10 WIM BMPALO!:f;MlE AI PER :nt.E- EtlBM];tVA OF 'Df!


100. At pmtIcuIIy mentioned in thiAAftIdavtt, one of the mold important documents Miud I, titled Re-OrganiHtion of Foreign Branches of tM LiDfration Tigere of Tamil Eelam dad July 2ff, 2003. In this AffidM, I will rwfer to ttM doo.tmtnt aa thl L TIE Operltionl MtrUII. Thlt manual eslIbli1hM the ~11n .. to til- followed by the foreign br.ncl'le& .ueh .. the WTN and contli,.,. .... four themn:

(1) ~*ldMtd .. :

(2) Ful'llllttl~no from the public;

(3) AdMtiD or~.;

(4) TlII11iI" 'IftIIfa ... ~.

1ft .. Intonndan cann ffonI • "_latIOn of 'tIM dac.-nt H!zed .. 7710 PI. IX ~I'd, unit 1, MontrHL (.12,

11$1. /,., otrJer to u.pIaIn how ItHt W7V !blow. the pukIeIInti. of the L TTE ep.n.t;ana Manual, I ViII provide ex."".. that wm fait tm<frIr lhf» rMmN menttoned IIt1ove. Tho. will illuat,... !he Iit'rluo btitween the L tTE and thtt WTM

t wiII_ ~ how thtil bI.JIdirq at 4J6Q..f1B2 V." ~ 1s!JBed for ~ of WTM "nd L TT~ pmfMganda mlreriBlUMd In various events fUdJ Itll Mattyr's Oar and Blad TiQft;r 08r,

10.1 p .......... ancIlItIc*

162. Tht loTTE ap.r.tlonl Manual diet .. the foIIowIllEI_' P d Che activities for foteign 1:;Ir'Iinchea;

"GIther the Tamil diasp0t8 01 toraign reeidence In order to tuP90rt our frMd«n etn.gg., ."g build up the feeling ct Tamil F\8tiona:

ThIa ~n WH obtained tom h LnE o~. "nuaI ..... lit 7T2O P .. IX Baulrlri unit 'I. (32)

163. The L m OpntiMt ~ dleUrtet tt'Ia foIIowmg 11'1 regw. to proptg.oo.1or TIl"'"'

In ... Em9'91!'!CJ1 Iud Medlt sediOfl:

"Th. Impcrtant ...rn. ct Tlnll t;_nr The ptqenl'1ltl In charge for prQ~da dvIlIIH muat empt.ia tM *~Ir undllnt.ndIng (If 1M 1n'IpoIUInc:e kI Tamil &lam .11'1 1M avenIa oInd pertonnancea iI'I producing .nd ~ b¥ ttw ~ art dub, by ,tw woman'. fedilrrion Ind by 1hII_QtIonaI inItiIution..·

Tftt. h'Iton'NUon .. abtIIl.,... troM the LTTE o,.rdoM ... ,.. ... 1 •• Kilen 1-1.3, _ad tit 7720 Pie tx 8ou~. Unit t ... Oft ..... A,lrtl U·, 200&. (.312)

These inattudJont IIf8 clearly followed lIY lh8 WTAt' u UHJy hMI been found OITJ9fI/zing .ntI ~ if! Marlyfs Day ~ti(lns. BId T1r;1fr$ DIy ~ 015 well •• ~1aIng cultUl'4l~. I wiN expMlr! IIHtae .., fuIther..., ...

184. On Nov8mber 27'\ 1080, the LTTE. te.::t.r, PRABHAt<ARAN. proc:IalmMi "that

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NoIIember27, onlilhlch • ., ... fi .... ~1IwI """'_1IWd martyraom U'I en. __ Of T..-niI EeIam, Will be commemtDled .. ~ Heroes o.y'. In ~ to the NatIonal Hero. o.y, PRABHAKARAN ~ • ~KtI ancI MId °T~ it II 'iefY important d.y In !he hiltaly of 0\1' llberlltlon tttuggki, W. h.".,. Pt'O(::Ialmed this day as the N~I Hen'IOS o.y to ntm.mber the 1307 martyt. whO ucrIficed their II....,. for the noble C8UM of ~ TM'Ii Eel.mo•

m. Information ... obIafMd f'fom my CIIIMJ dCMM on Jan ... ". .... 2001. on ,.g. 20 or an arUcle tilted "V.lupHl.1 Plrab.haI1In; • ,...,..... pubhhtd on the

WWW.....",,- .... "'. (1D.3)

ThIsIWflt MIhIch Is Off1MlIzed )early by the W)1IIs In $JJfJPO#f of me L rTF.

10.1.1 T.mll publlcdoN

185. The emwwm. lad Media section of til. L11E manual II subdivided In three ~

In U. prup-uand. for T.mII, Qdion, foreign tltl!'lChn .~ ~ed to:

» E~e ... of III TnII to read our Tamil publlc::atioM such u; Vldutha.1 Pulkil (LIberItIon ~). enmltlal (Vdcllno), EeIlmUf1lSI.1 (Elam tru~). T.mll OIJlln:iian, Mel U_ Tl'IImIIIr (Wc.WI Tlmil,);

). M8ke ~ ...T.ngemenll, through the diItrid in ~'9' ~ ,Jttd

VOIunCM'w that all of our publlt.I.tion to.-..ct't tM geneI1I1 pubIk;.

TNa tnfonn:non _ obtai ... from ..... LITE Operdon ......... , Mellon 1...,·2 • .. Iud atT7ZO Pit rx BouIMard. una 1, 110 .... , on April f3"', 2008. (32J

I wit show in the next ~ fhst rile Wl1f foIkIwed me instnJI.:tions diGiated by 'h' L TTE manual', .wen ."., the L TTE IJafIng of AprlI200tJ.

186. A Iftttr ~ June 18". 2OOl5 ... nt by the ActlvIatA or the WTM \0 V. MANIVANNAN of tM InttmaIfonIf Sec:nUriat IItated theI the distrhJtIor'I d the ~ called WIWId Tamil ~ ItIIlmllar) WH I~td from IlOO to 1200 ~-..

"'18 InIonnMIon _ obtIfMcI from a. ...... Uoo of the ....... HIHd at 77:10 ,. iX EkMIIavMd, unit 'I, MGfttruI. 'AI.I)

t beitWl lhft MiS i$ an •• tmpht 01 how 'fl. WOrld nllnil Mtwfnr&fII r&pOItB to lh9 L TT~ in r.gards to tunthi$inQ IfIfIIhod3.

107, 00 April 1'-, 2008, during the IGIIM'dl at 7720 Ple-Ix BouIev8rd. unit 1, Montre~. inllerig*""1ocated • computer tkketle. On the dilketle, • ~r doCument W8I roc.ted. The crocument .now. ltle .,... of eorr.ctiOl'l. (fuodlllll.ing, oontributions, ¥!d nN$~r dillribution.) of the Montre.i _roe. Thtse: ... we lia'Ieci H Ml to MS. In act! .... there II an iIl8I1 .... aalIted by the acti_.

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Are. lHderofAsN Number of Activlltl
M1 KIRANCHI 160 SUth', $iv.kutn.r,
~ fighter- A very ~n
Itrong activIIt (10 y ..... )
M2 DOUGLAS 236 Ndan. P....".h,
(15 yeaf1) iHld Eason
M3 VASANTHAN 1eo Thev., S81hNQ.
A 'VW'I.-ang actM.t- Oevi akka, Arasl.l,
w" previously in Pf" Sumlin
d!.u1ng 04-M
toW EtASKARAN 208 TlWumal.
II very Itrong aCflvlat ThEwanI8a. Thullhi
Me GANESH 79 .... rwn. MoMn
3 years - CUrMntly
operata. ICore
M7 CHANDRABALA ( .IN ~ Chtndran.
known" ThwnI ..... , cn.rtH.
He • condUCllno IhIt CO IUn
.. PUSHPA 58 NOn.
17 yMrt. EIuIIcI the
~r'. b:lmb on hiI
Me DHl!!VAN 36 None
....... 1. lb .. IntoImatIon tomM from ... trlinallllon of PIIMS of • doclllMnt .... d ... 7721 ,...UC 8oIaIMt1,... Uftlt 1, fIIIonb't.L Pflllce .. hlblt JDOI.2O, 111m 1.11 ("'10) On AtJ(I1~, 2()CI6, MwaaUoIIhn W/.(Jd" 41152 Viii) Home nInf blntWt "DeN.d MY to MP, t)tltltJif 2'006-12', {(em 48. In ,,,. .. ~ ~ ~ funns .. fQIlIfO for Int:lMdurlla or buaioeae" whiCh 1ft withm 'tie said ...... Ex.""". 01. bm ('2.1J

188. On April e. 20(10, ttMII LTTE weellebKI ~ Canada ae a t.rroriII: yroup. On AprIl 11t11, 2006, pOI~ offIcIra eItRIlthld tvrwiU,rK:e on the buiktlng at ~1eo VIIIIIl HOrN ,e,.v.nue, Uonlrftl. They obMl'IMd THURAIRATNAM and IhrH otl'lef m.n remove mMetl., from

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"100 V'In HamIl AQllUit .nd load it into Ih. WIoI'I Ik!an&ed 7rrJ' KAX. Th • ..-n Ik .... .:fr.co_ to a rec:ydlng centre l1li M2S Ct.mln ect.deI-NeIget., MI::II'II .... I .nII dllposed 01 It. 1'I'I.tertIi that they had ~ from the WfM oI'fIoe. Police otfiGe~ m&intained ItUNelh.nce on the d(I ald lUtJ8equently seized twenty-one UI8k' Themilar (World

T.",u.) ~ aAIOf1jat other MmB.

Th .. Infonndon 1Md from a rel'Oft bJ. COfPORI ttenrkh N!UW'tIlTH of

INlET, ("Cpt. NEUWlRTH"'_ "'W Aprtl , .. , 20M C47.2); .nd h-o", Cpi. CLOU11ER' .... port ..... Apdl11·, 2Oot. (AM) (photo 7)

TIIf ~ have ,. same tiff In rami '11 the new~ phCIOQIaphed In ~ bN8'll'J8l'lt of the WOOd TamI Afc.WMI9t11 on AprI1;!', 2008, a atflltd in the pa~ below.

169. On April 12", 2008, during a Search Warrant .~ at 4180 Van Home Avenue, MonIrHI, pk:tuIw WIiIf4I taken of the baemenl by ... identification lel;l:ian member, eo.,:..nl 0.,.. I.EBLANC ("Cpl. I.ESLANC·,. Loc;at.a In the ballement _HI piles of T.,m rlhtpapers. The tItIn of ad the rwMlPlper were 1tWI lame, World T.mil ( ..... ml.,.

,..... Infonulon obtaIMc:I frc)m .. pctu ... labn by CpI, LEBLANC ..., later

........ by the ( .... 1) C'hOtO I,

170. On ~ ,.. :lOC8, INSET .dCIJtlId It special W.,...- _ ·&1eo ilnd .162 V.n Home Avenut, Mo~"'I. During ihe aearoh, five Erimal.i n.games were suized. The mllglaZlntl ..-e iUIted FebnJary, ApnI.,'!CI Mty ZOOEI.

,..... IRklftndoft ....... "*" • nw'-' by COfpoNl ....,. DUaREUL ("Cpi. DUBREUIL 10) of ex"Ib.UOOI-1't, IMm F211. (li}(Photo 12)

Erirnfl/tII (lfO#Cl'VIO) is a Tamil publication IiIIIt tIHl L TTE Operatlonaf MtJnuIill aab thtHr ~ brnnc:heB, auch u tht World Tamil MoYament to: "EtIcout8Q8 aN d thl! TamilS ro fNd rami pubIk;Btlfon.IlUCh as Erit'IvIaf'. (33)

171. On Se_ber 1'. 2008, INSET e*Uted • SpeeIII WWl'Int It "GO and 4162 Van HOlM Avenue, MtI~. During the e&eroh, inll8ltigatora HIzed MVM81 pI_ of Ul.AHATHAMILAR ~ da-.cl2008,

ThIt- Irifonndon ComH from 11 by CDl DUBREUIL or _Ibit 2(1)8.111 111m.

JiG. J14J and J144 (T4)(p 34.1,34..2. 34.1,

I bMIfve th« UlllhGfhOmiIar and UIfIIc.thfll'llllaf are two .Cf$plable speIIJn{Js fOr the same

~ .

10.1.2 The 1Iwtyw". Day zen

172. RIYInch..-.jlh SANGARAPlL.LAI, 11 known INI'I'IMt of til. W1"M. &igl'*d the ,..nt.1 -areement with the Moot-Roy-' HIgh SthDDI for the ..... menbed ~ent.

n. information \Va. obtIlMd from Con ... .,.. C .. iD RIOUX f"C.t. RIOUX",. ..

• taIMI In h .. rePG* o.o.mbet 1-, _3 C12.1) .ltd o.c.mH, 17", 2003

(12.2): _ from C DaVid PETIT ("Cat. PETlTN) ....... In '* rtpOrt,

dIttcI ~JAfllj 2H3, flU,

173. RaWldrarajah SANGARAPllLAl 'IdS aile one of the IWlirlIWliltors ItId Ule ~ of the Tlmil EtI .. SOQCfII' AuociatlOn \TESA"). The addI'ta Pfovkied for this IJMOIIlIdon ••• 180 Van Home Av.nue, MontIMl. This orpnizatIon is no longer

~61 af183

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,....-1 ... ~ lira 2004,

ThIa IntormlltlO" ... 0""" from • ...,..t br ln~ ..... m RIahIlni RONDEAU'. of INSET, e ...... RONDMlr'). dat.d FtIbnNtty W". :ztm (N.2); ..... PM' CIDREQ _rch IMIde by Cpl. DUBREUIL on February 21", 2GDI. (31.1.)

17 .. , 1 .. 'oIe AMId. surwil.,... .. port dated Ho\Iember 2.~, 2003, Where police ~ Dfthe .~ *m 0bMMKI1he a-=tlvrn.t of ~r. of U. WN. I blJlleve that the 1aIIowtng .... 8CCUre1e ~ ,.... (luring th ... u~lliIInct on ·November 'd', 2003. in and .-ound the tllyof Montreal:·

"The W'I'N htId Iht e'4Int to c.letnte Martyr'8 Dey. The event wat held at Mont Royal High &mool. 50 MontvomltFY SttMt, MQRI-R.oyal. A '*Y prominent 'IIgn" wa .. up OlbIdt at the entrance or tne ecI\OOl. ~ tM ... of SrI Ln. ht ilbWIQ clailmad by the l TTE, and the lOgo '" tt. grp"1utJon (helld or I tiger IUmNI1ded by bubtI.,d two rtIIn)."

TNa infMn,allon .. ofIbIlntd .... Iht obMn .......... by cat. RtOUX, ..

...... In bI port elided ~..., ,", lOU (12. i)l and from Cpl. BOUDREAU'.

l"fPOit Decem"r 3"'. 2003. (au)

175.· I),lritIg tM evtnt, to. Prttld«rt of the WTM, SlTHAMPAAANATHAN, WU ~ tit1ino .. • t.bIe at 1fle entrance of Ihe t(ItlOOl, manipulating fundi deri'IecI frOm the tickets .... , Two women wet1 ~I"IO wiIn ,*", AI. one poInl, one of .. two women took .a 00"'" d b. and folded th..-n in two, before putIIng them jnsidIJ of. &mall plaetic bag. Stwt tI'Ien piKed the pI.ue bag In •• of • lAck pUl'H tt.t .M Opt behind tlw tabI.. TI'Icn ...... _.O)dmttt!Y 700 people In attend .... klf 1I'Ie ~,

Til .. Inbma1Ion •• obtained ftGm eM obttf¥aIIon of c.t. RIOUX ... Mat8d In hla repons dated o.c.mber 1-, lOO3 (12.1' and October ZfI", toOt. (IUt

176, In.1dt d Iht gym'l.um of the achooi, &0 Iook-tllkt tambItcnea were ~ on the floor, MCh ~d with tfte pidU1'8 of In Indivldual dn!I,,8d In milital\' 01' civtll.n c:fothjng. A monl9 mact. or Imall _Ie pieces r:I difJwent colourt waa placed Of! th. floor of tht gym_um which depleted • combltant dfUtMd In ml~ f .. IgUIH. carrying in IU ~ ~ 0IMdin; ~t~nt. The! L TIE logo WM, YititW in" U. gyrtlnatilolM. Thla InfonMdon ... obbIinH frGm 1M o~ of Cst. RIOUX •••• t8ted In hit ttpon daflld Dlctmber ,111. 2tI03. (12.1)

177. A 4' X 8' Iabte was set up to the rigN of the enw.nce oIlhe 1J)'fllM1iuItI. A I'lI,Unber at ~ hma MId'! H Co., ovo., VHB fImt and tmatll L TIE _. VII'ef'e fat' .... Acc:ordlng lQ • partIdpIInt of the tvtnt, tI'IOM ltemt WIInI rIIllMd 10 "fI'H(IQm fig.,.... In the aisle IndInQ to tt. ilyrnn_ium, a 4" X 8' table "".. tel 141 wiI.h burning c.andlfl. Two women _,. Itandlng at both end. of the table .ach floldlng • ny. People fn:wn the public ...,., pl.llclng bill* on thl ,...,. .. they _"t by. Twel"lty dollar denomIn.tKm. were 0bMnIfId on •• "ver tray hIid by ona of ItIa two women.

~iflg 10 • member of IIw pubk in .".nce, IIlere .... not • I~ -*Y roe, but peopIt can gNf $20, $!C ... c. PaWIng only $2 WOUld not be well ~,

11It. Infon'nIIion __ JII'CWIdMItD eft. RIOUX by an u .. known ......... IItated In hi' ,.pott dIted o..mber '-t 2003, (n..1,

, 78. On April 11111, 2ODfi, InvttUgatol1l at the Ml)ntrullNSET Hized tkk8t1 tt.t ~ for ...

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ktrthfl Martyr'. o.y CeIebI.tIon. d.aed Novembef W'. 2003. On tba ticket. one eaft Me a pc;tutt Of PRASHAKARAN Md a pidure of Lt, MALATHY, 1f1e rtrst female maltyr. AIIo em the tic:ket •• tha loc.tiOf1 of ,n.1MW'It as -ino the Mont Royal Second_!")' High. School. ~ lit !O Montgomtry, MontIeaI. As stated 011 thI ticKet. it WIlt for lale for ,2 0IIICh. AI.a located on ttw ~ wu • draoing of ..vera! tcmbAonH.

Tht. InfomWion _ obtained ~ $Y N'IfItw of tftt KIowt 1J(r;ktt ... d • th. Eco-centnIlOGatMI .. 1121 C&t:.-dM ........ uhll)lt 2GOOI-13. hm 31. (U»

17!l T'he tartyr'. o.y .vtl'lt took pIKe gn November 2f!' •• nd 2"-'. 201M, at • High School

10CMed at GOO DoI'-d Montftal,

... refwNd to by • (12M)

180.1 ,.,..... ~ ,UMlillance !'ePOrt* In reg .. to • ..,.......1Iaoc::e operttIonl eonduct.d otI

Noftmber 2811, 2004, wher. POlka ofIk:er. d hi .tnel tHin. Clbaerved th$

lIdMt*i cf members of lIw WTM. I believe that tI'l. following COQInn& obeerv.tiooa

mllde dI.Ming thlll .....wiIIance en NO'Ifmbtr 26", 2004. in .nd around the eIty of MQrrtrtal:

)- At 4:20pm. II white cube tI'u<* IIcInud L2129G1. rlIQiNred '0 J.-ulhaaan EMANUEL, was obIeNlid Ptl'ked facing out in tt. c:I~ of n. WTM bulkfl"SI at 4180 V-, Hom. Awnue. MooIflUII. AI 8:30pm, the lIel'lica W8I removed from the ~y .nd • van Ilomeed FN8CIEI20. r~ to .!eyeth...." KARI..INAKARAN. pnx:eeded to '-'* 11'1 .00 laKe Its JII*t;a, A UIII'IIQ. d(l(H' boated on the .~_ .. of tht building IPH ICICIMl to the 8I'1d of the driveway. A WTM adminlatrator. ICARUNANAN'JloIASWAMV, wa preMI'It .t 4100 Vln HIMllO A~;

Thlt InJormattor. .at obtalnM ftcIm ......,tlDetecav. 1.1I1e LEGAULT of .... sa..... du Qu6bec. (tl8otJDet. LEGAULT"), .. .....d In her aul'Mlllnce report dad FftnI..,~. 2ODI. In.)}

,.. N. e:«Sprn, the van. rlOtnlfd .FN80B2.D .rriYad Id the "!ccM pour Aduh$ outremonr. 5DO OoIlltd Street, MOntretl. and ",!ted ne« th8 delivery dOOr. People PfQCtIded to W'II08d 1he vdllcIe .-d Ilfir$ 1tte material Inside or the tchcoI. Shortly tft«. the 'oWh CUbe trudC. uc.r.1Id L212991 aI80 arrived lit the KhoOI. The vehicle bac*IId up 10 the delivery door. Appt'Oldlll .. ll'''' indMd\Mill1 proceeded to ~ok*l Ihe WlhicIt tm1 bring 'hi mMOri:II inllde Of me 1dlooI. KARUNANANTHASWAMY w.. ~ fit tI'te .ehOCI:

ThIll Inform""'", ol*lned from • ..,on bJ CoMUIbie .... HINRt, ("'C.t. HENRI" •• datMI Novem_ 2"\ 2ON. ( •• 1)

)to At 7:00pm. N IIAn lic:enled I"N80820 returned 104160 Vllln Home AIiIttlUe. At 7:46pm • .,. VIIIn Is I88n backcld into the dl'lVtWty. At 7:58pm. 1M vehicle '-ft in di~ of the schOol at &00 Dollard S.,.. AI. 8:04pm, the .".hlcle ani.,..;! and Plrbd nMrN Mwry door.

TIt. InfDrrndon ... oI*lMd frcn 1M o~ ...... ~ ~ LEGMA.T ... ...a In Mr MlIWI .. nce f'tPOrt: a.d F"'"'-Y •• 2001


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(IL2); and from c.t. HENRI" "'Dortdded ~bllr ..... 200t. CU.1t

)0 M 8:05pm. the wtIIte cubA truck I~ L21~1 raturned to .. 160 V-" Ham.

Avenue and ~ to back in the drivewtoy. At 8:30.". the ~ buck loft "'80 Van Home Avonue end retumad to the $ChaD1 at 500 DoIbIrd Stn:I.t

TNt Infonnatlon ... o~ltwd from SgtJDet. LEGAULT, at .Med In '.... rv.t ... nce NPOtl eta .... Feru.ry "', 2001. (11..2.)

)0 At 8:28pm, the Q,n liceneed FN80820 ~ to" 180 V.n Homo AIIMUe where Clrton tlOlCeII.,...,.101ded Ir'IlO U. venicle. At 8:38pm, Iht van IiCenIed FN80820 allMd • the IdlDOI .. SOO Dollard Street;

ThIa InfonnMbl .. obtaII-.d from IgtJDft. LeGAULT, •• .a.Wd In hel'

.UNeIIuca f1Ipgrt FabIwrJ' rf', 2001 (151.2~ and fnIm Ctt. ftENRI'.

rwport. daCIfd ~ HII, 2004. ( .. 1.

181. I hIVe ~. N'Vd-..r.port d.-i NO¥emm.r 2~, 20()04, where polk:ct otnC8I'W of the ~1I.nct tttm obHrved the .oti~ of memberl Of tne WTM- 1 btIieve that t1'l& fG£IowIng are acante ~Ol'l$ IMde CllJring 1t11t $Ut'Vt!1ht'IOe M November 2"'. 2Q(M, In lind ~ She city t:A MontrtaJ~

» AI. 1 :30pm. fIvt Individuall worked In front of the IChDoI at 500 Oobtd ~ Montreal, lit inataling a IIIrge lign deplding 1M !agD of the LTTE- A T1II'I'1~ tile ~ UfldItMath ttle L TTE logo .-Id "Day of I:tte er... S"ldlerl' .,. tr-. .... tation, The sign w .... rec:Ud at • place where people drivina IOUIh bound 01'1 Dollard StrHt would tniv. dnclly In front of k, When "nHl .rrived at am-t!xm_t,- ":3Ot:Jm, paris of the .. uP wtrf illuminated so trnIt tne title and the buDetI.-ound tJ'Iot heIId ollhe tiger were lit uP with ~nge 1Ight8; Th&.lntotmlltlon ... obbIln_ tram IIMI obHl'Yiltlon*:Ml. by Cat. HENRI, .. ,...".d to In Cpl. CLOUT1ER, dattd November 2T", 2004. (56.3) (photo 13)

, bellew thlt "OIly of file Bta\I9 SoId/m"1s I "''',.,.1:8 to rile Mattyr', DBy,

)0 At 3:52pm, CHANQRASEGARAM came out of thO deII\Iery door tJI the achoot tran~ 3 large eertM bous using a dolly, ~ AtOflPAd behind the van IIc:enud FN80820. where an Indlllldutl ~ the bOw Inside the '-ck of tNt van,

TNt InIonnMlon ... obtIlnId from • video IlIwn by IlL HAMEL .nd hom .. It ObNWV'" of1he YIdIIo- ..... an ~_,,-, ZOO4. (wlcMO 11

It #Iowa th.t the co-owntII' of 4180 V", Home. r;HANDItASEGARAJ.f, iii implicated In u.. ptfIplilftllJon of the AfarIyr'.J ellWllf,

}I> ~ ":18pm, KARUNANANTHASWAMV left the 1ChooI, dtMno DIe .., IioIInMCI FN8OI2O.

T1U Info ...... on ... obobIlnaod from • .,..., ...., by IQt. HAMEL'" .... .... -obMrI.utInt of the vl.o tatn GQ November ~. 2004. (V1d.o 1)

182._ lJnd8r a hyperllnk d.wd NOvember It''' 2004, phgtogtaphl. at the Martyr" Day .venl MfWo polled on tnt Irttmel weblite !IYl'O'L'llJIiInlllhln,qm, ~ ..... pid\6ellOCn. Mayor ~ APPI.,EBAUM ("Mlyor APPlEBAUM") wei obIeIwd while he _s attending the ..... nt. Some mem~ of the WTM that -welrtld 0I'I1otne of t"'. pictures

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)0 KARUNANANTHASWAMY, In IIdmlnilhtOt of the WTM;


,. 8H.ENORA, Ihe. can.d .. Tamil Congrea ('CleO) prw:eidBnt, .1'Id fn char;. of . poIdcII contaoll far the WTU. .

