Federal Court

Cour fcderale

Date: 20101230

Docket: T-307-09

Ottawa, Ontario, December 30, 2010

PRESENT: The Honourable Mr. Justice Lemieux










UPON REVIEWING THE APPICATION in writing made on the 2nd day of March, 2009. by the Attorney General of Canada for a Forfeiture Order pursuant to paragraph 83 .l4( 1)( a)

of the Criminal Code;

Page: 2

UPON READING mE AFFIDAVIT of Corporal Steve Dubreuil in support of that application., sworn the 31 st day of March, 2009 ~ a redacted copy of which is appended as Exhibit A

to this Order but without the Appendices to that affidavit;

UPON BEING ADVISED by counsel for the respondent that it does not contest the

issuance of the Forfeiture Order;

UPON BEING SATISFIED on a balance of probabilities that the property described in

Appendices A-I to A-3 and also described in the affidavit of Steve Dubreuil, is owned or controlled

by or On behalf of a terrorist group pursuant to subsection 83.14(5) of the Criminal Code;

UPON BEING SATISFIED that notice was given to the respondent and to any other

person who appears to have an interest in the property pursuant to subsections 83 .14(4)(7) of the

Criminal Code;

UPON BEING SATISFIED that the Bank of Nova Scotia has been duly notified;


UPON BEING SATISFIED that the Bank of Nova Scotia has met the requirements of


subsection 83.14(8) of the Criminal Code;

AND UPON BEING SATISFIED that counsels for the applicant and the respondent and

the owners consent to the Bank's petition;


Page: 3

1. Unless specifically provided by this Order or by the Criminal Code, no variation shall be

made to this Order other than by Order of this court. Any application for variation of this

Order shall provide for at least 10 days notice to the Attorney General of Canada and the

World Tamil Movement of Quebec;

2. The property hereinafter described shall be forfeited to Her Majesty to be disposed of as

the Attorney General directs or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the law:

An emplacement known and described as being lot number TWO MILLION SIX HUNDRED FORTY~NINE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT (2649768) of the Cadastre of Quebec, land registration division of Montreal.

With all the buildings thereon erected and more specifically that bearing civic numbers 4160 and 4162 Van Home A venue, Montreal, Province of Quebec, H3S 1 S 1

As the whole now subsists with all servitudes active and passive, apparent or occult attached thereto, and namely subject to a servitude of passage published under number 488 135 and subject to a servitude of view published under number 2873585.

3. The property hereinafter described shall be forfeited to Her Majesty to be disposed of as

the Attorney General directs or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the law:

Commercial bank account number 4336-0928569 in the name of the World Tamil Movement of Quebec located at the TO Canada Trust Bank, 8200 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, Province of Quebec, H4P 2P5~ and the content of said bank account;

4. The property described in Exhibit A to this Order, property also described as schedule A

to C in Appendix 3 to the affidavit of Steve Dubreuil, said property currently being held

by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 4225 Dorchester Blvd., Westmount, Quebec,

shall be forfeited to Her Majesty to be disposed of as the Attorney General directs or

otherwise dealt with in accordance with the law;

Page: 4

5. The Restraint Orders of the above-described immoveable and of the above-described

bank account, both Orders rendered on April 10, 2008 under Dockets Number DES-9-

08, are cancelled;

6. The radiation of the inscription of the Restraint Order published at the Office of the

Land Registrar of Quebec for the Cadastre of Montreal under number 15 105964;

7. It is further ordered that the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Order issued by

this Court on September 29,2009 shall remain of full force and effect;

8. It is further ordered that the forfeiture order does not affect the interest of the Bank of

Nova Scotia in the immoveable, such interest being those of a mortgagee, for an amount

of 97 051,66 and interests calculated on said amount at a rate of 1.50% per year from

July 16, 2010;

Service and registration

9. The Court Registry shall forward to the parties, namely, the Attorney General of

Canada, Quebec Regional Office, and the solicitors to the World Tamil Movement of

Quebec a certified copy of this Order to which is appended as Exhibit A the redacted

affidavit of Steve Dubreuil without its Appendices.

10. Any notice or delivery of material required by or in relation to the present Order shall be

effected as follows:

The Attorney General of Canada

Pierre ROY, Counsel for the Director ofPubIic Prosecutions Public Prosecution Services of Canada

Quebec Regional Office

4225 Dorchester Blvd., 6th Floor Westmount (Quebec) H3Z 1V5 Tel: (514) 939-8409

Fax: (514) 939-8460

File: 1-194207

Page: 5

11. A copy of this Order but without its Exhibit A shall be served by the Director of Public

Prosecutions, Quebec Region, as soon as practicable on the following parties, by a peace

officer to the party in person or by leaving a copy with a person apparently 16 years of

age or older at the party's residence or place of business, or by registered mail as

directed by the Court:

a. Seized Property Management Directorate C/O Jean CADRIN

4225 Dorchester Blvd.~ 6th Floor . Westmount (Quebec) H3Z IV5

b. Land Registrar of Quebec C/O Land Registrar Montreal Bureau

2050~ rue de Bleury, local #RC 10 and 1.10 Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2J5

c. Bank of Nova Scotia and its Subsidiaries and A:tT:tIiates 4861 Van Home Avenue

Montreal (Quebec) H3Q 112

d. TD Canada Trust Bank and its Subsidiaries and AtTdiates 8200 Decarie Boulevard

Montreal (Quebec) H4P 2P5

e. Thanesegaram CHANDRASEGARAM

f. Sivanathan SlY ARAMAN

g. World Tamil Movement of Quebec 4160.4162 Van Home Avenue Montreal (Quebec) H3S lSI

c/o Kathiravelupillai SITHAMP ARANA THAN President of the World Tamil Movement of Quebec

h. Student Association of the World Tamil Movement 4160 Van Home Avenue

Montreal (Quebec) H3S 1 S 1

c/o Sivanatban SIV ARAMAN Administrator

Page: 6

12. Service of this Order shall be effected on the following parties by service on M. Steven

G. Slimovitch, counsel for the Wor1d Tamil Movement of Quebec. M. Steven G.

Slimovitch will then forward photocopies of certified copies of this Order without its

Exhibit A to the following parties by registered mail within 30 days of this Order being


a. Muralee Karan THURAIRA TNAM

Leader of the World Tamil Movement of Quebec

b. Kathiravelupillai SITHAMP ARANATHAN President of the World Tamil Movement of Quebec


d. The Occupant

7720 Pie IX Boulevard, unit 1 Montreal (Quebec) H2A 2G9

13. Any person served by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Quebec Region, or by

Counsel for the World Tamil Movement of Quebec may request a copy of the redacted

affidavit of Steve Dubreuil which is Exhibit A to this Order which shall be provided to

that party upon payment of the cost of reproduction Exhibit A.

14. A copy of this Order and its redacted affidavit of Steve Dubreuil (without the appendices

to that affidavit) shall be posted on this Court's website making it available to the public

through this medium.

"Francois Lemieux"


I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above document

Is at true copy of the original issued out of I med in The Court on the 30lb day of December AD. 2010 Dated this 30th day of December 2010

"Nancy AUen"

Registry Officer

GLOIIARY ~ r ~ r +Iir Ir •• ~ rp .. + "'." .. r .. " r r ~~.~ + ••• I'~ .. , •. ~ ~

P.ART 1.+ " r ~ M'."~ "' •• I ~~ •• W .. , ~ fI •• h •••• J HH~ •••••• I I' ' ,.,~ 7

1.1 1.2

1.3 1.4

1.4.1 1,4.2 1.5



1.7,1 1.7,2


1.9 1.10 1.11 1,12 1.13

2 3

SOURCE OF INFORMATION , , "., , " , _." .. ".9

Use d Bold. italic -*yle:lllnd IOUrct Inform~ " "''' " - ,,9

. Confirmatlon of Infon'l'latiOn ~ I)y othIt' officeI'I and other em(lioyeetl of

the Federa' Govemment""".,-."., .. , .•.•. ,,,,.,, .. , ,.- .. , ,.,,.,,,,."""" _ .. 10

Supertax!: '" .,." , " .,_" ,_., ', ,', _ ,._ .. , on .. " , , _ _ 10

The Intormartt. .. ,,, ,,,, _ _ _, ,,,.,, ,, , .. - ...• ' , ' 10

Informard. ~B· , .. , ""' , - .. - .. - - " , .. ,', " , 10

Inbmanl·F' " " - - , ", _, 11

Surveillance and tlurveiRanQII repoI't8. _ " ".- - - , 12

FQtt ic: Accounting Reportl", "._ " ", _ _ , l2.

0.. barlIc. rI' •• ~ u.uru~r· .~ U.I •• ~ ••. " ~ ~ n •••• ~~., p.~, ,.r.+ •• • 12

Cllnadlen PoIi<oe InfotmltiOn C.m.er (·CPIC·I " " ·12

~ entt'?fl*ll RtglSttar' Centre fnformatiM du registfe des "'f'l~Pr1$b

du Quilbec rCIOREQ·) ", , , ""."' , - ,-.- , 13

Dictionary and Encyclopaedia , " .. , _" .. , •. " " , _ ,.,., 13

On..jjne Encyclopaedias .od other tol)rce* of inforrn.&n on ..,.Intemet." ". 13

Authors, flIHllrcheR 100 experla __ ._._ .. _ , •. _ , "", ".".,.1fI

Trar.Iadon _ .. , , ".", .. _ _,_ , _ .. " .. , .. ," ", " .. "'., ,,,,,'- .11

SpelUng 01 names if'IlhI Atfida'Irit " - - .. " , .. " " 17

~s ulllizud InthIsA~It" ", _, .. "'_ ,, , 17

PREVIOUSAPPUCATIOHS ",." , " .. " ,,,.,.-, , , 18


IN\lESTIGATION ,', , ,., " .. ,""", .. ,,', .. , .. " .. __ _ ,._,_., .. 16

4 O'v'E:RVlEW, , , , " , .. , , ,' " , , .. , .. " " .. ,. ,- 20

!i GROUNDS FORBEIJEF " " , , .. _ .. " , _" .. _ " .. 21

6 LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM (L TTE} " .. " .. , ,,,.,, -- -, --22

8.1 HIetQI'y of Sf'i.lanka and the conflict belwHn its peop!e " _ .. "_ _,,,,23

8.2 o.firtitim d TAMIL EeLAM."" " ,,,.,,,, ,,,., ." " " " ", ... ,2:\

6.3 C ion attN LTTE",,, ,,.,,, ,,- , .. ,,, - .. , ,,.-.- ,,,, .. , ,., _ .. ,.,2 ...

G.4 TeJTOrtst ad$ oommitted by ,he LnE , , " , ,,,,. __ .. ,, .. ,25

6.S u..d8t ~ UTE: V"LJI)iIlli PRASt:W(ARAN (Pirabanaran) " ".""" ,,28

6,6 AntonBI\LASINGHAM ,,, . ., .. ,, " ., " .. " " " "" '0

6_7 T"t L TTE FlAG " - " ,-" - ", " , " .. -,-- , ' .",,31

8,8 A lilted entity In C , ,,, ,, ,,,, ----., -- -.-,, " .. 31

8.0 Oulwid,CalWlde: ~on altha LlTE .u~QI'OLlP." "" ,,32

8.10 TP'It Inttrll.ion.l ~riat .. _ "" ""_ .. _" "." .... " .. " .. " "" ",, 32

6.11 Foreign BrBnd\ea, , ",,, , ..••. _ , _. , .. , ,," ,36

6,12 Tnt L m M.mJ. of ·Re·OrglniuliQo of Foreign Br~f1M elf the Liberation

TIg.,. ofT&m11 E I'I1" , ,"'_" " , __ .. ,,,., .. __ __ .. .. ._ .• ., .• 36

6,13 The LTTE training f(Il the FOreign Adlvil~"." .. , __ " " , .. ".-40


BRANCH OF THE L TT'E .. "",,, ,, ,, ,,,, .. ,-,- .. -.-,, ,-.- .. ,,- .. -.-- ,".44

7.1 L-alll (btu. orthe WTM • A non pruIlt OrgWlIatioll " "." .. " " .• 44

7.2 Li$tino til WTM· 20()8.(16.13 " ,." " .. " __ , " , 45



8.1 Ragistered ownefW, 014160 and .. 182 Van HotntAvenue, MontretL 4S

8.2 M8rntMn Of th. WTU in .Iptl.wtlcel order ........ u •••••.•.••..•.•.•......•.•• " " ••• ".41


TO JULY aolt1, 2004 , "" " ,5.

9.1 TIw WTM Prnident StTHAMPARANATHAN au..did ttle L TIE Training III Sri

unka ~h I •• ,~""","'.'."n ••• uu. h. n~ •• hh •• , ... ~ .... ~· •••• , • .,.~., ••••• ,ro ••••• 'n •••• '"" ",-""--- " ••• ,52





OPERATIONS MANUAL " ., ,., ,', 58

Prop8ganda and Media " " , .. , 58

T~ j)JbIeation , .. "., .. , "" •.•.•.• 59

The ""-rtyr', Day 2003 ,,61

The ~ .• Oay 2(1()4 " " ~

The IMIIttyr'. 011)' 2(106 , " , 67

llIe~. Day 2(X)7 " , , " , , (19

The MIIrtyr'1 Day 2008 " "" 73

1M BIIII=k TIgeB Day 2004, ", ., .. " .. _ 73

The Black TIgef1- Dey ZOQ6" , , " 16

15" AnfIiY«Ut)' Qf\he"TRO"· Octo,*, 'fit. 200(! , ,,, 71

Local fundrli6ing .,..... ~ to lhe WTM .-.cI L TTE " 79

Elchlbiliona.net S~I publlc.uona ,.; ,." " " 19

PoIitlcel COIltICts ,.,.,' .~ u." ,. ", __ .• __ .~_. -.It.II" ~I u -.u+-oio+-,-I. ,._ -,~~~~'u •• ISO

Pubtication OWillOn , ,," , " .. , 83

F~Iing: "' , , 85

8.~ Accounts of the WTM ,,, , , ,, , ;,, .. , B6

WTM financial reportir!g d~, "' , , , 88

Fl.lndrIIlsIng method 1 - Prt~ payment PIJn called Electronic Flmd

TrBIWf.s "EFT "~U' ••••• ~~'n ,. --. ·-"U '''~41'' ••• ," U"'U' I"I~ , •• H --4'" n-·· ._. __ ",_'" 92

Proeur.m.nt of WTM ~ reoord!il 95

Fonmlic accouoting ttpOns , , , " 96

The WTM raPQt1S to the L TTe llie K. MANIVANHAN of "'- Inl*rnational

.s.c.-eter •..... u , ~ _. __ .H __ 11_.' -1-·+ ." .. ~ .• nl"" , I.'.~~~" •• ' ,_ ._~, .. Q7

10.2.4 Int.Nilwa with wIt~M of In"'uthori:ad Plyment scheme , 99 Wlne8tI "A" ,., , ,. "'" ".,., 100 INItnest "e" ,."' " , , , 102

10.2 3 Yllltn.. ·C· ", , , ".103

10.2 4 v.'lIneII.[)" ,.,,, .. ,, , ,.105 WilnesI"E" " , , 100

10.2.5 II'ul'IdralllfIQ Method 2 "Rewrnu.s through IICtiv_ of tt. WTM 108

10.2.8 Fl.lndralalng Il'I8tIiOd 3- Tan'III etlam Eoonomil;; ~ Org...u.tlon .109

10.2.7 FlJndraiajng Method .. • The IIVTM dl.t:r1burM MWt~i'1I fot- the WId of ,he

l TTE , ' , 111

10.2.8 Fundnllaing Method 5-t.t1Ue Funchlt-lng campaign by !he L. TIE • Tamib;

Saving$: Fund , " , 113

1 0.2.9 Ftnhliing ~ 6 - C'.d*lion ttvough till , 120

10.2.10 Fundraislng m8lhod 7 - Revenue.. through social and .porting ..."nrs 121

9.2 9.3 9.4


10.1 10.1.1 10.1.2 10.1.3 10.1.4 10.1,5 10,1.6 10.1.1 10.1.8 10.1.9 10.1.10 10.1.11 10.1.12 10,1.13

10.2 10.2.1 11t2.2 10.2.3

10,2.3.1 10.2.!-.2 10.2.3,3


Page: 2


11.1 11.1.1 11.1.2 112 n.:Z,1


11.2.3 11.3


11,5 11.6 11.8.1 11.6.2 11.6.3 11.8.4 11.6.5 11.8.6


12 12.1 12,2 12.3 12 .... 12.5 12,6 12.7

l' 13.1



1"'.1 14.2 14.3

14.3.1 14.3.2 14.3.3


15.1 15.2 16



Olt'ler..-..ct ~ .ec<I~ " " " 122

WTM , •• r' .. , " 122

II!!I! .. " 122

~ " " " 12.

T ...... of $7.000 via WfM Toronto w thil International Secretariat in

S.~ 2004 " ", " 125

Tran,l.-of $11,000 via WTMToronto to the Inlamatiorllli Secret.rilI! in

s.m~ 200.trrl.r .. 4 ••••••• _u., •••••••• ~ ••• rI .. nr •• '.j~ •• H., u •• , 4 •••••• 126

~ated nl1Mdiot'l. of"'. Toronto WTM s..,tem~ 2004 - $30.000 " .. 117

October :zoo4 - 115.000 tranef'tr from the WTM to the L'ITE via the

Inlenlelio,...1 Sea*illl " 127

Deetrnt)er 2004 - $10,000 transrer from U. wru to Ih9 L TTE WI the

InttfMlicnal ~aI " , ,,, 12Q

S3,000 llWlIIerfrom th& W'J\IIIO theTorontowrM 131

May to October 2005- $105.000 , " 131

JIl'lf 21101, 2OOIi, Mathy '10.000 , · ·.132

June.3O". Z<IOS. ~1I $10.000 133

July $",,2005. u.tI\y $2S,OOO " "" 134

JUly 25 ,2005, MIIthy '10,000" · ·" 136

JWy 27", 2005, ~y $32,000 " " .. 138

AuguSt 31", 2005, YogafMl. $18,000 " t-40

Fund lrIInsfer from till Tamil R~.billtatlan Otgani2ation (.TR(Y) , 1 .. 0


Student FedelatJonl " , .. , 1~1

Womer1: F~ .. ",'~U,~~I, .• , ••••••• r.~ +, ••••• u.~.~.~,~"."U,.u " ,rll •• 143

Creative dubl , , . "' 145

Cl'llll'lCtlolei. Arlvudlo'" , " , "" .• " , 148

GeneraI .. ~n. ofeNm TMnIl., 160

E~ mlll:rel , ,., h ••• u .. un' .. -~' 'n r .. , .•.•. rI •• r',,'~~.h.,.151

Sparta Dl1riII(II"I " " u •••••• 152


letMr of the 36 8d1via1s., .. , , ~53

TI1IV8I documenI:I , 155


OeacrIPIIon of 4180 and 4182 V.n Holne., . ."."."' " u , 157

Mortglge.ncl BiI'* aocount It the Bank of Nova Scotia " " 1~

WTM p!!Iyw for exper'lM& ralal8d to 'he blJildino at 4 1«J-.( 161 V.n Hom.

A~"'" .·_.· .. ,.~·II~~~.~.· .,U ....... , •.. , .,I~" '" .~. nO"" •••••••••• _. ,_._. ",n' ,.'._ •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 184

Hot.ttr tMkl.,".f ........•. I ••• U" •••• U ••• f ••• I~~~ U.U.H.~ ••• n~ n 184

omco intul'll'M;a " , .. , ,.· , 164

CHANDRASEGARAM i, PIIid .. "" KtMIt , " .. ,," 1.86



Surveillance II 41EM)..4182 VIWI HOInII, MOnt and tilt munieipM recyClIng

d.pot II;IC8t8d at &026 cMmIn~. MontrMl... 165

Surveillance of THURAIRATNN.4 on April 12",2006 " HI8



p. 3d 183

Page: 3

18.1 4t80V.n NWneA~nue. ~1~AprlI12", .iQ(XI m "' 17'O

10.2 418.2 V~n Avtln~, Montreal AprtI1~, 2008 __ __ __ 171

16.3 171

16." . __ . 172

16.5 WId.. Vtn on r, 2008" -- 173


II ., •. ~ , ••••••• , I ••••••••••••••• ""'~H ••• ~,~,+. '.II.~ •••• H ••• ,·_ ,,'I •• u· "_1_.' .•...•••.• _ .. _ •• __ u ••••• 173

PART 11 , ,,'+ " " u ••• _ H t , •• , 175


FO«.LOWS , , 175

18.1 IJnka betwe&t! the LTTE.OO theWTM -- 1'76-

18.2 CHAHORASEGARAM· co-owner of 4180 and 04182 Van Home Avenue 176

18.3 SIVARAMAN - Co-o\wter of 4180.nd 4162 Van Home Avenue -- .. -- " .. 1 T7

18,4 SITHAt.f:lARANATHIIH - The ~ ofttMI W1l.L " , 178

18.5 The buildlng- 41«l .004'02 Van HoINAwtnue. t.Ic:IrItrtMl. , .. , 179

1 U The FlJr'IIhiflng by t~ WTM ~ controlled and -'mlnitt..a from ils offices. at

4160 and 4162 Vln Hgme AYMlue. Montte.t " -- " 179

11.7 The WN TO b*fIk aa:ountl43au.0928S69 ..• , " " 180

18.8 Ellhibit items , __ ., .. __ __ .. __ , __ . '., .. , __ .. " " ,.181

1$ CONFIDENTlALITY __ , " .. "., , .. , " __ , " 181

20 S~CE AND REGISTAATION , .. , --" . __ .. 182

21 REUEFS REQUESTED , , ,. __ .. __ , , __ " . .. __ 183


Page: 4



In or(hlr to fllabte Che IWIdIng of this Affld8v1t. below ill !he lilt IIi1d • brief dtlcriptiOIl 01 the mott important nfII'Im, Il.Ib-oIVanlzltlonl Ind ~ ~ mentioned in thII Affidavit.


» ~ CHANDRASEGARAM II the co-owner of 4160.00 4182 V .. Horne AII'r1Ue. the Joint aCCOl.l'lt hOlder for the Mortgage .ccount 1683-63606 •• WTM activist Ind. WTM admlniItraCor in Ita I'" ye.s,

:I> IbrnMI BALENDRA is the prtlilklllilnt of the Canadiln TamU COngreiS in Quebec end • \NTM activist:

)0 ManIY.nun KARUNANANTliASWAIiV is • WN adNIAt and the form ... WTM leader un1lI2005;

). Anton M~ICKAII ... wrM ~t lind ir. til, (:(I-5ignit'lg offioer (Of" the WfM TD bank account 14336-0928_ ~ .t thit TO Ctinadl Tru.\ Iknk in ... ontroal .... ce 1994;

,. Slntlltnlkumlr PEItAMPALAM it • trainad actjyiGt of the WTN;

,. Ka1blrnelLlpl'aI SlTHAMPAR.lNATHAN is the Prelident of the WTM lIi'1d is the eosignirlg officer for the WTM TO baIit account t4336-Q928S6D I'IIid at tne TO Cllltlada T ...... BlInk In Montreal ,Ira 1i94;

> Slv.n ..... IIVARAMAN II the CO-owMr fA "1eo and .. 102: V.n Hom. Avenue.

Montrttl.nd .,.. j<)Inl M)I)C)Unt IV:)Ider for the Mortgage m::ount 1583-838-6;

,. Mural .. Karan THURAIRATNAM wit l~naIbIe of linlnce tor WTM untlll'le bealme Ie~r 01 the WTM ill 2005.


). V.lupilial PlRABAtfAM,N. alSo known n PRA8HAJ<ARAN, ill the LlTE Leader;

). V~ MANlY,,"",," ie. the Secretary Of the lITE lTltet'Nl1onll s.or.tarlM:

)0 MA1'HYARAIAN. 8110 known .. Mathy, It the parlOR I'bponsibl. for flflAf'd Il'I8lt&rl of hLTTE.


Page: 5


)0 Uberdon n..,. Tamil Eelrim ,<Itt TTE-t Is a the WnvrlE grouP:

)- World Tamil Mowment of lIontteal ('WrMnt i. the fOr.,jgn branch of the l. TIE.

IOCat.:I .at 4160 lind 4162 V.., Home Avenue. Montreal, n • Hated ierrortr;t entity in

Canada Ilnc:e June t3". 2008, .


