Caveat Emptor! Realtors Who are Coffin Chasers in NYC!

Have you met this dynamic real estate duo? They have a most ingenious approach to real estate sales and marketing. Allen and Nina Rothmen are obituary notice trolls. Imagine just losing a loved one. Imagine receiving a letter that says "Please accept our condolences. Is your home to be offered for sale in connection with the probate of your late [fill in the blank's] estate?" Truly completely utterly despicable and morally bankrupt don't you think? Are realtors these days SO lazy and SO awful that the ONLY way they can troll for new listings is via dead people causing untold upset to their loved ones??? People like this aren't even suitable for picking up trash in Central Park! Feel free to contact the despicable realtor duo and suggested openers would include "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fabulous Douche Bags"

Can you even believe that Halstead Property executives would CONDONE this behavior??

Tell The Attorney General of New York that there oughtta be a law Tell NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg that there oughtta be a law

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