock and humour. The video, filmed in London s Covent Garden and Soho, showed laptop users being given the opportunity to win a free brand new Apple Macbook Pro - all they had to do was to destroy their laptops on the spot. Clearly, if all their documents, photos or music files were not already backed up they would decline the challenge and forfeit the chance to win the iMac. Most did. Once a suitably backed-up candidate was identified, and much to the consternation of onlookers, their PC was spectacularly disposed of using a sledgehammer and the Macbook Pro awarded. The Reptile Group then used the footage to target top influencer, gadget enthusiasts, technology bloggers, and selected YouTube users. To maximise the spread of the video, The Reptile Group used state-of-the-art SEO techniques, keyword optimisation, Twitter, Facebook and social media best practices.

The campaign featured on on all major video portals as well as gaining top spots on Google The Mozy Back up Smash up Challenge attracted over 100,000 views on YouTube alone during the first two weeks from its core target demographic group - exceeding expectations by 57%. Many bloggers also linked back to the video, which contributed to expanding the brand reach further. Tony Patrick Mozy s head of public and analyst relations in EMEA, says: As the video proved, people in the UK are not aware of the importance of backing up their data and the ease with it can be achieved through services such as Mozy. This campaign drove the message home loud and clear and went straight to the people that needed to hear it the resulting increase in sales of our service proved that we d definitely hit the target.

For more details about this viral video project and other Reptile Group digital PR and social media services, please visit http://www.thereptile-group.com or call +44 (0)20 7680 5540

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