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€ The

process unique for each applicant country € Depends on : Economic stage Current trade regime € Duration: 5 years minimum More: if less than fully committed to the process or interference of political issues € Offer of accession given only once a consensus is reached among the interested parties.

€ The € The working party determines the terms and conditions of entry into the WTO for the applicant nation. and may consider transitional periods to allow countries some leeway in complying with the WTO rules . working party focuses on issues of discrepancy between the WTO rules and the applicant's international and domestic trade policies and laws.€ Submit an application to the General Council ± describe all trade and economic conditions that has a bearing on the WTO agreement.

the general council or ministerial conference approves of the terms of accession.€ The final phase . and lists (schedules) of the member-to-be's commitments. It has a summary of all the working party meetings. € The € Once .bilateral negotiations between the applicant nation and members regarding the concessions and commitments on tariff levels and market access for goods and services. working party sends to the general council an accession package. the Protocol of Accession (a draft membership treaty). the applicant's parliament must ratify the Protocol of Accession before it can become a member.

As observers. But they must be a customs territory with full autonomy in the conduct of their external commercial relations. A number of non-members (30) are observers at WTO proceedings and are currently negotiating their membership. Kinmen and Matsu" . Penghu. and the Republic of China (ROC) (commonly known as Taiwan.€ WTO has 153 members. WTO members need not be full sovereign nation-members. whose sovereignty has been disputed by the People's Republic of China) acceded to WTO in 2002 under the name of "Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan. Iran. Iraq and Russia are not yet members.123 signed at the Uruguay Round and the rest had to get membership. China" since 1997) became a GATT contracting party. 14 states and 2 territories so far have no official interaction with the WTO € € . Observers must start accession negotiations within five years of becoming observers. Thus Hong Kong (as "Hong Kong. Russia and Iran are the biggest and second biggest economy outside WTO.

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