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Assignment Psychological Disorder Presentation

Assignment Psychological Disorder Presentation

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Published by: msstark on Jan 22, 2011
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By Valondra Tiller 11/16/2011

which uses a multiaxial system of assessment. The classification of mental disorders is broken into 5 components Axis I and II is what most people are diagnosed with some people have the combination of both axis I and II diagnoses. Axis IV psychosocial and environmental problems. Axis III general medical conditions. and Axis V global assessment of functioning. . The most current edition used is referred to as the Fourth Edition-Text Revision (DSM-IVTR). Axis II personality disorders. This system provides information about an individual¶s overall functioning. Axis I has to do with clinical syndromes. it is not just a diagnoses.What is DSM The method used to classify psychological disorders is called the Diagnostic Guide to psychological disorders (DSM) as well as the Statistical Manual.

Then there¶s social unacceptability in a given culture and example of this would be North American Indian tribes believe that they hear the voices of their dead ones calling out to them as they ascend to the afterlife and in contemporary American society this behavior would be viewed as abnormal. unusualness behaviors associated with psychological disorders may be unusual but faulty p erception or interpretation of reality. so this is considered what is normal in one culture may be viewed as abnormal in another culture. Significant personal disorder having to do with a person¶s life situation may be considered abnormal but it relates to one¶s fear. seeing things. example would be an individual who threatens suicide or to bring harm to others even loved ones. depression. which include hallucinations and ideas of persecution is somewhat relative to unusualness regarding their systems like. and other psychological states. anxiety. hearing things and voices. . and believing someone is out to get you when you know they are not.Healthcare professionals apply a number of criteria in helping to determine behavior they consider to be a disorder or abnormal like. Dangerousness mental process or behavior that is hazardous and or harmful to one¶s self or others. Self-defeating behavior is caused when someone basically degrades themselves continually a behavior or mental process that leads to an individual¶s self-misery examples forms of drug abuse and chronic drinking that impair one¶s health and one¶s work and family life.

Anxiety Disorder Anxiety disorder has many different types disorders which are ‡ Phobias ‡ Panic ‡ Generalized anxiety ‡ Obsessivecompulsive disorder ‡ Traumatic stress disorder .


Somatoform Disorder Somatoform Disorder two has forms ‡ Conversion ‡ Hypochondriasis .


Schizophrenia Schizophrenia has three types ‡ Paranoid ‡ Disorganized ‡ Catatonic .

emotional. or erratic ‡ Class C: Anxious or fearful .Personality Disorder Personality disorders is has 10 different types according to the DSM but they are classified into three classes ‡ Class A :Odd or eccentric behavior ‡ Class B: Behavior that is overly dramatic.

References University of Phoenix. Retrieved January 12. (2010).2011 from University of Phoenix. Psychological Disorders. PSY210 website .

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