). SiuUnt Attoctatkm crt a. WOltd T.nlillowment ("'SAWTMtt, gives it, Iddresl at 4HID Van Home Avenue, Montreal and the adminiIhtor of tnil orglllnWdion It Anton


)0 e.a.m T.nll AMocIadon of Que_ ,"ETAQ", gIvn itt adchu. •• 4162 Van Heme Avenue, MonInMI Ind one of the .wnlnllitr'atola i. SIY..,an SlVARAMAN:

.. l1w ~ r!I Tamil Af'- .nd Tec:hMIogy- C"ATAT"t giv_ itl ~_ as beirlg 4160 V ... tiot'.- A~. MontrwI ~ 3810 R$dleI street. Montreal, The Int addr.,,, " lOCated rmt to THURAIRATNAM'. residence,


» The W1lI 11) _flk .ocount I4UIoORIHI ~ !he bMk 8CCoUf'It 'OYUhl to be fQrfwit8d:

Antva IlANICKAM and KlthIrav.lupIRai IrntAMPARANAntAN are the COolignlng

omc.r.; ,

)0 'the MortRtt ~nt al ..... at the Bank tA Nova S~ it Jor the building located at ~160 8nd (182 V.n Home., n.n...g.,*" CHANOR.AHGARAM and BIv"""n SIVARAMAN lira hit JOInt tlo:ount hoIdefs 10r the mOl'tpge lIOCOunt.

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., StJIVe DUBREUIL, of the City of MOntnud, Pnwinoe of Quebec, a Puce omc.r .nd memblll' of "- Rop' ctl1..:ll.n MOlInt.d Police, UAKE. OATH ANO SAY AS FOLLOWS:

1. , am , PMce OffIcer n hllte btl ..... member Of ltw- Royal c.n.dlan Mounted Police elne. 1W5. WIthin ItMiH ~. I have a<:quifed ~~ .. a ganentI duty member n • ~. seMCft oIfiter. I.m ~y pOsted tQ ltIe InI.IOlIl4KI National SecuritY Enforcement Team In Montreal ("INSEr) and have been for the ptlit 2 years WId 10 monlt1l. I have. been aaI",*, to ~. in Project CFtIBLE ~ to i"~.t. the offence ul'Ider the Crlmlnal Coda-

2. This I~ involves. a terfOriaI group known • tM LilW'8tiol"l TIgeR of Tamil Eelem rLTTE"). ThiI organizallon coIIeds funds in canada that: I believe .re used to finer1ce tenoriIt ~ In Sf1 Lanka. The L TTE operate. in Canada through It front org.nIution known as 1M WoI1d Tamil Movement ("WTM"): we muat add that fhe WTM '- te~ I)y ha\'ing bnll'IChell in TOfl)nto Md MontnI-.,. M the .rr;.nt. I n.v. rNd the ptlftin.nt lnIotmation In rupm to 1'111 Application tNt !'la, bMn ~'IhUl '-' rot the purpoI. of prqect ·CRIBLe·. Since my 88$1gnm.tnt to projtct ·CRlBlE" ifI NovaMber 2'008, I have allO been Up!; abreast of new developments in thlllnllestigation by m)' CDI,"&u. •• nd tl¥ poke raport. YtNch , have read, UnIeH ol~ ..-:lfiIIId when refen1nt)10 tt. WTM in thia AffIdavit, I will tie "fe~ng to h WIlA in Mont~.

3. Thit A~ i. macM In IIfPPOI'I 0I .. ~ by the Atto,.,.y G • ..,.,.. of C.nada fa( an Order of Forfeiture ptftUMt to ,,_agtaph 83.14(1)(') of th. CrimInal QOdf. 10 forfeit prcptI1y to ~r ~ to be dIapos1Id of .. ~ AltomlflY Genetal dltecb Of otherwise _It wJIh In .ooordance with the law, the .. 11:1 PI'W*tY t.inv • wildIng, Iocatftl at 4160 and 41fi2 Van Home- Avenue, MontrwII, _Indicated in AppIndix 1.

4_ Thll AffIdIVit 1$ also made in eupport or ., ApplIcatIon by the AttoI'Tley Geneflll of CMId. fot an Order ¢f Forleiture pursulln4 10 patllQraph 83. t"(1)(II) of tlv! Criminal Codtl, to fotteJt property to Her MljeaW to be diSpotodI of '$lh8 Attornit)' Gtlneral dirttdl Of' othcnriIe defIIt wllh In acoordance with the law, h PIOPtrty bIIinoy h COfIt.nts of ccrnm.n;W TO Cfnad. TI'UIt bank account f.433&-092858", belonging to h WTM .Iid located at the TO Can8&! Trust a.nk, 8200 Oecarte BouleVard, Monrreal. as indicated in Appendix 2.

5. Tn. A.ftIdrIft I, Mo made In support or In Appbtion by U. Attome-y Genet.1 of Can.act. for 11ft Orar of FQffeltUAI pu .. uanl to ~pn 83.1~(1)(1) at tile Criminal Codtt, ~o forfeit properly tv Her Majesty to tit difpmed of .... the Anomey GeMlrai directs or otherwiM _It with in .ccordentle wilh the law. the orCll*ty bftlg the Itllhibb .. ad on AprIl 11tn, 2008. -,d on 8aptam~r 3111, 2008. located at the RCMP, 4225 Dorcheater, WestmOUflt, 8, indlcatad in Appendbc 3 ~ Schedule. A, 8, C, 0 and E_

O. I am 1110 rnIndt\lI to ltI8 tact enet our ~.tigttion I'lll l'f'mlied ttwt !he Wor1cI' Tam" Mavtrnent .net ttt. L TTE have been dernonthted to uUla. pt'tI-tuIC tKbQI to etic« fwldI and ~ •• welt ilia to parWip8te In Vlllied 1h1'Ht1. The contents Of some ".,agl1llphl of 11U1 AfftdavIt, .. MIl • lQI'M .hW, II' eirQllaled In tNt publk: t*)1tI.in would likely put aome members of the Tlml commuolly at rltk. Thtrtfc.ft, tom. ~. end exhlbl18 hllVe bMn 'I8tted andlhouk! remain confidential in the public:

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Page: 7

~ of thb: Aflldavit in orde~ to .¥OId any identiflcafUln.

1. Thill Amdari will It- thai: all tI'Ie PIOPIM1iU --"zed In Aptll 2008 -xJ .u the' P'O~ ttizod in September :MOe are owned Of' COnlfOtlecl b~ It teff'Or1st QfOI.Ip, the WTM, on behalf ~ • twtoriiIt gIOUS), .,. L. TTE.

iii. For h purp!)H of 1hII Afftdavit, "the propertia" rnn tQ:

,. n. building, Ioceted .4180 and .182 Van HomeAWlt'IUe. Montreal;

,. The oorUnta " cammM:ll! TO canada Trutt blink .aoount M338-0028Sfi. beiongIng to the WllA and located at the TO c.oad .. Trullt a.nk, noo Dec.riI:I Boulevard, Mtlntraal;

~ PrOpertie. teIzBd pUnlLJant to Se&IrctJ WananlIe:aued on April 12~, 2006, for .. 1ao van Home Avenue. Uontrlll.t, ~ we", then re·s~ on. April l1t11, 2008;

)1. Propeftiel MIzed puraJant to $U'c:h W.rranI iQued !)Ii. AprR 12111, 2006. for 41 S2 V.n Home A~, Montreal, WhiCh _,. tl'lfn re-Hized on AprIl 1 1!1t, 2008;

). Propertlu ~ ptJrwtiIC'It to 8urth warrant Issued on April 11", 2008, for n20 BOIAI. Pie-lX. unit 1. MonttMl, whidl _,... tnen re-Hized on AprIl 11111, 2008;

). to SHrch WIII'8trt iuueod on Apti11", 2008. for_

whKlh were then ... 1zecI on April 1 '''1 2008;

l> Propertlel HIzed on Septem~r r. 2008, .t .160 VIII'l Horne Avenue, Montreal;

), PropeI'tiM &sized on September 3", 2008. at 4162 V., Ho.". Avenue, Montreal.

II This Alrldavll will 'hOW that the 1.IJerdon Tlgtr$ of Tamil E~Il,," (L n'E) il a temlrilt gtOup that has been commktlng ~S1 .ttiv-1tift _a before U. lIlting In canada in 2000.

10. This A_vil will show that the World TernU MOYI&ment (WTM) fadlltJoted ~t ac:tM1lfi of the UbMlllon TIQfIt1 of Tamil Tigers (lTTE) and II th8reforfI II tert¢ri$t DI'OIJP·

'.~ •...

11. Tn. AffidIIvlt will fhow that Th ..... l'llm CHANORASEG\IVIM, • IMmber or the WTM, md SWanathln $IvAAAMAN fIIciIitated WJQriIt ICItivHlH of the W'TM Mel the L TTE IncI, katen. are t.lnQl1$l (IfOUPl. u per tnt folowing definitlona,

OtItnltion '"III'nM't1t tJfOUl)" - HCtIon 13.ot(1) CrIm".., COdt

.,.~ grouP" me.llI:

C.} An entity tt.t hal I. one trf ita plJfPOIM or dlltllel fadltating 0( c:anylllg out lin)' ~et aCllIYlty. or

(b) A lilted entity. IIOd lnoIude. an as.sodltlon of .ucn entities

Denntuon ""1tOI'I" aclh;1ty" - MC:tioIt 83.G1(1, CdmIIMI C. "TerTOftal.ctiYity" "......:

P-a' 801183

Page: 8

Ib) An act Of om"n, in or outside c..da.

Q) tI'I;It it committed

(8) In wholo or In part with "'!II intenliQn (If inIirnicI.tIng U. publiC, or a Mgment of the public, MIh regllll to itt Hcurity. Including Ita eoonomic MCUrity, or Compei~no a person. a govemmenl or a dOInntie !;If" II.n international Qrg8llimtion to do or 10 retain From doing lin)' act, whettt« the pul)Iic. or Ile ""on, govemment or organ_Ion is inside or out.ide C.~III, and

(II~ ttlat mt.ntlonaliy .

(A) GtI.lMl dHth or ter1ou. bodily n.rm to a person bV tile UII!I Of \/1c1enC8,

(9) endafVen • ptl'lOl'l" life,

(C) Geu.tl • Hriout I'I-.k to tt\e hHlth 01' aafety of tnl! public Of II'lY Mgn'MInI: rI the public.

(0) cauH1I eubItantlai proJMIIlty damage, whether to public or ptMlt propmy, If c;auaiog .uch dam. Ia likely to rest.l1l ... the COI"ICIuct or h..-m ~ 10 in ,ny Of clauaee (A) to (e),

( ... )

DeftntIIon .. .nttty .. - HCtIon 13,01(1 ~ Cdm/.., CodI

"Enttly" mNrlI • peftM, grouP, butt. pa""*,,hip or fund or an unil'lCOfl)Ol'ilteci .. ~on or organJzation.

12. I have personal k~ of t~ matI.-s Mel facb, 10 which I de~ in this Affllhllllt, • ..,. .rnf .;!tOtpf: \toM,. stated to be on Information .1Id belief, I believe Ih$ f«AA. and f!'I4Ih,. within my pol1ilOnal knowMdr:l. to be 1:I'\Ie. N to u.e facti, baled on inlonnatlon and bGIief. I bItIeve them to be true.

13. Unletl 0CherwiH stated, III p1acu -rMd ttl In tn. Affidavit life pl,lceI wlthln Ule provInC:e gf Qwbeo. All Ihe motor Io'ehIde rIcInco pI.Me numbe~ ntferTl'd to In thIt AMdtvlt ... Quebec motor vohlcle 1l0en0t _ n~b$I'$, ul'llMi othefwi .. indlclted.

14. I have otUiMd infomwtlon hereinafter dePOMd to from 1h8 following sources, and' where I have ~ ~ to thc)N mac.rialt in !hie. Afftdavlt. I b,1irIo til. lnformllIion to be true:

~ RflviwMg IrI'1tttlgatlYe evidence coIIectad by a1her police offiDln;

> P-..o~ rtYiewln; IOUt'Ce detl/1eflng repoJU n invea1lgrive r.porb fiI~ b~ other ~ i~\OrI .nd pllOid in the invedg*fiVe nKIOfd;

). M .... II an other ecurcn. of illformtlllon meotioned hereinafter.

1.1 u.. Of Sold, &tiRe.,.... and ""1ft InfonnMIon

15. In tII'- Afftda'ilt, N tolln bold (:OfTHponcia 10 the Hutc8 ..... 1M IfttormMI6n Pageeof 183

Page: 9

""If vaa.n.d. The Irrbmaliol't in bnIoIoI.t. ( ) It! • ,...,_,,_ .... ~ .ololWl» _mwnl, the phob:Igr8ph or !he exhibit uHd to corrobcnte the irlfom'lation In the peragrapn.

Thf text in itlINc ~ my own be/ifIf 8fId COit1mfffltIl kI ~ to the ItictB d8m0n8tlal8tl1n tII/a Abvit.

1.2 ConllrrttallOn of Infonutlon ptO\'lMd by oth.r ofkera and other employea of the F ..... I Government

18. In the COI.ftt of thit ~Ion. POlice (Iff ... , ~ber& of ohr ~cies and emplo~ of tM Federal Government nave made obaarvation, orllnd provided il'IformatIon INIIInQ to Prgfed: CRISLE. I believe the Il'IfDmIatiOn olUineci frtltn tnna PIOPIIII accuratl to the bMI: of my ~. II I baIItIIe Ih_ in thiI uecutlon d thelr dtrt'-s ltIey are compelled to teeord and ... only wnat they believe. to be true.

17. In the c:w1l8 of thiB Inve$tlgllllon. 111~ '*' bun adIiIMd of a pilraI1el In.-HtiQatIon. project O'SALUKI, by Toronto INSET InveIUgatorl Info the actMtiel of the Toronto wru. I ~ the in1onnation obtained from thMo J)$opIe iI sea,II·. to the beet of my ICnowI8dge, •• I btlieYe th.t in the- ..cubOn of u.tr dl.ltiel they in compelled '0 r$OtIrd .,d ,tate only what they belieM to be trw.

1.3 ~

18. MontrMI INSET invet11gatcn have L408d throughout IhIt inv_liglltlon • Mijor case MlIMgMIent ICftWiIN CRIed Supe~. $uptI1u111 an orr ............. .oftwar& uMd by tIw RCMP to l'IWIagt mljor CIIIH. The Ippllcatlon' • .nngth II In managing paper AICOtd., In PIIr1lwIlr Piper uhibltl, It IIIowa for high-volume document management, 1~J.'«h .. .-dIIng lind reporting from _MId dacurnenta ItId It .,kIwI il'lfoon_on to be stCAd In a unIqu •• nr:t Otg.niad format. TIvoughout thil inveatiplon, the con'K'Ilorl pradice. whIn dealing with e)lhibi\t, WIll to .can lIw orignl into Supertexl. A copy ~ !he .c.nrwd document .. 1hen u...:! by the Afrlant thrOughOut thi$ Affidavit when reIoanirtg to fpecific emlbl1s II doctMYNilntllry lloIIdtr'a to JlIpport • $I.;:II$d hM;t.

1.A- T~ InfonnIru

19. Our1ng the course of Itlil in..,..IiSlldion, membtn of INSET .,.. conftdentiallnfcnnants to obtain and corrobonlb!t inrotmlllian In ~on to Protect CftIBlE. The Identity at thou infurma,* needllD rem.in anon~ and I witl altpilin thiI further in fuil Affldlvft. I ~ incIluded in th$ following paregl'ilphs infCI~n proyIdtd by ttHe ~ldential Inform~.

1.'.1 tntonnam ~B"

20.. Bacltaround: 1nform_·8" is • todtd RCMP source slrlQ!l ¥ ttlal nas

given information on I8WIr91 OOC8Sions to IhO pOIict, IrlfOfMlWll: I<*ltif!.d 8 d the

.u&:lje(U; of thit inveltiglllon by viewing !lUN8l11anc:1 ~raph&.

Pqe 10af183

Page: 10

Corrabonltlon of 1nfomHIUon: The inkHmlltian provided by lrd'oml8flt "S" - corroboratecI t1'IroughaIJ our invft:tiglltion. OIhIJr infonMllM na. tMwI COf'I'QbOI'ated tl'lrough pob uv.iIlarIC.l8 Ofltrllt!on.t. daM d&WIng tile COUfIe of thIs lnllfttlgllllon. 'The .... bffcIt idtntfflild b, Informant "S" from uveillnce photographe have also b8en identified bV our l.westigatlon. Some of the irlfofm.tlor1tuta abo '--" conobot'~ by 2 other coded police inform8ntl. ThUi Jar, the inlomJation given by InfQOnant ·8" and UMICI in 1M pntparel:ion of thill doamant '* t.en con-~ by our irweltig8l.ion, and ~ IlOCM1iidar It relable.

lAYel of IktMiI of InfonMdon provkhd by Inbma ... "8": Ttw inform.tm provided by Informant "8" 'impli(;atoI members or the WTM In fundraltlng activitiMI on bOllaIf of the WTM and trJe l TTE"

T .... mony of Inlotmut "8"; ThIs Informant doe. not wan' tQ tHlify "nd wants to rtlm.n anonymauil.

ou..t appIl'" c:oneIdenItioM; Informant "S" doee not have 8 crlminal recorn ... d hM nor teceim:I .,y rinanWI benefIIi;. Informant "S" did noc uk to be compenMt«l. Infoml8n& .8". mativIItion for proWdlng Infotrnation 10 the poIce ~ motlvl!lte4 I)y cMc d .. and by the deeIre to He U. Tm community 1!IIe freely In Can.d.. On the bMIs of the Informadan atafi8d abo~, I btIieve to be trUIJ tt. irIfg(mftion pI'O'MecS by Informant "8".

1 .... 2 ~ntMP

21. IIKkground; InfoIm.nt·P '-. COihd RCMP ~ moe and nu uw-n irtformatloo on MtYIIIr.I occulcna. Informant"F'" till. pnwicled Il"IkKmation on Mftral individualt Invotved with the WTM and the L'nE.

COfTOboNIIon 01 lnfcInnallon: The InrorrnIUon fII"OI/IdfId ~ Infomlal't "F" hae been t:GITGbcnti!Id by lmelligenoe Gathered by pollet Irwe.tlg.tlon. end ~ Infonnation raceIv8d from 8I'l~,r IOUIW, namely Infonnllll. -eo. 111~ r.1he Infonn~ giftn Ily InfDnnant ·F· lind ..,...; In the pcwparatIon of thll document .,.. been COII'tlbor.llted by our m-tiglllion, u.r.fcn I wn.der 1\ r.I!.blo.

Level of utaH provided by Irrrorm.nt "F": The Int'brmation supplied by Inform.nt "F" "rtalned ta tIIr.phOf'l. nl.lmbertl and n.mlMl of Indhridillllla .. ~ wi1n tn. WTM.

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The infann.Uon 8110 rNlli!d to fundfalaing mfttlodl rA the WTM and Iocatlonl of a\lCh .all/ItiIM.ln Monnal.

OrtgIn or .nfonnt: .. l .,11t. know .... of the IntormallGn; Infonnant"F" it, • member at u.- _ Tamil comJlVllty and .. aueh I'Ia$ fifst .... 1Id knowtedge of the actiYitin of the WTM within the community.

T-1Imonr of InfonnMt "Fit, Il'IfoImaInt 'F" dOM not wish to t"tify and wlnta to remain anonymous for lecurity 1$NDtlI"

ott. .~ c:o~; Informant oF" WM not COMI*1 .. td for the il'tformadon providId to me police.

1.5 IkIrvellw-.net .urwIIII ... ..,om.

22. I hlwo been ~ In numel'OlJl lnYntigatIon. Involving aurveillance ainOe May 2006. and I IIIl'I famlliu with ... pnIf)II,.oon of ~I~ report$. Pab surveillance operationl CCJndUCIed durMlg ttl. QOUnMI of thlt m..,..tiptlon ... n be deecribad In twa ~". First, &UJ\llllll:nce- operations 8I'e aooletlrnes conduct.ct by a team made up or membln of INSET whO get tcpthtt to ckltha a".,..tlon. n.. typ. gf team it: only t.mPOfWY linee t'- Invatigatonl h..... oth.r duties. Secondly, the suNeiliance openltionl are often UIlgned to the Il.Irveillance t.am. rA"the FtCMP Specilll "0. hctIon. n-e .OII"" are used llpec:flcany In 8lIIWI1"~ ~~. In both caus, the ob8eMIlkIns of those m.mbera are f1It)OfIIed to • member d the team wtlO ill Msigned the latk of p!1I~l1ng III written~. During each dally eUtWllkance C)pItrttionI an officer ia llIigned the responsibility of roponin; the obterv8.tiQllS for all the m4fllbers (I the" team kIF that Ihtft. All membe" of the .urveilance team subsequently enlurtl its QCtUI1I1:Y by reviewing I!Ind .gnlng tie lurwejlal\Ctl reports.

23. DwIng 1tw cour. of this ~ian, lI"IIIMItOator& h ..... wed the MINION of ac:courIUInbI from the Foren~ AocQuntlng Management Group (FAMG) 01 Publie Works and GoIIemment SefvioM C.nadII (PWGSC) in orllBr to compila and 1IIn81yae the raw dQtI ...., f~ ~ U. we,.. ~ thlQughouiltlil Inveatlgatlon. The ICClOUI'lt.lta produced ~nill report. from docurnentwy e¥idence .od .:dlibil. $UppIi~ by the In ..... ~ and I believe rh.t tt,. flllM ..m c::of\CMMOnf .lI;p .... Md by ttl. aooount.nt to betNe.

1.1.1 C.nacae.n Palicf InfonNtb'I. c.nc.r (OjC;PIC·.

24. I have llamed infonnlMkln from U81ra poIk:e computer dahl bIIM<t .yttem •• uch as CPIC. CPIC It • ~ reference dallIbne in whldl Information .. recorded and atored llIQ~rdlng peNO!lS and artdH fA intulwt \(l pOb. Ttt. datil .ntet.d in the PQIic;e

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1.7.2 a-blc EIIIItrprfu R_'III' I C.nn In'Of'mdH du .._.". des ..-.tfeprtad du ~ (",CIDREQ",

25. lofotnIatiCIn COfQf'Il~ enttITPiHa In QII8bte ., actA'" to ..,. pUblIC ttlrgugh the CIDREQ (Quebec Enlarpri .. Reglstrw). The E~ Ragielrar malntelnt a public 1'tIU- to ~, process. Itont lind cIiJtribute ltIe princlpallnfonnatkln cooccminglt1e ldeoIily d. M:tCIdatIonl and ~ i~ or In operation In Quebec. Thill informltion hH 18;_1 force. The public rea'-tM ._. creMel;l by tt. Act ~/"f1 the Legal PtJbNcity Of ~ Proprlelrxshlpa, PlrtMmhips MId L8Q8I Pf1rsotIs, (RSe c. P-45) In 0 .... to ~ and ~ize the Informlltlotl declared by .nterprl .... Tho law 15 Int.nded to pl'OhJCl the citizen. and enterprlMt of Quebec in their busineM; de-a1ir1Q1I. I believe the irlc)r'rnnon contained t'*-ln is ac::c:urate. (38.1,

1.1 Di(;tlanfI'Y .... Enc:yclo,..dll

2!. La Prit l.AroutM 1IIuttrt, 2002 Edition l"LtI Petit '--oUIH"); (2.1) ~ Unlverlallia. 2002 EdItioo rEtlc1¢lO" Uni .... I .. ·): ~3.1.

The New Encyclopaedla BmannIca. 15th Edition, 2003 Edition ("EncyClOPMd'BriWlnlea"). (4.1'

ThGBe 818 gllnentllfll()wfeds16' pulJIicatit:Jra tIult StlI gBnfII'BIty found in IitH'atIe8 to which r gNv~.

