$2,007.37, On Sepeetnber~, 2008, 1N8£T~ ~Wd."_ ~_ -4180 and 04102 V .. Home A'If!

ImIIt, Monti'afil, I1e omc:. of the WTM. A total of 110 ,..0 ~ (tills) ... Hilled, WhQ. many of the. _ were empty, In .motlnt of $3,010.04 .. ,.ad from"""'_.

nt. infomtdDft .. oIItalMd fIom an ilWfttlg.dwl report by c.t. MANCINI da .. d fIIlrGh ,2"'. 2OOt. (12.)

322, Of the 110 pl •• ~ (till) MiaId on Slptember 3", 200e •• Ix of them _roe IOc:IIte<t in #'Ie maln oil ....... benind the front ddk. Ttfte of them I#ItliMd small d1ange, m<*Iy '*'"'"' ...nett tdaled $7&.01. A doter look at theM ,NIt etlo'IWd thM five of them htd • timill!' ItiokeI' logo on ttMIm. TlW.ticker hat • five digit fWfIiber on top. In 1M oentN d the lclgO, '" 1M L m loge. At 1he bOttcm of the .tIcker. it Is indicated Tamil Eelam RaItt ~ and MatdIoaI Fund. The IIX1h till hal • piKe of PIPIr ~ wound.. On the paper It ltatM In F~; HelP fOr ".",nami 'tIlClIm&. pi .... dCf\n ~1Wi'OUIIy. The me.uoe fa from 1M Coatoe and UnIv..ny Tamil atudentl d Mon1rQI. At the boUorn, it ~etI that Ill! ~, will bot flent to th8 mo.

ThJt, InformdcnWM obtai,*, frcm my,... cAtxhfI* 2001-11, K2tf, (Photo 2) I believe fIlM 1M Jrv. digit I'UImbW on motI lib hi for ntcorfI ktHping fN,$OM.

M :mown thtoughouI "", AmdfVt I btltievfld the TRO tQ bII .,. OIQatlilllfiOn WOrlfing on NIUtIf d the I. TTE,

10.2.10 Fu ....... IMtItod 7 - R""'" through loclM and aportinO IIVMUI

323. The lTTE ~ MIn"" dIclta* 1M fofIowing ~ I~ undef tub-

IJIIQiort 2-2;

"If ~V fIAanci8I coIla«lcn J)fOCI8da eomM:dV, I 1Itg4t furldralalnO ClII'IpIIgn .MII bf ebandoned. H~, Ul'ldtr .. "*'* furadrattllno campaign, Iht kfowiog may .. ~:

I) By ~.rglrlg • fie to tntertaIn tn, pc,itIlc through rnUllia. danCe, chm •• Iid IPJI'te 4IWfU help 10 rille lunda.

n.1t,nfonMtlon ........... ham tIW L1TE OpMIIon ...... ~ 2·2, "(UI

E>tarnp/IH of W-I)pe of IundnWirIg wIN be ~ in secJion 12 f« ~9Ch Of 111ft sub~ofl1ltc WTM.


324. TM money coIIfctfd by tht WTIof in Mr.Inlre8J is frxwlIn1fId to 1M LITE thnJugh the WTM c.nM branch. In TOI'OtIto. or vffo Wh ttanlfwa. by ".,.,." 01 me WTAI In Montreal to ~ binI( fCCc>Unt In #WaI. Lumw, M./syMl. u wwI1 S6 money tran. ~ SVCIt. $Jn;:II" FlntlllCial. 11uJ WTM momf,Im '* to fu(Id htt" " externai e.t'PGMH for the ~ ..... or lor ·Vanni', In rM foIIor;;;ng paf8f1l'J1Phl J wif de#1ibe 8"MJIt d tIM ful'ld trIMIers to the L TTE I~ Secrttarill. done by

" ". 121 fA 183

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U.1 Other r.IIItH ..... ....,,, ..

325. A& axpIaInH fWVIously lind In tIM following pa,.-.phs. "vldence ~ bHn found in lW}atm to fund".",.,. b81.wen me WTM ,ltd file WTM", T~ 88 welt R wntt thfl Wodd TMi#I RelIef Fund bank af:COtHlt irI Aflttaysia. I believe that both thHe acrounta .. u88d to fund me L TTE" In Sri Lenb.

11.1.1 WIll Ontario

32ft. 0UM1iI TotU'lto INSET'. Invntlo.uon, IrWMtlg~" hfye ~nur!'!d 20 iICCO!.Ints it, C8n1KUl tMled to WTl.4 Ontwio and itt ~.: 10 with Toronto DominIOn ftnendal group; 1 with Bank of NIMi Scotia; 4 with Camden Imperial Bank of ~en::e: 2 with the N.tIcntl Bank I)f Canada; au'Id 3 with the Royal Bank gf Canada. or thIu 11 .... with lhe Royal Bank. CJt-. In ~rtiaJlar II ~ to lht WTM in Moncre.et 1I~tlO6222·1276204 • .e: 850 Danforth AVilnl,lt. Toronto,

I ...... obbIlMd tNt I~ tram T.b 2 of • MpOI't by Cpt HILL IHItItltd IIfteport on tIMncIIl document Wortd nmU M~ of OntiIrioM •• MaV 0'·, 2007.(".2)



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~o 12301183

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11.2 FuncI tnmtfer • ........, ZU4 • ifZ4.ODD

330. On April 12", 2((18, police ilMlltlgtrtors MiQd ~ documents from .. t82 van

Page 12" or 183

Page: 125

I-tomt AwntJe. tJII)ntreel. One of 1M d~ .-'-d _ tn. WTU " ... ",,1.1 .......... for .IW month of Se;qmbflf 2OCIA. The Mt-PIOt report iI conlaintd in • duo t.ng binder ~ with 36 pagel of eQUl'CII doa;mene. relilling to ItIe tranucllol'la mentIon«! in the financial report. ,... ntpOft W_ pnIPlild by Murall. Id«ttIted .. 1h8 per'lOIl ~ for the FIn.net om.lon, Quebec Brtnch in 2004, Murllfi I. Ihlt present IMder of the WTM *td w. the ~r for Ill. orgll1izaWn in 2004. On tine 8 of ttM: report . .nll1l<lWll Qf $24,000 it repcJft8d 1I.tern.~ .. for September 2004. ".... ,....", prG'Aded on ttIe ttpM IndlcatM _ I. TIE I~I SecrNriM. This ft.md IflnPr 10 the l nE wall daM In two ... rent gtOupJ of tranucticwl, which an. delCrtbed In pwlIQrtl)ha 11.2.1 .nd 11.2.2.

l1I'- IIIfoI'mMion ... obtailMd from a wrll fiMndal ... rt lor the monttI 0' a.pe.mbW (M.ZJ _ from Cpt. 8OUDREAU1.ln\WtIgd'I. rtport, dDd July 13"'.

ZGaI.. fI4.)) .

11.11 T ..... afer of 57,000 ". W11II Toronto to thf IntItm«ti~1 SecretMM In hplembv 20M

331. On PtQe :z.c d the hnciall1lpori. for September 20041$ • WT'U expll'llt voliCher ....

Sept.",_ 1 yA, 2004. mad. In 1h8 name of GOBU and the rta$OI'l fgr U'It eXPense given .. Intem.tICIRII ~ The enlQUllt wrlUen Ie, $1,000 and the document is signed by T _ MURAL!. A note atlM bOttom portion of N doament It8ttIII ..,. "'n ordlt( to ...t m~. WlltM:lraw fr<II'I1 tIw bW!k'. Thit note indicata th .. 1M 57.000 .,.~er ~ bankinG tralll:MdCn(t).

TN. hdormtltion obtIIlMd fram tt. WTM ~. VOUC_ dat8d September

13"'. 201M , .... , from Cpl. BOUDRl!AU'. "","-dgd". t"tPOfl. IWId July ,,111,

2GOI.( ... ,,)

j bMitvf r, IIURAU to be THtJRAlRA TNAM.


332, On pego 0 at the Montreal WTM monthly lI,.nc:" ..wt for Sel*mbtl' 2004 is • Iitt of tht ~ wr!tMtn- on the WTM TO bwlk ICCOlrIt J4.338.0928tIU for the month of s.*mbllr 2CJ04, Although they wen: made pay. to cath. d'laques I10QS and .... OM In the IIfJ1OU1ta of $3.500 each.,. 1it1ed .. hMling bMn,-*, to lhf Taro",!) WTM. Th' flIPOtt mantIone the1 CMque .1098 wu ~ when. in fflCt, H W •• crn.que "1005 thai was returned fer ncn a","*nl f~. Che<i. '1102 II I_a all hblng Deen i .. uect to tht Toronto WTM to replace the returned cheque. The .ndcnImenl on lie dleqUlI indl~ that they were (tiIpoI:1ted Inco IICX'oOUnt '127(1294. at the R_ Bank 1OC8*t. Pope and Da~crth In TOfGIItO, TnIl KO'.'I~ is held by the Toronto WTM.

T" .. lnfoImICIon ... oIIMIned tram,.g. g. 01 ... Mil rnotIIlNy NpOtt U .... 1); the ......... nlimlMNd l10tt (H.'I): from ofw4M-". ell.%): CblqlMl "'''02 (H.3).

333_ The benk stIItements for Ihl WTM TO blink tIOtOUnt "'336-092815Oi indal, • $7.000 ~ from tM account fOI' • wire trantfet on September t". 201)4. Ttlit wire transfer of 17,030 IncIud_ • S30 .. ",Ice fee from the bank. ,.... ful"ldl .... debited from tl'l. WTM TO blink ~Iri f;l.336.()92e569 .00 credited to the bank ~unt 01' tIw World Tamil ReItI' FUI1I.1 .. the BumJputra eomm.n. e.nk ill KuaItI LurnpU', 1MbIyllia. The abcM ~ $7.000 wlreHnlfer WfII reh.mId t:nd tndMd to uw WTM TO Clned.

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Sank, on ~bet ~,2004. The bilnk ~t ~no to ...u. ttana.dlbn od_ that thlt WIe dOna upon the requnt or the WTM. It ill4AO'MII why thl wire UWlJfer to

the World Tamil ReI ... Fund In Mlllapl. wM cance:IIed by n WTM.

n..t. Infonnatlon w.. ~ from: ... W11I TO Mnk nt (11.3); and frOm

tIM wIN .. ,....at...-v1Ce teeelpt .I"A~

T~, the WTM sent '7,000 to the Mobrld TtJmi R$l1ef Fund via wire fran*' Jl1 Mala,. and th&tl CSfIceIIeO the Iran$I8r. Two cheq~ totalling $7,000 were tMn SfInI fnlm WTAf &fortfrefjJ to WTAII roronlo. on. of ~ chequu wM relumed fOr nonI~ lunda, and a thIRI ~ waf wrlUttn to the WTM TQIDfltO to,.pItto8 it.

11.2.2 TraM_ of $'17,000"" WTM TOI'Gl'ltO to ... 1......-...ti0lNl1 a.c ........ ln..,....._.2CHM

334. loa Iwc.d .artier in ttl. A~, an April 1r, 2OD8, ~ . .-cuted • SeJrc:h w.n.nllt 4102 Van Home AVfIflU8. Among,... item, seized, thtI't wal:

)- A WTM fIna~ll1IPCl11cr s.pwl'l'l~ 2004. On P'III.23 or thII rwport, there I, • WTM expenb ~ dated $tptember 21·, 2004, for $17,000. The name on 1he voUcIW II ooau. ThIa ~ ~ it .......... ~ The yQUCher stttes that tM III'I'IOunt wtll ~ b¥ ttlree WTM ~;

.. 57,000 from Mant, whO I ~ il Mani'Jannal"


• '$,000 frcm S. IALAH who I beJew '* CHANDAASEOARAM:

~ IG,OOD ~ Ganeah who I t.Iieve Is o.n..wa-an Sock.".Ihan.

A Ilandwrttttn I'l0l8 on tM dOCUlMnt looicate, "sent by Royal Bank to WTU Tollrio, 8aXU1I 06222 1278*'.

In tht ntmarka portion of the voucher, the funda proykIed were noted M fallow's:

• PtId by M.nI for Ind"n', funeraltxptn.. $1,000

• Gannh (Me) $5,000

• S. BAlAN (alder broillei') [Sivananthal'l Matter (tHchtt)] ",000

ThIt II'IfonMtIon waf obtained frGm my rev_ of • WTII flnll'td.1 repOrt for StpIINnIMM 10M, nhlbl2CJQI..12. tt.n 01, Sector I, 2II1II floor, 1121, (84.1)

Although III. third am<:IUfIl .HemI to h...,. bNn provided by S. SAlAN, I believe thft hi natation on the eltpen18 aooount ~ thtJt Ute fIIIIda .,. fJtYNided by SivananthlU'l "..,. (tHcher).

335. nil $5,000 ef8dit from GanHWaf'an SOCKAHA.THAN WM rwpald by ttIe WTM on March 18", 2005. Tn. banking recan:l. cf the W1'U TO .. nk .CClClU'IlIM336-0828!!6G Ihow that c;hfIque '1141, dIItecI March 14", 200e, In 1he amount or $5,000, waa mads ~tI&e to ~IW'I. The not. on the CMqw .... that the ~ wn In ordlr 10

repa~ Geneloh'.IQan. .

Th. Infonndon c.orn.. fn;IIIIa T.D. ~ Trust nt for KC;:GUril totUMt,

tor .. ",,00 fIA F........, .... 2GOI, ID Ihrtft ""', 2005 ('1.2); .nd from Ohfque U.1 founclln .mIblUI0I-12, bin 01.1 of 1. ,1'1.14,

336_ The $5,000 idenlRlOd to 81~ Muter QOfflGI from tt. TEEDOR loan, contl1lc;:t 10320, d.a.t Stp.mber 'J.'1'4, 2:004. The eotltrad ... Vlat, on MWdl 7", 2005.

PtgfI128 oC 183

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MUTHUKUtMRU .~ h .mount paid lIS 101m".

ll*I InfOtmdOn CONt from aNbIt zoot.12. I'IIm 01, Stdor .. 2- IIoor. 21128 (U.S.

This ttanncrJtvI W8I' fJXpIa/IIed In deUtllsln 8tIM1JOn 10.2.6.

This fund tranw was made by umu ths Toronto WTM' ~ lJooount , 06222-f21fJ2Q.f at the RoyeI Bank. Thft fund traMfer to the Toronto WTM Mil r.con;ItH;I by u.. Que~ tmmch oilM WTM' as gQinQ 10 the IntemaiiontIISect.8I8riaf.Therefore.1 b8Iitw8 that the above deaarilHJd tMJ InInSsClIon.t totaMng 124,000 ~ fund tntndtrI from the WTAI m lire 'IOmMkmal SecfetMfet II'In'.wflh Torento WTM.

11.2.1 ~ traMacIIoM of th, TOtGnIO W1'II .......... bI' 2OG4 • hCI.GOO

337. On ApI1I 1''', 2008, duflng. PO" Iurveillara of the office GItha WTM loarted It 4160 and ""82 van Ham. AWIWO, Montreal. inve.tigatoll observed~. ~ box •• of docI.tman. 0IbIde tht building .nd placing them In 8 vehicle. THUAAlAA TNAM. the IHdef of tne WTM M. obsarIed .tOI'Ig with unidentified mlln. bringing tme. of documentI from the Wl'M to. municipal J~ dItpollocated.t et2S dI.minCot.......... Mann,l. The docume"" _.. dumped Into a rec:yCling bin by ttl!!!! IHder of 1M WTM ~ ta.lIOCioltft. Stvafal of Itae docurnelltt M'''' rec:overat and HWK:I by poIk;e Invnugttors.

Thll Infonndoft ... CIbUI .... from Cpl. NEUWIRTH" ... ~ ...., Aptil 11f", 2001 (117.2); 1Od"_ CIlI. ct.otmER .. ~potli.Wld April It • ZOO8. (.7.1)

338. ~ among ..... downltntt vm. • ~I B&nlli fund tranlfer form ftJr a wi!-. tran. in the .mOl,l'\t of $JO,ooo. d.It.o September 18"1, 20()1. The fundi.'" .. nt by the TOI'onto WTM tIIld the .mount ..... dIbiIod from the Toronto WTM accoLMltI06222- '27-82~ at 1he Royal Blink. Tile beneficiary of IhIt trder 'Nt .. 1M Wend Tamil Relief Fund. acc:lCM1l'14020175670050 It tht 8tJmlputfa Comm.,e. e.nk in KUli. LUmpur, Malaysia.

Th .. Into"..." ..... Ined fnIfn' copy of lite Ray.llSank fU"d u-. .. ftt, dltId ...... btt 1". 2004 (71.St: Ind ftofn CpL CLOUTIER'. i~tlptive rfPOI\ clltIId "'''-11*, JDOI. (7U)

11.1 0ckJber 10M • "I~ ttl""" flam 1M WTM to Ute UTE YIa 1M IrIWIIdGnII aecr.ta_

339. Ttt. financial report of tl'* WfM for October 2004 w.. HIzed It 41~ V .. Horne Avenue, MontrNI. TIle fInIt two page .... ~ me Fln,ng!*, $Ia1Iment for th8 month of OdolMlr and th. ..mIlring pagea we the: aour12 r:J documentt- lIuociated to tne revenue. and '_n_ lor Itle monIh of Clctclt»r 2004. Tha repon wu pr.P*'QCI by MURAU, iCStl'llifio4 ..... ptI'tOn ... pOI1toiblt for Flnanao OM.ion, QuIibec Branch.

On line 8 d the ~ IWtInent ~ .n amount 1iItect .. 115,000 and deKribed as bmg ....... lex~.

lb .. II'IformIt1on ....... 1"" from U. tlMI'IC~ ~ for .... manth of 0ekIbtt. nhtIIIt 2GOI-12. n..n 01. Sedor .. ". fIHr. l1l2I (M.2); Met from Cpl. BOUDREAu"1nveetIgattn IWpOIt; ddId Jut, 1:1'1 .... (M.1)·

I beNtliW AIURALI to b. THl.../RAtRA TNAM,

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340- On paoa 26 d tMt umt r.pOft I ... WTM .~ .. vouch. m ... out to ExtemoI eltpenH' Gotlu. The reaacn for 1Il1' md.malllOUCI'Iei' Ie given • V.nnl and the .mount ie 1115,000. The t.rm Vlnni is • rwferenee to the nortftem C*ltnI1 .-e. at Sri Lanka, whiCh Ia under the mIlt.y canttoI of 1M L TIE_ Ttli. document wee used by the WT'U ... MoI*HI to reglater opntk1u bp8flH8 .nd fund lrar.fers.. The ~oiMlher II dIIitfId Oc:tabar 3111, 2004, .-ld q. .igned by CHANDRABALAN who is CHANDRASeOAAAM. On the bottom pAlt ol1he doCJwner'I~ th. follOwing notations .. NlfldwrIten:

(a) s.nt to QobLI;

(b) 1a-,0-04 2,SOO ($, S_);

(e) 111" 5,000 Ku",*t

(d) (Manl) Benlt LOOO D.


(.) (2,500)o.bt

The ebt>ve ncationf Cln be e".Nd .. follcwa:

(tl Gobu W8I Identified .. N~ THA.VAlCHEL.VAM who Is • Sri Lankan cI1iDn of Tamil~. Thi, peraon was In C&nada In 2004 on II visitors Vise lind WC)rldng with ,nt WTM tnnchll5 GCI'OU Caoeda: unlil hil dfpOrtation on December~, 2004;

TIIIa InfomIMion ... obtained frOm Cpl. CLOllTlER'1 II'IIIH .... tIve rtPOn. ..... _uwy~,a01.(")

(b) This MhItion CMeIpOfldI, to • ~l'Ik depotlt ,lip 10CIIl1id on j)IIg8 23 of the WTM ftnancill utemenl for Odobet 2004. TlU bank doownent lndatH that on Odober 1e-', 2O(W, an MlOUnt fA $2,600 ... depoH:wd WIto bank IIC(:OUnt 10822-OOl-127.e29-4 held by the Taronto WTU III the ~ Bank. The depOsit allp had the ICCOUnt number ~ on them v.tIldl IndIcMta t"" by t;ffiI't ~POIMld by the TOI"OI'lto WTM. Tn. lunda were 6epolllad In a Montre .. branch of tht Roy" IMnk and the depositor'. inltilt •• T,C. ThC88 Iettti'$ eofTOIPOIld to .... ,...., (If CHANORASEGARAM ofh Quebec tnnch of uo. WTM. The ntme S. MLAN hi. 1110 been ~ aa being CHANDRASEOARAM:

Th .. InfonnIIton ... obIIIMd from 1 Roytl Bank o.,o.lt Slip ..ad .t .112 V ... HOfIMl Avenue. Montreal on Apdl1J11, 2001. C".ott

(C) Acc:cIdfng to the WTM mantflly stItament for October 2004, an .~ of $S,OOO wM bon-oo..wd 1rom Kum." II member of "'111 WTM. n. nnsaction _. I'I'COn:kId on _ WTM income ltold"4r, d$d October r/', 2004. The document it Iligned by T. MuIWl wh<I wa identil'led _ THURAIRATNAM. The fQIIowing notttian II handwrilten at tho bO'dom of the form under U. c.ption ·for oIf"lCIII UN only and RelMr1ul'; "Through tal aent to Tcronto b~ CHANDRABALAN·- ThIJJ loan to thf WTM by Sebastlampltilli THOMAS, • WTM admlnl.tr .. or, is alllO reco!'dlld on • TEEDOR loan ~trt(:t 1321 .110 datfd October &M1. 2.004;

11* infGrmIlion _ 0IM1Md Itom • wry ...,.. ellf*lM repori, .ltd

Ootob.r ... , 201M ,''.:It; * TEIDOR conlnIGt 0321. 2G08-12, lIMn 01 I 8~. II 2nd flOor. 21121 (U.4t; .nd from • WhlInGon'I. vouch.r. ,'''1,

, bltl/iNftmat Kumrb ~ THOMAS.

I befit", ". tranMctiotJ is another example 01 how the TEEDOR H»nl ... Ju.t

pag. 128 ()( 188

Page: 129

(d) IN, S&,ooo amount wtth the n.~ oat .nd the name Manl in braCbt. reprnentt IiIIlOIMr loan made by the WTM, The name Man! rer.... to KARUNANl\NTHASWAWY, the WTM leader In 2004. Thil "tnU(:\lon II refaTtld to In the W1l.4 IllOI'thly fin~itI slslBment fOf October 20~. A WTM Montreal incoma vouc::her stDI ttW $10,000 waa received on r.ndiI tom I pe..-on IdenUIIed .. St,Il)t-.m"'-":

)0 50DD ToronIO e.nk;

)0 MOO ~I b funeral _pen ... of Indl"An)

The "$5,000 Toronto BMk' notation con.ponds to • banI( deposit of 15,000 ma Into the Roy. AM ..::count tI0622..Q03-'27.fJ2~ hetd by the Toronto WTU on OctotIer 1", 2004:

"., IftfonnatIon Mt obtained fram • W11I u;Cama.1 ......... rtpOI't, d.w 0cb;Ibat .-, 20M (IU), from., IIKIOfM '10 ...... fat '101000 C .... t:from I TUDOR oontnICt oa22, _-'12, 111m D1, Sector I. 2_ tIoor, 21121 ,A')

As: far the ofher.ooo t/fPOfif, II if interNtIng to not. u.t th$t"e./s • nooo TEEDOR loan G'CtIffaCt l'O322' aMtd t/HI aame day, Odober f~, 2004.

tel 11Wf1. .. no IJUpporting docurnInlItIon for ChiI $2,500 ImOIJI'It 01htr Ihan It WI' boI1"owd _lncicaIed '" Iht notttiorl"dlbt",

11... ~ 2004 - ,to.ooo h.-fer frOm the WTM ta the LTTE yl .....

IIlIMnItIauI s.c:r.tIIrW

3041. T .... rlllanciiJI .tItement 101' the month of Dec»mber 2004 of U'Ie WTM wn prw~ by THURAIRA THAM, Idtntffitd •• If1iI person IlMIponlible for Finane. Division. Quebec Branch, n. 33 P*Ot ~ it! contained in I duo t.ng blndtr WItI'1 De<:em!)er 2004 w~ (10 1M cowr ,exhibit 2008-12, hm 01, tedOI' 8, 3t.iI5).

Th.. Inrom.llon wa .btU,*, hm; _ ftnInciai ......... to, .. manth of o.c.mber JOO4, pep 1 of anlDft :zooe·12, .. m Ot, 8ec:tor 8. 2nd floor, 3121, (1eN).3); and ,,_. Cpt. BOUDReAU', IIWMUpUw report. daa M.~ 31', HOI, (100.2»

342. On line 8 of tI'» n .... ndtl ~ of DeoIrnber 2004, an amouru of $10,000 I1l1IporttcI .. ellMmll expenaes, Attached to the report .... ~ WTM Intamll documentl, juttifying U. repc;ded tranacdone, A WTM expanwl voucher, located on P8O' 33 at U. report, 8latM d'IIt $10,001) WIMI ~ to "Toronto Kann.n' fot 'Wannr .. utamal expense.. Tt. tource of tht I'I\QM~ .. written down .. U. bc;Jtlom rl the UP8f1H6 voucher .. foIlowI;

(a) Anton S6,OOOd'ttlque

(b) Minli $1.00DCMh

(e) Heroe. fund ssao cash


Page: 130

Cd) Flood AJfiew 1"..0 o.ah - Atu 7

(e) FItX)(t""" R,130calh - Area 7 $9._

m carroll $550 - At-. 7


"... InIormatitm ... obtained tram: _ fInlndll atatement fof the month of

o.c.mber 2004. ,... 1 of .xhlbit 2001-12, ...... 01. Sector 8. ~ floor, 3128, C100.1.; ham. WT'M • .,. ... vouc:hw. pq.1l of _hlbIt __ 12, """ 01. Ieottw ., 2nd floor, 3t2I (100.A); Ind from Cpl. IOUDREAU·. inw .. dptlYe ,.., Ubd

., :W', 2OH. (100.2) .

All exp/fMrIGClIiNiN1ier, I btJIht .... that the temI w.tll'li (or VlI1Ini) III ~ by r.mls to rtthir to the notthern centnJrI .te. of sn Lan1!8, which JI: UfIdtt( the military control 01 ftHt L TTE. I .so ".,_. ~t .vety m.nIkKt 01 ft1(~ goItIg to axt8mal .X~S Is In fBeI go{ng to I1Ht International Secrfleriat HI V.Mi, tilt "" t;OIJtroiIed b)I rhe L TTE at that lima.


TO banking ~sofn. WTM ahO'lithatdleque '1121. dated DeQlmIler 22..,.;1, 2000 (thoukl ~ 2004). In the amount of 15,000, WIt m.d. P*1'1ilb1e to the WTM. The WTM monthly report for IlKember 2004 rafeq. to cheque '1121 tor $5,000 &0 given to the Toronto WTM. The d'lequ. WI. ~i1ed by MANICKAM Into IooounI: .,704018 of h Toronto WTM, held at the c.n.dlan IlI'IpiIfi.1 Sank of Commen::e. kated It i30 I.twfwnee Avenue EIIIt, Nor1h Vofk. Ontario;

TN. Inform.uon .. obtatn.d ftom tnt TO C ..... Trull '-IdI; idatIImInl from ~ to"'; JG04" .nd DtcIrnbM' Sill, 2OD4 e81.1); .nd • fi .... nc .. 1 ~....._ ,-chlq .... 1n o.c.mber .... (100.1)

Th .. I, no explanation. tu the ~In or !hit! $1jOoo In CIIih ttttiblAed to THVRAIRATtW.t.


, ""'ve that "HetQti fund" ,.,.,., to ,.~ from ~nda event" held by tIM WTM, • ...-y 2"" of Nowmber. In honour d L 17E dHd fighlera considoniHJ .. ~by the L TT~:

Thit I"""'" w .. obIIIned ...... the WTII ~ ....... ftOOA):

Ind from .... entItIId .-,....rt (tOO.1)

, belIel/8 ",.. the amtUJIIt tom the Rood reIItf ,......ntt cs;Jtl dofI.oons collected frcm the putNic afl.. th& TtwnamI (If Deoember W, 2004;

nlslnfonndon wu ....... hom..,. WTM _m ... .,...... (100 .• )

s.me .. above;

Th .. ~ ......... from thlWTM ~..,....... ,100")

A ~ lo<*td on page 29 of ..,. fi.,I:i.1 ldal8mlnt accounts dM(:ribls the IIOIft:e of this money a. "QIrroI in Uoncre.l ArM 07".

Th .. 1nfannMIon w" obttNd from the WTM .mIMI ........ (100.7)

~, On ~ 32 of the WTt.t tlnllldli Nl8mtnt kif o.:.mber 2004. there 1$ • tlrtanCl.1 ~r tilled "ClrtIftc8te of Money R8Qai.vad"', ReceIpt '1908. Thl. document D~ a CIIh money count for ,he $15,000 IIat.ed above (btc f)..,.s b1he $5,000 ~ (a). The dlXllmtrlt ..... U. the money wu paid rw THURAIAATNAM from the Ftnanoe





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Page: 132

DM.ion of~, 1hrouon the Ouebec Br.nck (.~nlIl ~_) ~i~1 J:u,owj. T ... d«umlllt i. dated o.ctnlbflr 'JB'I, aOl'M.

