Books for Sale 1. Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++ Horowtiz, Sartaj Sahni, Denish Mehta) 2.

Java, Network Programming (Merlin Hughes, Umesh Bellur, Manning) 3. Object Oriented Programming in C++ (Robert Lafore) 4. Deitel & Deitel, Java, How to Program 5. E- Business & E-Commerce, Deitel & Deitel 6. Complete Reference to HTML 7. Beginning Java Script (Paul Wilton) 8. Data & Computer Communication (William Stallings) 9. Differential Equations 10. 11. 12. Computer Graphics Using OpenGL Introduction to Logic Computer Graphics C Version (Donald Hearn, M. (Ellis

Pauline Baker)

21. Techniques & Tools (Alferd V. 19.NET (Wrox) Java 2.0 Kindly contact Mr. Professional C# (Wrox) Principles of Distributed Database System (M. Aho. The Complete Reference (Herbert Schildt) 17. Principles. 16. Kohat University . Waqar Alvi IIT. Patric Valduriez) 22.NET Database Programming (Sybex) Java Network Programming (O Reily) Compilers. Ravi Sethi) 20. 15.13. Active Server Pages Bible (Eric Smith) Professional ASP. 18. Visual Basic. Tamer Ozsu. Beginning ASP 3. Digital Computer Electronics (Albert Paul Malvino) 14.

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