Thit Infofmdon ... atataIMcI .. 1ftbm.aGn from SOL HNIIIEL, .. PItH In hla .. part datH AprltP, ZOOI. (55.5)

183. Under a hypIIr1ink dII«H;I NIl-..mber 3<1'. 2004, photoI O1lhe 2004 ~15 Day e"*,, dMcrit>e<t .boIM wtI't POsted on the Internet at addrese W'Il'«.lanlilOatVl.m.pom.. The photo n&IMd PtCT5688.jpg .h~ tho l TTE • men~ above (P~aph 181) that wn InI18hd outside cllhe ac:hool .t 500 Dohrd SbwI..

Th" Jntonnatton lhl. In ......... from IlL HAMEL, ... tiI_ in hi.

rtpOft ..... AprIl JOOI,. (1L1t (~ 14)

I beIifwe thai tilt M of November jqt, 2f)(U, posIUd DII thf I",."", IIrf in~3 the dIM that tIM MlIntmot6ofJ Wf.t uploaded. The p/ctufu allow the even! thM t(}t)k pI.ce 0/'1 NovGmber 2-", 2OtJ4, at 500 OoIIerd strHt.

184. Tht kMmet photo named PICTMge.JPG .hcIMd • gerwaI w.w of lila d!K:or i .... tIfIed In I .... gyrnn.lium d the sd"K:IOI, Or!".. flo« n.ar ttl. QIflH of the gym, tlwe wa .. a ..-a. fIa! Nha ~ ~ III carpet 0( • giant JIQuw pUZZle. It ponr .. ~ • combatant dreaed in cornballatigues carrying • btoodied combM.m. At IlI'It end of the gyrnn&sium, on both sidn, at '"at 30 look .. UkI tombmon., \¥en! diapoud as they would be In a~. Four ""*Y ~ wall liD bar'WIl!lfl were hinging at the front. TIw ftr.& on .,. 18ft: portr.~ 2 tol.,. f1Ilr.lng weapon' in U. air. The SI!ICOOd OM porlniyed • cemetery with the phaID of • pInIln In the mlddll, The tftlrd OM &nowed .. por1tait of Iha Black TlgItf5 lOgo. And h .. one on ,.. rigI'It Showed the lame portrait that 1I found on the Ib;)r {fiyht8t carryb'lg bbxfied flghlar}, but with the island of Sri LanU In the background. Two t. TTE flag5 Mre hung In the wall It tne ~ of me

Dyrnnltlum. .

". l....r.-.tIon w.. obtained fram my obMrvdOM of tM photo .-..ned PlCTMILIPO (pholoiS.

Th9 ~ fk,t ",1110. objcK::I dtfCl'ibfJd Ibove Is tJmIAr to what Cst. RIOUX ~ in t~ gyrrmHium dcriIg ItsI )'$".,.', Mt/Tyf'$ Day ~ (~ WtI!IftJPh '76). It w • .s d8.StIibfd .a • mentaQIt trJIIde Of IirNJI plastic piece ..

185, The InfemIt pI'IOIO n.nad PICT5~,JPG .~ tWWNANANTHASWAMY ~ at • podium «juippe(lwth • mIQropno,.. ... if he wa ~ tt. PlIbIk:. The aide of the: ~ tNt facea the public w .. CCMIlId wIIt1 the L TIE lIeg. Placed above the tIag wu. yCIIow S9l ~ TamllanglJage WItten on It. The AId colour writing HId "Heroes o.y 2004". Tn. blue 00101.11' writing below 1I.1eI 'Quet.c Bfanch·. Tht. information ... obtai_ from my obHtvatiOOI of 1M photo named PICTlN4.JPG (photo 1'~; .nd from SilL HAIIEl ........ In h .. ,.port dated January 24"'. 2001. (15.7)

186. The '1lIfIIMr ptlOtO I1IIMId PICT5851,JPG IhowecI • de<:Ionm!Id HI-up conaltling of a .. nsi1'9 coffin ~ In mibfy 00I1l", WICft wInga dadIecI 110 it .~r to • pIMe. Pia_ on toP of tht ·coftln" .... lICMe1'1. Qidure frame. (photo 01' IlM ml" " iMibI8). Md ...... LTTE ftags.

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Page: 66

Th. intorm.dDn ... obbl'" fMm IftJ' ....,._tJ_. of 1M pftotlo fW""" PlCTlU1,JPG. (photo 17}

187. On AptI!1tt', :za, Monv.alINSET ullClMd' StMlh w.,...-n -': 04160 al'ld 4182 Van Hom. Av.nue, MontN'al. An obj.et Ktenti ... l to the hanging comn .. dett;;ritled above WlIItOred outIlde behind the buMdlng.

This InfonMIIon ... o'*lMd from my ~. 01 tht photo ....... OI74OOC11.JPG. ...-n br Cpl. LEBlANC. (Pholo 1')

188. The InWn-.l _0 named PICT!i713.JPG 8Ilowacl III WOIYI.n railing 1M L T1'E ftIIA-

This IntonMlIon ... o~inad from my oburI8tJOnt of the photo n.-ct PlCTIl1l.JPG. (pMtO it)

180. The InterrMIt photo named PICTfiSi29.JPG ~ ~ girle perrorming Ii dance dreeud in u..dltlonfl c:loIIing. TM dtCOf an the stage behind then'I _~ III large red bannef wtlh yellow wrttkIlii ~ T.ml ttlIII uya: "Heroes Day - ~mbar 2P'. Two yellOw lOgo. of the LYTE ara pl1ntad at each end rI .... bIInIWr_ a.tow lie b4il1nttf. on U. &tIQII, • •• pelnWMi decor Ihowa bumil'lg c.nd... .rid the photo of two IOIdiars d,....., in IXImbJI: tJnIforrM of Che L TTe. The T.m~ writing on lOp or the decot NY' "Dormllary I1f HtroH".

ThIa information ... obC*ttd hm my obMrvationa of the ~ n.ned PlCm2l.JPG IpboCO 20)

190. The l~ photo PICT5701,JPG cMpic::tt a man in l TTE uniform In • deCOration rweombllng • I:hrIM_ The man Is t.~ SHANKAR. He i. ~Yfd to be the fi~ t. TTl! ftght8rtocie in ggmbat an November -rr-. 1982-

Thlt ~ ... oIDlned from IlL HAII!L'. report. dated Jtn_ry 21.'*, 2001. (11.7) (photo Z1)

191. The WTM iuued • ch8que 01 $1,000 10 U. CommIMion Sc:oIlitt Mtrguerito SWrgeoY5 ... ~ depoIIt for the Mlftyr't Day twM. Dtt.d Novem_ 104'\ 2004, tt. cheque numb« 1111 wee written (rom Ihe WTM TO bank ~ t4338-«Mn85eU. The foIlowlng totnn'I'l'Il it I'\andwrihn In the "Re" portion alb Gheque: ·For .... veer Hall Sea.rity". n. chtq~ hal t.o _hod by !he 1IChoo1.

Th~ Infcumlllon ... "!ned from my rwllw of th chMiut n_ '111 ... Iud • 4f12 V.n Home. ~( .. ,

This demonshtes tDe UH of rtrf WTM TO bank 9CCOUIlI t433&-09~6i for tho MIwfytt Oar mrtJI.

1&2. ,... YltM ....cordtd In deId. thO YarioI.I$. touroe of revetluea oollo<Md during lhe 2004 tMrtyr'. 0., .vtnt The handwfitten Inforrmtti()n on :!II document Hlzed ., .. 102 V., HomtI ,t,..,.... Monh~, ltatn the following:

1. .ErnrWcpH WIWI name • $. f,578

2. NonMM "'S _

3. On"., ., 1,040

of. $alpd~ 'O, 214.30

~. Found In the hall • S 10

G. No ".,. in .,....... • '1.592.75

1, T~ ... at lIlfI.nlr'alK» • I 134

Page ea or 183

ToIaI • KU5.OI

Thf8, information obWMd from mv ...... of doNMnts ....... "412 Vln

ttom. A.,. L e17)

This information .n,o ~ the OlI.tvalbJs made by Cst. RIOUX (PMagrapI! 171) durlnQ the 2003 ~lJ Day fMNffl8f1lKdfn9 women wItI tIlIys receMng 1lIOf1fIy, tiGI\W ... , no..m. ....

193. Tht W1'\4 printed 1iCketI for the t..Wtyr'. Day ........ of November 2"", 2004. The pk:ture on the tlcketa Ihowa many tornt-t0n88 In a c:emet.y. The Inf(ltm:Mion on the tickets corn.m. English and Tamil writInga, It indicaloM the following;

)- COr'Iducted by World Tamil Movemenl ot Q\MIbte:

)0 HEROES DAY 2004;

)0 27.11.2004;

)0 $lIlurday ewnlng • 05:00 o'olock

» ~ High 6dl(IQI

,. S2 donation

> 1nkr.(!1~)73~

> GOO DoIt.rd. Outrtmont (Van HomI & DoIllrd) our Outn!Imont Metro. T"lftformMIon ... obIIilned from In)'''''' ~tM tic ... ..ad on April 11111, 200It axhIbIt 200f.13. """ 83. ,a,

194. Tn. phoi'IIt number 51+-735-99&4 prlnt8d on lhe tiGket Is regit.l«ed to tile WTM·.t <4160

Van IioI'M Awn , M~. (It,

Th. InfonaIIan ~ from Mr. RONOEAUt• I~ rilport" daled

M.rch 'J/I". 2007 (.I.1)i rnn CpL aoUOREAlr. In~ "'POrt.· ~ JM".ry 2!~ 201M (51.2); Ind from Cat. PETIT'. IRV .... ..". report d .... Nonm_ M-, 200J ll8.3~

10.1.4 The "'.ty". Day 2001

185. The WTM fII'lter8d into an agreement wilt1 hi MCIrItrMI School Board for the renltl of &1** I,.. of PDlyvalente Lucien Pag6 .. S200 Boule'nrd St-ULftrrt, MDntfnI. l'hI deCds on the COIlII"Kt were under the n.mt of WTM at "160 Van Home Avenue, UonttMl. The IMfWfl mporItIbIt waa Lt'. Rivi. Tt.1BIephone nt.mber _ 7M-99M. The dtntion of the rental wat for November 26",2006. between 2:00pm '07:00pm and for November 2~. 2008, belweerl5:00pm to 1:00..m. The eoft waa $852.03, and ~ wea palO by cheque on ~r 8"', 200e.

TI* Infonndon ... OI*Intd ~ • cop., of tM rental ........ nt dm.d ~ber Ul'll, 200$. (to)

198. I hiM! IUd •• urwillance repori dIItfId Ceoembef 20".2000, In ~.rdt to I lurveillenot opet'atioo on N"",",w 2811.2006, wh.,. m«nbel'* of the .Uf1oIeiliance te.m obHrv&d !he actMIJet, of membm of the WTM. I ~ thai. ll'ie following .. ~ oblerv.uol'll mid! during that aUMtll .. nc.- on Novemblor 26'\ 2008, In and .rounci l~ city or Montra!:

,. N. 1:00pm. • Plymouth van licensed 781KAX. regiltenld to KARUNANANTHASWAMY. wall ~ from the dI'lWlW1lY of 4180 van Han-.

PIIgII87 d 183

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Av.nue to .tJow • IJ--' ~. Aooord __ e1i1!1M~, ....-_ to

CI"MDRAleGARAM, to tIIkCI U .,.. In lIMo dI'tvWlIy. •

This lnfortnlllon ... ob&1IlMd from 1 Nport tty ..... ~ ~v"n IEN.WMN of INeET. f'8gt.JDIt. B!NJAItIW" dlWd o.c:.ma.r ztf' I00I. t11)

)0 At 1:14 pm • VIA ROUTE wb4it van IlcenHd FOD9692 .mved M 4180 V.n Home and bfIckI up inlo hi dftvtway.

lbla InIonn.tiOa ... abUilned ft'om 8gtJDet. BENJAMIN" ~ .. ted Dtamber ZO-. 2011. (Ii)

)0 At 1 :28pm. two ""_ .-e obleMPd ttking boxes out d 4180 V." Home and placing them In 11'1- black VIA ROUTE van.

Tbllo Infomtatlon WI. obtained from aouo.t. IENJAMlW. report, ... o.c-n_ 2ff", 2OCII. (11'

» AI. 2:28pm, tIw VIA ROUTE van licenud FD09B92 Wt .. ,eo V .. ~ AYef'tut.

It tu'I'Ind • the Pdyvtlente Lucien PaQ6, 8200 boulevard. St-Laurent At 2:47pm, tnt vtA ROUTE v ... IlcenHd FOOO8G2 .mved .t 1he 1ChooI. The Honda Accord IbnMd ti1SHBC a115O.rriwd at the school, tIIona with ttwM 0Ihef ....tIIcIeI. SeIItiI males enIered ttIft 1ChooI. Stvtl'tl of Uiott' irOviduu ere seen Ul'l1oaocIIna mlten.1 from the VIA ROUTE !rUCk Into tile school.

Thlto Infol'nlallon WI. ..... from 8ttJDrtt. aeNJAIIIW. "'""'" daItd Deotmber 2ff', lOOt. (t1,

197. I hII'It! IUd alUlWlls.no. report dtded Novomba' 2"-. 2000, ~ tile m.mb«t of ttle SUMIII ..... '"'" CI!lUrveci the ~ of membllf1l of the WTM. I l)eUeve that 1hI!I fOllowing are accul'8l.e ob$8rv.tjona made duril1!;l that 5Urvelllcll'lee on No~mtler 27-. 2008, In 11'1(1 around !h. city of Montreal:

)0 AJ. ~:~, tome indIvM. proceedId to intteN lights and deCOfIdIona outalde N sdlooI'. melrl enlt8l'lCie.

Tblt InforrMtIon. .. (IIItaInecl I'rcItn 8gt. HA.!L, .. __ In h .. ~

ddMI o.c.m ... e. 2.001. (12.1'

). At e:olSclm. two !MIn .'"* '"" pIDIg balloo .. and potWt ..... r the MihOoI. 0.. of ttloM poitel1l \ftI lIIimd by 1nvfttlgatorI. The ~ eontaIned thf Infolmaflon In eIthtt r..-nr (II' EllIIftIh~

" Imponant notiCe:

• T.,..I NIIliaIW:I ~ Day;

• 27-11·2008;

• ChMngf of Venue;

II Th' ~ event wuppoMCI to be n.1d: .. st. M~ High School 100 Saw'

EaIt, MonlIMI;

• On t!'lt ",Ine dar;

• WIIIl8ke "'rrnt at 08:00 p.m.;

• N l ...... Pag6. PoIyv.ronto, 8200 St. 1.auMnt ~rd. (Metro de C~,8uIW).

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nt. Informatiol'l. w.. obtalned frGm Sat. HAII&L. .... ~ II'! hk ,.,_.. ..... Dtctmbtf ~I 2011; and fnJrn .. hlblt 2Il0l-21, h:em 4, .IZ.1) (pftOIO U) I l>eu.vw that ". wording "T.miI Nt.llonaI Ramembranoe Day" fflttn to me lUtional Hef08S a.y (or Msttyr', Dey) II ~ by the IHdfr PRIt8HAJ(ARAN,

~ Al7:17pm. dLl'*"D 1M COUI'H of the ~ 1 .... 1dt or ~ audlklf1um d ~ WIaoI •• thirty-tN. minute lpeach In Tamll of PRASHAKARAN WIll PfOIec:*I on tM stage. n. L TTE logo wal ..... ib!1 on the pocIWm tt1 ... PRABHAKARAN ~ to conyey ... .paec.h_

T"" InfonMIIoft obCaIntd ffom ConItIIbIe Dlnrld IlAHeINI'. r.port

C"c.t.IU.HC1N."' Nowm_ rt-'. 2008, (lU)

AI laid arlier, the L TTE wal Riled • a len'oriat SJOUR In Aprf 2006. ",. inrMlt6Ig to ... rhIIt the WTM r:ontkJUed wIh tM ...-.n" In aupporl 01 It» L. TTE MId in ~ wit! the AfIltUfll ~ of the L ITE'I /emJI1$I group ~inCMade.

10.1.1 T"IIm,r'. ~ 2007

198. I ha\la _ • SI,Irvelllance ~11 dilled J-.nu..,. 171'1, 2008, In r.ped to a AUrvelllnce OPfjlration on December 1-, 2001, who .. police otIIcera 0( the surveillance tfIarn obaerved the adivltiea of membel't of the MM. I balieve that !hi foIowing are accuratl observationl _de during that luJVeillllnc:. on ~ ill, 2007, In and around the city of Monirnl:

). N. 10:1o.tT1, , white EconoIIne van IAnMd 2&4SGK waa paIMcI on thtt ttreet I'IfW the d1wwIy.o( 41(10 Van Homt Avenut. The II8hk:lIt was Iotded with MMtfiaI;

Thit lnfonnaUon ... obtained tram 8tL HAMEL'. tMMtlg.tt.,. r.port, ....... January 1"', 21G1, (13)

:to IV. 11:17l1l'i1, THlJRAlRATNAM, the laadltr of the wrY, ~ at .. 160 Van Home Avenut in .* Toyottl Corolla IlceIlHd 121SGK Ht ."blred 4180 Van HonM Avenua.~ by. female and two dikhn;

Thla lnfonnMIon ... obtalntd from sat HAMEL'. I~ report, ........ nuay 1""', ZOOI. (U,

» N. 12:oGpm, the Ford Eoonofine v.n I~ 204eGK fi,.My arrr..d • the 'Centre d'tdLalIon dn tduht Outremanr at 500 Dollard StnMt, MOntreal, after ~rilnclng l0I'I'I' m.ch:lnical prolMrnl. The Ford Ecanoline I)Iri(td dnc:tly in front of the main InWnoe. At lust 8 individual. prooteded to rttmCMt the malaial ffom the v.n and C8I'I'Y it lnlilde of lI'MI schaal, Amonglt the Iql qu.ntity of mat.riaI otMerYed. tome of the till. woold be described .. folows:

.. A '" X 8' 81Qn ahowlrv oombld .. 1tI uniform tlolding weapons; ( .. 21J~

.. A 4' X 8' aIgn ChOMig two people standing in • cemlMl'y holding burning tDI'OI'tM.; (phGIOa 23.1 .. 23.2)

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). Ai 12:32pm, Iht FCII'd ECOt'IOIine lceneed 2&4SGK left'the 8dlool ancIl'8Iu~ to .160 Van Ho...,. AwntHI. MANICKAM .. 1sbki by two other m .. pri:teeed..:j to remove materia! from 4160 Van Home Averil .... and placed It inllde of the \181'1. Among 1M material obMrved, IOInCI of tho thin~. would be de~ aa foIkIwwd:

• A com~" venditor.

• A blue p181tio OOtUlnIJI" .nd • yeIIDW pIaItIc contalnelr,

• AtItQ..-:

• All ~ gtlId pie(le t:I apprtIlI 04' long with • rooet..t .. u. .. d:

• A MCCIftd venthtor:

• W~_ncheI;

• A CD or OVO pI...-:

• A red pIatIc tool box:

• A canon box conttloing )IoIIow and red trIqIe pieces (_).

TIU InfonnatIon WIlt oIIalMd from Sgt. HAMEL', InvatIgdve nport. ... J.nLl.ry 1~1 2001. (13.

). At 12:51pm, 1ht ForoEconofine IiotInttd 2&lSGK left 4160 'Ian Horn. A~IHI8.

A m«nute _. THURAIRATNAM, th8 WTM leader, tnd SITHAMPARANATHAN, the WTM pntGident, ceme out Of "'80 V." HOme AvenIHI' ancIleft In. m Toyota COfOb Ilenld 121SGK.

ThIa 'nronn.do4'l ... obbIlned fram Sat. HAMEL.. hMaligative nport,

dllild JMuary 1~, ZOOI. (13) .

)- AI. 12:!9pm, the FMf Ec:ordne la::.r-d 284SGf( tetumed to the KhDoI IIfId ~ chctIy in fRQ of the rNln .mr.rw;:e. A number Of indil/id\olll ~ to unla:l the m.r~ !Sled .1:xM (loaded'" 12:32 pm) MId carty ilil'"4ld9 (If the 1CIhooI.

Th .. Infa~n __ obtained from I .. t. HAMIL'. In..-l ....... report, datId ......, 17", 2001. C83)

)- fAd 1;03pm, THUAAIRATNAM and SiTHAMPARANATHAN.niwd tt tlw.chool.

They ....... il1lO ttIf ~ through .... front ennnc..

". lnformaIon ... obtIIlnecI 8gt. HAMeL'. 11WHIia ....... ,.pod. ~ J.n ....... 1.,.1 200&. (13)

). At 1:39pm, the Honoa ACClOfd lie.nMd 615HBC dCHANDAASEGAAAM al'fived et the Iidlool .nd parluld near the front entrance. CHANOfto\SEGARAM ""mQY8d a latge box (rom the ~ side or his vehlde i1IId c.anied it lnelde of tho Khool.

Page: 70

Th" Infonn.tlan ... obbIlned from die ~ m" bW' Igt.. ~.IICL ...... In In ,.part. DIM January ,JIlt. 2008, (13)

)0 At 3:22pm. SIVARAMAN arrived .l the sdlaal nar tne dellvefy IIntr.nc8 In an oIct.r mod.t Wlt!k:I. which IooMd like a Dodge Caravan. H. retrIe¥fd from thll van eledrical type ~ such .. .... Ol(teIn.-on con:I. htavy duty wjrn, boo&tet·catHt, ~ and broughtthtm insic;l. of the 1ChooI. ren minutn late" he

raturned to .no vehicle ..-.d rie'4d a large elec:trk:a/ ptln.1 wtlieh he brought

IntkM through the deIIYety .

This Infonndon __ oI*lnN from -. oI:IHrYadont ..... by Igt. HAMEL ........ In .. .......t. ct.IM ...,. .... ry t'-, ZDOI.. .'3)

CHANDRASEGARAM MId SlVARAMAN, ~ of 4160-4112 V~ Home. Mo8f&lt'tvoIved In the 2OIJ7 Mlrt)r.s 0ey.wM ~tkm,

1!i9. The following obIerv.tion. were m_ ~ II'I\IItItIgItor who we,.. .,..."t inside .na outIkIe the achool to monitor the event:

)0 At S:55pn, a m. it; .ten 1I1mlra the aJdlence whiCh ~ of mostly ..:tull$, By 8:00pm, I'ftt,Irtf than 600 people were preMnt;

> At e:1t1prn. h L TTE _ w. IOIemnl)' raised;

>- N. 8:49pm. II apeech given by Ihtl L TTE Leader PRABHAKARAN wM projected on the Itage. It enciId 81: 7;22pm,

)0 At 7:22pm, iI c::iIIJC8MIn m •• wall obIeNed giving. 'pefd'l1O tlte 800 ..-.d more p..tlclpente. from t'- T.,mI community. The ,.1. ~d MaxiIM BERNIER. who at the tim. wa. MiI'I~ ~ Foreign AfhllnI for the ContoIMtive Pany of ~, .nd ~ abOUt the po:tltion of the oov-mment wIliCh is to hwgur the non-violence, diplomd:l aokItiorII to the conI'IIcI:, etc:

)0 At 7:29pm, the c::tu~ m.It cited the IChool end dlV'lf .WJY In II Mercedet Benz IlcenHd 333ABJ.· Subsequent verifotlon of the ~l'IIp nMl*i.th.t the 'ithidt wal ~ to Maurice BROSSARD of 7. HQUde Street. Llprtirie.

Thlt ~ was GbIII .... from Sgt. HAMEL· • ...,ort, cI.-cI OK ..... ' , •• 2007 (U.)i and min Cst. MANCIN'. rwport dated Dttanbtr .-. 21107, (14)

200. On Deoamber 4", 2001, '1'1 ~ QU8f)' meaIed thE MIIuno. BROSSARD II • Connrvative party of Canad8l3f1didate for the Qu.bec rtdlng of UlPtMitlBI'OPIrd.

Thfa Informdon obtai ... from Ildlth JACOUI!S, civilian emptor- of

liIanllWliNSET, C" JACQUES",. _ .tllted In ....... pOI't ~ Dec;,emv.r IDo.


201. On Febt'u*y 4"', 2DOB, Cp'. QOUOREAU met 'Mth Mr. MIIurW BROSSARD rMr.

BROSSARD") to. nquI,. about hit prM«ICe at tM Martyrt 0., • .,.", on DIoember 1". 2007. Mr. BROSSARD e~ thld 1M! 'MIl fi.-.t ~ by tDmeOfle ,....nIinD tilt eTC dllinD 1M .... !Iv eIIdon d 0W1m0nl In the fall d 2007. su_uent to ttlllt 1llINtFIg. he receMd InvUtioM via electronic m.1I to attend t'Il8fItif'Igt or lventa. One auch inviWioo cam. In I letter liUed au.~ Tamil Women AIIaocI8t1on. Mr. BROSSARD tc:WiMd that the eTC MUd for nil politiall IUPpOft $hoUtd h. be M<Dd at • Member d Pwtiam8nt during the ntxt ftderal elections. Tho eTC wanted Mr. BROSSARD to pressure the Can8dbin Goverrrnent to auppcrt •

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Page: 71

pgliticallC11ution to h Sri Llllnbln criIiB.

111. .. informatIOn ... obtaInIId from Cpl. BOUDREAU, .. rtt.rred to In bit NPOrt .... April "-, 2GOI.. (10)

ThG WTAlIoIIowtd IIt9 dlrectt/m of ~ L TTE Oporetions ManUIII which dictalN thar rhe fotvign bf8IJdIN muat eslabIJ1Ih COIIIacI with parliamenlnlJll .mI pdftical ~,. at aN IeveI.s of QDWif'rlrnIW1t. In orrJfIf fa IIdVatIoIt IhIIir ceu.. (32)

.",. political oontltCt ~ rA the WTM WIll be 1unhw e"emimld in tNa Alridavlt irI 10.1.12.

