1) Write a query to select the second highest salary from a table.

2)Difference between WHERE clause and HAVING clause 3)How to create a table by copying the structure of other table 4)How to delete duplicate records in a table 5)How to remove a constraint from a table 5)If the base table is not exist in the database is it possible to create a view .If yes please write syntax. 6)If we execute below query how many rows oracle server return (EMP table is hav ing 14 rows and DEPT is having 5 rows) SELECT * FROM emp e, DEPT d; 7) What is the use of CASCADE constraints (explain with an example) 8)List the empname who is getting highest salary 9)List the employee details who is having more than 10 years experience. 10) List the employees who is not having commision 11) List the employees who is not having any manager. 12) List all the employee names and their manager names. 13) List all the employee names and all the department names. 14) Display all the employee details and add 20% to their salary if they dont ha ve commision. 15)Display all the enames who has joined on Monday. 16)Display all the employee names whose names are starting with A and ends with S 17)What is composite primary key (explain with an example) 18)SEQUENCE syntax. Explain what is cache and no cache 19)UNION and UNION ALL -- explain with an example 20) EXIST and NOT EXIST -- explain with an example 21) OUTER JOINs -- Explain with an example 22) SQL datatypes? 23) TRANSLATE and REPLACE functions -- explain with an example 24) LTRIM,RTRIM, TRIM, SUBSTR and INSTR -- explain all with an example 25) ROLLUP and CUBE explain with an example

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