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Something which happened in the past is the main resource to
compose both recount and narrative text. In writer's point of view,
the thing is an experience. It can be what the writer has done, hear,
read, and felt. Composing recount and narrative is retelling the
experiences of the past event to be a present event.
What does recount differ from narrative?
The easiest way to catch the difference is analyzing the generic
structure. Recount text presents the past experiences in order of
time or place; what happened on Sunday, then on Monday, the on
Tuesday. In simple way, recount describes series of events in detail.
It does not expose the struggle on how to make them happen. The
event happened smoothly. On the other hand, narrative introduces
crises and how to solve them. Narrative text always appear as a hard
potrait of participant's past experience. It reveals the conflict among
the participants. Cinderella's conflicts with her step mother and sister
are the example. The conflict is the most important element in a
narrative text. Narrative without comflicts is not narrative any more.

Between Explanation and Procedure Text

Seeing the social function, both procedure and explanation texts
have the similarity in which both describe how to make or done
something. They give the detail description on something,
phenomena, goods, product case or problem.
To see the differences between explanation and procedure, we
have to analyze the dominant language feature and how the texts
are used.

Procedure, this text type is commonly called as instruction text.
It uses pattern of commend in building the structure. It use the “to
infinitive verb” which is omitted the “to”. It is a kind of instruction
text which uses full commend verb. Procedure is commonly used to
describe how to make something which is close to our daily activity.
For example how to make a cup of tea, how to make a good kite, etc
is the best example of the procedure text. It is such word; first boil
water, secondly prepare the cup, and so on.
Explanation, it is commonly used the passive voice in building
the text. Explanation is such a scientific written material. It describes
how certain phenomenon or event happen. How a tornado form, how
tsunami works are the best example of explanation text. It uses
passive pattern in describing the topic.

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