,.... InfonnIIIIon ... NQIved frGm ft ... KIt! voucher titled ''C.l1HIcIIbt of M.:.ney ~n.(,a.L"

11,1 ItOOO ......... r fran the WI. to .... Toronto W'11I

3«. On Aprlt 1:2", 2008, police InvestloaWrl ulzed nodll documel'lb or the WTM from 4182 Vln Hom. AIMnUe, Mont .... I. One of the il1iIrn seized ••• binder cont.iIling the bal'lk ~ and chequn wrtHen on the WTM TO bal'lk ~nt t433C1-0928569, The Item il'duMl the Qrigl~ copIn of the monthly .. t.temtott. .nd of thtt pl'O(»fsed d'IfQ ..... by Iha banldng .,.t.m for the period of March 31·, 2004, to November 3(f1, 2005, 0I'Ie d It.- --..mene. CI.1td Aprtl29", 2006, to M.y 20", 2005. shows that

cheque .11~ debited on Mly 19111, 2005.

1bt.I~ otDlud from. TD Dflnk montNy .~ TD bMIC, (IU)

34!. Cheque '1164, cIWd May 17'1, 2005, far $3,000 'd8 drawn tom tho wm TD bri accounI ~8S89 and 111" p!lyabIe lo t .. Toronto WTM, The cl\6I:I .... waa depo.n.d Into ~ 1327-52Q...3084 at the TO Canada Trutt Bank. IoaIte<t at 26 Wibm IQdlen Road, ~, Ontario, on May 18111, 2005. Thil account I. held by the WTM ~ 0tUri0. 'Tiwe i. no justiflcetion for thi$ cheque in tne WTM flnlilncial rtpOrtt. -Paper Kam.r .... wriUen In the rem.1'b portion or the chtQut.

lbi8lnfonNd1on obWned from th. Nview of ~ 111M. ~blt 1001-12,

ItIIrn 01 e.1,e); from T_ 2 of ... port by Cpl. HiLL .nUIIed ""'-POri on ftntlndal

docUment World T 11Ioftnwnt of OntarIO" cMt<I .. , otI', ZOD1. (tut

, ~ (hal the 8bovt dacrlbed tratwM;llon /8IH8HfJIs. It oktIJr cut fund tr&tItJIw m.n th6 WTM to the TorotJIo WIN.

11.' _ to Oetftber 2001. $106~0D0

346. I h.ve aompliMld a reYlew 0' the finandal report for tha mentha of Mly to October 2005 of the WTM. The report Willa Pfepared to OCMtr the 6 month J*iod as no montnly report. wre ctor.. An amount of $105,000 is I'8pOI1ed .. _.mal 'I(JHIOUI whicn. I baI"., II • ...r.r..nce to u- atI'I«Int d motley ttlIrwfetllld to IhIlI InI."ational Secretllriat from h WTM during that ptlriod. I allo completed it ~ of a handwritten hnc:i .. tapCII'l In thII venlion, Ih.~ &lao ~ 1105.000 _ elHrnai .~_ and they lilted Ile Ira""'r pavm-nta under HIla "-dIng 'Country" which, I beliew. i" a ... ~ to T.-n~ Et~. The payrnentll IncIud.cJ iI'I the .Idemal .~ ..... ~: .

)- June 21111, 2005

)0 Junt ~, 2OO!i

,. Jl.lly 8" ~ 2005

)0 July 2ti ,20D5








IOVOUm" r_1

110,000 '10,000 $25,000 $10,000 $32,000

1lI.tK!l. (- Indrud.ed by M.ttly) ,tOl,OIO

~131 af183

ThIs IIlfonnaIoft w_ ...... frOI'ft 1M NVIwI of • 1_'" ""-ncol" ... ~ - _ to Octo ... , 2OOl, ,.... 1 to S of uhibit 2001-12, ItIIm 01, Stctor" fit Roor,

14121 (101.');.nd fnMn • h.nClWrlu.n tinmcW .-.pi,Ift fowId on pqe 21 Of .xhlblt 2001-12, IIIIII'n Oi, 1 JI2I (t02.3, •.

~7_ The name Mathy " the IbtnvImIon f« LYtTHIVARASAN, WhO I, menlloned In W'fM CCItJ'tltlO~ngj, .. \he F*'tOft .-ponalbll- kif 'finance mailer of the L m. Tho funds, as IUIted In 1he cor~nce. were blMng unt to M,o\THlYAFlASAN. The nerne Y~' rBfer$ to MnI. Yagarnalar SFGRANJAN of 5111 Ban:lay Avenue, unit 6, MClfllNai. Thif; pel'tOfl was Qillen $18.000 by CHANDRASEGARAM on August 31~, 2005, upon the reqlJ8lt made by MATHIYARASAN of tr'Ie Ln!;'l'*"'-liontll s.c::relariat. Thla Information .. obtained fn;n ...... cia .. Aua ... t 211i 200S, page M • • xhiblt 2OOI-U: "-m t, 27121 (17.S); from. litter dated July :z..,-, 2001, p-se ,g, -.xhlbft 2GOI-1Z Item 1. 27f2I(37 .... : .nd ftGtn CpI. BOUDREAU" InvntlgaU.,.

,.part, dM.d Od:ober1"', ZOOII. (37.2) .

3013- , It$VIt ~ • ,..... 01 thfI tkJeUll'l$rQ ~ the S'bo!.Ie deacribed IurW ~ in tINt fitIMrlMl R¥JOri" of ",.. WfM. Thon documents M8 enumerated 111 the ~~:

11.'.1 JUM :l1.~ 2001, ......" '10,000

349- A dOCument titled "Wire PIlymtf'It .. ~ TO canada Tru8t", d~ June 21",2005, 10

the amount Qf $10,000 . The ordering customer Wi1If


• birlk tcGoUnt at the at 8200 o.:arie. Montreal. The

bank .acourrt number .. 1359-6270618 {"CMNDRASEGARAM'. TO can.d. bank ~. Tilt ~ WM ArarMI International Exchange of Slngapon:! ,00 the ben.nclaty bank WIll the UnIted 00wH.. Bank, had oMca In $lf19'POI'8' The betIeftcIafy IICCOIrIt number was (l35.2Q.OI)..4$..70. The m'nOlJnt was ~id in c:aIh by the ~~.r.

Thia Inforll'ldon. .... Gbtaintd from .. wI",,,,"rdatecl June 21", *1, ..... 20, uhlbIt 2101-12 H8m 1. Z71Z1(17.l); tnd from CpI, BOUDREAU'. Inv .. tlgltIft "'port, dM8d Oeto_ , ..... 01. (:l1.ZJ

I" • ""~W rtport, thf WTPof mfetr8d to We transfer as bekIg Hnf to the COUfItty which I ~ if fflfJ 'III~ SfctwIadIIt (1f1J.3)

NemeJt 'nternetionlll Exchange will" ~ inllfl ~ Ptt'fIfIr'$(Jh.

350- A review of the banking /'e03fd .. for CHANDRASEGARAM'. TO canada bank IICCOUnt 627De1S Identified the following ttanucttor. ~ to tht wi ... tranWr of June 21",

200G: .

)0 On J",,.. 2r1', 2006, at to:21am, CHANDRA6EGARAM m_ • $0,000 CMh depoaIt Into hit ~

Thill ~.n WI. olUlned fmn • _k ntCOtd ... June 20-, .tool, _hH ZOO7"''I0I.1); _ .... tom CpL IOUDREAU'. In.,.. ..... report,

datad 0cID_ t ... toOl. (17,2) .

)0 On June 2JfI, 2005, .. 4;31pm. CHANDRASEGARAM made II SA,OOO cash

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~po.it into his ttJOOIJI'It:

Thll informatIOn WM obtai,," frDIn. bank r.uorct ... June lO"', zooo. .lIhIbtt: 2OD7-Ot (103.1): ud flam CpL BOUDREAU'. ,...,....,. report, .... 0I:t0bIIr ,.-, 2ODI.. (37.2)

l> On J...,. 21-,2005, It 02:11.1'1'1, CHANDRASEGMAM onMred and paid for &I $10.000 wire Tranaf.. ... idtnIified him_if with .. Qu.oec driwns Ioance «:5368-201072-01. Then, $10.030 WM b1Irun* from CHANMASEGARAM'. TO Canlida TfUIt bIIM ~t to ttl. m canJld. Tt,*. payment Mrvicn ~ to cover the fund tratllfw to AIwnu Inttmatlonal EICCI"IIinQf .... d tt. S30

blink.... .

lb .. InfonnatIon wa obtiIllWd from. bank MCord dattd June 2111, JOOSt hhltlit 2007'" ('03.3,; _d ham Cpl. BOUDREAU'- hwMtIpliv. repOrt, dated 0ct0IMt 1", 2OCII. (37'.2)

The Aramex aooouttt Q52f00.48 ~ SJnpapoIu is also listed .. 9 ffli«ed bank fiCMUnt of the W7M' OntMlo as /rldic.ttod in tob 2 of • repOrl by CpI, HILL enfflJed "Repolf on finMIcItI ~ World Tamil ~ (Jf Ontario" dtIted May OtJh, NJOT. (".2) IlMIIfve "* tn.1wo cal) tIepositt m8de on JIJI'IG 2(/'. 2006. by CHANDRASEGARAIoA ....,. 10 IW)id being quutIoned by the blllfk sI." u to the purpoM oIltJe fnt08ier If Ii tlfJposI oIlhe ""aunt of "0.000 in catb wa. mede.

351, Atamex Intamational &change it IiNtd ••• money ct.ang.,. eol'nP"lY in the bu..,. .. dil1JClloty of the smaapor$ MIrtor wablit.-. Thf company gives itt MId ..... II , North Bridge Road. "'1-20. HiGh streel Cenn, Sing~ort 179094. T~.16338 04U, F .. HUa 2444.

111.. fnfvnnaIIon .... obbalned from • ...... query conduct.d by Cpl. BOUDREAU (In August 10-.2001. (104)

11."2 .... 30", 2ODI, Mdty'10;OOO

362. A dQ(.'urn.nt tilled "Wire ~ ~ TO c.n.dl TfUSt'". datf(I June 30"'. 2001), in

the lIn'IOunt of'$10,OOO Tht ordering custom.r was

CHANDRASEGARAM' Tht bfneficIary 'Mi. AramfUf.

Irmmatiorwl ~ bti"k ..... the United Ow.,.. ..

Bank, head omce In Sng~ account 13~2f..0()...48-70. The .mount wu

I*d In CQh by the GfdarIng CIJIItOmef.

Th18lnfonndcln ... obtaIMci fro",. wi" ~.....ept C37.7J and ffonI Cpa. DOUDR!AU'.lnvwUldV. """ datH 0I:ItDbw 1 ~. 2001. (37.2)

In It /frI.fIttCifI ,.port fhlil WTAf nIferred to thIB tran8Ier u bektg sent to me COI.Intry whiCh I I»IItIWI ~ IhfI/~aI~. (102.3)

353. A rel/ltW of the banking ~ for CHANCRASeQARAM'. TO ~* bank ao::ount. exhibit 2007-09. IdtntNled the following tnlnudIona II rea.t.cI to the wi", tl'1lrmW of Junt ?If'. 2005;

,. On June 2e-. 2005, III 4:08pm. CHANORASEGARAM mlldt iii $4.000 cuI'I depoait Into hi. accaunl:

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TbIe InfotInMktn ..... obtaI..d frCIn1 • bMlk record datM June. 211'. 2005. fthlblt 2007.01 (1_4,; and from Cpl. 8CXJDREAU'. tnY""M repon, . ...... Octo_ 1 .... , 2DOI. (17.t)

> On Jun. xf', 2005, at 12;04pm. CHANDRASEGARAM ~ • $6.000 enh .. pod Into hit KeCdlt;

11U InfonndDn ... oottl_ ~ • blink NCOfd ...... June aaa, 2006, ....... 2a07 ... (10l.8,: In from Cpl. BOUDREAU'. 10000000tive report, .... ~ 1.-, 2001. (17.2)

J b6IitwrI that ths hKI cash depoaJtB mlldoit 01'1 June :1". WId· JUJIft 3(JI', 2005. by CHANORASEGARAM WlNlI to .vOid bBinfJ qulllltk>ntCI t1r the bank staff ss to th& ~ of the ".".,., If. dfJpOMt of tIM amotJl'lt of "0.000 In cash w.H made.

)0 On June 30",2005, at 12:30pm. CHANOAASEGARAW crdered .rid paid for • $10,000 winI: r,..".,.,.. .. Idlriiled hlmull' with his Quebec drivtf1 IieenQO 1C53OI-201012·01. ThOR. $10.030 was tnnfen'ed from CHANORASEGARAM'I TO c.~ bank ~unt to It. TO Canada Trust wlr8 Plyment .....nc- ilCCOUIll to CCMlr 1M fund u.nQr to AilIil"IU" IrderTHItionaI EJCChange and tilt S30 bank ...

Thlalnfonnalkln .... obtatMd frofn I WI,. ..-ment ~ ..... J .... Sa", ~ exhibit 2007"" (1OU); tnd tram cpa. BOUDIlEAU·. IlWHtlptive report. ... oc ............ lOla. (37.2)

11."3 July"'. 2001, MdtJ '21.000

354. On ApriI1Z-. 2006, a dlJD tang binder contlining 84 PISIM (If dOeUl'lWlll relating to fund ~ tr;l h L TTE Ilia Intamationai Seaetarllt _I te2ed at 4162 Van Home Av.nu.. UontreaI (exhibit 2006-12. it.m 01. MClor 8 21128):

)0 On page 1 B or tta clio tang binder It *ttMi • fl.and , ... nller (lowment from the Royel e.nJc. of c:.n.dI IOwHd at the irU~ of V.,.. Home Avtn ... MCI \Ik;totIe.. Mont,.... Tl'Iit OocumtIr1t ~UI a wile tra'" deled July all, 2005. in

.,. IIIrnout1t of $:Z6.000~:!!~I!! cu.b:lmllr "" ..


Alilmell ~"* Unhd ().oersd. BttIk. ntad" SIngapore. Thl lICilOi.int numw ... ~70. The ~nt WIll paid in cah by ,1'It ordering GUlbner. III ''-II" fInIIndaI AKlOn far ttII montt15 or May to oetobtr 2f.XI6, ttIIt WTM referred to .... tnIInsfer •• ptrt rA ..... EJdtm.1 t:XPtIIl88I. The. P8J1i'*1l WWiCIn 'orm Ioca18d wilt! IIw WTM Md tr.,.,.. dOwmfntt had the name Mural hal1dwrtUen on the top fI'Ont of it;

Tlllt Inlionndo" WIt ~ from • rev_ of die Royal fund. b'IInlfer, ..... July rt', 2GOI (31.'.; Ind from Cpl. BOUDREAU·. InvaUaeUve ripon. cIat.d ~ ,''. 2001 •• ,7.2)

Miftli • Jcna.wI Itl thg ~ .. MIn_ KlJltlll mURAIRA TNAM. the

lMdtWoftIKI WTM'.ux:. early 2005.

>- On poige 16 Of thI- above descrIbId duo tInQ blndfr it foul'l(t a h.ndwritttn

Page 134 Qf1B3

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Page: 136

docwnent dated AI.Qua 1411\ 2005. Thit dow"*,, 11M. 4 al'MLltn whicl'l .... dHatbtd aI ·Sent to Mathy 1ncU:J1l"Ig me eott « HrMSIng". The fourth amount it $25,045 with U. ~~ dale of Q8.08-2005. It appMrs thE the iIUthor of thIa handwritten dOwment ~ ., ~r with Ifl. date .-d wrot. O8-lI8-200S Irwtead of 08-07 -2Q05 as 8tated In Ir\e Royal e.nk wn .... "..r dabtd Juty S". 2006- The IilMUnt ($25,0..5) ~ to the wire trlilna1'er 111111:19 by CHANDRASEGARAM 10 Atamex Intetn.flOMI Exd\a1lCM' on July 8", 2005, and .. dMalt.l in the aboYt ~I1Ph,

Thlt lnfonnatkIn ... obWned ftGm _ 1 .. of • WTII document (31.10,;

tram • lIWiN of a bpi BIIn' from June 2'-, 2105, 1ft JuIr 27".

2001 (17 ~i ... frGm CpL BOUDREAU'. IftIiHtIpdve report. datad ~r 1",2OOf,. 437.2)

8Gceuae all f'fhlfKJ moQIleY tramlffrs WOJ1i IocstrKJ in thIS same bJnd8r and that no monty "...,..,. ... ., foUild frx Aug(lSf t", 2006, I boIM that tIJa abovt ttOt9d money tr.n3fer was doI'If Ott July tt'. 200S, lfI)d thai ,/If ~ note waa in fact 1m emir.

35S. On June 2It", 2005, Cheque '1169 atId *1158 w.N I .. ued to CHANDAASEGARAM from Iht WTM TO bank account tt43.31-0928669. 80th cheques were In the amount of 56,000 Mt..il.

11Itt Information wu obtaJned from a MY_ of dMq .. ..,1", ~Ibit 2I0I012. !tam 01 ('1.1); from my 1ft'" of CMqut 11111. tx.hlblt 2081-12, 111m 01 ,IU)i and from n., ""'- 01 • TO Kco.i.,t ~ from June ... , 200f to JLlIy ....

2ODI.('Ul .

356. A IWIIIItW of the brilnll I'WCOfds fo( CHANOftASEGARAM'. Ro)'III I).frtIk account, identified thfI following ...... ttion. IlIIat.d to t .. wi,. tfanafer of July 8", 2005:

)0 On JUM 30", 2006, tilt aboIIe delcribed ct..q .... frcm the W"I1.4 totalling $12,000 we~ ~pcMIit«I by CHANDAASEGARAM into IlII account t08301· 82308&4 held lit the RO)IaI Bank. The cheques wert: P'rt of • $12,158.88

dIIpo&It. ~ aooount ba1aooe prior to thII depollt was $, ,68-.21: .

Thl. Irrfomidon wu ned fnIm • review of a Royal BMk .uttntnt

frGIh June 21 .... 20011 10 .hI1121"1 2001 (87.2); and ftom ... RBC .... n •• C.lon rac:eIpt datId Ju .. JO*. 20(11. (17 .3~

). On JuIV 7", 2005, CHANDRASEGARAM medii a $1,000 c.h depoM .t thO Royal Bank. HIlI UMd $100 from that ame"'" to pIIy .II bill and depollltl!ld the ~mliining $11,800 IniO hie account iIOtiJONS23088. PI10r to ... trlnlllCllon, the aoeoont ~ Wti $14,858.85 and the depotil ~ the IICCOIri balance up to $23,758.85:

Th!. InkIftMtIoR wa. 0 ....... rn.n ....... or • Royal ""lill ._ .... m ".... June 11"', JOOI, to July 27"', 2001 (87.2); .M fr'CIm an fUJC u. .... etIon

~....w oN"'-t'" (11"".

). On JuIV 8~, 2005, CHANDRASEGAAAM mad(l • depOsit of $U:fM In IliI account tI08301.82.3088 held at the RopI aank. Thli de'pod In~ $3,000 In cah al'ld • ~ for $264. Thi. tranIadIon brought: 1M account 1HIIIlnr:. 10 .,"69.36;


Tht. \nIotmtlion obtaIntd 'rem I ...,Iew ot • RoYIl Blnk Mat.men1

fn;Im ... ,," :&f"t JItIy art". _Ii (81.1,: .fMI 1rQm ... RDG InInMCUun

rMtIIpt .... July", ZOOI. (17.1,

). On July Sill, 200S, CI-W.IDRASEGARAM o~ • $25,000 fIMld tra .... 1er from his account flI0830 1-8230864 held at the Royal a .... The fundl..- trantftrred to aa:ounl 135 29 00 4 70 held by AAAMEX I~ttl~ Exd'I-nge __ hi United ev.n. .. hnk in Sinppc,.. Although they wece 1m_II. deposh .".di!l to tnt ~ok ._nt of CHANDRASEGARAM since June 28", 2M!!, the majority of 1ht fundt 1,JIMId fDt thll uw.fer 10 Singapore Wft prcMded bV IhB WTM and by 01 .. cIepo4ilI. Tile briIng fee for thlt ~ __ $45 which bringa the lolal ~ debited from the account 01 CHANDRASSGARANI to $25,045;

Thla IIIfotmdon __ Qbta ... d from • ,.., ... of • Rural Sank ......... nt

front Junt 21111, 200110 ""., ne, 2005 .'7.2); from·. reYitW of the ROyeI fund. vantfer, ..... JuIy,-, 2GOI (l7.l'i and from an RIC fWMI Innsfef dIc.d July t". 2001. (17.1)

). n. -.bow deIIcr1t.d $25,000 fund nnller wu ~ in tht WTM financial report fOf' the period of May to Odobtt 2005 u EId.mll axpen.. The lr'8 ...... ction 1111sIed with the dat1I or 8·07'(]511'1d tM n.'!'Ie "Mtthy annaI". The WTM rectnded the fuI amOlMlt of' tI'tt wi ... t!'*"""', indI.dng the coat of Hndlng the mOflll)'. In lneir final'lCltl rtGord.

Th"In~n ... ~ frGm • wr. fiMntlM I'Q'Qri for the ptriOd of Illy to 0ct0I:Itt 2001, dhIbIt 2OOI-U" """ O1,1M2L (t01.S)

ThIa dtlm::rn.t1r'ftN ",. pM d the IWOUnl oIlhe tranller wa ~ by thf WTM I/JIOUgh CHANDRASEGARAM IIItd we! sent to tM Aremex I~ ExchMglt, irI~.

11.1.. July 21"'.2001,..,. 'to,OOO

307. On Apil1:Z-, 2006. a duo tang binder containing &4 pagel of documenb ref;Ming til ~und It'tntftn to the IntamMlonai s.a.tartlt by the WTM WM MI%ed at .1182 Vtn Horna A~. Montreal (exhibit 200e·12. Item 01, eector 8 27128). "... falkIWtng ,...vtnl documenll ~ to _ hnMdlon were found In thlt binder:

)0 On page 22 of thll duo 1ang binder II a wire paymenC document from .... TO C.,... T .... ~ 433G. IaaihId at 8200 ~ BotMYard, MontAGl. 1hi.

OO~ reffn to .. Wi ... ~ ct.Md 25", 2005, In It. amount of

$10,000 pIua $30'" (U$tMW wall


ArartIu Int«nalIon.l *k w- the

UlhcI eve,..., Bank. hNd otfIGI in Sing.poI'e. Tr. beneflcl.ry account numt.r WM 11#35 29 00 48 70. The amount ...... !»lid In ~ by hi Old.ring a.tomer. In their fWlndaI report for the mcnlhs of PMy to 0clt0I>tf' 2005. the WTM ...teITtd to thil I.ranIfer .. part ()f tha Emma! hpenS8$. The wire P*Y~ HJVioIItI form IocahKI with 1M WTM Md u.n .... doc:umenbs h.:I !h. n.me .... kfAdwriiteo on the top tlgl'II: COI1l8I'; .

~ 13001183

Page: 137

Page: 138

)0 On ptI(J* 150 of th8.tlDYe .. sc:ribed cluo ~ blrtder i. a ~n ctocum.nt dated Auglmt 14", 2005. Thla document Usts 4 ~ntlII Y.lhich ... ~ a. "S.nt to Ma*hy indudIng the COlI rl undIng·. The 1hlrd amount is $10,030 with h CDrr"MpOI'IdIng ca. of 2$-07-2005. Tile amount ~ It1aI did. ~nd to the wn nNfer IMCM by CHANORASEGAAAM to Aramex Intematianli Exchange on July 2~, 200Ci, and as deIcI1bed In the .bo.,. ptlragr-.ph; 1l*1nformIaon ... obIHwd flam. dOCument .... Aug_""', 2005 (17.10): and from Cpt BOUDREAU'. I~ ,.",11, .... OctobH

1", JOOI. (37,2) .

,. On page 14 of the li.Jo-teng binder ... WTM incom. vouchtr. Thil docwntnt I • • fotm used by Ihtl WTM to regiIter InClOtlMlI for their a.ccountlng. rt. voudIlr is m_ to the niII'Ill of $I.I,..h Ind tht , .. son for the Income i. lI~n .. Bank. n.. MlClUnt II $5,432.85 .-xl the dale 1& 12-07.(15. 1'1"11!1 docuJTlO(lt it Ilgned by S. a.n who ii CHANDRASEGARAM.

Thle InfOtWltian .".. obtained from the W'QIIncomH vouctwt. (37.11 t

In the ntKt ~, I VIllI •• pIaIn how 'hf moM)' from Oltlnli8 (SurNh) dHliDef1 to WTM wn fOOt thlttugh CHANDRASEGARAAh .ooount.

358. A l'8Viwr of Ute Danklng recon1S for CHANORASeGARAM'. TO Canada blnk account, 13159-8270818 (exhtbII 2007-(9) Idtnttn.d the foIfcMinO tI'INadIont rel-.d tel (he wire

t"""" or July 2511, 2005:

);0 On July 1211'1, 2005, an amount or $6,1f32.85 wu ~ Into' CHANOAASEGARAM' • .cc;ount 1359-0270818 at the TD Bank. The fundi wart ~ fn:Im account tcJ288-312112g hold by SIAn T. S . .t • TO Canadlll TIUIt bnlnch In 0Itnit. Thll 8mOI.II'It I, recordld In tt. fIn .... lltatamenl Clf the W1M for the period 01 ~ to October 2005. Tlw 55.432.85 II lilted 1118 the inc:oIIfM f'M:IIiftd from the 0ttlM Bram:h in July 2005;

nu IrrfonnMion WH ...,1_ fftIom the TD Bank .c:~Ynt hlstcWy (103.8);

.nd fIom reva.' of •• I'I'M)nIM tiM",*, ... part 'ram _ to Octobtt

IDOl. 1 10 3 of .... 1bIt 2001·012, IItJm 0', Sector •• 2'" tIoGr, 14t21


I b8IIsve Ihat StIMn r.S, is TI't~h SURENORAN. UW 1IVTAt' leader tor the 0".. 8mnott. laMa b&II8ve SURENORAN 10 be Icnown u StnSh.

), On July 1~, 2D05, at 1:57pm, CHANDRA$EGARAM made. $4,000 CIIlh depoI:It Into ilia 1ICCOIJIII ~0818 held at 1M TO BMk;

n. .. Infcumdon ............. trom \be blink In ...... ...corel d.t.d July t.-, 2005 (103..'): .. tcm TO .. nk account hJ.cury. (103.')

)0 On July 15". 2COfS, M 2:22pm, CHANDRASEGARAM orcIKad. $3,500 usc wire 1OIn-. The amount at trw tr1IrItKtion In CanlKli." dollars Including bank feet ... $4,382.65 which wu dtbIIed frum CHANORASEGARAM', IICCCIUOt ma-

Pill. 137 or 183

6270818. Tile ~1:181)' 01' !he wile transfer .... VII,. eru. ... lnnHlnl f1f 09A Murr.y Str-t. FWtway, N.w JerMy, USA. Tn. wire tranl1er wet CAIdhcf to account t2OOOOO467G21J1 httd .. ttta W.chQ.vll, a.nk • Coiom. Fin8ncial c.nter Iocoted .. 528ll1fR11n Avenue, CoIonIfI, New..a...y. USA;

'Ttl .. Infonnadon ... obtained t'fom 1M _nk 1NnUCIIon record .-.rf Jufy i.-, lOOI (113.10); 8I1d fnHn 10 link tcCOUOt hIatory. (101.1t

,. On JUly 25". 200!i. ill: 1:~prn, CHANDRASEGARAM mtd8 a $5.000 ceah dep)IIt Into hit ~ n5M270818lit the TO a.nk;·

Thlt l ...... tIon ...,.. olMlned fnHn • "nit ........ nt Noonl ... Juty 2IlI'It C10U1)llnd from 10 a.nk account hiatDry. (1018)

~ On July 2~, ~005, .t 2:18pm. CHA.NDRASEGAAAM otdeted a $10,000 wire tran .... The 1II1101ri of the tr.rmdIon Including the banking fHl \WI. $10.030 which WM dfbItad from IICCOUnt 135U270'S1e. ". bInofIciIl'Y or tI'Ie wire v.n.. wa ARAMEX Intemationlll ~~nge .. deacribed in • ~. Ptragraph.

