Heart Healthy Granola

Ingredients: 4 cups Old Fashioned Oats 1 cup Chopped Pecans 1 cup Raw Sliced Almonds ½ cup sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup Pumpkin Seeds ¼ cup Agave Syrup ¼ cup Maple Syrup ¼ cup water 2 teaspoons vanilla ½ cup Dried Cranberries

Preheat Oven to 275° In large bowl combine all the dry ingredients with the exception of the salt and cinnamon. In a separate bowl combine well the Agave syrup, the maple syrup, water, vanilla, salt and the cinnamon. Pour the syrup over the oats mix and distribute evenly. Spray a cookie sheet or Pampered Chef Pan using Canola All Natural Cooking Spray. Pour the granola mix minus the dried cranberries on the pan. Bake for 30 minutes mixing every 15 minutes. Mix an additional 30 to 40 minutes until Granola is toasted and golden. Add the ½ cup of dried cranberries during the last 10 minutes of baking time. Remove from the oven and allow the granola to cool and dry well before putting in a jar.

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