202. On o.c.mber "". 2007, ~ Internet QlA'rtes of tnt Pro-UTE wet:JoIite MtW.lIQli1aUJtwm.cgm ehowed 1M! the December 1111., 2007, Martyr'1 DIY eoAOt had been publlehed an 1he Interntt. Twenty-four pictures of U. .vent ."... pelted. ",. foIowlng is 8 brW dftcriptlon of lOme of 1Mm,

Picture no 1: Showi the lTIE flag ralMd en. tlJOPOIt:

Pidln no 2: Shain tlvt backG'ap decor OIl the _., depicting .... ponraIt of tI'Ie firal fern .. Black Tiger who had died ntxt to the pOI1raII c:A the ... L TTE c:crnbatanl who had died. a.hind them II • ~ with many tombatoneli. The lTTE tllIII .. toMn floating Q(I • post In tht middle. Abow of the drNIng Tamil Wf'tinQ 18)8: 00MnitQry of the 1-kIt'OH';

Pldura no. 04: SI'IOM Ihf Clowd at tm. f¥IMlI: walUng In line wltn • f10"t'¥8f' in their h.nd:

Picture no. 5: 5hOM II IooUIb tombltone Mih ~ pl8ced CIfI It;

Picture 1'10. 6: Showt Mr. BROSSARD IIIddr....mg 1he crowd 0f1 • podium. Th y8Iow llign In Tamllllltached to tlla ~um uya= ·A..nwmbranoe UprISing tillY 2007~:

Plcture 00.'1; ShciWa I m... ~ r.lldlng • the podium. WTM PreIIldent SI1liAUPARANATHAN and WTM memt:Jet MANICKAM alll seen Ilandinlil t-hind tt. pc:Idlum. tM.N1CKAM halda .. microphone In hiS hind;

PIcture no. 14: &hoM I mu'" group on tt. Mage; PlctIJl't no. 15: ShorMI danon 1ft trac:itionII clottWtg;

Plcturo no. 17; Slvtw II am •• cotfin~.tped with the LTTf fI-o. ThI pidUNLI d. fern ....

Ia attached to the end of too coffin. Soma ptOp1e In tha erowd hold IfMt Imd comn In the air; .

Pidure no. 18: Snow. 5 young children weaq 'NhiIiI t-ahlrtt -'Ul .. LITE LOgO on them, appar.nlly I*formlrtg: • d.,.;e IIong with • wornan. Two d the cNldIwl ... wtviIg IIIlIII L TTE fl.:

Picture no. 19: $howl the aame PMformfI'lQt ... PIenn 18, but 2 olcklf children .., hOfIIIng full .. L TTf __ ;

PI(;ture no. 22: SI'lc)rwS • pI.y where • boy III holding JI "weapon' ~ military ~ ClOthing. A young WOf1Iln ttwldlng IlDt to him .tao holda a lwIdgun • WMCIOn;

Pic:hn no. 23: ShowIIpt'ittt of S~'I'I appHriInc:e nolding • mietopllOno in his Mnd either ~ or liflglng;

p~ no. 24: Shawa. play ~ 3 malea dresMd in miliWy UMOflllt •• tdG'"euinrl

a nu" dreued In oIvIiIn cIoltllng. 11'1 .... mlngIy ~ wa~.

Th .. Inronn.tkIn r.pnlng 1ht photDgrtp tnIndOAld .IIOW ... obttlnld fnNn

c.t. MANCINI, WIIed In 11k NPOrt d December ~l". 2011, and frOm mv GYm

oburtatloM of pichdt. '")

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Page: 72

203. On September ,/" 2008, iNSET execMIO a SpecWI Surd! W.mInt at 4160 and 41&:2 V., Home Avenue, MOI$'N'. DUrlI1IIIn. .. ..-c:tI, InvetUg8lCn HIDMI a poa18f W1I.n lne d ... 01.12.2007. Transllltlon of !he poster indate6 that It was to promote the Dll:tma.1·, 2007, Martyt'l Day celebnation.

T .... lnfunuattoft com .. from • rev. by Cpl. DUBREUIL of exhlbft IOOI-i t. "'"' KID. ,n, (phaID 27.

10.1.' Tnt 1IaItyr'. D.,- 2001

2()C. A r.vlew of W@J;Imlllllith'm.Q!!Q1 ~Ite on o.ac.mber 3111• 2001, ""'18 plcturet takiln from the 2008 Marty(s Day cehIbration which took place in Montreal. Ablg wittl ~, the follOwing text IPPN~:

"Y~. fltt Sat~ aftemooo at abOI.It 2:10 in the aftemOofI • tn. city fA Mc:InttwII in CtnAda. the naIIonIl ~~ o.y ~lttntlons ..... commenc::.d with the lighting: of II tntdniOnal '-mp. The event wu eeIebNted In • high 1PIrit. combined togethtt wlh Il'IUtjc and dance .wentI pertatn.d to ~. Many obtttdln ha..,. c.I~ in vanous wata, even thQugll. 11 WM VfII'/ afIIcIentIy pUiOl'led and I s~ ...,l. lh. PlOP" ctoI8ed owar numarou. otrlW:lt., atri¥ecI .. huge MYtt, pat thtir fIQraIl8Iute to tht m8ftyra and up to IhII ~"'1On of the ntl'1t .uch If uilW 9:30 10 the evening, tha IiIIdto41um WM fuIty ~ ... the crowd. TM~ CilUHd to Cftite thIe. ..,.,-d .. • hug_ uprising and 811t8b1l8hec1tl'le 1I.~dilY of their endHrmtnt on the matherlMCl. ~

Thla Infonndon .... obWn.d trom tM "..1trniIpptIymMJ'D ~ on o.o.ma.r ~, 2008. (iL2)

T1I8 Original bIIIf1k ami whIe p/Iotf)6 ItDm ""'*"* used for tfBI'I*ion hlV8 bfMII I8p/aced by a color CODY of the UIfnt phaIos abtlIIined 011 Men1J 2dh, 2009. by eon"tlblf.lNn t.WJORE ~ INSET ("CIt. MAOORE"J.

10.1.7 111. BlIck ,...... ~ 2004

205. "TNI Tlmil ,._. ~ U. art of tuk:ide bombil"Q with ~ of .......,..nl of pn:mdlllflt pcllUa.rw. In Sri Lanka •• wei. former lnell., Prim. MIni ... Rtjlv ~l'Idhl. MaN 1hMl :z.4() T..-nit InfO tnd WOfnIn hlve carried gui.uiclde .. ada for tile,.... At sea, the 'TiQIn nave sent ""IdOl bombftt to ram bam PICkId with exploiWeI into n.II'.1 veaele, I tactIe they bellOW! otI'Ier armed groupe «oond the work! .'" now copying from than. And on land tNy ilre nocortous for detOnating .uiddlil tJtltl tu. ot eKplotivw In front of ptJm.. mifl'-ten .-xl P*ide0ll:

ThhIlnfonndon WH obllllntd on J ....... ry 3r1". ZOO., from ... BBC on-line -.w. nrvIM (1.1); MId hilt lb ....... WWW.tln!JJMUlo.orawebdIL (10.1.

208. n. Ttmll ng. rtheIt remomber their $IJk:!de IxImbM .-ctl ~ OIl Black: Ti;~ Day on JIity fI'. T* It tM day ""'*' Tamils eve~,. .-.member lht Black TIQtB who taerlfIced l1emMlveI .. IIWI wt8f)Of11 In lht.,... ThI fif1t a.c::k Tp .a.ck wu by Cagtaln MILLER on July~, 1981. on JulY 5·, 2007. PRAeHAKARAN panlcipGd in a IPfCiaI COfNI1ImoOr81Io event ntIaI'IcIng fhd( TIa_1ll Da~ with aevnl hundI'wd Black Tlgtr *res. Sine- thI death of ca,Mln MILLER on Juty 5". 1917. until JUIlI 30",

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Page: 74

1#17. thete hoe bOOn 322 Black TiottrI wno died in adiotl.

ltd. Infonndon WM obttIlMd on ~IY 1J"", 2001, from the I.,... ....... www.,ta.".n,uln the web PIII8' "ChNnoJoey of SuJddtI Bomb Abdcs by L TTE T".11III.' T~ In SrilIina- (21.2)i on .... " 30-'1 I00I, from the BEIC on- 1_ ..... ...w:. (8.8): .nd 01\ January 3C)-, 200t, from t... wwhlte www.IImUDlt.COIIL (13.1)

Z07. I I'IfIVt IUd • 1ILIrveru.r.c. report dated Jul~ 10"', 2004. where poIioe affic8tt, 01 the IUMlilIance tam ot.erv.cI .... ac:tMtieI cI rnembeq of the WTM, I bali.". ltlII the following we ~ ~ made during that IU/WriIIlnQe on JuI)l1o", 2004, in atId dUnd !he dry of Montrut,

)0 AI 1:32pm, KARUNANANi'HASWAMY ItId 3 unldenllhd rn .... I1IIfIlCIYtd m ..... 1 from the. ganllge d the WTM building. located at 41ID v.n Home Avenl,lt, .00 loaded it into hit VM IctnMd 7B7KAX. Among !he tnillQl ~, there ... long pO", )'tIlOW .nd t1Id In colour, ~ 0IJt of the Iront right ~. wlnckJw of &hf wNcIe.

Ttlia I~ waf obtained fnIm Igt. HAMEL', ...,ott dated Jut)t 1.·, 2004. (67.1)

)0 N. 1:54pm. the van llcen ... 787KAX 11ft .100 VfIIfI Home Avenue and .mftd at lhII ~Potyvalenle luaeo p~. 8200 SN . ..tYrent eowevn, M~, • 2:09pm. Th. 1 ....... 01'1 .. obIaIMd from sat HAMeL'. "*110ft ... July 1.*, JGGl. (,7'.1)

)0 The following WTM membel1l ~ .mono Uw peOple wno helped prap_ ltl • • udiIarium for m. eVliflt KARUNANANTHASWAMY. THURAIRATNAM and PERAMPALAM.

Th'- l-....aon wn obtai_ ftofn Cd.. MANCINI at ........ to In hi • .-pore ..... JUly 12·, ZG04. (17.2)

» In ttlt tntrMce hall. tIunctIwdI- of pictur. or IOIdIeft, d***, In black bearing tt....

Tille,.' unlfl)l'l'll IoIMfe exNbiUtd. NellI !he auditorium WEIrs two tablel where ~ could pUrn.. ~ from a woman and two Mel'l. ApprOJIimately 1.0 people ~ u.. evant.

Thl. Informdon ..,.. ob ...... from Cst MANCINI .. ...,.".. to In h .. report ... July 12*", DIM. ('7.2)

2D8. On April 121i11, 200s.invedg.tor. MiPd" 41e2 Van Home MonInI-'.n il"lYoice n!.lmber let1 .,,_ out to WTM by • printing ~y in MonlrNl by !he name of AIMI ••. TIW bill cont8Inalt1. foIkMIng InI'oImltlon:

Sold to: Wortd T tmII Movement Dttt: 1CKH.V04

QuantIty: 3000 700 11500


QlKk Tro-r. ReMlll'lbrance Day tlckeW

Nade ....

Amount; 150 90 15

1000 Spon. fly.,. 2 lide ""

1 OOQ Form 1I'M


BaIence .ug


Thl. Informetlon Wli oI*lnN from the CGpJ' of 1M Iftvak,e ....... t 4112 V.n Horne A.,. ..... (1ft April 1~, 20M, .. hlblt ZOOIw12, Ittm 01, 1128 (11.3.1,: and from 8gt. HAIIEL' • ....-n dattd ....... .,. '1·, 2001. C".3)

209. Also -'zed was an WernllIICCOUI'IIing dOC\JTlent of 1he WTM which rep(Mtlan expense for !he ~ 1nYCice. The doeunent signed by TH~RATNAW. WhO became lhe WTM leader k\ 2005,11 dlted July' 19'1. 2004. The n.me bled II·Amalu', The reaQtl II I Prinllf\O.. The amo-ri it. °$435.00". The dahl iI '19107104". A hlindwritttn commert laid: "Reoeivad In hind d...-lng the month of Augu.t0•

,.,.. InfonMCIon WM 0.,.. ... from on '" tIM intimal 8CCOUftling

ctocument·.-.s at 4112 Vln ttom. A nue on Aprtt 11·, 2001, ~bIl 2:001-12,

Ittm 01 j 7121. pagt 31. (11.4.

210. AltO Mil.ed wu '1'IO!4her intem8I accounting dOClJment of the WTM ~ July 30". 2004. It rtporit ... Ixponn of $600 101' • .ound ')litem during the 8IlICk Tiger. Day ~. The dcKum.ot WH aIIo tlgned by lMURAlRATNAM.

TN. InfofmatIan w .. ~ned froIn N tt ...... on gf tht Intern.1 KCO .. "", docurMnt Miad It .112. V., Horna .l1tUUe " April 1r". 2001, •• hlblt "·12, Item 01, 7121, pq. 21. '17.1,

21 t. On JtJy ff', 2004, It ()9:3Oern. Cit. HENRI ~ hi MQnrreaI SchocII Boatd ., 3700 Rad'MiI Eaal, MonIrI:iaI, and oIUined a copy cj the rental ~ On tilt ..-.tal tgreemenL l .... ht tht IChOof premlln .t the ~1ItItlI Lucltn ~ """ for !he EICack T1gn Day ~ 'MIl niW8d by !he ~ ClI~. 7290 Ht.tchiton sn.t. lI'lit 3D2. MonIreIt. Q\ItbIC. KS. RAViNORAftoUAH " mentiOned at the

~ wIIh. teIeptIoclfJ mbIr d. 278-3574. The rtnbIIl c:o&t W. paiid In caan.

Th.lnfonnadoft wu obIIi d from my reYfew of the r.m.I qfHlMnt, clatH Jurtt

".2OCM. (17.1)

I be/ifwf that KS. RAVlHORARAJAH', R~ SANGARAPtUAJ. As explained ..... rhf ~ of Ihf g/veII narntl with n.. sumame is comtnOn practfce for {WIOt'Iti til th.tf ttlhn/c ~.

A MfJcIc on tN QtJabK Entwprlu ~ Jndk;alu Ihal RlIvIrIdrsmJah SANGARAPlUAI .... on., of tIM lIdmJni8trBlOlS 0' The- e.m Tf)ttJI.sooc.r As.socierion ("TE'SA'. n.. TESA g.vw ita iIddtNs N ~ .fflO VlM I'1Ome A....,.. ~. 011 May t'J, 2004. TESA was atruG* off the Retishr's IW. ... "';:Jtlnd bcsItneu. (3I.1")

I "."..... Mat TESA t. l1l'i NXIiwy ~atJon of m. WTM as dit:Wfd by til" L 11E in MOtioM :1.1 d the LTTE. ~ Munual. (lZ)

212. ,,_ tllephOne number (5''') 278-3174 is IUbIorit.d '0 by the Thtmi .. 0IIi ~oo Joc.led at 7210 HdtcNlon, Montreal. Quebec.

Thia 1nIc:JnMtIon .. obUIMd trom • qWf)' conduClld by Cpl. BOUDREAU on ..,. lmemet wtbt .. of WWW.cl!1l.U411jca onfInf dlNCtclty ..",icn ~ ..., .,-, 2GH. tI7.T)

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ThamilIII' OIN iI a ~ bualrtess iIt Quebec fomIfId of 1 Ii ~ttIr'!t. It Jisl ••• '8 main actMty to help new ftJfvaIl'ffugM$, g;w,.laIIguage c1aSUI am! (Mform culttnl aoUvIlN. 1htI pnn/dIKIt /$ SMI KANAGARA rNAII. (#.11}

Af,.., ~ In ~ 12.2, K'ANAGARATNAM if. in ~ of the wrM's WOtMn"~.

I believe th.t ThamlerOlJJi44I sub-OiJWIQaHon of·the WTM.

10.1" l1'It I!tIHk na-a o.y 2001

213. On • WTM dvIty report <tabid AugUit 2111., 2OQS, CHANDRASEGARAM ~ to the Canada Branch the actlYltits for the m(ItlIh at July 2005. CHANCRASEGARAM IdIntitIeI NrnMf as In. OItDI.Ity ~bIe parson of 1he QlAbte 8randI, Th. b1In8Iation of the r.p:ri .wet the following: "On Saturday ttMt gilt day of the month of July, the f8ft1em~ or BIIIck T'IgeR took plaCe, It ~.n with tIowel' worship fclklwed wiih many ,venit auch .. : I9ht 'WOrthip, .~'4tt1 •• event, hyomn. about AlaCk Tigers, 19HChU ... and eYef)'On8 he, ..,..-d • m.mor.I* conauslon rA the C8I'8M«Iy. by singing the ICInG d "Believe in T.,..a E.tIam". E~ though. it was a short cenJffiony. however It II to be tneI'IIticJMcI tlUll: All tI*JtI. \tIIft PIiIfot'med _..,

1'hh "''''*Ion w_ ~ from my review of the .CItIvIty twport, ddld Aug ... 21K, 2001.. HIQd .. 4'112 Van Hom. Av.n .... ~I. (17.'): and ,.... 12w1J of • ,...oft'" CpI.IIOUDREAU cIatIIcI ~ 1"'.2001. CIU)

In. ssctJon ca'Md "The ~I .m cIutifd of PeTlon in chatpf" of tn. LTTE mtIfJUtII, the fl:)M)wing is irIdIcat(J(} an ptI(J8 18 utJder the heeding "1M B~alTJS Pf~

~ompoee the monthly ecUlrlty ntporl for t1'If S,.nCII tmd SUbmIt belen /he fir ~y of thtt foIIowInQ morrill. "

I btII&ve INI I8porlIlhOwS Ihet Ihe WTM ftIDowa 1M ImlIUCflon let oul in Ihf L m: mamtiI Md Ihft CHANDRASEGARAM, co-owner of the buitdInfI f114180 and 4162 Van Home, Ia- an aCtive membfIr of the WTM.

214. M.-.ra;lc doeumtnt found in 11 USB key ..ad at 7720 PIe-IX BoultMlrd, unit 5 ,.,..... to the number of "*'Yf8 'lotto died as BIaCk~. n. tran.uon of the dowment II n Wows:

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DetIIiIII Male FemrM T-'
The InIInd Ndc n" .. 61 10 79
Tht Baa Btedc. Tigers 135 5' 186
The ~I d Black Tlgets 196 ee 265
The H.roea Qf audiary 274 5 279
fQn;M The ~ titiz:atw who k* rllelr 1_ unlll31 ~ 03 • 200G

AtftdiarW cIItz.nt ..... 13

F ..... 1e21 T«aIOt

At tM H.-oa gft'1QIi SlgI'IIIkn: A. Pen Thiy~ Tht (:ttief _rvant

The Hon;ta' aecmarial of Tamil EeIam Poitlcal Oivlalon The L __ icn T_" of T,rniI Eet.n

TImif Eee.m

TIM ~ _I hili my fW¥IN of Uta trIINlBd """"Id

0 ....... " from USB My at 1120 PIe IX Boulevard, unit I, 1Ionu..

('7.n,; and from. page 1 of Cpt. CLOunER'. rtpOIt ddId October 1~j aa.. (17.'10)

10.1.' 1'" AnnlWfMfJ of .... "TRO- • Octobar .,... 2001

215. ThO TamW Rehabilitation Organization ("TRO") WI. formed In 1985. ~ardIfIg it. ntc:ftalty, PRA8HAKA.RAN tl'lt IeIdIk' of the LnE~: "People of Tamil Ealam .N: facIftcI two 1*11. frofU, One front II tht ~betaItlon Qf our nom.Iand from the invNng Slnhllete armed fofcH. Tht other' f1'ont i. 'Ihe rwproductlon of food to counter the l)'rannlall fCOtIOInic ~ of Ihe SirlhalerJe Cflatjliir*llc: govemment. J..-t 1M the ~ l'8guliD' ttw blOod clrcullltion and .. ~ body to conquer ...... , .0 .Ito lII'IGuid ~ tha food production wNch I, m. ~oblood and f~ion for the lintll 1Ik:tory of T.m~ people:

TIU tnfcmMtIon .. obIaIMd tram ,.. .. n:hlnl the v.nwt on PIli- 24 of .n ..tic I •• 1'lti1tIcI: "y.wpl'" PlttA8AHAftAN: • proIle" by WTII, puDl .. had on 1M _.JIm'DlUpa.RCA .... tt.. (1U~

21'J. Tht mlMion oI'1he TRO is to provid. much need«i relief. ~.nd .... OJHI*'t for the '*"* of .. NoI1h-&lt of Sri l.8nk11, Thl heedqU8lters 01 the TRO Is lrated In KiMnod1c:hi. BrllIInk.ll wtlich It WIthin the .,.. oontrotItd by the l TIE. The Ol'QBfliZetion -.0 '- .n ofIIwln the Sri UriC8n ~pbl. Cotarnbo.

Page: 77

n.a.1nformatfon ........... 1Md fram Internet ...._.. __ ." .... 81i~HAAO .......... 11:1 In tw rtPOlt d-.cI NowmbIr .. , 2101 (11.1); from the www.tnKmIInt.ora __ Ie (11,2), .nd ~ the www.lrwntdUDl --- ... 1 ... 3}-

217. T,. CentI'aI a.nk of Sri l..anka hal pruatnd tIM! wrkM commercial benklin SflLA'*a to fIMZ8 II the accounI;f of the TRO. According to the TRO, the amount held by tNt Central Bank II Ipproxirnatlly $750,000 US. Aaxlrdlng to a preas 18 __ by the: Stl lank., Ministry or defence, the IIInk .:count. ...... c.nctIlild and Hlmd t.c..e the TRO 1I.uapected of .. lilting 1M militlry ~ of the L TIE.

lbl. InIonnatIon III" oIMlrwd from tnc.m.t ,.WCh cton. bJ IERHARD on

-.trqogIIMQICL ul'ttttNd 10 In htr nqort ... d NoYIrnbet , 2001. (11.1)

218. FOfWign I. TTE attMItI 1Itt8nd1~ the lnIlni'Ig with hi 11'ofIIIImItiOn .. Sec:ttWiIl. in Sri UnIaI war. htk.n Qn II field trip to lltait It'IfIlMlad •• of thlt Tamil Rohabilltatlon Centre

In It!e ~ of KIIin~i. .

TtD Informdon .... obtain_ frQm • review of the document UtIH ,.,.. Worbhop for 1M FGftlgn AcC:M.ta, MIziId III 1120 Pie IX Boulevard, unit 1. 1IIontrw1. (U,

A t;hf(;k of til. ~ adchN mm:.fI:'OC8~ 4lhOm: that u.. TAO hfJad ofi;f it. IoclWd at 2$11 J9I'frta RoId, ill KIItlQcItchI. ~,' believe th$l tilt Tamil Re~fion c.ntrf milOfl by the fJf;tiv/.$t$ Ja in fad the TRO. ( .... 3)

219. The TRO (canada) II tUttered since 1W5 in I't8 Prcvinc;e of Ontario as a no-capltal company, Ontario corpordr)n '1126856. Trw offICe 01 tt. TRO ;, IQIOattd at 2390 EglintonAwnue Ent. Sub 20lA. Toronto. On&ario.

Thle ~ ... obUIMd front ..... RONDEAU, ............. to In hi, ~ ct.t.d D.GImb., 311", ZOO4 ( .... ): froIn CpI, BOUDReAU'. NPOn dalH April 1", 2001 ~"'): .nd from 1M Ont.to CCttpOtalton Proth Repott obCaInMi by Cpl. DUBREUL by e-mtIN tin '*'-Y r-. JODI.. (al)

220. In a letter datad Jllne ,11, :woe, Itw can~ CUSklfn1. and Revenue Agetq ("CCRA", advlMd- thf Pl'MIdtnl of TRO C.nad. N their applatlon at • regll~ ehlirity WI. denied. In Its conctudlng ~rtl&, !he ceRA m~ an'Ione the ,..1QI1t tot" the ......... 1 that:

» TRO (C.,*-) appN" to function .. • fundralling 8Qtnl for Itt parent organization TRO (art Lanka):

)0 TRO (can.d.) IppaB to opera wlthio 1he ovar-.fI ~ of 1M L TTE:

)0 And TRO (C~) ... not dtmOnltnled toith IIny rtrlIOfWbIe dIQrM ~ certainty 1h.- !tie organlution 0,..... .XCIu~y t'Dr c::r..iIaIo pur'JK*lll ."d acII ••.

In cxdIr to cctM up b) b hi dttdaIon, ceRA _ .... to m.ny MUI'(Itt d Il'Ifom'IlItion .ud1 .......... , lIle Immigration and Refugee Boald 01 Canadli 1111 well al Human Rights WIltd1 ~rtI,

". InIormdon oIMIned ffQm • CCRA '-POrt dated Jun. 1", 2001, found l1li

............ hlt lton ... n:h 30-, a.. (1)>)

221. A CllJIbnI evm wal organized by Ul. TRO on October ~, 200B, to ~memcnt. itl 1~ ... nIve!ury. Advertl8el1'lent posten, were diP'jbultd in the ~I Tam" community ~dn91h1 ..... nt 10 be held. Marie Anne Scftool, Ioc.*d • the co ......


Page: 78


223. The IChoo4 Pflmlsel, for m. october 7", TRO ~ were remed in !he name of U.

Th..-nil. om Auodalion of Montr.aI. The ... ntaI agreement wIItI the ac:hool bOard WIll _rlId by an mil list of the WTM, Ramdrll";lh SANGARAPlU .. AI. Tho addt ... for thIt Thamllllr all ~on II 7290 HulCtIit<In Street, unittlO4. ~.

Th!. Information .... obtal_ from CpL eouOIU!AU'. ~ ... port datMI 0ct0Hr sn'. 2001 (12t..1); and from a q .. ", 1 condua.d on ctDR&Q.. (S8.11)

224. On November 15", 2007, tM U.S. Deptrtn'ltt't of the rrellSUry dni;nated the TAO 81 a PfOI(:ribed entity under the 0litICUtNt otdlr 13224 • bkdcIng property and prohibiting tranuc:ticInI ~ peNOnl who ~, tIlratiIn to IOOft'Irnit, Of IUppart t.~m. The U.S ~nt of the Traaury lItO n~d the canada brancl1 of the TRO III: 2390 !;;g~nton A~ Eut , uni1203A. Toronto. an..no, In thlIir U.t.