ThIa InfofnlatIon ... obWHd from I bank .... ~ dated July 2111'1, 2001 (103.12): tram • wIN pa,.,..-nt MUIpt (17.lt: .nd from TO a.nk ae..oun1 .. ....,.. (1Aa)

I ""ve th!lt UIf ~ dttsoribed rr.nsactlonl ctemonstrat. • link b8fWHn the OUfWoII lbnch of thQ WTM and WTM In MorttntB/. .",. Otrawa WTM fead&r tranalerrtd S5,432.8.51lto the bank 8CCCIUl1t 01. ~otthe WTM woo makes IuncIs "..,., to the L TTE InIermItJonfil~. Bebw making ",. tnNIDr to t~ L rT'E, CHANORASEGARAM mlldf him.lle 14,000 caeh depod to CXJI.1Jr • ...n ~ to V1vB Entudf;inm8nt, B mov. t1IaItNlOn GCmpIny in the VSA. Tht in~· hN tid IinkIid this ~ ro IundI ".".,. for tho L TTe but It .row. Ih. the money ffJCtINed I'RIm the Ottawa WTAI, 0( pttt 01 the "",",,1 f'fCItiwd, wu not UHd rat" fhIII tnlfI.r.ttt~_ If.as (II;J$d to ,. "",000 ca$h depoIt trYde by CHANORASEGARAM on July 2~. 20Q5, to make .nothfr wire fr&n$'bf 01 110,000 to Ar.m. .. ''''ernallonM exchange in SitJgapofe. Thla #HI tranasctIon was mc:ortIed In "'8 WTM MencittJ 18(K1If 8B fIXffU'naI .... penMs being aenllO MATHIYARASAN. I bftIIiftv. this ~ a fund tnInSfer to the L TTE.

11.'.5 Jut, t7"'. 2OOI,"""y SSItOOO

359. Banklll(f records ror account 0301-62308&4 natd by CHANDRASEGARAM at tne Ror-I a.nk (.xhlblt 2007.45) in"~ IhIl en Jufy 2t", :ZOOO, • $UI,G20.15e depoall was ~ inlu IhIa acoount. Prior to til" dtPQtIt 1M account baance was .1,41)4.65. The deposit INdt by CHANORASEGARAM In hit KCOUIit t00301-82~ lnduded two Chtqu. from tht WTM TO blink account M336-0Q.2158O. The Chequet wert .1165 and .1188 diad July 28"', aoo~. _ch in tht H'IOUnt of $7.500, and..,. made payable to CHANORASEOARAM. T!'It cbiqu. Mr. dr8wn fnlm u-.. INTM TO blink ag;;aunt t433C1..fJI285eO_

l11II; Infonndlon Idt obIalMd from. Q'lMlCtion ~ hom account 1IOAG1· UJOII4 {W.S,. from by ... Bank ._nt frorII, June 21·, 20H to Jutr ~, ZOO6 (17.2)

rbi. infonnaUon w .. alto obbIlnId from • WTM TO IItnllng nlc:otdw. Cahlblt 2001- 12. tt.m 01. MICOUnt IUdImfnt (It. t 1 t; and ChiIq"" • '1111 and t til. (11. to)

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8270010. TIw b«IfIt1dary Of tne .".. tran w" VI". Ente .... inrnent Qf :iaA

Mun.y street, RIIhMIy, N.. JtrMy. U~. The wire lran* waa cr«1ited to llcoount ~5251 held at thtt W~ &.nk • Colonia Financj., Centltf located at 528 Inman Avenue, CoIMIa, Nfw Jcwee~, USA;

lb .. Infonulon ... obItIMd frofft .. bank .... ucdon I'HMd dat8d July

11", 2001 (111.10); n h .... TO " • .ccount history. (101.1) .

". on July lY, 2QOI5, .t: 1:58pm, CHANDRASEGARAM made a $5,000 MSh ~ Into his account 1359-G27Oft18 • tht TO Bank;·

Thla Inrom.tIon ... obWned tram • benk ....... nt ,...ard dated July 2"'. «iN.1;1)i and hvm TO &nk account IIlstary. (103.1)

J;o On Jul~ 25", 2005, at 2:18pm. CI-lA.NORASEOARAM ordered • $10,000 wire trail •. The.mount. of1he tnlnuctIon InclOOing the banking fnl was $1Q,(l30 which wu ~ from acccunt 1359-62r0818. n. ~IY of the wire ~. was ARAMEX Int8n'MltionIiI EJc~nge .. delCribed in • pnlViOus Plt1IQ(iDh.

This ~ ... obtained flam • bank tr.1\IICtIon uc.cI July 21"', 2001 (103.12t: tram • wIN ~nt rKtIpt «37.1): ,net fn)m TO Bani! .uount ",-..y.(10U)

I beiJlJve 'hat the aDoVtI dlsoribfId tranuotions ~ • rInJc ~ tile CHI..,a hrtch of the WTM and wrM WI MontI9aJ. The Otf8WII WTM tflfilr1fi1' tretlsierred ",,,32." into tINt II.,. ~ of ill mfHnbBrofthe WTM who mMGS IIII'IdS tlamttr ttl m. l. TTE 1/1ttmatIOI'I1I~. B~ mlIldrtg the t,..,,1fer to the t. rTE. CHANORA8EGARAM madt: ~ • S4,000 ouh depod 10 C(II.Ier • _ ".,.. to VIvo EnterlUJmenr, II nKM!I ~ company "" rile USA. Th81nvatJgation hH nat finIMI this ~ to fundf trrrnRr tor Ute LITE but It mow. thff lite money moeived from the Oft.we WTIof, or f)IIt of the mortey ~. WIllI nut uted fot Ihaf~. It was added 10 II $5,000 ClSsh ~ madt oy CHANDRASEGARAM on .lufy 2~. 2006. to make 4fIQIher wi18 tran.tfr 01$10,000 to A""",,, I""~ exchange In Singapore. Tms last tmn$$CtlCn was IfJCtJI'ded In lhe WTM financial repOtt as fJXl8maI flXPGIISN being aenI to MATHIYARASAN. I ~ this,.,...",.., fund Ir"anSfIrto the 1. TTf..

'1.1.11 July zr-. 2ODI, 11_ fU,OOO

358. hnki~,.cords tOt acx:ount 8301-823D864 held by CHANORASEGARAM at tN!I Roy-.I .. nk (exhibit 2007-01$) WId ... ,"- on.kl'y 2'-,2000, III 'U;.02O.GO ~il was made into thIs~. PrIor to thll deposit the moounl .ncf .... $1,.304.85, The cIItpoIIt made bri CHAN0RA8EOARAM In '* ~ 1IOS301~ IndUCItci two ~UM from the WTM TD t.lk aocoont t4338-0D28568. The Cheque. we,.. '1185 and .11. dIIIfd Jul)' 28'\ 2OO5,"'ch In.tM.mount r:A ",!SOC •• nd were made payable to CHIINDRASEOARAM. T"- cheqLl. Mr. ctrawn bin tn. WTM TO bank al;QOlJl\l .. 33e-(It28MD.

,..... InfonnIIkln 111" obtained from. trlnMCUon MCOfdt from .llCOUnt MJ01· J.23OMA (W.'" hm Roy. Bank .~nt frGm June 21·, 200S to Jldy 2t-, 2006 (17.2,

Thit mfvnnllion w • .a.o obtIlned frvm • WTII TO IIlInklng reoorG , .. hlblt 2001- 12."'"' O$J ...count st.tIIIIMrt(I1.11)i Ind cMq ..... UII and 'If". (11.10)

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leO. On A\lllUst.", :ZOOS, CHANDRASEGARAM otIbIiTMld • $15,000 bank dr.rt made payabll! to 8M1 F"~ SeNk:n Inc. n... fundt UHd too pay for tlW "-nk draft were debited fn:m !tie 9QCOOnt .08301-8230864 '-lei by CHANDRASEGAAAM at the Royal

e.nk, Thf had bean no large tJanflac:tiOnt made to this IIQOOUnl .n:e It!e depotlt Qf

tf'It tvwu (:htq from the W'J"M totalIng $15,000. rl* $115,000 '*'Ie. (Ir8ft wal deposMd

to the credit of Sindi financial into .n account 01 a Bank of Montre.1 br.nch in ~.

""kI Information.",... ....... d fn;Im rcor-Ia.nlt etIIIIMnt hn'I Julr 27*", 200t, to .._... ...... 2101 •• 7.7)i .nd fnIm.' ., •• a.nk ~on Nportdeted Aug-' ~, 2101.. <-7.tt

7bia demon8tretH lhl!Jt the ~y trantlen'ed ttl Sftj Fm.ncHJI was provIdtId by ,he WTAI.

SindI tinanctsl SeMc:ea 100. atJI1'IWB on /he websIt. WWW,tamllFantdllD wm In the buaIne.a direclor. It is • l'I'I(IfIfy tt'fIMftw inalitution IocBted .,. 2425 EgIinI.on eve, 8881, urut 07, in Scarf1oIous1h. 0rItsri0.

361. Thi. fund t~ gf $32,000 Is debllled In two hal'ldWCttl8n (locuments loc.ted on pagea 17 and 19 of anott.r duo t.ng blndlr located in the offiCII of the WJM, exhibit 21J06.12, IWm 0:1, 27128. p. 10, dated August 1·, 200&. II" that S!2,OOO Canlldilln was given to "Mathy Ann.· and that dMdI will be provided 1*" ThIt noll!! WI. signtd I))' CHANDRASEGARAM. PIIQ. 17, dated AugUlt 15", 2005, Itt ... that 115,000 eam. ffom the Quebec; 8ranch, whicll II the WTM, .ndh. em(IUnt ~ $18,905 oeme"thl'OUgtl Suresh, Clawa" and II nDtf at the Wttom h11catlng that the P8f101\ that wrote the note wiI povlde S95 CliMdian .... Thf total of theM bee amount. .qUill. $32, 000.

ThII InfonMIIoft was obtIlned frOm • IIuIdwriaiHr hOlt .... zootI08I01 (3T.13~i and fran • handwrilltn noc. dMtd 2OOW8I11-. {17.' 2,

The $15,000 ~ the ~ brtInCII CCf(f~ to ths amount givBn by the WTM to CHANORASEGARAII..mo UIan'lr"lIn8I8mId it to SIIH:Ii F/nanc:.l8l.

AIW fPHIdnV 'III'Ih a tl1llJalator, I bellew the {Jitpro$$iOO Anmr Of Aflnlili to btl (Ifl e1fpntHion Qf ~ In Tllm'.

362. Tha $11;),90$ li'ted above II comJborated by • WTM iI'ICOIl'It voucher, dated July 2~, 2005, found on page 12 of e:dlibl2006-t2, !I.m 01, 27128. The n.me on tt. V(lUCI'IeI' is SENTHIL. Ttw I'HIOI\ itldated It Sur.h Anna ton.wa). Two signM\.rt$ appeaf 01'1 the VOUCh«: SENTHIL.-.d S. 9ALAN (CHANDRASEGARAM).

ThI. WonnMIc)n coma fI'vm .n I~ voucher dat.d July zr", 2001, llaned by CHANDltAleo.utUI. (307.1')

383. In I ItW ~ Jutw 2P', 2005, lniyawan of the ou.w. Brlinch inform. Mr. AOHI, coordIrwtor of 1t1e canada brlll'lch, tnlt tt. -"'aunt of liS,QO! C..., WIlt kx'wardId ttv"olillh "mummy" from 0tlIrtnI 8ttrIcII. N. tt. bottom It it i~ "Copy to:


1'lIIt I~ ... obtained from • ~ cMttd July U-, 2005.. PIIg. ..... exhibit 2006-12 bin 1, 21121 (37.4t

I ~Vf th8t tfI(I W1If has used CHANDRA8EGARAM's peraonal (I(:(I()UtItB to make motMy ~ frx ~ r&BIIOM: CHANDRASE!GARAW i4 well ~ ene)' "..., hiving ~ training {n thIt 2f»f Wot*8hop tor Ihe Fcn;gn ActMIiIU tIIId receWet1l1ia C8I'tficaW from PRA.SHAKARAN IIitrJMf, CHN/ORASEGARA.M Ia 11180 ",.,

Page: 141

CfJ-OtImIi(' allhII building ., ..,180-4f$2 VoWI ~. ~ th.P wrM ,,_ ~ om-, _ the u. of a third PdrlY maIces the InJc;kJng of money tnwIerw mont dJI'IIcuIt and }$ II ~y for the wn.r not to btl inWJIved dIr.ctIy irI mot'Ifiy trlfnafW8 6Ht1n«J for t"- I~ SttcIwtarlat

11.'.1 AYtuat 31",2001, YOpmllt.r '11,000

384. The laat fund tr.",* in !;he lit mentioned In •• action 11.6 Ie $18.000 and 1'1 •• the dMcrfptIon 011'0 Yog,I"''''. iMtnJctItd by M.thy'.

Th. Infonndon ,.,. 01*1,," from hi .-.vhrw of •• DtOntM nl1Mdal ,.port from II.,. to October 2GOI, 13-' ... 1 to * of _hlblt 2DOI-12,ilIIm 011 Sec10r I, 2'iII loot, 14121 (10U,

365. Oil ~u.l 21111. 2005, CHAHDRASEGARAM, identifYing himself .. tilt 0tQuty R~ ptnCIn Quebec ar.nctI. acMNd Mr. ADHI. ooordlnalOf' for the Canada 8ranctl. tflat M.th~ ·Anna· mad(! a requeat 1hat he neea. "8,000 frum Moob1l.'.

ThIa InforMdon w- obtallWd from • wtII handwlttttn dOCument" •• hlblt 2OOf.. .2, MIm 01, IKtor .. JM·IIoor, 27121 {3?1t

386. In a letter d-.d AugUII: 3111, 2005. CHANORASEGARAM Indic:Ides tm.t he gaw $18.000 to ~. VCIDIfRIl SRIR,ANJAN. The docwnent fa .'lIned by bOlfI. Tha IeMr Nit the WTM ltarnp on tcJp.

Thlalnfonndon com. ""'" • handwrftlM 1etW, ,... ", of tJddblt 2001-12. 111m 01,27111.. (27.11)

I ~ fhfI thi5 tImOtII'tt w. kfNeRy Intended for the ',.",.,11 SecnJtadflt bur at their rtcJtI$8t. lit., ~ IRS gMtn to • MOIlItUI f'fiBidMt, SRiRANJAN. It is ~ ro note Itt. In the firranoi8J "'fJOdB of the WTM, they include thlt .moun!' in the $UJ5.000 of exhImaI expenses.

1 t ,7 FI.md ......... from tnt TImII Rahablillatton Otpnlutlon ("fRO'')

.7. Alto'~ wnong tI'It dOCumeNt ~ by u... WTM in Monhal on April 11"'. 200e, ..... 2 dQnMIQn ,...... frcm 1M TRO. Both ~ .. 1denUft8d 'CIonIltiIn to rhII L TIE In KiIinochcti. Sri lanka' and indlcata dlndiOnt from ca.... Receipt 1\10287 d.ted JlMy tI', 2004. for $33.~ indatH that the P8yrMnt w.M made vi.- tht bank. ~ 0200 dilled F.ttruaty 6 • 20()0(, fDr t60,ooo. indicatM that the payment WIlli I'I*MI .. !he". ThwI 2: recIIpbi repr...nl lin IG3.CIOO ~ IrWlftrred to the 'fRO IOeateCIIn 1ht L TTE CQOttuhd ..... of Sri Lao"'.

This InlonMtlon .. obtllMd from Cpt. CLOUTIER's r.pol1, dIIWd AUfu.-t 24111, HOI (71.I)i ad from _lbIt ... 1:J. ftItn+t. C71.1)

12 THE 'U • ..CJRGANIZAT'IOt".- OF newr.

388. Thl L TIE OpentIQIW Mlnu.' dict.aes tht fcllOwing: gui~ in l1I1jIarda 10 the creatir;m of .weDIM)' ~ b)I the fontien bn~. In tt. l T'TC OpwatIooa M.nuaI. tl'Mt iII~ry~ .. d~ .. 'ollowt;


Page: 142

(1) Studtntt ftdOfIUoot:

(2) Women'. federation;

(3) Cratlve an dub;

(III) C~, Arivuchotel;

(5) o.n.r.l OIP'1i1ation1 gf E.-m T.rnlll;

(8) ~CNIInRluliotI$:

(7) Spent DMeIon .

. TIM In:fomnIdon ... Obtai .. ~ ..... LTTE O .... UOM ..... ual, MCtlon 3 • ... .t: naG Pif IX *"'Iftn. Unit 1,lIonb'MI Apt111:'- ~ 2GCII, (32)

3eO. The L TIE ~ ~uaI ~_ ttl. f¢llOWiIli ljIuict.lino. in I-.garda to the r~ parmnneI of .uxlliary oroanUUon&:

)0 "MuIt function ..... lhe control d ~ P$t$OI'II'I8l in Ch..-ge for ttl. tnl'ldl;

> MuM .tmlni.arflle' their organlutlgn In 0I'dft to ~ mngih .h)r Qur 1TlO'IIefI18I1I' EtIvIIeI·

" Whh regard to Dring forth the Ilfength to. our n.dom bMliB, ClOOI'dinate •• IIIveJ

d Ptople, through tha awdflary arg.nlzat!OIlI."

1lIIa 1nfoITMIIon .. 01*1...., fnn U. LTTI 0pttatI0nt ... ,... ..... It 7120 .... IX BouIevud, Uft.1 • 1IonCN.1 April 1" ~ 200f, (»)

{ beH9va rhIM ,.... gWt;feIInt • .oow 00. Importflllf tuXlNtty Of9'l1ization. .,. to t". t. TTE fHId thfIir light 9g.!iit'lSt tht sn bnkllfl fI(M1mm(#fll.

370. In. Itbt da~ the 18th of Jul'lll 2005, l/w adlviidl of 'ht Wortd Tamil Mov."'*'* of ~ .... Ihe In Charge P.-eomeI (V.MANIVANNAN) of the International ~ In ~r1jI to any chInge In ltRJcture of Ihf WI'M. ~ 0Vt ~c. IitMd, .... Iebr .... Iht followiog;

on. IIIIOCIdoftll IUCh. .: women' .. 1edetatIon, .pont dlvilion, youth r.ct.ndIana, chencha,-" tnd Tamil welfare' MIOCiation ... 8ltabl1Ihed:

TNt Infonndon com. from .lftttr MIud at 7T2O PI. IX .~ 1, .. hIbIt JOM.20 ....... 4.12. (4'.2.

12.1 8ludtnt p......,.

371. The gaall .. bV It» 111«nIIllo~1 Stt:Mtl11at fill' the studlnt ....... ion liN 881 to ~ 1M.ub-orga~ to:

)0 "Prov\da clair ~ to yeung Tam. wfttIl'fO..:I" to tMir liberation batHe;

> In regardllO their freedom be1lIe, pereutd. ~1'Ig Tamil to "'ail the motheriand,

.nd to take direct pc1IcIpltlon In tne current eonstrucaon tctMtIea: .

)0 Enoour8Qe T""llltLJdenll to puttue thtlt ttudIet IMo ,.. nec.aury leld. fur till prac»aI of developing rlmil EeIem;

). Expaln to foA!lgn Un!verMy ~, th(f)JQh Ihe II .. cr T.mll studenl, .tJ(IuI the IdN af!helr fntedom bdIt:

> In oro... to tuNe thl t.a.r \I~lno IiII'rlCflg the Tamil ItL.ldentfl of foreign ~, GOnduct ~ and -.d1lClillonal CDm~.·

". InIonnI1Ion Wli 0 ....... fftIrn .... L nE 0peratI0fta ... nUll. «'2.

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372. The 'M'M " Iinkad to • Student FedefwllQn DV tile n.mt Of tM Studflrrt ~ 01 the World T.mK Mowmtnt ("SA.WTM"l. The nmlnilhtor of tl'lll org.a.dcm ie MANICKAM. 11'18 SAWTM Ia ~ with the Quebec EnI.rpri .. Fbtglatrar 3' lin IIUOCIetIOn since May ~,Z0()4. The gael II to organiZe 8ltlletio and olhar sport adlYlllel. nil o;g.niutlon g$¥e itt MId ........ -i160 VIn Home AlMflue, MOntr.aI, IM1ich II the afIct of the WTM.

Thla InforNtiDn wta obtMMd from ,.ertWItd eopiA of the Quet.K Em.rprJ.. Iteg ..... r d-.t In..,,.17''. 2001. (31.1)

t bellltve thtt ",. StudenI. A$$OC:Mt/on f.s • ..m-organll.Hon of the WTM as dict.r~ by the l",.",tJOneJ SeotfIarlaI 01 the L TTE for 1M 8InJt;fum of their fnt8~ fr:Jreign lntIc:ft ....

373. The WN orpnIaI ann"'" *POrtS evenbl lIII.tlng ...,... dayl. Thc:Id .v8nt., .'-0 knOWTl .. U. T..-nII OIympiC$, are prwHn~ 8& being organized by tI-. St\lCHnt Anodation of 1M WJM. In hlct, '*" events .. orvanlzed .Iid controlllKl by ttMI ~ of tM WTM. On AorI12", 2006, • doCument ... 1IlzId at the lJV"I'M at 4182 van HOme Av.nue, Mont ..... , ~ to .. exhibit 2008-12, _ 01. 9128. In thit (l(lCUmenI, • nntncitl "'POrt in r.pi'dt to thil t1tI'lt thews thf , .... rnary of 1M rewnun .00 upenMI. It... pre.... by MANICKAM, the treMurer of th8 WTM end IMImInlabWor of the SAWTM.

T .. Infonndon obUiMd fnIrn Cpl. BOUDREAU' ....,..._ .. ~rt dat.cl

July 1", 2008 ( 2) fran ... fln.ncU1 .hMt "WT1I SporIt 2004 - Swmm.ry"

..ad at. .112 V.n Homt A~ut.lIonIt'Iet ahlblt 2001·U. IUim 01. WJt,. (".3)

37.. AlIa In thla doCI.Imtnt, .1InItICiaI thtet detalt.iht ~ of,. ev.nt. Th. namn of four WTM ICtMttI .... 11Ited: MANIVANNAN, MURALI (TtiURAlRATNAMI, Anton MANICKAM tnd DOUGI..A$.

Thill Inb~ otMlnId from .. tnancW ."-t MIud .t "12 Vtn Home

Av.nue, M , •• hlM 2OOI-12.itmt 11, 1121. , ..... ,

Thla ahowII thiIt IirtenoN ~ to !his event organized by SAWTM are oontroIIe<1 by m. WTM; W7'M'$ Ifadet in 2I»f snd p(t/d 1CfMI/, Mf!nillWln8l'l KARt..WN4ANTHASWAMY; Anton MANICKAM. WTAI ~r and the co-8JgtlIng omc.r Ibr the WTM TO btnk account N3l1t-OP2856l1 held ,t thfI TO Ca~1i Trwt Blink In Mon/re., Mnce 19(U; 8IId MuraIee KaNt THURAIRA TNAM. It paid ICtivift. the Pf"on ,..~onslble for thanof I!IId the futtNe LMd« of rite WTM it) 2005-

315. In till. ,,_ document, pfIgfi. reten1ng to u. 14111 .nnu:aI AlhIetICt. Compe1Won organlDd by lht B1udent Aae~on of World T.-mil Movement Manu.! on AugUsl1111, 2QO.t. till follnd. Then p80IS show thft IQ(;atIon Ind U'Ie logo or n.me of the different ~. A*il1'ltnlion.d on !he ~t il h Challenge T.IeI: tIw SHANKAR Trophy which I. iNllrded tor tI'It memory of the first grat Tiger martyr Lt SHANKAFt.

lbll intCI on wu...,1Md froII'I ...... l2.nd a 01. dOCl.....m ..... lit 4112

ViR Hom. 14 , ........... ( .... 1)

378. N ".0 .. rIer In aub-teCtion 6.11 •• letter m:l1'tIMd 10 Mr. V. w.HIVANNAN wllt'll'li' tIUe being 'RMponalbl& Pe...an ~naI SeetellriM. L mo, wtt $eked at the WTM 814182 V-" Horne Aven.Jt, Mantrul. Tht docu!'IMInI .-1'(1 to,_ iii" .nnu.l Athl.tle& CompetitlQn held Ofl Augu-t 1311>,2005. The letter I. 1rom CHANDRASEGAAAM.

n&. Infonnetlan IHI .... 1nMI .............. port on the ltudent ~1.tIo" of


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WotId Tamil 1IoYtmMlf. 1'" MnUilI ... _ meata ~ Zoot. ..un al 4162 Vln Horne AnnUlI Oft Ald 1J'*1, 2CIOI. Eahlblt 2001-11 ..... 01.27121. ('1.3)

7N818fter morn I dfrfct NrIIc bstwwen V. M/WIVANNAN tin" the LTTE. It 1$ 1/10 .to $X",.,.",. or ~ beIwNn WllIand L TTE.

12.2 w.n.n F"""_

377. The t. TIE IotemetionaI ~at hell the Women F .... iorI on their organizational c:hert for tht ttructure or the L m Foreign Br.ncheI. ~ L TTE OperatIaM Manual dIdates the kIIIoMng guidelinM in .-..peel to womeo', f4d1...tIon:

).lo -U ... ~ t.nner, galher the Tlmil women at foreign ~, and among them, cre.te • community of ..,.r..,...;

). When ...... joyfU I;tnImonla' tIke plt.OH in T.mll f ...... , ~ tho .. taml_ through ltD **-Hon, In oniItf to help .. sny marwwr to Chencholal, to

KfIn1haNbM. n to~; .

)0 Thle 1eCWatio" I1'IUtt .. fWOItIHr)' •• to ..-.ura the ~n d women In the ~ of \tie fl)f(ljgn brindle.:

> ThIt ~ ""* I8ka ~ .... to haw men ftm." partldPillion wltt!in tht arJIvltitI In _PIIng the fads (I", ~) aboI.rt our bMUO 10 ro.agn~.·

Tb. tnfonnmlon ,... obtalMd Iram HGtIon '.J or tbt LTTE Optmton ....... u.L ('2)

f ~ lh8t th. WTM ill JJnJctd tel M auxHlefy OfJ1*lI%"iorI by the name of Temil ~ A~ of Quebec (TWA'. Thia waNn Federafion I.s IJtItII/t1Iwd s .wb~atiotI dllHl WTM.

J78. Tht TWA II. .._teffd will the Q~ Entlrprtee R8giBtrar 8& an rraocialJon am<:e JI.IIy 28", 2006. The organization ghiM It address at 0&365 Plamondon Avenue. Monb'eal, which is alao the ~1IIl&1 add .... of Iha qKJCIation Preeidlimt. Kandlah BlVAMAlAR. There Ira .... Jdr'I'Iinittratora Iimd fet the TWA.

TIl .. IIdonnIUon .... oa.tned from • ClDR!Q ...., obbIIn.d on Oo1Aber ~, 2001.("7)

379. A letter dated Dec;emblr 17". 2004. 1hItd .~ tor the month or November 21)0.4" twa the header itIdiI:Iang It MAHJVANNAN. the perIOri tupOI'IlI~ f« the Qu.bec mnch (W'I'M). It 1taf811n1lll Mf1.. SIv8iI.mar KANAGAAATNAM • Ihe tWpOntibie per.orr. in c:hwge ~ the ~n'. o~n au-w .. branch. More than 25 1adI • .ttend.-:l tha Irwugurll rnHtino Md they rtlGllt8red tt.nMllltil ... actiYIltI d trIIa otgIIniDtion. It alMa lI""" ttwt lI'Ie .ctWy plan wl8 bII ~ted by them IrI January 2006. 11'1 the 1. TTE Operattont ~I, -rhe bnmdI-I1'I-d'Wge pMlGMer tee:tion swn: "CI)mp(IH ft'It morthfy JllitiIAtY NPCH1 for the bt"M:tIlIIld UImIt b8font 1M 111' day of th. foIc7NIn; monlh".

Ttl .. InIannMIon .,.. oIIUIMd ............... at .. '.2 va" ttcN'M A~

MontrMI (3.7.1'); and ffom 1M LTTE OpttatloM "nud. (32) .

7NI hitter ta an exlJtrlfll8 d 1116 WTAf WI#tg Iht'J L TTE at dirtIC/O(1 Irt thf L TTE

0penIficw Manual. .

380. The name K. S~.1lr fa written on tilt li.r ~ the 3ft WT'M .ctMIta. Tm. list w.

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l&CKhect to II Irmer. -*,reued to tn. penon In ~rge or me I.. T"l'e I~.I s.a.wlat and daUId JunI!t 18"'. 2005. Her relpOnlibilUel Imongll1ha WTM 'Mn glWln .. btIng p.t ~ the "Women F~·,

,..... InfGrnnMlon ... obtIIlned from ..... !.w of II .............. to u. fntwndC)ftllllecNlartat from lilt Mil. , •• 2)

381. '"'- name SIVNMlAR app!IotfS, U • CDO~Of on 2 ,:!lOdge formsl46d by the WTM to coiled funds tofu- Tamlll SaviI1D' PIiIn.

TNt UUomLdion wtli obbIlMd I'fom • rwJew of the T ..... s.vInp PlaIn coWecdon ~ ..... from ll'ZO P. IX 8o&II...s. unit ttl. W11I on Aprl13"', aGOI: fo"" au (101.2); Md foe'm ttI1. (fOUt

I bIIM .... ,. nImt 01". ct101tIInMot /nc11cft19. the per«Jn who ~ tile donalor 800 08lMISI8d 1rJr",. pIedgM"

AI: seen Htlier", 10.2.', the TImIa & ,oi'l9s Prall. a ~ mtIhodfol'rtle LITE.