1.1 On-line Ene".....".... ... and other aoun:. of InformltlOn on tIM ,....."..t

27. ColMCllon FoNIin RNIkNII hat a M*- III www.cfr.orq. "identifiN ituIf as an on-line rnourct for tvtrfOOI' ~ vwantt to '"'" more about thl complex intemBtionaI It ...... ehIIlenging policy ttl'" .nCl cItiDnI .Iike. One at theM topica ., tfrrortam and AnwIct', I18pgnM to Iarl'Oritm. It" tddttt..., to the g8ntI'Il public ('via tht hUtTItt) ~ provldea. In • lhort Ind Clear format, updated Inklnnalion from national 'eaJrlty uperb;, (1.1)

28. Brlt.rmI~com is .n on-Ine IIICYCIop.aedla aeated in 1994, derived fr-gm the ~ BlMnniCa. "Tcxray Encycfgpaedia BrilarJnlca "" a larger and more mv.,.. line of p-Qduct. Ihan *VIW befo.... Our outlOOk J. .haped by our tradition at ~1lQ8 Ind 811 underI1aodlng of whet knowledge ... rc.,.. need In the d_ .: .1.1)

28. J.ne" JnbnlMIon Group II delCritled on itII_bde '1 "~ In fltld& of deffnee.

HOJriW. public safely, tran.port ..-.d law antoroement, """8 i~ i •• 'mual hhe' fWOIRII for OUr d.nt., who ~ tI'l.* OUr inItIlv-1iCt cw.r !hal fnn any otner open '01,11''::'." J_" prn'Vid'M inr~ 10 prII/atII orglnilatiOfll, gowmmentl, mIIltlrtn .nd .cademlca In more then 180 COUI'tIiea. (7.1)

30. BrlUeh Brc.dcuUng Corporation ("B8C') on·11ne news 8CilfYlce iI- • divi&iOn of tile BBC. The BBC News dna1bes • "1hfI1&rge$f.I:Iro..:ic.htil'lg COfI)OIlltiort In 1hII wand. Its

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mlMion .. to enrich ~'. H.-. with Io'ItOQramme. ttwlt ~_ ..... _.. ............. rtMt. It ill a public INrvtoe ~r, ...... 11ed by • Rapl Charter and funded by th. ~ '" lhal. paid by UK hOUH~" '1.1)

31. CNN Wottd N ... on-line ntM MrYIce !dentln_ II:IeIf • being among !he wurth I ..... In online new$ and inform.tkln~. ItII hINiIS ofI'k:a II loc.tlld in Atlante, UnIted State., and opeNltel 24 hour. a dtly, 7 dtIytI. week. There are also ..v.fat othef" 0IIiQM Iroood the world. This 88I'W:la reliM On hi expe""- of dOh to 4000 new. and'" ~ •. ~t.1)

32, Amnaty ~ news teMce: Amnelty lntematlonll de$(tibef. helf u a worlcMda movemenc d J*)pie who campaign for lntemIlionIIly reccgn_d liuman rlgli;l 10 be rapecIed and pRJIeCted for everyone. ThM' mlulon _ to condud rnurcl'l and ~ Idlon to prevent and and grlWf .bUMS d hum., ri;'* and to demand juatk:t for thoM VI'hase righu h:a\'$ blJ(m 'IIioI8Ied. Their mombott .rid aupponers exer1 Innuence on govemmenll. pOlitical bodin, companies end Inlel'g(nlel'l'lmtntal (JfOUp$. (21.1)

33. H...n.n RI_ W.h; Hum.n RiIilIQ Watch dIItJerlbea ItteIf as one ~ tra. Mll'Id's leading Inde~ Organi:artioM dedl¢tt.:i to dtfendWIg and protltCllng hurn~n rights. By focusing ~ attention where hum.n rightt are ~, IheV give IICIIt» Ie ttl, oppI'aMd and hold OflP'8lSOrt' .~nt*- for theif' Q'i'Ma. n.Ir r1gorOl.la, objIM:tlwt In'MlMigatiana and strategic, .. rgeted ~ buil(f inhInH preuurll for .dlan .00 .... m. coat r:I human right ....... On It'. wabth it .... that 101' 3D ye..... Human RIghI'l W8tI:h hal worked tenadoUlly to lay the legal and moral Ilround\t1oric fa( ~roohId t~e and nn rought to tiring gfaaIef jwtioe and MCUlit)' to ptaple arOI,ftd the woM .• CIt.1)

34. "" ..... 111& .............. 8 P\dr; Sffitty Canada (PS) was CNItIMIi in 2(J03 tc ent\.lre ~Ion aero .. .&I fede ... ~ n tgenc;:ltl ~ for nIIt!onal It(2.lIity .rid U1e ..r.ty of Canadian •. From natunll diAnn to aimt .net tel'l'Otltl'n, thfIir rn..nda .. II k) keep Ctntdlans .lIfe. t2t.1)

35. "'M'MLU "T1'It c..n.d. Oaatte is 0"- of the ~. ttl. Canadi.nt

can to accH$ the .. 8l'lCi ~I.tIon.lhM govern tneir ".11)1 Hve.. It "' .. bMn the

.~ newspaper" of tI'Ie GoIo'emrnent of C.nad8 SInCe 1841. Govemment CkpattmerU and ~o. .. .".11 .. the priQte HCtQr are required by law to publish cenaln inl'onnation In the Canacia Gazettt. The CIln. GaDtttI contalnll all fOfl'l'laf public notiClt& and otfIcl.1 .ppointmll'!ta; pt'OpOMd tegulationa: .-.gl,llatlons: lind public .eta of P..tiameot from govenllMfll dltpMm.nts and .gtndea. M~ceIIaneou8 public.: nottcet from prtvale IlIdof orgafllzatlo,. that are required by ~ 10 publish the nGticM tnd dWtemlnllte ~ infomliltion to tn. public .,.. _0 publith.c:l in the Canada Gazette. Thec:.an.dl Gazette HfVeIl '" • coneubtl'vll1OOl between the Govemm.m of canao..-.cJ CIInllIClililna: (30.1~

36. \!IIm.IM.UD.IY It; an AuatnIIt.n WfIDIite IIIhICfl mea.. Society tor Peace, Unity ~ Human Riant. tOt Sri ~ka (SPUR). It "itlindl for fill the objedl'lft thlt_ln il& name." The primary objtdIve or this • II 10 pntleflt authentic and auti'1orbtiw ~it::n advanclng the ceule 01 peace. lRty .,(1 h~n rigtna in Sri Lanka.· (27.1)


Page: 14


www.stItH ... ·Ij!D...ThIT.lbclrwnowpublished..._..Ch..-.dlq.m ... _._,

publlgatlon on February r'. 1881, In Lahore (now in PJldtian), According to ltt it ••

The Tribune. the largeal"ng dally In North India, "",*hes nntI and ~ without any biiI, or Ph!)udIta elf any kind. Restraint and mOderation, talt'lef It\an agitatlonal lang"_' and I*1tunshlp. are the ~1ImIttI:, 01 the pepeI. It is an independent newapaper in tilt realll4tllM of the term. Tha EnglittJ edlUon apart, the 128~t-old Tribune ha two lilter publications, P~bj. Tribune (in Punjabi) and o.nk TIibunII (in Hindi)." (301.1,

..,Slmlnl1km.9Q1 .. II wtbalto IhMl ..... tt'* fOllOWing: "tWnijnation.org is conctnMld to ttl • $lOry ~ rnt)I'f tn." 10 mimon TamUs IIvIrll today In many lends ant! 8Gr4)H dia ...... It i" .tIout their _rltagc!, ltwir rich Iinguegtl and litDratuN, and their vibrant (:I.AQ. It is • .tory ~ II "rowing ~heme$$ that iii being cor.olidate<i by Itruggle and autrering." (to.1 t

"""_CRRJ ill • web_In faVOLlr 01 tlit IfJ'IIGd fIwdooI ~ in Sri LanlC.. It Is currently icb'IIified ontht Mb .. II n "'*'- COUld~ dltlll9to 8 i;Ompumr. (1i.1)

__ ""WIlD&!!!! kSet'ltilitt bIN 1111 • .".,.~ deslat'llld to provide Infonnlltion about the cuIttn and htIIoI:y of tht Tamil people from tN "tid of Sri Lanka (Ceyton), apecIftcaIIy in rfglWt tothDIMt TIIr'I'IiI*lAtICI are c.....entIy living abl'O"., Canada. (12."

,,"""'MlCom IdenHlleI ItIeIf as In Independent and non-protI newswlfe seMce th.t provides up to date nws \Mth Tamil perepect~ (IIl_SUlI concerning Tllmll peopkt in Ihe ialRnd of Sri LanIuI. (11. t)

www"tMn"Wlhlm.cODJ w. CI'HIed In December 2000. It '- ragilter.cl to NlI'IJI);! RAJARATNAU of P,O. Box 81024, SUmaby, BrilWl Columbi., (tl-1)

wwwJIdItMqm II OWII'IH tnd 0J)fIIf8tt0 I)y FOrt)M.COft'1 LLC. rF~'l H CIt8CritIa iIMIf III •• leacfing InI6met fIMIdIa company tMllI among the rnott tMMId (~ren b

thl wor1d's bull,.... and In trncnt leadeni, provkting tI'Iem the unaxnpromiling

oommem.ry. conel • .,atysls, ",nt tools and r_l-time I'tl!)OI'ting they Med to

IiIUCQOed • WOfk, profit from Invettl", 0lIInc:! hilwr fun wi!h .". tewards of "";l'Ini"". FIWbe8.<:om incIudH ~ 0fIg1"" ~i"" on bl'llinfh.. t..m~y, investing ar'ld lifttlyIt; ttOc:k and mUW81 fUnd quoit.: ~n.n.lve comparly prOfiIn: • wide array of IDntctlve toola, Cllculatorllnd ...... , including People Tr.dl.tr, the annual Forbes UIotI; II ~ Mdlcm that CUIl'dy focuMs on hGh-end WI~. colleCtIng, real ..... lOCI tIlIvoII: and the oom~ Qf'IrlfM) edltlOntOf '0fbDa' rn-aame..· (14.1)·

_&lDldt4:U ~s en on-line dlradory 11ItI~ information tt.t origirnltn from

pubIIdy ~ WIephon. '*»'*' far publilhed telephore 1Ist1"",.

www.IrOOf!Rnl._ II h \foI8I)Sitf Of tht T.mij RehabIIhtIon Organization ("TAO'). (11.2)

_#G9fttd&prg it IN ."... ... of in. TRO of C.n.ta. The page .ppelr1l 1.-.c:Uve. ( • .3)

-. .. ,pay IdIntifiM ilMIf • iii ....ebtlile ln.t teI'VC ... lht Vrlit.<l $tatea p.,.15of183







Page: 15

c.par1mlnl of St.te'. potUII gf InfOnndOn on U.S. (greign polley" lllna InCorm-wo aboUI tt. $tate DeptlrtrMnt. It 1& m.rwg~ by the Oftice of Electronil; Inform.bon. H publial'lea report. <entittId P"mt d GIotnI Terronam whIcI'Iln .ubmllteCf In oompllmae with Title 22 f1f at. Unhd Statal Code. AI requQd by ~, u... reporta are provided to tM CorIgnI .. Ind 1ncIude-, among otMr things, det .. d ......ment. 01 countMtI ~ .UP90rt lr'Itwr\;MiOn* terraAsm and where Ilgnlflcant ~ KW ~vtt DCa.lrred In lhe' pasI nwe)'HIS.. (1t.I)(1t.1)

.e. O~n Un ....... is In on-line wi'll on Qf the Britieh d.ity Tha Gulrdan, which 'MtS fo~ In 1821. "Tile G.-di.n Unlmltltd network of M~ _ launched In January 1999. By Men:h 2001 it hw 0VtM' 2.4 milliOn unique UHt'S. maj(!ng It tt. molt pepulQl' UK neMPIII*' webtite.· (11,1)

"9. w:ww.ndPJlllaguom It II'Ie wtI:lU. of crMt (If Ctnada'1I nalional neo.wpapers. (16.1)

SO. ~~ dHcribes IIIeIf II ., comprehensive Slnp~~ BUSINESS DIRECTORY and infvrmation. It not only contains ~·s major Products & Sel'Vloee end Comptlnie" Profilh. but it altO indudft glIneral infolTl'lOltion .bout Sing8por. 80 lh8t ..wttor ~ find IIIl!'11 information about Sing_pore 'Undttr an. Root.· (1"2)

51. .... ..... Is it ... ~ for the Mlniltry of O&fenc., Public Security rod Lew and Order at Bnl.lrA. (11.4)

e2. """""""I~ III the webtikI fOr !hit ~ Daily Newt which dHc:ribes bel' .. SrI L.nka' natIoIIai ~r linea 1918. Ctl.l)

!!>3. www. QlptfJ.comI5 a Sri Lankan VoIebtlt. tbout news U~8 .nd

dllcua C1LI)

1.10 AuIMrs. NIH..:: ....... aJqIItN

54. Mr. K.1f. De SILVA it .. IIlJIhOr and prd-or gf Sri I..,b H'-tDry .. 1M Unlwtrdy Df Ceylon, in P1~, Sri 1M\ka, H. Iln been the ExeaAIIHI DI....::tor of the IntematJonal Centre for Ethnic Studla ('ICES·). in Kandy. Sri 18nk. $in~ itl ... blilhmerlt in 1982. ICES Is a ncn.proftl, non-govemmenlal orgatlizMlOO Whose otljltd:iya Include the advancement or human rtghl$, the promotlon.at intflon\8Iion81 pe.c::e .od • CCt'Ilribution ta lM effoltt ta attain natIOnal cone,ion In Sri 1., .... Mr. De SalVA hOldlI • Ph.D. In uterMure fran ttll) U~y of LQr'ldOrl. Mr. 0. StL\lA nal wrttten ""rai IJoc)b and artidH on thO I'Iis(tIry of Sri UInktI, .,.,ic oanfIiotfl and nationaUlm In Soajh..Eaet .... , .. MIl _ ott. socIo--pofttIC8lllluel. (10.1)

55. Rohan GUNARATNA. ., identified on tt. DwIght D. Eiaeol'loowef Nlitional Security Serlea and WiklJledil ~, II an aU1tlor and ratelrChlr bnIcI In Slng.pore whoc&e fItId of apedaIIzdon II tefron.n. ptrtteu'-1y ~ie l1Hmritm .nd _peclaIly groupe, in South E .. t Alia. GUNARA TN" hal MMf'II unl'o.>eRlly deg,.... Induding • mot .. of lnt.matlDn.1 p~ studI .. frcm ~ U~, IJnitad State .. and a doolof'l degfee In Intemal:ional Relations from the Un~1ty of St-AndreM. swtIlInd. H •• lIIIa.o

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Page: 16

an hOrlOrat)' feUow .r th. 'm.m.elona! PoIK:y 'n.tJlute 1«, C_n-''''''h''Ol'Iam Il"I 1 __ .~ .n •• "*- profeuor MIl thelllIItItute of Defence WId snteglc Studlea of the ~ny.nv T.dv'IaIOglC8l Univwdy in Slnvapore. Mr. QUNARATNA. -.0 wart(1IId for tM united NtItiont and hn publlthed several book. and arik:Iea on lerroritm. (21.1)

58. 'f ...... ICHWEI1Z&R I •• re:tUrc:hel" on terrorism end counter· .. 1TWiIm with U.

Institlb f« Courrter-T.-orl1lm, In Israel. He hM publlllh&d many articln Of) th' mllbf. A Wed ...... of tt. Unr..ity of T-..AvIv. ha I1n studied 100 retHl'llI'Ied v..-iOut UpedSl d tWIiOn.1 sewsity. He Iiso work! _ a 000I1odtant for the Govemmentl of Gtut Brrtaln and 1IraeI. (22.".

57. AUt lCumu 8MH i, • ,...,I0Il: .. sistant: for the Inst"~ 101" COnfliet Management in Indie.

1.11 T .. -.uoa

58. In the eou,.. of thillnw1tilll.uen, P(Qjact CRI8LE I8lained the leMcea or tnIIns"'rs wMn .,._tiof, of TamH language ." .. ~ wall ~nd. When • Temlintooriptioo if: ~d in EnuliMl In this. Aflldavll. It i •• rauIt of tranGlIltion which I believe '0 be accuratI!I and true .. wt.n I bIIIave Englieh grammar mitltakl8 Of mlllpeiling war. "*'In (he tr-.'*-ti0l'l. I made 1ha corredkIn and WIieYe they did not alter the IM8nlng of the ~. Ow InveaUptian hM rlllIMIed that ttl. World T*"",~ Mowmtlllind the L TIE h.-ve bMn demon......, to IIIIIiM preIaI.n tacUcalO .mt f\lnds .nII ~ .. wei .. lo ~ In v.IhId 11'1........ It Is mv bttief tha'I Illould members of the Worfd Temil Mo\l8mMlt dll~er the Identity of the tr.~ lhey WOUld re- viIII: tlla .. ttlt1SMltcn to dllCOUraQ' tn-If partItIpation In future ~cn with the poke. TIwH tranIIatora have ~ with the police It certain IIsk to lhem .. 1wIt- in an effort to provide tranal~ d .~ documenlation. Therefolli! it II eM&ntiaI to protect the Identity of the tranllatort.

1.12 ap.llng of _In ttl. A ...... lt

~. 1'he nnllllOlll al Project CRIBLE aaId thtt It I, nQl uncommon fot mill TMl~ ~ to heW! a v.rillion of the spelling r:A thalr nam.. In ..:fdltlon. 1N ,...,..ing of It. oNen name with tn. .umame has been obseI'VI!Id In mI'1IeR)IJl occaIonI- In this 1I1e. Throughout tIw caunt fA ttJlt. investigation, INSET IIWfttlQttoft baed the _ling of ttMIIr eutJject.' n..,.. KCOrdlng to do«.ments contalMd In ttlelt immigl'lltlon 1IIe. The r.pelUng of the namea UMd throughout tl\11 Anid.Vit ~ themore consIIWnC with their Immigration recorda.

1.13 Abb~doM utJlIDd In 111. AtRd~H

eo. The ti:lilowif'G lilt .... out tho: abl;JreYiaHon. ulillH<l WlU'dn this AffidIlVit and " provlca.d to di~ wt.t UiI;:h .b~n rep"MtIt.. In doing 10. I I3l MlIUI'e that while this ~ 't concIH, b bnMty II maintllned. Some of the .bbrtvtationt l1l1I bted ~, I'Iowevtr otI'IeI'$ not listBCI below willlllso be He!'! within brackets ler throughout thilAffldavlt:

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Page: 17

)0 A.o~ C~ Motned PoI~ (,RCUP");

~ IntJtgrated NIItioNII Seourity Enforcement Team ("11IfSE.r);

". ~Iian rig'" ofTlmM e.m rLTTE");

)to World T.mU MavMWlt d MOnlfHI ('W1'V'):

> World TtmU MOvemlllt In Toronto lforonto WTM");

~ World T8fII~ Movement In ottawa ("0thwAJ WTM"'.


61. Thill. tile fnt f,.pplicatioo rot a FoffoihQ Order with retptd to tNt PropertlO$.



Ttt- following II III dHcription 01 IIMl1t _ alllharlzatione oWIlntd In IfNI COtMM of tIlia 1IlWISIi;atlQn since IIa beginning (If) ..kina S-, 2003. and meriloned in the pnIMI'1t Amdavlt.

62. WatrriM 10 ... rch ,SOQ..:ze.03270:z..049 gt'fIrUd by Juatil» of the PHCf- GiIIu!li MlCf.lAUO Qn Nov$nbef 9".2004. in~'" The Warrant authorized the Mllrch of

docurnen1a or da1tl neld by the Royal .ecount htI(I or

maIrUlned by CHANORASEGARAM Cofporll o.nis

BOUDREAU ("Cpl. BOUDREAU"I cope. or 1he

~ ClotlCImtno the bank aoc:ount 10131-&230184 of CHANDRASEGARAM for b peri(I(I c::ov.ring February 1~, 2003, to NOV4Imbera--, 2004. (211)

63. w.R'8I1 to sean:b 1500-260032700-043 Ut1l!'lbHt by JllItice of the Pt._ GiN •• MICHAUD on Novamber 9", 2004, 11'1 MOnlreal. The WIrI'IInt lutlorized the .arch for docun'Ifna or deW held by the TO Cln.da TNIt a.nk.1'd: .... ated to an account I'IeId Of m.lrUlitd by .... World T.nil Movement of 4180 Vln Home A .... , Montrul. Cpl. BOUDREAU ~ the W..-ant and obtaiwd eopin r$ the doaJments concerning the WTM lD benk account 14330-0928569 for "'- period ~ng February 1~, 2003. to Novembelr ".. 200C. 123.2J

&to W8nlInt to N8I'Ch 150()..2&-032704&-0046 QI'8lrtcd by Juldir;e of the Peace Gilh'l9 MICHAUO on ~ber 1211, 2004, In MontruI. 'I"M Warranl autt.ortz.d tI'It .arch at the CualcJml. Bordtr Serv~ ~cy ("CBSA.·) In ~.I, for cope. of doc~, dPI and vIdIg or ~ obtaInecI tI~ custom .,u during tfMI ~. or tnrH subjects of our Investigdoo at theif I'tfum rrorn DWrIe. trips, The "",on. IUbjed to thIa .. .rch w.te:

» Manivtnnan KARUNANANTHASWAMY rKARUNANANTHASWAMr)· COfl(ll!lffllng: CSSA'. setlrct\ of hit, ~ 01'1 AJri 10-'. 2004, at Pearaon InternatlDnal AIport In Toronto, Ont.-lo:

:;;. S.nhirakum. PEAAMPALAU ("PEAAMPALAM") • Conoetn.fIg CBSA' • ...,-dl rA hilluggage on ~ 11111, 2004, 81t vancouv. IIrtemationill Alrpon In Rid\rnond. BritlIh Columbia;


Page: 18

» CHANORASEGAAAM - Concerning CBSA'. tearreh of hilhJspge 00 SeplMnt.r 11", 2004, .t Ih' Plarre-Elilotl TRUDEAU'. AirpOI1In MOntIoI. (21.3)

86. Pn:IdlJc;Ition Ord.rlJlWlhld by Juttlce ofthe' Peece PAUL BENTLEY an JIIm,.ry r. 2006. 1n Toronto. The Order p'rmilt~ to Obtain tht banking recorda t;I all the bank accounta htId by ttl. WTl4 .. well .. the WTM TO ~nk ~ ... 3J6.0i28669lor the period or July~. 2002. to Oe...mber xI', 2005. (23 •••

ea. Warrant 10 .. rch t5OO-26-0392Q2.-otIO ,,~ by JUIb or the Peace Louis ~UGUAY on April 12111. 2006, in MontttaI. Th- Wlirtllnt dlcxfud the seardl at "'60 VIItI'I Home A ......... Mont!'al. l~ ~ 1'- Wwratlt to .. ......, an April 121'1. 2008. (23.1) (AppendIx 3 • SctIed_ A.

67. Warrant to "arch t5Q0.280038283-Oe7 g ... nted by M1ic:e (lihe Peace Louie DUGUAY on ApI 1~, 2000, ., Montl1l*'. The WliIrrant $UlIlorized the .arch. 04162 V., HOme Avenue, Monbak InvMtigato ... fteCUted the warrant to HlIIrch on Apr» 1~. 2008. ,23.1) CAPpendJx 3 ~ Schedvle 8t

as. W.rr.nt to M8rch f5OO.2e.03G3Q3.064 gnn.tl by JU8tkle 01 tI'Ie ~ Lout. OUGUA Y on April 13"', ZOOS, in Montr. ... n.. w.nwrt IIIl1horized the HIfCh or III ~ loc:.Md at 7720 Pie-IX 8oufeward. IA1It 1, MonttOlll. IIWfttIgMoIW u.cut.d tmI WarrlnI: toMard'l on ApiI1'§',200ft (23.1) (~$. -8'" C)

MI. .Mtic::e 01 tl'll Peace Loull DUGUAY

,"iderlCB of Invedptg~ kl1lMlI~.O)

70. Production Ordef t5OO-ze..0.43253-0731i1~d by JlJItlc. of the Peace GUles MlCHAU 0 on FtrIrutry 21". 2007. in Montreal. The 0rW J)tI'1'niII:td to obtain tilt btnking nK:Ord$ of the ~ 10 bank ICCOunt flI433&-0928509 from the TD CINId. Trust for h ".nod at oecam~r 2006 to Febnary 2007. (23.1)

71. Production Order t50().2&-04325$-078 9n11nt.c1 by Ju.ta (1f tht PIMtQe Gillaa MICHAUD on Fat)ru$ly 2101, 2tXl1. In MonIreal. Tile Order permbed to obtain of tht .. irlg ~. of ac:cour4 M)63(l1-8230884 held by CHANDRASEGAMM It the Royal Bfrlk of C.-d. for the period or Oetanber 2004 to F.bnUlry 2007. (21.10)

72. Production O~ #500-28-04472&.(173 ;11ried by Jutllc. d hi ~-=e Suzanne BOUSQueT on wy 23". 2007. 1M ()nMf permitted to obtain Ill. bIDIng recorda 01 CHANDRASEGARAM from the TD canada Truat 88nk far the period of Apll 2OQt) to May 2007. The TO bank IICCOIJI1l held by CHANDAASEUARAM I. 1fJ!59-6270618. cnU)

73. PfOdudfoo 0Rfer flOO-2ti-041622-085 granted by Justice d the FelICe I.ouIt OUGlIA Y on January .. t. 200$. The 0nkIf' perml\tod '0 *-in the ~ recorda for the joiO\ bank .c:c:ount and h mona. held by CHANDRASEGARAM and SIVARA,MAN at 111. Bank of Nova Scocla. tar the perlOd or Jun., 1&". 1900. to OectrtIl»r 31", 2007. CHANDRASEOAAAM and SIVARAMAN h ...... two acoounts at !he Sri. of NOva Scotia:


Page: 19

(1) h checking 8QXItJfII: _201-011&2'-80. .~ r.I) !tie ~~ .-.....-.t H8:l-('1~~ t23.'!!)

