Glow period and warning lamp K29
The glow period and fault warning lamp K29 performs two tasks: – Indicating the glow period, a "continuous light" is indicated during the glow period – Warning of faults which have occurred, are indicated by a "flashing light".
3 2 1 4
1/min x 1000

5 6 7
60 40 20

100 80


140 160 180 200 220 240

Faults are only indicated if there is a risk that it is not possible to continue the journey. Actuation The warning lamp is activated by the control unit if the preglow system is operating or if faults have occurred at the following components: – Needle lift sender G80 – Engine speed sender G28 – Modulating piston movement sender G149 – Accelerator pedal position sender G79 – Brake pedal switch F/F47 – Quantity adjuster N146 – Commencement of injection valve N108 Self-diagnosis Faults of this signal are not stored. The check is carried out with function "03" - Final control diagnosis.

SP 16-41

Coolant system heater elements Q7
The auxiliary heater consists of three heating elements and is screwed onto the coolant connection fitting of the cylinder head at the clutch side. Actuation If the intake manifold temperature is below about 5°C at the moment the engine is started, the electronic control unit activates the heating elements Q7 in the coolant circuit through the relays J359 and J360. The start temperature is stored. To avoid any discharge of the battery, one, two or even all three heating elements are supplied with voltage, depending on the available charge capacity of the alternator. The alternator features a special connection (terminal DF) to the control unit for this purpose. The auxiliary heater is switched off once the coolant has reached a certain temperature. The cut-off temperature depends on the start temperature. The lower the start temperature, the higher the cut-off temperature.

SP 16-42

Self-diagnosis Faults in the auxiliary heater are not stored. A check of the heating elements and of the relays is conducted with function "03" Final control diagnosis.

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