382. 1bt RfIfMmlnnge Day event for 200& org .. 1zed by the Women ADoclatton or the

WTM, I ~ reviewld alettar UUed"Tht Remembnlnc:e Day-2005 ~Ised by CfIe Womtn Ftdetation 01 Wortd TamU MowIment", The Wlet It .n a.planatlon of the Remembrance Day held in 2005. In IhIe letter .•• Indicated Nt iWtI'It.tar1ed with the llghtl"" of oil lamps to .-.member the m~ whO ucrlllc:ed tharnMlvee to IIbMIIIt the f'Ittion. ~ tnt nwtwrs lilted it! Litultnent SHANKAR, wtlo It believed to t. the first l m figIHf' to dilt in combII: on November 27", 1e82. The l81I. 8110 Indicate. that the Tamil &lIm natIOn" tt.g 'W8I hoiattd. Ahw,. ganwll tribute WD ~ fof "tho .. martyr gods whO taCritIced their uves for !he b .... ion of Tlmil E •• rn Iand". New tho end of the ...... , It irM:McIIIM that tn. S!valm ... r Kancliah Is the ... ~ persOn fQr th. r.m.r. IWeration 01 !he WTM of Quebec.

The Ider ... wiItI thllnldItional phr .. : ·The dealr. GIN Tiger. is T amtI EtItm NMion·,

Th"I~ WM obtained from • ......,...n~ ... at rna Pie IX. unit 1. MOPImI on AprIl 13.", HOI. (107.2)

In the translation of IN dowmllllt Ii derlcaJ fr)I$IstI(e was m_ In ",. ~ of the RemernbnJnoe Dly...-.nt. It ~d haw ~ ~ " not 2006 N Me transIatfcI . document indIcat... I hfWf t'll104Itwed thIa /tit .. ttflfd ~ThfI ~ 0.,...2005, Qganized by thf ~ FederatIon fJ( WorIa TI,III'II &fovomenr. ,.m ut;aNed til. the hltter q 81'1 ~ of lfHJ RllmemDl'lVICf OS)' held In 200.5,

383. T1w Ratnen'Ibf'Ince Day ev.m. for 2006 W88 Ofianbed by the Women .AdocIatIon of 11'08 wrM. 1 have,..1NecI two Idera III111*'d ~ the TWA. One krntr II 80 Invltation for the RemetrtbrwlOI DIy 2005 '*~ tmcI the MCOnd letter j. a Th.InIc: you nota to the paltlclpant8 whO ~ the Ren'Itn1_nc:e Day 2005. 8ott1 ~ ,.,.,. Hnt by h WOtI*I F .... ation rI Wot1d Tamil Movemenl of Cluebec. giving thiIIir addl'e$S • being .. 180 V .. Hom. A,..u.. Montreat.

tt.a.1nfonnIdcItt ... ObtaInM from hanClWtiu.n dOC~~ ...... a' 7720 Pia IX, "",It 1. IIontrdI on April 13111, 2001. t107.3)

I /)(IIisVf lhat tire worri/ng ~ lIlllGCIBIlott· Md ~ faderatJon" M .synotJ)'mOU$ and apesJc ~ the arne, which .. became t~ r."" Women ~ when ~wIh the O~ EnlarpttM ~

314. FOIIoWig ~ Specitl s..rth Werrent of ~,_. 3R1, 2008, Montreal INSET IrwestlglIkn .. Ized • .,..., Idvert*~ .-n event put togeth8t by the Tarn~ Women

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~ of OLMbeG. Tn. _nI _. tg _~ tn. women's 1_ic)nIIl g4lY .. ...., hindou new ye.r 20(18. The .... indic:ated!he evtM'lt date ... 2OQ6..()(..12.nd (II co.t of 55 or 56 dOftarI.. A. phone !'lumber Is irIdIefIted 00 CM poster 3IS In.· 731-9188. A chtek of ttM phone nurm.r 1IIfItI1I\e ciyllllMsOn ,&dian If'IdIc:tItM th.t the number • (lI9illteted iCI: K KANAGARATNAM, 43M IN, Plamondon, Monlnl.~ Qt, H3StM1.

Ttl .. ~ wu oDIIlntd from 11 ~ndnllatlon ~ of c ... 18b1e ....... DUBREUIL dMId ........ a.r 1.-, JD08. nUl)

The Tamil wam.n AaooietIM ~ Oouebtc fila roo objectJve& aOO 8ClMlIeI stated in the seWOO AILQlbuv OrponiztlQa§ of tIIt'Il. TTE Operations AIsnuaI. This activity provo t~ ragan1Iefi of the I14tIn9 Qf the L TTE, ~~. of tfJ. foIvign brandte, continue with their ldA'itfeB.

113 C~."$IUba

385_ The L TTE ~ Ma.num dlcDlu tht fallO'64ng g~ In regaftIt to the crellllve .n 8fld 0JItI.n1 ClI.ItI:

), In on»r to bMg ro.w.rd our liberttion baIIte, gllhet tIw tvppOrt from Iht Tlmll cltIzent of fllfflign retidlltlc. and (ftate dlllrent ~. of pwpiilgand. IICI:ivitiea by anltIIytng wIIh tht ~, eventl:

10 'n order to prod\.1C8 tM .ucceaful ~nda actI'IIItIM, ICIentIfY the new .nitta. and .. embIe ttJem toQIther,

;II> T_ nec:etaI'y -PI- tlat 1M fonIign natIonllll to hMI eagar to know .tlOlJt the ~Ity of the T.nII'I cuIl.n;

)0 Aec«dIng to 1he ~ dalY" of Tamil &lam, almult8neo\1tly product the valietleG of cndw iMt programme,

'JN8. rntomJation ... obiIJntcI from Iht L rn OptJ1lllone M.nuII, ..e:Uon 3-3, ........ n20 Pie ex 1ouInIIrd. Unit 1, Montru.1. on AprIl "., HOI. (3Z)

386. The WTM it linked ttl an orvanlzatlon by 1M name of AcHemy of Tamil Arts and Technology (·AlAr). The IJIdd .... .ss(M)iated 10 the AlAT in 2003 were -4180 Vlln HerM "'Yfflu., MOntrMI (WTM offiCll') tod 3810 Rachel su..t Mortreal, which is Ioe8Md nut to THURAIRATNAM'. rHldenoe,

lNI InfomNldon ... obtafntd frGm I NPOrt from ImrnIgrdqn C .... -ted ""h ~.1. 20M (11U1; ..... ffom lin ~ ....,on by en IlANelHI dabad "reh 1 .... , 2004. (110.2»

387. A .-.ntaI1IgI1Mment, dIlt.o HcMmber 1·, z003 w" round during ... .-an:h of rna ,._ IX BOuielltrd, M~ on AprU 13", 2005. TlMI agre.ement "" .. signed t:Iy tlw III .... Marln.anan KURANANANTHASWAMY III reg.-dl to 3810 R8Che1 eat, MOI'ItI'HI.

1lI1a InfOnnrion ... obtalnlct ffont • ,.... __ found In •• hlblt 2001·20, u.m u .• 110.1)

I" 2003, KARUNANANTHASWAMY was the Quebec br.ncn WTM /eadtK.

388. A white 00fI'IPller. rnaki!lISB,.t ~ -' "'62 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal. In thi$ ..om~, a lilt conIllnlnQ: ... ociItIonI 1k1t.td to ATAT wa found. Among the 1IUOdati00I lilted, In... line enodricn of Interest .,.. auocIated to A. TAT:

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{1} E.t.m TamII~ (.-0 I!nown _ OnrlY.1f! ~ I!T ..... QJi

(2) Chendlolal V.n HOme:

(~~ and Thlmller OIL

Thtte ~ UIOCJatigns piwI tile names of nurneroue students ... wei 118 their grade, thelr gendlr, thIIr rnarit$ (gradft). 1MIr irdx number and their pInG .tat ... 1 for 1he proIIclency UIImllllltigna In Tami hII took place In 2005. Several acMr uaociatlon. of th& ATAT ~ !he .... lnfO"""ion "I the thrwt mWltioned .bow.

11'111. InfGmwtlod w .. 01* .. from • ..-view of • cloG.......,. tIu.d "~J' of Taml AItt & Tech.,.... ttiucI It 41.2 Van H«M .-. .... "'. MontrHl on APfil 1:Z-~ lODI, dhlblt .... 12, IMfn 11. (1'I1.2t.

389. On !he computer, Inva.llgator. 81eo 10GIHd • dOCU....ent anooecI "'time '-bit. dOC" In ~ 1M ATAT Indic:abHI the tImR when ltJe MAT1-I EXAM 2005 wli be COf"IdI.Klted. The '**"'- ~ it 41150 ViR HOme "*,,11&. 'T'ht d_ • June 1~, 2OD5. N. the bottom. or. Qf Ile COruc::t IlI.Imben ehown I • .5-1+-736-8D84 which iI U. phone number cAtMWTM.

I 0bIaINcI ... 1IIfonI'Idol'l from a dClCurNnI found 6n ""lbIt 200$.f2. ItH1

11 It 4112 v.in ttom. "v...ue,.1IontrH1 0111 ApItI ta-. 2ODI. (t 11.3)

390. 00 April 111\ 2006, during ~ IUfWlllance, thI W'T'M ludtr, THURAIAATNAM, wa.

Obt.Ned .., ott. T8ITlii m.1eS tranlPQl'ting ....,.ral boD. to • munk:ipell'llCy(lling bin of the Eco-cenlre in Monlfetl from 4160 and 4162 Van Home A'IIfIrlI.lll. A tubHquent ..arch or the recycIng bin re~_ """"~ bo* fA documofU related to !hit WTM. The doamMIa ..... AIIriIYed by In ...... lptln and found to con~ fI"IrollMnt ronn. of tI'II!I AlAT, dtttd 2.004.

,.,. Informdon. wa tlblain" tram a nMtw of I dDcumtnt .. lied .-: the- Eco~ tlhH:lit2OCJl.13"-n 21 (f1 • .,,; and Cpt CLOUTII!R'. rtpOItdMed Aprtt Will, 2GOL (47.1)

»I. On Ap1113", 2006, • black. and yellow baCkpack waI .. Ized It 7120 Pilt-IX Boulevilttl, _. " MooIrtaI. I~ the ~,IrweetigRI ... foLn:Ia ~ .nvelope containin; .,... e~ juld pape~. Or- of thne paperI WJI an ATAT .nro!mem fQrm with $4.50 in smaIl~. n. AlAT Il'IroIment fonn hn • ..,ace III. tM boaom 18ft.rrtltled "Signabn: OffIcer ~ng" wlh •• pt .... above It.

Thla InfcIrmadon CCIIIIM from .111 AUT enrokrltont form, .xhlblt --.20. '*" ". _",17L (110.4,

It is i'lt«flllit!rl to not. that two ~ ~ for ATAr ~ roc.ted at f\M) dI1r1Jrent ~., in MontrNJ: .. 182 Van HCmI.nd 7720 Pif-Ix -.ct. f, AfonttUJ. '

AIfo, I ~ that the ~ ., the bQtbn of on. of the form. II thar of 1<IIIIlnall'flupilai SlTHAM/!'ARANA THAN, !tie fNUlt;Jent oJ the WTM.

392. On April 12*, 20Cle. a red binder .... ized at .. 102 V.1l Home A\o"IIIfIUO. Montfl!Nl{. In t~ brldM", il1VMtigllora found. document titled -T-.nll .... lIuaoe ~p.ttt1on - 2004'. In • table format, the I'8WnUII .00 .xpenHII raatad to thIt .vent .. prnented, Among tht ~, I1e ftnO tbOve OfgIIniUlClonl are Inct~ed with • numbef and an 8f11(Nnt

(1) &11m T.miI AuociIltion

(2) V .. Honw

1.. $592

54 ~32

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(3) IIId Thamllar 011

88 ...

The tot.! rev.nue ~ 1& ",016 .nd the total upensee Indicated 11M 1889.44 for .. totIII profit of $3.118.58.

m. Inlonuloli ... ot.t.lrwcI from a docwnent ua.d MT .... II '_'UIIP com,.uon - 2004", .. h"'lt "'12, HMn Ot,lI2I.. {112..2}

I believe th., the numbGr indicfII.fJtI nm to e$Ch name is in refemllCl.'l to t~ number of atudellta Ih.t took part In the~. I also beNGw that rht ~ 8I)own 1$ equ~ to • ,_ of sa per #udent. I btlitve thIIt fhe name Van Home 1$ In tact the same &'!I ChtInoholal V., Home which ~ IrJund ~ IietI of IItri4ff'IIs on a ~r found., 4162 V~ HomIt.


tn ttw _me btnc:Illr .. the previous paraQ'f;llP'l. ~d at ·ue2 Van HomtI' Avenue. MonI_ on April 12111, 200D. inveItigaton. foond. WTt.t Inc:orn6- YQUCher. The-1lan'IO on tIM wudlIIW it M8ni¥armn. The fftlon ind~ '*" "the profit teeeiwed It\rougt1 the TerrMI I~ conteif'. The amoI.lnt Ia $3,115.:18. !he .. me .. lndIetted in the pmioa. PlI'IgI'IDh, Till _ • August 12m. 2004. lht voucher II ligned by both ~nnan and T. MURALI.

fbi_ InfonuIion camM from an hu:ome vouch." p-. 2 of .. "'bit 2001-12, n.m 01. 1121. (HU}


On April 12", 2006,. yellow bll'IdtI' ... __ .t 4182 Van Home Av.nue. Montreal. In this 41 ~ lliniMr, Inveatiptors found 4' dowmeli titIed."R~ and expet1M$ .w.n.nt for 1ht month r:I AugUit 2004". The.-.pon. c.ne from S. MUFW.I. ptlson ~ F~ DlIUIon Quebec. ThII document ~ the monthly ellP'nGOll and revenuH of tha WTM. In the ...... column, on ine 1)4, It IIII'IdateC:I In amount of $4.1eG.M obtlIIIned UYouah AUb org.nIz8tIona. Documtrlls ttlttincl IG It!Ia amount .,.. located on IN9l " end 10 of thll binder. On ~ $, • oopy or tile .. me "'com. voudHlr .. mtntlooad 1['1 the prwioua paragraph W8I round. for .. ttrncnn. r:A 13.118.58 received ttvough the Tamlillinou-ge conteet. On ~ 10, It II WlN Income voudl., in ttl. nlme r:l tha e.m TamM AaociUon '00 the ftl8IC1fl ~ II echool menuea. 801h IIOUd\ers ...... 1Igned by THURAlRATJtIAM.

Th'- tntonnatlon e ... frQm • WTM MOMNr fiMncill report {1U,2)i -.nd ffom two Income voucIIeN, aI'IlbIt 2906-i2, "*" 01,1,.. (111.3-'

The above fIlII'8fPPhs ptOVe thtft th& ~ d the AcadMI)t ()f Tamil A,u IJIId T~ WIM r:onducted M baMlf of the WTM ttnd M., I9V8tItHtS comma from ATAT ~ ~ to"..".".m drhe WTM.

0t'I September 3"'. 2OOB, il'llttitigators uecuted • Sean:h w ..... nt at 4160 and 4182 Van Hom, Awnue, Montreal. In a room .-t .. ,82 Van Home A\NInut. irwestIgatora ~ a ,,~ B IICI'IOOI book of the Aca~ of T.mn Artt 'TlIdlnology. AlIhI bllck of the book, a large photograph at lhe l TIE leader PRABAKHAAAN~. Below the photDgntph it i, wriIlaIl "The bell 8ftiat will gather ... trutrlf~ outcome of ttw living ~on .... thO IOUlW kif td5 aeabon. Mr. V. PIAALW<AAAN Nationlll18ltder Of Tamil E...,.."

ThIa ~ w .. otQ!l'*I from • IdIooI bOOtt, MhIbtt 2011-'1, twnl 0234. (,..,.41)

I beNtWl tbBt lJIJIt book !lion thft tIUi WTM, thlf)UfJh II sub-oIpfinIzation known as




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ATAr, fOllows what the L TTE Op.rMioM MIIfflHII ~~ c;~ • fi10AI ~ u.. __ I """ fonHgn bt8naI'Ju whioh ki to "EnOOlJIllge the yotII1QSf' gennm aI foteIgn reskMnae of Tamil diupcn 10 have cxwnp-..slcn for Temillat:Igfmge and ~ Ihfllr fHl/ngs towMl1 T.,miI ,.igns. Eatflblllh the conhlcts wfth 1M IftOIh.nend and be SronrI ill It.·

I J>fIIfve t1uJI ""*' W110f tM'J(Igh A TA T u.a 8ClItdemJca lO #n"1JfNtC8 yocmg chItcIren by teaching rhem L TTE propeganda IrJ onlflr for them 10 MJPpott the L TTE &!Cause the ATAT UNa' 1#1" ac1drwJa of 4110 Van Home on their publicity m.rs. errd th.lhay provide lIkiI phonf flIIfflbw of tile WTM a.t S com.ct numlMK on U'IlISft MI'r'I8 fliers MJd becliUSB thlf boQk waa located In what eppN(I to w. cIU$ rocm -' 4112 Van Home, I bi:Ii&w: that ttle building houaing 4140 and 4182 V8" HOme if UHd forme benfllII oftlMt LTTE.

12A C~,~I

•. The LTTE Operations M __ dIctIIt .... foIlowIl"Q In .. peel to Chencholtl.


)0 'During tMir birth day. caIebrationl of II10ee young Tamil chlld ... n of foreign ~, '!'ICOU,.. thtnl to ,hire their happineH b)' frMwarding the gilla of .owen ... IIIInd friendt11taera to then OIPfIizatiofls:

,. Forward different 'Nittin of tot books, vidoo and audio case." aoc;ording tQ 1Iw edI.atiOn," ttanc:Jard Of thOM ttud.rtt \IIIhQ are atudying in theM ~:

,. P!Qvkle .~OM 10 the foreIGn reeideooe of Teml. ..-.d to the loreigJ'l cltizltne., about the ..... afld the g ... Qf u.ae CMg8nlZatiOnl:

l> Fot ,.. pUI'pOH of ..:tMng ~ to t.heM organlzationl. -wroaoh differeft 1IInIetur. offofeign ~~.

lb. InfonnatIon wu obCatHd from • .....uon U 01 u.. LTTE O,...uon. ..... L (22)

387, Ch.~ 01' 8ancho1ai QlIIfl inlllMlon ~ in 1991 b,. tho LITE • ., orpftanag8. 1M organization .... f'd; "blhII'Ifd In Jaftna, Sri UInka, n later on at other locations In "'UTE IXIllUoII«f "" of Sri Lanka. ACCOfding to the Sri l.8nkan Mlnlalry of ~, tht CNtrtchoI.1 ~ of the L TTE 111'8 uaed to crea18 • flC*'Ilve Image of I,. Ofpoia:8tlgq. TM L TTE .... '" Chtr'lctlolilf QfPhllna;e imItge ~y In their f\.n:hItIngt with tna r.miI di.."ol'J.. AQcordIng to the Sri t..niaIn Govemnwnt. the l TTE Chlnchdaf .:ampt. .,.. Mt up and run like milltal'y camPi wtltAI children are ""~ rnltary nIning. I .... ~ In lM foIkIwIng ,.aar.pha Ih.t .... WTM IoUPPQftl tinlfldlill), V. orphanag_ flJncMd I)y the L TIE.

Tbi. Infoi'MIIIUOtt .. oI*Ined frvm Ma. IlERN:ARD .. ,..,.,... to In ..... .-.port ... d Nov8m ....... ZOOI. (111.1); _d fNtm an ~ kMlnd by". 8ERNARDon .... ~_~'1Ii. on Nowm_ f'k'. 2001. (114.2)

The ebovtIl1ItIfItIaned Infc;mIJltJQo dHCt'/lHit1 m. ChenchoIaJ chI/dI'e(I otIJ7¥' irI Sri L.nf(S onty. but not 'hOM in CMAd4I ...,..,. tt.y ere aMo cttIIttd CIMnChOIaI Tam' Idd~ dub.

398. In a 30 P88e IWtide pU:tlilhtd by WTM on the www.t~ilnatiMorg webelte titled -veJupIIIai Pnb.rJar.,: A ProIiIe", • ucUon on page 26 bilks about Chencholai kids dub. It IlItw:

·an Ntruc:donl from IHd« PlfablinalWl, the ClWnch*I KidI COIUb WH hOe 1~eor1n

Page: 151

inlllgUJllt8d on Clc:tob« 23"'. 1DD'. teo tak.. ~ (If ~. ~ ........ __ II" pa~ anctICf guwdiMI. 00 hi 00CIIMIi0n, n. ..nt • me.uge whldl rwad, "lJnI;HIr the IlWIf'Onment of • historic ",. cf Nbe!1lll00 we .. planting theM young ...... Chencholal campw. It " In)' delft til. u.te young ... m_ tIM deep fCOI:t lnd iflM' up one day It IIfl intellacaull f8MI'VOIr Of T..-niI eelam. I corMY my gtIHItil'GS for tnif; revoMion.ry..,.nbd 10 thr1Ve well and proap8f_"

ThillnforTtwdlon ... obIIIIMd from an .,ud. on the ........ WWW.ttmJIDIIUPUdD, (10.3,

3{19. N mentionad in _-..diem 12.3, a document in TIIma tjIed 1.-niI language ~ • 2004" WIllI reviewed. The dooument in tal* forrNt conelll$ at 5 columna wilh ttl. ht ooIl.nHl being the "'1 of tt. S~. The Itet entry In the Ii.at rClYi III Che~. The ~iona of a111hf other .chooll or _aociatIon. art htad under itl the ... column. The dOeument ~ • report on the nlM'l1lw d ~nts and 'xpenNIIl'8HfIU8& fl'«ll the competlClorl, The total profll from !hat compelitilX! Wat $3. 11U8.

lblt InIorm.tton .. ob'IIJIMd rrom • dOCwMnt ... "T.mll lMgu. Gam........., - 2AN" ...... .t "182 Vln Ho ...... 110m-! ot'I A.prll 1t-'. 2ODI, .. hIb1l2OOl-tt. iIIIm 01, 1128. (112.1)

I beIi8IIe that the tJB8 01 the wunI Ch&nCholBl by lbe WTM In ffspect 10 di"~nI Tamil ~ in the Montreal SIN III sn indicaIJon 01 the MM'" IiIIPI>OIt fQt' the L TTE" conbriJ«I CMnchoIIJi if, Sri Lflnb.

400. A black binder we. Miled during 1hc w.n;h at .. 182 Van Home Avenu., Montreal, 00 ApnI12"'. 2006. n. blMIIr.". tiled NClvembet 20M A ~ of U. moolhly financial RIpon for tile motIth c:t November 2005 .haws th.t 01'1 1M 10. th. WTM I"I:parted .n'1q)If\H for ,.". in the amount of 11.9M_ Thit.,.pente ill:lroQn do'Ml in two: $1.000 for offIae tnd SO!SO for tna IchooIlnneh_ A WfM voucher folJF1d OIl ~. :23 .,.owed the rtelIOfI for .. experwe tD tie Ariwc:iI'IoIId tw1I ct.led NOVMI!:Itr 1~, 2005. The name ~ the l*1IOI'I .-..pon~" II T.MURAlJ.

Thi. I"formdan __ obUdnld from uh" 200e.t2,1t8II'I 01. 13121: the Nov ..... r 2001 nnllnc~ NPOr\ (102A); .nd from an .. ,.... 'loved .. " t102.1)

I believe ltJfl thit shows thlft thf MoW CCJIIttrD the ffrHrt1of;t cI ~ MonI,.a/ &"913 Chet)Cholal which ~ COMiderod sub-asJBniUt.OOs &II per the inWuction. in the L TTE m,anual. As .." .1rlIer In "* Alidlvit. #ht) motr/IIIy 1lII~ tapOrla ... fotwarded 10

the ~ 5w:t8tarlat ., dIctfIled in tht L TTE 0pfntI0ns Manuel. .

I OfIIi8W1' fhltt CItMcItoIai It; orphamIgu fof gIrla IiIIId ArltIucboIlIJ Is for boy5.-

401. AnOther bIIKlk tilrat!'" '"" Hlzed duMg the Hatd'I at 4162 Vln Home Aliinue, MonbHI. on April 12", 2008, ClO~ 32 PIQII. It. 8 months financial ....,on from May to OCItobef' 2000 'MIll IOCIIiId on PI8" 1 to 3. In this ntPOn. rewen .... nd uPOn- are $lpIaInId. In the ~ .-ctian. Ihefe II an amount of $2e,2e1.95 indlcatKi •• otner Income. Pan d tis other Iro;me " .-.p __ ~ the fo1lowin; not.Iion;

"ChInd1oIaI (T.mll kid ,*,b)" S380

Thill informdon obtIlnId frvm • I InORtha llnan" ttport fl'Gm .. V 10

~2G04S, p 1 to 3GfnllIblU00l-12, ...... 01, 14121 (10"1.3)

It is irrtet'NIIIIfJ to not9 ttI., thf usa of rhe expl8Sliotl ~IJI Tamil kid club in the W1lf fepotf corresponds to • MtrtiI9I rile provided on PlIfI(t 2G aI 81'1 IIrlIcIf puf)llBtl8tllJy

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111 Gtnn .... 1tIIont of hIam T ....

0402. The L TIE 0pntiGn. u.nu.1 dl~ the foIIowil'1g In ,..pect to General a.oc;iationl of ~r.mi.:

» Baed on the: ~ pri,.1 for 1h. wtIf ... of Tamil" nation. Inc:cxpc)r'" of thoee dIIf .. nt Taml tuOdJtiona. aport:I dubs, ... ligiouI communities (r;eII;lout 0RIIn) •.. !.Inlier one gentnl ~(lri;

Jo Ptrau.kl theM ~ to ral .. tt*r 'IOirJe irI slJl.'ll.'ll)i't for out' frMdotn .,.. and tf'\e;I)\Dg8" them to take pM by eontributing through ott"*' dIffer.nt


ThItI ~ .... obtIIlntd hm ... ~ :1.1 at 1M LTTE OperIdkIn • ........ (Ut

0403. The WTU II linked to the eea.rn Tamil AMOCiation fA QIiIbIK: ("ETAQ"). The ETAQ i. ntg"'rtd wIttI tht QUIfIb8e EntfIipriH Regilti'*, •• ., .. ~ tinQe No_mb'lr 12". Zoot_ In its ann .. report.; the ETAQ gNes Itt """.1 _ "'OZ V.n Hom. Avenue. MonIre.I. t.tor.ov.r. SlVARA.MI\N. tI'l!Il;O-CIWIltI' d 4180 lind ~162 Van Home: Avenl,le, Is I18Ied .. one of h edminlttratorf for !he ETAQ.

ThIa ~..rom._ ... obCtIIMId from • CfttIfIed copr of ETAQ'. annUliI HcbIrdon htrI tot2 tID ,....... .31. tl»

404- ETAQ II ~bIe for -"mlnilttatlng Taml t4hOOi1 alto known sa "Onriyillm" _ The WTM lornetimel .110 .... to theN tchool. In !heir reports .5 the Ee!.m Tamil Anociation !choat Food. Re¥iII'I'* d $5i2 frgm 'Onrlyam School" Of "Eeltlm TtrJljl AHOc:iRon School Fund" .,.. .I'tttrtd in lho WTM monthly nneial report at part 01 tis I't'4nUM. fI'vm I alb-OtpnlrMion.

Thl. ~ ... obtalnM from the doculMflt tided "T .. U a.ngu ... cornPftWon - 2GQ4", ubllMt 2001012, Ittm 01, 1121 (1'2.J~i .nd ffGm. h November I0OI fInancW NPOI1 ...... 2001-12, n.n D', 13121. ('02.4)

405. On Aprl12"'. 2008. a yellow binder WItt ~ ft 4102 V.n Horne A..,..... Montreal. In tNt 4' ptge binder. irW .. tiglllcn found ill doc;unwIt titled .~ .00 ~.I Itaternenl fOt' the mMtfl d Al,Igust 2004'. TIw tIpOI1. e.m. from S. MURALI. pertOn reaponllibla F'lMnQlI DMaIon QuebeC. mi. doaiment detJlIs hi monthly expensee .,0 ~uea of the WTM. In !hi 1WVWlU. column. 011 lint 04. it ill Indatect lin .wnount of 54.1M .• obblintcl1ftrOugh M organization •. Document....&.Iing to this amount.,. locaIed on page 9 IfId 10 oC tl* binder. Ot'! PIP 9 •• copy of an inc:omII voucher ~UIIy.1MfltIoMd wal '(lUnd. for an amount of $3.1 ,.1.58 recGMd through tho Tamil ~UIgIt c:oot.C. On p.ge 10 Ia • WTM Incom. 'oIOlId$ in 1M ntmI at the e.~ Ttmil ~ and the I'8aOfl "Ivtn '* *Chaoil1Mlnt181 in the ~nt of $1,SSO. Both ~ Wire IIgntd by THORA.RATNAM.