74. Production On:!.- ~7I1nU'lbld bJ Julltlce of the Pe_ GlIIeI MICHAUD on Man:h ,,,fl, 200D, In MontteaI. The Orct.r permitted the otalnment of lie banking IltCOfdI of the WTM TO bank IC(l1)Unt t433ft.()8Z8569 fmm tilt TO Canada TNBt for the period of l=ebnJary 17".2007, to F.tlrUaI)' 1.". 2008. C2U7)

16. Special Sellrd'l W:IIrt'Mt fOES-8-08 10 Hize property gllW'll8d ~ tne Honourable fAt • .JvaIice F~II Lemieux, Judge ~ Itw Fearal Court, on April 10 ,2008. The WlJftlIot authorized 10 HCz:e the propert" ~ • the RCMP He8dquartefs. at 4225 Oort:he •• aout.verd., WMtmounl Qutbec, Cllnad.. Thit Warm Will. e~t.fd on AprIl 11", 2:008, In rapfId 01 the proPenIn provIously Hi:r.ed fin April 12111, .rxI April 13", 2006, wfth: w.tTWIt to Hald'1 M00-2G-03t292-088: Warrant to HIWoh -SOO-26- 030293-087; wal'nint to •• .-d! tsOQ.2$0039303-0&4; and Warrant to ~ 1ili00.-26- 03$.31)2.(168. C2J,.1))

·78, 0rW IDES-9-08 to lWItrain .nd mMlg. property grant«I by the HonourM;lla Mr.

Jusb Franl;ots lemieux, Judge or the F~ Court, an .a.p11 10", 2008. The Order ~oriZ.tld ttMt:...nint gf the building bearing cMc numbel"l.160 Ind .. 162 V2'I Horn. Avenue, MontfUl, Province of Quebec. (21.14.

77. Ordar IDES·9-08 to ralra/n .00 man. property pmed by the HOIlOurMlle ~.

Ju&tIce Fra~ Lfomltf.ix. Judge ("A the Ftderal Court, an Api11o", 2008. The O«ter authorlzecl the l'I8tI'aint of the conIentI of the Commercial bank ao:ouflt t433t1-Olm1569 In tIw Mme ~ the Wortd T.mH t.tov.rnant of au.t:.c ~ :It tne T,O- C.n~ Tn,lM Bank, 8200 DtcarIo Boule'l'ard, Montrelll, PnMnot of QUIIbeC. e23..11)

78. SpecI.1 Search warrant fIT-12t9'()8 III'8nted by Iht HoncIUl'lbie Juatice FI'lInQOiI Lemieux, Judge: of the FDdcr.1 Court, on Aug"" 22"", 2008. Tht W..-rant IlUtl10nzel !he ...-d1 and selzan of lhe propettin lOCMed .160 .nd 4162 Van HOme Avenue. Yon""" Provtnce of Ouebec- TIliI: w.rr.nt wat .xlQlled on Septemb« 3~, 2008. (23.11) t~ a • 8chedule !)

79. 01der fa( oonIlnu.lion in foro. gf I1IItraint Oidm and fwth8r detI!Intion of items Hized, docMtt DES-9-OB 1M oes-8-08 1iII1I"'ed by the HonounIbM Justice FranQOI, l..mieuK, .Judo- of the Fadatal Court. on OctdIW 'lifo. 2008. (2).11)



ao. ".. L TTE II .1Im'OriIt group Nt td.~ tho ~tion Of V. IlQfttlem and eastem "",Iotw from Sri Lanka. A ~ etWlIlthed In february 2C02 ~ ill'! encilO 0IMr1 fighting in Sri u.:nkQ, ~.....- in 2003. lhe L TIE withdrew from peeoe negOtiations. In CllNlda, the WTM il the mIIln troffl OIlPriDtion for the L TTE lind hal orvanlz8t::f brandles in Toronto .-.d Montrnl. -n. WTM it an _raI part or the l TTE mt.gy to raIte funda for IWamtamenl and to QIIIn I$g:itlm.oy .. the ~ ~ of ... r.mll

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peopllt In the IntematioMI community. Through the wry . ..,. ........ t'tiJj tJf tI1., 1. ... 10 .. Innu.nclng events within the TItmH Canadian community n exerting tOI'IItol over their lICtivHi ...

81. In 2003. the MontreellNSET ltarted an InvutigetIon 01'1 tria .t<lMIias of membeR '" !be WTM .ncI ttIeIr UIOCI ..... " ~p Iu&pec:ted q( (;Onductlng numerous Ic:tivitiea. that I a.u.v. are UHd to .upport the L TTE. 1hA L TIE operPl in Quebec through tn. WTM • • front or;anization hlvlr'19 Itt held ofIcI!I an .. ,eo VM.HI:IrfMI Avenue. Montr .. l, The WTM is compriMd d iii number at lIub-organlzattonIJ. one of Which I. the EeI-", Tam~ ..... ca.tlorl of Quobee ("ETAa). at 4102 VII" HarnI A'oWlIJe. Mantrnl. Tn. owner. of the buHdlng. SlVAFWMN and CHANI.'IfW)EGARAM. are Inked to the WTM In ltd. Affidavit. I will detnclr5trete- N the· Wn,.,. main pwpoie it to finance the L TTE lind conduct propagarw;i;l ~ for tMt org.1)ization -mid'l it ~ ofJencle of radlitating ~ .C:::CivitWI anc::Iltlerefore m ... tilt WTM .. ~ gfOlJp. MoreI:Iver. I will ntabhh 1M direct link between the L TTl!. and tt. WTM through the bini .. lad during thi. ItrIo'eIlIigdon. I will .... ow 1hIlt the ihIma .. lied belong '0 or .re- COt'ItI'OlIed by Ot on betllitr of ten'oriIt Drou~ ruJntlY tn. WTM and !he L TIE. I wI'I .-0 dan'lOnAtratR hi the WTM oondl.lGlS itl ~viIiH .. per ttw dl..aiva Of lhf l TTE. I will proent how the IJWI"IId of ,ueo end 4162 ... acthfe CMridp,"lIln I'Ie d~ of Ih' L TTE through t'WTM UlIlng tte building lit .180 and 4162 Van Home A.wnue. t.4ontr.II. Fi"illlIy. , wiI IIhDw hCIW I .. WTM ~ Irleir TO baM accoIri 10 flne:oot 11'1. LirE,


82. I bIIleVII on fMIIonabIe grour1da lhm pmparty 1$ ow"-' or ~ by .. tem:Jri.t group. tile WTM. on .,.,.._If of e ~rift group. !he L TTE, pursu'" 10 ~"'pl\ 8:).14 (1 )(1) Of tM Ct1minaI Code.

83. My groundll for ballNngi Itwt ... Order for Forfeiture of PropMy m-r bit m8dft unCle, SlJbMction 83.'''5) of the CI1mIntI Code In Jt!1paci of tI'MI Ptop8I'tin can bt .umnwiiild ... foIIOWI (The grounds for thI, belief_ detfIed '.tor in this Affidavit):

»- 11'1 c.ntdl, lhe L TIE n. bHn lilted at. terrorist group since Apil , .. , 2008;

)I- Prior to AprIl rn. 2000, the .divltin IA !hit UTE In Sri Lankl were coneldered terroriIm. 81 per lhe deflnIIloM of "terrorill group" lind "hm'oritt JCIiIIIty" under I4ItJ1eCUon 83.01 ( 1) of the CrimInal Code;

)0 Prior to the Anti Terrort.ro Ad whldl c:am. in.thd on o.o.m_r 1''', 2001, the .c:tMtin of tn. L TTE ...... ~n.d by tt. intIImllllonai community _ ~. WhiCh led to the L TTE bIcomIng • lilted terrarmt ~ In many courtrln lnc:tKMng !he U*4 s-. (1097) Ind .. United KIngdom (2000);

)- Tn. WTM •• k1Rign tnnch d tile L T'U; if) C.Md. trllIt twa tJ.n utfllzlng lh.ir PI'OI*tY IOCIkId at .. 180 IIIld 4162 V.n Horne Av.nue, Montrnl for tt... PtllllOl8 at t.cIliIaIln:G tne l TIE', a .... ;

)0 In Cand, the WTM has been listed III terroritt group t.iOee June 13". 2008;

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The rnembn of WI"M are .uuctured Incl ~ lUI nat ~Ien t!~ dich8d by the l TIE:

The wnt. main ~.. ar. to rai.. fundi and conduot prapagMCIai GitI'ftPIIignl 11"1 tuppOft d the L TTE.:

In 2003, the l TTE ~ .. downenl called the "Re-organlzetlon tI Fotflign Branchel of the LibnIian Tigers 01 Tamll e_m" In which they diGWtlI preclMfy how tMy WIH'Il tMlr foreign brand'ln to btl ttrucbnd ."d opInMd. The QI.itbtc branch of the WTM tea. been tl:1\ICtInd ~d ~ ... per the abovenoled document:

The LTTE dilP'l_ training ...alone In Sri Lanka to th_ foreign. actlvlltl. aome m...,~tl ()f the W1lJI haYe receMd tN L TTE hining for foreign ac:ttviU18. T'- 1. TTE ... * • certlftcD to the p~nIII of the foreign ac:tMst training, and that same Inll btOughl. baI¢k to Cfnlld. by KIIM" of the WTM m.~;

CHANORASEGARAM II a member of the WTM ..-.d the ~ of 4100 and 4162 V .. Homt AlI ...... Montrut. CHANDRAS!GARAM I. aIao listed at. one of the 36 acllvilla of N WT'U;

SIV.o\AAMAN is the co-owner of 4160 .nd 4162 v .... HOrne Awnue. Montreal. and II IIIMcl II the admlnltttitor of tnt e,1em Tamil Aucx:iatlon of Quebee (OETAQ"), which 1.1 IUb-QlVilnlt.tlon of the WTU. rtCI_rad to 4182 Van Home AW!lI1Ue. Uonb'eal:

The building IOetI:ted • 411;10 tn(I 4162 Van Home Avenue, M~-'" II CXII'IIrOIIed by • tarmrilt group, the WTM, 0" beI"..aIf of I ttrtoriat ~P, tht l. TIE:

Th. WTM TD bimk BOCOunt 14338-0928589 held at the TO Can .... Tnnt ill 0W0Id by • terrorist gIl)up. the WTM, on behalf of. terrorIIt group. Iht L TTE:

T1HI WTY to ~ IICCOUnt 104338-0&28569 hila -' h TO c.~ T.,.t hat t.n UMd to gtntf1te fI.IncIt t~ • jlIe-IIlJ:horiHd ~bit .pt.m. fundi! that an. ~ Mnt to the LTIE;

The exhibit it8ma seiad , .. 180-411 Van Home "'*'Uf, Monar.al, .t n20 PieIX, unit 1. MonIreIII.. _. .tId .t the recydlng bin lcocm.d at 8$25 C",",in C*.-cIea--Neiu... ~.I, ... l.tMd ttvoUljlhoul: thI. Al'tidavil to demonlltrat. Nt .... WfM It uflCd ,1 • branch bWO the L. m ttl fiMnca t.rnIrill'll;

• YUMl.IQIlD.QI!ftI OfJAIIL 'ELM u.n.)

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'.i tIatory of Sri.Lana and tM conllct belwHn ......

84. SRI lANKA. bllthplace of the L TTE, wee known •• c.ylan Llntil 1972. &1 lanka, a ".n.m.nhil'y l1MnOaacy. it..n iflland country Iooated 50 kItometreI off ttl • .ouIheftI tip of I~ If1 Soudl MI •. ttl papUl.uon. illlllimllhld et 19.5 milliQn. WI"IIiItI of a Sinha,"", majority fA BuddhiSt ,..190rt (~~ 70% of the population of Sri ,",,11k.) irl the IIOUltwn part Gf the COLIrlIr'J' and .. Tamil minority of Hindu religIOn (.pptmlfnlltely 18% or tt. population), IMng mainly In Iht I'IOI1I'ttm .nd norttJ... .. tem pan of the iallll1d. eM..., (1IboIA 4%} .nd Mu.lm (aboLII 8%) Slnha_ communltlee .. .-0

,....". in &i La .

Th .. InfonMtion obWl_ from I.e Pdt Lafou ... t2.iJ, th. I!ncyclopHdll

Unho ..... C12) and tile Eneya~la Brf'lanIUCt •• (U,

85. On F~ .. ", 1948, CtyIon became independent WIth f .......... 1'Id na I(JngGr under the contI'OI of Great Britain. the SinhaI4J •• majority got orpni2ed anu attempted to gain m.". DOMf to the detrtment Of N Tamil minority. In "'1150'1, a turge of SInMIe .. rJal:ian.1iIm Jed to the adcptIon of me.u ... hat wer. Vel')' unpopu!f,r .-nong tt. Tamil ~. Two of I1eH mP8U.... I'lId a partil;:ulalty negldiye ~ on til. reconciIIaIIon d T.-nil.oo Slnt.aIIH canmunIti... In 19&8, the Slnhal. OnIV Ad wei PM..:!. whloh m" Sin ..... the only oIIici* languao- of Ceyton. lhillegltlatlon ... the ~ of strong cntIcIIm by !he TaoniIl, who considered it dlmimlnlltory. TlIe resulting tufmoiI culmin.ted in rilll'l t..tw.n 'bi SlnhaIeR and Tn oommunitiea. ~. in 1970, tlh8flg_ to tne admluion ~ in unr..tsit •• ...,.,. allO devuteling. TheM dlanges put r..".. ttuClenti lilt a disadvantage a. they hlld to ICOAI higher markA than SinMleu 1tuden1& to gllin .:Imlsslotl to ltMI same UrllwltaIty programs. This dim'" of ~ tunnall h.. IlIhien riM to TlmI • moeUy IlUdenI ~ contMtetiOn mov.nenll Ihat have f88u1ted In confrontation .rId .eta of violence In SrI Ulnk •• iftQ9 ttl. mid 19711 .... On tlMl ., hand, the .n~nt at poIiq to relall and llIevl_ the repercuulons r:A theM mea ..... on tho Temll minority hal tailed to 8~mirMlte the ~~ of Ihe T.nil pOpUiatign.

Thle information wa oIDln_ Iran 1M Encycl.".H. Btbnnlu (4.2) •• -" .rtId. by Mr. K.M. o.aILVA ........ "To ........... to art un .. • .. Fraetlnd Poll.,... (20.2)

,.2 Ddnltlon of TAMIL ULAM

88. "Tamil Eelilm 1.1. de fseto ... in V. Indiln Oc:ean. It is Ioaled ~ U. T.,mI Nildu ... d India Md In Itw NoM Ea.t of BIi Lanka. The.t.te of TIn'riI Efliam hall been .... blllhed by the people llvln;: undI!f Ih8 right HIf deWtrnlNttton g~ by the Int.m.nonal ecw.n.nt of CivIl n Politiclll RVU, .rtk:Ie 1. to which Stl LAlnk. i8 • tIploty."

thill ~ ....... In.d from 1ht wwbab- .."...,.'d'tn,CCI!! on ~ 31111, ZOIJI. (1U)

87. The Tamil Eetlm home ~ ItatH 1t1at: '1'he Tamil people 01 the Itllnd of Ceylon (IKIW tailed Sri Lenka) DOIlIICItuCe • dIItinI:t ".cion. l11fy fonn •• oclItI entltv wHh thW own hidory. trMIitiona. cuIt\n. langufIOf lI'Id tIlIditionai hom'lend. The Taml people CIIR

IftIIr nation Tam~ e.n: .

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1lIh lnfonndon _ .... "... fHJm the ...................... m .... _ ..... 31·, 2Me. (11.1)

In ~ lIiIMm. Temil EeIfm ;. on lItfN of Sri ~ IhtJI ~ ~ by the L TTE It! ordfr Ie ftIIMbIi«IlJIl indrIpendent state.

U. The area ~ by tnt L TTE in SrI Lanka In COI'1centreled moatly to h eat COMt and In the north of tt.IaIend, A II'ItIp C1IItI be found onlhll tami.,...,.com webde. i'ltt.lnfomMItlOI'l'" 0Mal..t «rom VI. MbtI. "~CCID. Ct2.7J Thfa o!fU ahowlI In IIghttr COlor 00 Ihe IMP ~ !;In many eJ(hJbh selzsd or -.tI t.Iuring ~ Cf)ftltfb),$,

'.J C ... atIM 01" L TTl!

89. uter.ture conaIdere two dON .. J)lirtiGulAl1y importart it the ~iQn af1l'le LTTE: 1972 and 1976. In 1972. fdl(rWing !he .,.noullClnlertl rJ .. new comatituUon MeA- again ~ SIMaIeee as rhl! offlcial language gf Sri ~ and gMnG precedence 10 Buddhiurl, IftWIII .IOb of viQI.-:a and: anacke were comminld by Temit insUFV81lt groupa In the Jaffna penilIulll. caught uP in • revoUionary tltu.tlon ..... by u... ~ ~ d Into~ natlonal oppI't!Uion, the T.",. revoIutlonlry youth IOIJgN d ..... tety to create I rellOkltiOnaty poIitic.l QIlJ;IIn~n to .tv.,!» the tuk of n~1 lbtrMlon. " ... in thle. IIP8(11f1c POlitical ~ndura the Tiger MoYement took b hiltorical bkth In 1&72. The MovemIfII w .. formed by Ifl preMnt !elder .",;I milbry commander Velupillai PIRAlJAHARAN. At the rime of iIe ~ h mowment ~ ..., "Tt\tI Tamil New Ttgeta" MCI , ..... en MIiy 5~. 1m. the orvanlDtlon ~ It$IIf Ubtr8Uon Tp. d T.,.. EOiam (L TIE).

Thl. InIGrnwIdon .. obtained on Dlcember 1 .... 2001. fnMn UMt .. ~ .... _InIIIa_ In .. arUde enttt1ed ueERATION TIGERS Of EELAM - l'h-

birth fA 1M ,.., .~t (1G.:Z~: and tM EnG~topMdIa Ikftannlca (.Ut.

90. 'Founded ... 1976. the l TIe illtle mOlt powIrM Tamil group In Sri Lanka and ue .. overt ood MI. meltlodt. to raiM fundI. acquire WPPOfII. and publida II c.UQ Qf lMtHIiIhinIiI., lndepend8nt T,mII stale, The L TI'E ~ It$ armed GOnlli-=t with the Sri LMkaI) Gov.IB'IHJI1I: In 1_ flnel hq IWI*I on • pd. a1ttteg~ that indud .. the ~ at terrorltl ~ ThiI r~ "*' inkIgrattd • btttWltId InU'O.nt "r8QY with a terrorilst progIWn that t.getl not ani\' key pel'lClnnel in the COUltryIfde but also senior Sri LanUn poIitic:aI and mIItlry 1ndIi ... In Colombo and othor I..II'bIn CfO*,. The TIgers ... mo.t natcriaue tor Ihtr mdnI Of .uk:IId. IxIrnbenl. N BI.:X T,,'L PoItbI _1Ntion, .nd bcmOlnp .. QOnwnot'lpl8Ge.

Tn. L TIE .tao h .. a Ilgnilk:.rlt OYortellll, support ItrUC:tUrt for fundrailing. wapofll ~ .nd ~ ...... "*. The Ton (;Ofrttol molt of ttw northem 8nd .. tern COMtIIII .... d Sri 1.11_ but haw, (;onducfect ... tionl throuIiIhout t"- .1anc:I. Hudquift8r8d In northern Sri Lanka, L TTE leader VelupUltil PRA8HA.KARAN "', ~1Id In • .",111. nelwortl of d'I.ckpOintJ. ,net Informents to keep trfK:k or any ~ VlftO enter thtrgRlup' ...... A. c::ontrQI.. .

Thla Intonn.don WM oIDlned t'ram an ~I report .ntltltd "P.HIm. of OlGbll T.rrarIMI. 2001", publlllhed In AprtI ZOO4 by the US o.p.m.nt of SUItt ..-wI mom.::. at ... C4XItdIMtOt f« CounMr·T ... ro.... found on the offIcIIIl US

.,.,.,...nt"'''' wt~. C11.2)

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9'1. In .... 1i70',.nd""Y 1G1O'1. U'MI ~,.~ ...... 4;»"!JIo ~n y .... I1._ Sln~ alJlhoritiel ~ and culmlt!iMd in July 1983' with 1M L TTE kiUing of 13 MlIdIII,. I" .., ~bu.h In Jatfna ~ the Sri lankin .my. Ir.....pan .. to lhit attack. the government eem ttoope, CXlt.cmA the c:ot.nry. ~ welt. grouP' gf tioten took.PWt in the ~. burning dOwn and looting TM'II propeft!ea .nd killinG Tami.. TI'tI$ .-tJIted In tI1IIM~ of oas ... 1Uet within ttl. Tam n (lOnVnunky and twrad a mauille uodua 01 1_1, to the w.... InduCllf'(l Canada. rn.ro were liIlIIo ~oo rrlCM'menta within Sri LanQ. as Tamil. living In the IOUth moved north, iWId ,he ~ of Sinha .... dINing 10 .. natIh rrKMId l(IUth.

Th.. infonnMlon WI. obIalntd from the E~~" Unl.,.,..lI. (U)j the EnoyclopMdbl Drtt.nnlca (oU); .n arU$1e on www.twftlflnica.com ndtIed Sri

unb: prtctI of NCOMlllation 'I.Z~; and In an IrtIcIt claW _ 24". 2002, on

at. lnron.tlllon GrollP weUIa (1.2).

02. s.vtIr. p"bk.ou,* or itlf«mdon indica IhIIt the lTTE ,... tinct It» late 1(180'1, ~rnlt1ed dole to 200 tuk:lde bombings. In addItioo to r'IdQftlng to otiler "conventlollll'· mMI'I$.ooh. bomo..nd ftntllrm..lTTE mtmberJ ha¥e u-.. kUad. In,aeve'''' attacks. CIYiI.M Ind poIiIaf fig ..... in IUpport ot tbtir cauea. ThiIM .. 1ts do not .lU:IuJiwly target the SrI LInk.rl (jQw1fll.nl or II'le Sirma- popu'-tion, T'*1 alto take aim at Ttmila Of other Tamil QrtJUPI' that are oppoted tolhe lTTE.

