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W in d o w s S o c k e ts M o d e l

7 6 U pper L a y e rs

A p p lic a tio n P r e s e n t a t io n S e s s io n T ra4 s p o rt n N e tw o rk D a t a L in k P h y s ic a l ^

W in d o w s S o c k e ts

A p p lic a tio n
P r o to c o l S ta c k ( T C P /IP ) N e t w o r k D r iv e r N e tw o r k In te r fa c e

L o w e ra y e r s L 3 2 1

Figure 2-2 The WinSoek model compared to the OSI network model.

Information and Data
WinSoek applications provide information services to computer users. They let users transfer information between computers—and people—quickly and easily. Information is by definition "cooked," or loaded with meaning and always complete. This contrasts with data, which is "raw," has little mean ing, and is possibly incomplete. Data comprises information, but not all data is informative. Information has structure and meaning, and data has neither. Data is an arbitrary collection of octets (bytes). Each layer deals with its own information, and anything it receives from a layer above is considered formless and meaningless data. The network sys tem layer in our WinSoek network model simply sends and receives data, as requested by a WinSoek application layer. This data is meaningful to a WinSoek application, but not to a network system. When a WinSoek applica tion sends a block of information that has a specific length, format, and meaning, the network system may fragment that data arbitrarily and reassemble it at the other end before delivery. It may treat the data as a stream of bytes and require the application to reassemble the block after delivery. How the data is treated depends on the transport services requested, but in any case the network system delivers data without regard to

.content or meaning.

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