Tb .. InfGmldOn com. from a wrM monthly f! .... '-! ...,.-t ,ti3.lt: met t'ronI twig IfIGtII'At ~ QhIbIt I00I-12. bin tf. 1",. (11U'

1M .tbove P*f'f1tlVJh. p((M rhor the ICIWIiN of thft &lam TIIIfliJ Aa.!ItlahtUon IoWIfD


Page: 153

00IIduatItd (1ft beheIf cI 'tt. WTM ~ that I1tVIMUC6 <XHrIin~ Ikrm il!"r'-'Q ~iv_5 _ lO '" befteM of the WTAI.

O. In a blade binder .. b:ed durin; ...rth ~ 4182 VI/IIIl HOITI4I Avenue, Montreal. on Apil 12", 20De, • e months flRafldaI report from May to October 200& wei ~fd on pages 1 to 3. In ttD repon. .... 11Uft and expen_ BI'8 ._ined. In the revlt(llj. SIIClIion, lhere II an .mount 01 $28,:zt1.96 IndiCfrtBd aa other Income. Part of ttl. ott,.. Income ._. ~ In U. WJljI I'I'IQI'IIfIIy financial ,..port as f8't'enue from • ~lutIon ..nella 1I~1IIntd bt me foIlowinlii natation:

'Onriywn (TamlllChool)" $8CIO

T1Iht informdon ... obbIlned fr(Ift1 a • month. ~ ~ ft'om .., to OctoberZOH, piI" t _ 3 oI,,"1bM2OOf.12, ..... 01.1C1 ('01.3)

«l7. 11'1 • green tIIndtr ~ during rch at 4162 van I1OI'nt A1I'eIlUe. Montt"I, on AprIl

t2"-. ·2006, In Income VOI..Id1tr found on page '8. The.....on incSic8Md on !he

voudw II C8eh Income of EeI8m Tamil AaocIaIion 2004. The dlfe of the Ino:NnfJ VOU(tIer it June 25". 21D. The ~ waa IIgned by THUMFtATNAM..

ThIa ~rm.IIon ... Gt*In.d f'nIlm • WT1I Incamt yOUc ..... d ..... Jun ..... JODI. C1ttlZ)

I beI1ew that lhia ahOMI UuIt thf WTM cont.ro'S the firnlnge-8 ofthcJ AfQntt8aI8fH .e;T,AQ Ind Taml achooIa (OnrlyamJ IMhIcII 1111' conaIdered $Ub~iorIf of the WTM. As per 1M ~ In u.. L TTE Oper8t1on& MMuaI, thtf ,.1IItnCIe. genenated lri Ihess sub-oIoanIzetion. 8,. ~d for in the tnOfIINy ffnMICItiI ft!J(1OfU. AI .." lHifNer in thIJ ~ th~ monMIy fInenoIeI ,."ott. _ fcrw8ItJ«J to ttJ9 /nfefrNttfon4l ~8/iat

"cNctltod In 1M 1. TTf ~ MinlJa/,

408. l1w L TIE ~ MIII"IIJaI ClICtaIeI tM fofIooMng gu~ in regarctt to «lucatlonal CIWItrtt:

,. "In 1how r.,... where the Tamils ..... reIaliveIy thick. ac:cordrIg to the Tam" llUdants. 8ltM:Jlllh the T.mll8duC8lianaI ~:

)0 Ealabliah •• n ~ u... lducatIonai centra. tt.t .. mlthodl or Itla('.hIng fA the *ubj.d8 must foIkNi h IlIITl8formula uf lytIaI)uIet:

»- All of thHt uatiClnat c....u.. mutt ind~ the following ~tljtds in their m.thod d"~ tucn u: T.-nIIlMgl,ltg., TtII'I\1Il· tie.tofy and fine Wi

). The tucf1e~ InUIt ",. MIItc:tad from lhoH apedfto rtlgicne. and In ardel' to _en. the ,*oe •• wy training ,hould tit prQVidId;

> For 1he PUJl1084l of It'IaH- Itudente whO .nil ttudyitIQ It tht .. id eclu~1lI ~ '00 tor ott.. Tamil .wdenW, ......... Tamil. are IWII_ r.latlvely thick . ........ ~. tlduorional centrea:

It> During the Tamil natIoneI day •• conduct h culll .. ,,-1 trt ~. of the ~ntl from Ihoee edI.atIor18l QtnhI ••

ThIt Infonnalon ............. from the LTTE OpMallonlll8nl.lal, Mdon w.. (32)

..as. In Ile Montteel Ina. IiI1 .liIamp!e of lin ~I oentre i. the NAVAM ecIlt.calioMl centre. In _ blue binder titled Ngyember 2f1Ool, .. i=d during .. .-oh .. 4182 Van l-ktme

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llTough the Ntvam ~gn l)enlr. pIIIn Through tht .etMttfl

$2,500 $2,6GO

In tht same binder. at! page 22 .• Novembtir 13", 2004. income 'IOUchef' in the .mount of $2,500 WIll Iocaled. ". rwtme on the vouchtJr .. CHANDRABA1.AN. The reason IndIc8ted II "Navam education c.ntre (ttv'ough d~ re.tival)". T'IiO lignaturM IIIppttilr on the wucner: S, BAl..AN -.cI T MURALL

Thle Intonndcwa ...... fram I WTII monthly ft .. ",*1 .. port ''118.2): and from an InGOmt voucIwr, tJlhIbIt 2OOI-f2. ..... Of, 4121. (ffU)


I beIIIw8 til« NA VAM /, Ihf IMmIt Of an LITE menyr. In tm) B1fit;JtJ8 located on Sri LatIIuII" w.bH1Jl, WlC'A'JfllktDtpfn.cgm and ~M! Col. NAVAM JS CMsaibfId 8.J.,., L. TTE. metIyr MJd hero. (11T.1) (111.2)

I bfIIt~ fIlM this ~ampIe show.s how adNJties lind ~ 01 file IUb-orfIenilfllion$, in thI.t case ~ ctItIttM. Sf¥ ~ by thtt WTM, and ulUmat./y th. L HE, The WTM indicates In their montllfy ~ repona, which In dtStinfd tbr lhe ,,.,,,.tIontII $emlfnt. the ff';enU9s rtJIatud to, In this caN, a marlyrB 8dl./catloMl

~, '

.10. ",. WTM it Knked to an organiHtiotl by tht !\aIM of The Ee&am Tamil SOl:¢$" AMOdatIorI ("TESA"), Tha TESA wa regittertd with 1ht Que.bec Enlerpr1 .. Regi.trar an:. June 18'-, 2001. 'T'ha aaaocIation gave lie fidei .... IIIIi bting 4'80 V .. Home Averu, Montreal. One of U1t adml".._ w-. s.ng.....,at.1 RAViNORARAJAH,

Thill auboorgarUation no longer "011 .... Y 7"'. 201)4,

1bIt Infonndon from In In ..... ~h an au._ En .. ..,....

RfgI .... r ..... F...,..,"" (31.t4)

411, A I.u.r ~ to V, MANIVANNAN, the re~ for the Inblmlitional ~, wn located • 4162 Van Home Avenue, MontrNI, during the execution Df tile Search w.rrant on April 12", 2IXlU. "Trrif IttleI' 'Ntl from CHANDRASEGARAM. 11111 IMler detCrIMII. 1M 15111 annual alhltllc MI!I8t 1n AuguaI 2.005, In II'Ie seCOnd pal8g1'llPl of tho letter, lher9 II the non~bIe mention of U. !jIuttt. 1M mlyor of t'NOG Botough, Mayor APPlEBAUM, The letter .... that Mlilyor APPLE:BAUM. tmonoet CllhertNngl. dl.t11buted IWM'dt to the winne .. ,

IN. Intormdon conwe front- Ieaer ..... In • bM .t .. 112 Vin Home. lIonIfHl. Pollet MNblI2IIOI-12....,. ,. 271'21. eft.!)

TIIit leiter Also mtJkN ~ to SlTHAMPARA THAN and df«;tibe.s him .., "Iyf*lt~ rho leader 01 rhe wrM.

"12, In. ~k binder HiDd dwinlil ...,-ch lit .. 162 Van Hom. "YM'Iue, Mont .... I, on Aprit

Page: 155

1211), 2000, II 0 InOfItht. tinanc;:Mll repgn from May to ~ ~ _ IOeIMd go ,.g .. 1 to 3. In UIls n!pOIt. revenues n c~ .... '!eplalnecl. 10 1M ~nu. MCtioO. theta ia an IIMOUt\t at $26.281.95 IndIcIIled .. otlW 1ncorMi. Part of tnil Dtt* inoomil .. ..-.d in 'at. WTM monI1Iy fina~1 ... part as revenue fn)ro a lub-orgllniution ,nil ~ upllinMl tIV tile foIowInQ notltion:

"&ports' $1.810

me InfonMIon ... 0btI1nId from •• m0nth8 ~ rwport from MIV to Odober 2001. ,.... 1 to S of .. hiblt 2001-12. hem 01. '4r.II. (Uti .3.

413_ In lnalher INck binder .. !zed lit <4152 Van Home A ........ MofIIfeII. on April 12"'. 2006. tRIed AIIgIJet 200(i. ~1IIDtI found on page 1 an ~ VO!.Idwr ~ Aug~1l27", 2005 In me amount of 11.810. ThIt name ~ i)tl thIt IIOUCMr is "Mont,t4Mi .Id"_ The to.on ~ SportI DMaIon. The vouc:hAr I. ligMd by CHANORASe~_

ThII infol'lM1ion .... otulned from .n ,_ voucher found In phlbil 2CIO .. '2 • ..... 01. 1.,.... (111.2)

I l»IitttN thllt this flXemp/e irhOWS how lICIivitietJ and ~$ d th~ aub-orpani%lItitJn5. In this caae $porta 0M8i0n • .,. t':01ltfOIIed by the WTM. and ulUmately the L TTE. The wrM ~s in thg monthly fInwIcJfJJ fJlpodI. which .. dt$lintId fOr the InlematJorlal SfcrfIariat. Ihe ttMmIIfi and 81lPfi1t88S lflIated to thl Sparla Di'vhIIorI.


41... ThtrJughout thlB IrweatigatJon, aa • ,.uIt r1f 1M SHrch wamants eoctAed in 2OOf$ and zooe, In~ Iteve .aizH many doGumentI In rrhiCh thv WTM __ , the

tntfnultional ~ of rhe I/IOtIVItJ&8 Md ~ ~ unclelt.ken ,by the IIVTM and .S ~nlzelion8. Mlny monthly sdNlty reporla arid tnQIIthIy IImmclal I'W)O(tI h.w bt«I $fiad whth SUPPOffs the ~ 1M' ,OO W7V foIowa I'hf ~ .t out by thlil L 1TE 0pemJ0ns """".,." oth8f Ittfffn have .5O beM Hlzed which I will deIcrlbe in the following ~.

11.1 ua.r of the 3f ..:.ttvI:Ita

415. On AprI13", 2.008.11lVtIItigItots _IUd. letter d-.cI Jurnr 18", 2005, ,nd addfeHedto V. MANlVANNAN. the in-chIlrge ~nII. Intemational Stc::r*1at, T.njl Eelam. The ~r is from ..,... adivi8tt of tIM! wru of Quebec ClntIID', ",. I8tI.et r.comme .... 1M Inmm.don~ Sler.t.nat to keep the ex.~r d the WTM. KN\UNANTHASWA,MV'. In Montfeal, The KtMats 01' the Worid T.,D MOvamant of QUIIIIeC IIISO _k Ihf- In ChQtge Pt~1 (V.MANIVANNAN) of the Intfmational $4tcr1Mriat fOr dariflC8tiOI1 In rl!g8.rd! to Iny change In IfructtM of the Wf'M, ""Idef __ Iha following:

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we humbly 18queat to you that, for the .It four .reI • twIf (4 Yr) ~'flI, Mr-. Manlvtlnnan hal beenfunclonll1l .. the pe..on In oh.-g.e tor Montreal tnn(::h. T~. do not tJ1I_r him from Quebec tnndl to .ny other tw.ncnM lOt .ny re&IOnI. W. would like to -"'phii_a .om. Important ~. Whid\ MJe took pIaat during till admInlltrdon '-< In au.t.c):

1. Far the tlrat time In North ~. tIen jin QuebAC) during ~ year 2003, th. -Ponkul'hamir event Will otletnted In • gro,Nr $C81e. More than 9000 participants look pan in 1hat. rtent.

l- TM numb« of ~ jncN8Hd from 28 to 38,

.... The ...adationa IUCh .. : women', fildef~, ~ divi.ion, youth fedef.ttion.,

~, -.:I r.mil ... .,..· ~ wal eliabUshed,

8- The r.ItItionlhipl wIlt1 ~ PIlblk:: WIt8 m.irrt.intd 10 hrYaur our movement.

7- The dlMrltJution of the WoOd Taml (Ulaka tham~r) ~ "' .. Ina'NHd from 9OOto1200.

8- The ftnII'lci .. 1 Q)ntributiona ttvough blinks were ~.

Themcre, we humbly f1oQu.at you to c:onaider !he above .,;tuaI facD. It;inclly analyae the

~ Of MI'. MInMInMII in • ~ .. m..,...,..nd provide UI with. tno ~.

If your c:kIdIIon COI.Ifd 1M In .orne CIIMr ""'~, kindly Inform and cIariIy us of thtt on for the

~ d raponaIbIides. Becauae when we .u .,. ..,gag.d in fund _ng .ctlvlti .. , it Ia our reaponstKIity to PfO'JIde expI.ndon to our peopr..

Tht i ...... cI .,. p,~ .. the rHI(In Wf'ty Mr. M.wannIUl withdrew him..., from tht ~11biIIOet of our tQnctt Hti II nClt In • lluation to continue the lIdMti •• out .idea of ~ w...-ct tt'IIIIl)'OU !NY ~.,. about tilt,.


'hili ....... aon GOma ..... 1M ........ 0011 of the letter .... d at 772G Pie IX a~ of, .... 1bIt JIICII.2O, IIItm 4.12. (&2'

t bfItvw thfI. tJQ IIIIW tD the I~ ~I ~ how the INTM is mMinfl8fIbfD to follow the lnalrut:tioM .. indicated ., I1t& L TTS OpenttSona MMlUQI.

416. TtIc.,..., iI_o a~nItId cy. I"". QI.)6.~ ct_ WQot<i T .... II M_,_,,,,.

Quet)ec branch wlth tI'ItIr phOne rnmberll:

...... ~ .. T~_
s,"_"'" (014 ......
K.~"'" Itl4);MM~
M.~ 11''')111-7'17'1
It ..... (114l81li-2172
T.S,~ ~141"1.a81O
1C.""'.m (M4)15''''
S.*,,*,- 1$14....,.
~ (114 .......
K.~ 1!e1lN'__'" (&"')277-53-41
~ 41.'4)27"_
V~ (i14)144-31.
S __ r 1$'IIJ81H112
p~ ts1")JS«I~.
L.""_I (!1"}~
.... "'" {1I~)8IH14I
H.no- ~t4)Z87'"
T.a... i"~
TJIinII 1")a6HStt
.:~ (S1",n.
1".'" (lIi")>»onw
V .......... n ~·17Q ....
T,u .. ...,_ "7~
A~ .. ("4,744-1_
5..~ C'1 .. ,.....,,4
K.-r- CII-1"1J13434 ,
T ...... IS~"'$1&
.-- ....... 1~1*-OV4
II- .... a ... ~ Itt4)2JNST7
P ....... n "'oWt~_ t5101)V1-7226
....... MI ..,.. ft"Pld1llJW ~l4)nt-<M3t
It_ WlIme!I ....... n 18''')71'\'''"
8 ........ (&14)73' ....
.. c.- ....... ....,.. .. (S14)t3M31'1'
.. ,~ 16~"'1:n&
I(,~ MI ....... 161~)7.,..r nu. infonMllon com,.'ram the ""* HIIiId at 7120 PI. tx aplrtment t ••• hlbft ... 20 ......... 12.141.21

11.1 T ... nl doaumMlta

417. AI eeen earlier in .w-paragraph, tht WTN tend. Ittters to the IntllTl8tlon.1 8ecnMar1.t In nIg_rda to Indlv~ gf tht MonfrHI Tn community. 1'hae Iette.." iI'IdIeMe tNt .... lndlYlclwl$ wi M .1Ing T_",II e.ltlm .nd thott oontrIlllJ1e monthly. ,... tnfoundon wt. 0bIIl1Md from. doc ....... MInd CIII ApltI1t-. 2001. from theWTII afftct ... d •• tI2V.n Home .. .,...ue, ........ ca7.17) {37.11, C3T.1It

418. 00 Sf __ 3~, 2008, IMffiblfa of INSET ~ a 8Nn;h Warrant 114180 end 4182 -Vln Heme A\'e!'lUlil, Mont.... In lilt mJ!n recotj)tion ... of 4100 Van HOt""" AY8m.., InvetdIgIdOI1I I8Imd HWr.! bindera which.,... IdIndned ** exhIbit 2008-11. ~. In _ blue binder titled ·Office ~ foIma", irwOldJgatcn founCI tt1rae

Page: 157

Page: 158

TamU eelam Travlll form



~~; ..



E-maII:_.- _

ExpacrIng 1*10(1 kIr tr.vet 11 • 11 - 2G02 • ~ • 01 - 2003

Wottd T .. r ~ of IIorIttaI. Ret", .... forft~

(Sign .... In Tamil) K*. IIMlvMun In.Ctwge


",..-ddreu In TElit (If llllaill,.):


ConftnMIIIOl\; WIth NQM'd to the netIont.' Ib.mtIon dvI1IM, the .boIM I1tUMCI lin. bHn ...... "11 fortt.,.. ... (10) ,..,., at 1t1. Wortd T..,..U MOYtIn.1tl Of IIontn.L

n.. 1nfDnn.ektn ... obMlfted hm • M-UfIMNIf: ..a.d on •• ,.... ... :tIC, 2008. from 1M W11I ofna lout.d at .110 Van Home A.,...... Montnal. uhlblt 2OG1-n.

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litem K2M..11 32) (photo -U)

, o.Ilwtt lb., th.iIl'nlwllbnn ~ alinlt. ~ the W7V and It!. L 7TE ... the WTM .wt>mta thllt THtJRA1RA TNA"", who 13 ftM{JOnB/IJI8 fOr II1Itw.:tn. ., WTM, Ia going to lit hveltng' to rBml &Iem. the L TTl: OOIIfmlled... It.., iIIc1fcatN til., htlllllS tHIeF) ..orl!1ng for ",. ~ 10 )18"'" for the 1'IlitkJn'. libfnlion activIiea. , believe th.t th. ~ "naUon'a IIbenItIotJ actMtiN" Ie In """-'C$ta the lIghi b'I thtl L TTE against th8 Sri LBIlIrsn~.

"ii. AnathItr trwel form is In U. name of KanIha-.m RAVICHELVAN or 4191 rue Jill."

Ri'RIrd, unit:l5. ... " .. some of it. -" __ r. IndI~d 00 tht f«m:

). The divi~ of serving: M - 7. O ... ribution of rMIWIPIIMfI., CoIIKtlon of fund

J;Io 'NhIclI flghtfn\ "Oh,l~ to m ... in TImiI Eel-,,: Aavr.m.m (Oar_)

Fighter (A*I)

,. VIIIicIl ~ wIthIl to .. It in Tamil EtlfM: Tho bank of TamU E.I.m, ~

)0 ConfimlatIon: For .,.. pa.. aile (08) monthI he hu been JoinIId with u. Ind ..,tty tn¥Oiwd with r~1II'd to tha btatiQn &divItIM of moItIertand. All ardent suppottBr-

The form II IIgned by MANIVANNAN. in ci'MIrg. Q~bec branch, and cl*d NovI:Imbtr

~.2D04. .

This Infonnation ... obIalMd fran. cIocWMnt HfHd on a.pa.m.r r. 2001, fram .... W11I oIIkt ~ .t .1..,. V.n ttoI'nIJ Ann .. , Man ..... , uIIlbtt 2008·t 1, ...... KJN. (132) (DMtO 44,

420. The '- hvtIform it In hi name of Slnriah GMIlMIIkmln of 17m ~, MontrNI.

Here 1fC .... of the ."' .... ~ 01'1 the form:

), ExpKtIng pftId fGr 1rawI: Manth of Mlreh

);> n. dlvlllon of HIVing: The ..t. and Qulllni dl./b

~ Which ntlblllhmenta wiaheI to "I'Ve in Ttwnll ENm~ <U3 - NavaMIr SttHI. -*'hI

). ConIIrml1ion; Wrth ~ to 1he Tamil EIIam IlbInttion 8CtlvItIa, &11 •• bow named twa been ~ 1IPPf'OJC1m~. for the paM lMnty (20) yOatf. at the WOtkI nrnil ~ of UantrHl.

Thia form • ""ned by U.rWaruwt, In charge, and dated Februay 28"',2003.

This Infonndon ... oa.InId frum • cIoc:ument on ......., ~. 2008.

""'" .. W11I ~ IGcdIcf .at .. teo V. Honw A Monlr'Nl. uII'bIt aoot-1",

"-"' K2M. (1)2, (ItItOtO +4)


14.1 DMc.lpllan r:i .'10 ... '''2 V. No ...

421_ The ., ~ of 4180 and ~ .. 82 \Ian Home Avenue, MoI'tb'NI it~

"An ~ known .00 dncriblld .. bfing lot number TWO

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.. L.LIOH SIX HUNDRED FORTY _NIN! THOUS.AHD ..vw... ANb tlXTY EIGHT (2 ... ?a) of the c.dan of Qu.k*C, land rea~ dMIMHl of MonRII.

With all ihe build"". thereon .. cted Ind men spedllcal/y that ~ng (:Nk; numbonl "180 and "102 V.., Hom. A~ue, Mon1feaI, ProvInce or CUItIec. H3S 181.

At the whale now lUblIn wlh ,II ~ ~ .rid p.Ii'fe, IPPU8IlI: Of oQCult ~ u..to. and namely subjec:t. to I Hn'itua of pMUIg. ~d ~ numbllr A88 135 and .... q.d: to • ~ of

viIw publilhed under nurnbet' 2 873 585." .

TII'- InIofrrIMIor\ ... obWI_ from _ IIIMIOAndunl b1 nObl., fmm JUIUce ~ ... ,..dLI MO$$!AU (u .. Illt08'EIdr)~ eI ..... llarcb~, 2001. (111.1)

422, On A..Igust 2"", 1999, SNARAMAN Ind CHANOAASEGARAM pureh.-ed tho property baring c:Mc numbers 418O.nd 4162 01 MId V.n Home Avtnut, in the City of Uorllrfll, Pt'ovInce (If Quebec. The prcJp8rty w. pun::n8Hd for 1149,000,

Thll Inronn.&lon .. obAfMd hm ........ COGnhCt, ...., ....... 31'11, 1111 (1tI.3l: and. frCIIIl "LJlndu .. ........,........ 0MI1mtd on W't!!W.I'IQIIIn,lAIXnlC-til .. bfIte, on IIiInIh W'.:lQOI.. (111.2'

423. ~ d F.bn..y 3"', 2009, the r.g~ owne~ d 4180 and 4182 V., Hom. Awn ... , t.tontre .. , are SIVARAMAN and CHAHll'AA8EGAAAM.

lh" InfonnatIon .. o,*1Md fforn "L'Inct.. .. 1m ... "bI .... obWIlnad on _~tgguy.gg.s.. we".... on ~ 'IIi", 2000 (11',2); .nd 'rom •

memcN'Iftdum.,. MIl 8R08$UU,'" ..... ch",2OOt. ,11t.1. .

424. n. property III: 41&0 al'ld 4162 Villi Home Aile,., Montrnl, is WCII1I'I $3$5,000 acconIng to • property Ilunlrllent dltad April 11111, 2001, WIth • mOf\WlQt blllnce r:A SN.381.38 as d Mardl-r, 2009.

1'hIII1~ _ obtIIlned from In ........ hvm .... n CAD ...... offtc:.r for .. 8eatod PnIpmy ..........,tDINGIIondiII, dltld .. rw:h a", zoot. 111'.15)

425. The (IfflcM "'IN WTM .. 1ocIted at 4180 aI'Id 4162 Van Home A-..nue. Mofllr ... l, since 1998. CHANDRASEGARAM and SIVARAMAN .. co-owr.tl'$ d 1he prwort)'. s.v.raI Tamlt cornmutlity ~Mintiont linked to 1M YIN .... ~ ..-d have t~r mel,... at eIIhIr 4180 Van HOrJla. A ... n~, Montn.l. (It' .. ,,'e2 Van Hom. Avenue, Montre.I. ,.,. E_m T"",M AUociIIioI'\ of Queb8c; ('ETAO") for eumpkl, Qi'i81 Its IddreItr. •• 4182 VIJIl Home Avenue, Montr8ef. The ottlet .00001VMlZ.tion 11nk.ct to the WTM 1I1h1Studtnt AIIIociatIcn oftheWOI'td Tamil Mo\Iement rSAWTM"). "160 Ven Home Avon .. , MonkRl,

lb. Infonnlllon WH obtained from Mr, IIlOND!AU·. InveItIg.tlon report C11 •• ". d.-..:l Feb",.., ."i from c.rtlhd copIM of till Qu.wc Ent-priH ~ar ..... to ITAQ (31,11): and from tM " ... "'et wHde of 1M Qu.beG Em.rprIR ...... fra, 8AW11I. «38.tO)

.. Moreover, b8ud on • ten. from it. Municipal Cornn*sIon at au.bK. dIIWd .... u.ry 30"". 2003, !he WTM were exempt, •• a non-proIIt Otg~, from P'l)'ing the Bu.InIta T .. urrtll I'JItewnbef ''', 2001. Ttl. Iaber raque&ted til. 1h1l exemptiOll ba renewed blMd on the fad. Ihat the WTM W88 'ne ..... and tole ~pant. of Itle buIdIng ~ • 4160 and 4102 Van Hom. AVIaOW. MontrMI. en:. July '., 2002.


The 1etI8r .. ~ to Silh~ K~""'. ~ ... l t;>fWTU_

n. ..... ...uon wn obtai,," fftm • ...., dWd J......,y 3(11", 2003, fronI 1M 111m,.. c.mni ..... of Qu.Mc. (ttl..,

I btIlIwIt Slhfm~".f#lan KttIhera';lalupells to be KathirBwJupIIIaI


427. In iIt ~ 101' being exempt of paying. the buWtn. lax. 1M WTM cIncribn the building at .. 180 WId 4182 Van Hem. AV8nUIt, MontrNI, ••• 1ICh, to l~ Munic;:ip.J1 Comm""'" rtf Qutbec:

~160 Vtn Hqrm Aytnye. Ugri!M1

The ~ Is oamp"IMd of • dNItOOfIl, • "' , 1tne ~ ~ lind ill

~. On the ground floor, 1hete " *' oIfIoa, itillil room, a bltthroom .ntI a

eompulIr cIIIu.

"02 Vtn Hgnw AvIlDMI MooIfIIJ

Four ~ • klk:hen IOCIf'tl M:I • bathroom. ,

DIa InIOmI.tIon ... oIUIMd tram ...... d.IMI January 'W'. 2003. from tlw "uRldPII_ CGrNnIuIan of a __ c. (1 tt,.,

"'23. At u. time of the exewtlon of the S..ch W..,..ms _ "160 .nd "'82 V.n !-lome-

Avenut, Morhll, 11'1 2008, the inIide of the bullc*lJ Cln I:ItI cftilCi'lbtd • 1Od'!:

ThtM two dYk::.rdratet ("160 1M 4'82 Vat! HOme Avanu&, MontrMI) repr8Nnt Iht fnt and HClCIOd flocn of • dupla){ originally ... up for two ~. Eacn addrtu haa Ita OIM'I entr.~ and aoot .. to the outside through • oommon outIide doot. The lHftIi- located .. 4180 V.n Homt A\ltl1UI hI't'$ bMn ImInged IAIiItI • Ilrga r.cepIIon ,.... with • counter and Dulil'lfl ...... ....., irIdudI'Ig a compuler lind tfIIl'III cabNtt. At.o. found in thIa area II It Ic>unglng .... with oowha, • televillon HI and w.. 110 _ayect on floor 1hInd5_ ThoM .. tt. Canadian flag, the au.tt.t 1180 .-.d the UTE flag. In thi. ..-ption __ ~ .IIIC leV.rat '-ge display ~ CClr'lWlnlng multi. L TTE pro~" ItamI for alt, Thute itenN Mf8 HIzed by the poIce on ApriI1r', 2QOe. On IN -.oond fIaor of the bu11dl1'lO •• '02 V.n Home Avenue, • room WJI UMd AI u... admirillrdon ofIk:e of the wrY. TINt otfter I'OcWn$ ~ ......,...a ~ Gf thIIfIl WIll UI8d ... comptMr room. NItittIer M 4100 V., Home AI*II.It t1Q' It .162 V.n Hoole AIIIIItM can t. ... n I'OOfM

UMd. bechomL .