ThiI htfonnatlon wa obW_ hili the Counc:Il on. Foreign "'hI,.. 111ft""'" (U . • nd 1.3) and Ja ... '. InIorrMUon Group .......... CT.2)

8A TMTOrt .... commm.d ..... LTTE

93. On "'*Y 1111, 1it17, VeluPilt.! P'RABHAKARAN, the leader of'the LTTE, addressed the

people ofTamH &'-m WId uid;

"We hI'tft to lIM our freedom llWOugh ... 1IMd struggle lind .hedding 01 blood. Thtte it no other eay Wf.y or IIIIrmatIlle 11ft for \II. EJher we penlh It! tlavat Or fight: wilt! 8m'I& Ind live .. _~. Tl'Iit is CUI' POIItIcoII filii. All 01 u. makl II nnn ..aIw on ttl. May Day. That II, ." independent Tamil e.m Ie. !flo only IOk63n and tM ~ $Olufion til OUr prutWn\. To MeU,. Chi$, go.l d an itIdepIndent Tamil Eelam, let us all rlQM to 1tMI last ucrming OW Iivef, limbs and aout.. Lot ttlll be our tMy Day r-.o1 .... *'ld ~.mont"

Thlt infonnation wn obtHwd from 13 of an .rtJd. on PRAllHAkARAN

found on tile ...,..,"""20, CiU)

I wit upIeIn the iflcl/vlduel1aIoMt •• Veluplla; PRABHAKARAN ~.,. in tIHs AIfid$vil,

1M. The LTTE, which may have between 7ooo.tId 1$000 ImI10d ~mbMwD, ie notoriOl,iS tor IIa .uieIrJa bombing •. Sinr;e hlate 1980', 1t1e group na. CQ(Id~ approximately two hundred IUlcide attackS. Targets h_ included ts ... il hub •• BuddhiII: f;hf1 ...... and offloe bulldlnga. /t.ccor'dIr'G to the FedIIlIl 8urtt\J Qf Inwttigatlont (FBI). tne Ln~ In~ tbI: .weide ben and piOneered the Ule of WOITlIf1 In 1UIcId. attackl. L TIE ~ WMI' cytnld. ~IJ," arolPi their n-. 10 ttI.V ...-n QOmmlt .uiI;ide If captlnd. Beyond.uIckIe bomblno-, the L TTE hat uMd conventional born.. .nd C1*Y"'ar. mines to Ittack poIlUcal and d\lWitl\ targets, and twa gunned down both Sri J,.albn aftidal$ lltid c:ivnlana. In an April 2008 report, the U.S. state Departman\ alao

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.ccutea the L TIE of ongllgjng in lIIbcIuctlan. and eItlot1i()l'r, "'jjlfty'" _ vl_. " .... been public offICIals. Over the ~It twellly years. the L 1TE hila been .CCJucI of .... Minong .!meet a dozen ~ flgLJtl!d;. InclUding two I'wI8dt Of ~ •• AsMHi18tIof1e .-nd *hCkS on oIIicttIli committed by I.. TTE i~.:

)- TM May 1991 ...... ination of former Inchn Prlina MMMar Rljlv GIIrdll ~ • c.n"fIIIlQrI filly In 1ndIe;

,. The MIiIy1993 _lrnItion cI SrllMItM Pnnident Ranulng'- P'nIm"u;

,. The July 1990 __ lnMion of • Sri Lank., MltIIIl»r 01 par1l1ment. ,..laIn Thirud1tI~, an iIlhnlc TMd IIWOIved in • govemlMnt~ ppat initiative;

,. A pH at Dec:embef 1_ ~da bomtJIngsln ColoMbo ttl .. 'NOI.Ind.cI Sri ~

P .... kllnt Chlindrika Kurn.l1IIunga:

)I> n. JUI'I. ZOOO _uulnation afSrllAnIQan InduItfy MiniDr C.V. GooMnItne;

)- The Aug. 2005 ....... iao of F«eiQ;n MInIater L.akehman Kad~

). The January 2008 annlndon of • IllM\ber or pariiament from the Q!:IPOtItion Unilod NitiOnII Party (UNP). T. Mat.Mr.n:

1> The JanUary 2008 .. MlII\ItiOo of Sri lBnkan Nati~ MInlets' D. M.· ~.,..;

,. Tht F~ 2008 llIHH1ndon of two CIiICh$ of tht political party" and peremiI~ry Sr(II.Ip TamO Makk .. ~I Pulllcal (TMVP);

> And thII April 200B ........ .tIon of Sri Lanken HlghMy Minllttr JtY'rJj


TN. InfOnMtIon ... obIalned from tile Counell on For.Ign ... , ... wet.1te (1.2: .nd 1.1); .. tneJClotYtdI. Unlweru .. (3.3); tM .... nayCIopMd" a ...... k:a ('.2,: Janel. Infonndon Group webaItI('7.2).: en artide by YOIIIn SCtfWElTZER .1\dtIod "S~lclde Ttn'OI'itm: DtvtIopln.n1 & CllllrKtertatb- UIed 2OOC).oIM.. 2'(22.IJ; .1Id ... aBC newe -baitI{l.Z).

95, On October 15". 1 "7. TMtiI. TIger ..mllat ~ • rruc:k bomb .nd fought .treet balttMi wIh MCIriy fan:n in tM nan of Sri t_,nka's caplll.1. CoIomtIo, At ... 1t 12 peg* wert kll'-d and more bn 100 Mia iI$nd. The lUCk WM fimtd ~ the new Worid T,.. Certtre building that IlOUMS lt1e CQlQrnbo stadt Exelumge. the c.nnJ Bank lilnd l8Il8fal fodVn complflie8,

T .. InfonuUon wn o'*'''" hm .... sac "Mite cu,; eNN Wottd ,... onNn. ( • .a)i tad J.lne:. IAfolmdon Grupp ....... (T.!), Md the U.S. DepIIr1nI.n1 of SRbt _tat ... "Bllcqn;.und ~ Sri ~nkl." (11.3).

86. On January 26Tf'. 1998. In 8 moe..., MklresHd to L TTf: AlprwenhllMl. Arnnetl:)' lntM'national denculced • ~ .. committ~ br the L TTE. The Amn.-ty InternatioMI ","' 0iIf1W rwpurtMl that three L TTE me~ had dfw.n I tnJck canyln;

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_pIoIIWII up to 8 remple in !(end)" ~ Itley bI_ '1 '1', Idmnv 10 p-p;M, Inc __ ~ a W.,... .nd 5 marnbers at ... I8m& famly. 5e\teOII more were wounc:s.CI.

n. ~ ... 0l*Il .... from .... AmnMtr 1r*m ...... 1,... ..me. (aJ)i eNN World Newt! orHIne (U): aMI J.,.., Infonnatlon Group weRII:It. (7.2)

87, On September 20", 1998, N Aml'llllty Intem.tional JIr"* ~ raport.d the ma .. ~ of hund~ of civII.1UI by .... t'TiE in nort~uhWn rtgions home to Mullim and SIn"*lele COOImunitlH. Arnnnty Intemlllional condemned the deliberate att8d! egain't civilian. that Idhd over 50 people In th .... vii..,.. In U. Arnparai 0iW~

11* InfonnItIorI ... olDlned from the Amneaty Intlmllonal ntWa ...... ic • ........ (11.3)

98. On Junt"', 2000, In Raimalanl, St1 t..anQ, Mr. C,V, OOONER.A.TNAM, at the time Sri

Lanka', Min __ of IndUltry • .",.. dad aIang with 20 civilian uI of a suloide ,

bombing ~y ~ by the l. TIE, Tho __ c:ondemneG by Amnesty

1~,,*IonaI. the UnIted Nationl and the UnIMd Staltes the um. day.

"* Infolmdo" wu obtafnld I'rGm 1M B8C on-IM ..... ..",ke .'.4); Amneaty l~ftIII __ HMce 42G.4)

99, On Juty 2.", :W01, h l TTE 1qNd tIw II"II.-n.tlorull Aifpon rI Sri 1..lIn"- In COIOmI.lO and. neerby air kwoI baMo. kilfing ~Iy 15 p.topIe and ClUIlng COMIderable m~ """tQt_ Fiw Wc:rd beIcIngjn;I to Sri LInke's ndon.I alrtlne ... damaged, and ~ 8 m'**'Y ~ WOtlI o.8trOV«I ... l'Iondl'd tJf temfied toul'iltt Imd emp~ ran for.",

Thill Infrlnndon obbIlned form SBC on-lIne MWI .. fYk:e ,1.1,; CNN

WOftd ..... on-I etA); ... d ... .., n Unlkn .... on .... .....".... (11.2).

10(l On Augua1 tt', 2003. Amnesty Internationlill and ~ RigNa WlltCh lItued • joint new. reIeaM Itdng thM .... CllaM-fl,. ~ on F~ry 23'f, 2002, bttwwn the Gcwemrnent of Sri t..ank. and tht L TIE, the latter contil'lUtd 10 til and- ahllk IIlClMdtall ...oc:iated wfIh Tamil polltic::al ~ who appose the L TTE. The two hum.lmbrilln ~ Indicated v.t at IMal 22 people with tiel to political pan_ who oppoee tht L TTE had been killed in poOO~ atbIdca since the ceaae·fire had been &lgnod by till Sri lInkan Govemnent and the L TIE. Many other people were beIItved 10 ~ _n the tarvetI of IIItBmpted murders Dr kIcInappG1g, and Nr tale ...... u~, In nverIII of then 1nckIema, witn_ .. _ fP~ IdIntIied the ~ •• n'IM1bert of the l TIE. A.mnnty Intetnatlonal and Human RlgIU Watch hOld ... L TTE reapoosjbte for these kllUng. lind kidnapplflOt, earrlad out In violation or 1M ceaee-fh.

Th .. Infonndon ... obbIllI4Id from .. Amnnty InWmatlon.' .25.S, and Humu RlghtI Watch .. baItiK. (21.2)

101. In a 2004 reparI ~ ·~dGlobal T.-rorillm, 2003· pubhhlld by tt. Office or tht CaordInatot for COUnteI'-T_iam, ttw Unlttd StIItH Department of stat. indleWll It. fobwIng;

"SrIlMlU continuu. 10 ~ our global eIorta to comblil. tenerilm II .... 1 'S undertIIc:lnQ thtIir own etrms to combet temJriIm domeatically. Sri Lank. I'IM ~ ~PPQIttd intematiollli ~irnM to ~ t.rrori.t financing • well. There _re no LndderQ of intemlllonat Ierroriam in Sri

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Lanka In 2003, .. the _~ "",Md ~ tho a~rn"""" of Srf I...Mb end .. UTe held, ~ • ._ In ~ ntlfotlatlOfti and a HrIou. poIltIceI oriM within .hIII Sri L.-!gn Gove~nt. tlW'I Mill no LTTE ~ bomb abCb ~ 2003, Ind the group contInIAe 10 ~ WIlY' to fllftlw petKle laIQ, 1he lTTE 1'1_ publicly ~ the COI'1IOtpt d ~ ~ wIlhIn a federal Srl Lankan stale, OOI"lCf.ldlng In ~ dwMnd for a ....... TlmA EeIIIm S1aUI, In auPf'Olt Of the peace proam, !he US GoIltmIYl.nt '-' m"limittd. wortdng-tevel cant.ct with l TTE mJlhOI'Iift to Iaclltt.te delNery 01 In.InwnitMln !tid. De_ thla progtHI, the L TIE, one of 1M world'. ~rlflt lienOr groupe, did not MnOUnce tuurism or dislM'id itA "Biack T.gar" s~ &quads. It c:criinue. to emI.W1t 'MIIPOmy into Sri Lanka and to forcibly n,c:ruit children Into Its rankl. n _ too utly fa ... whthr trt. Sri lankin pnc. p!'OI"AM 'filii Wtlm.tely "-' frI.Iil or what'- U. L TTE will actuaIIV r.fotm it'MIf. Although Ill*ded optimllm contIn_ 10 MIfTOI,Ind the ~ pr~, .... United sta18l will maintain the designation of the l TIE iii. a Foreign Terrarilt Organlallon until It Ul'*l~ tenounces tenorism in both word and dODd .•

Thl. Infonution ... obIIIMd from the InnUII' report entitled .. ,...,_ of 0I0H1 T..-rortMI. 2D03". Iou" A.t. ov.fVl- MoIkWI. pwbU.Md In April ... bY the US .,.,. .... Id of ... Ind the otnc. of the Coordinator for CountIr-TIInOtIun, .. po.wd on .... U8~oI ........... {1 .... '

The L TTE has bHn II II3t«1 ten'Orlat flf'Itity m dte United st._,me. 1 i97.

102. On July 'f". :lOO4, flo.-. p(Ib otI'k.ltn ww.. IlIporbtd dtad and a.wn MON peopte InjUted from • boolb eliPIo&lon 1Mt oc;cu!l'ed II-.ide the CoIpetty poke etatlon, Among 1:t1 ... injw.d pecpIt 'Nt ... poIa I*'WII'IeI trld IOMiIJl (f1IJf1IbIn.. The bomb ~oded .. the Colpotty ponce DtiOn, arw the ponce attetnpltd Iu check a ~n who d' Ioiering in front of tht 0IIIct of Minllter Douglas DEVANANOA, which II. a1tu.led near !he police sIOon. The PQIQ brought the womJn btI$ tD ,he CQIpdy poUc::e .t.tIon to ft.rthe:r in.algd and <Il*tiOn N woman IlIi'rding her wher8aboulS. AI. the poIict 1181100, the woman tHew herMit up.

l"hk Infonnalkln ", .. obtai .... frGm tI'Ie In_net wtMtte -.amu.alWY In .... web PICIII "Chronology oI8ulc1dt Bontb AttMb by L m TMnlI T., T.,rora.tliit Sri Lankl". (27.2)

103. On AprIl ~, 200(1, thtrtt was. auiclde bOmb attMJk on U. heedqU8~ 01 S~ $ri Lrian .-my in h eeplta& of Colombo. Sri Llnka. ...."Y paopho ... injlAd, Includjng tfm hNd of eM .-my, Barah FONSEKA. WA tuldd. bomb went oft' near the fIn'Il)' hotplll ~nItJd tt tIw wmy comnndef'1 Yehlolt: .. army spoknman told Reuters news agency~, He ~ tt.l the attacUr w •• worn",. Tl1IS'Il! rlQtr IlIbM rr.q .... ntIy use suicide bombel'l in their opIrationa. Since the TIgers pulled out of the pnct ttlM, u.r. 1m; been ., incNIM In 'lfck!lnc. in Sri I.anka.

ThI. infonndon __ obtained from .... IntIf'Ml .. bib www.MYr.1II!.IM1n u. web ,.. "Chl'OftGloaW of Suicide aom_ A*'*' by UTE TIIIIU T1Q« Tenuttet. In 8.t Le_" (27.2); Ind the sac .... webda. CI.2)

1()04. 00 December ,11, 200(1, • lUicil;te bomber attadCld the 0;)1'1\10)' of the Sri Lankan Dohtnoe Stnt«y .nd bvtMr to ttl. ~ Gothabaya RAJAPN<SA. woundlng 1" peop., poIca Mid. ~AKSA MCtped unhult RAJAPAKSA wal heMtino to a

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meeting of the NttiOlNlI s.<:uriIY Coondl "80 if. ~le¥fId tM bombel', tr.vlliing in a taxi, pulled up iIIOng.ICIe dle ~oy n ~t.d. setting fire ~ • numt;,.r of 'ItIl'lIclea. According to polloi, Sri Lankan rorcn hII ... _pad up II8CIJI'Itr In the ........ and ~ uchl"ged gunlir. wilt tUlPKMd TMlII Tiger nlbeIIs. T~ iIt*k cotneI just 1tne _ II'I8r Ttmll Tigw .... leader 'Ve1","U. PRABHAKARAN ~ ttl .... r.arty ftv8..year-Gid CHMft ... WIlt !'lOW dllfunct. In h •• nnull .......,. (Gteat Heroes) Day" adIhH whktI wlndded wI1tI hit 52nd birthc:!.y, hIf .1kS. the ce • ...tIre h .. ~ ~ by ttMt RAJAPAKSA admlnistl'8lIon.

ThIa 1nfonndoD Dbta!1MId fo"" ". CNN World N ... on ...... CI.I)i and fram

b InlIit'Mt ft8 rP..aPUrMD •• U I" the YHlb p-oe "ChtoaclllOgy of SUIcide

Bomb A_. by Lmliilil TIgtr T.!fOri,. In Sri Lanu". (27.2'1

105. On.......,. 28", 2007, a cIabIed fwmille LTTE tulcidl bombef. tIIIrglIting Eelam ~... o.!Imocmic P.ty (EPOp) laD!' and SocIal s.w.. Mini.. Douglas DEVANANDA, blew herMit' UP when htir attampt to IISIlISIloate the Minilltel' waa foiled. The WOiMft bItw .... " near the Mlnlt.lty't Public RdliofJ. Onice at Na ...... pit.I around S:Os.m. Wno the PubIc R~ otr.c.r and injuritlg two Olt1er Mlm.t.rial SlaJrIy GuaRII.

Tltll Infonndon ......... .._ frGm 1M IDIII ............. """,fPHt:!!M" In ttNI ..., ..,. "Cbrono6otY of 8uldde Bomb Att.cb by L TT!. Tlmll Tlglr T ....... In 8n Lanka". {27.2~

106. On MIY 18", 20(18, tan people were klled Ind more tMn 90 'IIIClUf1dct(I when a TI",II Tiger auic)ide bomber rammed a motOl'C)'(i!. ... police riot squad vehicle In Sri l,.anka'8 CIPItIII, poIiI:e and armv $OUI'QU .aid. Moat of the victims are Ill.""" of the rioI 1qUad. fight police otIIcerI .... amgng thou klll.:2. The attack hllllPP8f*i teas ttl." 100 metenI (110 v-cfIi) from thiia ptQidenti. ucretarild in CoJ(Imbo. on Frida ... momln;. Preaiclent Mahir'm RAJAPAKSA eondaMntd the bombing as an ~ad of wanton s.vaaarY' and ftPAIlHd hit condolenca to in. vletitnt.' fIlmg.. "Repelted V4gMy of ~ order I.InderIrIot .00 ...... ltIt need fof concerted action by aU thoe. lIt1lo d1eriah democncy, ht.Imlfl rigID .00 the ... aI .... of dvlllzed todety, to .rlldicate the menta of tarorlam of whidl lilt L. TTE remain. the bIoodIIIt .)(Imp'" tw.y; RAJAPAKSA. uId. rtftn'lng to the atII:!I'1l1i.11On fer the T.mll Tigers' oftId.1 rlfIm.. Th. riot lCluad ",embn _re ~rt of In~ teCl,lrity preparations for .... __'ring~t'1 cA trw cnitt' rn ...... for the Eaatern Pro\tiH)nIll Coundl.

Thl. Infonnllon obtained fnJnIlht eNN World tMM on-Iln. (1.8,; Mel from

the I ~J.U In the .. page jtChfonotogy of Silicide

80mb Attack. by LTTET.T rr~ In Srf Uln~n. (U.2)

1.6 l.eIdtr of L ne: VIluplBaI 'RABHAKARAN ,Plnlba_ran)

101. I hIIve "'ltd MV9t'8I docLunllills on Internet in ~rd. to PR.ABHAKARAN. In the following ~~., I h~ .ul11fNll'iMd th. infomudion nftrring to PRABHAKARAN aafolknw:

> PAA8JoW(ARAN ",n born Of) ~ 2011, 19$4;


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~ PRABHAI<ARAN WM tlie '-~ ~ mMilry CQIl'WIlIInder of the -New Tamils T\:;III'I" 'Who later cMnged Its name to IhfI lTT~ on May s-', 15178. PRA8HAKARAN .. slililhe 1 __ rA tht L TTE:

)0 PRABHAKARAN ., IWPOn.ibIc for .mlng, .qo:;;uIing IiIoIld ktadinu the murcler of the maJO!' Cf JaItntI, the late Alfred DUIWAPPAH. who wet "'at defld on July 17*.1975;

;r. On July 2r, 1m .n .... uII group con&iltlng of 14 T~. IllCIudtng PRABHAKARAN, ~M:wd an ambulh .t Pllllw- ro.d In ThI~j. Sri L*1ka. The ... Uft group's command wall given by I.~. SELLAKKIU on behalf d PRABHAKARAN. When 1M army (lQI'W(Iy al'riveG at tt. exact lpot. T~ commenc:td 1M -Uck by aetiviling the land mfleI.. Thlneen Sinhaleee sokh~ w.re killed In tt. IIItI.ck and weapont ..... confiIcIIted by the TiQera. PRABHAJ<ARAN alone IhoI and killd T 101d1e1'l In ttll • .u.c:k;


» On No¥ernber 27", 1 au, PRASHAKAAAN prodaimw "Novemb..- 2'7~ I' ttl.

"N8tiooaI HerwlI Dty"- That d'Y ... be the ckIy ttl oommemorata 1h8 fighter. wt.o 8lt8ined ImIrtynMxn for h eM*! of the T_H Eam:

The impotMnce of fIHr National Herou 0.1 ~ further be UP/lilled iIJ th/:s AllJc:MIIIl, ." WfIII •• the rtJCeIJI NstJomJl ~ ~y t.:eIebnUd in Mofllni-' on

Decombw 1#. 'J007.rKl2008. '

,. PRA8HA.KARAN h •• Mo bMn .ccuud by Indill of playing a key !'de in the mutder offomw Prim. MIni ... r, ~IY CntANDI in 19&11. Mr. GHANOI was Idlled by • luw;:Idc! bQmHr who, the Indiana tMlIliaw, .... atting on OI'de,.. from PRABHAKARAN;

)0 On the Interpol wemIla, ttwe. prauntly an IntImatIonII wan.nt illIM by Sri

u. .... '00 Il'I(Ij, tOr PRABHAKARAN'a IIffMl

Th.. lnformIIIon c=omn from the UC wtbtJ .. , 1ht .uthor being South M" ......,. AlMWr LAMON ~'); the I ......... Mbdl (21.:1.: ..... In In MtiM pubhhta by WT1I Gn 1M _ ..... ltnMkln.ort ....... (10.1)


108. OffIcially kr'IOwIl .. the group'. ~ ..svIser aM thearHdan, for DV8f 2' Y"t1'S he pII~ • Idqu. KII. In Ihtt pcIItbI 1truggJ. of Sri lanka's TMIII minority. OVer the yMN, thiI I'1QI1MIty .-.ticent nwn w. U. publk: f~ 01' ... Taml Tlaer1. LMng in london. It W8I hili Job to comlnUnlcate IIIrith the outIIde WOI1d 8boutlhe aspirlIIlo". of hil people. BALA8INGHAM represented tIw TIg" in many at these t.!ka .. the chief negcJtlator. He .a:ompar"-d PRASHAKAMN at aimOlt IWtY rn.tIng held "'*II Indian and Sri L.~ politic.! Ie...,.,., whef-. h. dtlv-d • doubIt rgIt .. ~ .nd .. • dvilef to 1he redullYe 8Upren'It T_. 1itAL.A5INOHAM ~ Nay on Oecembtr 14h, 200G •• 18.

Th .. InfoImatkJn 1;0011II from the BBC ....... (1.7); and the WIIVW,t.mII .... COM wttIMe. (13.2)

Meny of,htI items aeiHd by i"".~ haw tIM pho(o of BAL.ASINGHAM.

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'.7 TheLnE FlAG

109. "n.. 11. of the l TTE II red and h. a jumping, roaring tiger in ita centre. n. tiger i. &UmIUI'I(Ied wIlh II round at ammunition .ncI two~. The l TTE Nil chQUI'I to u&e II flag H .. emblem to .... 1hIl it r.gardl Ita organlDtloo to t. lWFdunting • MtIon, r .... EWm. ~ flag w" aKlopted 1M the national IIau of Tlillilil ~ on the Second NatIonal Heroes Day, dated Nov.n'I~ 21". 1!i1OCt The tiger WM drawn ill 1977 bV NADAR.A.IAN •• friend of II'Mt ~nI L TTE lAder, PAABHAKARAN. PRABHAKAAAN It. on.n picWtI(I beikkllmages of tlgoet1. llltlieh IhC1M 11'1. tt. • la of QlWIt Iymbolic importInce to till L TTE. The ligtr 'ymbQht. ~Ifion. which L lTE emph.-.. fu,,* by Uling IIII~plng, roaring "'mal. ThII.m1lUlftlon n bliyon.t. II'IOW that the L m .. fight for .0 ~ IIknt Tamil St&H I • ..mid. On its web$h, L TIE ]uIUIeI the ute QI fore. by argulllQ that it I. the ony 'Qt t>y whiCh it e.n readlltl goal when it 18 up ag.intt allt:rOnger opponent. nIffltIry the Sri t..rNn Govommeflt. •

Thit Inform-don WIll obIaIMd fronI my ....,1 .. of. photograph clepCdng U. L TTi III" and from jlAo pIctuN apH •• thou.- word,: An • ..,.11 of tfnorl.t .... bIerna" by J...,. lee RASMUSSEN of 1M U"IY.rsity 0' St-AnI\tlWla. In $c.cIbnd. (10A)

I.' A a.t«t ....,In canada

110. T"1Idng Of an rity Is • IAWY public lMana of ldenllfylng • group or lndIvIdu.l _ beng aMOc:ialed wIIh 18ITOI11m. The definition of .. anlity Indudea • ~CfI. group, trull. ~ or lund. or 111\ unfncofpc:nled ~ or IX1IIlnIUtIOn. The AntI- T..,-gfiam Act PfOIride* ~ for the Gc:Nwmmant d Canada to craUt III ., of antilles. H II not III alme to be 1iIt8d. However, one of the ~ at being lilted II fltlf the entity'. ~ CM be tnc:Q Nsily the .~ d .. 1zureIrestraint andlor fort.it\n.

