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Home and Car Maintenance TAS

Home and Car Maintenance TAS

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Published by Debbie in AK

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Published by: Debbie in AK on Jan 21, 2011
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Home and Car Maintenance TAS

Practice Master Date Time Spent

Know where fuse box is and how to replace a fuse Break box and how to reset How to choose paint (exterior and interior) Know difference between latex, stain, varnish Use caulking Use basic tools (hammer, screwdriver) Use power tools Painting house Know how to dig a hole and set post Hang items on wall Repair wall holes with putty Remove toilet and replace donut Install new faucet fixture Unplug toilet with plunger Unclog a sink Mow lawn Lawn mower maintenance

Practice Fill car with gas Proper washing of car Cleaning inside of car Winterize car Check car oil Change car oil Put antifreeze in radiator Change a flat tire Be able to jumpstart a vehicle (w/o killing anyone) Fill tires with air Change wiper blades Add window washer fluid Clean eroded battery terminals Engine tune-up



Time Spent

Change headlights Check transmission fluid Change air filter

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