Update 2, 12 Jan 2011 CEW User Instructions: Macros must be enabled to use:   Auto select date calendar Time

date save stamp. Upper left hand corner of sheet.

CEW will function without enabling macros. Dates can be manually inputted and time date save stamp will not function. 1. Enter unit 2. Select Rank from drop down; E1 to O8 3. Enter Name 4. Select Status from drop down list; M-DAY, AGR, GDOS 5. Enter Order #, if applicable. 6. Enter From/To dates that apply. Select cell and press CTRL+D. A selectable calendar will appear. Select desired date. Entering date manually is also allowed such as 10/1/10. 7. # Days will self calculate based on dates entered. 8. P/A will self calculate based on # days and Status of Soldier. In other words, AGR and GDOS status selection will result in $0.00. M-DAY status will populate a number greater than $0.00. 9. Select perdiem from drop down. If YES, perdiem will self calculate. If NO, $0.00 will populate. 10. Select lodging from drop down. If YES, lodging will self calculate. If NO, $0.00 will populate. 11. Select POV from drop down. If YES, enter round trip distance (RTD) into cell and it will self calculate. If NO, $0.00 will populate. 12. Does commercial transportation apply? Select the appropriate combination of commercial activity from the drop down. Namely, NO, Air Only, Air+Car, Air+Park, Air+Park+Car, Air+Park+Taxi+Car. If NO will populate $0.00. If other than NO, will self populate. 13. Duty / HOR Zip. Enter as appropriate. 14. To User: Values in all calculable cells will be $0.000 if there is no RANK and STATUS selected. 15. Variables: Perdiem, lodging rate and transportation costs can be changed by the user. CEW Calculations: P/A: is calculated through an array table. TY pay and allowances increases is easily updatable. Perdiem: 1) 75% for 2 days or less. 2) First and last day at 75% for any order greater than 3 days. Lodging: will calculate $0.00 for 1 day order. If YES and order is for multiple days lodging will self calculate lodging for length of order minus one day. POV: calculates RTD by mileage rate. Commercial: self calculates given variable table and length of order.

Password protection: sheet is protected to maintain integrity of calculation formulas. VBA protection: Visual Basic code is protected to maintain integrity of code.


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