This InfonnatJon II frotn a. pubk." CINda wetIIHt (29.2)

111. On AprIl a-o, 2006. u. OI9*'Ii:utIon krIown .. lM L TTE was Mded to the li.t of entItiel by the canadian Oovlfnment. Tht l.. TTE iI now ~I)' • lIMed lerrorl$t group in canada ... it fall under the ptlrM1IIeri of ~ 83,05(1) (II the CrimJn8I C«t. •• "lht Govamor In CounoIllB Mhfltd that 1here are ...... 0I'lIIbIe IIrounda ta bel~ that (a) tilt tomity hM knowin;!y carried out, I1118mpted to call)' out, ~ in or fdtaled a WrnriIt .CIMty; 01 (b) 1M .ntity Ia knowlngty dna on beh •• of, " tr.. direction 01 01' In HIOCi.tlon ViI'Hh .. enl:1ty rRn'ed to In ,..-ph (.)".

Tha. Infonndon ... "'I~ from thl publklaUon of 1M ,lMWe noted

-.nendmMt Itt C~ Codt found In the Candl Ci ..... EJlh volume 140.

No.3 dat.d T ", April 11·, 2001. (30.2)

112. On December 1cf', 2008. Her ElcoaIIency thIII Gowmor General In CouI'loCi! ~ thfI rKOrnmend.t.lon of h MinIt.btt of Public s.fety and EnwgIlnOY ~rednees made puttoant to subHetion 83.05(9) at ''''' CI1tnINI Code tIUII ,ad'! entity .. MId In of July 23"', 2008. in tM Rt;ulatiaml &bIbIIIh1ng II.iat of e~ ~n .liaMd Intity.

TlIt. Infonnatton _. 0bbI1Md ........ R .. ....uon. l!!"bMhl"" • LI.t of EIltttIH to .. ~ CodIt fOUftd In the can.IiI 0 .... VDkImfI142, No. 21. DtCam.,. ,(fl. JOOt. fa.S,

~31 or 183

Page: 31

.. , 0UtaId. c. ... : Prwc:rIp4Ion of the UTE ••• ltrro"-t II~P

1 1 J. Al Itaet 32 ~ h_ Bated tho LITE .. a terfOriat organlntlon. N of JlJnuary

2009, Ihete inch,.:

II'IdiI ( .... oe 1m);

,... UniIed Sa.tH d America (since 1997): ". IJniltcj KJogdom (me. 2000);

,,_ t=utqletn U~ (.ra 2008, ~ng 27 cout"It1t8t):

Malaysia (2006); AlAtraIia (2008); ~ (.iflQf 2QP8),

lb. InlonMtlon ... obtained from the report of ItCIIP analyat SophIe POIRIER ..... Ihfch UP, 2001. C,2J

"10 ".. .............. ~

11". The L TIE hal creaIed • def;ltltrrMlnt they cal thI IrMn'lltlonal Secretariat whk;h ..... l'1li811)0 nn the ruponlUlty for e!\IUI1llg the smooth "-,nlring of the l TIE gkltlfl nefwOrk n tv generate mpimum fIn*nciaI re$0\.IfI::I:I$ to .upport the L TIE'II war in Sri lfnka. 0.... of ill roIM • to O\WIM actlvltlH of Iho l. TIE Foreign 8rana.. that nave .. n esl:abhhed In a m.mbef d countriet lrOund the ~,,,,,,..Iy In CMlda, Fr.-.ce. United $W.t&, EngIIwId. ~ny, Italy, NotMy, ~, ~.nd, HoIMd. DenInm. and Malaysia. The Foreign Branchet t.ve to ~ • per specific dlNctivta Md QulHlM$ ~hed by the ~ s.er.taritt, and tIwy m.report all of their tctMtiM to them. The hUm.domll SttnU:""11110 ~ tttining In Sri 1, .... for .atvII1s WOftdng lit the Foreign BnInchtI. SomI at the l m actMstl ln Canada ~ pWIidpIIeG in thou Mft'Iinal'l.

Th .. inIonutlvn obllln..:t koln ... "Rf~n of FomIOl'I Btaneh .. of

the Li ..... tion T Of TIIIIII &him" sefDd lit 7720 P. IX BcN.IManI, Unit 1,

IIMtrHI (32); an blMr. ~ KIImu IIHOH entitled -TaraMInII L nEt. global

MlwfIrk"' dIttd April 24 , 2001 (35J; ...... 1m COIhmfntar, by Peter CHALK found on Ibt ct ...... ,(1.

Mr. AJIt Kumtr SINGH Is RMHn:h Aasiltanf lit 1M ~ for CmIJict Manegement in 1ncJfa. (17.2)

Pftttr CHALK (Ph.D. in PcIIHcal Science, Univtt&ItY of BrItIBh CdumflIe, c.nlJdjtJ iB 8 RAND Co#pofrIffon poNcy 1JII8Iy. who Ita 8/1111yZed sue" ~ 8$ unr;(In~. aecurlIy thtJIJl1J in ~h..,r and ~ An. RAND CotpoI3IiOo it a oon-profif fnfltltutlon til. ilddrMsH the ch~. f.cing public lHId privllte ~ fM'rXf(P(J me WOOd. (17.1,

115. In an 8f'Iida. publiUwd on March 1810, 2001. on It14't I~ Tnbune wabsite 0Vtr.e! Jdbu"eindl.,Uj) en1itltd "\. TTE ehifta HCI from Londo" 10 Wtnnl", • claar ink beIwMn thIt L TTE and Ihe I~ Sf(ntariat It ind~

on. LibtntiGn ~ d T ...... E-.m (lTTE) "" ~ Ita jrt.I'fWtioMi ncnt8rtIt baed In lOfIdOtI to .., unchdoMd dntNtion ~

Page: 32

Wanni in Sri ~ •. MrIcIIa IWpOftIIMre .1IId ~n p*a_ .IWO)' liirl" SolheIm. who will .-urn to CoIarnbo ~n the nul. few ~. will mHt Tiger '_'r V&lupillel PRABHAKARAN .t the !'leW offIoe enortIy. HCJIWe'M'. ttwre is no gffl-=- confirmation about Mr. SoIhekM m~ with PRABHAKARAH. POMi<*.nd diplomatic IOUI'CIft Hid h Britiah IlIn on the L TIE would nc)t Iffed the ~t ~ proc::ett. WIlt11t1e L TT"I: lhifting ita inI8mMlonal hIIadqUilner. from l.OhdCll'l to WannI, Mr. SoI~im will PI1If- to h(lId tab with the L TTE ~Ip In W8nn1. reports aald. Although "' .... wu speculation .oout the L TTE IhIIbng ill ~iOtIltl hMdquallara to IInOIher w.nm COUntry. the L TTE hlerarohy pre ..... 8d to .... It to the WhlI p(WI1'IIIInantIy rather tn." ... tampcnry ec:comm(J(llltiOn ~rv. Ttw ~rlat In london WI. primarlty .. pondJ1e for disefrrmating infomlation. ""*111:1",, prapagal'lda 8fld coorclll'wtlna "- actWII:IM tAttle L TTE In 5!5 countriM, It had no ra&e In the LT'TE'. ~ ~ and functioned mer.ly Man ag&flC1. .•

Thla Infofm.Uon obtained frOm.., .,.. publlthtd on MI:~h 1r, 2001, on

.... india TrltHtn ile lwww.tribyntfgdjt.C!!!!. ,nUtItd L TTE .n" HQ frorr.

Landon .., "Ut

w.mw Or' vanni i$ ." alUm Sri Lanka thfi is CCNJtroled by the L TTE. ACCOIdIng to K M_ ete SIN •. In hJ5 HWoIy of SII I.anb (pubNfhed 1981). tfw Vm;, the land between

J.ffn. 8tId ~ (11.1) .

116. In an IIItickI pubillhed OIl September 10", ZOO6, t)Il ltle webSIte WWW.IIIItab1b .... !iMiC!!D.

VlMN'Iualhl ~IVANNAN iii identified .. Ill. htad of the LTTE IntemAtior* Secretariat Tne _Ie elto mention. tNt he II known· .. "CaCro". An.rtidt publilhed on NoveMber 2~, 2004, on ~ .".. WNW.tamjlnetJmJ, ldenllfted V_ MANIVANNAN .. the Sec:ret.ry of hi t.1TE ~ SactDriM.

nit infonndIon *II obtIintd from Invntlgttln ... lIaInt ... c:.ttwrin. BERNARD , .... IERNARD"t, n NferNd to In "'r .. port dMed November u-', ZOOI..,.)

117. In. Ider addlWHd ta V. MANIVANN.A.N from CHANORASEGARAM, the he-'Ing dMCrIbed V. MANlVANNAN .. followe:

.ttY. V. Menival"lllaO. ~ perwn, Intem.wn.l Secretlrt8l, Th. lJ)e1'ttiorl TigMI ofTamI1 EIrIIm, Tamil EfIam".

this InIonnIItIan ... obtalMcl ffom ill. I'IqIOrt on ... Student Aaacfatlon of world T ... if Mowmenr. is- ... nutl Itha.k mMtI * 1006, Mtud lit 011.: v .... Horn. An" .. on AprO 1Z"\lOOI.l!lHbIt 2OOI-t2" Item 01, binder 27121. (37.3-,

This letrer allows IS dIrec1link bfIfW8en V. MAHiVANNAN, the /ntamatiOtIIIt Secr.t8lf. and rm. L rn. It it. tn fl(e. ¢f eomtItpondenc:e bftMen' WTM end L TTE.

118. In that same letter, CHANt)R,o\SEGARAM indiG1Re8 tnt rOUOWing;

)0 ·Mr. SITHAMPARANATHAN (lyyah). the leader of the world Taml Mo\'emef'lt. hoi8t«I the canadian "-

)0 Mr. KUMAR hoiIl8d the QIMbIc nIgIOrlaI n.Q;

)0 The Tamil Eelam flag tIM hoItted by the ndI'Ier of • hero and the grandmother of lVJO httoM:

)Iro T~ Montreal city illig W_ hoiIted by ...... SWAMALAR. the Prnidenl of tl'l8


Page: 33

Qwbec women uaoddon of WOI1d TIIIllI WI:m.n Asllaciation.-

lb .. ~ .. obtained IfOmItM r.port on tht 8bIckInt ~n of World T ... Mowment'. 1'" ....... 1 .w.IG ....... - 2001, .-..d '" .. 'a v .... IiornII Awn. on Aprt 1:t'. 200L ExbIblt~'2, """ 01. 27128 {IT.J.

t beIItNt# Mr. KUtIAR to be ~t/iImpJI1aJ THOMAS, a WTM' edmin~r.

11111. On Apri!1.f!, 2008, members of INSET ~ 8 SearotJ Wtrrant ... ,82 V., Home A1I'8flUe, Montreal n an April 1 'JtI, 200e, another Search Wlrrant • 7720 Pi.,X BOuIfvaI'd, unit 1, Montl' .. 1. N. bOth theM Mdret:tel, invesIiglkn katId • dOCUment *'-d Tho Warbhop far the Foreign ~ Ir<lm J~ za-, 2004 to July lCt, 2004 ("The Workshop fer the Foreign ActivI:ats'). Thi. OOQ.lIlMlftt contalna In IrtroductiOn Iett8r from the Intemationli s.cmariat on UTe "~IId. Thia IMter II sIGned by V. MANIVAHNAN. In the IatWr it II indicated that "In CII'W to ptnla a new IPHd among the Tamil ~, with tilt coIr.baration at the actIYIItI;, II) nert tI'lt nottI or the participants rI the umlnar, the poIItIon Md bpectfton. Of the LlbetlIlian TIg.,. of TamN EeIam: A capy db lder II shc7Nn .Iew.


Page: 34



u......aon TIgIra of T .... 14hWm




We fOIWIII'd t.1'INith the lummary d ..... dlacuulonl- IhlIreet by the lHchef1, .nd by the oomm .... during the fortlan ac1Mata' .. mlnar. held from 20.07.2004 until 30. (fl, 2()041n rlmil EcIItm.

E~ though ..... unable to provide the full kim of the semi,.., we liar- that, lheIe few Bnes will help you to undInland better Of trw nI!W •• ren.

TI1erefoIWI, we requeat ht In order to PInW • ntw *PMd .mono tilt T.m~ people, with !he collaboration or hi acIlvtst.. to Interl eM n~. t:I'" ,.ticipantl of the "'minar, 1tlI!I position and ~Onll of tile IJbaratlon 11gtB of TllmU &111m.

'NIttI. I'egaIrdI,

Signdn: V.Mll'lfvannan (V.MAHIVANNAN)

lb. InfornI8Ion ... obtIl ... tnm .... dOtIum.nt Tilt Wothhop fq,t tIM Forelgn

AC-lMata •• tz.d at 4112 van Homt A"...... lbIt 2:OQI.12, ttem 01, blMIe, 2128;

.nd _hlbft JGOf.2O. "'m 2.10. .. Ized at 7720 X SouI.wAld, unit 1, Mo,*"l.


The S$atoh Wamtnt f}(f(;uitd ., T120 Pie IX. unit 1. will be explained 1818( In ""1$ Allldevlt, In the section titffd ·S~ 011 WJlf IIMmbfNBIoiIowInQ 1M Nallng of tt» L TTE .t.s a WfrtIrlII. group". I b4IIiwf that this IMter Ihowa 8 cJnct link tIf~ the InfftnBliMtI~. Tht ~ ror the Foreign ActlYlIts fIfKI 1M L TTE.

Page: 35

'.11 FONIgn _ne ....

120, In oIlJet"' to ..,rvive .. INl OI'gII~tiorI .... d .n.wt Ita uIUrnaht goal of a Mplnt. _Ie. th$ L TTE nII.1'Iatv1y on the mcnttlty contributions of the TWT'IiI diMpofM .rabhhed in different DaUnt" .nlUI'Id the world. In order to do to. *h., L TIE h .. cteated subO!IIIiIII!'itltianll that operate In each crt' tt10Ie oountrin. n. l. TIE calli It • Foreign hnch. The L nE hIIe ct.fi .. d bI .".cific atMl 01 IIdMliH tNIt h.. to be ... blittwct, ~ted. ilod controlled by the Fa.,. Bl'arw::hn; (1) ~dII .nd MBaI •• (2) fundralling from the public. (3) ~ of aUllIIIMy 0I'ganlzal:1Qn1. (4) *1'1(1 Tamil'. wlfare aaoei .. iool. Elldl of 1110 ..... of -=tivitHta iII.ub-dMded Into specific:: dIAIe. .nd I'QIu hi! mwt be executed by men'1l$1'1 of .. FlHign Brandl, n,., in~ of the Foreign Branch into thoR ... 01 acti .. itIet 8UUI'8I the L TTE ;t tMCh into .,..y facet of Ihe lire d an upatriNd Tamil in his c;ounb'y of adoptian,

Thlt Infonndon WM obtained frGm '" "R'O .... nlation of '0"" aNnch .. of tht LIbItaIIon 1lgIn of ra"'" StltmIJ .. kH • 7720 ,.. IX Boulevard, UnIt 1, IIOnIrML (32,

In Cana.:M for in8Ianoe, the L TTE hfi esI9bIishfld a m:iIin ~ body In the TOIOIIIO .,.. that t_ 1fIf8r to .. ftIf WTM canada Branch, Thf Quebec Branoh Is in fm a f'fI{Iiafst9t1 0!"f'I9Il/latj in Qtlebec csIkKJ the \o1Iorld T amM Movement wtlicIt I will explain ,.,., In INa An'1ciMl,

'.12 n.. LTTE ........ 1 of ·~nm.tkm of Flnlp Bl1InchM of tIM U ...... ,.......ofTam.e.t ......

121. In 2003, the LTTE prod ..... doct.Iment thal,,1na in detail the- duIiM and ItCtivitie, of the foreign tnnches. In I booklet titled ~.nization of Fortign EII'wdlIJt at the Ublration TIgers or Tsmil EeIam~. l11e InhtmdQnal SeerM.-i.t of Iht LnE dIctabl, prwcItey wtI. " to be ac:compliQd by tn! FOtfign h1<:hn,

lb .. InfonNtlon WI. gbUlMd from ... tt.Ort.~.on of fO ..... aNne_ of the Ubtr*n T ..... of Tamil &11m seized on Aprl 1!II, 2101, .t 772D PI. IX

Boulevud, Unit 1~ IIontfML (II) .

I believe thM the L TTl; if • WfM..atructUf8d OfJIanizalJon th. ha beef! v«y SUOOe8$fUJ 81 (JBfflng Ifnancial ~ Imm the expatriated TamilS. aI&o cdxJ Tamil d/asponI. throuQII Itt. BrIN/tJu of t#HW fofeiQn bnJnchel, which I wIN MIoW Ihn:lughocd this Affidavit.

122, T'- dcx:ument WIll- Mized on April 13". 2flQG, at 7720 PIe·IX Boulevard. unit 1, Montreal. caIed the "Re-Organiution of For.lgn Ihnchea of the Uberetkln Ti~ Df T.mI Etlfam", It II dad July 28". 2003, In ttll& ~t, I will ,. to this document 8. the ·LlTE Operatioml Manual·, M.ta18CI In the Inlfllduction t:l the .L TIE OperatIons MMuar, thiI document W85 pte,*" to help the fcnIgn I:nInchn In tNtlr ~ by provldlng IhBm with h .p~ptat. daps ~ by the ....". m.mbenI and 1N ..... dtMLTfE,

ThI. fnfonndOtl ... "'lned from·the R.orpnlulon of Foreign BrM1chw of Uw La"lIon ng.r. of Tamil ...... Htad at 7120 PIe IX BouInard, Urdt 1, MonCrNI. (U)

( believe that rhIa doCu.metIt contans the guidelines tor'M foIaIgn bnli1chu of tlta L TTE.

PIlOt 36 of 183

Page: 36

123. T"- inlIoductIon ~ of 1ha do(:umlnt ~i_ I met .. from h LTTE Leader PRABHAKARAN .....:I1rQm the Pefaon IIMlhergI of Iht ~ ~,.. 1t.1O conIatnI.xplMatlOIIII Mi the JUPOM of t .... dOClUl'Mnt. It .... d. II followa:

Page: 37


"m MIrIr to tKid ambitious drive to 'he ~ d 011(' motherland. it Is fnevtable that our foreign brMef')fs must furn:tJon WIry efNcifmtIy. CUI1$rrtIy in IotwIgn countriGI. the neceulty ", ,...." to I>uiId tho luPf8ITtG poI/tJceI atnJdure. 'Of fJJnher imptD~ an the ~ POIItJcgJ ~t. wtHch pt8senrty ffJ'lOtlf our side, to IPfWJ up OUI" IfberaliotJ battle by providing tIIt'otIgh propaganda ~~s /(I jU81NyftJg end ~ lII1 thti actual point ."

HOI!. V. PlrabMeran

w. ,.. ... propnd a document on ~ the foreign b~8 ~ tel' ftItt ~ fhinI<InQ 01 Hen. v ~ In I'oIwIInitng to you the ffrnII vera#oo d this doclRnef1l. we ~ rite ~ proposal5 from ttw "";or membem 01 our Of11IHIlzatiorJ .rnJ ttr. at.:fm()~ kDm our Iuder.

Based on INa. III futllft. the Io\OI1C SftUCIt..n.s of foIlIrGn bnJncttfJ$ mutt be tv- 8IJ1!11ged At each 1Nwtcb. IJI'tdtH' fht Wrat In chatge. IfJe ruponsJbIa Jndtvlduala muR b. ~ for the following t",/{s.

~ and 1tfedIe.

Fund raiSint1 anJOI'Ig' r/'lf publlc_

The acfM{e8 of lIWCm.ty (JtfJ8tJbations. 111. T."as' WIIIIMtte N&OC:ifII/on.

ConMqWntly, for the above MIa ,.$k#lh. tUpOna/bIft peraomeIBIso will be appoint9d ., fh' tnt.",lItJonllf Sea.leriJl. The indMduaII 1"110 WIll b. ~ at thfJ ibttlgn brSndIft ro,- lfJ(I ...... aid talk.J will c:oohId thft mp<IfI$ibM perIOIlfJ9I at tilt 'ntematlon., Stctvt8riat ~ obtIin rm. orders and in.structkNJI of thtW tarks.

All mlNltioned in (MJf r&-OIf18nizJnQ ~, _ the ~ ~ at )lOUr branch, and iIIler that. t/IItlugh ,IIfJ ptH'SDn in ~ 01 )'Our tnnch. t8pOI1 to U8 with AtgW to yom brarK:b tIItlJChn.

Thet!Idng )00.

TItItW of TIQIInI is TM'IiI E.um motherland 7l'1f~/~

tnfemeUonaI SIc:nPriat

l.Jberatit1n Tigtf'$ of r_ &IMrI



Thlf Informdan WH obWI'" from 1M R..o ..... natlon of Fonign 8ranchH of tIM Uberdon Tip,. of Tamil bill .... ..ad .t T720 pr. IX lall...., ...... Unit t, MontrNL(U)

I btJIitve that HOII. V. Plrabalalnul is PRASHAKARAN.

1 b9HfVit tht ~ oIth. IrrternalJotIai s.cr.tn, to ~ V. IrAANIVANNAN.

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Page: 38

, "..,. nwlewed HVWlII "Pon, WI1hn by mflml).,. of INSET and num.fOU$ it""" seized by member.J of INSET. I observed t~ I.tH1 WTM foIk!wa 1M guitItIIirrH prov~ by It. L TTEIhtough Ihe L TTl! 0pwaticlrM AlfallUIJI. In tllie Allldm. , wilt ~8 in fIJftfHK detsiII how tfHI WOr1I1 Ttimll Movemtnt tJpp/ituI Ute t}ukieJlmJlt pn:Mded by the 1.TT1ii: ()pMItiQns Manual.

124. M prevklully mentioned, the L TTE Operations Manl.l*l COIUin. the foIlQWing mlin objeotl,*:

(1) Pro~.oo Media;

(2) Funcfr*lng from tht pUblic;

(3) ActhIItIH of ~.nIDtIonl:

(ol) T.,~'u ... If""lMOCIatIcns.

TtIIa infornmIon wa obtIIlMd from .... R..oralNution of Fo~ Brllnch .. of u.. ~ Tip,. of T ..... e.1.m MIzMI • 7720 Pie IX BouIeY.nI, Unit 1,


The. ~ and h(Iw the WTItf fuIAAn them wHI be ~ In Q18Bfer detek with

.xamp/H tJf IlrHns ~ l'lff in this A_vit.

125. At. page 3 of the L TTE o,;.r.tiOM Ma~I, an Organizational cIUIrt it drafted. It depict$ IN deand ItfUCture for tnelr fortign brardlea. Below iI the ~ chlft

Page: 39

n.a. I~ WIt obtIIntd from 1M LlTE O~tlOft ... nu.t .. '-d .t 7720 Pt. IX Boulevard, Unll t,lIontrNl. (32)>

t.13 TM L TTl! b'alinlng for 1M FcnIiI n Actt'llitt

121, The Intematlon:al ~ hat 0!'ga1ized training .esslonl (Wcxbhop) 1n order to educaIe and MOtiII_ w.lr foreign aetNA about the L TIE's battle fDf Independence. SUdl -lent hive ltIQWl ".,., ., 2003 _ in 2004 In &I LaI'IkI:I. The title page of the tIOOkIIJt MIzed by INSET indICates the following:

Page: 40





20. 07. 2004 - '0, 07, 2004

In order to bring a new .~ '1TKllIg n. d.K8Ii 1iCIUI'ltries, every one gattwed together in Tamil Ellllam and Ih..., hir IIIfwIIil • new forc:e ....... A colledlcn of dGcumenla of Tn. Wmbhop.

'lb. Ildormation .... obMlMd fnIm thIt doc:u ...... Iltltcl n. WOfbhop __ .... F~Q ~t.. Thl. docurMnt -.-lad .-: 7720 ,.. IX, IInit 1, M~I. Tbt .... document .... Ito .... .t 4182 V., Home Avenw ........ 1. (U.