Thilt inIDnnIdton .... t)IMIntd fram U. DtpaI'lrMftt of tIM T.-...uy of ... united .... I.....,....wtMHe atwwwJr!M._. ,".4, ILl)

,10.1,10 Loc:III fundrtltlng ..... utocidM 10 U. W1'II.u LnE

226. Tht LTTE Opfntionl Matlu.l d~ the following guIcIaIIrn iI'l Mdion 1-1-3 in

~ to 1M ~t eventt. dTlml EeIarn';

"The pemnnel 10 charge for ptopIgInda tetlvitiM I'I'IUI1 emphQIZe the deIIr I.IndIIrUnding 'Pf the ~v to Tamil &lam wilhln the event& and perlgnnanoes in producing .nd 'bV'Ig bV !he ~ IIrt dub. by .,. VIIOIIUIn'. """"Qn and b)' eduCdoMllnfIItuIIona.·

T .... Informa1ton ... oI*1ntd trom. til. L.m o,.rMIOnI 1IanuaI • ..etIon 1-1-3, _td .t 7720 PIe 0( 80uhrIatdt UnI' •• anlrUl AId 1~. 2001. (12)

EK~ d cuII~ ~s wi be IhOwn hltM kJ this Affid&vJt. moaIIy In tilt flJlldra/$kJg ~.

to.1.11 E:chlbltlam Ind SpJcI., publl ...... ·

226. "The LrrE 0pwati0M. Manual dlet8IM the foIowing gUid.tinet. in ragardl to th. ·Ex~.nd __ al pubI~.:

Page 70 of 1 B3

Page: 79

"Whtn IP8IIklng f!bout the.apIIdat publication, and to be kno'Ml MlOUt our bam., ac:confIng IQ ahe ~~: I)I'Oduc. and glva out W8lCheI,

*lIdcere, .ncI otIw .rtId. of IOwan •

Ttl" Int'orrMtIon ... from LTTE ~ .... , HCtfo" t-104,

.. lad lit 7720 "-IX 80 ......... , Un" 1, Montini AprU it"', 2OOl. (12)

227. The foIIowino Items 'It'eff:I seized ~ .180 Ven Horn. Avenue, Montreal I)f'I April 1Z-, 2.00&:

)0 2G hats with ..... tmt.:idld L liE logo:

,. 788ft 'nc;lI-thirb with the logo of the L TTE;

];. 86 paste'" of the L. TTE iHdIr, PRABHAKAAAN:

,. 222 fnI_ ptI010I of PRABHAKARAN;

)0 2 COffM tn. wlh t~ L TTE I.;

). 208 bookI with • pIc:lure « PRA&W<AAAN:

)0 1877 dIffwtnt types of mum medItI pamphen'l$ (CD, VHS, DVO and audio CHMht) were round. The m_onty (1531) of u..e lIema .. relMe(l to the L m, by I'Il\IIng pidIna, writing Of logo" In'*' to the L TTE. The other 146- have no'" to N L11'E.

".. • ...,.,......uonM ... we ....... at dlt'fMlnt Iocdont 1 __ 41. Van

Home.IIoIdtPI" a.n on .. exhibit rtpgrt of 4110 v-., Home Aven.-_ ...,.,...., (ApptftdlJ; 1); .nd rron. e.tl. MADOR!". Invtratlptw. report, CMIIMt J.numy zr", "".(70,

228. On s.ptemblr 1', 2001, membec1. or INSET $XtC)Uttd a Search Wamnt .t 4180 and .41 ez Van HDn'I' A~, MontINI. Some of tlie ~ Mized in<lll*:

~ A 2008 C81tndar. tho lNdor PRASHAKAAAN'a pICt\R an t. TM calendar IhcMti the dlte April 11 tr. 2008. which corrnpondI with the elate tNt thfI tluting •• mar_ned with Order tDE$-Q-OB ~ April 10", 2008. The celandar hII. h L TIE logo ill the bottom tight corner and II publiI5hed by "The PubIic:atIon DivI8lon Inlemlticn.1 6tcroCIri*1 TIInl~ E~·,

Thl. JnIonnat6on _ fronl mv ,...." of tIXhibIt 2OOI-H, Item 1<213. tPf"*.,

nn. r;;aJendlr". ex.hfbifed ill f,Hin ~iew near Utt main desk 011 me rht floor,

,. Other ~ inIoIude: 1.e photQgrephl of PRABAKHAAAN tnd or L nE: 439 j)OIleB tnd ligna; 359 audio 0IIS(Iett81: 49 fIfga: 21 h-" .nd 11hirtt.; 110 d<:Ictn, pint. cu~. Iaay. r1ng1 .ncI clocb; lind 1089 boott.. mlgNinu Ind I'leWllpaptnI,

Th. Infann.uon .. allbll_ ft'om the Ft_ 01 ~ ...... nt Mr., JACQUEI dIItMI FebnMny '1". :lOOt. ,,21)

10.'1.1:1 PoIltiC.a COft1eCtt

Pagli eo of 183

Page: 80

229. In tt. "_ til U. .ctMtIn for forqn bl1lnctJes." IeCtion d the L lTE ()parMIont

Manual, !tiel TIE d~ tr. fClOWing;

"EnslItP In pcItIcaI .nd friendly level ~ with stn.d~ .uch as: fonI:iDn gcwemmenbl. IibMalIon Of'glnlzlitlone, non ~I Ir.tfkItIoo., h~ rightt Ofgal'lizatic:q, poitical parllee. .00 trlllM unions."

FUl1tlenlJor., In ~ 1-2""' of tn. I,.TIE Optrations Manu.I, N lTIE dictatet the foIooMng:

"e.t.bhh cont.ctt with the toe.! I1"tI.II'IIdpII 1OO1R)i1.' member$, 1M .,.r1I.""'I'ItW ..... tha ......... and with .... miniIIfy d foreign ...... provide them wIh Informelion ""pPorIlng the opiniona mout ... frwadom ItnQIIII for our rriGlhertMd Ind provide them \IIIh ttw tiInuftAMOut opinion of U. pOIIIIcaI 1ItuatIonI. If .......... , communlc8te with It'MI l~ionIl SecNtIri •• to otUin guidlru. "

ThIa Infonndon ... ODUolned hom tIM L nE Operation, ... nUII' Mlzed at 7720 Pie IX Boulevard. UnIl1.1IontrM1 Aprlnd". 2_. (32]

As pt9'IWsIy mflliion«llll UHs Itfrlda'lll. ~ Q( tfIf: C.nsdian poiIrJc41 RrJIII'H have been seen III "'- Mari:W'.t 0.)1 ellfffll.

231.l A Idw addreNOd to V. MANIVANNAN, the repIl!Iunt .. 1ve klr N Intem.~ S-=,.. ..... WIIsloctted at 4182 v.n Home A~ .... Montral. during"" ~on of the Setich w .. nt on ArJriI 12-. 2006, Thi$ letter wn horn CI-tANORASCGARAM. 1hI IeI:tef ~ the 1511'1 annual athletiC """" in AllgUlt 2005. In tilt MCOfld parag. 01 the hKIer, theft i. the honourtb6e mention of Iha guat. the rrntyOr of thl NOG Borough. Mayor APPLEBAUM. The letter .~. th... MtiYQl' APPlEBAUM, amonglt ott.' thing., dlltrbltd JWa!'d& to tf1e winnetB.

ThIt Infonnatlan ~ 'tam the ~ ~ it. .... Mind In • bo. It ,,".2 V.a Hom., ~. PoI_ uhlblt aooe-t21hm 1, 27121. (37.3)

TIl;" letter "50 ",.. ,,~ fQ SITHAMPARA THAN WId ~. him a "Iyyah~ th.1tNJtI8r of tfIII WTM. AlrhCUQh THURAlRA THAll f8p1aced MANlVANNAN as "..., WI 2005, I bellew fh8t the dt$lQn81fon In tit'- leite, of "1)Iyah"/Hder of",. WTM is ~ a rNPf(;I(u/ ~ of the JeedenIh/p u.t SJTHAMPARANANTHAN, IhIt WTM ptHident, htu fMIdtt 1M W1\f.

231. Undilf a h)'pWIink. dllted ()c;toHr ln4l, .2(11)4, photograpne of • ~ held at .'80

\1M Home Avenue. MontrHI. weAl poeted an the InterMt WIIbIite

Yl'JDl.1I&!:!il1'UlhID.com. Among the pictu ... .-n. tha ~ of the CtM-4H- Nelgn . and ~-de-Gttce borough, .... yor APPLEa/I,UM ... (ll)etnl1Id wtl_ he \fin .ttendiog the ceremony. WTM membeB .~ ~teI app88I'8d on 1!IOI'T1. of tnose plcturM. nat.bly~






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Page: 81

,. and 9Al.ENOAA.

Thl.- l,.fohlHltNn _ ~ ..... rrwn {I1f'. rtMII!!L·. r.pun .... AIKfl 1Ii'-, ZOOO, (0.1' CpboID ••

232. WIt..Jet.pe(lt to SIVARAMAN's. PlWtidpatlon In ". unwing of It'.- monument.

SIVAAAMAN can be Hen (In teWfaI plcturQ bOtl1lnaide the WTM and o~. dIKing n. flag r-.g cammonieI.

1bIa lntomIdIon wa obtlIlMd frOfn 8gt. HAIIEL'. 1"" .. 1IottIw ~ Uted ~btt , ... , 1007 (1".2): Mid I'ronI phatognpt. Dbtalned fJonI tftIo ...... ...... ...,IMQID- (photo 8)

233. Furt.nn~, not only hu SFVARAW.H participated in thi8 ceremony, hti wa' .Iso .... ~I part in building "'t .... monu~. Durin; •• ut'IeIIIance operation on June 1S", 2004, membln of the RCMP Sp8Ci~ 0 surveil8nce team ot.rved SNARAMAN and two other unldenlifled maIaa attend. Heme o.pot IlOI'8 on St-Attolnll in Montre.t wt.. they rent«! • gtment mixer and purehaM<t tome cem8fIt gkI.. SIVARAMAN dIS I'MIrI Hen wortQng on tilt monUfMl'lt In; front 01'4160-4182 Van HOme. ThiI.1M .. me monument thIt bears U. Mmt World Tamil Movement and ~ t.tm.a nag "._,

on. of whicft II .. L TIE: "10. .

Tttia I.nfonnIIDo,; - obttIrwd hm • ..,rv .... 11CI NJKIf\ bJ ~ FtIInfOl. I.EB!l datIId June f.-, 201M ('.1) •• rid from 8gt. HAMEL'. I~ report d*d o.e.m .. , .. , 2001. (13U)

:il34. On Febru*Y 2f3I11, 2008, Cpl. BOUDREAU .tId c.t. MANCINI ~ Mayor APPLEBAUM In regards to ~nts wtIld'1 h4l Pwticlpated in at: the W'1'M. The lri'I!IIfYiew took .. Cleo tt tlMl Mayor's 0Ifiat 10cated at 151«1 ~ BouImIrd, unll 710, MOot,..\' Mayor APPLEeAUM conrtrmed attending tcmt II tht .-vents preparwd by the WTM. he allG h8d dl1'\'4wont WTM doOUm8llt8 requeWlg hit pattic:iprion to difMAtflt adWitiH Of financial _1tltIcI. Ma~or APPLEBAUM provided 1he RCMP membfl with th. dIxunenIa.

fbi. I ......... on WU ol*lned from Cd. IIANCINI'. rtpon. ... 1iICI ,nru.y ,.-, 2001. (71)

235. The WTM MI • ~n ctIod canacbn TttnlI Cong ..... (CTC) and ill led by BALeNORA. Thia orglltllution of the WTM was regItbnd with the Q....-c Enterpri .. Reomr.r on Dooamber 28ft, 2001, .. en auoclatiDn. Th6.ck:hM: given ... 3810 Ra(:neI Eat. StnMt, Monn.1. Tt1t • .-octlltlon Oed.red Itt ptmtry actMties •• follow:

"Diplam.tie "'" of T.-nll paopIe Co IO<:aI & int.maUonal9~ & OI'g."iZlitkln to utItt ~ T.mII CIOIIYI'II.Inity In ttMrir lIOCUI, ol;lOnomiC • <:UII\Ir. ~ .• An.r "!log to wbMlllllannu.l ~ to the ~mmeot, the CTC WJI struck Off the CIDREQ U" :III. an usoc:idotl lin _ ef', 2005. On Aprt125", 2008, the OfIjI.nIzatIon .~ to IWQ8In KI .tIItI.4 .. an aeoc:iftion wtVch ... gtanted ".in on Juno 1 '. 2006, BALENDRA Is IlItad .. u.. presldenll ..... niltr8lOr for thIt ~C)n.

Thl. Information wa. 0"'. from • CIDREQ ........ oatIon done on M.ch 3d", JODI. (31.1'.

Leas tlr.,. two "'"'" after tlHl LTTf MS Hstod.8 .letr'cIrlet group, the eTC appIitId to

~h.ratua""~j ••••• 1

THVRA/RA. TNA"..:' tI'IifJtrm I:t

236. BAl.ENDRA and .nother rn.ember ~ the WTM ~ipated in I ,..... confettne. on Page 82. of 183

Page: 82

11pri128", 2006, 19 defend pubIIdy the WN foIowjro the RCMP MItd"I .. of thU ofIia.Io& in Montreal. 9IIe kIormn.d lW'IiII" ill. being from tne eTC orQUMle(:. Tt.y cllliIMd thai. the WTM 00. not suppo!1 dtredly or Indlntdty the L. TTE. BA1..ENDRA _IN confilTT'led tllat Ihey '\JPPCIft non-gcwemmental organlzatiorw such • the Tamil RehIibIlbtiOn OIgIInWlllon (TRO) _nil the SociIiI .nd Econom~ Development Org."iHticn fOr nrnils. No 1n¥iOl*)I manlioned In It'll' AIIld.vIt. on November 15". 2007. the U.S. o.,;..rtn\fll"ll of U. T~ry """'nated the TAO a8 II prolCribed enUty under the elCflCUtlve order '3224 blocking pI'Operty ..-.d prohibiting trtrI$9CtIooI • ~t.otla who commit. t ..... t.n to comrnil, or support tItf'fOrIlm.

".... Infonnadotl wall CIIIfa.... from • ............. article obtatMd an ....... ~Dl* IIIIId "We don't gM moaey to tht TIp ... , T.mII tOftllnUllMy ....,. say" fn:Jm ,.... ~t wrftt1tn by Jeff HEINRICH .nd d-.d

Aprtl , 2001 (12.4); and ~ of 1he TP8a&Ury cd the Utdted

Ita obM.AOX. ( •. 4, II .• ~

237. On AIri 1~. 2000. during tt. MInlh d 4162 v.,.. Home A~, ~I, '" In<:Om.

IllatMlenl: d 1M New V .. r a.a. Din,. of Mty 1*'-, 20De. WIll 1oc:*Id. '0111 feP011 II prlnlad with the ~ of hi C$nadiillll Tamil CoJJurGd (Quebec). The repor1lill* the reveoo_. tne expentel and profttl for the Gil. Dinner. The document .tltIt.i that tM Dinner tooK pIaoe .t the DIIY'Im. The net IntXM'I'Ie Identified. "68.17.

Thll, information ....... Inad fran .,. rwvIew of. cIcIcum.nt .. Iaed at "&2 Ven HotPl Avenu., MonIrMt. t12t.J)

'/ ~tlHtt the ftNlt",. trn.lnmmf.~ W8S IocfItIrJ in Ihf IlCaJUrtting books of the wn.f ~ ttr.t Me WTM controIa the ooanc:v8 01 tfJe eTC. , be/IIrIe ltIe eTC to bf. ~allon 01 the WTM.

238. On o.c.mber 1-, 20117, rMI'rIt:IfII'a from INSET ~"'d ..rw:lliance dwing lhe u.rtyr'1 Dav oeletntion at the "Centre d'6ducation deli aduIIH Outremcnt". located lit 500 DoHard sn.t. Monueal. In attendance '11_ the COnteMltlV. candidate for the Quetec riding fA Lap-airiel8ro.ard, Mr. BROSSARD. N. the ....nt. Mr. BROSSARD g8ve • ..,...::t1 to the Tamil coml1'lU~ who attandecllhe MII'tyr'. Day c::eletntion. A video 0# PRA.ElHA.KARAN Qiving • _peed! w .. aIao .tiOWn during the featiylty. 1<1.0 pr...nt It thia event WIfe:



Thill. I~ WM obtalntd from C.t. 1lANC1N1'. InY8dlpttv. "'POfl, dIIe.d o.c.mbet~. 2007. (14.)

239. On Seplember 3j1jj. 2008. rtlembei1. d INSeT axecutlld * SeIfCh w.rr.tt .. 4160 and 4102 v.n Home A.venue. MontrNI • .nd .... an eiedn pubIcI¢y board feM' PIeIM BOURQUE.

Ttl. InfrInrldon ~ troIn • rtw" by C~. DUBREUIL of ,lI:hllllt 2OD .. 11 , Item vn. (Photo .)

Piemt Efoun1ue was the mayord Montreal. Quebec from 1iH to 2001, He att.mp{fKJ fQ fH'ftM prrwitrcifI poIIb In 2003 but 11',.$ de_led. He ,.tumed to IthJr'IiCipaI poIificrl, t1ut lost for • Hc::onc/ time to /ncUiJ'lbe()f..mlyot" G6ru/d Trembley M NovembfH' fII'. 2005.

10.1.13 Pullltc.aGII 0 .....

PlOt 83 <1113

Page: 83

240. The L. TTE ~ Mlanutl dlc:Wtea the following guldell.-- in I'eO*rtll tMth the

PubIic:.tIQn DMaIon:

"In ...ch oouOOy, within the atructure d tne btMdl, crute • Publatlon Divitlon lind ~h lhiI civilian pubtllt1 tt. publiollllo",';

aor thIIt .pegic ClOIJnlry" Publir;:.MiQn. with regard to our freedOm 1ltUgg1i. till. Publatldn DMIion mUtt keep • filii oflWCOl'd";

"MaIIUIn • corUct. wIIft the potJIication unit In France and recetve the ~ c:opIaI 01 pubJIcdon., by making the pa)'II'IfInt$ imlMdlllt.~ or In IiIIMncI for thoee pubIoatiorw. ProVldt t.. tit*"" _ and IUPPQft to the centrli pub6Ic;don unit to f...-attlOn·;

'~" .f1d putnith "- Mnd bill and poI1era for the evetIb. N wHl UN ,.e. throI.Ch tht br.tnche. til that IpecItIc country".

Thla Infonnadon ... obtained from U. LTrE Opar1dorw .fM.III~ MCtIon 1-3, MtDd • nil Pt.ax Boulevard, untt 1. Montreat AprIl 1". 20M. C32)

241. On Apf'1f 11", 2OCII:', inveIItig~ .-iz8d nur'lltiO&i. ~ from III recycling cemtt at (192~ ene-min C6te-des-Ne_, ~I, including:

)0 41 IIl\fOkM from the WTM wl1lch have the foIkMirIg ~ an them: 'WTM Vanbm', the adchIu "l9 Countino [)five ~h, OrUrio. TheIle ImtoIc:et .. ~ out 10 local Montreal bualn.aa which t.ve bot.I(;lt -' aJ*e in lfIe diredory. The foIoIMng if ,Ito \WMlen at Iha boIlom of each inYoic.; "PIe ... m.kt _~ ~It to WT'M";

Thl. InfomIdon WIt obUIintd fmIn 1M ...... "Ult Neyelklg bin on April 11", 2001. ,,1.1)

The ~ 39 Co.wltMIo Drivt Scamomugh, 0IJMrl0 ill ",e adClmS for the TornnID INTM,

TIQ InIonndOil .. obttl"ld from Me, BlRNARD'. report. daIad Now ..... "', 2801. (72)

V*lft:llcam atII ~ lHJBirlHI ~ dIr:wCtOI'Ie:i (~ to yalJow pages)

dest#ned for the TamI community.

". 23 IrwoiceI fram &EeIIrn&IrMu Publication and Printera' Joead' at 2380 Eglinton A....nu. e.., unI1 ~ Toronto, 0rUrI0. Tr..,. 1I'WQigI. are .110 In reference to "'1rQnI~"",1;M,I.ne-;

,..,.. IIIfonMIIoft ... obtalMd from the ..azur. at the reoyollnl bin .... AprJ 11",2001. (71,11

:. One poNI WJlyblll from F ...... a,. Th. ftP8dIter on 1M waybill It 'Irnptlmeril!l" loctIed fit 3 Bit rue <Iu Pont ~ .. , Uont Soul. Franca.llIe ~ paroM IInI* to thl M)lbIII .. addNlHd to WTM .t ~ 100 V., Hom. Ami ..... MontrHI. T1la daCItpIIon of !he poeteI paroal $lys tl'l8t it ~n. 50 megazJnet _1ghIng 6 IdIOt, ",. dltt It harecJwrllbln 118 bImg '.o4l5ID5".

p. 84 at 1B3

Page: 84

~ a.rm.tion ... obUhIM from .... m_.tt.. ~I!'''''' ..... _ .&_11 11 • JOOe. (71.2)

The L TTE ~. Manual $I" to; "iAainlaln II aonteot wIh the pubHcalioo unit in FtMOe", I b6Iitwe that lI1e WTAI foIIow8 the I1UideIInN of the L rrE, alrtctI • pt»IaI w.t;'biV ItrJm II puOIIaBtlofl ~y In F~ _, Iocalfld in th8 iIBms ~ fttIm Ihf NC'jCIing bin,

In ettkMion, it Ja ~ to note Utst the membam at tfHt WTJ.f got rid of tlHJ$tt . ffems -'fff'the LITE was 1I'Ited •• a tetJ'OMt group on AptN t'-t, 2OC1e.

242. On April 12"', 20060 I'I'MWnber1 d INSET eHClJled 8 8u'ch Warrant M .160 and 4162 VI/fl Home Avtl'lUe, ManbUl~ .ncI MIad me foIowing Ilems:

)0 A coPY of • fax d .. Fe~ 2(f', 2005, fnIm thII Tonne WTM -' 38 COaen1ino, Scaltlol'l)OQh. Ot'11arlo. The copy of lht 18x is .n invololt for 600 ·,.c. boak" for • total of S1077· .... tI;

Thit InMmatIon comet hm 1M fped InYOiee MIIed .t 4112 Vln HotnI, .omr-t. ..... 2001-12, .... 81, 22121. ~7S.2)

). u..1\n promollng PRA.8tWtARAN:

TNa InfOnNhn com. frCIm U. mq at ... WTM .t 4110 Van

H ..... MontrMI. Pollet uhlblt2lJOl.1t tIIm (7 •• 1t

,. utwat ..... tltied 'PRA8HAJ<ARAN, A 1eadfM' ror all ... aon,". The cq;ur of thl! booob com.in. ptIoto. of PRABHAKARAN and L T'Te .aldlet'&:

'1'1* ~n ~ tram aw ~ ....... at .... W'f1I ~ .. 110 V.,. Harn. lion ...... Police .. titbit 2001-1'1 n.m 12. (78.i)Cphoto )7)

» A '-vIl amount tI VH3, CD'. 8nd OVO' .. lttat promote the L TT!. and have the ~ of PRAeHAKARAN on them.

TIl .. Inronn.tIon CGIMI ffont 1M Ittmt Mirotd at tM wr .. tt 41to Vln ..... MoMtuI: •• hlblt",11""" 3 {phota lOt;'_ 2 (photo 301);.nod 1- 21 (phato Ul.

243. On hptemw~, :1008, ~.oIINSET QeCIJbId a SHrch WatNnt at 4180 and 4162 Van Home Avenue,~. Invtottlg .... eeIzed eight full bolH of Vanikwn tau.i ...... dIrtc:toriIM.. ~ tilt dAocton-o .". fnd on adjaotnt ".. a picture of tNt L TT! _ whit OIl the 0pp0IIIe pqe II • pICI\.n of the C.n-*n ftIg.

"... Wonndon GGIIIM from • ..tnt bJ Cpt. DUUEUL and RJbMqIMNd ~of""blt2OOl41,-..nJ14S. ,Photo")

1 •. 2 fun~ng

2441. . The L TTE aperadonl ~nuat dIdMea ttte toIkMiOil .. a goal at the actlvitin for foreign ~:

'Raise nec...,. fundi for the Mbendlan llruggle. •

Page: 85

Page: 86

.. ' , __ _-_._____...,...._._--_---...,... _ ,_ ..

Thit ~ .. otIgIned ".... the LTT~ o,.r.Uun. "DUal. "lad • 17. P5t IX 8cdwlird, unit 1. CU)

245_ The l TTe Opetalfont Manual diclalel tht following guideline. it'I r-oards to Fulldtlltng


°tJlakf all IW:8IIlty ... tg r.oelve monthly r~ donatlotl$ *'om ._ one d the T..,... 01 floH who .. IviI'lO In f$WfY ~. n.e dOMtIor. m.y bt MCetved Ult'OuQrI tIWIb or In penon .•

"The mOlllhly finMtIoIl eoIIectioflt will bit Ml<St through the ~ PI"*CMtI, ~ pnonntJ fQI finatIce, /lIgiofll1 lM:hQt pM8OI'IMi Mld througt1 Ihe In-charge pe~ of lie ~ ~ ..

• , monthly ~cI.1 coIIKtion S)t'OOMdI correctly, a Iatg. fundraisklg . campaign WI be abandoned. However, under .. lpecial fundrRlaing ~n, the following may IMfI pIace-:

I) .By c:hlIrgiog Ii fee 10 .,lertliIIn tr.. pubHc thrOugh mwic, dance.

drw11ll and fPOI1S evenlI to hfJp fundI...

&/) "Sw ~ 1ht in~1 1bIIonI. NbtrMion IlIIltIe .xhibiIi~, and Tamil' MOiant hI8ttJry elChibitiorw wiU WIlke up the _Ie .nit • will be- ....... to rIiu fundi.·

III) "By PUbllthlnu !he dIlIghled rwding for people in miAOf' pub!lcnooa. of liberation battles. hIstQrieI of Tamils, and on I~I MadIng5 'will wUt up ItlIiI public and it will be &tiler 10

ralae fundl" .

