Speaker’s Preparation Checklist: 1) Have I chosen an appropriate topic? 2) Is the purpose of speaking clear in my mind?

3) Have I analyzed my topic to determine the questions my speech must answer? 4) Have I analyzed my audience? 5) Do I have a realistic preparation timetable? 6) Have I adequately researched my topic? 7) Have I properly cited my source? 8) Have I prepared my speech outline? 9) Have I prepared my speech notes? 10) Does my introduction set the tone for the speech? 11) Does my conclusion provide a strong ending? 12) Is my speech content clearly and logically developed? 13) Have I made my message psychologically appealing to my listeners? 14) Will I project a natural, credible image? 15) Do I have effective presentation aids? 16) Have I practiced my speech? 17) Have I timed my speech? 18) Have I prepared myself psychologically? 19) Have I anticipated contingencies that may arise?

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