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(=x 22 03| Department of Transportation a JANETTE SADICRHAN, Commissioner August 13,2010 ‘The Honorable James Brennan Assembly Member, Distt 4 4167" Avenue Brooldya, NY 11215, ‘The Honotable Brad Landes Council Member, District 39 456 5° Avenue Brooldya, NY 11215 Dent Assembly Member Brennan and Council Member Lander: ‘This isin response to your letters date July 1, 2010 and July 13,2010 regarding the procedures that DOT will use to study conditions on Prospect Park West, following the instalation ‘of a patking protected bieyle path 1 know that you are each aware that DOT is committed to expanding New York City’s on: stecetbieyele network and improving taf safety forall stret users. Bieyele paths such asthe ‘one on Prospect Pask West have encouraged low-cost, healthful mode of tansportation snd have provided measurable safety improvements to all stret users. DOT is monitoring Prospect Patk West to ascertain how the new street configuration has affected traffic low and street safety. By October 1,2010 (@hree months aftr July 1, the date of substantial completion) thee shoukd be sufficient dat to compate with conditions before installation, DOT will be monitoring: © Vehicle and bicycle volumes # Speeding Fzoquency legal eyeing behavior In addition, by January 1,2011 DOT will have sufficient data on crash injury rates of vehicle ‘occupants, pedestrians and cyclists to make a meaningful compatison with crash data from before the project was implemented. The data forall these categories wil be analyzed in its entirety to asses the effects ofthe Prospect Patk West project on the safety and mobility ofits users and to sis in any necessary refinement tothe bicycle path design, We anticipate that che data will show that che patking-peotected bicycle path on Prospece Park West has incteate street safety and bicycle volumes, as similar projects dhroughout New York City have we bopatmant ot rnepratn oneal We anticipate presenti ‘nest yeat. The public will been the findings fom the monitoring pesiod at a pblic forum ently raged to respond to this data sd provide sy aitonal input. Finally, we look forward o receiving the results of Council Member Landes online survey 5 an additional source of data fr refining the project. “Thank you for your continued interest in improving conditions for pedestians, cyclists and ‘motorists on Prospect Park West and in Brooklyn, in genet cu 10.5248 ANE 512, ISK/p}