~. wIwn thtrt It • IpeciaI fundrllMtg ~ ~ng to .. necad:y kI procHd wIIh Che f\I'DMI~. the pemJnII. in charge

for finance mutt _ ~ from the aUldll8ry ~iatiorIt. •

ThIa infomatiGn ... ota!ned fnIm the Lm 0.-" ...... RCUon l; ...... 7720 ,..IX lIOultvtnl. Unit 1,IIonnII Ap1t11'-', ZOOIi. (32)

The trbmp fJarIfIf wilt ~ that ltIrougII • number 01 /ut'l(;tIIBing ",.tIIOth thI WTM ~ me S800fld trHIln oIJjttIc'tNt gf ",. L TTE OpentUomi ikrUaI which (s to f8;_ funds; from thQ p;JbHc, the tnt otl8 b8Ing Propaganda .tId Mtdi8. " 8IMn it'! $Ubsection fO.1.

10.2.1 .... AccounIt. Of .. WT1I1

D» WTMJI2: ~ If338.OfI28589 tI@YnllQ"9htto lit forftlttd)

246, 11w WT'M has an aotNe ClQIM'IfIC'daI blink telXlUnt M33&009Zl1M9 held al the TO Canada Trwt a.nJt loCated at 8200 Decarie Boulevard. Uontrelli. ThiI if the primary bank .~rrt Q( the WTM which wMI opened on _ :M., ,994. N. that time, lilt WTM .dmlnilhtClnl ..,.. t'" ~,,;




)- T~ANTOH~.

",. WTM TO bw. IICCOUr'lt 4N336-<1t28569 rfquH'ed two ~ 10 m_ a tranaa"lQn. ~ co-signefa nMled by ~ WTM were MANICKAM and AMUTHAKUMAR.

".._ infomwIoq otNI ..... tmm 1M "'nldng recorD of .... W11I _tel .t U.

TO C.nadI Tru'" Ii.nt to IMtdI W.".ntftOO.2t..OJ:z,GO-OQ. ,.U',

2047. On May 4111, 1M, lie WTM IUtItIc:fIbed ttl an EIIetfonki Fund. TranMel' Debil 8efYice ("EFT") win ltI. TO Can.::!_ Tf\,I-t Bank. TIl. MNice !sllln eIedrOnlc coIIedlon IpWn pruvldld by ill. Cenadian ehaltel'$d *k.. The EFT urvIoIt Pl""i(t the WfM to collect pre-1IUthOIizeq ~~ fnIm the ~ of at'tf Indi'olidu.l or com~lny at its financial lnetituUon In C.nadII, The WTM delignated· MANICKAM to tie their ~minlstrttor fQ( ttle EFTMfVIce.

'I"hJt ~ ... obtained 1mm tN blinking .. Gord. 1Jf .... W11II hMd at the TD C.".. TIWt puNU.nt 10 ,"reh WI.,.."t fIIOO.H-03210G-.4" (H.S'

24ft On SfJitembet .,-., 2004, the WTM 8dviMd the TO c.n.da TNtot S.M of • d'Ia~. wltn on. of Its admlniat,.". ~ siQnina authoritY on tht WTY TO bImk ltCCQunl "'~360 ~, Tht WTM advi.-d llle blnk III writing thllt Ttuairv,iah AMUTHAKl.iM.AR WIIS rapl:llf*d by ~UNANANTHASWAMV 1& ~ .... of the WTM TO bank .o.»unt ,.,336-0828589 '* thf, TO 0 ... TIWl Bank. An account IlgnIno IIdhOrity enquiry done on NOvember 15", ZI)04, 5howa hit KAAIJNANANTHASWAMY and MANICKAM are the two ~ IIgnMa,

TbIa ~ ".. obtai_' fIonI blinking rwconM of ..... wr • ...., at 11M

TO c.naaa Trutt purSlIlRt to IeardI. W nt 1IOC).2I-0327G0043. e8l.1) (1L2)

2 .. 9. 00 Ho>Jernbt( 1 SI1, 2005, the WTM acMted the TO Canada T 1'1,l_ BlInk d • CilWlge witn one (Jf ita Mlmi1'listratora hlving: ligning tulhorlty on the WrM TO .. ~nt 14336· 0928569. The WTM IdYidd ttw bl.nk in dng that KARtlNANANTHASWAMV wall ~ by SITHAMPARATHAN .. co-sigl1lil' of tn. WTW 10 bttIk Il;Q)unt 14!315· ot2P59 .t "'- TO c.nada Trutt Bank,

ThiI II'IforIuIon wa obtalMCl from .... UnIdn, ..... of Uw W11I Mid at the 1'1) Canada TtlAtt P.rwant to Production 0rtMr tloo.2106U2Q.071. (10$.1)

250, Ita of Match 1"".2008. the bIlat'q In ttwt W'T'M TO bank .ocount 14338-0928580 i$ $4,33(1,D2.

Tha. InIDmIdcIn wu obt.IIned fr(Jfn 1M documeta obtaI_ fnIm the TO CInIda Tn.t, _ .. reb 1"-, 1008. .KhIIaIl 2OOHI. «,1.3)

251. Of! AprlI1111, 2008. the TO baok account WM teStntined pullUafi to crow IOES-Q·oa _..ad on April 10111, 20011, by • FedIIt'aI Court Judge, the HcMlaurabtt Mr. JUltita Fr~ LtImieux. Since that day, !here tQI. been no IctMty in the accoII'It.

TNe 1nfonNdIon ... obtafned tum ....,.Int <Wet 1IDES-8-OI1 .. CMd at' AprIl 10",

ZOII. (D. is) .

Page: 87

Tht l.t!prt!tn .... 1jCQUDI "&2554-01

252. On o.tober sa. 2004. the W'TM apIMd a COIrtI1'IIf'd8, ac::c:oum number M92~3.01 held at br'and1 '1\105-4 of the L.a~ B.nk of C.nada IOC8tl1d at 4790 Van H(1ht8 Avenue. Mont,..., fTh. utnntir.n bank IlX(IUnt 1M9Z5N-O,'1. A S25 administtatlon tee waa PllkI to tI'MI ... urentiarl Bank by ttl. WTM to Open the actount.. The 1,.a1,Al'ltl., bIiIInk .c;wurt ~925~3-01 acttvltia ltarted on October 13". 2004. with 8 $6,000 ~, lbls •• ~ t.lk fCCOUI'lt for till WTM.

n .. I~ wu obtained fram a receipt crt the l.I:I.I,..,... BlInk of c.1QId.a ..,_, 1tI .... 2 Y.., ..... ne ."' ....... IIonttMI, .ahlbll2OH-12,. 111m 01. 4121 (111.4): from .n account __ of 1M ~n &erik of ea •• , ddld from October

13111, 1OCI4, eo OctoHr Ii". 2ID04, MImd .t .'Q V ... HOmt Aven"". lIaMrn~ uhlba 2OD$-1l,1t.m I (87.1,; Ind from a LaulWftUln a..\k ~It book..ad .. 41.2 V.., Home on a.,IiNn .... 3~, 2001; uNOfl2OBlo1',1etm FIOI (pItoto 44,.

253. On a W1'M 1'inanoilll'fJpl)l't, KARUNANANTHASWAMY Is .,.1'I'MId _1M P'f'On who paicl h $25 admlnllDliDn fee tD epen an l,col.mtlt thll.aurel'!tlan a.rw: of Canada.

Thlt InfonUUoi'I .. , obWned from a WTM fln.ncl .. f1IPOrt .. Iud oil .182 Vln Home A".lit, lIomr..L (11U)

254. During tnt MafCh of the WTM omen til 4180 n 4162 v.n Home A..." .... Mont_I. on April 1211. ZOOO, the ln~ oeIz:ed the monthI)I ef*lJmenls for tn. L.anntlIn btnIC accoul"ll. 1&4'215S-3-01 Thill documfJtb. .:owr the Ww1I8Ctiofll dOI'I8 on the .l:C:OUnl ~ (JrQIGber 13". 2004. to NcMmber YI'. ~"

Thl. IntamudJon ... oI*Ined from .,.. ~ _1iIfMoMt t the I.aurWItIIn IIiInk of C .... d.-d from October 13"", 20M, to Ncwanbw 30 , aoos, ..... at 4112 Van HDmIAvenue. MonhII (IT.1)

~~. ~ review of the month!) -.nentl for u.. LMirentian t.nk ICCQUnI: ,",9255-3-01 held by the WTM was dOM by 'sabelle GOUROEAU, CA. CfA. FortMic Audit and AecountitG RepnlHtdaWa wIIh !tie Public WrwkI. and GOWJn'IIhent serviceI C.r.d. ("Ma. GOURDEAU"). For Ille pefkId gf October 13"M. 200J. to November 30~, 2005. III toW of S20.050 'MI' ~ In ~ l.urentI.-s ,*,k ~1.IIt 1IG265-3-01 11'1 tllrte HI*Qi CMh t~: $5.000 00 0t;;I:0t. 11'". 2OD4; $50 I;Ii'I October 21·,2004; .., $15,000 01'1 Ap!l1r". 2005. The ~UH iNuad from the Laurena." ~ accoul'll ~9001 and the C8Ih wilMrJwala AlP*'nt a total of S1 1.689 for thlt lim. Wiod. From thlt. .rnount, fi.!IOO .. _ to SNARAMAN • rtonC and r:Icy tD e~.

Tit .. InfonMtIon wu ObtlliMd from .... GOUROEAU ••• r.lerflid to II' her ~rt ... Jlnu.rr z:t"I. D07. (tt)

... pftJ' ".,. eccounIIrI(J 19pOrl,. thffflt w" no PIYHIuthorized plI~1lI ~ into the l.$JNntlen BaM aecoontt49251-3-01.

tQ.z.z wr. landel ~ doG .......

258. In tht LTTE ~ Manu •• ~ dI~ ar. ~ egnceming the actMIl WhO It. dalgn'*' n the '**'" In chltVt ~ nnanc.. The L TTE con.,.,. the fundrailiro by tIM toragn brardwt 8$ one 01 II-. ITIOIt jrnpQf1ant talk:


Page: 88

"Conlidet t.t h ~ i ...... '"<oIIt .Ijff~ to> -. _ '1'" ...... _ .. , battle and JIfOQMd caraequently·, ·Ollle camuI c:DMidentdon for the .Ignnc.n(:li value of ftn..nee, Mek fI)r v.lou. opportunities for rUf1d I'8IIIotIO .rid l~ Imp6lment them·,

Therefore, It recom...,.nda that \he position rI .... person ~ fof lhe financea IhouId be occupied by 1M time 1nIII1lbtr, The L TTE Operations ... nut! 'ISO IttIpIMte$ th.t the n'lonUlIy ~. .nd .... nditur. etIItemenm muat be fotwa~ to *he IMtmaUonaI Se~M before tht toll ~y of the fgilOwing montI'"

11IIa infomtdon wu obtalntd ffOI'tI pao. l' of tM UTE ape .. Uon.I .,.,. ... , HIud .a 7720 '111 IX aou....,ard. unit t, 1Ionn.~ on April 13"'. ate. 132)

I believe 'hill the 8~ T8IfI' felam bMttt 1& In ~ to the figlrt berwftn tile Sti Lankan gowmment and thf L TTE In Sti LaMa

2!7. A. number of InOfIthIy hlda! reportl ClMq I period frOm May 2004 to J",uery 2006 __ teized from the oIb rA U. WTM ~ .. 182 V.n Home A~., MontrNl, on April 12",2008, TheM monf1IV fl,.,gll reports W8~ ~ by tht pnon In dlarge' gf finance. n..".1y MURAlI. Etch rapon ~.,. tM e~ lind !'tile"'" of U. WTM. All ... ~ ...,. contllined In • cardboard bO,I( 1oCa*' In tM oh of the MM. Thea ckICurrMmtI a .. 8'.1tIdivlded into 21 oroupa hMd In duo teng binders Of into pas held bV rlbbollS, FI'QI'Yl lileM 28 group. of docul1'lertl, a totel or XI W8fW found to be fin&l'ltl:al rtI)OI'ta of tM WTM and/or &~ d~ ror II tpecIftc month period. TheM financl" reportt detail the IOOnthIy revenue. .I'd e"'_' far !he WTht It II pruRed in • 8lmple .~ fornIat W'lth TIft oolumns identlMd •• rotlowt:

No. (Ln.y o.tah/lncorT18l E.pencIIIlnI NotM_

The following II, • lilt gf t(lm8 of 1he documents found WHhIfl the alIoYe deSCtbd grot.Jp& d doi)menta IdIntIf1ad ., ftnancr.l ttalament:

Oocu'"-nt oontanng 31 WTM Tlmll &11m eon.tnJction ftn:I c::ettIfIcItet, or pIedgf;

Docun'MIfIC tiled: "Siv.kum., Publication OMtion-, It c:one.-o the ooeument tllltd "The WorbhOP for !he For8lgn AcIMstA":

Documenl: titlltd: "MURALI Millon I'8lpofWibif Fintlm:. 0IviIicIn QI.Wbec t:IJMCh. Mr, ADHI Coord"'-tOr. CanacHI SnlrdI, f~1 ~ for the month of Decambef :2004": (100.1,

Dot:wneot tilled: "MURALI ~ raapo .... , Finance OMIion QuebeCI brlnCh, to U. J)e1'lOn 1'8IpOmIIbIe, tIn~ ltaIem(InI: for the munth of NovtrnbIr 2004·; ('11"1,

Oocurntwlt tl6iKt: "MURAU J*tOn rnpondlle, FI~ DMlIon OW_ branch, to tt. pel'aon r.-pon.ible, tInanc'-' _~ fOr the

month of adobe!" 2004·; (n.71

[)()(:ument UItod: ·~RALI !)eftCn 1ftPOOdIIe, F111111lCe Divitlon Quebec bfaneh, to the ptrlOfl tMpOn~, f~ etarem.'Jt tor the

month r:J. s.ptemt. 2004·; C14.1)

> Inr28:
)- 12128:
~ 13128:
). ..n8:
> t5128:
>- tel28: p.,_ 81i1 of 183

Page: 89

)0 '7128; Docurnn titled; ·MURALl ~n rnponllbll. FIIWICe ~~n
QUfI*C. RMnue and exp.ne.. ~ far the month of August
2004"; (113.1)
) tl8l'28; Oooumeratiorl In rel8lion to the T Iml language 4;OIllpItIt/on at
Augutt2004;l112.1, '
,. t8128; Ooalfntnl titled: "MURAU I*8On rttponlible, Finance DlviIIon
Qu.a.c, ~. Ind E.MeI ~rnent fot the month d July
2004"; (41. it
)- '10128; Document tided: ·MURAI.I peB()Il respon .... , Finance OM&ion
Quebte, Revenue If'Id Ellptnta ttattrn.nt for ~ month of Jun.
) '11128: Docum.nt tiled: 'Flnanclal ... ment tor u. monIh of MIY,
atg.niza!ion: WaM T.mll MOIIerntrJt d MontrMlI, T.IepI1Qrnt!
(014)983.18«, PMon r~: Gobu, P«Ioct. May :Z004~:
» '12128: 00cumenIati0n in ... latIon to don.., gf trw taunaml_ fund 2004;
);> '13126: Docunent tltlld: "Flnancll' Nternlnt for ttle month of November
~w; (11)2,1'
)- '1.u:i!8: Oocument mt.d: 'Six monthI financial repom from h month at May
to Odobtt 200s'; (1Ot.1»
I bf6Ive th.t thhI ~ MY Pf'I/IfWd to COWIr. * monm. peritXI,.
no ~ rwpcm WM done for ftItl P«iOd.
) fF16128: ThiI group d doamtrD .In • duo ~ 1:*1_ with tM handwritterl
I~n '$ep-2005" find conbIillf !he IUpI:IOrting f"'~ 'IIOl.lCtwn
for th. financial ,talement for the monl.t'l Qf s.~r 200s;
)0 '18J28: Th. Qi'OOp d docunwD " in I duo 18"1:1 blnder wilt! the handwrttt.n
~on 'Auguat 2005" and contains tht IUppOrtIng mana ..
voud'Iert f(W the flnanch:ll .~ent for the month 01 A.ugust 200~;
» .17128: ,... ~ of documenta hi In I duo tang bInt:I..- with ~ ~tibn
1nW;riptio., • J~ - 2005" atICI contalna !hI SUDj)Oftfng financlel
voucht .... for .. firwtd.I ~ far the month gf JIIV 200!:
>- '18128: Ttlis GI1lUP of dooumenla Is in • duo bing binder wfth the hanawrftten
lnecriptian • .kIn- - 200$~ ( I bIJJitwe Ihia Ia • !)pO mhIt. lila If $houIcI
bit ~ ..-.d COI'Ilai... the tupportil1(l fll1anci11 vc;KK:h.", for IIw
~ ttaterMnt forttw month 01 JI,N 2005; Ctil.tt
PattiO d183 Page: 90

,. .1trlB: Thill gmup of ~ ;. In • duo t-., blfIdoor wi81 _ '- __ ..

InICttptIon "May - 2OOS" .. Ad cont.irll hi ~1l.II ~I vouotwa fQf the fInendaI ~ fur the month ol MJy :zOOS:

)0 12Qr28: ~ tilled: "MUAAI.I, P.-on retpCII'1li~. Finance DMIlon Qutboe branch Mr. of.!H1 Ctna4a brandl. fi~ rprt for the Monti'! fit Aprtr. This rtPOlt .nd ibI.uppolting documenb went found il'l • duo tq binder m.nttd Ap1t12005:

)0 121128: Document 1iItd; "MURAU. PeRon rftpaMible. FlnllQ Division Quebec bf1nCtl Mr. ATHI. CoQKIinator. Canadll brtnCh,flnancial report f(rl' the monItl d .. ..m.. Thll report .m III ~ docun'Ienta were found In • duo tang bind. InIlfked tMrch - 2005: 4131.1)

).. 122128; OocJment tilled; "MlJRAll. p...", IWspunaibie. FiRlrQ OMsion Quebec- brandl, Mr. ATHI Coordlnator.clfladll bf .... cn. ~.I report for Ih. monlh of F.bfuary". Thla report .,-.d Its It4)pOrtire doc~ were found in • dUO "fig binder INIIkfd February - ZOO5: (73."~

,. 12J126; Document titled; "MURALI, Person ~. FinlInQII O~ QI,Iebec bnInd1, Mr. ATHI CoordI!WOt.~ tnnch. fln8ncj11 toport tor thO IlKIMh or JIIflUIIIY". Thlfl report and Itw $IpfIortIllJ documeru wMl'e found in II duO tana tlIndIr m8ftced January - 200S:

,. f2.4128: Thil group fA doQumIntI oonlIIint • handwritten varsion of the flnlncl81 report for "'y 10 Octobw 2004 WId the typed ... 00 of the monthl~ ftrnInciai nIjXIft for tn. montha 01 MIlly 2QOtl m .MnUMy 2000. TheM \o'ItI1IonI do not tIM flelr relq!leC1lvt 1I,4)pO~ fInInelll ~:

» t25128: DocI.lrrMnIaIIo In reliJIkm to the The' Tnl EeIam E~ Development CirplID1lon rTESOOR") conhct.. whictt will be expI.JlntcI in ~r.ph 10.2.6; CII.1)

» #26/28: ~ .prt8d1hMl eonctrnlng 1M P~~Bd Ptyn'Ient Plan. which wilt be ~ kI par-ar.ph 10.2.S:

,. 11271'13: Flnandail dO(Ul'llWllation Ineludlng wire tnnsfer foma W"1ic1'1 wi. bfI

explained In ~ 11; C31.1)

"" #28128: [)(K)umOOt{dion in ~atioo to the funeral of. MOntreal Tamil resIdAnt.

Th~ In~n ned from Cpl. IOUDReAU'. Invdtlgalve nopDf\ cia ..

... roh ao-. 2008 •• nd Mm.-y NYiw' gf u.. ukI ~ ... (80)

r ~ that MURAU 1$ Muralee ~ THURAIRATNAAI.

Only ",.. blnd8m used UI $J,J(JpOItIng Hhibft lit 11111 Amdlvif haw been identified Mlh • ~.


Page: 91

2S8. n. finIt monthly financial '-PM of ..,. WTM .. ~ M .. ,. 20004. ".~ IQ ~ d ... nr.t ~ • no opening bellno. 18 reported. It Is not kncMn wh_ n.portfng fon'nat 1M W'I'M WH uaing pdor to Wy 201)t1, ~ fNnd.1 raporta of the WfM were "'wed by MI. GOUROEAU whid1llW _ClUt .1 monIhly cash "ow ....-ntnts.

Thlt Intorm.don Waf ..... nld ttom MCCkIn • and .pl*I'IIl. 1 of .... GQURDEAU'.

~ daWd Januuy 3"·,'" (a)

259. Alto Io<*fd with thew .. 111, went 'ftwK:I11 A.eoeillabil FonnaW and "PayMtnt of Anance Fcnn.". BOth of u.e.. ~ng YOUCheIli have the WfM heading with Its addMU and phOntt numbat for their GfIioe at 4180 Van Homo Awn ..... , MonI ..... The "Fil'ltnClal l\eoeilJabie Form" hM been UMd to f'8()(lt'd call Inflow tram bl various m.th;lda of ~ snd from its .... lHq.ar1ilations. TI'I8 ·P.vtnent of FInance FQrm" h .. bMl'I UI9d to reootd any cash oudIow talated to the operation of the WTM.

Th.. infofmad$1 obafned from .ectton • wtd uhlbb 2 and 3 at ab.

QOUROEAU'. ~ Jan...,. 3,1111;, zoot. Cll3t

10.2.3 Fw .... ano medtOd 1 - ,r....\uUKwIzH Paynwrt Plan called E*trHk: Fund T .......... "EFT"

260. On the i,l8nd of Sri Lenk •• the LrrE contrtn a c.taln termory that tt1ay rellnqu.h in thtIr t~ CIQt. Thty ha .. ettabIilhed check points at certain pIaeM wheniI they aontroI h people who trriIIe or I$M "lheif tfm'ltory. People who have ,rtered L TIE Writory through thoM eheck points dtWibe It • a pIaca .iml~r to .. ~ offlte. Thil c:uakJmt. oftIot I. dHGrit;Jed .1 • modtIM bi.IIdInO eq~ with a tcrn~ sY'C«TI. T .... people living oubIIde 8ri J.ankI, who ~it 1he .... fe .topPed_ thi$ dlPpolol .rId .-ked QlJutiDnI about bIr partldplll:lM In the finan<:iI19 of It'It L TIE, L TIE members haYt ICC8M to a ~ dat"" to ~Int If tht pttlOn hat "'* cootrfbutl«l8 to the WlM, ArroJ pwtCIl found "'" 10 ~ m_ contribullonl to ttl. L Tl"E WOugh the WTM it COOOiOd into tuning a document PfOmillng ~y dondont to the L TTE. The document ia tad Pte-Aulhoo.d Payment p~ - Form of AutfIortl.Ition .

• Th .... lfdar.nn.tloft WII. alMalMd from Intonnant ... m.rr.d ttl by •

In h'l ... port 8tIId aocw.. (121.2}

2(11. In I ~rch 14 .... 200S. Hunl .... RIgtM W*h rtPOn .ntilled ·Funding thO' final war L TIE

IntimIdItion .tId eldoftlon in the TMn~ dlNpora", It ..... on pagf 30:

·Soma p.opIe Po ~ btdI ...,.... they h.". family or ~Ity in Sri Lanka WId ... nepIM repel'CUftionl IIjpNt fllmlly membM or even ~Ion 01 thIIIr property If IMy dO net give. They llao oIl8n ward: to mtllUln ~ tIlIty to visit their .... 1 .. Irrithoul .,nc:ourMring problem, from hi LTTE. Some T,mlll are told that if they dO nat P'lY fund. to tn. L TTE, f1tY will not bit .Uowed to retwn 10 Sri unka or will hlMl "ttou1Ne· wnen they do. In ott.. ea., ttl. L.lTE .1JgO ..... ItIaI iii AJtu .. 1 to gm mo~ will put 1MiII)' memb«a In 811 L¥tIca " •. "

lh .. InfattMtlaft wu obtai.., ,.._ tM Hlnlln Nglda w.tch report. Volume i., No.1 CC). (K.3t

282. TllOae euIhOrlzalJon forma ~ IIlIbIeqUentIy sent to 1M wn.t MlO will twve the

Page: 92


KARUNANANTHASWAMY and cw.NORASEGAAAM hMI been viAIting Tamil people in UootrNII ~ ocder CG cot.et fIQM h peno ... Who .Ign~ tlWl P'.-A~ p.yrnent PlIfl fOfmf menllonect .beNe III'Id .. to IlIOItect 1rofn thoH WhO _ te4uCtanl wntributals.


.. m.rr.cr to by •


Tlle infonNItion providMI by Intonnant.~ U. Hum ... RIQMI WC:h ~ .. 1I1entloned In .-vI!! 35, Ifllllng: '~IV, they may be pr.-..cI to lion _ ~ to ~y ,. moItIhIy amount MQI n.y IlItUm home~.

