Physiology of Duaa

Dr. Sherwan Rahman Sulaiman MD, MSc, PhD (Physiology) drsherwanshal@gmail.


Physiology of Duµaa
Requesting Allah's personal attention by means of supplication and invocation for the fulfillment of one's personal needs directly from Allah Himself. Therefore, the need to turn to Allah is in simple words, du'aa. du'aa.

For a successful Dua

The Pre-Conditions Pre.1 Only God responds .2 Sincerity .3 Tawassul .4 Patience .5 Purity .6 Good Intentions .7 Attentive Heart .8 Sustenance .9 Non-interference Non-

MEDICAL Benefits: As an Islamic Newspaper called the Islamic Times reported in an article entitled ´Study proves Muslim prayers have physical benefits,µ the actual postures of Salaah do have tremendous physical benefits as well.

Duµaa CAN

Depression. ‡Lower Blood Sugar. ‡Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. ‡Kill Pain. ‡More and More..

Duaa Treat Depression
y Increasing believe in one s self and faith in that the only thing which is really concern is ALLAH. y Best Psychological Management. y Yet, IT IS NOT A MORPHINE !

Affect release of insulin. ƒ Increases glucose entry to the cells.
ƒ ƒ

Hormones, like insulin and glucagon, are under linked to the nervous state of the person.


proved. €Most Potent Parasympathetic Stimulant.

Endogenous Peptide available but needs stimulation. Believers and faithful people never feel pain while they supplicate to Allah.

Kill Pathogens
‡ Neutrophils contain (AntiBiotic Like Sunstances ) that attack bacteria and act in a very similar way to antibiotic. ‡ Immunity increases with believe.

Adjuvant Treatment
‡ Duaa is always an adjuvant to medical treatment. ‡ Should be tried. ‡ No side effects. ‡ No contraindication. ‡ No Expiry date. ‡ Always accessible.

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