11R Inlormlidon ... otMlnMI tram In)' revl_ of pholog,...,... laken by Cpt. LEBLANC. CphDtlo 43)

Mer rtllll8w;ng 1M pk;twe.s lIMen 01 both time ~ , Is OOv"Ioua ttlat 'lie tJI8IfJI$H .,. not UMd ... a famIy ~-house, but IflIher u. 00 ... ptfJpfNty.

11.2 lIoftOtp UId BMk .:cGUnt • the link fit Noon Scolle

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0429, On July 27"'. , •. SJVAAAUAN and CHANMASECARAM at.t.in.d • .-..tQ._ ; .... Ih.o ~ of $109.000 from 1M hnk rJI Ncwa Scotia lID GOQ!' p*" of the pUtCtIMlng price for tile propertV of the .. 180 .ncI"'82 van Home Annw, ManIrMl. TM pureftaH pnc.

for tht ~ $1.0.000.

T"'-Infonnetion obtIlMd from • ~ of the DEED OF HYPOTHEC rag .... Nd

Irt .... ,..I~ CIWW~ at tIM! cit, of Mon .... 1 on July %7'1', 1111 (120.1); ~ from the .,.1atIon for CMdlt form of the Bank of Nov. IcotIa cIMtd ,.., 3 .. •• 1 .... C120.1)

"30, 11'\ Ofdw to obtIIIn tIw ~ $108,000 martg.age on th. building located at 4160 and 4182 Van Hom& Avenve, MomftaI, $IVARAMAH and CHANDRASEGAMM went Nquirect by 1hf bank 10 put a s.w,OOO dQllWrl PtyrMnt. Thi. $040,000 w" gtv.n by T, JEOATHEESWARAN fA .... 30 V.n Hornet Avenue, Montreal, t.Iophone t51 .... 345-9117. Tht S40.ooo was ~ by T. JEGATHEESWARAN • being a gift gilletl to CHANDAASEGAAAM. • coum. Thll Ch!C:IIfdon of gift: .... tlgned by T" JEGATHEESWARAN on May 31", 18ft. n bV CHANDRASEGARAM on Junt fr. 1999,

". InfonnaUon ... 0btaIMd fram h ~II of gift ~d form 'nHlded In the IItOftIqe ..,11c8tIon ... t the Bank of N.,. Icc:rtI. for lb. 41GO and .'12 Van ttom. A~ 1I0I'ItrMI. (1zo.3)

~3'. Tn. mortgIge aspMment with thfI Bank 0' NaYa Sooti41 Itipul8tad thllt the monthly payment would bt $8$4,15 pay .. on the fll'II: day of each month .u.rttng on hpttmbtr 1111, 1909. Furtt.r tnat .n emount of $300 Wh J)ty" e.ch month rOf ~ to tnt tnO~ tax fK!COUnt, !hi. additianaI payment Ia placed In the lU. account to cover dw municipal property tilt Thll fIIst mongage w.. for • IS ynft potIod ending AugUit ,11, 2004. Further, the b\JIIdlng It • retidontIal dwdng. The Bank of NO\ta Scotlt rnongage Iranl8dlons history I1Iport, CO¥Iri"lil the ptrk:od" betWeen Deoember 31", '999, to ~m,* i·, 2006, for the building located .. "~60 .nd 4162 van Home Avenue, Monlr_, I~ the amounts for the bl-Mtkly mortgage paymenta (principal and intere.lt) ..... paymenU to the property hlx acc:aunt. Atl pa~ .re debited from bank tI(:(;OUnt H029101162l$ t.Id aI the Scotia Bank IOCaltId at 4881 Van Homt A~., MonttuI.

Thl. Inlonndon wa obtIlMtI from ... $tMInwftl of d'-CloI,u .. for m~ runber IUAI .. from the a.nk of HoY. hotII ...... J_ 1..-, t_ (120A); .nd ............... copy of tht ..... tranurodon hlatory ,,",*-d frwn tIWI .... 11 01 Non ~ s. .. ru,. (120'"

432. The ~ hcIIdor'. ntttIt$ fot h jOint beI'lk tQCWnl1802910116289110td .t tho a.nk 01 Ncwa Scotia, 1ft SlVARAMAN and CHANDRASEOARAM.

Tbl. IntoImdOn ... obbIIMd 1tarn • ....., of the Bank of No¥. Seo .... d.tR DtatmlMr , ... ~ 1001. (1ID".

433. The banking reoxdI" of the WTM Indicate that !lhequM h.ve been laaued to SIVARAMAN to P'Y for "'_C -.'Id V. munClpll .... linked to the building IOCIItfd at 41t1O and 4162 Vln HOme Avenue, MontrNl. The dleq ..... itlu.d by tt. WTM to SIVARNMN weAl ItCCIOUIUd far AI Rlnt and Cit~ Taxes. A review of the Chequea wr1tbIn far thit !)I.ItpOHI by the W1lA rrom MIn:n 2003 to F~ry 2007 gave the fcIIQwing amount. paid by 1M WTM:

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). 200! - .,600;

» 2061. $18.000:

~ 2005 - $15,200:

,. 2008. '17,800:

). 2007 - *",000" tI F~.

T.. I~ obtained tram Mr. RONDEAU .. ....rrtod to 11'1 h'-

'IWMtIoMiorl rwort Nowm_27"', 2001. (120.1)

I ~tMwed &fr, RONDEAU .. report. On I»P 3 of IN rupOIt, , notiotId thBt thfJ third flntty for 200e ahOCJItI Micth C/IHUfJ 11204 to( 'UOO in«ead 01 chfiIque .1UIIl. which ~ to be • MPHt d the Rnt.nlty kH 2006.

434. Tn. banking reoordl of the WTM irI(Iictte ttl. CMqut '1330 h .. bMn i__ to SIVARAMANi far F.tIrual'}' 2tf', 2008, to fIOlY for rent and ll'Ulicipal taaoG linked to tile bulk:ting Iocnd ... -4180 .nd 4182 van HQfftI AlHlnut, MOI'Ib'e.L The.mount of chtIqu(I '133$ ... far $2,000. A handwritten nota on tht eNQue .1 ... the re.OR for tI1fl Pbment • "Rent and CIty la".

Thla 1nIotrnaCbto ... ObWMd fram dHumem. ..... from 1M WTM TO a.nk

Account ta3I-Ot2IIIt, ....,blt 1t.n ... (71.',

SlVARAAofAN .. one 01 the two CJWIIo8B 01 .. 160 lind .112 V.n ~ A~, whit:h ill occupIod by m. WlIf. I ~ that the bankIrIQ I'fICCII'(/f fr)r til, ~ d lb. WTM TO bBnk ecx:ount U33e-9285e9, whlcll WSfliI obtained IMth pri1Vlou8 }udIciII aUlhorl181ion$, Ihrwrf. pMfm at payment to SIVARAMAN since III.IeMt NJDJ. If a/tI(I /ndlCatBs tIJ« thB wnf It 8IiIt iuuIng c#lflqllfi 10 pay for ",III I/Id ".. muOO/pll tal( •• tJNOCiattd to 4760 and 41G2 v.n """'- Av.&Ie, M!::MtIwII 1M of Febnlwy 200f. .

"35. The cheques lllued by !he WTM to pay for the Rent and Qty T ........ (Ieposlted in account #62811-80.291~"82-89 held by SlVARAMAN and CHANORASEGARAM • tIM a.rdt of Nov. Scab Ill.uNd at",1 V", Horne A*IUt, Montteal.

Thill InfonnaIIon WM oIiIaIniMI from Mr. RONDEAU ...... rrtd to In h •

• ~ r.port.-...d Nov ..... r U-, 2G07. (121.7)

43&. I h_ ~ • I'fIPOrt tilled "MarIg .. TranNCltlon History" conc:emlng the lTIOrtg&ge t!8383!-e, Th. ~ Outl,,* !he payments actwM:t~ for me marta. pe.ymente and lhe muni(:lptl ~ t.x. StanIrG In February 2003, • ~&l.I1 pr .... y I~ irIC:,. ..... it notie.d, ACcordirJg to the mortg. ~, tilt hnk of NO'II8o ScotIa continued to pey the property tax which IIlCIMIWd • deficit to tt. to account. ThfI accumulaled daficit c:ama to a total of 110, 082.91 al 01 Saptarnbtr 1". 2004. On Sttpklmber 21", :2(1(H, SIVARAMAN wrote alattar.ckJretMd to tfMo hnk of NC~ Scotia In whlel'l I'It ttatod hPing IInGwIedge 01 thI property lax cWIcIt.. SlVARAMAN agreed til pay the overdue ttlx I)y monthly inlltllmentl of 12.000 Itllrtlna October 5", 2004 .

. Th. Irrfonn8IIon obIaIMd from an ., ........ I.., ..... at u. banI!: of

Nvn. 8cGIta Igned by IIVARAMAN on ..,......... 2111.; 2IIU ('120 .•• ; and fram

Iht "Mone Tftln~ HIatory" lor thti Bank of Nova leola. (12C1."

"31. I have reviewed ~ ~ II .1m! VWI Home AV8I'lUe, McntnNIr, on April 121'1, 2008. The chequee ... mtlde by tN WTM to BlVARAMAN for It. I'Wnt .,d prQperty '.)1 of 4160 and .. 162 Vln Homo Avenut, Montr... Below ja .. at.M1 describing the chtQuw rnad8 by 1he wn.t to SIVARAMAN for ... nt .tId city tax. Slanlng In s.pttrnbflr 2~. 2004 ... ill(:f'N" rl $2.000 II ootioId ~ tor Odobtr 2004 IN"'.,... only an

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atrt '1,000 Ia nodc8d.

Bri.~ Cheque" AmOunt Date HOle on cNque
WTMTObri 1083 $1.000 JIAy 10", 200. Rent and City
.::c;(I1.n ~ Tax
WTNITD-.nk 1_ St,DOD AugulM; ~, 2004 R.rt and City
a.ccaunt ..... Tax
WTMTDMnk 1098 53,000 September 27", ~andlCIty
a::coutIC 6\4336- 2004 TM
WTMTD" 1103 $1,000 October 1Qi1', Rent
tcCount tI4336- 2004
WTMTDbank 1106 $1.000 October 2fI', City Tax
~1M33O- 2004
I.aI.nntiIIn ... 1 13,000 November 1,", Rent ane Cit)'
K1QOUnt 2004 Tax
~TObank 1117 $3,000 o.c.mbIr ", Renllnd City
~~ 200& Tax
laur.ntian bank 2 $1,900 Jenu~ 1(1", City
-=cot.Inl 2005
WTMTD __ 112. 11,100 ~1,III, Rent $1,000
ac:cOIri t433I- 2005 CIly$100
WTMTObink 1131 $3,000 Fel:Iruti,.,. Si', Rent lind City
account 143M- ZOO5 Tax
OG28!88 Thla InfcNmdon w .. obCallllcli from • blink IU-"" .nd , chtQUf r.-ol .. Iocaed In • binder HIDd .t 41.2 V.n HOmtI Av_-.. Ih)ntrHI on Aprtl1ZIll, 2001, •• hll* 2006-12.,*"" ('1.1.

Thf WTM TO blink fCOOUIJI 14:J38.W28688 is thti 0IIfI ~ to b8 fotfei«J. As of Aupust 200f, ",. WTM WIll /UI.IItIg c::n.ouo. fur '1,000 to S'VARAMW with e not,lion for teIJt and city tal(. Stdlg M SBptambIW 2~, 2004, the W'TM 1Jtedfld iII"uing iNqW$1br $.1, {J(J(J to 81VARAMAN Idh s notatIaJ to IBIIf and city tfJr,

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438. ,have revlWIIId a WTM fi~. ~port fQl' the month of Septilrnbet 20C10t, wnich irKt.IcIed • dleque regieter""" .... d'leque ~1098 Ie ill 13,000 cheque mede P1Iy.bIe 10 SIVARAMAH for the NIlt and ely tax.

Th.. InfOi'Mdon ... obtItMd from Ute fln.n.. MPOI1 lor .. month of ...,.. .... .,.1bIt 2GOf-12 .... 0" tI2I, .. tAd .t 4112 V ... Horne Avenue • ....... on AprI1t".1DOI. (14,7)

ChtIqw .10/iB f& Included itt /he tIltQrlrm~. By ret:CJI't1InQ".. '2,000 ft)~ '" their ~ roports and provid/tIQ • cheqIR to SIVARAMAN, I believe u.t ",. WTId it taltlng ". ,.spon.&JbiIity to repay too tax. bec.tUH thf8 .mount hi eqwI to Ihe amount f(J(OtItd beIween SlVARAMAN and tf'HI BfIfIk with W"P'Id 10 ptIy/nrJ aIf 1M tu defJcit. Paying me mutWciptJI tllJC df/Icit UstlfIIY {$ ,n QIWI'If('" tl$tpOMIbIIty, nat .1et1.m'$.

439. The b8nk1tlg reeof'I:I' or the W1"M kif lhe period of Febnillry 2003 to febrwfy 2001, demon ... 1hM • ~ it inuod ever, ,. ... to P'Y fI)r the 8ehooI T8lI.

Thlt InfonnMton WN atMIMd from .... BOURDEAU of PWGi&e, at ~ In .. r

MPGI\ .... JanUlity It ...... (IS) .

I believe that lite WTM paya fortM School taxes ievtfd on tIM l'JuIdItIg at 4160 and 4162 Van Home. MolIn".

440. On Jamwy YI'. 2003, the WfM 1'11_ an application 10 the 'CammiMion MunlGlpale dI.I t:lWbec" to otaln In •• lIpttorl from ttw City of UMtrMl tItuIi...a tUM. In thi, application. the WN declared being the only ocoupant of bDlh 41eo .Iid 4182 Vlln Homt A'IefIU8, Montreal, Including the buement.. The WTM 0ttcI'1Dtd the prami.s at 4180 8nd 4162 VIIJl HI:II'MAvenue _. community centre for the T"'I tommunity. Tile WAIl CiedInd that lM cenb't .. pmmotirQ 1M Tamil culture by gMng lMlOu'Oa. InIInIng, ~ c:IauIt and organizing .~ evtnta for the children, Ft,lrtharmore that .... Ofglf'iza1ion was 1InIIncad by donaUolll fmm tNt merntMn amounting to .pp!'OlCIInIWIy 148,000 If'IIi III .. rating bIJ_ of 14.5.000, Tht .. fPltmPtlon WH grtnCed as the WTM .. ~ ... non ~ OfgInIUtIon.

Th'" ~ ... obAIHd fmnt ...... r ..., ""ry ... 2003, ffofn the llYn .... CGmmluIon GI QuebK.. (11"')

n.. r.ct that the W7M delIICIib«J the ptrJmise$ at 4ftIO 8fIl1 4152 Van Home AVWlIIe. IAontruaIn 8 community r»fItni for lire TwnM ~ .~ how lfIe buMdmg

IttImHJ _ , lwtitneu in lieu of 8 tAWIIIinv house. '

~ 1. tn ~r 2004, SIVARAw.N lind CHANDRASEGARAM rene-d tt. 1'I'IOI1G. . number 58363$-6 with the Sri rI Neva SooIte for analher flve yetII tenn .ndlng. on ~r 1 *". 2009. 1lle InClrtpge pt~ IndutWIg fl. prillolplll and irner.t ~ Me: Nt Ilt 1lW8.1H1 .. the praparty tIIlC prJIMnl •• -' III S6AS. This rt,*,* tgl'llllnWlt WIlli aigned by both owners on 8ept8ml)w 28*', 2004. ThlalnfGm1Mton ... GbtIIned frvm .. ntn..-I ~t for mortpll't .at3lH· • at .... Bank of No\Ia 8cotIa. (120.lt

CHANDRASEGARAM WIN twt .. Ia IiIgn thB sgtHItl'GIlt by ~ foil, because he IItId fefumed to c.nadll an hpfvmber 1~. hari1g bH" irJ Sri L.»nke plffticlpating in n.. Watbhap lor the FaWfJn Activists. (SUbaeafon ~.2 tw/e(s)

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14.S WTM ... ,. fDr ..,.... ... I.W to h bulldll\Q at 41 ..... '.2 Van HolM A"n ...

-+42. In fleIr fin.~1 naport for I,. month of August 2004, ttw WTM ",iXWWd lin apen .. of $300 10 f'fIPIaCe the hot W8ter .... In IMIr oIfiGa. Tn. .~e we_ reporttld on • WTM elCPflCH voucher. The numlli on the voucher II SMtrmI Md d.d A\JDwt 5", 2004. Also ~ wiIh thII tiruma81 report Is a feCtlpl rrom Rh 06pot Itore ~ AugUlilt 5"', 200t, fa( III hoC WIller tri and plumbing ~ (lUlling $345 • .,1, "... Idef'S own .. weAl handwritten on the pudIaN ,.celpt

ThIe InlonMUon _ ~1Hd from • WTM _ ... n .. vouc:bM ~ Aug",.t "", ZOO4 (113,I)i Ind ffam a'_ Dtpot..ctrlpt dIMd Moult ttt. 2004 (11M)

, baIifwe thal SlVARAM "SlVARAMAN, I,., beliel/8 that SlVARAMAN paid for the hot wer tri and wt$ I. r'fIknburH(J by tINt WTM as /nili(;fl1od in th9 above tntnfadioo tw;OI'ded by '" WTM. I"""vt that thI$ ~tes that lhfI orrJ$Vz8lion Ii ~yfng for".. ffI>IlrtllJd melmtrMtlt of tile bufldktrl they ()t(;I;Upf at 41«1 &1KI4162 van 11t;Jm8, Morrt,.". Thil mlfPM5ibil/ly j.s I1CIITIJaI'fy aSSlN'fliKJ by the owner and not by a tfnfnt.

443. A ...._ 01 the ohequ .. written On the WTM TO blink aooount M4338-0028Se9 .t t"'- TD can.da Tn.tIt. Bank in MOtjrtal IndicIII'e that IilV8r" ct\tqUIM wtro chwn 1fom ttllt aCCOI.IfIt to ~ for lhe hOUl8 inIu....-.:. ,inot 2003. Th,.. ct\equel .. rt IuUld to SlVARAMAN In 2003 to PlY fof tho house NlJranee. A total of tight dwqutt W8ft md payabIIt to BESSETTE & Fit. Inc for the houee inlu ....... betwfIen Dacember BIfI, 2003. II'd ~ 2~, 2007. Tho amounts dIIbIned 10r h ttau.. lnIurance by the INTM .f1I .. fa __ :

2003 $2,1Q6.&4 SIVAAAMAN
2004 $2,803.$0- 8ESSeITE
2005 $2,835.13 BESSETTE.
2008 $l,m.n BESSETTE
2007 $1.432.88 (Up to FebnMy) BeSSETTE 1'tH Infonnlltion w. ~lnH from Cpl. BOUDREAU', , ... "....ad¥e ,.pOtt. d .... NQwm.r 1 .... 2007 (123.1,: from exhibit 2007-03 I...., N (10U); from exhibit Z00I-121 111m 08 etM S); and ....., uhlbtt 2001-02. !I.m 01. ,11.5)

In 2003, thtt WTM paid SlVARAMAN few' tIIlt houM InBurence. UsuaRy 8 tlM8nt psys for inscnnee of".,. 0Mtents of the properly tJIId ftOt the building. n 1$ 1JI)Wu.ai to aM II

Page 1 ~ (If , B3

I8M.nr /MY Hie own.r 01 thfI ~ for m:.u- lnMN_.

1MIen ~ that ItHi WTAf toQk lUI an ~ the actual dmOUtIl.,..o ~ by StVARAJ,IAN wIIh 1M cMy 10 pay off the municipal hilt defbl; rhtIt IIHI WTM peId for ,,,. hot ........ tenIc ~; fIIJd that Ihf W1lf ptItJ S/VARAMAN lor tM hou$e ~, l bttkw Ihat rht WTM ~ tlrel)Ultdfnp.

14.3.3 CHANORAMGAftAJI .. peId .. _ ac1Iv"_

...... Tt. f'NndII recordJ of U. WT1tiII .... u.t CHANDRABALANJS. BAlAN h., been receMng IIlOfItnIy ,.F*llt WTM .mea at ... 2004. T"- WTM hi, up l!;I th- of their mernbe ... on the ~ for ~ furwnlling ;M;I.~. The ~ .1tO indiCat .. that MURAU and MANIVAHNAN .so recervec:t regular monfhly pl)'lllelll$ If'I 2005. BelOw i$ a ~ ..... ~enting t. .molt'" ...-..ivtd I>Y CHANORABAl..ANIS. BALAN from 2004 to 2008.

V .. IAII'Iount
2O(M ( Ma~ 10 o.e.mbtr) t3.6QO
2006 (12 months) $13,200
2001!1 ( January aNy) .,,200 .
TOTAL '11.000 Thla~ .. obtai ... frGm IlL GOUROEAU of PWGIC, ......... in her ,.port,. ..... "'liu.ty ,,,'', 2OCIe. t"~

t beN9w "'" CHANOIWWANIS. BALAN is CHANDRASEGARAM. c:o-owrw of !he ~ M ·neo etld 4112 Van H<Jmt.

, w.v. thft MURAU ill THURAIRATNAM and MANIVANN,t,N ifJ K.URANANANTHASWAMY. I beIkwe the all fh,.. indivtduaI8 ". paid ac:tivlsts 01 the WTi\f fot'theIr,~~ ..

l'fiJI:tAWi{l..ltDI'EMHM fOl.J-O\1!N!i ItiE UfIIIi Of THE LIlEAI

445. FoIIowInQ lire fIIJIJng (1/ th6 L TTE en April tfA, 2008, the MottrHIIN$J;T ".bII-'tetl ~ on rh8 WTM mtmbfin /JIJklW.,. ara:urtIe potf}IJnf d the fIfonJnrentionf ~.


11.1 SUIWH-.e. .... 1 .... 112 V .. Hona,IIontrMI.nd .... munlc""l1ICFllng cItpot Io¢tttCI M &NI GttemIn C~ IIontNtII

44ft. On AJ)riI 1''', 2008, 11iURAIRA.TNAM .. obHNed "'lYIng frOm (ht WTM oftlce Ioc:.ted on 4'80 V." HomII Avenue, MontrMI, with 11'11 ... unldMtlftecl m.tea, Thti), _..

.,. 1t5S 01' 183

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ow.v.d Io8dInQ ......., ~ ... Ita_ .",. • ,_ pI' •• UO __ InlO .. I"'1f"K"'ltT voyaaer ~ pJate 7a7KAX. All four IndMd~ c:IIparWd In ,ht vehicle anc:f were t~ by the RCMP $\.I~1lI:O teem. The "hide went to • recycling .... wtw. ttl. c.tdboard boD. were depoelled In • dumpstef. They ¥fin .to ~ dumping the conlentI of. gnI8n _tIC re~ bOX intO 1M~.

111 .. I~ ... obtalMd framepL NEU'MRllf'. ~rt. at.cI April 1"', .. (47.2);, .... from CpL CLOUTIER'. r.portddlrd lop'" '1.1 • 2001 ('7.1~

The fflmouth voy&pW /iotiIIce pIttte 111KAX. reghJfffJJd lu KURANANANTHASWAMY.

447. Cpl. NEUWIRTH upl h ,urvelilance on the recygling bin until otMr oftICIf'I retrltytd the Hid bo- .ndlt1elr GOIMnt from U. ..cydinu bin. Tha 118.,.. were Htzed and bruught bKtto RCUP Ho~ 'M1tn the n.ms.,.. ~

Th. InfarmdDII wM ol*lnH ft'OII'I Cpt. N!UWlMTtt". ,.,on. ~ Aprtl 1 ..... 2CIOI (.1.2~; tnd hili Conatable ~henI BRlZARD'.,.m: C"C.t. BRJZARDn, ..... Ald1~.2ODI(.U)

448. The 00.. CO!Und "nus downIfU ~ to hi L TTE (i. •. ceIendI ... poatn.) LO tI'IIJ fIntn(;j~ 01 b wru.lUdl. ~ hIII~ documInIa Ifld olh8I$ ~ 'llftM ~ to be ~ of l'I'IOOIW, bank monthly reports rellllll"G to ~uthorized ~ t."tdid trJ tha WTM blink ~ TamR ~ ... WTM din! ...u tIcIt.8la • .,..,... ...... at 1fIe WTM for 2001. ~ hIIndwriIlitn documetlts ~ 11*01 donItonI y,ftIh ""'""' ........ WId phone numDera Md" (lfTMliI ....... il MannII who eonIrI:MAt 10 !he WTM.

T"~'" oIafnId tom .... RONDEAU'.~ llIIpOIt, ...... April 1''', 2CIOI. (41.4)

COnsi1t'riJg u. r.a IMt ",. L TTE MU' died ar a tttronII group on thtIliat d *lltit$ in c.n.dJ on AptI ,.. 2006, I bt/I$W that·thIJ W7'M ... In thf fJfOl*t$ d gelling lid 01 ~ tWdnO tMm 10 the LITE.

448. s.ed on a- ob8erYaIIo'I8, Cpt. BOlIlREAU htd ~ gt\'ItI'Idc to beIiAve thai: ~ ~ tD I8ITQritI I'fIancjng had bMtl commItlId .00 ~ two Search w.n.u II'Inl8d by Jua1k:e of the Pea:e LolA DUGUAY on AplI 1~. 2008, In Montreal. The W8rJanII .1MIor1z8d DIe II!I8tCh rllhe cI'aIlcIcI.-.:t at .'110 n -4182 Van Home A"..., MontNlil.. In __ .,......ad .. w.rara to Mlll'Ch on AprIl 12", 2006. ~ otJttIwd .... iCItII'Ice cor.iIIn Y4'I .. rrertat funlltM.ing activIIia b¥ u. WTM -'d ~ ~ too leader d the W1'M, lK.IIWAATNAM. 1D 1M L iI"E- .

11111- intonnaUoft ... obbllnH frDrn IMrch W.m1nt t5OO.2I..Q3IJt2-01142U) I.a.pp.ndbt 3 - ScbIduIe At: and from .. reh Wtmlnt HCIO-»OIt2IJ.017(2U) tAPlJllndbl S • 8cbedu1e B~

Thtt ~ d thf ~ metttbned Seetch ~ tl8If8(i M ~8naWy 7:00pm rtd 1uhH112 houra. During"" ~ d Ihf SNIch ~ 1M INder afth9 I.IVTM

il!~--=!!! Iran~ Iems from ,. ~ /Q(;flfI(J at

;: ~ to 1720 Pie IX. 1lIlI1. ~ wrPch t ~ _pI8in flJt1t)ef in

'1.2 lurveillahl» of THURAIRA.TNAM CNI""rII1~. 2101

<460. J hMIe r-.ad • ~c. AIport dm-d April 1211>, 2008'. _ .. P"'- __ .. 01 II,.

IUIV8IbfIoI tum .. rvtd u. dYItIee of ntURAJMTNAM. I t.Ii.w that the following It an accurate atl(III)Urt of U. molt relevant QI:JiMrvatIonI !Nllhl (lUring 'hfIt ~ on ApriI1~. 200B,ln and .ourd II'It cty of »ont,..t

)0 out f1f his relidence loCated 41t _

J.tt • ~)' PIymO~ VOYlIG*ur

> At 8:10pm. THlIRAIAATNAM arri¥ed III ~1eo Van Home A~;

)0 At 8:27pm, THIJAAIRATNAM iIid SITHAMPARANATIiAN exiled "HIO Viln HOme A ..... .,,1;1 lid!: In h gIW)' Plymouth Voya;..,r IiotnMd 71J7KAX. The surwlIIance on the Qr.y PIymcMh voyjgeUr IIcenHd 787KAX ... mlintalntd; At the tme THURAIRATNAM and SlTHAMPARNIATHAN Ittr 4150 Van H()fflf AVlNMff. 1ofcW1Hl, ItHt tx8ClAlorl DI rh9 Sun:h W.,.", ".d not yet ttartrilcs. TM .xeQUfIM d til. Saaroh Wamtnt $lttMd at approxIrnt)t8Iy 7:00pm.