Known metnben at the WTM ",~ In the ,.", .y ".~ -.uk.117 "* tl'J(J/c pI.ce beMwn JJJiy lfP. and July 3fI'. 201').4, The Ptuidenf of me WTM, KathlraveluplBi SJTHAMPARANATHAN, hsd t1IB honout' of ~ the L TiE fIa" during the seminar, rnlfl will N dItK:uued Iabv", thIa Al'RdaIIlln HCtIOn g,


Page: 41

121. Dtlrlng the trairing MIG.1on of July of 2004, L. TTE cQrnIrnIndd. ttaehers, and other t. TTE ~1tiM addl1lilled tM activlatl. It 1110 iocluded • IIPMICh 'rom ttl. L TIE Le .... PRASHAXAAAN, ~ by Inclvidual photo ... lana tlbI'I in his company. TI'It /'tefd d tho IrUrr*ionai 8ecr8terlat, V. MANIVANNAN, provided the introductofy comfMntl to the participants by IP8MIng of the impol1enol far all Tamlll tD join together, younger gene ... Uons, intelledut'*, fttnaIa, ek, H. epok4J abOUI ttw individual dIsdpIlne Ind lmporWlall 10 Qbey~. He ~ Itle Importance 01 raOIiving Klivfty Md fNnciai r'eCl(Ift$ ft'am eaCh of tNt CQi,JrltrIes in order that they can be t;uf;mlitt.d to the Laadfnhlp. He &pOke about the vIewt. Ind tha atnlngltl of the leadership. ft. pr8I8IlI: situation of peace, lind the lmpOrtlIiet of ~ action. d the diapIacId Tn'll.

". .. InforIutIon ,... olMl,*, from 1M docUlMflt ddIICI The Work:lhop for the

For.lan ~ ThhI doclimMt wu uiDd at 7120 PI'ax. wAH ,,~. The

.... docwnent 1lt 41.2 V.n Hom. AvenUl, 110"*'-1. (33)

128. &c:h ..,..ktr 100M t.bout tt.ir .".anc Ir .. of ruponltbllltlel. or knowtedgt. 0... of the Ieachen b!llhe name of NILAVAN gIN •• MHIoo ~r thf HI.1Ory d Tam~ &Um battle. lit prt)'IIded information with regards to the IBberic aottvItlef fA Slnl'llleae. PerticPIllI then 'IIeMd a doc:~1Y .~ on 8laek Tigeta. In the documentary IJ1der the "-dig of ·A VOIunt.ry gift by Bladoo TIQIn". he det.i::ffHd the att8Cka of the Rlac:k Tigert ImOI'9d oIhIk things.

Th .. Infonndon w .. oIMInfId from u.. docuMMt tided The WorUhop for ... 'orMa" ActMIt8. Th" cIocum.nt ... MiDd lit 7'720 PIIIX. unit " ........... n.. ..... documem WH'" HIzed It .,IZ Van Hom, .~ 1IOntrNI. (U)

nr .. I!fUI(:k nu.m: .,.. ~ of (h811UiridB IIqU(IrI 01 the L TTE.

129. CokwIal SOOSAl, the tomm.lcIer of tht s.. TIgIJR, ... abOulh uri)' adlllltiH of the unit. He ~ .tJout tht Laader'1 vilion of the MIn, !he chIIIIngM f.ced In the _, the tnt attaI:*., tI'Ie birth of the 8ta Oove. U'IO bif1h of Sea ,....., their commltm8nt

and h particlpdon of tnt people. He ,poke about the inIuI'lCienl actIvitiet of the brandlM In Canada and In England. He wa .~ng huge aims from IhfJ Lofder . .., hnfore the foreign branchia muat t.ke Cin of thaC WId ICI ~.

1l'I. WonNIUon ... obWMd from the ckIc:ument IId.s ...... WOtICIbop lor the Foreign ActIvIeta. Thll. doc:umant ... MIzecI at lf2G P"IX, unit 1. lIOn ...... T ... .... documtntwu a. Hlud It 4112 Van HcItM Avenue, ...... 1. (Il}

lb, S. T/g8tB "(9 mtmbenl aftbe nallal forceI of thtI L TTE.

130. In • ..-ch ~ by Colonel VlTHUSA, eM ~ the .rtOI't IMde by the TMia. .tw'OiId whiCh ~ In ptO'o'Idll'lQ t!wl L TIE WI1h hi motor .heII. needed In tI'I$ bath ftIIIda.

Til. Infonndan _ obt8Ined from the cIocMMnt tItItd lbIt Worbhop lot ....

Fo ...... n ActI¥ nadoc:wnem ... ttIIIMI.t 7120 ,.IX. unit 1.1Iantn1l. The

..n. ctocum.nt ISO ulHd .t 4i.1 V • .,. HotM A'tefIUIt., 1IIonbM1. (33)

131. In • apeech given by Colonel BHANU, ~ tPphin.(l tht atUICkt made by the l TTE, the WHpOM ~ by u... LITe and Ihu j~ or U. molor batt,*". 111 addition, Colonel BHANU expIllned !he imprO\lelnef1t Of tM: TlGors rnitury (il,lfil'lQ tne pertQd of EIIIam WIlT III and the remarkable CCJI'ItI'bJtiOl' rllhe: Tig" • ....., blinllionl. Colonel BHANU cited !he areatalt IIIMInceI 01 the eunent IItIialIon, IUCh _ the


Page: 42

~ ..., ..:Ivanced tachniqu .. of &It ttlIICka. He aIIo reQuMtllCi of the T.mihl abroad to replace tile nuge economloll coac for tNl bllaIon.

Tflie lnIannallon wa. obWrwd fnIm document IIDecI 1M WorUhop tot the

FONIgn ~ n. document at 7121 PIe IX, u",1t 1, MontraL n.

MIM dOOuI....t ... llao .. Iud at 4.12 Vln Home A.,...ue. MontrNl. (33)

I believe that &18m Wllf'1I1 tI " IlIfeIwIoe to ",. Iftf' pMiod from 1 m to 2OO:l.

I betnt~ tfN!tt Colonel BHANU mMft ~ to lhf r8m1l f)fIODIB located OvMBHiI, such IS tIWJ membfJ~ of the WTM, who ooII8Dt ftnU to pay for the L TTE milNary fIlqJftnIItIlB.

132, S.P, THAMILCHELVAN ..... ClWf M&dl.tor QfU\t LrrE ana poIII;IclIllaader. explained tht c;.unent IlMuI of 11. CHH·h n whY' they enbnd Into it tIttn tftOI,Igh they t.1Iew tI'IM Ttmil Eel., ia tho cnty $OIUtIOn.

Th fomt.don ..... 1_ from Cht 4OCUIMII-t ahd The Wo"'hop for tM

Fo n ~v_. ll'IM dOGum.nt- Miud.t 1720 PI. IX. unit 1, .. o .... L The

.... ~ ... dIG ...... It 4112 V.n Hom&AwnHt .. ontrMl. (33,

On ~r r'. 2007. IIlIi1 L TTE PoIiticIIJ Division Chief THAMILCHEL VAN was kNlfld ill an an.ck bl#ht1 Sri Lsnlca Air force 111 KilJnochchl. Tiger's adminiItrative h.8dquat1er$, Ttl. kIIIng ct Mr. THAM'LCHELVAN Is ann by poIftlcaland dfp/ometJc obHivenl iii' II mejOt' poIttIoeI end nHRI blOw to ",. L rTE.

n.. ~ _ oIahMd from In artIdI on the _MIle

WWW.!lni n.gm dMtId ~ ,ra. 20117 412.3): and from In ..... e .. on

the wabab WWW, ..,Uted Nowmblr r", 2007. (13.3)

193. ~ BAI.RAJ nior LTIE Commandlir, took 1M f*tI~ to. guided tour fA

I'IiIItiOrtcallooatiOl'lllnd NCI'8d .. ndmaftI.t. He dft.cnbed to Uleo 8dlvillrf h many 8'lentll that took pIaoe on 1ne blUM! field. He ~ about the importance or Leadership and how lucky the el'ltlre Tamil nation 'MIl to have PRABHAKARAN .. ita L..... H8 •• id that the enti~ Tamil community rnuat render IheIr fuillt .upport to him. At the Sweet camp. Ule lc;Uvi. had lunch on the floor wIh IhI COIIlOIIIInders and the t'IgtUfI. Tho~ *" tile ume thing • do the fightera. He deecribed the "ngth d thlt TIger8. the ~irementa. and .poke of the mIItary equipment and faallUea of the Stnhtlete. He InIiIlod that in ordtr to .;wry tht weight of. the ..... IJlder the guidance oIlhe~. ~ mlMlllXImt rorw.rlf.

Thll InfanniCion WIt obUIllltd from eM dovu,,*" ti1IIcI The Worbhop for theFo ... lgn ACtNt.ts. ,... doCurtttnt WH MIdd It 7720 '.IX,. unit 1. ~. T,. 111M daGu ............. '-O ..... t .112 Van Hof"" • .,.... .. , Monbwl. (33)

134. In _ ...-d'I given bV Mr, V, SALAKUMARAN, nil noted th. the Il1hIm.tiOn.1 communldee of Tamil people 1;8'" about the LTTE' I caUl. lince tne~ are Involv.d In PftI~ aclWtie$ln tr'IeIr ....."... t;Qmtry.

Th" InbnNlIIon ... glglned from U. docum.lt tt.d 1M Worbhop for tM Fortlin AclIw~ ". documlnt .. HIzed .t 7720 PIe IX. unli. 1iIcJnb'IHI. Tlut ..... doc ........ aIM .... t .112 van Home AWIftUI.IIontI .... (D)

I ~ IhM Mr. SALAKtJllARAN """ Ie;! the fDfefgn bnJlJchH auch .., th. WTM wfItIn he menIioned Ifre iIDmIIttItJnfII communltiN.

135. In • .,..m given by Mr. VETTIVARASAH. he e~ lIwt the tInm:.*I ~ h:fMied aklng wtIh lh:I mprovem~ of the t.ttI.. WhIle the Governm8rlt « Sf'I Laniel receives aida from many foreign countrI8a, the L TTE oAly believes In tIltII' paopIe'I

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Page: 43

COf'Itributioni for tn.Ir fighting, n-.tore, he ~ ~ teo tM 41ot1w1.t. 1ft"" - ccnlribution ..... the molt ~ 8~ fundi. to thll: huge ~ between todar'. pellOe pr'(aI • ..-.ct '- ~rnic M1d5,

n .. i~ ... ob1aJned from ... dGCUlMId titled Tt.. Wotbhap for the '''''ion A.ctiYi.... Th .. document wa HIHd at 7720 P,-" tx. unit 1. 1IontrM1, The ume documefIt ... ...., .. 1* • 4112 Van Home '..,.nu., MontrN.l (31)

136. In III .,.eh ~ by Mr. ILANPARlTHY, he staled lhII: even though the peapl& Of tne ~ wn .xperienQngthe hardlhlps with revards tel the mllII.Iry actMIIea, the)' n.d ~panion tcwardl tno UblJrIIIlon of the Tlmll nation and supported ewtY .Ingle mow made by the l'igefs,

Thla Inrorm.tIon w_ ...... d from lht ~ w.d The Worbhop fof the fGNlgn AdtvIML Thk doan.nt .... ~ .. 11. PIf IX. ... nlt 1. 1Ionbft1, T"...... drK: ..... nt ... ateo .. 1Ied at 4112 Van Home Avenue, Mono.l. C3S) AIf1Iough the exact titles or poa:Itions of BALAKUMARAN, vt:rrIYARASAN ,00 ILANPARITHV atlI utiIfnown. II ~ 01 tMir ~ ap.peatI In " HCtion of ",II documftflt Wer17he ophIons 01 Commandel"tl, person resPonaible • .m tuchQr'S".

137. The Lnder of the LTTE. PRABHAKAAAN. g.ve • spHQh wh .... t.. Mid ht all TIITI\lt; mutt ~ ttl. thW duly ..... to WOI1t fOr mathtt1tnd. HIt pointod (Nt to Ihe .~ ttl. in their ~, it WId. impOrtant tQ '*P In mind to ioch.ldt .. r""ill into tl'l8 Tarn~ 1'1*,", ... ~ of the ifnCxIrtMcI at joining Iht ~ of different fiefd8 wit! the younger ~n far In. benefit or the rnatherWId. H. ItrongIy suggelbtd th.t 8IMf\'OMI "'. to t:..~ in the abIoIute "ictory and he ~ned ttllt the younger ~ tt.t llYn ebroacI must bt .,..,.. in, for the bedom baI*- FoIIOwiAg his .peecn. PRABHAKAAAN nad dlilCUlllon. with .. ctl. llmall group of acttvista from (twr..nt countriea. AdIvlatI could hAtit their phOto tIIIfan with PRAB~KARAN,

~ InforIndon WIt obCIIotd from tbt ~ tIUtd Tht Workahop for the Fotftgn AottvtatI. Thle document .. HInd lit 7J2O Pie IX, un" 1. lIontnaL The ....,. docunt9nt .... t.o 11'-<1 It 4112 Van~. Aw ....... MOfICNt:I. e:l3)


138. The knIgn branch of the L TTE in the Provlnr» of Quebec is operated by tfHI WTM, A minimum d 36 actMlta fQIm the ItnJcture of the WTM. Each 01 the 8Ot/vNt$ pIliYi a IfII)tfCiIic rolf in ",. orpntlatlM- In order d impOtr(W:e, thflni is li L.tJtJdIf, a~, II permn ~ for "".,." a ""QIIfW (otIfott tKlminhibJiIIJOn '~5'J. is ptlfltOr'l te~ Ibr the poIitical.MC:tbJ. cuIIlJflJI acllv_ p~tIotM. nine 8IH LNder$ (M14t119), fund collectors, and newaplPl' deHvery pe($(tIInt/. Thfy.8Mm to fIllWt a atrudtn .. " ."..,. in NWKM of"' •• nnuN 1WKVf.I,

7,'1 L.ftpf 8Iatut Gf the WTM "A non proIIl OtpnlatIcMI

139. The WTM i. M organization I'c:Inn8d IIInce Apfil21-, 1N1!. end ~ In ihe province of QutbeG with the ~ EnlerpriM Reglltnlr .incI Flt:wuary 1", 1P&6_ In h .pptIcItkwt for rtgIltralion and tubMquenl annual r.Portino to the provincial

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gov.mmenl, hi wrM declared having no .ml)loytts. ItI; oPlllllting rlllIII.~ ~m declared as Cultural and ~~, A IlIItIaw of copies of the ttQltlratiOrl dacumant .rid annual dec:IanIlIOfll ~noe 1995 thOWI ". foUclW1ng peltinent person. 11& baing ... Md to u. WTM:

)0 MInIvannan KAA.UNANANTHASWAM¥ ..... $dn'lirMtralOr;

)0 KathI~ SITHAMPARANA THAN .. tht admlniltrator 8nd tt1e prMidl!lnt;

}o Mwwleekarlln THURAIRATNAM " tht ~ and the tte_wer.

}o Tl1anaeQarlIm CHANDAASEGAAAM .. a fonner admirVllrator and member of


ThIll InfanMIIon .. obtaIMd from co .. of tht ",,1aInUon document ~ Fabr\IIry 1f"1, 2001, aM from annuli report. of the WTM Ivrtfw,.. ... '111110 2001 ..... 2001. (31.3)

7.J Lt.1Ing ofW1'M • 20014-13

140. On June,,", 2008, It'MI CIIlI tioo known a. the World Tamil Movernant (WTU)"'.

tdCltd to the lIet Of tenvriat enIltitt by the Ca"" Go>.oernmeN. n. WTM js ~ oIftdaIly • IitttM tortothIt ttItity In C.neda ... ,... under Ult l)iinmebn of paragr.apl1l1 "." III'Id ~b' PLiltUllnt to SIIibMcIion 83.01 (1) d the Criminal Code tr.t reIIdI: "Ill htIId WItil~, and lnctudet WI auodaIIon rllUd1 enI:tti$s..

Thll: Infanndon ... 01*1_ frotn .... puIII....... til .... ~ no1IIcI .......... nt to the CrimItNII CaG. found In 1M c.-.. a.ua. Ext,. Volume 1.2. No.1 HWd Wed........" Ju,..1". toOt. (II,...)


141. .",. b'I'owing Mo BUbaeoliotJ8 (;(I(I,NMe -' 0'IfIV1tIw 01 the nwt penirJMt lncIMduaIlIl InvOlved In tm. iflVNtigottoft. Tboir I'IlIeti lind invotvemsnl wit be further detailed ttrwughout",1S Amdavt with ~~ .

•. , ~~ot"'ID.nG.1'2V.n HomtAVM",~

142. Since Juty 2003, membn of INSET hwe bwI Invtttigating AWl .. aIbjeds, theM .... ctl roles .1'11 bIWIy dMeribod btleM' • #*r role will be further expI.ined in tI'Ils. AtndavIt, notably:


Tha ......... CHANDRASECARAll ,1_ BAUl.N, S. BA1.AN,




("CHANDRASE~") (male'

DOB: 1(172-10-20

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Page: 45


l< CHANDRA$EGARAM II • mem'-' of the WT'M:

» CHANDRASEGARAM was tr1Iirl8d til- an JdMat by .... l TIE In an ~;

,. CHANDRASEC'JARAM'. nllnllt (T, BALAN) _ ~ on the Qt cI the 38 YIN -.tN_ which .... dldHJd tg alder d.a.d June 1$·, 2005. tnd addreaed to the L TTE I~ Secretarilt;

Jio CHANORASEGAAAM IWCeived hill tnainlng cwttficate from the hlilncll of the L TTE Ie ..... PR.A.BHAKARAN:

,. CHANDRASEGARAM II the l))-OIijrlar of 4160 -no 4162 Van Home A~. Montrnl. IInce July 21110, 1_

)0 CHANDRASEGARAM ~ • l)IiIIid a<:tivill of the WfM:

Paid aativiIt$ .,. mwnbflfS on the Payroll for their'~ .aMli ...

)0 CHANDRASEGARAM colleett fl.Ind1, frO«! T~I peopfe in the: Montrul aret;

)0 CHANDRASEGARAM tranef~ fundi Cversea8 to the: L TTE:

,. CHANDRASEGARAM ",ted his own PlI'IOf'IaII K«IIri for WTM hlWf .... ;

) CHANORASEGARAM reported WTM ac::tM&in tit the L TTE •• tht Oftputy IHdtr or 1he WTM:

> CHANOAASEQARAM II the WTM • A,... Cnw' ~ zona M-7:

}> CHANDRASEGARAM returned from Sri Lanka carrying 119 Pre~ Payment Plan forme filled by Canadian: T8m";

:. CHANOAASEGARAM p.rticlpated In preparing num.ou.1undreiltng and Pl'OP8lJ'ndIi evena. in tuppOrt of the L TTE;

;. CHANOAASEGARAM II • joint IICC(ItIn1 tloIc*' for 1M mortgao- .t ttt.

ScotIa Bank ftIr U'Ie bulIdIng occupled at l!'lft WTM.


'", ... th-.1 8IVARAMAN .a. SIv..-.m1ll SIVANA THAN ("SIVARAMAN") (IMI.)

COB: 1058-03-31

Page: 46

Role In thte In~:

)- SlVARAIMN ill thv c:o-owner of..,. WTM building ~d at 4181H102 V.., Horne AYeIl ..... YOn .... ,,:

)- SlVAAAMAN is 8 T,",il Renabllitation OrpnlZatiofl (·TRO·) ~I¥eInQ~;

)0 SlVAflAMAN II an administrtter of tho 1;:_11'1 T.mW AtaoGnon 01 QuebeG("ETAQ") registered It 11162 Van Horne " ... ~. Montreal;

). SIVAAAMAN ~ In the prepar8tion 01 me Martyte Day celebnltign on December 1". 2001:

). SIVARAMAN'I pl'lofw nlJl'ftblr was printed 01'1 8 publicity ~mphIet for a WTM cultnI ev&l'lt Unkecl: to the TRO;

)0 SIVARAMAN i, • joint KCCUlt holder far Iht I'nCII1oIP m the Sooti.t a.nk for the building occupied at the WI'M;

,. SIVARAMAN PMticIpMIG In the \.IWt11lng of the monu",*,,' In front cC 4180 Van H(N"M A.venue. MonIrHI, In October 2004. The LTTE lag W8II 0t'It oI1he three __ hoi~:

~ SIVARAMo\N pilrtidpaled in !hi «'MtructiQn or the Wl'M morn.ment. in ftont of "1~102 v.o ttarne.

1.2 lie ...... of .... WTIIln.~ order


RlfNni IALl!NORA (female)

DOl; 1a81-07-26


RoI.1n 1hIII1~:

8AlENORA '- • member of the WTM:

8ALENORA is i'llNf'Qe d the poIItlc* Meti~ tot 'the WTU; BALENDAA'1I ~me wa IocDIId on the ~ or the 3D wn.t .ctIvi.ta wnich wa deetled to • letter ct.ted June 1 all. 2005. ~ ltddr4iMed to the L TTE IntemalkmII 8ecr..n.t;

BALEHDRA gave a media PffM ~ on AprIl ~. 2008, fOlIWMg the SNI'dl Wtrr.1t ft)QIJeuted at 411::10 .~ 4182 Van Horne Avenue, MOnttMII. on April 12!11, lOO8:

PIoe 41 or 183

Page: 47

)0 BALENDRA elCQlUSed to u-. media lMt lI'I. WTM did not ("".nee terroriafn, the NiId ttwI. u.y gave money to the Tad Fbh.bijilM~ Otg.niation (-mo") ..-.d the SO(:I" and Ec:onomic8I Oe~llt Organization for TIMIIa;

> BALENORA is tfle pr8lidBnt of tM Canadillfl TlMl'iI Congren. in Quebec.




DOli: 1071-12-12


Ad .... ;

Role In thI. ~0I'i;

,. KAR~THASWAMV ... member oftht WTM;

) KARUNANANTHASWAMV II • p8ld .all/1st of the WTM;

)0 KARUNANANTHASWAMY Is also one 01 vw. fQminlstrator of the WIN;

)0 ICARUNAHAHI"t-IASWAMY ~ a wamed ~ on April 4", 2005, to Cpl. BOUDREAU Mel mentioned thIt he wa thf Ie.cier of .,. wrM in 2003, 2004 and 1*1 Gf 2005:

» KARUNANANTHASWAMY diltributtt ~ Of! bthaIf at ..... Wl't.II:

)0 KARUNANANTHASWAMY IIltM1ded Bleck ~ Day on July 10-', 2004;

» KARUNANANTHMWAMV il ~ ror I;dilcting the PreAUttlOftz8d Ptiyl'l'lfftt PI.n form.;

)0 KARUNANAN1liA8WAMY had LTTE'. ~ In hi. lu~ on AUgust 14", "2aoe..


Anton uMcKAM

DOS: 18S2-0S.14

Add ..... :

Roll In 1hIa1lwtttlt.uon;

)0 MANICKAM II. rnamber of the WTM:

). MANICKAM W8I deelgnlted by the WTM " tr. coordlnMot for the ~ A~ Payn'ltl't Plan MII"4Ict with the TO Cfftadtl Trust. a.nk;

P.ge "8 tJf 183

Page: 48

,. MANICKAM is the oo-.lgQng officer for the wru TO bank .eoaunt 1M330-0928569 held lilt the TO can. TIU" Bank in MontrNI lioce 1984: M 1$ thlt WTY mail'! ~ UMd In p.rt tor tt. ~1.IU1ori~ paymenla and wire tntflI.fenI.. and the acc:ol,lllt ttlughl. to be ra~it8d;

,. MANICKAM '*" lifted II • adminilltl'ator of the WTM Ind as a tr9.-urer tI tfIe W'TM from 1_ to 2IJOoI:

,. MAHK:KAM .. liMd • Ontl of h 8til*IIItraltn for me Slucmrlt ~ of the World Tamil MO'otfMnt rSAWTN"} II:ICar.d at 4160 van Home AWlnIM, tACIIllrMI, In 2OCM:

). MANICKAM'. rwne was Ioe8ted on the lilt of the 38 W'I'W acIMet& which .... ~ to • IIbr ~ Jun. 18"', 2005, and add.-...d to the L TTl!! International ~ .. ;

). MANICKAM ~ In the preptu"Illtion of the Mudyr't Oay held iJI: tht "Centre d'tducation dee. IIdtJIle$ OUtremont", lo<:*G .t 500 DOIMi sn.t, Montfeaj on ~ 1M, 2007.


s.nthI.-lwmlr PERAIIPALAII 8IIH. &sen, ~aon, Perampalam CHANDRAKUMAR (",PERAMPALAM"> (male)

DOB: 1Q81.(l6-27


Add .... :

FI* In 1hIa k~n:

)10 PERAMPALAM iI. membtt or till WTM:

)0 PEAAMPAlAMAN •• trIIned IICIMIt of tht L~;

)- PERAMPALAM'I "Mne WM IOCMtd on 1ht lilt of tilt 36 WTM ~ which wu lit"" to I IeUer dated June 1 a-, 2005, and ~ to the L TTE Intam.tional s.aetariat;

). PERAMPALAM dlmibulea ~ on behall' ot tn. WTM In ttl.



