A Storm…

What precedes a storm, is silence of fear. What precedes a downpour, is heavy humid air, Such a storm ‘within’ we fail to curb, While a storm rises outside undisturbed… Feelings are ruffled and faith is distant, Insecurity breeds, heart is not content, Wisdom is lost and vision is obscured, Friendship is at stake and love has no cure… Thus comes the storm and sweeps us away, turns our lives upside down, all emotions astray, dark clouds loom above, dark nights stare ahead, mournful eyes condemn the morning and tears go to bed… but amidst the dark clouds, a silver lining remains, coz our heart is still pure and our mind, still sane, this silver of hope and love if we can find, without getting caught up in the dilemma of when, how and WHY, then… what follows a storm is silence of reflection… what follows rains is a clear blue sky… - pankhuri

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