TIt .. InfonNtlOI'I wa obbIIneci from • HumM Rfvhte; W_h Nport. VoIutM .a. No , (C)C.~)

On NCMIntIer 12'\ 2004, • s.arcn WMT.nt wu grwrtad ~ JuatiCe of t'ha PtaQI Giles MfCHAUO In MontreIL The lUthOIIDIIan WN 10 olMln fran fie C8$A CDpitI of .. ttlt document. p._tlairinG tQ 1M QIItGm$ WIfIfIoIlIon or CHANDRASEGARAM on sept.mber 1 f'-, 2004, upon hl6 reUn from Sfi LJn1(a. Among.t!he nu~ue do~ in CHANOAASEGARAM', (IOGeMIiOn, 1M CI.IfItCf'nt. il'llP&CUIf lOCated 119 forma fnMn a tIlUWJr copy tilled Pre-Aulharlad Payment Pian - FoIm of AuIhoI1DtIon. "... .... form. h~ handwrittan irrforn*lon ~ 1he "1iI out" _elkIn& inducing - Nlme, ~ ~ number Ind bet*Ing Infomtation of penIQfJII with ~ in C4in1MSil. MiOlM'lt$ t.1I(Ilng WIlwetn $20 to ~ dOl'.,. we,.. written on MCh ronn. The form itlelf .. to be iddrM88G ttl a partlcuIw btMking eI1abIIIhment refemMS to III t~ ·Or ... t, The .QCQUnt hCrlchw" II refurnJd to al tM "PiIVn·. The f«m repr ... nts an agrtemMlt by the acc::ount td:itIr to have • Ipecifltd amount WithdrfWfl rrom hi. or Mr t.nk .o.tOUfM. hen ronn ~ hal notIN ~ In T.mll. TI'Ie note ...... e trtnlJated and found to be ~ 'Mitttn ttv a ttlird ptrIOA st.Iting lhaIihe p.non • tIgned !he foIm promllas to _:ve I let amount liken 11'"01\'1 hit bank account on i MOI'IItIly GuM.

n,,_ InforInIIIon 0I*IMd from Cpl BOUDREAU". ~ nIPO't. datJId

NoMRDIr »"" (71.1)

"9 PrMUU'IOftnd PIJY"... P9wI for;m. JMntioned .bmIe ." In" were ideMIfiId • twlvlng name lOCi ~ of peIIOM In II'Ie MoflWaI ...... tllhe fonn. ~ to ~ living in Iht TC)fOMO area. Each form ia «1tit1ed Pr • ..Aufhortzad Payment PIiIn - Form of ~n. The fQnn " ~ below to prvvIde .. AmPle of "" ~ fonnI:

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Page: 93

TO: N.m. at DrnM .. FNnci.lmtilution ~'I

TO: U_

( ..... ..,

YOII are ~ reqll..a.d and ~d to pay ri debk to lhe eccaunt of 1M UI'Idenlgned 1TW1tion~ belOW. ~ It CDI'Itir'IUiI& II:) bII tMlnblined lit tn. tJI'iIInd\ bfIIOW Of is from time to lime tJafIII'erred to ~ otII ... tI "'" DtawIM'. ~ or QfIIca.

18) AI! _u. or onttr PUIJI~ to be -.wn OIl tI'MI DrwM on ~" Of1he lU'ldtnigntd, 0( of .ny gf u. ufldlnllJMd ir mDre thin one. aM purporiing to have been CIWdII.ed to Ibi Pew- tnd pmttlI8d to .. 0,..,.. fOr~""" and

~b) All srNlUtltI specjlltCl '" debit _ 01' OIlIer medii "". in "'er <:aM .. or 1I1itpcr11D til I1frediollll to ItMt ~ 10 ~·It '!JeII arI1WI'1ta to the Payee and to .bIt 8I.IeII amounts tQ !he tIiCI acc:oul'll And the p~ II hetel!y .ulttOtUed to dl8W ,lid IssUed luc:h cheq* and ordn *'" ;1WI1UCh dllICfiOm,.

'otMr medici l1li wed In Ihi • ...,. mMfIIlha cI.ItI on , miIgOIII:II;o CIt compuIaf J)I'CIdIad. "pOI' Utpe Ihd. Is wrm., In .a::otdanc. with MgulilllCnl p!'1MQIt:.d from tinW kI lime by the CIgdiM o.",*-' ~tIon. Thi •• ~ may .. rwabd on IW'O d.-ya' wrihn natk:e tri) 1M brardI of 1hI Drawn lit ~ the ... «OIUnt.1e b'IM &in'hII being 1lIfIIn .......

In CIOfIIiaII'ItIon Of 1IIe ar.w- d"4l.' .ror.Mid. il1'I-aftJe(llh..t it. ~ wlU\ -PKt ~ 1M ~, dU't aM ad of ~ amoul'lt .,.., on 1M cIIeqoe or Ofdar ~ the emount ~ iO ,.. deblt Slip or 0UlIt nt4d8 ~I' be tNt -.me .. if Mlch ~ue. o«Ier or dwit lip Of 01111' rntdIa __ ;a wmt.iI Clf*1ion ~ by the u~. or by e.Gh of lilt ~ It IIlQ$ tnA'! one. ~y autrlorlzlng and r.quedng the IbwiM tD pay ¥Id (Oredil SUCh amount to the Payee and to Ilfbit II,u;:h 8ffl0Ul'll in any tucn ~ IIIP or 10 atr'IlIUCIl OIhBT mtdIl stId gIVe ,. to no _1'1tv on lit. DrftM', pert i, .1JCh fOiu. IMUb in .. dIftuIt In 1tI. tullitlmlnC of tn)' obllglltblt or 1M IIndtf11gMIJ or • fDrr.lture of InSUIWICt ar 101. 01 damage of Jtny !dlld. IVrf cseti'o'8lY of lhillllllthoriuliOn to #If Payw wilt conaIibAe CIeIive;ry by U. IoIndllrtigl'ild to .. 0twwM at well. ltIe PayM.

~ U .. twa of 1M ~kJw""'" illll~1:

Ct-.nI II ~IChilqUIng s.wingI ()

~.No. __

0.: --'200

Page: 94

N.S. For. joint ~ .u tIW ~er. mu.t Men 1,",,* _~;o.r, .. _ ... u... ... ,._ .. ,I ese_ten mar be requlr8d to .. gn chequn .. uoa aglllinit alCJh .-ccowlt.

ArM UtI Pob

N"~ __



__ 776_zl._ 'I&IUI""

ThlIlnfolmatlon .... obtained fto.n CpL BOUDREAU'. in ... tlptlve ...po .... d ... d June .,-. DII. (71,2) (71.3)

ThIs blank bm M • trtprOduotk;tt' CI thO .same 00& round on CHANORASEGARAM upon hill return to c.tnada at It!e ~ TRUDEAU .Irporl on S8pIMIber 1,tII, 2()IJ4,

207, On hpl:ember $", 2008, mfJIlIbin of IN$eT ...-ailed • SurGh w.t.nl at .'00 and 4162 Vlln Home A~. Montr.... lrwMtigatoN uIDd • binder COI'lbUning PreAuthc>r'iItG P.~nt PIa" f<InnI fiIt.d out by indivldwlt. aom. dad In 1992. TheM forrnI ... accomp.snWJd IW 'lOkI Qleq ....

TN. Inbmatfon com.. tram • rwIew by Cpl. DUBREUIL end ...... .-ne:. n-~ ornhlbft IOOIMt. Item 1<211. (Photo 3.) (Warrant D.' I)

ThIa flXh/b;t $hows fhat ". futIdrBising method htlS betn ongtJing for II1ItIIY Y8'Bm.

10.:U. t Pl'OCUl'8JJIIent of WTII .. nldng ~

268. On NCWember e, 2OOl. s.teh Warrant t6OO-20.03270Q..0.43 ..... grante<l to ObhIil1 caple. of the ~~ ~ r.llting to the WTM TO bank account 143~589 Mid ., the TO C_lUI Trust. The docum.nts requested from hi r.nI( covered tile period of February 2003 to Nov«nbtt' 2004.

Thlt Infonnation WIll obIalntd tht W .... nt to ..... n00-2loOJ27OO.IU3 ..,ut4 b)' J,*," or .... PUR 0. .. MlCKAUO on ~ I'*'t 2OCW. tD.!'

268. On JIInuery ~, 2000, II Production Ordef by.Juslic. of the Peaw PAUL BENTLEY of tw Province of Ontwio ... graot.d to ~ o.Anna HILL rCpl. Hill·) of tIM Toronto INSET, to ~ copieI cA the btir*lng documents ~ 10 U. nuMfI!IUI ~ hIIld by the Torunta WTU .00 mont ~ the W1l.4 TO ~1'Ik accounl :l43K-08285eV, n.. cIocwnenIa ~idIICI from the blnk ~ the petIod of Jut)' Oft. 2002. 10 o..mt.r 30". 2005.

TN, ............. olalMd flam tht Production 0.., II ........ by JutIIU of the P • ._ PAUL BENTLEY an ... ry :r- ~ 2001. In Toronto. (23.4)

270. OnFtbNwy 21·,2007. PfoductIon Older f60Q.2EI.()43.21!13-f.)13 was grttIted to oIDln copiM of 1M bankk1g dIK:u"** rMtMg te v. WTU TO bank accooolIM336-082M89 held ..c u. TO C~ Trwt The docum.n18 reqUIH1ed from tMllraI'lk COVtI8d 1tIe periOd d o.cembar 2OO!S to Fabnary 2007 .

ThI. IntonnaUon .. obtained from tht Prodt.IdIon Order fIOO-2t.oOtQ.2I3-0n ........ br Jua1Ice of the ,.._ Gil_ MICHAUD Oft Febru.". 2'·, 2007.(23."

P-o", 95 01183

Page: 95

271. On M.tch 17'1. 2008. ~ 01$1' ftOO...H04 .. ~oa7 _ • .,_, ...... "w. ... eopIeI of the blinking dooumentt ralating to the WfM TO bank IIICCOLri 1433e.08285H .... at the TO ClnlCla TI\JiIt. The document& IeqUHted frotrI IhIt blink cove~ tho 1*100 gf F*,*" 1~, 2OQ7 to F*'*'t 1-4"'. 2008.

Th. Infonnauon ... obtIlMd from the Produdlkan 0., 1IOO-2I.....a5-Ol7 ...,.. by JIIdce oftM ~ 0_ MICHAUD on fIIlt'Ch 1 ...... , 2CIOt. {t. 171

2n. A ,..., of U. docurnentI ~ f10m .... TO C.nadII Trust ir'l ~ COI'If'ItIl'Ied thlt the WTM tJet been Ulirlg the EFT Debit ~ to cuhet funcIa from Tamil peraont In lht- MontrQI community tlnee u.y " •• 1Q9Q, This btlRdng.w:. aublcribad to by the WTM .. the TO Bank '*"'* !he decflon of pre-authorited payments from the cbwdar'1 bank aClCOl.lrU 0t'I • manthly bfM.. n. WTM wppliM tM TO Chda T rutt Bank with lhf ~ pI~ InlCJnI\.ian 'ram tht donWni and the payment tcMduIe II orgl"_' by the bar*;, Thct donation amollnt II then Qtbited ffom the ClQnllltOr bank IICC:oUlt and ~ to ~ WTM TO blnk account t43S8-0928ti6i. The WTM s then lUppIiIId by the b.Mk with a monthly report Ii&ting the ttanuctions oonc:emlng II'Ie ~c:wtzed paymem.. Anton MANICKAM iI IIeted as ttl. WTM ftnin~tor Q( IhitI PIqIIWn. The WTM wn alill ~ tnlll banking _NIce to cOlle(:{ funds In IUpPOrt Of thcI L TTE lIS.of ~ 200tl.

11U InfornwtlOh .. abtaIn.d from CpL BOUDREAU'. fQOn d.a.d May .... 2:0111 (H,T~: from CpL BOUDREAU'. tIWMdg.tlYe .. port. ..... -"':h t~_1001 (71.1); ..... from my ..... otu. TO c:: ..... Tnm.-port. (71.1)

1o.J.2.1 F .... -'c: .CGOU ..... rwo"

273. 1 have I'IVIcwIId • forentie fleCC)l,Int!ng repoft prtIpI~ by MI. GOURDEAU, ~ ~ 31", 2008. Thil ffport OlAlin .. U. revenue fn;Jm the EFT prognun into the WTM TD benk ~ 14330-0928588.

"EFTa were the mOld lmp:Irtant ~ at tund. de$IOtitad In WTlA'. TO tit,. i1CCount from F~ 2003 to Ftbl\tlry 2007 repmantlnY .bout 824 of tDlal dItpceIta (tot.! EfT. of *W.10i0 an ~'aI ~l$ of $287,827) .•

TN. tnfannauon ... oI*lMd from p&nlQtJph 4.1.1 of III,.. QOUROU!U'. NpCN't ..... J.nUllry 3"-. 2OGt. (13)

The ~ CJI fhe total dfpOsIts (18") Ct;mes tmm other depo3Nl, chsqu. deposits, WH1 "....,.,. end IrltMffi.

274. I Il.w ~ 1he ttaneadIOn h~ far the WTM TD Mnk .CCOIJm I43J0-092D589 for !he period of M.rch 200T to February 2008. Tnll repon out**, tne 1'811MWJ8 froM ttt. ~ Payment P'-n program Into !hi WTM TO .. a«;:oUnt ... 336- 0928!89. For tNt pMod, the WTt4 ftcaivtd • leUl of JeQ,005 which _. c:r.dbd to ~ accounI lilt \he TO a.nIi. This repr.unt. th. bid. collected t)y w.y til p,..Authcnzed P.yment. PIc'I. Below 81 IdMltIfled In the fOIlowirIv table .. !he lOt. amount of pretuthoriltcl payrMnt during the periocI r:I hWch 2007 to F*'*Y 200a.

Page: 96

a.ct.ftric, fund ............. WI'fIInf ..... Account MUM82IIItI iIIIidi 2007·
""'1'12001 .
M(IttthIy EFT'8~ EFT. auIhOdzed {nat II!FT". ",mpioted
(AlI .... ~ ot'tdited SO 1Iw WTM (Efn~
UhoriPd) IICCOI.I'It ~ til minullhe EFT'. not
~lUndIlor c:ompleled)
~nt doMd Of payment
'-1*1 or ~Ied)
(I) (n) m .. l]l}·tlln
Mwch2007 $&.166 $1210 ... 645
fi.id2OO1 54 •• -S250 "'715
Mav2007 M.i!IO -5430 S4.~
June 2007 14.840 $C25 14-415
,Mv2(IQ7 154.810 i485 325
Aug_2007 14.700 ~- 14.120
$e~2(1J7 $4825 520 105
October 2007 14.4tlS 1535 ~.950
Nonmcer z007 M4f2tl 1515 ~
OtiClmk*" 2007 "420 1505 915
JanadiY 2008 K.246 IS30 SS716
FtIbi1JMt 2008 ~1!1() 300 13.790
Tota. .A .... I •• US "" .. 120 ~ tnfotmation ... obIaI_ from lM dOG .......... '*" tht WIlt TD Bank Aecoum~' putau.nt to Produdlan Order f8I)O. ........... 7. «71.1) n IS trltff&14iIIg to OOSlllVe th91 in apia of the liSting In Aprif tn. 2006: and lha vBiWS Search Warrantl ~)(ecuted Itt rn. WTM' atrJce and ~ ~ to WTM m."wers, thli'f WW8 still {W-iUhOri1.&d paymflHB C/'IJdlUJd to the MAf m Bonk Ar;c(HItIt «W336- al2UBlI In 2007 and 2008.

10..2.1.3 1M WTM ",01'\1 to the LnE ..,.. K. IlAfilVANNAH of .... ,ne.rn.tIoMI hcNtlrW

275. I ... nMrIwed • <Wo tang binder • .nibil 200S-12, ..".. 01. 2712:8, containing doaumenta "'l~ to Jcn:I ~111 m_ by .eli .... of the \NTM 10 Ihe I..TTE 111* K. MANJVANNAN of tl'lt: International ~rW r.mll Ealam. ~ binder coot.ined monthly reports pr~ by tM IRdIr d th. WTM at nil delegate. At "-led In the L TTE ap. .... 1on1 Manual. tM L TTE r.qun. that "y ..net monthly repon. to 1M Inr-n.uolllll Sffntarilt The folowlng ~ tom. c:l tho.. raports wt'lich I'I'I8MioMd tuncnleing 8dMlIe$;

• )0 LOc:dd on pIIQ8I 36 .net 37 II_ tw*I dOCUment with tbt ~ "'Rtport for the marlCh d November 2004~. The aIlhor of .... IWporI " IdwllIfIed .. KARUNANANTHASWAMY. ~ ~. QuIbec Branch. dete(f ooc.rllbet 17", 2004. ThilI"tIIXlft iI ~Hd to ttw partOn r .. pondJMI. In the I .. two PhQf8PiW rllhiI rwpon. tM WTM ..... advtMQ hit .uperiot that tn_


Page: 97

act .. of hie branc.h haw bMn 0CCUfliad with th& HaMM ~ ~ J111'o1!t - unable to eptI'Id their 1imt for ful'ldral$ing. KARUNANANTHASWAMY .)(I*ined tlwl thK branctI WI ullilbla lei contf1bute 10 lhlI Im.m.ttanal fir1anc. "mil'listnlCor fcIr tIwl month. FUI'the( rt.r Mr. t.1C./AALI, 1M person f8&p01111tW 1« flnanc. for .,.. QuebeC brandl, would foIward • report in N ""II.cI;

Thle InIenndon wu otalned from • --.....nt ... on AprIl 1~, 2GOI, from tit. WTM .... locattd at 4112 Van HOlM Avenue, ..... t. (IT.1.)

I bdVW thff Mr. 1IutJJt' is THURAJRA TNAM, In 20(}4, the IetidM 01 tIN WTM WH KARVNANAN7HASWAMY.

lI> loc.ted on pagB 31 is .Ider Il('tpartd by CHANDRASEGARAM of tilt WFM and dMed July 2:2"', 200!1. n;. down'Nnt II addreIIud to !he Inlem.tioruIl s.cr.t.ri.t. Tamil E-.n and 1M (.IIptio1l i.. INFORMATION. In hit Idler CHANORAS.EGARAM advised of thrM Canadian Tamils who WIn _no Tamil e.t&m (L. TIe Controlled area in northem and eatem Sri Lanka). He ~ the ..,01181 mQIl1hIy dOnations nteeived from l.ch at u.n. ~ IIdvIIad that an of them w.rt contributlng $30 mlrihlr:

Thla InIDrmIidon Wh abbllned hIR • docuentnt on AprIl 12", 20M,

from the WTM oIIIce IoMIIId tit "tn Van H~ II IIc:JnIrML (11.11,

I ~ in thIa report ,,,., CHANOAASEGARAM ia.,..._ hI5 L m a~s in Sri Lanka that thou ~ Pft$QfI:t WIIIif ~ rIMIr csuse ~ ~ rIHd t'ICt to ". ~ from, TndI monthly contt1b!IIJon Is II ~ to me PreAllthcrlltd Payment Pran used to ~ fund by "'- WTM in supporl of rhe LITE,

»- loc.led 'on page 30 " • letler ~red by CHANDAA$EGARAM of the WTM OUebtC Ehnc;h .na dMtd AugUIl 1ft. 2005. The documInC II ~ to the II"IltfnItionaI s.cr.tartllt. Tarnl &lam, 8Ild 1M caption. INFORMATION, In Ihls report tQ the: l TTE InbMnttion.1 SlJereb1riat, OIANDAASEGARAM acMMd of 6 CanidaI'! Temb who were prw.nIIy vlllClng or pIanI*1g to villi. T.niI E_m, .... ~ the dondan. reQOived from Hen of ti'Iem, Ht rtpOttad that the first on. it- • long tinw cantrlbutor. ThI:t WM- in anftl8f' to a request fof detail. fn)m the lotematiorMaI Stcrttariat reaming !hit IndlvidlMl, .. ~ thM three 01 tnem JUIl IlIf1ed to give monlhfy contributions with a promiH to oontlnUit 10 aupport the CMiM. The fifth ptn(Ifl it ctetulbod as • ADQuier COI'4(ributot; nowteller they took ttw ~ to Incre .. nit momtlIy (:OIllIiIlutIon ~ '10. l'hil1Mt vilitor is reported •• • n'I(mthIy l;OI1tributor of $50, CHANORASEGARAM _ed the l TIE to have thII pinOn InstruI::tfd to pay hi-. fIIQlIItlly contrbJtion thfough iii atMClfng ordr,

I b ..... #HIt Urllia • ~ made by CNANDRASEGARItM to 1I.1Ie tNt fHiHJf'fF ~ IW M. LoTTE to haw him -'gn IJ p~ ~ Plan fotm for hle contrlbcdIon,

The letter also indica ... tn •• MVMIIh individu.I, "prHM.!y In Canada, .. WIlling to meet, with regtlrdI to his Irrtv.I In motrt.n.l'I(I -.nd to WOfk In thv II'IJ. cantrolled by us." Artd fI..,.lI)' in r.g.aa to an eIOhth inrJivid\QII, CHANDRAS.EGARAM in(lj~" tNII: hie houae "beIon&* tD Ih4l .,... corMrOUod by IjI.;

ThIIlnfonnItIDn .... otaInId'from. documnt an AprlI1t". JOOf.

from tM WTII ofIceo loatH 1114112 VI'" HGrnt A lIonhal. {37.11)

hOt! 98 d 183

Page: 98

rr ia my I:ItIIeI thal Un:t ",.rltbI of .n ... CI:JI1troIleII1 bJI IlS m.w. 1M -!I~ contmIIed by ".. l. TTE, tIwefot&, CHANORASEGARAftf, lly using ",. pt'OIlOm u.s. is indicating 411 ~ berMen hknHIf. the WTM 8Itd the L TTE.

)0 L~ «I ~ 2' is • lettf,r prep_ by CHANORASeOARAM 01 1M WTM O\Itbec EnOCh IIIld d*d ~ber e"', 2005. T'- dtQlmtnl II tdd«IUed to Ult Inlemltiontl Sec:ndariat, T.miI ellam, and tho ctption ~ INFORMATION. In thlt letter, CHAoNDRASEGARAM ..:MMd of 3 ClNldian T.". whc.l we ... visiting T.". e.'Im. He .nu......,.bId tM. ,nnuat monthly dOr\~ ~ tram •• ch of 1hIm. .... MtIriMd that twG of tlWn were .lready contl'IbIJtIng S:SO monthl)' .. d thI1. the third peNOn hid iIQfeed to stall nwking • monthly ~ of $50. rt.a.1nfcInnMton ... otItaIMd from. docVfMftt ..... Oft Aprit 1~, 20M. from the WT1I oftIe. 1oeaIM .. 4112 VM Horne AWMM-, ........ C31.1J)

, btJlevelhat In M 1eU$f, CHANDRASEGARAM II #IdvII/nfJ his L rrE tIBSOQiJtes {n Sti (.ria met time tJw;i indNldulflB were- .upporlttg thfW 0IitWI fInancIsIIy and nHd noI to be ~ from. the fTI{JnIhly (;OIJtribufK;Jn Is II ~ to ~ ~&Jthorlred Pa'jf'ntfil'll Plan uaed to eoIIec1 fund by the WTM in suppod of the l.TTE.

I beIifIlff that the aboIo'f I8pOI1a Ihlm ",. WTAt II1fJ()t to thot L TTE Qive , good inaIde 'IfrJw 01 the ~ methods ~ by tile WTM and the .,. d thf Ct#1OI 1M I- TfE h •• 0""" Its An;gn bratIch8.t. SonHt of tfI8 persons ~ In Ihoee 11IJIM'3 .... not ffIoQUI.r oontnb&dof1 to tM L TTE. but ~ the WTM to make ~ ...,ment with UN ~ prior tD tI1IvdIns1 to Sri UDlk.. 77It. Ja ~ tor Csnactian TamJIs wWNnp to vIM ~ ntgIomJ 01 Sri L.anIra DOf'IIrOIIed by the TaMIl T9tt'a. It ~ao demotlltratM htJw the WTM 8fJd rile L TTE 8Ie utIIng t". IJtIM8 fundnMaing documents aU(:#) as the Pre-Auflratzed Paymtmt PllIIlform anct that futtdrB1tJJng efrons all' CfJOtT:Iin9ted in bofh countnea It also (IfmOnilrllt8$ tIl. some rI the pre-authorized p,rymenta QOfnQ into the &Ink account d tINa MAlI weill actuflty inJtJated by L TrEE ~ In Stt LInks.

'0.2,4 ........... wMh wf ...... of ~d pQlMnt .tlMcM

278. Aa • fitsull d the 18G:1M'8 of the completed Pr.-Authorlled Payment Plan fotm. SIlIZed from the CBSA, ~kn 01 McrnI1NIINSffT IdfntiIJId ~ 01 the victims. FIHf#t8r to tIW' k1M'tJItctIlolI, thf ~0t1' ~ Ifvf of thtm to conduct lflietWotw$. Th. following petagJlf(lhs s&t out the infentleWIJ conducted by the irwellipkn 01 Mont .... , INSET.

277. ,.",.!.to It'IIndflJt to the r.ct tIffIl our ~ h.U I'tV9Ied ~t the WMd TMnII ~ fM'WI ",. LITE hfW8 Men demonatrtted to utIize ~ tacla to 8Iicit M1da Wtd dJ:tn1tJons .. well .. tc) ~ In .-rJ thntIft GivM • .".., Qt'OUIJds. It G my fl,.., that IhOIJId ~ d". WIri1 TamI ~ diact:Mf 1M COI'ItttIts of me 'iett«J WonnafiOn in "'_ ~hs bf/Ow, they WOUld te-vi" MoH ~s to ~ tIIN~"'" /tl futUff ~ wflh the~. 7JttH ...".aaea hew ~ wtltI 1M pt;JIIrA «(;9" .... rlllk to ~ In an 8ftbtt to pmvtde eocountB of Uta fJflHWhoriztd debit ilClMlmll. 1M conRtntI (J{ 1M VfIftM1 ifIImnatIon If! this AffkJM. /I cilWfated Itt the pUbNC dam.aln WQU/d IIwJy d/SCQIJrBgt ~ ~ from tMmboer$ d lhtI TamiI~. ThtHafQre.rome f1<II1a of their shJte~. naw

Pag. 99 tJl183

Page: 99


11).2,4.1 WInIM ilA"

On I' 2008. WId met! ''''!I!I!!!!!

and QtltII!,*, """'1'Il (;OfIC'I!lm1r$ • trip to Sri Lanka In 2( II

IURUI'I"Y of tn. Itltament.

Nate: 'rh~ the 1nhwSew. m reIIn to the L TTE u...:ng.~" .• IJI80 reIIKa 10 t~ WTM per5OO(Itt ;" ca;iida 8S 'rigS-rs". According to • they are Me of tIJ(J ....,..

InSQ .... nIy

••••••• toSri

TN. the family In Taml EeliIIlI ~fon of

;; "ae:l heard from othItr T..-nJI. people ... WOUld l)1li colleCted tOf

CIIa!'! ~ .t Tnl chtdcpointtlln J.trn.;

• coJWlrt8d aom. traV4Ihr'. chtque. in ceah money while 10 COlombO. Sri LankI:

Prior to et*ring Tamil ten'ttCIiy ,.., .t.fN, Wlnt tbtou;h

• Sri L .. I'I m1111wy chedcpoInt, do!t~ •• _ tOUlln. CUllom ~ ~Iy, one kllonwW. ~rther,. hQ to ttop at 1M Lm'. ~ Unfomlltd ptI(lOnn.! iderdJed to the L TT!. an(! cwYyIng WMpOnI wortc .. thtt

am I I .mtred ... the ChOdcpoint where It comput81 M$ .=.to.(t)2b'OI. dID on 1M trtveIItI'f, Ilmllat 10 • "9UBt CUllOm', dwtckplitlt;

_ • prodUQfld • Ctlnad .. ~ri, OMI wrttten in the p8UpCft

(namt, •• } .... ~ by l. TIE pertonnel in UIe comp!.4ef;

Even though It waa thtI tnt tme that this TtwniI pet'SOfI M'IcI IiYaI in a foreign co"""y pMaed tnrou;h 1M L TIE cher-k point. tn. L TTE ~ • lot of infonn.lion about .". pnon; nem&. ~eu, fam~y mtmbn. relative-. in

In... in etc.

