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Auto Invoice Setups - Oracle Receivables

Auto Invoice Setups - Oracle Receivables


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Setups for Autoinvoice in Oracle Applications
Setups for Autoinvoice in Oracle Applications

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Published by: SRMEDICHERLA on Aug 13, 2008
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To define the transaction flexfield at the line level, query Line Transaction Flexfield and enter the context and
segments associated with this transaction flexfield.

Figure 12: Descriptive Flexfield window

Menu: Navigation > Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Descriptive > Segments

Description: Figure 12 displays the window Descriptive Flexfield Segments, which is used to define the
descriptive flexfield used by Autoinvoice for capturing data.
Select the Enabled checkbox to enable the particular Line Transaction Flexfield.

Setups for Autoinvoice in Accounts Receivables
An Overview
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Click the Segments button and enter the segment values that you want to form part of this flexfield, in the
Segments Summary window.

Figure 13: Segments Summary window

Description: Figure 13 displays the Segments Summary window, which enables users to define the various
segments of the Transaction Flexfield.
Line Transaction Flexfield. They are unique for each record in the interface tables and therefore can be used
as record identifiers.
The INTERFACE_LINE_CONTEXT field in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL indicates to Autoinvoice,
the Line Transaction Flexfield code that is to be used. The Context value corresponds to the code field.
For example Order Entry, PA Invoices, Intercompany

Setups for Autoinvoice in Accounts Receivables
An Overview
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Click the button Open and the details of each segment can be viewed.

Figure 14: Segments window

Description: Figure 14 displays the Segments window where detailed characteristics of each segment, of the
Transaction Flexfield are entered.

Setups for Autoinvoice in Accounts Receivables
An Overview
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Click the button ‘Value Set’.

Figure 15: Value set window

Description: Figure 15 displays the Value Set window, where the value set and validation for each
particular segment is defined.
The Line Transaction Flexfield must be defined mandatorily. Autoinvoice always uses the Line Transaction
Flexfield structure for both, the Link-to and Reference information when importing invoices. You need to
explicitly define the Link-to, Reference and Invoice Transaction Flexfield structures, only if this information
is to be displayed on a custom window.

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