)0 At 7::wom. h IUrveillanot members ob8erved !hat tn. grey PtymOUUl VoyagtlUf IicmMd 787KAX Wft immobilized at the co"*" or L6gaf6 sar..t and aam.y A\Ie(IIJCI, Mr;IntrMl. Thill location •• ppr~l8ly four bIoc::b away from tIW WTM ofIIot On Van Home Avenue. SITH,t,MPARANATHAN ,'IiltId the Vf)hidfJ ",d W8Ik8d to the dri'o'I!f' .... SlmUftaneoualy, SITHNtIIPARI\NATHAN .ppeared In .. ~ on .... l1\li11' phone. At 7:37pm, SITH.'IMPAAANATHAN IlIIwned In the~;

)0 At 7:40pm, • grey ToyaU camry IIeentMId 358RKJ, regisI8rId to SANGARAPlUAI RAVlHDAAFWAH, parbd behind the gtey Plymouth VO)'-otut 1~...:I 787KAX. THURAIRATN,tM and SITHAMPARANAl'HAN c::in'IDtd Irdo Iht gNy Toyota Camty bnHd 3!S8RKJ M'liia the vehicle ",,,, .. Ined . .....,;

I boIIeve SANGARAPlLLN RAvtNORARAJAH I.s OM cI ",. 36 WTM actiw.rs: (aJ}

~ No 7:~Opnl, THURAIRATNAM stepped out or the grey ToyOtt Camry Iic:enMd 3SGRKJ .nd got InIo 1t1e SIr.)' PlVmcUh VO)III8fUr bnHd 787KAX. CHANDAASEGARAM a.pp.d out of the grey Toyota ClImry IceMed 3S8RKJ and got Into the ptlAfJr'lgUr Hill of lt1e g~ Plymouth Voy..... IiGer'Ited 787KAX;

,. At 4:01pm. the grey Plrmouftl Vopgeur nc.m.d 787KAX HI In the fl*l1!iflO lot of \he COtt-o.a-NeigM INIII. 'Tl-IUAAIRATNAM.nd CHANORASEGARAM st.pp.d out d the grey Plymoutt. Vay.geur kIwIHd 787KAX and goIlnto • blade Toyota c..rtlf)' ken:Nd 14SNV1. which wa •• ely occupied by I" .. unknO'Wn 1ndIvIcIu". 145NLV II reg~ to THEIVENDRAM RAVlCHlJiORAN of Montrul. a W1'M membilf who r. known .. AAVl. Approldmattly. tW\I minute, laW, .... tuck TDt"Ot* Camry 1anac114!NVL ItoPPId In U. pt.ftdra lot rwxl '0 • 1iI...rl HOnda A«.ord Iic:eI1ted 61SHBC. whidl .. regil~ to CHANDRASEGAAAM. CHANDRASEGARMt ... out 01 the bIMck TcYOI* Cam!)' IIe.nMd 1~ and ItrfllIiotIe In 1t1e Hondt. CHANORASEGARAM WIll

P-a. 101 fA 183

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not followed. The blac;k Toyota CtIlVY licensed. '(5NVL ~ Ea81. with THURAJRATNAM IllS a frOnt PMHnoer. me IUM1u.nc. was m8ll"ll;,lnea on THl..IfWRATN.AM:

)0 "iiililli- black Camry Ikwwed 145NVL pII'k8d in the aIIfIy behlnd_

III!I TKJRAlRATNAN entered the building from the back while 1118

i!ppINtfid to UH I gellular phone;

)0 N. 8;.(8pm. THURAIRATNAM relurMd to the black C8rnry llcenaed '46NVL while e.~ two pI;Mti(: bag •• a yellow 8I1d .... 0'" Iftat h8 pe.c.d near It. frOnt f*"I1DIr _. THURAIRATNAM .,*mbed 01'1 tht dIMr ... and IItfI with an ul'lknCWn puaenger male. A 'mlnute WIer, the tMdc. Clmry licensed 104StNl. ~ iNOpped at tho InbnectIoo of Val. and ~~ Streets. The unknown pasunger mflle _ked taM!Ird8 '" apartmetI1 building:

)- At 8:54pm. the I,IrMown male f$tUmed to the black CaRny ~otnl8G 145NVL with • bIIIc:k back pack • white Ilript IIld a aqua,.. tranapdf'lt pintle box U'tM he laid lnaide the In.Ink of U1e bIM* Car11lY licensed 1(5NVl. Tt\f unkl'"lown !M1e want k'II:O the driwIr side while THlJfWRAlNAM WIt on the pattengtf lidf'. The ~ .... mUltalned on I*dc CalTWY bnMd 145NVl...:

,. N. 8:08pm, lht I;IIadc Cmvy 11et~ 145NVt. ItoPptd on P'" Huet StrMt near Pie-IX ~rd due to • fI~ tQ on the bladt Ctmry IlceFlMd 145NVl;

)0 At 9:12pm, THUAAlRATNMt nllgged • taxiCab ~cenMd T118528. Both THUfWRAlNI\M and the tM1known m.1t removed fn:Jm the trunk. tranaparent pI:ntic bOx •• bIIQ( '**'** tnd \wO pIMtlc bIgt M:I put 1heIn In tne trunk of 1he talCI ca. 1M 1axIc:ab licefIMd Tt18628 left with THURAlRATNAa. and the urtknown male:

). At \1I:18pm, the iaJdGIIb n~ T118628ltopped in front rl4191 Joan Riv.,-d, ~I, ....a both THlMAIRATNAM tnd It. unknown male ("unknown male 1") IIepped out. of the tIlCicIIb I ... Md 1118528. THURAIRATNAM 8nd ttMt unknowrI ""'. 1 r.~ thft bIKt:: b~ the trM"~ PIMtk: bole and two basi' from the bunk of the taxlCIIb I~ T118526. A MCond unknown m.. r...,known II'I8Ie T) joined THURAlRATNAM ,net unktIown male 1. THURAIRATNAM and unkl'lOWl'l malt 1 ~ to '*' 1he bI~ backpQck, trl, ~ pI-.tic box and tht two pIaItIc b8Q& Into the tunic of a Pontiac a..nd Am IicInHd 060YHT, ~ to KANDAVANAM RAV1$HElVAM of MontrMI:

IINIIiwv tIHJt I<N¥f)AVANAM RAV,SHELVAM Is CII1CI Qf Ute 3fJ WTM liCllvIl!f1i1. (442,) .

)10 At 9:21om, THURAIRATNAM oIlmbed on boelllt of the drtv.r lOt. unkl'lOWn mal.1 sat It thct t'tir p8II8ng11 .... v.tiUe unknown ~ 2 at in the front pusenger Hat cf the- PontiK Om Am IicInMd 080YHT. n. Pontiac Gr.nd Att. Iicented oeoVHT left _ <hive 1.0' an apIIrfnlIWIt buidin; b::aIed at n20 PIeIX BouItYJrd:

)0 At. 9:26pm, unknown I'IWe 1 .nd unknown maklt 2 ~ ... blid ~.

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the tranIpQt'ent pIaeOC IXUc and ltJe two plaldC ~ from .,. lrun" Of tIW f'onlIIIC Gl'lnr.a Am ~ 080YHT ..s Qlm.d 11. hmllnaIdIlhe buIlding. '" n20 PieIx. MortrHl:

)0 At. 0:32pm. both men came out of 7120 PleolX Boulevard 100 got bIICk Into the PontifIe Grand Am lan..d O8OVHT drMn by THUAAIAATNAM. Ttw P9nbIiC Grand Am IicetlMd 080VHT .nMd It the ... cf ... flat II ... OIl Paul Hut!; street. where the l!ldM:Iulle pl'CKlMded to f\I: the ftat lite 0I1he blaCk Clmry lic1Ined 1ot!NVL:

,. AJ. s:,..pm., membel1 of tilt uvellllra lam conrnn.d that thf .~l1mer'It

whett tI'It two ~ m.Itt 'IfI&I\t int*:ltl .. 7120 aouw.d "_·IX, unit 1, ""- InIonndon wu obtained from the obIerv.UoM of ..... U~ce _ ..... ,.,.".. 10 In eon.raW.1MIAIw GOUROUE'a MpOrt d.-cI Api'll ,a-, 2001. ,.201,

461. 8aed on th ... ~. CpI, BOUDREAU I'Iad 11N~ "mundB to beJiWa ttI.t ofr.nc;;es of ten'OriIt tlnanc:jng hid been commbd and ~ two Search Warr.nlll granted by JWUcl at tha Peace I.ouJa DUGUAY on Nri 1311, 2006, in Montreal. The

W.,...,. .. 7720 Pie-IX BOUlevard. unIt

1. Montreal lovaIigtI..". P8CUIvd Itie

W.nnta to on ~ wilIl ~

funlhlting .:IMt1el by the WTM .00 .YIdence linking tnt lead" of the MM.


this ~n w. obblbwd from "roh WMUt NOO.zt-GH303-4114 ID.7, (Appendix 3 • 1cMd- Ct: and a....dt W.mnt IIOO4t-03.Mt-oel. (23.1. (Apptndlx 3 ·1cMduIe D)

I bel{ewt thai· tht InIotmtHion f'f!IMte(I in Ihe abOve ~ lI'IdicStfs thai THURAIRA THAll. the Iatd8r of the WTM, .t in th.., ptOOeA of movitIfI th& itfmS Mi:fd in the bleek ~ the IIlwp.nnt plutfc box MId tJMt fWD 1MgI. Coo.lderlng the fact tIIet SN«Ih WlmIIlta Wln ~ pMtIfI • the WTII oIfIt;el 'Is my opinioo til« THVRAIRA TNAM was IrIIhB pt'OfifNi& of hiding Thea ~ ...... primanty ~

to 7720 ~1IIi1i1';W.

ntaidfe ., •

• 52, The IWmI Hized from the ~ locatIon8. can be IIIlmIzed .. foIlowI:

,. ... )). )0

4180 Van tkIrne Avenue, MCJrtrMI; 4102 V.-J HomI Avenue. Mwnr881;


45a, I ~ ..vi1Mld thl exhibit rapot1s for 41150-4182 Vln Hgnw A~. 7720 Pie-iX

Plga 189 tJf 183

Page: 171

SauIev.d, IIf'III 1 .,... """ ~11 ~Kfj~. In

CI"J. AIfIdMtt, petIQna on t 1111, 200S, wtttI obIMl"Md

remOVing C*'dba.rd bOll. fKItn tfIe WTM oft'ice. lind bringing them to fle Eco-centre 1oc.l8d at 6925 Cote-dee·Nellilla. The boxeI. ..ontaIned variout doc:omMb ~ing to .... L. TTE (I .......... , ~.) to the ftntIndno or the WIl(I, IUClh a: tpre8(I ...... ; handM'itWn ~ com.!nIng -what IPPM'S to be arnooott cI~: tt.nk monthly ,.porta relating to ptHI~ .. ymenta ~IIM to the WTM TO bank ac:court: Tamil n...".paper; WTU cuftunli event. tick ... ; finQll'lded .. ...,.OW of Ih. WTM for 2001; ~ handwriUan doaJmene. repreaenUng H.1a of dcrWotS IIIIith ~. ~. and pftOM numbef'a: Ind lim af r.m II buelnea ... in MOntruJ .....no c:ontribift to the W'l"M. Thete obMNatio_ OOCtIrred after April r, 2006. the date of the liBting of u. l TTE •• • lBrTorlat .ntlly In Cana- The dftalft of the oQIerva1iolll art prevIou81y mefltioned In thIa AJrIdavit.

t .. , 4110 Vln Hom. Avenw, 1 C)n April t~, 200lI

455- I f'IM llIIIihwd the ellhlbl ntpH't i1I 1Mion ttl the ~rti .. Mized at 4160 Van Horne

Avenw, MCIIlb'MI, on AprlI12", 2008. ". ~ II cII1IIrty an ofIkIe. The material Mized rrom 41GOV.n HomtAv.nue. Montreal 18 IMmIztd ..-ad.tt..ched to MAppendIx 3 • 8chedurt A· of'" AmdaYI.

456. upon my revie'w 01 u.. .mlblt report for ,uao Van Home Avenue, MOntreal, I noted lhat ~ bma aeiz.ed .,.. Mnktd to the WTM and Iht llTE. Below Is an e;cClilI»t (If tomf Of thaIa llem$," • dI&c:ription of U. ahibltl It8mfI .,. ~11ed In the ~ rtPOrt .u.Nd to "App.ndll a . Schtd .. A" of til .. AftIdavIt

). An Inten.t COPY ad\'IIIng of It. liItk'Ia of the L liE .. I tM'aI'IIl oroop;

)- s.v.n.I pIUtic .... with !he 10&10 Of 1he L TIE, CiOI!tM1Ing money;

}o 8ewr-' ~ PQment Plan 'anna for the WTM f\Indra~ng:

)0 SfMraI dooumenta with nl"""', .,...... .rid cnounts of 11IO!'Iey:

» s.v.rat brown envelopea conI8inlno ~:

» ~ bindI,. contaiI'Ilnst tht WTM flna~ ..... ;

,. Several~;

)0 Mull media 1*lI~ (CO, VHS, DVD and audio n .. eflee;) with the piafJl'e of PRABHAKARAN, the ..., of lht LTTE;

)- AoLTTE_

)- s.v.rfII book1 with the ~ or PRASHAAARAN on the ccwar: s.v.r.1 .rticlllll 01 clothing WIlt the logo Of Ihf l TTE tiI'''' fogo of .... Martyr'. Da~;

)0. S8VfIIlII pnotOe: Of PftMIWCARAN, tht Iuder of .. L TrE.


Page: 172

11.2 ".2 VIIn ItorM AYHue, IIontrHI AprtI1t". 2001

457. I hot t'tJVItwe4,.. exhibillWPOft in rel.1ion to ttle propertl .. ..m.d .4182 \1M Home Aven~, tAontruI, on AIri 12", 2006. Tlw fl<:ilty • dearly lin afIbI wilh dal'l'OOml. The material ~ frum .. 162 Vtlf1 Horne Avenue, MontntaIIG fternjzed and attached to OIAppendia 3 -1kIhIIdut. I" of 1Ii& AftIdavit.

-458. Upon my rwIew of die _!1ibit report for 4182 Van Home Av.nu., Mont,., I noted that the HVef1IIItem1 ... nllnke<l to the LTTE, Below it an ucttpt or IOn'll Of theM ami, aa II dHcrfrJtIM of the tlid'ljbttt Item .... ~1Ied In the exhibit report MIached to "~3*SclwduleB"of"~:

)0 The booklet tbcI Tht W'oIkIhop 1I:Ir 1M F~lgn~;

)0 A pk:tu,.. of PRABHAK.AAAN. U. It. oftht L TTE;

)0 Several blndIrs adaining firwnclal ~ of the WT'M,

)0 II bindIn libelled M110 M9;

)0 Several aheeIa with namee. addra .... and .rnou1t d money due;

)0 s.v..I plRtica lara with the L TIE logo. oontalninQ rnone,; One blank PreAuthorized PIYf'lIri Plan form;

). ........ whh en~ oomaIning money;

)0 Severt! trlnMetiotI hittoIy reporta for the WTM TD t.nk ~t tt4336-


,. 400mpu .

Thla Info~ o'*lnM tram my ....new of the ahlbH Nport of Cpl.

CLOUllER. ... AprIl 1t", 2001. puttuant to a..:ch w.ntnt ~2t:s-

017. .

1U 7720 PIE IX 8ouIeVIrd, unlii ..........

~, I hllve ~ the axhlbll ... rt In .... .tion to the pn;IpJrtie& IIIUd at 7720 PlE·IX Boulevard, unit 1, Uonhll.Tht m*rMII .... 'rom 7720 PIE.IX ~n, unit 1, Mo ....... iIemked and dached to -Appendix 3 • Scn.d .... e" of thle AmdavII.

480. upon my tl!lView of' the eld11b1t ~ tor 7720 PlE-tX Boulevard. unit t, MonffeaI, I noted thet the MYaIiII !tarns I!lfIi:lt!Id ~ ... link., to t.... I. TTE. Belew Is an ~rpt of l0I'I'I. of thtH i&erM, .. II dMcription of the exhiblta ittmJ ...... II. In tt. IlChlbit ripon IhCNd 10 11 .......... :1 -k ...... C .. o#t1'I .. AlflatIJlt:

)0 n. L TIE eper.tIonl MMuII;

). Tnt backlet tfIIed The Workshop for the Foreign Acl:1viInI;

» Several bIIInk Pr1I-Authorized Payment Plin fonns:

)0 A black .00 yallow pack uck mntaInIng financial reporta lIr*ed to the WTM;

)0 A Id10uI nmllI.g~ form fQ( the WTM, dM8d No'wImbef 26111, and 2711, 2005;

PtGe 171 of 183

Page: 173


!!!ii!t~ repOrt in relation to

Tn. m...n.J ..tzect flQfTl

IIta(NI(I to .~ 3 ·8ehecha1e

W. Upon my r..mw or 1he exhibit NPQtt for 1 noted

thrI: ............ IIBmI HiDd are linked to ., IIOfM of

~ It.mI,.. • delCription of U. ul'll:llta Itm ... ~ In tM .lChlbll. report abChed to "~u;,J ~ IkhRh ... 0" of Ilia AffidavIt :

)0 SevwaI eaIendIrs WII'I tne phOto of PRABHAKARAN, the leader or the L TTE;

)0 s.ver.I miIiIiiIazlll8l dapk:l1ng a photo d PRA!HAKARAN, on ltNI coo.wr;

,. S ...... lypet of mlAi~llllnked to the l. TTE;

,. A COII'I'IfjUW,

)0 ~ L TTE ftIIg •.

1111. Infonnatlon .. obIainN from my ""'... of tht Mhltltt ,.pott of Ctl.

BRIZARD. dMM AprtI1a" .... ~ tolMrchwatrt:nt IH2-081.

As notIoed, no documenl reIBJ.tJd to the ffnttncIng d".. L TTE vIS WTM 8 IoC8ted at

THURAJRA TNAM's ruIdenc:e. I beIIew thal W. COUld 1$ ~ lIy ",. f.,;t thtIt THURAJRATNAM ~t1HtM ~ ~ 1Jt'Idother P*flMf'ltdooumMfs • .well •• the L TrS MI/ItI8I ~ and 11'If WOIi$hop for rht Fot&igII ActMsts. to rno lkJuI Pfeo./x, unli, In 0td8r to .1IOkI u,. seiture of these Slid dOcum8fll$ if , S9amh W8mlfIf ..... kI bfI txecufed al thI8 1'NIdMIc&-

MllI- On Api 10"'. 2008, a S~I Suleh Warrant tDES-8-08 to MIa propeny ....... granted by tilt Honoutlble Mr. JUillOI Franooll Lemieux, Judg. of the F..wa! Court, purIUIInt to palllGf'8Pl"l $.l.13(1)(.) Of b Crlmkt~ Coc». The W..,-."t .uIhorized tl-. lelzure of 1M IIbQve.mentlonid propIItIH (Sched'" A. 8. C, .-.d D) Ioc:ItbKI .t ct.. RCMP HndqUllrterw at 4225 Dorcheaer BouIev..-d., ~, Q,**, Canada. Thill. Wanant ViM executed on Api' 1111, 2008, in ....,.a of the propertiN prelliOlJ5ly seized on AprIl 17", 2000, 1ndAp11 ,~. iOOG.

TNa Inronr..tIon ... 0WIItMd from Spec .. 1 BHl'tlh W..,..nt tOea ..... ...,d AprfI1o*, 2IGI.. t21.13)

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Page: 174

i •. S .. '10 ..... 0&182 V .. Honw on 8eptemMr"', 2001

404. I hII .... rwvleMd Iht ~ report In ntlMlon to the prope"- Mizad at 4180 lind .04162 V .. Honw AlMflut, Moot,... ~ ~r 3"', 2008. The racility .tIIt fPl*llred 10 t» .n offige .wlh a.1I'OOfI1'. The m .. ~ .. Iztd from 4180 and 4162 van Home, Montra6 on September ye, 2008 II itemiHd .nd ~ 10 HAppMtdlK I • SChedule E- of thit Nfldavit.

d5. Upon my r.YitW oftM _nibit report tor 4160 and .04162 Van ~ AVfnu.. ~I. I hOled that 1tle ~ iltml ..ad .... UnMd to the L TTE. e.low II In axCMpt of 101M of ~ llama. _ • ~ cI the e.tllbfls i~ma _ detailtld ., f'Ie eld'ti ~rt

.u.ct.d to "Appendix S - Sc""uIt !*' of .. 1t AflldllIH :

,. Sevenlt caI8ncIll"I with .. phOtO of PRA8HAKARAN, the IHder 01 tho L TTE:

). a.-.I m'lIezin. and boob dlJlIctiIlJ PRABHAKAAAN ..,d L TTE:

Ii' s.v..1 typea of multl-med111lnUcl1O 1M L TTE;

,. s.ev..1 phoCoe and picture frames of PRABHAKARAN .ndIor lhe l TTE;

,. &nanIl 2008 Ul.Al-Lo\THAMllAR ~;

)0 SoIIoral L ne _I; .

,. Sev.nl c:oHt mugs, clocks. key chains and 1ticket1;

» s.v..1 poMrt .1'Id .Ig,.,

.,.... Infcwmttton ... obtained from ttl. report of .nveadpdw ....... nI M .... JACQUES ..... Febrwry .,., 2001. (121)

Sued 00 the _ute of L TTE" relalld /Mm. ltnd /iml1KI:itJJ fepOfU of the WTM, and the tot.my of Ihf QrtIImCIs _ out In thhJ Atridavt. I 0tNevf Nt tIM .. bma mtntJoned at the ~ ~ ~ above, HtW proptMfy QMJed by I Ienoriat group, the WTM, on behalf (If another tMunIt group. tnt L TTE.


488. I UV08 IUd 1ht tatimony of SIT'HAM"ARANATHA.N. dWd M_ 1a". 2007, and May 17",2007. SITHAMPAAAHAlliAN teItII'ied .1 hi Q,** Court, under in AQpIIcation for Otttntion of IhInga MirAd p.lrsu.nt to section 490(3) of tht CrirrtltlII ~ btfant the HOI'IOU'ItIie JudQe Lou_ VIlLEMURE. Ouril'lO hi. teltlmony, SITHAMPARANATHAN unveiled tht foI(wMg f.as In regardllO the W'IM In MtJI'IInMI '"" the L TTE. Many of the ....".,. m ... by SITtWtPARANATHAN IiUnfIl'm the f8GI:s reveilled Ihroughout this AmdIvIt. Bek)w are ucerpta of SITHAMPARAHATHAN't; tfltIrnony:

> SlTttAMPARANATHAN II the presidInt d!he World T..ml ,*,",1Mnt CWTM); .......... In .... 11 of ,.p 2 of SlTHAltPARANAntAN'. tMtImony. dMed Mly1".H07.

» StnlAMPARANATHAN Nld hit "OUr Organization is the main ene, the chief OM, end 1M CIItI.r ~ ~1tI1b .... Iiwy or branch organizations';

Aa atRId In ItnM ... 1-8 of p.gt S of 'ITHAllPAAAHATHA.N~. _limany, .... _1", 1OCJ7.

Ptge 173 CI' 183

Page: 175

I beIiItve that SI1HAMPARANA THAN. the prMdent cJ the WTAf. ,.fetr«/ to fhe W1M WIlen ~ ",.,,~ ",. 'lnelrt (IiIf. Met Uldr Ird ~ to me SUD- 0fSI0II1fz~ whflll he ~ Maurilely 01' I1I1¥Ich ~atkwu·,

.. $lTHAMPARANATHAN .. Id ttwt 1fIe Tamil communlCy In MoncrMl knows .bol-ll lMWTM;

Aa ....... In II 16·"1 Of ..... 3 of SmtAMPARANATHAN'. "'UmOft)',

..... 1 2007.

§lTHAMPARANATHAN aid that Mus Keltn livet M.IIJI •••••

• WId !hid THURAlRATNAM hae a parwlble- job at the WTM:

Aa ..... In I... 16-2. of pap • and ..... • of ,... • of anMAMPARANATHAN'. t..IImofIy, ..... Mar ''',:1007.

I Wsw he was IlIferring to IAur9IH Ksrttn THURAIRA THAM'.

)- SlTHAMPAAANA n-w-.. ukf ,tIM "rA the _ ... It the WTM on AprIl 12", 2008, tilt 1m000t of donation 1'1. ~:

Aa _bid In II ... 13 of ,.. I of 81TKAIiPARANA THAW ••• tlnlony. dilled • .,18"j 2007.

» SITHAUPAAANA ~ AId U1M THURAIRA TNAM It #1. tl'elllUr- Qf the WTM; M ...... In ItnH 7-1 of ~ 14 of SlTHAMPARANATKAN'. tntknony, ..., May 15*, 200'1.

> SITHAMPARANA THAN uId thait "..,.11 ImagH of PRABHAKARAH _re ..,.. at the WTM;

~ tIMH In linn 1-2 or ... 11 of IfTHAIIPARANATHAH' ... ttlmony • .... .., 1~. 2007.

~ SIl"HAMPAAANAT~ Hid thl! PRA8HAKAAAN WM the Iaa!W Df the Tigerl and of1he $Ii Lankan T.mlk SITIiAW'AAANATHAN laid that PRA8HAKARAN It • frMdarn fighter Ind added '* the l TTE it a group that ftghtt for '" flgJU, d tho r ... , The l TTE IN tIIo kncw..n by the nMMI Q( Tamil T",.r.. Smw.lPARANA THAN alaa mtl'lttoned that PRABHAKAAAN II leading • IItnIggIe to Mt the right. d the peopII of art lartIca;

All ..... In II .... 14-2Z.z4 of ,. l' .m,t lintl 1('-11 of IMGI tI of srntAIIPAItANATHNr • ....."."'~ ddld _1 .... 2007.

)0 srrHAMPARANATHAN nld tr..t mott TIRIiI peoplao In Montttal .URJOrt the LTTE'

Aa ....... 10 fine D of ,....,. ofrmHAllPARANATHAN'. tHtImony~ datad _t",20D7.

)0 wt..n alked If tI'WI WTM ~ the LTTE, SIlHAMPARANATHAN ~ thM the WTM .uppottf onfy h good 0( light acIionI fA th8 1. TIE:

,_ ...... In line :zo of ptg. 21 of 8ITHAMPARANATHAN'. 18ItImon)'. d .... ...,1",2007 ..

). SInw.tPAAANATHAN .. Id tllIIt ,. hal bMn WQftdng \'WI1h the WTM Iince 1883; Aa atIIId on P9 41 t1f SrTHAIIPARANATHAN' ... Umon", Chd9d.., 1r-o •

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SITHAMPARANATHAN cor6med .nend~ a woriwhop gj~ by !he l TTE In Sri Lankl ~ July 20", 2004, and JuIy)(f', 2004;

"- ..... in fI ... ,. of page 43 Md I ..... t. to 21 of ......... SITHAlIPARANATHAN·. --0flJ. d.md ..,1", 2007.

SITHAa.ARANATHAN aid he knew !hat thfIlTTE ... listed as • terroriat group In C4llnac:1a ."d !hat "IhIIV .re II. terroritt cxganiZ01lllon under the United Nations IInce 2001:

Ita ..... In ...... 11 10 20 of ,.. 41 and lIMa 1 _ 10 of .,.... 47

SlTHAllPARANATHAN· • ..........,.. dt.hd .. ' ''',2007.

SITHAMPARANATHAH conftrmt<Il'IOidng ttw l. m', flag on Joly 2!f', 2004, M Itw L TTE WcIrtcIhof>. He UId tIMIC he "" fofctd IiO hoill: the _:

At atUId In I'"" 10-13 of ,... -4. of IITHAMPARANATHAN .. tntImon,'I ..... liar it-. 2007,

SlTHAMPARANA THAN .. lei thtt he IItt.ndId Martyr'. 0.,. on November 21",

2004, to honour the ...... of Iht LlTE's caut8; .

Aa .e.tad in ... 10 to '12 of ... 10 .1Id , ..... 7 .nd • of P'gt .1 of IfTHAIIPARANATHAN·. tadmony. dMIId .,y "-. 2107.

SlllWoWARANA THAN said ttl. u.. WTtA updates the L m abOut their 1IdlvII_:

Aa ..... In,..24 OfIITHAIIPARANATHAN·.-..nan)'. dU8d"y 1T". _1,

Whet! .1Ud about CHAHDRASECARAM, SITHAMPARANATHAN ....wred !hit" Is th& COooWrItr of 4100 .,d 4162 Van Homt Avanue .ncllNIt he is.

IIMImbfr til the WT'M .nd 018 ... Nt'VIcIM to their (lOft'IOlriyi

A. _Win Mge 21 Of8ITHAIJ'IPARANA1ltAN'. teaamony, dllted MIl, ,7"'. 2DI7.

)0 WhIrl liked GaIA !he conNoCtion tJtt..n 1M W1"U Ind ltle Tim. Tv-n, StlHAMPARAHArnAN retpondld that Ihtw oootId the LTTE *"*" the,. want to know abollihe Tnl peopIit -.0 .. 1Mng in SrllIinb bocalJle they have been

.. ndGned by lhI Sri ~ Oovoemment. .

All ....... In ,. .. .t2 of alTHA.AAAHA THAW. '"*'tony. d.ted ..,. 1 r", 2007.

". Infonndon ... OIdaIn'" from 111. tIirtImon,. or 8ITHAMPARANATMAN, daMd .... , ''',2007 (121.1); ..... fn;InIilhe ... tlmony datH _1"', 2007. 112t.2)





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18.1 Un_ t.lwMn IMt LTTE 1M the WTII

4f87. M ..... In _rtIet paragrllpha, t~ L TTE On cornmItt~ ... oI1ertOriam in Sfl Lanka, BtlwMn F*'-ry 2003 _ A¢I 7", 200e, It. LTTE w.tt • WfOritt group .. it ttl, under P'rllQr.ph. "8· 01 !hi ~n d • tem::1I11t gI'Oup, .. IrlcncIted in .ubuc:tion 83.01(1) Of the Criminlll Code, On April et", 2OCIO, tI'It L m .... mded to Canada's 1111: of ~ entitles ilIld now fell under p.1DgI1Iph "b" d tbe definition 01 a terrorist group, • indlClled In ~ 83.01(1) ofthl Crimlnlll COIN.

