The Cello and Double Bass

string bass or just bass .‡ The full name of the cello is actually: Violoncello ‡ The double bass can also be called: Contrabass.


Double Bass and other stringed instruments ‡ The Cello and Double bass have an endpin.Differences between the Cello. . ‡ The Cello and Double bass rest on the floor. while the violin and viola are held under the chin ‡ Cello and Double bass bows are shorter and heavier than Violin and Viola bows.

nowadays they are made from steel or nylon wrapped with wire. . ‡ The wood in the bows of stringed instruments is a special wood called pernambuco ‡ Large Orchestras can have up to 12 cellos and 8 Double Basses.More interesting facts about stringed instruments ‡ Strings used to be made from ´gutµ.