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Synopsis The film "Rizal in Dapitan" is about the life of Jose Rizal (Albert Martinez) while he was inside

the Dapitan. He was detained because of his opposition to the friars and

Spanish Goverment, which caused his exile in Dapitan. During the early days of his stay in Dapitan. He is forced to turn to God by his friend who is a priest, Fr. Obach (Chris Michelena). He still stood on his position which caused leaving of the parish. Rizal made his stay very significant in Dapitan where not only was he become an ordinary prisoner but he also became a physician, teacher, engineer and agriculturist. Rizal¶s mother, Doña Teodora Alonzo (Rustica Carpio) and Sister Mary (Candy Pangilinan) and Narcisa (Tess Dumpit) came to Dapitan as his request to be with them bringing with them a bad news about Leonor¶s death. Because of the news, Rizal was gob smacked making himself losing to reality. Until one day, he met the adopted daughter of George Taufer--- Josephine Bracken (Amanda Page). Josephine came to the Philippines to accompany his step father and see Rizal for consultation. Rizal was not able to treat Bracken¶s father, she left with the promise of coming back to the Philippines. Bracken kept her promise. Rizal and Bracken planned to get married. They asked the priest to bless and wed them. The Priest was hesitant to give what they both wants not until Rizal turns back to the Catholic Church. For wanting to be married, they still got married even if the presence of a priest is not their. Their relationship went well until Rizal found out Bracken¶s infedility causing their fight which resulted her miscarriage. The movie ended with the farewell of people to Rizal before leaving for Cuba with his loved ones.

Olive M. BSN 4B

Josephine became a good wife to Rizal by serving him and in return. He equipped the town with a lighting system which consist of coconut oil lamps placed in dark streets of Dapitan.) Rizal¶s Political views and religious beliefs Rizal is called a Mason. He was the inspiration for the Katipuneros during those time. Josephine Bracken was something else for him. I consider more of as a reformist evidenced by his works and writings. c. He wanted that Filipinos will be given rights that they deserve. Masonry believes in the equality of all people which he was wanting for his fellow Filipinos to have. he still have contributed in this revolution somehow as his works and writings were the corner stone of the revolution. He spent months in draining the marshes to get rid of malaria that infested Dapitan. he fell in love with Josephine and all along she was always with him since she got back from Hongkong to reunite with Rizal.) Rizal¶s romantic story Of all the attractive women who aroused Rizal¶s romantic interest. It was democratic which was not in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Rizal gave the greatest importance to human Olive M. After finding out Leonor¶s death. assimilation. She was the only woman whom he married and had a child with but then later on died due to miscarriage. He constructed the town¶s first water system wherein the supply comes from a little mountain stream across the river from Dapitan and follows the contour for the whole distance.Historical Content a) Rizal as a Community Developer He decided to improve the place using his talents and to awaken the civic consciousness of the local people. He used his liberal ideas rather in asking for the reforms.) A Reformist or Revolutionary Rizal wanted changes or reforms. b. BSN 4B . he was attracted to Masonry precisely because the fraternity accepted all persons of good will who believed in a Supreme Being. He did not choose to start a revolution because he knew that the Philippines was not yet ready to stand on its own during his time. Rizal takes good care of her and loved her very much. Despite of not supporting the revolution. d.

to inform his family in Manila. as we remember Pablo Mercado. After that. In his political view. Olive M. Flaws of the movie In the film. sacraments and ceremonies. who presented himself to Rizal as his nuclear family member. Lastly. he let Mercado leave his house at the early morning. they did not present that Narcisa and his daughter Angelica. the captain make a move and assigned Anastacio Adriatico to take the investigation and they found out that Mercado's true name is Florencio Namanan a spy of the Recollect friars to take a espinage to Rizal's letter to his compatriot based in Manila. in the true historical context the fight did not take place. Not like in the film. Under the letter of Rizal to Blumentritt he identify that he already learn how to speak Bisayan. given it a break and a talk under the moonlight. days later Captain Sitges released the spy. BSN 4B . he was bitter enough to criticize in his writings the apparent backwardness of Spanish Government methods. they portrayed that it is only Josephine Bracken only accompanying him in the trip. and he let Pablo Mercado sleep to his house. they did not portray Rizal having the capabilities of talking and writing in Bisayan. had a fight to him because he is suppose to be assassinated. After his knowing that Mercado is still in Dapitan. educated and trained. Also. And the arrest of Namanan takes place but. Rizal gives the traditional hospitality that the Filipinos have. Then. Philippines should not be taken advantage of instead be developed.capacity to reason. Rizal send letter to his brother-in-law Manuel Hidalgo stating about what happen to him and to the espinage happening. whom from that time is the provincial captain of Dapitan. Despite of how the Spanish Government treated our country. He reported that there is a man pretending to be his cousin and he has a suspicious on it. First. His Christianity did not rely on friar orders and not even follow mandatory performance of religious rituals. he reported the event to Captain Juan Sitges. But. Rizal was not threatened to kill nor fought with that impostor. On the other hand. and 6 of his students accompany him to Manila cruise via Steamer Espana. 3 of his nephew.

The different aspects of the film have been an efficacious toll in educating the ignorant minds of the present generation. Maria. The script was excellent because the facts were formally presented. some of it was not clear to confuse me with the scene. The Actors and actresses have been integrated to produce a more realistic film. The casting of the film was decisively done. Facets like the casting. script.Technical Aspects In films and screenplays. The knowledge on what happened to Rizal in Dapitan has been stated as factual as possible and this would surely be an efficient way for the viewers like me to understand the context of Rizal¶s exile in Dapitan. The portrayal of Albert Martinez as Rizal was excellent because of the firmness in movements and formality he had done. Olive M. The totality of the film was a harmonious collaboration of all its inferior respects that contributed to a perfectly organized output. and many others that had contributed as to how Rizal has been shaped into a laudable individual. Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken was also commendable because considering Josephine¶s nationality. Narcisa. The choices of music were also good because it made the scenes be more dramatic and realistic. Amanda portrayed her role very well. These major characters have been supported by the roles of Teodora Alonso. and music are the primordial technicalities that are checked and critics are given. The cinematography was really good because the effects used made the film back into the Century. The only problem I encountered with the film is when Albert delivers his lines. Rizal seemed to be a notable intellectual in the film like what he really is in reality. BSN 4B . the technical aspects always have a significant role to perform.

He contributed so much in Dapitan and for that he is still remembered today. His developed works and built houses in Dapitan are preserved well and will always be treasured. he even was able to treat people as being an ophthalmologist. he was accepted by the local people of Dapitan as not a prisoner but someone who they trust and believe that helped them and qualified enough to educate their sons. Olive M. Rizal was amazingly admired by everyone and because of his modesty and generosity. Rizal seemed to have had a good life.Did Rizal have a bad life in Dapitan? As exiled to Dapitan. Somehow I think Rizal did not even bother nor worry that he was isolated to the place where he should be. and of course² because of his talents. he would not have known his last love. Josephine Bracken. I reckon he did have a good life during his last years knowing that he developed the community for everyone¶s convenience. He was able to do things according to what he desires and contributed a lot to the local people of Dapitan. BSN 4B . By this he got along well with these people and lived as a common person.

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