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Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library Board of Trustees [5),~ eee 440 Chestnut Street Roselle Park, NJ 07204 WJt~ November 29,2006 IN OBC awall. ae BOROUGH CLERKS OFFICE Dear Mayor Delorio and Members of Borough Council: A pressing issue has arisen concerning the Library Board of Trustees which requires your immediate and serious consideration. As you are well aware, Board Member ‘lex Balaban has missed five out of seven Library Board meetings held since ‘January 2006. (Please see attached letter mailed to you in September.) According to the Municipal Code of the Borough of Roselle Park, Chapter 7, Article 1, this is grounds for dismissal from this Board, Mr. Balaban’s excessive absenteeism displays an inability to uphold his obligations to the Library Board. This is not the first instance in which Mr. Balaban has received such a letter: During 2005, he exhibited the same pattern of absences. Although you received a copy of that letter also, neither this Board nor Library Director Susan Calantone received any response from you. Mr. Balaban alleged then as he does now that you insisted he remain on the Board Insomuch as Mr. Balaban's absenteeism is a major concern of this Board, there are deeper issues we have with him as a continuing member of the Library Board of Trustees. Although these issues cannot be quantified, they are nonetheless very serious and real, When the Library Board experienced a personnel problem in recent months, the Board, which included Mr. Balaban, unanimously agreed to suppor its Director, Susan Calantone. in only a matter of several days, articles appeared in the local newspapers in which Mr. Balaban expressed ignorance of this personnel matter. Perhaps it was due to his excessive absenteeism that he was unaware of this ongoing four-year problem Mr. Balaban continued to release false and damaging information to the press. It was not until he was confronted at our last Board meeting on November 15 that he denied he meant any harm and that he was unfairly misquoted by Star Ledger reporter Jason Jett and that his words were greatly exaggerated. If this were true, Mr. Balaban should have been outraged and demanded a retraction for this serious violation of his First Amendment rights. Such action was not taken by Mr. Balaban. Now, Mr, Mayor and Members of Council, can you honestly believe that such behavior is appropriate and in the best interest of the Library Board of Trustees? Mr. Balaban has instilled a distrust for him and lost his credibility among his fellow Board members. Mr. Balaban’s term on the Board expires December 31 oy 2006, and we as a Board request that Mayor and Council not reappoint him for another term Respectfully yours, CaeT ther) Patricia Miller, Secretary, Library Board of Trustees Ce: Ms. Susan Calantone, Library Director Ms. Anita Miller, Interim President, Library Board of Trustees LOMLj OCD arene ~-2..5"-O(p Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library Board of Trustees 440 Chestnut Street Roselle Park, NJ 07204 September 25, 2006 Dear Alex, According to the minutes of the meetings of the Library Board of Trustees held since January 2006, you have been absent on the following dates: January 18, February 15, April 19, May 17, and June 21. Attendance at all or most meetings displays a commitment to the Library agreed to when one's acceptance to take a seat on the Board takes place and is thereby expected if we are to govern the Library efficiently and effectively Reminder: According to the Municipal Code of the Borough of Roselle Park, Chapter 7, Atticle 1, any member of a Board who is absent for more than five consecutive meetings may be considered by Mayor and Council for removal from that Board Please give the courtesy of calling ahead if you are not able to attend the next meeting on October 18. Every member's presence at our meetings is vital Sincerely, Patricia Miller Secretary, Board of Trustees cc: Susan Calantone, Library Director Anita Miller, Interim President Joseph Delorio, Mayor

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