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cD -2505
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e-restion No. I is ooruprlsoty. Anshrerany fanr from e. Nos.2 to Z. Give real timg .*"0rf1", ,h.r."., nt"r."y. s^t,r'=rrr arr EII€!. Explrin all the 5 5

what are the different. Lechnology components of cRM ? component's with suitable example.-write about rtre neJ oi'sra fi ;; organizarion.

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need eu"i'n"u" analvticir t-*TJ"

the differen'|t step.s to be follorm,r with phase Ene-inptemerr@.fbp

EMA and exptain irs "itr,


Define the following : (a) rvR (b) E-cRM
(c) (dl te) ASP opt-inr opt-_out Beta testing.

3' la) (b)
(c) 4. (a) (b) '(c) (a)

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Explain about the diiferent stages of cgmpaign planning .anil ltanagenent with Suitable example. How can wredefine lu"i*,e"" in various ways ? What are thq a{Sntages of ASp implementation ? Exptain in derair ;ffir Jiv'ro,rr funcrions of sFA. -in !{hv do * hfd R"qti;il;i catnering en.su pre-impr.ementerrion of cRM and explhin its vafious stages ? what are the various reasons for the r.aeb-enablemen.t a cal.L center of and F,acrors be ro


reaturesor sFA technolosy ,:xprain irs and

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consider;-durinr; rhe plannins phaseof

:t] H::*X (c) iflrat
6' (a) (b) (c)
7. (") (b)

are the difie".nt-i..tures



rire rycle andexprai. howcanrre carcurare
of e_CRM ?

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Mry do we need kick-off of .neeting with implelnentat:ion cRMand erplain. wtroall are involved in tt. *""il";-t. Exptain_in detaii tne-uario,r;-;MA'A;ronenrs. enqs. Define data slzncrrroniril.on.
Differentiate CRMand e{RM. Define the following-:-

(i) crr rools .llil Reporrins (r11) personalization

(iv) segmentation. (c) Explain - CustomerinLeraction.


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