«18. The L TTE, IIv'oI.IOh Its International Secretariat, hat illaued a dDc:ument -=al1td tht R.· Ofpnization ttl Far.vn Elrant:ll'les of the liberation Tigen of Tamil E ...... , ,.,. ... "'d to .. It. LITE Operationt Manu.! ... this Af6c;I.vit, In IAtlIch they dictate ~..ty tM)IN tMy want their foreign brarId..lI:l t. ttructuMcl and~. The WTM Ie • #onMgn btand'! for 1M L TIE In c.n..1Nt t. strudured and operated aa per ,hit dlrec:ll ...... bliIheQ bytheLTTE .

..aO. The WTU'e main aetMtiet .-.: ~nda and fundr*Ing In aupport 01 tht l m. At .. tr'1 e.11ef In 11'111 AI'IIda'YIt, the WTM organieed events, .uch at the ~ day, BI.ck Tiger. Day and Ihe CIlII.tntion of the TAO a. propaganda f« 1M Clute of tI'Ie L liE, The WTM .10 ~ at. ~ of the L 1TE Operation. ,...,., wh.n llley raiM Jundt rJty UIIIng tho foIIowinsI fl"ndralng methods: The ~ PJYftl'II'1 PI.n, the ConaIruCtlan FUnd, II'It TEEDOR Fundr&lelng formt, tht .....,...... ~...:t ftom the eollec:tion DI' !he TIIIftI ~ by the ICtMIta and the TQII 8a'rit9 F~,

470. n. L TTe. dltpentellfail'ling -eon. in Sri Lanka for their foreign IIdIYlIta. Thi. L TTE WIxbhop waldlerld$d by RlOIl'Ibft 01 the WTM. N IIHR in prevIoul POI"9I11ph$, CHANDRASEGARAM, PERAMPALAM and Ihe prelident of the WTM, SITHAMPAAAAATlfAH, art tvIIiIWn to htvt'doinded the LnE WOl'lCthop, whitfl MIS held in Sri L..,kI fn)m JUy 20-, 2Oo..t, to July 30", 2004. In hi' teltimony, SrrHAMPARANA.n-tAH r'1M181td to 1t1. oourt that he .... at tilt LTTe ~hop and evidenoe wu ..a:fid by tht PQlk;e which demonsht. tt.t CHANDRASEGARAM and PERAMPALAM had attended tt. arcr.m~ L TIE Wofbhop. In addition, the LTTE ~, PAASHAKARAN, wae preant _ ..... July 2004 &.mirw for the Foraign ActMIta and pgHd for photo. wtth the paftldN:m, ~ n CHANORASEGAAAM .nd PEAAMPALAM .:

471. PRASHAKARAH ia .n ernbIttrmttit figure of the LTTE U\at It wn. • ...:t by Wl'M members, and hi. photo can be ... 1\ on molt L TTE I*1Iphem.Ua and il1lidl!l the WTM's ofb ., "leo IU'Id 4182 v.n HQ"'- AvenuI. MontnHll. 8eVeral d thI!I Itame Hized by tIW pc)Ioe hey, the picture d PRABHAKARAN ~ 10 them, MoIwov.r. SITHAMPAAANA'tHAN, the prealdM1t 01' the WN., CIeCIIirOd in hit _",ony givwn on _1S-, to ".y 1~, 2oat, tnat ther8 w... pjdinl of PRABHAKARAN. tn. W'TM ottto..

472. To SI.JI1If1aize, thfIlNTU. IXmpriHd of rrMHnIJen, whole dt.CiH are to Cl)lIed fund' and pertonn d~ • ,.,. tht wII_ of ... L TIE. .

11.1 CHANDRA8EOARAM· COoOWf1a' of 4100 ..... 4112 V.., HGrne Ann ..

. Page: 178

.... 73. CHANDRASEGARAM Is 8 member of the WTM II'\d • paid actNkt. On SedembM 11". 2004. CHANDRASEGARAM ~umfd to ~ from Srt LanIUt ~ng d(lCUment$ and items ~ tG fundtflling:lClMtiet fA the L.TTE. IUch .. tht 110 Pre-Authorized paym.ot Plan fonnIS, ,tQo In l'1li luggage _ he oertlII..te from the L TT!. WOIbhop ..

• fafeIGn adMIt, A photo "lad by the police depIcta CHANDRAsEG.ARAM receiving hill TTE WQlbhop'" eertifi'*- from the hIf1da of PRABHAKAAAN,

"'4. CHAHORASEGARAM took part in MYtrai .vem. which helped ~ the LTTE. such •• Martyr. Day n Black ,..,. o.y.

~75, The ftnancllll record. of thII WTM ~. that CHANDAASEGARAM hal bMn rectli'tirlg monthly paymentl for hill funchl8ing work wtIh the WTM sInce.t!Mst 2OCW, The WTM t'!8MI uP to th .... of their mttrnb.fs on &he payroll for their fund~ activities, Th. a.monatmes tte level of Involvement of CHANDRASEGARAM in the $dMtiea 01 the WJ"LlJ in tuppOII. or tht I. TIE.

"76. CHAHORASEGAAAM .110 took p.rt in gatlwlng fundt fa( 1he TWI. Stvingt Fund. ltD ful'llh1tlrlo fICliIrity wal 10 dtmIind kNlllI rangi"O ftom $2.500 to $50.000 from tam •• , ~ and prominent memben. in IhII Tamil eommun~, T'tUIJ fundnliting was being wnduLWd aggruaIvely In the Mann.,..... CHANQRASEGAAAM .,m,ured tt\81 U\e T.-niI. Savings Fund contra~ __ ,.corded In thII WTM~, AmOrlg the bms Miz8d by Montreal INSET wenJ four 9tO'CI of rteelpll containing 1he Tamill Savings Fund ~ for • SObII d $137,000 _here<! from December 200510 March 2008,

477. Nurn.nM fun:! trtnhr810 the L TIE wr.- also Iwndled by CHANOAASEGARAM u&I'Ig hi, pnonal bank acc:ounta at the Royal an of can_ (~1Oe31-8230864) or "tl'. TO TI\Itt c .... Bank (eccount f.3ISII-e2T0818). An amount of $105,000 wee recorded _ .~I ...,.. In the WTM fll1MlCW ,..... which I beli .... m*rn.no. to Il'IOIWY tl'llnafelTed to tt. L m l.u:m.Iooti s.cretwiat fIvm tho WTM:

CHANDRASEGARAM'. name Is linked to aIIlhItM nn"_',

,1., IIVARAMAN - COoOWMI' of.,. and .112 v.n H_ AMftU.

~78. SIVARAMAN" liatad as one of the Idminiarratcn tor h E.1mI Tlmll Aaoc:iatIOn of Quebec (ETAO). Thit QfV*nizltIon "a. Itl addreu • 4182 v.., Home A~ .... Montreal. Thll U:I ..... " 10CItt<I on tilt -r floor Of the hoUM octupit(I by tn. WTM .. .. ,GO VM Home A.n_, McntruI. AI, m~ "rllor. ETAQ Is ... Olg.nlmUon ..-.pontI" for admWIiIt8rIng TamU ~ known .. "Onrtyam", In their ftnIInc;I.t report. the WTM referw. on occaIion to foodl from ,hIM lldlaalli _ the E-.n T.-n~ ~ $dIooI Fuoo. In Mly 2004. 1M WTM QfVariZed * Tamil IanpQlt competll:ion In which tht eTAQ .nrolled avel'lll student$ 81 well as oIher org.nizlll:lona, The lOtIl .mount of money .. Hmbl-' frgm thIi 2004 Tamil lar1guag. competition WIIS $3.118.58. TIQ WTM nnanclll tePOn \WI1ocaled at 4182 VIn Home Avenue. the .td1'Ml given by ETAQ. Thit oIINrty shows a Unk betwM:n ttl- WT'U and SIVAAAMAN.

479. The Tamil Rat.blbtlon arg.nIzatIon (TRO) II n01 a ~ I'il9IatM1d In CUebae, howBver, SIVARAMAN Ia kncJIM"I .. being • TAO repraanlllllve III Quebec, TRO Canada has been knowo to una money to TRO Sri Lanlal. which • controlled b~ tn.

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• 8(1. SIVARAlMN ... pregnt cUIng ~ 2OD7 M.rtyr'1 Day even!: and during the unvetting ~ the I1IOII\mII1t In !'runt of 4180 VIIn Home Avenue, MO!'ItI1: .. in OCo'tot. 2004, monument that he helped bulle!.

481. H IItal8d .atItr, u. bankirtG recorda of the WTM indica 1h.t ~ Mille been iMued tn 81VARAMAN on ;II monthly bail kI pay tnt I1II'It lind the municipal taxea Qf -41110 mel .182 VM HOl'rIe A~, M<InItUI. TIl ... c:haqun iMued by the WTM _r. depotlted Into SlVARAMAN end CHANDRASEGARAM'. bank 8OtOunt lt52811a 802810118289, held at the: Bltnk of Nova ScoN lituat.d ~ 4851 Van HOI'!» Avenue, MontfNI. 8ased on the review 0111 I1f.'lOI1 titled 'MQrtvIllil. T~n History", a tubst.nU.1 ~ tax Inc ..... __ noticfd in February 2003. iJpof1 the mortgage renewal in Sef;Qmber 1·, 2004, the municipal ta- Ihowed • dtficit for i total of $10,082.S1. In" IaMr II(IfIed by SIVARAMAN and add_Mel to It. Bank. of Nova $COIII, SIVARAM.4.N Igf'ftd to PI~ me ~ t.x' Dy rnonIhIy l~ments. Cheque, .. !zed by MonnellNSET showed tkM U'It eI'*l'-s for lhf ovtrd ... t.x ."..... made by tn. WTM to SlVAAAMAN. I believe "* It It UfM,UaI for ~ to P-r for the municipal tun; 1here.fOre I beIe¥e IhBl the WTM COntrol. the bulklirlg It "'60 and 4182 Van Home Avenue, Montreal. Moleover, the hot ...... tank w" ~ • tht WTM omce .. .-ct In thtir flnll'lCM r.port. The uptntt .. ~ on a W1'M _penH YOUd1er In the name, of SIVARAMAN and dated AuguIt 5", 2004, UnlQly wouki 1enanl.'l pay for the repairs and mail'del"llltlCe of • building. ll'lIa talk i. usu.-y .. turned by 1M cwn.,. 11\il aa-'n giveI rHlone to befIevt lhllt the WTM flu oontrol Qf .160 and 4182 Van Hom.A.,....... MonhIII.

1... If1'HAliPARANATttAN - The ' .... kMntuftMW'TII

~. SITHAt.,FAAA THAN identified himlelf to Cpl. BOUOREAU *' belng tht prnIdent and an active tMmtIer of ll'It WTM.

483. SITHAMPAAANATHAN WM a'l(;Qtn1*"litd by other WTM mernbeta • the Ple«e-Elltott TRUDEAU Nport irI Mo.,.,.al in JI,IIy 2004 _they Id for IheIr L TTE aatM ... training in SrI L.,u, AlIa Hind by the Mont ... 1 INSET was a photo at SITHAMPARANATHAN at the SItnNr far tht Foreign ActM'" in SrI Lanka.. In a L TTE documtl'lt ..w.d by MomuI INSET, it ttIIeI that SlTHAMPARANATHAN riliMll.'l the national flag at ,heS4Imin.- tor the Ftnlgn AdMIts on July~, 2008.

484. SITHAMPAAANATtw4 vtWt a Itttimony • the ~ cour1, In which he ~.Ied and

conftrmed "* in r-oardw, 1C) 1M LTTE and the WTM. To ~at.,


)0 The- .mount or oon.tIcn ... d.ctuIed ..... tIw ..mn .t the WTM on April

12111,200&; .

)0 SeV'elllllmagu 01 PRABHAK.A.RAN Milt d!.pllyed at the WTM building. 4100

V .... HOI'nt AWInW, ~:

). Molt TMliI peopI8 In Montrealaupport tM L TTE:

). Tilt WI'M .uppQf1I only tha good or right ection. dthe LTTE:

) lit fIttIMldad Tht Wotklhop for 1M FcreIgn Aetlvilta in Sri Lanka between July

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lO'b. 2«W. to J~:JtII, 2OlM;

)0 He I ..... U. the l TIE Ia • telT'Ol'llt grouPi

)0 .... ~ tht ~. Clyon NOYetIlHr 27", 2004, to hOf'lOlM' U. ~ or the L TTE', C8UtII;

)0 ThI WTM t,IpdiIte. the L TIE repnIIng hir 1ICItIvtIIn;

)0 CHANDRASEGARAM ill • INimW Of the WTU who c&f1I h. aeNices to the Tamil communit)'.

11.. TM _tieing •• 180 .nd 4112 Van HOmt A~. Monwal

485, on July 27", Hiln. 81VAAAMAN and CHANORASEGARAM obIaIr.:I * l'nDI1gageln the amount d $108,000 from tM Bri. of NQ.,. ScaIHI to ec:I'oMI" part of tJ'Ie pu~lng pt1ce

far hi ~ d 4160 n 4162 VII\ Hom. AVM1ue, MonlfeaJ. .

_. On "'l.1li'* ~, ieee. SIVARAMAN and CHANDRASEGARAN purchaaod the proper1y with IiIIII the building. thoroon ereded W1d ~ ~ thou bHring the dvi," numbenl4180 and 41132 of Aid VtII Home AlI8nl,lt, in tho City of tAonIfHI. Prg'linct of Quebec. The property w .. ~Hed ftIr $1~",aoo,

,... lb. 'undraleing by the WT'M .. controlld .... _l1li11'1 ....... from I .. omc.. .. 41. and .,a V .. Hom. AYlln"" IIonb'Mf

.487. The ofI\cIM gf". WTM IocMed • 4180 and 41&2 V.n HOme Avenue, MontrMl.

TheM two c:Mc add repment IhfIIInd: fIoar .rid MCOnd ~ cI a duPex OI'iQlnIIIV

.. up foI two ~, Etch.dchH hM Ita own I!II1trInce door _ ~I to the ~ through • CQfI1mOfI O\Midt door. The premile. Ioo8kd at 4160 Van Home Avtnue ha been 1I11Inged with • large taeeptlon are. with • oounblr nd bualn", Ilk • ..-up Inct.IdIng • CQmPI.Ittf II'Jd fII«1g c.bjnebl. AIao found in IhiI are ••• Ioungiov area with 1OIa$, .1eJevIIion lind 1tne n.g, __ V 0(1 floor "*"<If. ThoIe .... lht can.dIIn, ... Quebec and the t. TTE n.g.. In !hit MQePtion area '1t!eI'e wen!! alliC M\IeIlII large dilplay ~ COIUInIng mul_ L TIE propaganda hms for .. Ie. Thoae Items .......-e ..ad by ~ tNSeT on ApriI1't", 2008.

488. During the ..,.rc:h til the oI'Ilce of the WfM .t 4160 v.n Home Avenue, MaI'llrHl., documenw rolttlng to the adminlld'*iOn of the ~ P.yment P!.n for monthly donationI to the WlM ....... il8d. Thau documenII we~ kdtad in a filing cablneI: ~ 00hind the feCleIIIion counter or u. WN ~ M .. 180 v.n Hc;Jrnlt Avenue, MonbMI. ThOle r:kICUn'!tnl$ ~ • h,mfwritI8n tilt of per80M with u.tr acldreu and • ~1'1tItII nLlll'lblr tleti::M-e eact'I NIfM. Eldi person also h ... CQ~n; amount written otI tt. rw-tt .Ide Qf the documenl, Tht m<n (:QmfI'1I:i'I amount ententd I. $2,500. Th. list represents :l joumW ~ tn. d~OfI to the L TTE Tami" hYing. Plan collechuj bl' thf W'T'M In MOntN.I. ThI Hque.t oumbe", located in fnri of .ach name, .-nd ttl. amo.n written for each penon, ootTnpQQd Ie tM nun"IbeNd TImi'- Stlvingt PIIn form filled In the name d thoR ~na.

Th/$ .(ftmonlfnlftts th.t fbi ~ meIhod cdtid T tmi/, S.avlnQa cion. by ttte WTM In auppotf of the L m: Wti oootrdIfd -' ~ fmm #hfJ atrIoe8 of the WTM' Iot;ated., .'(JO IIld 41e2 V." HonJfI A~, ,MoIItINI.

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48&. During the Iaardt of the WTM ollie. Iil:lcatN • "10S2 V.,. ~ A ........... MoM ...... <;>1.

April 12"'. 2QOG, moAI documenta reIatlng ta .... Pre-At.MlorIzed P.)'m.nt P1.n wer. Ioeated. It incIUM II IItt or don.en 10 tht wrM by MIl)' d the ~ Payment PI.n attn. TO Bank for 1M .,.. ... 2003 and 2004. ~ in an alininl,lration offiet af the WN M 4102 Val'! Home Avenue, Montreal 'MIre nin. black blndef1. individual"y ma~ed M1 to MD. Thole bIndets ...... found to contain don.tof'* I., 'tmdraislng fomJ8 .1Id other documents ~ It) tM- 1und""lng actlvlt_ (If tIM WTM. The martdng M1 to Me ~ th8 nine coIIecUon a,,", for thIIi gtttler MOntrfiII ....... drrIIgnatad by the WfM. Theee bindef8 _,.. Ioaat«I on • bOOkaheIf NidI the ~1'IIlicn omc. dtht WfM.

400. The W1lI ~ fIrI.ndallWparta fur 1M p .. 2004 and 2005 iCed from the offi(:tI of 1he WTl.I lOCated It ~1G2 Van HOMe Avenue, ~,an ApriI1~. 2006, ""-11t uud ta repon on Ile ",**,on .tOO IdmiI'IIttrdon of the WTM to the L TTE IntemlltioMt ~ Each fOI)Or'I contain. thf monthly '1<PI"18Io and rawnUd for the WTM. In tt. ,....... there .. a caIegory G81led income through the b8nk. Those amounta conespand to tho monthly reven ..... from tho Pra-Iwthoriad Paymliffl Plan.

1NB demonatrlIles thai the WTAI .", tfif. booIdmping AKIClids of thttir CIg.'tlizslion in rM off'Jce located., 4182 V*" HtJmt AvttWe, AIonbvaI.

"81. In IIddilkln to ttl. Pre-AIAhorized ~ AM Forms n tht Tfmill Savings Fund forme. HWII OCher documents ....aing to the WTM ftnancIlII JWpOI'ta wer, Iocal8cl by MontreallN8ET wt.n thwy ~d tM SMrch Wlttw'D 11:,,100 and oi182 VtItI Home Avenue, MontMI. AmallSl tM Item Hi:Hd 1ft.... I4IftM fnlm the WTU to th. Intemnon.! SecAItariaIII'l Sri Lamc., In which tilt wnA ~ their expeo ... as fIIr .. the fll'lChilinlii w.nh or 1M cofIecUan from tha ..... 1*IfI1'I.

492. The IIbove deIcribId ~1MI'Ila rMItng for InItanCt to tnt coIIKtIon of dOtIMIont to th.

WTM through II barlldng ~ p.ynwnt PI ... ptem. o.rnontUate thai th_ pr.mus • 4180 .-.d .. 162 hI\It been UMd to ..tminItW tI'D fUl'Idralling 1dJ.8me, Furthar. IhM U'Ie above detCrlbtd ..,....m ... have been UNCI for the_IItDrage lind MI, QepIt1g d ~ uHd to Nile hnla In support of"., l TIE.

_. At *"" ...... , ..".reI or the sub-«g&fl1u1ion8 gNo their addree$ ... baing 4180 or 4182 Vtn Iiornt Avenue, Montrul, ThII_orwtrataa how theM sub-oi-ganlzadcna 81'8 controlled by the WTM, McncMw. the t.cl that __.. financial ~ linked 10 theM llJb.OtgarUilions ..... 1ocatad during Iht Mizulil 01 AprI! 12111, 2004. at 1he oIricw or Ihe WTM, Htabliahel the wt .nd control of the WTM over the sub-crg,ntitlonl as well •• 0IfeI' the blJlldk10 loci.., lit 41&0 WId "'82 Vlln Home Avenue. Montreat

'1.7 The WTM lb bank.ccount MSII-OIDMt

414. ".. WTM n'IOr4hI)' fWlanclal .-port. for the year 2004 8f1d 2005 WIn .. Ired from tne offIc:;e oft"'" WTM on AprIl 12". 2:000, Thn-Inl8ma1 flnano.l dga,mem. ... ~ by lht ~ ill chtrge of finaAOt fOf' thu branch, whi~ in rnoGt ~ W$l THURAIRATNAM. n.y are UHd to r.port on the operJAion ,00 adminllt ..... of tl'e fcteian InIdt In QuebeC to ttle L TTE Intsmation;lil Secrotariat. i.ch.-pert c:ont.ins !he c»y to dIy .JCptI'IIM' and "''I8flUa fOr .,.. WTM. In th. ftWInues, '*" is a ~ called tnc:ome through tht "n!(, I have conipWtd theM 81'n(1Untt; with tt16

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monthly revenuM from the ~ Plyment Pt.n Md tMY .,. ..... __ . I ueDd the IImouru reported to lilt WTM ~ 1he TO can.d. TNIt Bank on II monthly ~. The pre-&l!norized ~ymentS .. 0Ip0tited ~ Blto the WTM TO berlk .ccount tI4338-0828M9. The ~ eel'll m t .... ~ is -=ailed r,."..-nilatOn Hi.tory report .net con~l", th. lilt of d the dc;InIdEn with infofmation IUd! .. the amount CMbited from 1M ClOnator'$ account and ita. bank account m.mber lnet bank IdiIntification.

4n, Ivt. st.t.d .. rtier by some of tI'IIl witnenel int.rvIeoNed br the lnveatIg.tcn of Montreal INSET. thty had to Ilgn a Pre--AIJthorized P.yment Plan form In Canada or in Sri Lanka 10 be It.t. to tnMIl freely In Sri Lanka'. L m controlled arM .nd viM nwnbel1l of thetr t.rnUIll., Moreover. CHANDAASEGARAU Cl-mti bile" on Sept.mbar 11". 2004, with 119 ~-AI.Ithorized Payment Pl.-n forma in which .ome of tho witneu forms were found. I t.II.ve th.t the bel hilt CHANDRASEGARAM <*I'ItI btdt from Sri Lanka -.d arri\l8d in Mcnttetl with 1M Pnt-AloChoriad Payment PI.-. farm., $monlll.... • dO. connedlofll'.letwMn ct. L TTE and the WTM.

GS. CIarI'I, ~bert of the WTM UIId the WT'M TO bank account U338-0928569. mMniy for the putpGN of receMng Iha preo&Ithoriz.ed ~yment. whioh '* fin.ncIng U. L TTE .. A ~_ of the ttItImentA pl(WIdtd by lt1. ~' .nowa tt.t the Pl'*"aulhortz.d ptrn'** are not a~ given voIuntMly II one WOI.ild expect. ThOSe vidiIM .... cotrC8CI into ~1'IliJ 10 • taUI8 that they do not entk'fly -arM with, therefore. it is ~ bel" that 1M TO CMada TruellWlOOunt • UMd ptirNrily to ftnara tiM I.lTE, • temnt group,.

1 ... bhlblt ......

497. Some of the exhibit IWma aeized in PI'ojIld. CRISI.! haw been uMd to .~ my gl'Ol.l'" d ~ tIvoughotl ttll, AIIIdavIt. Since l1li the exhibits herna are linked to the WTM, ttllV .. II partlnent In a1nnn1nli th. the WTM IUpporlt, tilt L TIE &lancillily.

11 CottfJRlll]WJIY

498. I betIeve. due to the nillure and ~ of &hi, «¥4JOing irMtItlglition, that tM pWlic ECeH to or knowledge of the entirtty of 11'11, AfIkIlvil. loa tome of its tJ;hil)ib would be CIMrirne!'1t.IlO the infonnanbl and witnaa .... and thtt It ilin tt. btlt in...-..t of 1M tdmlnilltration of Juttice to taue In ~ denying I)UbliC .ccH1 to !he vetted ~r.phI of thIt AMdIl\llt 81 ... 11 .. to the vetted exlllbita until fulttJllf or*r of !he Court, I .. my ~ upan ttw following:

,. The confIdanIIaIItV .-ld the HOJtIly of the Il'IfotnwItt It • primIIry coram. Tht InfonnIm prtNIdtd the InfcItmltioll to 1M POllet wtth tht underwttnCIil'lO 1hat thH Ident6ly be kept ~allor IfICUnty .. lOftS. I be~ '* the urweilng cI .... jnfl:ltmdon i~ In !he vett.d P8I1IQNptll Md .xhibits might rf~ the icItntity d thoN 11Dtnanta;

)0 I am also mindful to tIw ftlet that OLM' l'MItigatIon hal rl!v.afjlrd thlt the World TamN MIMnwnt Ind tt. L TTE have been ~ to utilize prtIftUrt t.dk:a to elICIt fI.IndI. ·.rld donation. H ... 11 .. to partlc:ipIItIII In vellet1 tnrellf'.

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Given earUer QI'OUr'Id., II: .. my beIi.f IhQt .11oY1d m.m~ ~ ..._ W_ 'f' ..... i' ~ d~r 1M COI'ItenIt' of the ...ett.d PII~. and e~ibite thty ...ouId revid thou wttrMIeI to dllCOU,. ttl* panIcIp;Ition In ,...., cooptndion with h~, ThtM ........ h...,. coo~ with tho polio. lid CMtftI,in !'Ilk to u.rtIMIvtl In an doI't to PfOVfde IrIforrrIIdIon related to the pte.uthof1Dd deblt.chtme. The COIUnta of those vetted paragraphl .m exhibits, if circ:Umld In the public cIomB'I, would likely dIIcourage further ~ from membera DIlle Tamil community;


2U I!!IM" MR._lIlBAllON

500. Any FlOtiCt or deItvery of 1'11*'" required by Of in nUtlon to the prete .... AppllCtltlon ... tit dIclt8d AI foIIawII:

TheAUorntr ..... lofc..da

CIIaudIne Ole, Cot.QeI for tht Dhdor of Public F'fooeeut.Ions PubMc ProMQJIIon s.ntIct d CIflIIda

0Uebtc ~1onaI omo.

4225 0cJn:hettBr aolMvan::l., 8th Floor WeIImounI. (Q..-.c) H3Z 1 V!i

Tet. (514)838HB53e

fax: (&14) 83N4SO

fMI.: 1-184201

501. A copy or thiI AmdavII: shan be ...-ved (by a peace DITIcer, • bIIlllff, reglMnlid mail, pubIcdon In a nwapaper diItribul8d in !he l®Iilly Of the fat known addrn$ or by IMvinO .. oopy at tM aff"1(18 of the Court) on the foIowIrcI PIIrtiK

C/O IIr. ~ O. ItfmDvftah CouIweI

507 PIf(:e d'~ a. ''''0 MontrHI (Qu.t.c) H2Y 2W8

PtOt 18hf 183

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CJO Mr . ....,.., Go atImovttch CounMI

507 Pi .... d'Anna, SU .. 15GO MontreIII (~) Hay Mil

). WoI1d T ...... llov.nent of 0-"1:1 "1M, .t182 v... Home Aven .. Montreal (0U0btc) H3S 181

C/O IIIr • ..."... O. IIImovttch Countel

507 PItce d'ArmM.. Suitt ,. MontrMI (Quebec) H2Y 2W8


502. I .... ke tm. AmdIvlt In .... pptJ(I: d $'l Appllcdon kM' an Or<*" of Foffelbn PUlSuant to Section 83_14 (1)(1) cI the Criminal Codf-In retpeCt of the aaid ~ de~bIJd In Appendlx1 IOCal«t tt 4180 and 4102 Van I1On'IIt A_In, MonhaI, Quebec, CalW.'la and AppendIx. 2, 1M WfM TO e.nk. Aa:ount f4336.0928589 loCated 8200 BouIeYaItl c.c.rit. MonItuI. Que**- CMIdI. and Appeneji)l3· ~ A. B, C. IJ and E, locMed -t: 422f1 Oorohater. W ... MOU'It. o..btc..

o..d II w.1IrnOunt, QwWe, tItt. stilt ...,. of ...a. 2CIOI

,.) SMV't ChJf.rrtui

80htmnIJ ""lINd ......... In

~ au.c.a, .,. 3i· da, of"'l'Ch, 2001

(A) SCoIlMIHI Plqll""

IUZIftftI '-I ....

COIIIrn"""" of o.&t. In .11 judlclllde.tr_ for 11. p~ afQueIIK 1118217

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Corpon:f....,. DUBREUIL



eou ..... forN DIrKtor of PubHo~

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