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Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool by which you can use to communicate with your ideas through visual aids that appear to b designed professionally yet they easy to produce. With PowerPoint you can create a variety of media, including black and white over heads , color overheads, 35mm slides size and on screen electronic slide shows.

Features of PowerPoint
The following are features of the PowerPoint which makes it quite popular among the masses. y Quick, easy and high impact visuals: MS PowerPoint auto content wizards and templates not only help to design MS PowerPoint presentations but also help in generating eyecaching slides. Presentation can be linked for online users You can apply various format settings to the text typed in the slides. Besides this the slide transactions feature helps to make the slide show presentations more interesting Use multiple languages: the text can be entered in many languages like Chinese, Japanese, English, Arabic etc Templates- it includes a number of slides, styles with varying columns and designs. These inbuilt slides give us pre defined layouts and designs for our presentations. It has laptop support. Also it has features which disable any screen saver or power saving mode while you are giving any presentations, any preventing unwanted interruption. It has projector wizard which automatically sets and restores the correct screen resolution for the projection system.

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Placeholders are boxes with dotted lines that appears when you create a new slide. These boxes serve as placeholders for such objects such as slide title, charts, tables, and clip arts. Title placeholder: hold the title of slide Table placeholder: holds table and charts that have to be displayed on the slides Text placeholders: holds graph and other objects that have to be displayed on the slides

. A dialogue box will b displayed on the screen.Applying transitions The steps for applying transition are: y y Click the desired slide from the presentation in the slide view. Click at slide transitions option from the slide show menu.

Click on the custom animation option of the slide show menu.Select the appropriate properties from this dialogue box. You can also select sound properties. We can choose transition style from this list box. . Custom animation To set the custom animation performs the following steps: y y Select the slide on which you want to apply it.

.The custom animation dialogue box provides us options for timing. ordering and adding various effects on our slides. y y Preview the settings before actually applying them on your slides Click on the ok button.

edit. It helps to minimize. and close it. tools. insert.Anatomy of MS-PowerPoint Before creating PowerPoint presentations we must be aware familiar with the operations of the various components of the PowerPoint screen. to close the menu display press escape. slideshow and help. To open any menu either click on it or press alt+ underline character in each menu name. 2. Menu bar: like menu bar of other application program it contains file. It contains a control box which is located on the extreme left corner. . view. maximize. 1. resize. Title bar: It is the top most bar of the PowerPoint window. format.

z 3. Although these commnads can also be activated through menus. Toolbar: they are the collection of buttons that you can click on to active some of the most common commands in powerpoint. some of the common toolbars used are .

y Standard toolbar: it contains buttons whih help to preveiw and pront file. copying. . cutting. status bar: the bottom most part of the ms-powerpoint screen displays a number of the slides on which you are currently working. bold etc and to set shadow to the selected text.it contains tools that are common to many window applications. This is the stauts bar. You can double click on it to change the presentation template design. 6.y formatting toolbar. Various buttons present in it helping formatting. pasting text and objects etc. size. It contains buttons which help to choose the font.

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