CHEM 110 Chemistry and Society Spring 2011
Dr. Joseph Topich 3050 Oliver Hall, 2067 Oliver Hall jtopich@vcu.edu "Chemistry in Context", 6/e, by L.P. Eubanks, C.H. Middlecamp, C.E. Heltzel, and S.W. Keller, McGraw Hill, 2009. Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 12-12:50pm, Room 101 Harris Hall


Text: Lecture:

Course Description: This course fulfills a Humanities & Sciences general education requirement. This course focuses on the practical significance of the fundamental concepts of chemistry in the context of societal, political, and economic issues that impact our world. Lecture Topics: Building blocks of matter Origin of the elements Atomic structure Energy The Sun Electromagnetic radiation Elements Compounds Molecules Chemical reactions Fossil fuels The atmosphere Air Pollution Ozone Carbon cycle Greenhouse effect Climate change Electricity Photovoltaics Batteries Fuel cells Nuclear chemistry Water Acid rain Plastics Exam Schedule: Exam 1, February 14 Exam 2, March 7 Friday, March 25 is the last day to “Withdraw” from a course. Exam 3, April 11 Exam 4, May 2 (The exam schedule is subject to change.)

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