What: A Collection of Mr. Ankeny’s classes work from this past semester. Why: To reflect on our written accomplishes. How: By students working for Extra Credit to compile the collection. When: SUBMISSIONS DUE TUESDAY JANUARY 25. COLLECTION COMPLETE: 2/4/11 BREAKDOWN:! 1) Submit one 2) Submit two 3) Submit one 4) Submit two ! (1) (2) (1) (2) creative piece. creative pieces. cover design. cover designs. (3pts) (5pts) (2pts) (4pts)

Creative pieces are: poetry, short stories, articles, persuasive papers, journal entries, etc. These must have been written in the past semester. They must be submitted as a Word document. Cover designs are: The cover art for the book. They must include a front and back cover. They can be submitted electronically or manually. EXTRA CREDIT LABOR: Art Curators (5pts) Job Description: Think of title for the journal. Decide on a cover. Help organize and design back and front cover with artist. Content Editors (5pts) Job Description: Filter through all the submissions and decide which are worthy and which are unworthy. Organize submissions by name and title of piece. Make final submissions ready for formatter. Formatter (5pts) Job Description: Make all submissions into one document formatted and ready for print. Communicator (5pts) Job Description: Convey all project information to the general class and public.

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