Kalhk""'~pllal smtAliPAltANATHAN alii. Aiyah,

Iyyeh(m.1a) (·SITHA~PARANA. THAN")

COI= 1923--10~

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Page: 49

ft.'n th.lnwMtI .... n:


> 81THAMPARANATK.a.N II. t"'- actMat 01 the L'T'T'Ei

)10 SlTHAMPAAANATHAN II the C01igllinu officer fOr thI) W1M TO bWlk .acoont 114338-0028569 IwId .. thfJ TO caned. TMt Bank In MonIlltllI' Ii~ 1104, the account lOUgl'It to be faffehed;

,. SITHAMPARANATHAN.... obHNed IIttitlg .r • ..ble dI.Illrlg tht Mitrtyr's Dty 2003 .. nwlipul8l.ing fundi ~ from tIck.ts .. on NOYember~. 2OD3:

]10 SITHAMPARANA THAN attMded the L m ~ning In Sri Lanka and miNd the n.tional_ on July 25".2004;

)0 SITHAMPARANA TIiAH'. n&mll WM ~ on tilt u.t of the 36 WTM actlYlIt& which wa attached to a ,., dated June 10tl. 2005. .tlel ~ klthe L TTe Internalionlil SeoreWiM;

)0 SITHAMPAAANATHAN Iee1Ifted •• hearing on Mly 18ft, Md .... )' 17*. 2001. fot an AppIIc.tIon for DNntion of llqt MIl., purau.nlIO Melion 4VO(~) of the CrlntitNtI Code befOI't tht HGnoUrabIe JucfOtt LouIIe VlLLEMORE .nd unveiled fetU. which wi. be .......... In lhit AmdlWit. In ftlPrda to tt. WN and '" L TTl!;

)0 SITHAMPARANATHAN Will pI'8Hnt in lhlI ~ of the M .. Y"'s Day htkI at the "Cemte d'edu~ del Idultet Outremcri". Io<:ttecf at 500 00I18Rl street. MQn1real on 0e<II)mbet' 1-. 2007. and participated at tI'It~,




DOl: 1 Sl88-CQ-25


Rot- In thI.ltNMtigIIIIon:

,. THUA,otoJRA TNAM Ie a fnIIf1'Il* of tt- WTM:

» THUfWRATNAM beCame U. WTM IHdIr In zooe,;

,.. THURAlAATNAM if. PIIid lIcti¥i1t 04 tilt WTM;

)0 THUFWRATNAM" Iiated .. .n lIClmlnlWa&or of the World Tamil

Page: 50

Mowtment in Ou.bec Iince 2(1Q5:

~ l'HlJI\NAATNAM .. narIIe wu toc.t.cI. on the lilt d the 38 Wl'M ilCCi'M1:8 ... ich .. 6ched to. Ifl1aI' ~ J\Jne lB1II, 2005, ~ add......:! ttl the L ne IIUmtIlIOtIAI Secn!tariat;

)0- THURAlRATNAM was u.n ditpQtlng boUi which .,. ~ L'IiE and WTM m*tfMIIln • recyoIlng bin in MOI'IItMI on Apil 11", 2006, the ume day of the public announcement of ~ Ii$Iing 01 the L TTIl! I!II!I III ~.grOup In C.nla,;

,. THURAIRATNAM w" retpOnsible of the fin~ for !he WTN untH zooeI:

,.. THURAlAATNAM w. pI'IOkIQirapiled will PRABHAKARAN 100 Colon_I 8008A.t.

8 UTE 'W1NA8 FOR IHEfOR.II.ON ACIM8T8JliJII LNtKA • JULy 20'"' TO .8&I.H ·2004

143. IV. ~ 1MflI1oned. the IrrternPo,* SecNtariat of the LTTE it rttpontlble for tn. m.ining of InI LTTE foreign activ., o,.rlting In C.n_ .nd .I~ In the world. The Int:ern.tlonlJl 5eortDrIaI: organiza WOfbhopa and training IelIIoM to educate their hnlgn ~ located .-ound tNt world. Tn.. wor1ulhopt and ttainng uulo"" took

place In the L ne ~ldt.d of Sri LM1ka. s.vn of hi WTM ~ have

~ tt... Dining given by thltLTT1!.

Thb; InfvnMllan .... obtai_ IrcNn ...... or the trlnaa.t.d document titiJd TIM Womhop for the FONIgn Activ'_ .. ad .t 7720 PI. IX Boulevard, Unit 1 r M(IoIitrUt. 1NI IIftNI ctocunt.nt ... IIH .. Iud .. 4182 V .. Home Avenue, Montrul. (13)

144. I n...,. CIOfII~ III rvviM of the "WorkIhop· boakIet prepared by the L. TTE Intwnatlonal StctlJtariM, Tt.. dcx:umenl iii ritIed The Worbhop for the Fcn.gn AcIMItI. ThiI boOklet dnc:ri_ • I~ WOIicIhop gr..n to l TTE ror.Ign adMats. including WTM m.m .... The booIdtt Ir'M;kJdtS .n j~1oo \tl1. from V. MANIVANNAN, the pnIlrI in dl,,,. of tM L TTE InternaUonIII ~ftat. The leiter. dIHd hlgUlt 1311, 2004. h.a tht embtI!m at the L TIE 0" tht top Id comer which COUld be _ribed .. the ldertwad of the L TTE. In thIa _r. addreaed 10 tht pe~ rHpentItIIfI for the ~. V. MANIVAHNAN .-:IvIM. th. he .. Iotwring, to •• of tlwm •• .umrrwy of the fcnlvn adMit. Mmlntr teId from July 20". 2004. to July 3O".:lOO4. The letter n.qUfttiKt tn.t the ~ from Thl $onW1. IhouId be il'lducMod with 1M position and ~OClht LTTE.

Th .. InfvnMIItJn ..... ClIaInH fnIm • ~ 01' 1M ~ _UIMllt uu.d

TM ~ for VI. 'oreIgn M"" -' f720 Pit IX rd, unit t •

• on .... L This ....,. doo alto ..tad .t 411Z v Home A_.,

1I0ftINaL (13)

The tIIte of V. MANIVANNAN'e Ieltff ",. a hoa(Itng 4I8tIng ·~CtIfonaI CootdimI,IotI ~r L.JIHntIon TIpn of TsmI EfIhIm, rflltlll &lam.. Il»IIfwe fhQI AlT. V. MANIVANNAN il the COOf<t/nIttOr Of b 'I~ SeCleterift of rM L rrs, The Intet'naliom,' SItCI1Ihritt was e~ fIft1Iier In aubaectiOfJ 8. 10.

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t"fi. In" bogk'-t, The Worbhop for the ForeiOn AdMatI, • document wilt! the heading 'InlemII:ioNil s.cr.tlniat, The ~on T9If' or T."ii EcM;m (LTIE)" and litled "Sf;nIn.r for 1M Foreign AdMIta 20.07.200'-30.07.2004- cited U'I~ Ihe following laid ~ntI- lOGIC place:

]0'0 ViIiI of Viwtamadu H8t0', com.,.,.;

)0 V-'t Of a movement I1'$'IIOI'iII centre at Kud9rQf)pU:

). VIsit ofTllImll Eetam PoIic;e HMd Quarters:

). VitIl fA the ~ tchOOl ... Kttmohehi:

)< V1di1t at the T.mll &1M! JuItice and AdmInistration;

> VllIl of Anpucholllll (The Center for Elderly Clre):

,.. VIIIt of NnimathY Ibm (The OWIlnJ for Psychiatric; Ffm" P8llentI):

). VWt of V .... (The e.nw for the ~);

» "\IlI1 of the 81M 01 h SetI TIo'n;

). Viii 01 the front bardIIr Mt:t.Irity polnts:

,. VIlli: of SenchohIi en- R.d Plrlc.):

). \lid of NfoIIJITI Arivukoodlm (NIIt ..... Educ*ion C ..... rl;

" Nrlam Edu<1etI4tt COntt8 will be fKpI"'* In 3~ 12_'_

). Vholt of thI held DfIIce of the Tamil fWlablltt.tkln Ctnter:

» VIII of • C*MOIl btbJon of COIorwi KIDOU;

According to rIM wabale mm:.r~ Colonel K1ddIJ I.s II fotm8r $MIor COtMJ8fI(/t( d In. LITE: lin aIfIItefy (l(WJ)S 18 nllmed afrtr him, "Th" CoJoMJ KiddfJ Mt&ry C(Itp$". (fU)

» yltit of Mvly .. NigIIr ('The TOWI1 d KnoMedge).

na InIomIIfIon .. obtalMd f..-a the ~ of tM documMIt Wed TM WoItIahop fGr u.. Foreign ~ .. IIM at 7720,..11, .... It 11 fIOtIIb'ML ThIe ..... doaUmtnt. ... IU...., ... '112 Vln Homt Avenu •• 1IontrHI, ($3'

'.1 The WTII Pfftlct.nt SlTHAMPARAH"THAN Ittanded thf LTTE TllIlnt"" in art LInD


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1-46, On July 15", 2004. SlTHMAP,MANATHAN .net two lrinaNl't memMrS of the WTM toft MOtI ..... gn an ~ flight rorSri L..fiM.

Th.. InfonMllOn ... obtalnMt from can.table J~ _CARD, of INSET, ........ 10 wort III Dorwl airport, .. mel'Nd tv In .. ...".. ..... to ..... nt ~ HAMeL (If fNSET ("S'" HAMEL"', _ ""'Y 1.-, 2OCM. i")

I beIMw tllet SlTHAMPARATHAN 9ntJ me othet ~ oIlhe WTM weill on th6ir way to Sri LanIUi to attend the L TTE·tmlnlng for Itnlgn acf/Wst,.

1~7. On AugutI 13111, 2004, SITHAMPAAANATHAN returned to Pierre-E1II1:ItI TRUDEAU AI!pOri in MonIrelli 0l'I board of ftIghl LX08B from ZUriCh. At lhI cwtOfT'lt, Check poifll, SITHAMPAAANATHAN pretel'lled a canadian PMlPOtt number VM48659O. SITHAMPARANATHAN 1'IItd. et.m,.t Mllry from Sri l.nka In hllo p.N8porta. H .... .a tNt he des-ted Canada on July 1!", 2004.

Tilit IrdOrma 1I;IbiI from eRA om ow. ftlCHARD _ ~ In .....

~ ..... AuG 1f1", MIl fnIm elISA qM'd Patrie. ALCINDO" .. &tat8d

in hla NpOI1"" Augultt1J", 20M. (~

148. AtlaocMd to the doc&ment til*! The WOfbhgp for the FOJelgn Ac:tivIIt:I whieh in~ MIzed on April 12" and 13", 2001. a page kling !he partidpllI" who raised the L. TTE l'llllioMl ft. ....... found. A(lt(Irding to the lilt, Mr. K. SlTHAMPARANA.THAN of c.n.d. Iloiated tht national tI-a on the 2~ of July 2004. ,,_ .... comprieel the follOWIng delaiII of thOle oMlo ~ 1he I.. TTE fIIIO tor The Seminar for tt. FQflIign AdMItS:

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Th. Informldan WH obbIInM from thf nn.a.tIan of tht document Wed TM

WGrbhop for .. Fo ActiwI .t 7720 p~ IX. .anti: 1. IIonbwI. Thla

...... docwMnt 0 4112 VI" HomtAy.nu., __ I. (»)

149. In tht *r ~ of tt. dO(:Um,nI: _d Tfte Wotbllop f« ltIe Fcnlgn hodviett., n menlioM In 0 .... of tM ~pM tt.t the pefSCII'1 IAIhD will .. hoiIWlg ,.,. nag mual be: • qualirItMt PtfIon; • per1OI'I who foIIowI the notrne ol1he Ttm!ll: • perBOi'I WI'IO has good ~. of tl'ilW taW: ;and •• per their dbthIng, tl'lly Ihould wear black and white.

This Infom.tlon wu ...... 1_ fRIm the trlMldon of .... (IOourMnt UUed 1'11;. WGrbhop for the Forwlllln A.aM. .. "lad ill 7'120 Pt. IX, unit i. 1IontrM1. Th • .. me cIoGUR*d ...... ....., It 41.2 V ... NorM ""v ....... IIorrtral. (33,

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151). a.tw.n July 22""', WId JuI)' 3(JiI. :1004, pIct~. _ t.h_ ~ n- _ .. ,In'" r __ Forei;n Adlvitts in Sri Lank.. On Qrlt of the picb.J:n (July 25"1 takeo of Philipiah PATl-ftMATHA •• Torarrtg WTM mernbfr, SlTl1AMPARANA.THAN c.n be Hen ".ndlng

In the bactcground. .

Thl. InfonnIIIIon .. ....III.cI frGnI • plc;tur. found on .... ...... drive of •

ccnpuWi' b1 Tonmo INUT I)n AprIl n"". 2*. _ ,.,.,... to by Igt.

HAMEL In hit didId AJri atP'. 2007. ,41,

The pIIoto 01 S/THAMPARANAJHAN " aItIrc:lhf4 (PhOtO fJ

TIIis picture com'ItmrI tIIlfI SlTl-lAMPARANA THAN was pfN8IIl 81 1M ~ held in SrI Lankll, and • alSO ~ thcI I. TTE'a IniIImItttt;;MJ Sect8t&l18t'1 dOCUITHInt at.tlng that SlTHAMPARANATHAN ptrllcJpated In 1M $am. (MIIt1ng at"" L TTE tIag). fn 8 hllIt/mony ~ by SfTHAMPAAATHAN., lfI. Quebec Cowt on May fr, lIr'Id May f7", 2008, he ~ that h. tOOk pWt irJ thfa ~ held from July 'lO", 2O(U, to JIiy 3(/', 2OQII. This testimony triI be ~ irJ gtfllltJr d«. /at. in 88CfJon 17 of fflis~.

Aa pmvioualy~, SlTHAMPARANA THAN 1$ the PrNIdfnt of the MM.


'~1" an StptMlbtr 1''', 2004, thlI /VI canada tight 0171 IM'IiYed at the Pierre-EllI()tt TRUDEAU', IoJrport in Montfetjrl with CHANORASEGARAM on *'4. A vtri~n by

cuetome ehOwed thai; he lin pota ... ion d • numbllr cf Itt •• inducing • OIJI'trftc.te

with 'MttIrto In Eno11lft and r.lnil *'!1u.ge1. The Enghh tit» on the 0$I'IIicate read .CQton.I KlOCU College of Polltlcal Studies, Tamil Eelam.· In wcdWrnark on the cel'tlic8ttt '- thcl logO of the 1.. TIE, Tr.taallon of U. oertIftc;ate ltatet the' ~ infOlln.aion:

,. 'The MIIllinar 2OQ.4, for kniQn acl1vi1ts; .

)0 Mr. l"hanueg.rtn CHANDRASOOAJW4 took I*t in the MmlMr for poIItlcal.nd


,. Hekt du1l'IQ the period July :zlfl, ::tQ().4 MId July YI'. 2OlW;

,.. 1'1'Ie ~ WH ..... by p, NEDlYAVAN Of'! tt. 3ft' of July 2004.

Thla Intom.don ... obfIIfned ... fHUIT of ....... h W.".nt 1IOO-2I-D327'46- O4I{e.3) ..c.ct dIM CIIA ofttee 011 tIoftmhr ,,.. 20M. (42)

As aIfDd ..".. CoIotIM KJddu is • fonnlIr HIlior ~ 01 the L TTE: 8(1 tItUfety cotp8l1 mMJIfId ., him, "1he Colonel Klddu 8ItifIery corptI~

'""'~ c«nH"'" 1M we"'''' ~ (U.4)


iBct$ prove the Wl'RK:Ity of the docIJi7Ifn titJud Th. ~ for the FOI8Ign Ac:tIvJllls BUdJ .. tIui t1atU of The~. It Mo c.onJJrrns that C/iANDMSEGARA., ~tM Mktirtttlinri~"

TtlII l~ WIt 00taIn0cI ~'8t1- HAMEL·. ~ report. datrId .'roh 1"';,aooa. (42)

152. On s.pltmb.r 11", 2004, CHANCRASECAAAM walilio in potMttion of pic:turet or himself along .... the L TIE ItrieI" PRABHAI<AR/l.N. One QI the pidtrn IhOWI CHANDRASEGARAU reeellling a certilleete from tne hind. of PRABttAK'ARAN. This pictute It. Wken in front of, IIgn whIdI r-rtly .. • Juty 3t:I', 2004",

Th. ~ lWl oblaiMd from • phDtocoPJ of U. plctu ... taktn by CBSA

Plge55af 183

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vmo.r. uplift CHAHDRAII!GARAII'. attN •• at SIIJ_~AIott TAUOC.UO" "'~ ....... to 111. eDCldlon of • Starch ....,.. fIOO..2f.am.....".. execUlBd .t 1M elISA otnc. on NoMmbet 12"', 2004. (411.2:. (Pbolo 10)

T"" OIIdifit;ste .." on the photo fl(JIJefin to be aImIIr 10 1M QtIIt .,~ abo~. ~ .. pIcturea demonIfr'ate a direct IinIc between CHAN(JRASEGARAM efJd the L TTE. FurthetmotrI, the "ct mat he ~s hl3 d/pkNn8 dlmclly from thl!J L TTE Ifntder c:oofltms tIuJt tn. L TTE dOH dfw trainInQ lor '.1rxfIgn acIMIls.

A$lI""iouSFly mentionrMl, CHANDRASEGARAM Is the c;o-awner of 4160 8nc141~2 Ven Home Avenue. UotItINI .


HS3. On 8epIanber 11", 2004, PeRAMPALAM, a m..m-r or tt. WfM, .nivad at the V.-.wuver Int«naticrnal Akpon or'! _It 1'10. 18 rA ~ ~ wtwe he daClan<! !,lUR'I1ng '** from SrI LIInka. TM cuatom. Inspedor obNMd .., iUlm In tht luggta- of PERAMPALAM which he dMc:ribid at It taUfIca whidI had "Colonel J(lDDU CoIIegi 01 PoIII:bIt studIIP T,mij e.m" on Ihe ~ wtiu.n on It. On the Wckground, It heel U~ratIon Tlgfn efT.mll &ltmwiCh th8.n1lhm of It tig_.

Th .. iftIonndon .. obWntd fI'OIYI C oftIGer RaMrt BELL ("I.,...ctor

BELL'" of"'C8IA, .. m.md to In port dalild ~ ,~, 2004. (43)

1504. TtJ.1nl1lllatlon of the TImiI wtlting on aha .oove nottr:I ~ il'ldicates the faIowIng:

)- TtwI ..... 2004, for fcnliln acllwiIlI:

1" Mr. p...,.p*m CHANORAKUMAR took ~ in 1he ~ for political and

ml..u.r.ou. actIvIIM;

)- Held during thf ptriocI July~, 2004 and July 30"',2004:

J> "The thtr.t of"'", ... T .... EeIiIm" :

> The C8fti1ic8bi1 WIt 1M. by P. NEDIYAVAN on b July 30", 200'.

TI* Infotmdon .. OI'.ItaIMd from ... ~ of • copy of .. ul'tJflc.te found In tIw 11,1 ..... of PERAIIPALAII. (43)

I' contirms that PERAAfPALAItI III • fontlQn .ctMst for thA L TTE and that hfi moaiIIed t#HJir ~ MNWOO. Also,' btIHeW Ih(d Perampelam CHANDRAf(UMAR i& PeRAMPAlltM.

156. AIt.o in PERAMPAL.AMS' poIHhion Wit l new dIgbI ~ c.non G-S n'IOdtl, 2 ca. and 2 compact flash memory ~., 0tMiII of 32mb and th. III1CX1fld of 512mb. Th8 diaU contain fIl.meI'OUa phottIgfaPht or him holding mby ~DI1S. The photOg;lllPl'lii show tim I'ICting mill., weapona.lIUCh •• AK-47 rifte, an anti-tank rooIwt 1auncIwr. an ..rti-eIrueft rntChint gun HI up CW1 • tripod. P1:RAMPA.LAM e.n al.o be .,.en I'ICMdlng • mortar .nell near • fbced mortar. It apppr& .. though foMtgn aetMda wrlO ~ In Tht WOdtahop colAd 1'11.,~... • number gf wupon. _ .. ph(Jtogr""" holding tMm. The data ~Id to tho. nW1'l8ftc8I plCiUU at10w in'" hy MIt taken on July 24'\ 2004, Some phgtOt ttantportId by PERAMPALAM depict what look pace in The s.mInar for U. ~ AcIIviltlin.Ally 20(1.4,

Thl. InfofmMIon obtained ,....Intptctor .ll of the C88A, ... I'tfemd tClln

hi. MPOrt daMd r 12", 2ODl. (am (PbOtO It


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Some of the p/IoIOII llIkm _ from tIM ~ ......... ~ look pJ.e. ~ ,.,_ ~ for thf ~ ActMtr# ~ Ihlm WIY 2(/11. 2004 to July 3f/!. 2OCU. Thily c:onnIIcr'Ife th. summattzad dowments aenI to"" W7If by tht '/ntfmalkmlll Sea8tariet of the L TTE fn trIIatIon ttl the L TTE. hkIing. F~. it CtII)f1rm6: th. PERAMPALAAf took Plrt In the aid WotiuhOp.

156. Ex~ 01. phatogNph In ~ gI PERA.MPAlAM on --"'*1111, 2004,

1h0WI hIm ...tin; 11M hand on • tomblkln •. The ~ buB the Tamil lnacriptfon:

"TIw nwrtYf' 1y •• rlYu

RaNIhunII Klfllkmny

no. 425. ". unit ThatumllPUr8l1l died .. mlU'lyr on 29-08-1_.

TIl" InfonMllon from Inlpector BILL of th8 CII8A, •• ..r.rnd to In

'* r.pOrt dMH 1Z", 20M. .43.. 1MPTIGIO 4)

M ~"Y DId. PE1WIPALAIrI is Mao ImOMl U EaMI.


'.4 IIIUN'" Kllran THURAtRAl1fA. mttWltft PRASHAKARAN

I hlWI completed I AIYIew of t:fItJlOCIf'ej,W t8!zed by II'IIIInben of Montral INSET following the execution cI • Seardl WjITlflt on AcxiI 1311, 2006, at 7720 Pie-IX ~, ri 1, MonlrHI. Of thO- phoqrapht M&ed, one dopIcts tt\II ~dUOlI ~1IdM' Of tne WTM. THURAIRATNAM. with PRABHAKARAN. who .... aoGOl1'Ip'nitd by a woman

antt • young Child. .

lb. inforrMIIon was o~lned , ........ rw_ of • PftOtiOON.ph .. _ 1& T720 Pie

IX ~rd, unit " ......... on AprIl ,~, 2001J ..... bIt 2OQI.2D, Item :1.1.

(Photo I)

Also located In the eeRure WQ a photograph of THURAIRATNAM with II men boIitvtd ~ be CI:IIoMr SOOSIJ, !he (;CIIlImllndar of the s.. T~

Thla Intann.tIon ... obtained ffonI ..... of. pMtOgl'lph MIUd 1& 7720 Pie IX eo...,.,.nI, unft 1, ~I on April 1Jf', 2008, _hi .. 2OOI-2O,1IlMl3.'.

(Pbolo I)



at 11:.o45am, Corp(nI C1aude CLOUTIER or INSET, C9!!:.

DUl.1I..mJCI'IU dended the ntlidence of THUlWRATNIIM __

!'lim • capy cI • notice of AppIk:ttIon IlIgtf'dIng 1hft HIm:i upon the s.rch Wannt e~ ar hlill raMIftnc&

on April ,2006. THURAIRATNAM wn lit home with hit lWQ dladren.

THURAIRATNAM Id8ntiIItd NrnMtrWlth. dri~ lic:.nca.

TIl .. information ... obtIIIMd from Cpl. Cl.OunER'• ~ ~ JUMI 23~. 2101. (44)

The ~ 01 THURAJRA TNAIrI CMfirmB tnill it 1& him on !he photos wi(/) PRABJ-IIIJ(ARAN and SOOW:

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