)0. I~ Nutnt.r) wal

.11 L m I;OI1tributcn. w.. never laid tt. l'Iumbflrs of.


» ,.... l TTE It&lad _ • 'P*I~'. It" ~m_ to • J*llport bUt It ill. ueed scR1r for travelling wllhln h LTTE tttrflQry In Sri Larlka. These ·~6' ... then ~ by the LTTE ora • u..veIer .... h: LTIE~;

,.. The L TTl .. coIIeGtt an ontrv tax of ~ ,.0 Call1dlan • ttrft chtck poirIt,

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Page: 100


P1tg11101 01183

Page: 101


Page: 102

monthll8ter, 2 malH ofT.m~ origin attelldtld_ tbOut. The)' identified tMmuIvoee ..

MIll from __ WTM; .

MIll theM pe .... i1'11he !)tit, fJt IOC-' ecmwJnity .-ntaj '" &he~. He wanted to._

the p~ Paym8-nt Plen form.

PI'eoJ~tiDd payment Plio fomI to ••••

••• and '-i m.oe • promite to ~, • lUthotimg lI\e WTM to tMihdraw • mortthly

the ~y will be UIMd 'fII ttw 0I"PMnf In Sri UInk.;

• copy of thIt agreeI'lW1l:

.i1iiiititnat m. form WOUld ba brought ~ to •

P""~ .. ~ of • were wlIhdrawn from bri~


281. \Mtno .. "S" recogniud Sri L ..... and confimted tt. __

.T"_Inb'ftvIdo •• "on wnn...

• 2G08.(1I.2,


...wed In ColOmbO. Sli lWika (WI WId tr.-.Mhd •••


The ht ctItI* point .. contdad by ttw Sli '--nun army. Luggage were Man::Md .nd bUi~ PMeport l/..tflo.tfOne ~ conduCted .. .".. •• gtmer-' ~ teQardlt'G tht-1'eUM of~:

Tht noond cheCk point __ wei IdtntIft«I by the L TTE with tIVI tiger fllan .I'd armed..." NU7:

\'181 eICDft6d 10 .... " room In a b\l1Iding near the wu ... to produCe. CAMdiafl ~ .nd pftV • ta)l. of

1000 rupMt .(.~ 512 CantdiIn):

Computow vt~ .,. conducted and 10 II'lInUtn 1IMr, tho llTE ~ ~ tht travel. wfth • doGument ("type) eIIowing • to

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Page: 103

I!~!!~!!~ ~~

;c;: mor.y (frcwn a jat)

to twIp p.opIt In Sri tn .. hi. ",tn_ • CHAMORABALAM

.1I1d bt wo,q .-: 1M DecarlI

, bllf/lWe Ib., fhe ~ /(IentltJtd CHANORASEGARAM wbf;) • --va CHANDRA8ALAM.

l> TtlI'!! pnotot 00f'IIaItIInQ IN 10_ KARUNANANTHA.SWANIV were prodUCed


Page: 104

.. p


10.2...... ""'** "Olt



trNded _ to Sri ~nka for .. period d ••••• Colombo (Sri ••• and the rext dtly tftvdtd by bus

- no pteUlH lIiyn any type of docuIlMtnt', • ~ 1000 FJ4I88I for tax PUfPlHI (.pproxl"'*'Y $12 ClrwdiIon):

_ 1-* with • "". (typilI ptHOOI't) which ,11owed • to travel wHhIn LTTE tan"koryj

• don not ~ber If the ~ at tt. L'I'1li d'IItC:I< point ... or not

had CO' rtI\JITI ....... th. L TTE check


TrIO Qf20Cl

Pep 10501183

Page: 105

) ))0



• indlvIdu.1I 01 T.-nU origin ........ ~enllll'ld diced tar I 12,500 oonIribuIk:an. • did nul ~m.mber U'tIMr nlmtll; hclwever u.y .peeified ItIfIt thi. money waa not !of tna Wlr In Srl Lanka bUt for eN Tamil bank Wtd tM final ~ of • frtt CCIUI'IIry. _ proQIised to PlY .blCl( Mh .lnttretf

Ii~~ a connc:.t In wf'Iich. promiMd to ply thtI prGpOMd .nount by lt1e

enr:l Of but was nevw 11-* with • COP)" of the document:

... hPII to mike a pnanalloan .. they C8Ih payment;

TheN • indMdu.1I rnontklned . Wlr or by w.y of rlfUOIIaUon, Sri

Unka wi! ~ • frw IOOII'1Iry by

If «he ~ WIt macit, In tcOIM IIIIOwin9 h. holMl intO Sfl

........ I. TIE oomroIICI Mfrltory:

Finely, if peoPle dldn' PIIY, by wi! be en their own wt-.n ttwy trM to their country.

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fa SriLln!st

)0 )0 )))0


Tamtl men .round t.mII~ were Ilviny in

1na1\1ICU11I did not i<MntIy the T.rniI NcMiIm«It in ... r .......... 'nDIl~ ~ !"Ien - Fom'I Df

ehtlCkpoint in Sri lalka, The twd 10 ~y ~ .llready had fell obIigad to ~pt to m_1he monthly

P-ae10101 183

Page: 107

PaytnIWIl Plan form INI. htd Iigned ., $Ii ttwt It _. ~ on the k)nn.

wa oblldneci'"iont r.port

10.2.1 Fundrafalng M.thod 2 • Revt .. ~ through 1tCIIvI ... of .. WTII

288. In .... t>MCtIon 2·1 of tha L TIE Operatklns Mtnual, the knlgn actMfta are Inltructed to:

"Make aD neceeaary at&p8 to reotIve monthly fina~ ~ from .aCh one of .. Tamils or UID8I!I WI'ho .... 1hrinIi In eY8I')' ~. TheM dondont- nlIY be ~ through ban. or In pefW'I:

Tta I .. ~ ... obtalMcl hm ~ 2·1 of the lnE Operatlona "'uaL()Z)

T1Ie COIfectioIJ ~ through ",. btnka ,." f(I the PnJ..Aut/IOrlDd payment Plan aySMm whiM ~ dfBcIibed In tlffWious /WtII}f8IJhs. The coI1.aIon of donIifion. b)I 9CtMat. dOM ill wson is a ~ to t/QOr 10 door WliIa by (f(Jt}vl&ta of Tamil fNidMt$ end ~ in their f8spootive fundrliainQ aru. Then two methods ~ NCh othtir IJIId MlSlJIN thar evety TamI peraon, fBtTliJy or bu.MtctU malt. monthly IiIIMcffI conrriburionf 10 the WTM.

290. The r.v81'1Ut1 abtaIned from the c:oIedlon done by tht ac:tivittt in 1*t0fl ...... recorded by tM wry 11'1 .,. monthly flnancl.1 fIUItement p!'8pared by tha person RI$pOflIIbIt rot' fllWfloe, THURAIRATNAM. Th. type of ma ... hIy r.ponlog: fQfTl'l8t to "'" lITE appears 10 hIMa WIfUId in ~ 2004. TIw WT'N I'eCXIfded tht funds ooI~ ~ Itt. mtmbM'a •• revenlJ8l. through *!tMtta. ",. lc)I;(II monthly .mount NPOI'f*!Ilncludee collection tmm T_I mide .. tnd fR:tn r.mll ~ Thll type at fundralllng .. oampIim«dary to the p,..AuthI1l'iHd P.ymtnt Plan Ipttam. Nt.-nple of .... n be bni oMttI exhibit 2DQ&.12. Item 1, 3128. M (of ..,.ry monthly flnanclal sbItIImMlt, line three of tn. ataIelMftllncicllla RtMnua through adlYllt$. In thle ~, tne I"eIItnue .nown is 14,336. p.; .. HYtn to e!gfrtMn. of !hili bind« NpNSent WTU ~ I/OUcheI'$ for the varloua .!TIO\tItli CQ~ by tt..:lMtta. Each voucher glV8lll: th8 name 01 the WTM actilritt whO c:oIIeobId \tie maNY; 1M IHtOn (which In m8l'ly caleS .... contrt;IUtlonll end In .arne c:asee ", QE!Iec:lion ..... ): the -'lo.ri: the dtW; a receipt mtmber if money wtA a dOnatton. AU voucheq. are elgned by THURAIRATNAM.

Page 1080« 183

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2e1. In. tor.rI* accounting rl!lPOft dated Janu.ry 31·, 2008 ... review w8I done for the ,.~ .. ttvough adMttf Q8 ntpOIted in the WTM n.mthly flnilldlll ",amenla bOwen MIIV 2004 and J.nuary 200e wtth thw following r8aun.:

> 2004 (Mty to December) $23.830

)0 2CIOe $32.370

)0 2001 (Jani,gy) $2,4CS1

,.. TobIl .... H1

lb. ~ _ obbIlMd tram hdlon 81 of the I"IIPOft .....,.... by M •. GOURDEAU, dM.ecl .... II_ry 310lil,2008. (U)

292. Inte~ querlel ~ in 2008 by INSET re\IoMled that the T."H EeI.m Economic developntnt ~ (·T~·) had ill own """Ib under tnt domain adch •• of WWW.lMdpr.SJm.Adlntcl link to this w.bMe could "10 found 01'1 tht website of the WTM. WW'!!.WAr1c:hmllmm9ylmtnl.IXIDl, along with othtr lUb-organizatianl of tile WTM. On Its ...... the TEEOOR had an ~ for the Tamlleel.m Sri. whldllt the otIdIM L TTl:. "In Srll**,.

T1UI lIIfonMaon ... Obtalnlld tom .n IIMf'Mt ... """ done by ... BERNARD on October 31-', 2001 CIU); and from tNt!' Inveattptlan r.poft d.wd Novem"r ~, 2001. (I1.A)

AItempl.S rJHIde 8' It,. II! Mertb 3ff', 200i, indictItfd th.t Ihe4e two websfes .. t)O IonJ1tr .lftIlabl..

293. Tlw Tlmlleelam BanK wal founded In ...."..In 1994 ~ the- TilfnY ~ bullftar the Sri Lankan anny mook the penineUlt M tht narthem lip ~ the It$Jnd In 1W6, the bank mowd to KJIInoohc:f\i. The Tlmlle8larn Bank .. IIx branch oil., and ernpop about 1oo~. TN! KlIInoClhchi InndI clear. .bout. 600 to 1000 Chtqt.It. POI'd.y. Cfftrt, 00 Q'teIl card" and hal no information lectInoiogy and ntCOrd. tttnuctioni Ir! piper

1tClgen, u.ny C\IItonMn ,....,.,. Dr woric In ~ of the many L TTE compIIlltl.

The bank dOes not tfI\MR on its tllUl ataelS, ~1Ity CIt OWflIIfIIhlp. I:!ut Ita rates

are no MeNt. o.paliklnl get 7.Mt. 01'1 3. mOtl1h """no~. going up to 10,51!6. fOf 24 mQflIIl depoeltl, ratn that Ire In line with mo.t SrI Lankan btl ....... , Accordin; to an .rtk:le on the WIbeIN WWWfgltM,tom titIt<I "Tlmlleelam D.-nk ,ymbol of $(I LInk., rebtI .utoncmy". the be,. it. not dlfectly owrwI by the L TTE. howlIV« the L n-e (XI1ll!'a. it,

lb. 'ntonn.uon .... obtIIlMd fnNn an 1I'lIo" found..,. .... leRHARD on Qe;IaIw 31111, 1OOIi. on U. WI.he www.fon!tt'9 (14.1): ..-II from .... rttote on ..... .......,,,0."'". ct.Md ..... blr 21 _ 2WI. (12.1)

21M. O\IIIng the toardl of 1he W"I'M ofRc:I on AprI12", 2006, a total of 14 to.n 1:OI'ItI'ad8 from TEEOOR .... located. Tho .. TEEDOR fundreislng forms "..,.. located amonoet II1e WTM monthly ftnlll!Cl.1 statemerQ "nd oth~ dowrr'l8Ot$ n,laiing to ~ trlInsfenr;. AA

Page 109 01183

Page: 109

edc&tioneI TeEOOft loan COnlru WM ~ during the M*'th at 7720 Pie-!X BouIevtro, unit 1. MontruI, on Aprl13", 2()08. Ttese 10l1l"i contrld fonnt; staCol t~ the mon.y Ifl8Md to TeEOOR would be ulad for .,.. Im~ of the ~I t.c;ilities in tMlr mottwland rTamii ~am"). To b8 reimbursed. hit lender needed to glM aM month notice. F~r, ehe ... llIlbI.nement could 1M 1;Ione by inttalmtrl'ltl or in I 1inQ~~

Thlt InfotmIIdon _I obtained fum Mr, RONDEAU·, InvMtIgJl4iop NPQf\ ~ OctoWr 11·, 2001'. ,11.2)

205. The TEEDOR loin conIrad fonM .".. located ill the WTM ofIic:a. All u.. lOan contract fotmI '* tt.ndwrltten notes on them IndICatIng tMt they .,.,.. ~d. The funcie cclleCtld USInQ tfIe TESDOR loan connett '"'* I'4ICeiYed by members of the WTM. The d .. on thoU ~ OQI'ItI'IKU.-e 2001. ZOO3Iftd 2004.

Thl. InfortnatJoa .. obblined from Cpl. BOUDREAUj, IlWUtIption Npdrt, s.ptlmbet 1 .... 200$. (11.')

290. 1 t.>;. ~ tne fc;Ir8Mi(: acoountil'lg repott ~ by .. , GOlJRDEAU on J.nulry 31·, 2008, coocemlng the TamI E.ellm Economic DevelOPment Pt.l Ioao contflCt$ sNed from tt. MM. A total of 15 TaKnN Eelim Econ~lc DeYelapment PI .... contract .. ~ tWIewtd anet round to rtP'eMfIt $07,000 In lOan. granted to the WTM In 2001, 2003 and 2004. Two loan conb1Iets "'preMnting. • total amount of $6,000 WID not dltad end no 1Of!'I ool'llnlct WM found for the yetI'S 2002. 200!5 .nd 2006..

Th. ~" _ o,*lned fro", lubucttotI .. , and .. p,. ..... I or ~

accounting MPOI1 of ... GOURDeAU dM8d ."IIIY 3'''*. lOOt. (13)

297, On April 12"', 2006, ~ UfQIt8d. 3Htd1 W8flWIt .t 4162 Van Home Av.nue. Montreal. Among the IlefM; HIz:ed, Ileft w_:

}> A WTM fNndai J'W)Ort. for Ses*tmber 2004 .,.fo\IM. On ~ 23 01 U. report. there It • W1M 8.ICpOMCt VOUI;11or dMed Septembtr 21 • 2004, [or $17,000. The !lime On the ~r i:f GOBU. The MIOI'I ..,., , • ........., ......... The 'IOUcn.r "'8 thlltlM .ma.n w.I provided: by 1hree W'TU actMttI:

• '7,000 frGrn Marti, who ~ 15 ~vannao KARUNANANTHASWAMY;

• u..ooofgm It WM _1' ..... ,. ClWtpR6ll!OAIWIi

• $5,000 from Ga~ who I btl.,. II, GanlliWWln SodcMelhan.

I bflict~ GOBU to be ~ THAVALCHELVAM. a WTM IIieI7Iber wIIO IIWId irI omtwa b8for8 DeIrIg d~ by Ceftfdli ImmIgrtMIOn fJ(I Decemb8r ~. 2004. f'HAVAt,CHEl. VAM hilS wMcM b' fhe WTM In Montreal. (UJ

A handwritten now- on 1M dOCUmtnt incJQ •• "MIlt by Royal Sank to WTM TOR)t'tto, ~ 00222 t27tl2&4."

If! the I'IIInIIftl8 portion or the YOUCher, the fundi! provided WIfe noted .. faIows:

• ~ by MInI for Inchn'. kin"aI.~ S7,OOO

• o....n (Me) $5,000

• I· lIMN ItIUr brotbtt) "MIlI"_ ' ... 1M""" qtlRO

T1ds Info.......,.. WM *'*'*' from my rM'1N of. WTM ft~, "'*' for


Page: 110

....... ,2OM. •• hlbit 2001·12, tt.m 011 s.c ..... ~ ftoor.II2t.lk31 Although In. tIIInI 8fl'IOUIlt aeemt ro tIrIe bMn provided by S. BALAN, I beh'ellf that ",. notaUon 01'1 the eKpeI'Ift f'IOCOUIIf Indi::aIes ".. the funda W8ffl provkJ8d by SlwmsnthtM "'(I*, OM~, as I wa' axpIaIn 11'1 U.lolowlnQ ~_.

)0 A $5,000 TEEOOR Io.n, col1fr#t #0320, dlltfld BepCeMbW 22"". 2()[M. ".. ~ inditatM the money CMIe from liUNntblo "ilf_UKUMA,BY. The eontrac:t. i ...... th.t the" money .. rtceiYed by T. MU I (M1nl1ee KHflln THURAlAATNAM). 1'hII cor1nId Ilia _IN tl\a\, 0" MIrch 1"', 2005, MUTHUKUMAfW "teC8I¥8d th. llmount'p'ld .. Io.n':

Th .. InfonMtion COINS ft'om exhibit JOOI.1Z, ItfIM 01, Bttetor 8, r ftOOrt .. C •• at

.. A T.O. c.n.da TRIll d'Ieque. nurnber 1138, &Ited March IV". 200&: PIlei to S.

MUTttUKUIIARU: CheQI,MI hIedtt indicates: World 111m" Movement •• 100 Van Home ,,"!,Ie., ~, PQ. H3S1S1; The """nce I""" Slvanantham ........ Tho tcCOUnt .taOCIated \With the chequt if. 082858D;

Th.lnfGnHII"" (:ON" from ..... 2001-12, lIMn oa.1 of 1. (11.12) 7blnrot.. I beIIev. that SNatlflhan Mutet; (}I stv~ ~er, is SN."anIhM MUTHUKUMARU.

)0 A T,D, c.n.da Trutt O1atemetll for IICCOOfIt tIOl2e5e9. fat thO period of February 28"', ~. to March ,ea. 2005. The 10" line ~ II ~d~bit tntry dft.d MIn:h Oi f« cheq&» '1138: In tht ..-oount of $5.000;

Th,* InfCinndon com_ from uhibit .... 12,1Wn DI, 10ft. ,11.Il

)0 A nnano.l $htet lilting ...... dlequee Inutd In M.-d'I. The fifth .ntry 1nd~1J: 81vanlr1tham mI8ter Lotn paid. Cht No:1138 1II 5000.

Thla Infofmatiat COfnM hGm exhM 2OOI-t2, ilttrI 01, Sedor 81 r" floor. 11121. (1 .. 2.

I beIftw thtJI the I8qIllJn(lt 01 event. sharwI «tavo ~ fhat indMdu. lronI.ed I?ICII1IlIy to WTM INdftra by WIly of a TEEOOR loan. WTM Ieact.m memseIvN ifdClIre on a finflnclaI vouch., that lhe ItloIlty reoeived ,. dNtined b' II2e Int~stiorMI ~t which f. dlndly una.r 1M c:<IIrImI 01 tho L. TTE (al ahown ptt~ in tuI»ection 5. 10).

10.2.7 Fund,. .. ", lIetIIod •• n.. wr .. dl.trIbuM ntWMp.pe,. for the ........ of the LTTE

298. Or! FebrulllV 30:1. 2004, It '4:",""" KARUNANANTHASWAMV al'rivlld It ,t160 Val'!

Home "ven .. , MontrMl, In • {lIMn ~ Integra IIC1e1lO8 835LLK. regIIIeIWd to him. and left In the .. me v-nlcle II !I~17pm. Al 5:25pm. he 111ft ~at ;aPPUil to be 81 I'leWtpQpet at 3345 BaroIa~ A'iWI'IUt, MonllUl. At 5:30pm. he dellllerwd _ 1'IfIWSpaP" to .n inaMd_ whO ... wor1dnO'" • butIneH named "Textht Kanee".

Tnlt InfommJon _ obMInN ftUn tIM .wveJft.nce "port ,NPMMI by C.t fUOUX on Fttwu.y4", 2.004. (130.')

m. On March ill, 200t, ,,12:11pm. KARU~ delllMred NNllpIIPII'* to. store Cldled 'March6 AMR" IoaIted III: 1150 0ec::M. Street, Montreal.


Page: 111

ThIa InfotmMlcn ... obtlIInt" frotn the aut'ftlu... r~ pre~rwd by cst.. lIMelN!. ... M.re*' 1M. 20M (no.2)

300. On AprtI1 F!', 2004. at 7:35pm. KARUNAHANTHASWAMY left ttt. offici of the WTM In 8 ptymouth voy., icwlaecI 787KAX, Nglatefed to hint He stopped to l*k, an unidentifi8d male end at 7:1i4pm •• ~ It a rHIdence ~ -' 8783 St...foWbeIt street.~. Hf backed hII Va'! near 8 ForcI EoonOlne bMrirQ Ont,rio tIcenoe pIRIi number 8L2282. 1M unidII1lf.-llllllle took ~ thllt where in the back 01 tn. Ford EconoIine and tnnlfsred them Into !be Plymouth Voyag.. From then on. ICARUHANAHTHMWAMY dl'CM tne Plymoc.nh Voyager while the unld8ntlfted mate deliverad the ~I'I to diffInnt Mint ..... in 1ht MontIMlIf •.

Thl. I~ ..... oIQj,," from • 1'tPOI"t .... by ConttatM Yws PIETTE •• metntMrolthe MOfttN" $J*III ,'OIl hctfon. .. Aprft1S-, 2DCN. lUlU)

301. Dunng the lUrch or hi WTM offt~ IOC:IdecI .4160 .-d 4162 Van Horl1ll Avenue.

MQntreaI. on AprIl 12", 200e, IS09 sublQiption Jonn. for the WTM nltMp.~r UlAHATHAMlIAR (INon(l Tamlle) wert lOcoM«I, TheM forms hIMIltl. hAding of tilt WTM and conraIn the names .,.., addrM ... Of the MOnttfaI Tamil res ... who w.re .oId • newe~".r IoUbJ(:rJption by 1M WTM ~iD. Ttl. pic. for • lubwlption to thlt WTU 1'l8W8pape!' it. ~ for , 1"Ir and $15 for two ,.... whtn h I'ltWSPllper II deII~~ at Ihe dOOI' by lt1e WTM voN...,.. Mo-t cf the ~ion$ appear to be for 01'1& )'Mr. Unar tht heading, the foIIoWtg text is writtan:

"The intern.tlonll T.mll'. ne;MpQpeI'. thIi Worid Tamils, for the ~t ttfteen yaM. Mve been il'Mmatlonally .ncotI'Iging amen; the Tamils. In or- to I)tjlld up Uw Ilbwation .-.d the InnOf '"""', CIt .." emotionI. •• proud to jc*I )'OU .... eubII:ItItIer ,"

ThIlInfonnMlon ... obtained ffom my ....,Itw .1Id the .,..,...tIon 01' EXhibit ZIOl- 12 • ....., ... 2"" ftoor.1I10."... al. (12.1)

302. The IUbIaiptIofIiIocattd in tho WTM oIfice in Af)riJ 2006 daIed from 2002 to 2005

.Ild ...... 1tMd .n Incamt of $25,07!1. The ftom tt-. ~ ... wore

brQIcen down by ~ • foIlI:.IM:

V .. of aubeo1ptlon Revefll..la otDined by 11fWf,.....
2002 $200
:lOO3 '11.450
2O().ol $48C
2005 S10,IDO
NOda~ S2,tsS
T_ Pl.1,1 T!'Ita ~ _.01* ..... fnIm ......... 2.1 of M •• GOURDEAU;. ~ dIIIId J.nuaty 31", JOOl. (13)

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Page: 112

CoMk.1erlng II. ~Ittl' vNhrtions hw» DIJ8 YNr fj) fNI ~ if .... ~d iIu>J 11M .. N me forms ~ Jocafed Md Mizfd by the police ~ 1M WTM aIfiee en AptR 1~. 200/1

303. On Sef*m-~, 2008. INSET executed • SpelDl SMrch W.,anI. 4180 and 4182 Van HOtI'le Avor..Je. Monn-l. During the ..arch, lI8\Iarsl NCoeipt ~ were .-zed. The ~ indicated for UlIImp11: who IIW IwceIpt wu made out to: the ,." (In thl, C$I4I tu): the .rnaunI C$40): tIw period (2007): and the ~ r1f!he ~ (10108120D7}. T,*" bcJoIda ... 1n _IOn to I.htWMkly .... paper UlAHATHAMILAR.

Thil Infomt.tUon C"CImW from m, .. vltw ." _Ibn 2001-11. hIIfn 1<262. (Photo ')

I bellfve Iftilt rile 8fJf4ing of thf nt..-.pfPf' UlaIlMh"m/f. and UUrktUhemilfjf are In ~ totheaame new..,-.

The ~ (i ••. AU). whIdr tefers to geographlGM .a.pMIItJon$ 01 the MontIHI .... .... fllCpIIW»d In ~ 10.1.1.

I ,,~ that til ... t»CtIpIa a/x)w th.t the adMtie$ 01 1M wrM. In rJHa c_ the uJe of ~ as IrIiIkIiIed 1ft thlt L TTE Operttiooll Maoosi continued in 2007, svtm Iihr me L TTE WD listed u .I«roriff entity in Aptf 2OtM.

304. 01'1 Septenar 3",2008. INSET ellttOt.d. Special! Se.rdl WInWlI: iIil4160 .nd -41&2 V.n Home Avenue. MonlrUL Oumg ,,.. ... rd1, .,.,.. boofdet WIllI ,,!zed. The bQokMl 'MI' in relere",* tIC HIlIng, t.o • MCICltre4I1 ~. ad .~ in u-. weeldy l'IIIW8paoer U~rfor lin ~ 01' JOOO. 'T'M ~ dlha ~ .. 011200$.

