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1] - a new way to learn vocabulary with proper attitude towards many aspects of life useful for all. 2] a new blog to unravel the hitherto unexplained mysteries of chemistry specially made as 2011 has been declared as the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CHEMISTRY BY UNITED NATIONS. 3] Articles on general topics though I do write a lot on controversial and political issues I do not post them to avoid get into legal tangles. 4] -reverse dictionary of adjectives partially done and still under construction 5]. - My contention is that water is not just made of H2O it has an unknown element and many scientist across the globe too agree with this. 6]. 4] -definitions of words in the form of acronyms 7] -lot of facts assorted and on a wide range of subjects like what we mean by the 64 arts often referred to in the vedas etc Balayogi 0091 9841723932

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