Th .. Infom'*Ion ICOmI!e; fft)m nay .-1 ... of _1bIt 2OOI-t 1, ItMn I<2$&.. (10) (Photo 11)

I beilellfl that ttJJ$ is BnOthfr ~ of how Ihe- fundrtIIsInQ ~ Of thf WTM. III thiS case the .. oI~, COItIJnutid In 2008, even ..., rile L TTE Wal liattd as an entity .. Ap1f12000.

305. On September 3"',2008, INSET elC8CUled a Special Starch Wln'll'lt .. 4leo and 4182 Vln Home A...-nul. Montreal. During the ... !Ch, IlWfttig~ Hfzed v.ri0u6 foldtta eontainlng doalm.matIon teI_ to WTM. Among. the item. Mind .... a .tatement dalfId 2o.Jun-2007 from !he I'ItWIPtpet UI-*",Imillr midi out to MorIn.' branch. Thill ttaIImenllhDWa v.fIouI amOlJlltS Itartklg o.cember 31".2006. to June 2&1".2007. Tl'It talal amount indicated on '" Itatornent it $1.606. Thill addr8M lilted for the new.paper Ie 39 CgnHflllno arM, Toronto, u-..1ddreN of the Toronto WTM.

TIdI tnrom.tlon conMIII fn:Im my ,..., .. of_h" 2I00I-11, a.n K2"IP1lc;JtQ al) 1'hetI8 /j,. _smpIH Qf~ ahow thIt the ectNitiIit. 01 th. WTI( fIQIolIIy thf "" of MWfIPaptNS, .. diRMtd In the L TTE ~ Manual, oontil'wed in 2007 and 2008. wmr .tt.r thf (. ITE W84l18tfKI as an 8Ilfiy in AprlI2006.

10.U Fun"'n" IIIIthod .. ~. Fund,..", C .... lgflo .". ttt. L TTE ·TfIm ........ fund

308. CIn December 5-, 2005, TOfO",O INSET .wiNd WonIntaII INSET about • I'lIIW' fundraiall'lg HIIstive by tne WTM in Canada. Thill fundraillng. activitr C8IId ·T • .,.... s.vingt Fund' hid *" HtlbIiIMd to eccumullll. $100 milion wortdwide b'j the end of Ju .... 2008. The mtlhod UHd It. to d8msI'\d loan. n.nging: from $2,!OO to S50.000 fn:Im ftlmilles, bulilWflM and pn:II1Iinent rMnibera In It- Tamil oornmunlty.

This InfonnatJon wu obMIMd ffofn ..,. .. rtt John IlACDONALD •• MlmlMrr of Toronto INSET, (-s_ MACDONALD"),. .......... In IlIA Inwdpllon report -.cI

PlQ.113 of lG3

Page: 113

Dec ..... ' ... aooe. (nU)

307. On ~ 29", 2006, Sgt. MACDONALD .uppIiId MontrNIINSET with a copy of tn. oordract the WTM 'WB8 using to otJhct the money from tne T.,nil community .115 rntntioned In the abow ~I1IPh.

Thle Infoml&lon wn __ Intel from Sgt. ..... CDONALD on IIM:h %1"'. 2001, .. ,... ..... CI to in Cpt. BOUDREAU'. InYMtigatin ,-port, ca.c.ct lItrCb 2t", 2008. (131.2)

308. On April 13", 2006, the Montrul RCUP executed 8 Seal'dl warrant at • rnidrlnoe IQc$lted at 7720 PIHX BouI8vafd, unit 1, Montreal. The..-ch or the ~lidence Wlil lIIuccenful in loCating IOfne doaJlIleI"ft ntlating 10 the TwnIIl Savings Plan fundraising. AmotIQ th8itam& .. 1ad by tt.1nve8I~ Will Tamil SaVlngl PIln InfcKmMion fom't. idlanbl to the CIOCurnent deacrtbed In thO tIbOYe p.lr.graph, exI'Iibitt 201)6..20, Itemt 6,1 to 6.0, Trw.. itMl. _18 then ~ to MI.. GOURDEAU. A tobII of 878 01 the T8II1u. Savlngt PMn donation oan1IKCI wtft fllIo<I with denlof'. ifmIrmatIon,

n. IIItonn.Uon obCalMd from the """.1(1 ~ng r.port of ....

GOtJRDbu, Odobef .... 2007. CU.

The tDtlJl amount receNtd lot th,. 618 COIItnIds 18 J fO .... goo, wNch wifI be flXP/aiMId later in thi8 uc:tton.

308, A tr~ 'MfSIon of 8 .... Tlmilt. Savingl Plan ~ '* be found betow,

Page: 114

Full Name:: ......... ---


E-mall:------------------.----- !



Addreu In Tlmll s-n:--------~--. .-. i

Dale of BIr1h:-~ __ •• _T_TT- __ .

------- - -~--.--.

Amount dloen:-------·-----·

Dat.t of iaulng the Ioan:----- · ._._ .. _ .. w .... _ •• __ ._. -----


Fim beneficiary:

Full N.ml::----------- - ... - ...... ----



(Only in the lbHrlee of first banlficilry •• will be pilIld to u. uccnd beneficiary,)

AtIM' tlill 30th gf July 2008. not more u.n 1 0 ~ Of the .mount wi be ~burMd In I'lJP6" from the aoc ...... ullIIIld ~ of the loan, with &% ~t .nnually. If 'NI.h to ~ In an. cunency of lhe country d .... nce. II will ~ m" KeOn::IfIg to lhe countriel' rate of' that. "':t. n. recipient of the ,.imtlurtament will be ... n ttwough the dtIw. The i ... raIJI will be c.lwind from Ihl date of it. loin,



T1tIa mtdon CdmM from my rftIttw or uhlbll 2GQI.2O, bin 8.2. eN. 1 ); and

from T ..... laY .... Plan contractt7347. (ItI)


Page: 115

3fO. ~ Ic'QMd (kj11rtQ thO...-ch. nzo PIe-lX BouIevMS, unit 1, ttIonIrwI, ...... Tamill ~ngl PI_ t.mpcnry receipII. 'T'heee !1Iceiptt, were UMd to r.cord tM paylMN made ~ the dorwkn towIrCk tht ..-nount they ~ to dOnal. to the L TTE. Tht serial number Of UIiI T.."ib Sningl Plan 101m wei wrlden on the receipt of ~ donalo, to _1:1 track of haW mueh ..,. peid. While Ole TamMI Savtngl Plan fom'I ... LlIMid to. wlleC( the ~ and cam~ tile donItor to. .. fundr8l8ing; $d1IIme. ttle tMIpOfary rtCtIptI. ...... UNCI When coIIIcting the money.

Th.. InfonMUGn _ abt*IMd from Mr. RONDEAU .. mer'" to In ..

InYfeIlgallon ""'" .... ~btr 14", 2001. (I .... '

A copy 01 a blank ~,...." (94.3) and of.,. actu./ recelpl with trans/alion Is· .".m.d. (94.4)

311. In her Oalober 2f1"', 2007, r.poIt. MI. GOl)R.OEAU Ollpleined .,.the Tamb' s.mgs p~ Information Form. indIcaIe the amounll IoanId to. "* wru while 1he Taml .. SMlgI TtmPOttlY R«..ip18 indicate the Irnountt ~ bY tI'Ia wn.1. On 676 Infoimabon Form& reviewed, 881 fonna IQISIIntICI me MlOUI'll of tN proml$Ad 1o.n for a lOla! amount 1000ned of $2,081.700. The loan. IWlglI(t from S1.(1OO to ISD,COO, bll til. majorly of the Ioane wtn for thtI .mount of $2,500. Iu Indicat.d at the I)Ottam 01 the FQm1, ma.t Ioane were dIMd f10rn OdObtr 2005 to ApIlI 2008. In addition, , 5 of II\e Information Forms revIewIc:I ~ thM tney ..... dorlltlcna. 10 tht btr'Iefieiillry section, some of the donatorI chO$t to ental' the name of PAABHAKARAN, thtt Ie_r of tt.LTrE.

".. I~tion WH ol81ned from ~ 3 .nd tIbIt 1 of .... GOURDEAU' • .. port daIIId OctHer H*t 2001. (13.

312. In her ntpOrt MI. GOURDEAU ~ U. findinga with ~'1Q ~ Tami"" s.winQ, PI~" InformllliDn FOI'I'I'II and Tempenry Receipt. III foIlowI:

T.mh Ia¥IftOt ' .. n InfonnMion FCMmI ConMponding Tlmn, 8avtnp
T_poIWY Rec*pta
'ofFotIM Amount Mute 'of Amount Nc*
.... pea
876 $2,081.100 R~ 100 $194,900 Reviewtd"
182 $292,900 NOt 10 $12,100 ReoMwed"
Unknown Unkr!OVtIfI Net 4 15,500 RevielMtd'"
I. u.S7"UO 11. $213,100
CT*t) cr-, CT.I) (ToW) -

We have reviewed the ~r 00py ..-.d ~nn$d COVt of U. docurnerD.

Thne fonmI .~ to eldlt bMed on WlM'. InteIMI documllntatlon and on GOOWponding ~ otViewed.

n. .. form. 8PPII .. le ... bated on 1M receiptl f8V~,



Page: 116

TttIa II'donMliGn waa obtailMd ftom ncBon ~ of .... GOUftD!AU~. reoort IWH OdaOer 21·, zovr. (N,

313- In t. ftItlI)rf. M., GOURDEAlJ noted the u~ terms of laana made I,.Ind.r lt1tt T8m~. s.ving:t Plan •• indicated In !he I~ Fonn:

> F1111t. they tlMtd thll rehlbulUlMf'ltS .... dlIhwminad by chIN;

,. Sec:ood. tnat. maximum of only 10% d tht loan wi. be ralmburMd In July 2008.

I'IOthin; is menUoned In rtgaRtt to ... gt'-r QO%..

The repan alia IOOIcate$ that cootldering the high ... d ,UCh an In\Intmeot. the promlled .nnu.I1nlen* ... of 8% Ieen'IS lOw,

1lI1t anronn.tIan .... obtai_ fram HctlGn 3 of .... GC)URD!AU' ... port dilled 0ct0bIr 21", I0Il7 •• 13)

314. In her report, Ms. GOUROEAU noted that according to tilt Tompcnry Re'*Ptt reviewed, a total r:A 1213,200 was cohc:t.d b8Iween Odober 2005 and A;ri 2006.

Thit IfI'"",,*n WH oIICIlntd f\'om HCtIon 3 of .... 00URDeAtI't MpOrt ClHH 0ctabIr .. , 2807. (U)

315, Several documIf1tt were kaled on t USB memory key 8ti:ltd on April 13H1, 2006, at 7120 Ple4X BouIevttd, unit '. Montreal. One of till documentt found on thie USB ~ it II apreadlheet UNCI to kHp hdc of Ile Tamil. Stvinut Fuod progreu and to ktntp WHkIy 1811\' of Ihl. funchi*lng. The cIocumInt gIVe amolJfttS atartk1g • MHIk ~3 ta ~ Q and thlm from week 01 to WMk 14. Tra~ M the :2006 and 2006 ~ .. , W09k 43 00Il'fIIIP0IldI to 1M ~ of Odober 23111, to 2lt', 2006, and week 14 COfJ'eIp:IndI to ttle __ of AprIl ~, to 8",.2006- n..t ptriod of time COI'TftpOI'Id$ to !he da • ..-....cI on tht lamb Slvlnge corftet fottnt filled oMa'I dont«n' infafm.tion, FQf ach WHk on tht .~ tmQijnte '" entete<l for tht follOtMng 4 l:iltegotih:

1, T_I no. of units wntten:

, btNtll'e this ,.,.. to thf IM#1Ibrn of TamMs SaWlgB Fund r;:ontraCta tilled with clM.tforl;' informetioo;

2, Total amou~ written:

, ~ Ihts I'fIIera to 1M tolaI &mCIUIU 01 Ute pIedgea !MiIt- Q(I the abolltt IundmIsIng conttaal:

3. Total amou~ rwceived:

, belfeve tm ,.,.,. to ~ MrIOmt of mon.y coNected to <IIi*;

4. T_ ~ Mnt to tM country:

, beIfIw8 WI rfifI to the .mount CI money.'" Iu the IntfJmIJtJontII ~.

The l*I ~ for •• eII of theu row ~ pi a. kilo.:

1. ~. 3. 4.

T 01111 no. of units wt1lt«1! T* .mount written:

TabIl Mlou'" receMd:

ToIIil.nIOWd unt to .... oounby;

713 241 .. 200 208200 137000

The lot.! .mount Mnt to Iht country is ~ from four dlltinc;t .ntrIn on the IJ)I'edhMC:

Pap 117 of 183

Page: 117

,... iftfon'MtIon ... obtained from Metlan 3 of lIa, OOURbUU· .. I'8I)OJt dat.d ~ .-,2007, {Nt

313. In h8r r.port. MI. GOURDEAU l'IOted the I,InUIUlII bWma oflOana made u"d.r tne Tamils s.vtnp Plan., In~ in the I~ Form:

). Flr.t. they IIt.-dIhal rei'nt)u1"MfMflla Ire determined by <hw,

> Stoc:ond. UUd • maximum or only 10% of th. IOIln wi. be Nlmburled In July 20M,

noIhiniiJ s ..... ~ In reprdI '0 the CIlher~.

Tht ttpOI1 1110 ndQtes that eontidering tnt high n.k. of .ucta an inYeltment. the ptOI'I'IiMcI annuiIIlnhQlt ,.. of 8% Ieemt lOw.

,... InfonnMlon ... obtained from uctIan 3 of .... GOURD!MJ'I Nport d.ted Odober U-, _T. ,.3.

314. In her repon, MI. GOVROEAU noIed thai ~ing 10 the Temporary ~ relJiewed, I _ of $213,200 waI c:on.ct.:I ~ Odobtr 2005 100 AprIl 2006.

Thl1 ~n WIt obtained from MCtton 3 of .... BOURDEAU' • .-port ClHad ~"., 2OD1. "I)

315. s.verlll document. were Ioc:atecI on • USB rMmory kay aeized on ApnI13t11• 2008. ac 772(] PIe-IX BouIev-'d. unit 1, MontrMI, 0Iw 01 tt. documenta found on t~ USB key it I sprNdehett utdd to kMp hck d the Tamil, &lYing. Fund prograu Ind to keep WMldy 1II11y of thIS f\n::IrI!iaing. The doournenl g .... amountl Itartlng • week 43 '0 week 152 and then from ..... 01 to week 14. TNnIPOMd ~ tlw 2005 INld 200S eMend ... , \'oIftI!: .... , ~ to the Mek of OI:1ober 23"'. to 20", 200&, aod __ k 14 COIreepondi to tt1e week of April r, 10 8" ,.2006. That period of tim, ~ to tn. chI".~ on the T • .,..1I8 SavI. contnIct fon'nt filled with cIoMtm' idamudion. For •• c;:h MIlk on the IpruCIBheet, *'I'l00'''' .. entefld for 1M mUlMing 4 eattgOrIes:

1 , T alii no. of ul'litl wriIterI:

'beRt"" this teferI to the 1M11bf113 at T.mNs Sav.lng. Fund ~ fIJJed with dcnakn' WoonsthJn;

2. T obII amount written:

I ~ tIH8 reIGra to the toIII amount d the pIedQes W't'IWen on lhe .0011$ ~ conIrac;ta;

3, TOIIIIlIllOu,", ,..1vId:

, ~ WI ntar.t 10 U. amou" of money COIItctfd to drh;

4. Toto! amount MnttotM cauntry:

, believe lhIB I&Ief3 to 1118 amount 01 mo(WlW $8fIf to the Intemlliamll S8cntlarlat.

". total ~ for MCh of ...... four ~ gaM •• follow.:

1, 2. 3, 4.

T~ 110- of unitt wrlltM1:

TOltII.mount wriIIen:

TcQI MIOUnC nlceived:

Totallmount....-t to ..... co .. nary:


Page: 118

)0 w.. ... (Nov. 27"-Dae.:r 2(lQ6): 37000

:. WHk 05 (.-.. a- - Feb. ~ 2(08): 3fJOOO

). Week De (Feb. 1tf' - Feb. 2&" 200f1): 42000

,. 'NHk 11 (Mtr. 1~ - M..-. 1'" 2008): 22000

Tht. Wonnatkln .... oIMIIlned from • rwJew of .... RONDEAU', in~lipaIion r.port, GM:M ..... uarv "., 2007 ( .... ): and my ~ of .. hM 2001-20, !tim 2.12 ..... 1 •. (N,I)

It is InterHtIng to note the ~ .. mIfJ'Ib8tB between tile amount repOIfed by AfS. GOUROEAU ~ her reporl in f81}atds to Iw ~J.w of me ftImpOr8t)I feCfllpla (1213,200) cofI'e(:ff(f. tI(Id". numoer IrIdIcMfd fil ,he ~ found the US8I«Jy (S206,2OO, II! ttdIc8ted In appetIdiJ 4 of M .. OQURDEAU's report dated Octobw"", 2007.

316. On Api 13", 2008. IrNnIigItOrt .~ • Setrch w.trtnlilt 7720 PiIHX BcUeVllrd.

IWt 1, Montreal. Of the ItImt ..u:.d, • '" ~, containing num.ou. Tami_ SlllYing5 Plen teeeiptt and fQur fl1lncild 'IOuc:btrt. was locat«I. The tWIt .mulotll indicated Oil the bJr voucherI inclit»te$ 137 000, Tt,. fuur vouchen are dnoribed " followa:

)0 Vouc:Iwr 1 .

• RII..on: &nng - ExtemIJI Ex~ (~

• Amount 37,000

• o.et: 1-12-05

• S~;$.~N

)0 Voudw2

• NIInw: S. BAl.AH

• ReaGn: Sam$I- (Exbwnal exp.nul)

• AI'I\OtJnt: 38.000

• o.te; 24-1-08

• S1gn1ture: S. BALAN

• SlgnlUft at. bcttQm: T. MURALI

» Youclw3

• N_= S. BAl.AN .

• Reaaon: S~1ng - ExtBn'Mll ~ (MQnh-')

• Amount; 42,000

• 0..* 18-Q2.Q8


• SlgnellRo .. bottom: T. MURAlI

)0 \'oucIhIw oil

• ~:$.~

• Rtuon: &lYing

• Amount; 22,000

• 0 .. : 15-03-00

• Sign..,.: S. BALAN

• RIJf1l1IIb; Q128, 0128.0050,0049,0019, OOD9, 0068,0087.0066, OOG5. 0CM8, 0048. 0080. 0081,

TIJue ~ ~ to me 111mi1, S-.vingt AIIt~. found

Page: 119


Tb .. Int'onnation _ ",1,.... '""" ...,. ,..n.. exhIblt lOOt .... ItMI 2.1«, .. 1* .. 7720 PI. IX apt. 1 on April 1'·t zoot. (31.1)

I (IeIievrI s. SALAN is CHANDRASEGARAIA ar Hell ot'I 8tIIN I'imJnci,sI reporls !iIgn«J by CHANDRASEGARAM, the ~ Qf 4180 8IH1 tf112 Veil HOI1Iff Avenue. 1l1li0 believe tI$t T. MURALIIB Mt,nJef Karan THURAIRA TNAM. 11M ItJadM Of tIM W1M.

I bttIIe ... rltet tfrfI Iil'lI"fll'HSbnl .&t.mII ExpeflSIH· WJd "$ltnl1O C<WrJby. liIfI in relenJnt» to money SIMI to the L TTE's- I~ Saaetarl~.

311. AiIO lOCated on the use ~ weN 2 weeklY reports prepared by THURAIRATNAM eonc:eming tho functaiting actiYICleI with 1M TfII1lIIs Slvil'l!Jl Fund.

> The fiI'It report, dab!ld MIt'dl 2~. 2006 .• from I:ht Quebec Brandl in C-.nd II U:IreuItd to '~ '. It ta IligMd by THUFWRAlNAM. "ltKlft the toIowtnLt

• ThfI total '0MlI written: 14;

• The tottI no. d units wriU8n: 14.2;

• The tobII IKI. of uni,. rtcal'led 4,8.

» n. second r.pon d8d ApttI 4"'", 200B. it from !he 0I.Itbfc Branch In C.-.ildil .nd Ia ~Ied to .n. Admlfliltratot n.m"-r savinga, Tamit Eelam". 1M gaptJon Of the ,.,.-t is TtI.,....r S..mg Weekly RepOrt .nCl it i$ sign.d by THUAAlRATNMt. It IItaI8I the foIowIng:

• ThD tIMI numb« d units WfftMn tor 1M _k ~ 20;

• n. tdIiII.mount wrtMn Ie 50,000;

• The morwy receIwd 1115,300;

• The mooty NIt" 0;

• CMh In hind It 68,200.

Thb InfonnMlon IIdIi C'lbtalntd from my rmew of HhlI)It "'20, Ittm 2.12, pall" 11 Pd 11. eM,I}

'n "" fht Jefter; Ihf fIatrI8 KMman htl btfn .(In on other IItIInciIl documfnt! of thf WTM. In ~ 2OtKi-11. /tQm 01 • .wI page 33 I, an .X~ .. 1It)fJf';her; The name incIIcaNld on 1M voudtfr II T~ "-MM (pubI/cMJon' and the fH.kVI irtdlcatfd It WInrIi {utfmII ~J. (fOQ.4J

KMnrIfI'lI$'" foufIdon dHtque 1f331h;1m W1lf to IJtIIndIvidwI named Pam:hellnQem PARAMANATHAN for S1. 77445. 111 the ~ 5ffCtiQn It ~ irItI1cated KanmMJ WTM TCHUI'IIO.

""" $fKIOrtd IlIfI1Jr 1$ WtrNMc:ll for the ac:JmIntatretor of the T'hMl .. r S$vtlgs in TamO &IMn, the .. a aontroIted by lh8 L m. I bfIIiew. thIit tht;t8 two I.netw Ihow thst some /mtJOtfanOe Is MtaGbed to ". futJlhl.'iltlg meIt'IOd beCauae updates .. MInt by THURAIRA TNAM.

310. Of! April 1:t". 21)01), Invati;~ .. lad • bI:IOIC binder from .1150 Van HOlM Awnw, Mon«rnl. In thia binder. a n .. ~n ~ W8IJ fQII'Id wIttl numbn retnng to MontruI, Toronto and Ott... P.-t of the ioformation en thII dOCUn'Ienl ttliIt.s;

)0 Fonn-20

~ TOItI.mour« - 50,000 20 unit

l" Reoelved -15.300-0,12

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Under the headirv Monb'eII. h foIlO'NinCI numberl are writlell;

» 1_ t2.05 - 37,000

)0 24.1.08 - 38.000

» 1$.02.06 - 42,000

)0 9.3.00 - 22.000

Thltlnfonndon ... obtained frGm • dOCUlMRt toYnd • '110 Va HorM on April 1a- ..... eIl:NMZGCII-i't, ........ ,N.U)

, w.v. tit" ".. ~ Of fYfID in the p,..,nou,s ~M IImfa ft'IQ /,1i18(;f ~ 01 CHANDRASEGARAM wrd THURAJRA JNAM i'I ",. Tamils StMngf Plan ~~. It it llSO irltMtting Ie no'" thfJI dOOumfttIt.,1on in I'fIJIatian 10 the amcxmt of 1137,000 "lent to th. ClOUnfrY" wu IocBtfid •• 130 Vun 1-tonHi, M"M otr;ce, and at 772IJ PiHt BouIeVlld, unit 1.

10.2.' FundNlalng IMIlhod • - CoIl.c:tIon through 11'-

31 i, T1rB ""' ooIRctIon _ that .,.. pUtCed at diIftnrnt wIlUfIJ IW fDCIaJ fWIfJIB held by u..

WTAf ... waN as In tempIN. T .... ". in I'tJOW CClIIU ~ bada whetw InrJlvldUfll. C8IJ put money Into rttem thmuQI'I 8 SIIMf (IfJtIl{rIg at the top. The MIOI.IntB gtuNtflIted by "... collection jar. .. IndudlIl1 ;n monthly limmclaJ statemenll .3 ~s In 8 ~ called .oftHIt" im::O'!1e',

320. On AprIl 1211, 2008, Il'NeItigaItcD MIzed at ;1.160 Van Horne Awtnue. MotItre •• MIIef .. 1 fioanQII dGoumIntI ,..*<t to tho WTM'. monthly eotiYil.lI- In., binder identified as ut1i:IiI2000-12. '*" 1,)1. me. a document UtI8d "Revenu. and.xpfIr'IMI statement for the month of ~ 2004" was foI.Ind. woe (lEI of the ......nun indaw.. othef 1n0CJme for an amount of 13,153.35. WTM incomt voucher$ 10C8MId on p8Qae 11 to 14 e~ln the origin of ttlia sctIrte of Inc:ornt:

PIge 11 it 8 vovc:her fof *,".35 tor AmdIl coIIoc::ttd thtough CIIfRriB .. 1M sporlt meet;

Page 121111 voucher fer $1~10,7S lor I11OtIe)' COIItd8d M the Muruga Temple Ihrough tilll, daled Auguat 2S • 2004, ligf\8d by THURAIRATNAM;

pag., 13 II a voucher for 5592,50 for mon.y ooI~ at tl'lree templee 01\ New V., dIIy in Atri, aq,ed by Tl:lUAAIRATNAM:

, bellev. til. th#IIi lfmOUnt waalllSo t:tIIIlIt:Md tIIn'Jugh Ii/I5 8t IIle t1Iree Iemp#H-

1> p_. 14 II. voucher for $488.75 for ~ ~ .t Our t.dy of Potato

C",""" in Rigtud lhrot.Qh .... .t.led AuguIt 1 • 2004,

TbhIlnI'rInndGn .... -"Ined from the AqUM 1004 1INMdII~ .. "Ift.1 • ......,.nt found .. "112 v... Home f113.2)j ..... fr9m aM WfM Inco,. YOUehe,.. foand an ~ 11 .., 1 •• CH3.7)

321. In Apri 2008. INSET InveItigetors ~ S.arch Wamll"lt at -4180 end 4162 Van Home Avenue. as well 81 7720 Pl.-IX aouJ.v..-cl, unit 1, and

A t~ of is pa..lic oontalnen (tile., wen HIad aIQng: with .n amount or

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